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Peter Who?

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*Sorry if it's a little confusing and hope you enjoy*


The last thing Peter remembered was waking up to a sound of a quiet sob. Peter barely had to open his eyes fully to know that it was Mr. Stark but he didnt know why he was here. Mr. Stark looked tired and he guessed he didnt know he was awake. Then Peter remembered wait where's Aunt May shouldnt she be here and where is here. Peter shot up scaring Tony. "Kid your awake!!"

Peter looked around and found out he was at a hospital. Peter started breathing heavily and Tony tried to calm him down. "Hey kid listen breathe your fine alright you need to breathe alright see like this." Tony put Peter's hand on his chest to demonstrate on how to breathe.

Peter finally relaxed and finally says, "Where's Aunt May where is she Mr. Stark?" Tony's face seemed to drop and he sighs before saying, "You got an accident and May didnt make it, I'm sorry Peter."

Peter broke into a sob he couldn't believe it. "Where am I going to go, foster care?" Peter said still crying. "And let you accidentally go into a abusive family no your coming with me." Tony said.

After a while Peter finally went to sleep and Tony was about to too but his phone rang and Tony cursed underneath his breath. Tony answered it and said, "Its 3:00 in the morning you better have a good reason to be calling I know I have a good reason to be awake how bout you Mr. Calling at 3:00 am asshole." "Tony it's me Steve we need to talk."

Tony sighed and said, "Shit fine how bout this weekend." "See you then" Steve replied. Tony hung up luckily for him the kid is on bedrest till Monday so he wont have to worry.