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Young Hollywood Queens

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Chloë Grace Moretz has been leading the Hellcats Club for a year now. She slowly recruited five more young dominatrixes during the year. Sophie Turner and Bella Thorne proved to be natural dommes and gathered several celebrity slaves. Hailee Steinfeld and Camren Bicondova joined at the same time and have been members for four months. Peyton List was the last one to join and has only been a member for two months. Bella and Sophie didn't really understand why Chloë allowed Peyton to join. During their last meeting Bella and Sophie invited Natalie Alyn Lind to join the club and everyone except for Chloë voted in favor of her joining.


Chloë thought six members would be the perfect number for the club and she saw in Natalie a real threat to her reign. The new young blonde has amazing breasts and an ass to die for. Natalie slowly started to gain Chloë's trust and the two would hangout quite often. Chloë showed Natalie some of her slaves and together they dominated them. Chloë enslaved her co-star Rose Byrne during the time they shot the movie Bad Neighbours 2.


One night Chloë invited Natalie over to her place to have some fun with her slave Rose. Natalie noticed some submissive tendencies in Chloë when Rose was eating out her Mistress' ass. After that moment Natalie deemed Chloë unworthy of leading the Hellcats Club and Chloë should be a slave instead of a dominatrix. Natalie gathered information about the club from Bella and Sophie, who eagerly told Natalie everything she wanted to know. Bella and Sophie had been gathering quite a harem of slaves, while Chloë was being content with the slaves she had. They wouldn't mind seeing Chloë fall from her throne, only so that they could take her seat.


If a member deems another member of the club unworthy of the title of Mistress, she can challenge her to a dual. The other members of the club will set the conditions of the dual and the loser will become the winner's slave and denounce her title of Mistress. Since the stakes are so high none of them has ever challenged the leader of the club. Bella and Sophie have taught about it, but they do fear Chloë's fighting abilities. They have seen her training her fighting skills and they certainly fear her.


They introduced Natalie to the club, because they knew that the young busty blonde is eager to prove herself. She doesn't own any slaves yet, but they have seen her dominate Skyler Samuels and Amy Acker. Natalie had them worship her divine ass on the set of The Gifted and Natalie dominated them both at the same time in front of Bella and Sophie to show off her skills as a dominatrix. Bella and Sophie were so impressed that they had to introduce Natalie to the club. Bella and Sophie know that Chloë has a thing for busty girls, because Chloë herself lacks them.


Bella and Sophie already decided which type of dual Chloë and Natalie are going to have once Natalie challenges Chloë. Natalie has a few days to prepare for her coup, since the next Hellcats Club meeting is during the weekend. Natalie knows that Bella and Sophie are just using her to take control over the club. It might just be time for a complete change to the club. Natalie contacts a few friends over the next couple of days explaining to them what she has been up to.


Ariel Winter and Kylie Jenner love the idea of this club and agree that none of those in it are worthy of calling themselves dommes. Ariel and Kylie already know who they want to enslave. The three meet up and discuss their plan for Saturday. Natalie tells them she is going to challenge Chloë and break her in front of the other members. Bella and Sophie know that much, but they don't know what is going to happen once Natalie sits down on Chloë's throne.


The day has finally arrived and Natalie is supposed to meet up with Bella and Sophie at the private mansion that functions as the Hellcats place. The Hellcats have had several memorable parties at the mansion that got visited by other celebrity dominatrixes and their slaves. During some of these parties Mistresses settle their rivalries and one ends up becoming a slave to the stronger Mistress. Bella and Sophie didn't share this information with Natalie, because they know that Goddess Yvonne Strahovski is eager to claim Natalie as her slave.


There are several groups of celebrity dominatrixes and Goddess Yvonne Strahovski leads one of the most respected ones. Margot Robbie, Kate Upton, Alexandra Daddario, Elisha Cuthbert, Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde are some of the most respected Mistresses around. Their club is feared by all and none dares to challenge them.


Natalie pulls up in her car at the mansion and stops at the large metal gate that protects the mansion from unwanted visitors. Natalie looks at one of the cameras hanging near the gate and the gate opens for her. She drives through the gate and she can hear the metal creaking behind her, as the gate slowly closes. Lind reaches the large fountain located at the front of the house. Natalie drives around it and parks her car.


Natalie turns off the engine and opens the door of her car. She steps out of it with her left leg first planting the base of her high heel latex boot on the marble tiles. Her right high heel latex boot swiftly follows and she exits the car. Natalie takes in a deep breath and looks around. The night is dark and the full moon is hiding behind a cloud that is barely able to mask it. A fresh breeze passes between Natalie's legs and gently makes her coat sway. She closes the door behind her and locks the doors of her car. The young busty blonde calmly starts to walk towards the entrance of the mansion. Her heels tapping against the marble tiles is the only sound that she is hearing.


Natalie approaches the large wooden door and spots Bella Thorne and Sophie Turner standing next to it. Bella Thorne is wearing her red latex dominatrix corset with black velvet gloves, black knee high latex boots.


Sophie Turner is standing on the other side of the door in her dominatrix attire. Her purple latex corset standing out against her black latex gloves, pants and boots.


The two smile at Natalie when they see the young busty blonde dominatrix arriving. Natalie slowly opens her coat a little revealing her black dominatrix outfit that covers very little skin and her breasts look like they can pop out of the latex any second.


Bella and Sophie are so mesmerized by Natalie's breasts that they don't see something else sticking out from under the coat.


"Welcome Mistress Natalie." Bella and Sophie say in unison.


Natalie stands in front of them and greets them back. "Hello Mistress Bella and Mistress Sophie."


The two don't know that Natalie has big plans for tonight, since they have plans of their own. Natalie takes a moment to admire the two dommes knowing that this will be their last night as dommes. Bella walks to the large wooden door and the three enter the mansion.


"I assume you two got everything I asked for?" Natalie says looking at both Bella and Sophie.


"We have arranged all the necessary equipment you asked for." Bella answer the question from the busty blonde.


Natalie takes off her coat fully revealing her dominatrix outfit. Bella and Sophie both let out a gasp when they see the strong young busty blonde in full galore. Natalie's massive strap-on invokes fear to both Bella and Sophie. They have never thought about using a strap-on dildo that big on their slaves. They notice the inscription on it 'Bitch-Breaker'.


Bella and Sophie gather themselves and tell Natalie about what she can expect. "Once you challenge Chloë to a dual, we will decide that you two will fight naked in the pit. You will have to smother out Chloë in order to win, but that shouldn't be a problem for you."


Natalie lets out a laugh and already imagines Chloë's face between her world class breasts. "My girls will have no problem smothering out Chloë. I am going to show you all that she is a submissive little bitch."


Bella and Sophie can't hold back their massive smiles and start to laugh themselves. The three make their way towards the council room. Chloë, Hailee, Camren and Peyton are already seated around the large oval table. The table has room for a lot more than seven members, but Chloë wants to keep their group small knowing the dangerous that large numbers bring with them. The young blonde leader has no idea about what is about to happen. She is chatting with Peyton giving her some advice on how to obtain more slaves.


Peyton has been struggling to gather and her only slave so far is Debby Ryan, who she knew from the show Jessie. Chloë knows that if Peyton fails to become a successful dominatrix, it will reflect poorly on her as a dominatrix. Chloë was the one who introduced Peyton to the club and convinced everyone that Peyton is a strong and powerful dominatrix.


The four young dommes stop talking when the door opens. Bella and Sophie enter the room and walk towards their chairs. Bella and Sophie didn't close the door and after a few seconds a shadow appears in the entrance. Everyone looks towards the door and some are gasping at the sight of the shadow. Natalie Alyn Lind slowly appears in the entrance. Peyton's jaw drops when she sees the massive strap-on dildo and she gets slightly wet from it.


Chloë is not sure what is happening, but Bella and Sophie can clearly see the terror on Chloë's face. Chloë shuffles around in her chair and stands up. "Welcome Natalie, I know this is your first meeting after joining the Hellcats and you must be a little nervous. I love your attire, but you really shouldn't have worn the strap-on. We aren't going to fuck any of our slaves today, I believe I told you last time we hung out together."


Natalie remains in the door opening and her right hand moves down to the massive strap-on dildo. She starts to stroke it and Peyton is starting to get wetter and wetter between her legs. Natalie can see the submissive look in Peyton's eyes and she can see a similar look in Chloë's eyes. Natalie is certain that if they were alone, Chloë would submit to her and crawl over to worship her.


"True we aren't going to fuck any slaves tonight, I however am going to fuck my new slave in front of all of you." A wicked smile appears on Natalie's face.


"Oh really and who might this slave of yours be?" Chloë looks a bit confused, because she doesn't see any slave behind Natalie and she wasn't informed that Natalie acquired a new slave recently.


Natalie's wicked smile grows even bigger. "You are Chloë Grace Moretz."


Natalie looks around the room and sees a few shocked faces. Only Bella and Sophie don't look surprised or shocked. Natalie lets out a laugh when she sees the fear on Chloë's face. The young blonde leader never saw this coming. She thought their friendship would mean that Natalie would be on her side. She shared some intimate details with the busty blonde.


"You all heard me, I challenge our leader Chloë Grace Moretz to a dual!" Natalie thrusts her chest forward and her breasts look even bigger.


Chloë knows that she has accept the challenge and that the other members will decide what kind of dual it's going to be. "I accept your challenge Natalie Alyn Lind."


Bella and Sophie tell Chloë and Natalie to leave the room and wait outside for them to call them back in. Chloë and Natalie leave the room and Chloë still can't believe that Natalie is doing this to her. Outside the council room Chloë can't keep her eyes off the massive strap-on that Natalie is wearing. Natalie notices it and strokes it for Chloë.


"I am going to fuck your ass with this and make you my anal bitch." Natalie smirks at the other blonde.


Chloë swallows her saliva and looks up at Natalie's breasts. "Why?" She stammers out.


"You want to be my bitch Chloë. Don't you remember the night you invited me over to dominate your slave Rose? Your slave was worshipping my superior ass and you made up an excuse to leave the room. Do you remember what you did when you returned? You stood in the doorway and finger fucked yourself." Natalie walks over to Chloë and stands in front of her.


Chloë remembers that night and it is indeed true what Natalie is saying. She returned to her bedroom and heard Natalie talking to Rose. However instead of telling Rose to lick her ass, Natalie was calling Chloë's name.


"That's it Chloë! Stick your tongue deep inside my ass! You submissive little bitch! I know you have been staring at my ass all night long. You want to worship me! You are not a fucking dominatrix, you are a filthy anal bitch! You have been pretending to be a dominatrix, but the truth is you are simply looking for a dominatrix that knows what you desire!"


Chloë can't believe what she is hearing. She is standing in the doorway and watches Rose eagerly lick Natalie's ass. The young busty blonde is enjoying the way Chloë's slave is worshipping her. Chloë has never seen Rose lick someone's ass like this before. Rose never worshipped her ass with such enthusiasm before. Chloë's eyes are fixed on Rose's tongue rapidly moving over that divine little asshole. Chloë's right hand starts to move down and she starts to rub her own pussy.


"Stick your tongue deep inside my ass! Fuck yes Chloë! You are my submissive little anal whore! Lick my ass! Worship it you fucking whore! I am going to fuck your ass so hard you will scream my name! You will call me Goddess Natalie! That's it you fucking slut! Push that tongue up my bum! My little blonde asslicker!"


Chloë starts to imagine how it would be to worship Natalie and to become her anal bitch. Her fingers slip inside her pussy and she starts to finger fuck herself. She tries to hold back her moans not wanting Natalie to notice what she is doing. Her breathing is becoming heavier and her body starts to sweat. She is getting so turned on from the thought of being in Rose's place and worshipping Natalie's divine ass.


Natalie knows that Chloë is watching them and that she is fucking herself. "Fuck! I am so close my little anal bitch! Make Goddess Natalie cum! Fucking lick my anus! Tongue fuck my tight little butthole! Show me how much you appreciate being my dirty anal whore! Come on slave bitch Chloë! Lick my ass! Worship it! Stick your tongue in it!"


Chloë shakes her head and tries to forget the memory. Her pussy however has gotten soaking wet and the dual hasn't even started yet. They are still waiting for the other members to decide what kind of dual she and Natalie are going to have. Natalie has pressed her superior body against her own and she can feel Natalie's large breasts overwhelming her tiny tits. Her pussy is grinding on top of Natalie's 'Bitch-Breaker' something Chloë hadn't even noticed until now.


Bella and Sophie are leading the meeting and Bella is having a blast at the moment. "I propose that our leader Chloë and Mistress Natalie have a naked smother match."


Sophie instantly agrees with Bella and the two wait for the other three members to respond. Hailee and Camren are unsure what to say, because they know that Chloë's chances of beating Natalie in a smother match are slim. Peyton on the other hand eagerly agrees with Bella and Sophie. Having seen Natalie like this has made her completely forget she is supposed to be a dominatrix and she just wants to submit to Natalie herself. Her pussy is dripping wet and she wants Natalie's massive strap-on cock buried deep inside her ass. She wants Natalie to complete wreck her virgin butthole and force her to worship Natalie's superior ass.


Hailee and Camren have no choice but to agree with the fight type. Together they can never outvote the other three members. Hailee and Camren agree with what Bella proposed and all five members are in agreement. Bella stands up and walks towards the door ready to invite Chloë and Natalie back in. Bella opens the door and sees the interaction between Chloë and Natalie. Bella can see that Natalie has already started dominating Chloë. Bella is pretty sure that if Natalie commands Chloë to worship her ass, that their former leader would do it instantly.


"Alright you two, you can come back in and we will let you know what we decided." Bella waits for them both to enter the room again and closes the door.


Chloë and Natalie stand in front of the other members and Bella tells them what they decided. "You two are going to fight naked in the pit and you can only win by smothering out your opponent by using your breasts or ass."


Chloë's eyes go wide and wants to protest, but Bella continues talking. "The loser becomes the winner's slave until her Mistress falls to another Mistress. This also means that the loser loses her title as Mistress and incase of Chloë loses her spot as leader of the Hellcats. The loser will be humiliated by the winner inside the pit in front of the other members of the club. The winner gets to show off her dominatrix skills on a former dominatrix."


The women leave the council room and Chloë and Natalie prepare for their upcoming battle. Bella and Sophie visit Natalie in her changing room and wish Natalie good luck. Bella and Sophie do have to admit that Natalie looks amazing naked. Her large breasts and divine ass are a sight to behold. Natalie can see that the two are impressed by her figure and Natalie is certain that Bella and Sophie will turn out to be amazing slaves for Ariel and Kylie.


Chloë and Natalie enter the pit and above them the other members are sitting on their seats. Peyton can't believe how good Natalie looks and she would love to just get down on all fours for Natalie. She however manages to control her urges and remains seated on her throne. Chloë and Natalie stand naked in front of the other members and wait for Bella to tell them to start fighting.


"Alright Chloë and Natalie, I hope you two understand the rules and the stakes of this fight. I just want to make sure you two understand what is about to happened." Bella says with a massive smile on her face.


Chloë and Natalie both nod and get ready for fight each other. Bella tells them to start fighting and she sits back down on her throne. Natalie immediately takes the initiative and rushes towards Chloë. The Hellcat's leader dodges the busty blonde's attempt to grapple her. Natalie realizes that she will actually have to work for this and welcomes the challenge. She wants to conquer Chloë in a real fight, because it will make her victory only sweeter.


Natalie turns around swiftly to face Chloë again. She slowly approaches her rival this time. Chloë tries to move to her right side to get away from Natalie, but this time the busty blonde moves with her. Natalie slowly begins to corner Chloë and the Hellcats leader realizes this. Natalie tries to grab Chloë again and Chloë ducks under Natalie's arms. She kicks Natalie in her ass and the busty blonde crashes into the wall.


Chloë moves behind Natalie and wraps her arms around Natalie's neck. Natalie quickly grabs Chloë's arms, before Moretz is able to lock her arms and turns around to face Chloë. Natalie pushes her lips onto Chloë's lips and kisses her rival. Natalie's tongue slides into Chloë's mouth and the two start to make out. Natalie's tongue quickly dominates Chloë's tongue and the leader isn't fighting back with her tongue at all. Natalie's large breasts are rubbing against Chloë's tiny breasts and it's making Chloë feel submissive.


Chloë's arms are now around Natalie's neck, but they are behind the busty blonde. Chloë pulls Natalie closer against her and moans into her mouth. Natalie's hands grabs Chloë's hips and she pushes her pussy against her opponent's pussy. Their two naked bodies start to grind together and Chloë is clearly enjoying it more. She can feel that Natalie's pussy is stronger, because hers is soaking wet already and Natalie's pussy isn't even moist yet.


Natalie's right foot sneaks behind Chloë's feet and she breaks the kiss. Natalie suddenly pushes Chloë and the Hellcats leader trips over Natalie's foot. Her arms break the lock around Natalie's neck trying to latch onto something, but her hands just grab thin air. Chloë falls down on her ass and Natalie lets out a laugh. The busty blonde jumps down on top of Chloë and Moretz ends up on her back with Natalie mounting her.


Natalie starts to slap Chloë's face and the older blonde squirms under her. Chloë tries to defend her face, but Natalie is slapping her face hard. She feels the stinging pain in her cheeks and in anger the slaps Natalie's large breasts. Natalie cries out in pain and grabs Chloë's nipples. She starts to painfully twists them and Chloë begins to cry out in pain now. She watches Natalie stretch out her nipples and tiny breasts, while twisting her nipples. Tears start to fill have eyes and she wants the pain to stop. Natalie however isn't going to release her nipples and twists them even further.


Bella and Sophie are having the time of their lives watching Natalie dominate Chloë in a fight. Peyton is rubbing her pussy watching Natalie conquer her friend. Hailee and Camren are the only ones being concerned about their own status. If Natalie defeats Chloë, someone has to take Chloë's spot as leader. They are certain that if Natalie claims it, they will end up as Natalie's slaves at some point.


"You like that stupid bitch!" Natalie yells out and twists Chloë's nipples even further.


Chloë is screaming in pain and every part of her body wants the pain to end. Her tiny tits are being punished like they have never been before. Natalie gives her nipples another painful twist and the busty blonde releases them. A hard slap hits her face and her left cheeks turns red and a few tears run down her cheeks. Natalie grabs her hair and spits into her face. The busty blonde is starting to humiliate her and while she holds her tiny tits to protect them from further harm, she gets slapped in the face again by her opponent.


Chloë is getting demolished and knows she needs to fight back, but she's hurting over her chest and face, wearing down her will. She uncovers her breasts and tries to reach for Natalie to counterattack, but Natalie hisses and smacks her across the face to stun her and get more tears flowing.


"And there is the crying, weak bitch we all knew was under that so called tough exterior..." Natalie mocked with venom dripping off her words. She reached down and grabbed a fistful of hair.


"How about you get a taste of some real boobs?" She pulls her up and plants her face deep between her heavy girls, grinding her face between them to steal some breath then pulls back.


"Like them my future bitch?"


Chloë meekly whimpers as she tries to catch a breath. She does indeed love Natalie's breasts, but she can't say that. Natalie doesn't wait for Chloë to answer and forces the Hellcats leader's face back between her breasts. Natalie shakes her chest and her boobs slam into the sides of Chloë's face. The slightly older blonde moans between her tits and Natalie's knows that Chloë is done fighting. She pulls Chloë's face back and looks at her new bitch.


"This is what you feared isn't it? This is why you voted against me. You knew I would challenge your reign and show everyone that you are a submissive little bitch. That you are my submissive little bitch." Natalie pushes Chloë's face back between her sweaty tits.


Chloë desperately pats Natalie's back with weak swings as she's just going through the motions to fight back as her will is crumbling. She sucks in gasping breaths, just to be filled with Natalie's soft and tasty, sweaty flesh, turning into weak moans. She starts shaking a bit as she starts to fade, her eye lids fluttering as she's deprived of oxygen. She shudders weakly a few more times then finally just goes slump under her, her face surrounded by the soft flesh pillows.


Natalie notices that Chloë stops struggling in her hold and she looks up at Bella and Sophie. Natalie's expression tells it all and everyone knows that Chloë has passed out between her divine breasts. Natalie slowly pulls Chloë's head back revealing her unconscious face. Blonde strands of hair are plastered against Chloë's face. Natalie calmly stands up holding Chloë's hair. She turns her defeated rival and shows the other members of the club their defeated leader.


"Your leader has fallen! Chloë Grace Moretz is now my slave and no longer holds the title of Mistress or Leader of the Hellcats!"


Hailee and Camren are smart enough to start politely clapping for their new leader, forcing smiles as they don't want to be on the end of her wrath. Hailee begins, "Congratulations... Mistress."


"I am not done with my new bitch yet." Natalie says with a big smile.


Bella stands up and leaves the area above the pit. After a few minutes she enters the pit with a bag and hands it over to Natalie. Chloë has been slowly waking up from her slumber. She is still on her knees with Natalie holding her hair.


"Here you go Natalie and give us an amazing show." Bella says laughing.


Chloë looks to the bag then up at Natalie, whispering as she regains her senses, "No... not the... bag... you won... you've taken... my title..."


Camren spoke up, hoping to garner favor with their new leader, "You understood the rules of the fight. You lost and she gets to have her fun."


"Hands behind your head slave." Natalie commands her new slave and releases Chloë's hair.


Chloë submissively does as told and places both her hands behind her back pushing her chest out. Natalie opens the bag and grabs two nipple clamps that are connected together by a chain. Natalie shows the clamps to Chloë and she can see the fear in her new slave's eyes. Natalie approaches her slave and places the right nipple clamp on Chloë's right nipple. The older blonde lets out a groan when the clamp snaps around her nipple. Natalie takes her time placing the left clamp on Chloë's left nipple. Natalie grabs the chain and starts to tug on it. Chloë's nipples and breasts are being stretched and Natalie starts to pull harder and harder on the chain.


Chloë bites into her bottom lip and hisses, shaking her head to fight the pain of her chest and nipples being stretched. She can't hold back the moan, her mind coming to terms with the starting of her humiliation and her enslavement. Peyton is on the verge of soaking her panties with the rubbing and watching the subjugation begin. She huffs and mews as she's approaching an overwhelming release.


"Look at your tiny tits, they are so pathetic. Even when I stretch them out this far they aren't even close to the size of my real breasts." Natalie taunts and humiliates Chloë.


Natalie tests out the clamps and she is very pleased they remain on Chloë's nipples. Natalie lets the chain slip through her fingers and Chloë's nipples and breasts finally relax returning to their original position. Natalie isn't done just yet and goes back to her bag. She pulls out two weights and attaches them to the chain connecting the two nipple clamps. Chloë lets out a gasp feeling her nipples and breasts being pulled down by the weights.


Carmen and Hailee passed concerned looks between them, concerned that Chloë crumbling this quickly and easily they could be next. They knew they had to keep their new Mistress happy or they could share the same fate.


Peyton huffs out as she's nearly her release, "That's it... stretch her tits... see if you can't... fucckk... make them bigger... mmmaahhh... uuuugghh...”


 She finally shuddered, letting out a cry as her release overwhelmed her and she squirted a bit in her panties. She huffed and mewed as she was on cloud nine then slumped back in her seat with a delirious expression.


Natalie hears Peyton cumming and knows that Peyton is just another submissive little bitch. Someone will claim her for sure, but it seems that Peyton wants to become Natalie's slave. Natalie grabs the chain again and roughly yanks on it stretching out Chloë's breasts again. Natalie does it for Peyton and Peyton is clearly enjoying it. Natalie releases the chain again and gives Chloë's tiny right breast a hard slap.


"Time for you to worship a real set of tits instead." Natalie cups her breasts.


Chloë shuffles over on her knees and places her hands behind her back. She starts to kiss Natalie's superior breasts. Natalie is clearly pleased by how submissive she is being and she starts to gently lick Natalie's large breasts. Her tongue running up and down Natalie's right breasts for a few licks, before moving on to Natalie's left breast.


Natalie knows how to humiliate Chloë by showing the former leader the assets she is missing compared to her perfect body. Chloë's tongue eagerly licks her large firm jugs and Chloë is being made aware that her tits are so damn small. The weights are pulling her tiny tits down painfully and her tongue is worshipping the large breasts that smothered her out.


"Such an eager little slut. Your tongue really knows how to worship superior tits doesn't it? I bet you practiced this before, just so that you wouldn't disappoint your Goddess." Natalie adds to the humiliation.


Natalie doesn't know it, but those words are the truth. Ever since Natalie joined the club, Chloë had been opposed by Natalie's large divine tits and ass. She had secret meetings with Kate Upton another Mistress and she worshipped her breasts and ass, so that she could worship Natalie properly.


"Oh yes... lick my nipples you dirty slut." Natalie moans out when Chloë's tongue flicks her right nipple.


Chloë's tongue moves up and down Natalie's nipple in a rapid motion. Her lips creep closer and closer and latch onto Natalie's soft tit flesh. The former leader begins to suckle on her Goddess' nipple. Natalie softly moans feeling Chloë sucking on her nipple, as if she is trying to suckle milk out of it. Natalie can hardly believe how fast Chloë is falling. She used to be a proud dominatrix a few hours ago and now she is her submissive bitch, who willingly degrades herself in front of her former fellow mistresses. Chloë's lips release Natalie's right nipple and quickly seal around the busty blonde's left nipple. Natalie lets Chloë worship her breasts for a few more minutes, before telling Chloë to stop and get down on all fours.


Chloë submissively gets down on all fours and Natalie has her ass facing towards the other mistresses. Natalie moves to Chloë's left side and looks at the other mistresses. She raises her right hand and gives Chloë's ass a hard slap. A bright red imprint of Natalie's hand appears on Chloë's ass and the busty blonde smirks.


"Look at this pathetic little ass. Did she really think this could compete with my divine ass? Does she really think anyone wants to worship this when they can worship my ass?" Natalie gives Chloë's ass another hard slap and the submissive blonde starts to get wet between her legs.


"You want me to spank your ass don't you?" Natalie notices that Chloë's pussy is getting moist.


"Yes Goddess Natalie... please spank my ass." Chloë almost moans out and she gets even wetter from admitting it.


Natalie smiles and starts to really spank Chloë's ass. Loud smack after loud smack follows and Chloë's ass cheeks are getting bright red. Bella and Sophie are laughing loudly and are enjoying the show Natalie is putting up. Peyton is soaking wet again and fingering her slutty pussy. She is lost in her thoughts and wants to be next to Chloë. She wants Natalie to spank her ass and she wants to prove to Natalie that she is a better bitch than Chloë.


"FUCK THAT ASS! FUCK THAT BITCH UP!" Peyton yells out wanting Chloë to be degraded and abused.


Natalie looks up at Peyton with wicked eyes and Peyton almost has an orgasm from the way Natalie looks at her. A loud smack fills the pit and another red imprint appears on Chloë's already red ass. Natalie's hand slides down and she finds Chloë's soaking wet pussy. Natalie starts to stroke it, while she stares at Peyton. The young blonde above her is moaning in pleasure and wants Natalie to punish her so hard. The other blonde down in the pit is moaning in pleasure as well. Natalie expertly teases her soaking wet snatch and she wants to cum so badly now. Natalie's hand moves away from Chloë's pussy and she shows Peyton her soaking wet fingers.


"Oh fuck... so good!" Peyton moans out loudly and spreads her legs wide open to give Natalie a good view of her own soaking wet pussy.


"Fuck her up good! Make her your anal bitch! Fucking destroy that worthless ass!" Peyton cries out in ecstasy.


Peyton no longer cares what the other mistresses think about her, because she has already made up her mind. She wants to become Natalie's bitch and prove to Goddess Natalie that she is better than Chloë. She wants Natalie to fuck her ass all night long until she can no longer sit down on it for a month. She wants the 'Bitch-Breaker' to wreck her tiny butthole and ruin it for everyone else.


Natalie starts to spank Chloë's ass harder and harder making her slave moan in cry in pleasure. Every slap against her ass brings Chloë closer and closer to an orgasm. Her pussy is leaking juices that run down her thighs. Natalie's hand starts to hurt from the hard slaps that she is giving Chloë's red ass. Chloë's ass might be on fire, but the palm of her hand is burning as well. She doesn't stop however, because she is enjoying her dominance too much. She is degrading Chloë in front of the other mistresses and she wants them all to fear her.


"Slaves beg for their orgasms, because they aren't allowed to cum without permission." Natalie says after she notices that Chloë is about to erupt.


It only takes a few seconds for Chloë to shamelessly beg for her orgasm. "PLEASE GODDESS NATALIE! PLEASE MAY YOUR DUMB BITCH CUM! PLEASE GODDESS NATALIE! YOUR ANAL BITCH NEEDS TO CUM!"


Natalie laughs loudly when she hears Chloë beg like a submissive little anal slut. She keeps spanking her slave's ass without mercy. Every smack echoes through the pit and Peyton is trying to time her orgasm together with Chloë's orgasm.


"You two have permission to cum my slaves." Natalie suddenly says.


Bella and Sophie look a little surprised. Did Natalie say you two and slaves? Two loud moans can be heard and Chloë and Peyton cum together like submissive bitches. Chloë has an orgasm from getting her ass spanked by Goddess Natalie and Peyton has an orgasm from watching Natalie dominate their former leader and her good friend.


Natalie waits for both Chloë and Peyton to come down from their orgasms. She starts to rub Chloë’s sore ass and admires her work. Her hands slides down and begins to stroke Chloë's cum soaked pussy. Natalie notices Chloë's body shudder when she begins to stroke her slave's pussy. It's time for her to finish breaking Chloë and have her scream out her submission. Natalie grabs her 'Bitch-Breaker' from the bag and secures it around her waist.


"time to break you my anal bitch." Natalie says with a big smile on her face and gets behind Chloë.


Natalie begins to tease Chloë's tight virgin backdoor and only wants to get Chloë's ass juices on it. She is going to make Chloë take her cock deep down her throat first, before destroying her tight pucker. Chloë starts to moan like a little bitch when her anus gets teased by the monster cock. She starts to wiggle her ass and push it slightly back against the large head that is poking at her backdoor.


"Such an eager little slut." Natalie chuckles and gives her slave's ass a hard slap.


Natalie watches the red ass cheeks jiggle and continues to tease her blonde little bitch. She is still amazed by how fast the once dominant blonde is breaking and how deep she is willing to sink. Natalie teases Chloë's anus for another minute, before moving in front of Chloë. She grabs the base of her mammoth fake cock and wiggles it in front of Chloë's eyes. The former leader of the Hellcats can smell her own ass scent on the tip of the cock and she starts to blush. Without a word from Natalie, she starts to wrap her lips around the head and begins to suck on the dildo.


Natalie watches Chloë take on her 'Bitch-Breaker' with her mouth for a bit. She enjoys the sight of the strong blonde woman sucking on her big fake cock and further debasing herself. She does notice that Chloë starts to struggle with only half of the 'Bitch-Breaker' inside her mouth and throat. She grabs the back of Chloë's head and starts to move her hips. Natalie begins to thrust her fake cock deeper and deeper into Chloë's throat forcing the young blonde to take it.


Chloë begins to gag on the fake cock that is wedged deep inside her throat. Her face is turning red and she is unable to swallow the saliva that is gathering inside her mouth. Her eyes begin to get watery and slowly drops roll down her cheeks. She wants to make her Goddess happy and does her best to take more and more of the monster inside her throat. The other mistresses are in complete awe by the way Natalie is dominating Chloë and how submissive Chloë is acting. Natalie hasn't even started fucking Chloë's virgin ass and their former leader is already on the edge of being broken into utter submission.


"Take it all my slave. This cock is going up your ass and I am going to take your anal cherry. You want that don't you? You want me to pop your anal cherry in front of everyone don't you?" Natalie thrusts her hips forward and buries every inch of her monster cock inside of Chloë's mouth and throat.


She presses Chloë's lips against the base of her strap-on and she can hear Chloë loudly gagging on her cock. Chloë places her hands against Natalie's thighs and tries to push herself away. Natalie however is much stronger and keeps her head in place.


"Bad slave! Take your hands off your Goddess and take it like a good little bitch!" Natalie yells out with a dominant voice.


"FUCK YES MAKE HER GAG ON IT! CHOKE THAT BITCH OUT!" Peyton cries out and can't wait to show Chloë how to worship their Goddess' fake cock.


Natalie loves how vocal Peyton is being and it only makes her look even more dominant. She is breaking one girl inside the pit and another is simply breaking by watching it. Bella and Sophie must be running scared by now and they still have no idea what is going to happen. Chloë places her hands back on the ground and does her best to not pass out. Natalie notices that Chloë's eyes are starting to flutter and she is about to pass out on the 'Bitch-Breaker'. Natalie pulls her monster cock out of Chloë's mouth and a large amount of saliva trails behind the monster cock falling down on Chloë's chin and the floor.


"Not bad slave, but we will have to work on your blowjob skills." Natalie says, while Chloë is trying to catch her breath.


Natalie menacingly moves behind Chloë and slaps her ass with her monster cock. She grabs Chloë's ass cheeks and starts to rub her dildo between them. She is getting Chloë's tight little anus all wet with the saliva covered fake cock. Chloë starts to moan like a bitch in heat, while her Goddess teases her ass.


"Beg me for it slave! Beg me to pop your anal cherry!" Natalie yells out making sure that everyone can hear her.




Natalie laughs loudly when she hears her bitch beg so shamelessly for her cock. Natalie continues to rub the tip of the cock against Chloë's backdoor passage and Chloë tries to push her ass back against it. Natalie firmly grips Chloë's hips and suddenly slams her hips forward. Natalie's thighs smack against Chloë's ass cheeks and the former leader screams loudly. Her eyes are wide open and her jaw has dropped as far as it goes. Her tongue hangs out of her mouth and Chloë's eyes slowly roll into the back of her head. With a single powerful thrust Natalie buried the entire length of the 'Bitch-Breaker' into Chloë's tight ass. All 14 inches are gone and Chloë's mind is trying to process the sensation that runs through her body.




Natalie grabs Chloë's hair and wraps it around her right hand. She starts to roughly pound away at Chloë's ass. The dildo sawing in and out of Chloë's destroyed butthole and Chloë is loving it. She is moaning and screaming letting everyone know how much she is enjoying being fucked in the ass by Goddess Natalie. She had an orgasm when Natalie popped her anal cherry, but Natalie was too busy boasting to notice it. Peyton on the other hand did notice it and she had an orgasm herself when she saw Chloë cum from having her anal cherry taken.


"SHE CAME! CHLOË FUCKING CAME WHEN YOU POPPED HER CHERRY!" Peyton yells out revealing the small secret.


"Did you cum my slave? Did you have an orgasm when I popped your anal cherry?" Natalie asks with a dominant voice.


"YES GODDESS NATALIE! YES I FUCKING CAME LIKE A DIRTY ANAL BITCH!" Chloë is no longer able to control her volume and can only shout out her words.


"Naughty, naughty, naughty slave! But I will forgive you this one time." Natalie gives Chloë's ass a hard slap with her left hand.


Natalie roughly pulls on Chloë's hair forcing her head up high and slowly turns Chloë's back into a C shape. The young blonde slave is panting, crying, screaming and moaning in pleasure, as Natalie's hammers the dildo into her butthole without mercy. The loud slaps of sweaty flesh hitting sweaty flesh fills the pit together with the uncontrollably cries from Chloë.


"Take it my anal bitch! Take it all! Who's my bitch!" Natalie yells out in triumph.


"I AM YOUR BITCH GODDESS NATALIE! I AM YOUR FUCKING ANAL BITCH!" Chloë screams out and her pussy drips juices on the floor below her.


Chloë is getting closer to another orgasm fast and her mind is about to shatter completely. Natalie is completely breaking her dominant side and soon she will be a complete submissive bitch. Every thought of being a mistress is disappearing. The busty young blonde is showing her what a true Alpha looks like and how a true Alpha fucks ass.


"This ass belongs to me now! I fucking own it! You will have it ready for me whenever I want it!" Natalie gives Chloë's ass another hard slap.


Natalie can tell that her bitch is going to cum very soon, but she doesn't slow down her pace. Instead she speeds up fucking her bitch harder and faster than before. Chloë's ass starts to hurt from having to endure Natalie's hips and thighs constantly slamming into her butt cheeks. Natalie pulls harder onto Chloë's hair and brings her bitch's face next to her own. Her left hand moves around Chloë's throat and she starts to choke her out, while pounding her ass into submission.


Chloë's face is turning red and the choking only gets her faster to an orgasm. Natalie doesn't keep her hand on Chloë's throat for long and she releases Chloë's hair. Both her hands move towards her bitch's face and she hooks six fingers into the corners of Chloë's mouth. Moretz' mouth is wide open and her tongue is bouncing back and forth outside of it. Saliva runs down her tongue and the bouncing motion makes it splash against her tiny breasts.


"Scream for your Goddess! Tell everyone what you are!" Natalie continues to verbally humiliate her slave.




Peyton is losing her mind seeing Chloë being degraded like this. She can no longer hold back her urges and finger fucks her pussy like an obsessed woman. She wants Natalie to stretch out her tiny butthole and claim her anal cherry. She wants to become an anal bitch just like Chloë Grace Moretz.




Natalie chuckles a bit, but keeps her focus on Chloë. She is destroying the former leader of the Hellcats and her mind is about to shatter in a million pieces. Natalie roughly slaps her pelvis against Chloë's ass driving the cock all the way inside of Chloë's ruined ass. She starts to pull Chloë's mouth corners back making Chloë look even more like a broken fucktoy.


With powerful thrusts Natalie fucks Chloë's ass harder and faster. She hasn't given Chloë permission to cum yet and her slave is desperately holding back her orgasm. Natalie knows that her bitch won't last much longer. The sound of sweaty flesh smashing together is becoming louder and louder. Bella and Sophie watch in horror, as Natalie destroys their former leader. They had this all planned, but they never expected Natalie to become so dominant. Saliva pours out of Chloë's mouth, because she is no longer able to use her tongue to swallow it. Her tongue bounces up and down outside of her mouth splashing ropes of saliva against her own tits and face.


"Cum for your Goddess! Cum for me and become my anal bitch!" Natalie roars out, while bending Chloë's back further.


Chloë no longer fights her orgasm and her pussy starts to squirt like a fountain. Her eyes roll into the back of her head and her mind shatters into a million pieces. Chloë Grace Moretz used to be the dominant leader of the Hellcats, but now she is Goddess Natalie's anal bitch. Natalie continues to pound Chloë's ass, even though her slave is cumming her brains out. Natalie asserts her dominance one last time, before pushing Chloë away and her slave collapses exhausted onto the ground. Chloë's entire body is covered in sweat, saliva and girl cum. The clamps are still on her nipples and the chain between them holds the weights.


Natalie's divine body is covered in sweat and Peyton would love to lick it all off her. Natalie takes a step forward and reaches down. She grabs Chloë's hair and forces her slave on all fours. She makes Chloë look up at the other mistresses and Natalie herself stands tall and proud.


"Chloë Grace Moretz is no longer the leader of the Hellcats and she is no longer a mistress. She is now my slave and anal bitch. I own her and no one else. She is my property and you have all heard her say it." Natalie turns around walks towards the exit of the pit with Chloë submissively crawling behind her.


The other mistresses are in complete awe and have no idea what to do really. Only Peyton List knows exactly what she wants to do. She wants to go over to Goddess Natalie and let Goddess Natalie fuck her ass until she begs to become Natalie's anal bitch. Bella and Sophie thought they could simply take over the Hellcats, but claiming the throne now seems like a stupid idea. Natalie just showed them all what true dominance means.


Natalie has been gone for several minutes now and the other mistresses decided to return back to the council room. They are discussing what happened in the pit and what to do about Natalie Alyn Lind. Peyton suggested that they make Goddess Natalie the leader of the Hellcats, but Bella and Sophie strongly voted against that. Hailee and Camren haven't spoke their minds yet, because they are still processing what they just witnessed.


Suddenly the door opens and Natalie Alyn Lind is standing in the door opening wearing her dominatrix outfit. The 'Bitch-Breaker' is still secured around her waist and Chloë's juices are dripping down from it. Chloë Grace Moretz is behind her on all fours, naked, collared and on a leash. Her gaze is locked towards the floor like a good submissive little anal bitch. Natalie strides into the room and suddenly more shapes appear behind Natalie and Chloë. Ariel Winter, Dove Cameron, Fatima Ptacek, Hunter King and Kylie Jenner enter the room wearing domme outfits.


"Sorry slaves, but it's time to make some big changes to our little club." Natalie says with an evil smile on her face.