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The Truth.

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After winning another match, the teams went to get changed. Jay stared down Carlos' body violently with lust only to be surprised when Carlos glanced back and smiled. Knowing his limits, Jay turned the other way and got dressed in silence in bright red, frowning, murmuring,

"Why, why can't I just calm down around the pup anymore? I just... he just... seems so, beautiful. Surely I'm losing it. I can't feel that way. It's not right, he's my pup, my brain, my best friend. I can't lose that, he doesn't feel the same way, I know it. He couldn't, he deserves someone better. No, that's not right. I don't love him. How could I of all people like the sheepish pup? A new girl will probably set my mind straight. Quite literally."

A poke on his shoulder snapped Jay out of his trance.

"Hey, you alright? Evie, Mal, and I are going to have a picnic later, you wanna join? I mean, I know it's not y-your kind of thing but. I want you to c-come. Is that ok?" Carlos stammered as his sentences passed on, his voice fading gradually as his cheeks went a tomato hue of red.

"No, sorry. I have something that just came up. Is that cool?" Jay queried.

"Like ice." Carlos replied with a disheartened smile plastered all over his face. It was a miracle how they didn't notice each other's feelings. Especially as they were like two open books, ready to be noticed by the other author. As Carlos trudged fragilely out of the room, Jay growled and thought,

I'm mad, maybe even crazy. Time to go get a girl for tonight. If I see pup again tonight, I might just loose it, one way or another.

He left the room growling, thinking that his solution would work, certain that this was for the best.