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[AO3] Comment on Resentment of Gusu

Archive of Our Own
to: me

Wuxia_n left the following comment on Chapter 9 of Resentment of Gusu:

how on earth is ZWJ still straight after hearing about CFZ single handedly decimating his enemies in this chapter??? let me nut to Chifeng-zun, gege! did a little thing for that CFZ training scene on twitter again. i can always take it, and everything else I made for your fics, down but youll have to talk to me first ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i cant wait to see why ZWJ didnt just hide with CFZ after his sect was burnt down. I mean, the reason he had nowhere to go and LFZ had to save him in canon was because CFZ was too incapacitated with his qi deviation to protect ZWJ. since your AU’s based on CFZ being healthy, real shit must be coming down for CFZ not to be looking after his sworn bro. your update cant come sooner aaaa TT


Lan Zhan glares at the Gmail notification staring him in the face and sighs at himself for the undercurrent of irritation he feels. The point of punctuation is to make words more readable, and the point of grammar is to relay thoughts more clearly. He’s learned he can’t expect both from the internet, so he really shouldn’t still be this irritated by the poor form.

He’s been writing for the Untamed fandom since the drama was announced last year with a measly episode count that couldn’t possibly do the novel justice. Following that debut, he’s penned about seven other fanfics, three of which hit the hundred-thousand word count mark with just about as many hits on AO3. With so many readers, Lan Zhan has just about gotten into the habit of steering clear of the cesspit of borderline incoherent babblings that is the comment section. Or at least, that’s what he thought until about half a year ago when Wuxian suddenly appeared in the fandom and found his fics. He hasn’t missed a chance to comment on every single chapter Lan Zhan posted ever since.

They are a constant thorn in his side, not because he is incapable of brushing aside the criticism, but because they are unfairly insightful. While most of them are inane and ridiculous — with no concept of letter case at all — Wuxian has also left some of the most thought-provoking perspectives too. There’s just something grating about mulling over a plot point for weeks on end, only for an idiot over the internet to spot the holes he missed so flippantly. He’s ashamed to admit some of the best plot points his readers raved about are based on something Wuxian said.

He never responds to comments, but sometimes he finds himself hovering the mouse over the reply button to Wuxian’s. He doesn’t know if it’s to thank him for his input or to engage him to expound more on his ideas, it doesn’t matter. In the end, he shies away.

At least until he sees Wuxian’s art, and he’s back to wanting learn more about Wuxian again. The art. Splendid depictions of the human body, the most erotic expressions on faces. Why couldn’t Wuxian be just some random fan? Why does he have to be brilliant artist too?

With a resigned sigh, Lan Zhan opens a new tab and types ‘twit’ before the address bar auto-fills the rest for Wuxian’s page. More than once, Lan Zhan regrets his lurker tendencies and how he distances himself from fandom. On one hand, he’s safe from fandom drama, but on the other, he’s always late to great fan content.

When Wuxian’s Twitter page loads up, his eyes are immediately drawn to the wide expanse of Chifeng-zun’s muscles on display. It’s the most recent post.


Pinned Tweet 📌

Wifi @wuxia_n    • 21 Jan
so u can fapapa to my art, here’s a pinned moment tweet! owo beware of memes

[⚡ The Untamed fapapa and meme gallery ]


Wifi @wuxia_n    • 1h
here’s a lil something based on last week’s Resentment update. If ZWJ’s not gonna get off to CFZ, we’re obligated to do it for him. (`・ω・´)
PW word count as of ch9

[ Photo set of a shirtless Chifeng-zun training beneath a small waterfall in different angles ]


Lan Zhan stares at it for a good minute, decides the third photo showcasing all of Chifeng-zun’s incredible back is his favourite, and shamefully opens ‘untitled.docx’ in his computer. It’s twelve-thousand words of different explicit scenes that’s been stacking up ever since he found out about Wuxian’s Privatter art. He begins with a new page.



holy shit. that resentment update!


writes chifeng so hot???

Airplane bro
it’s all over for us fools when wangji decides to direct her writing to porn

guys. check out this art and reread this chapter with that in mind.


Qing MD
when he’s not shitposting and trolling, he makes really great art ugh
when’s he going to open commissions? 

Airplane bro
he’s in this server, you can ping him @/uwuxian

Art discussion goes in #Art! :D

okay I just finished reading and why is San Bu Zhi so stupidddddd, can’t he see his brother needs help winning this war???

you haven’t read the novels have you

Careful! No spoilers past the recent season of the drama. :D Invite MM over to #Spoilers if you want to continue this.



Multiple pings on his phone draws Wei Ying’s attention from SAI running on his computer. He’d been struggling on this NSFW piece for next month’s Patreon the whole week, and it’s only now coming together. That Resentment of Gusu update couldn’t have come at a better time because, like always, Wei Ying is struck with the itch to doodle, paint, make anything after reading it.

Wangji has a way with words that packs a huge bag of feelings in the least amount of words possible. There were no long odes to Chifeng-zun’s physique, just strategically weaved scenes of heroism and manhood that do more to make readers thirst than any explicit descriptions of rippling muscles ever could. It is a talent that deserved the whopping AO3 hit-kudos-comment-subscription-bookmark numbers for all his fics.

His. Wei Ying knows majority of fandom is teeming with women, but his little gay heart is holding on to the hope that Wangji is the rare man. God, if he could have one wish in life… well, it would first have to be meeting the actor playing Hanguang-jun because he’s god-given beauty personified for a side-character, but Wangji’s identity as a guy comes at a very close second.

Wangji is incredibly reclusive, having no known social media accounts or interactions with fandom outside publishing his fic. His AO3 icon is the default one, he’s never even left an author’s note (either a testament to his skill with words that his works stand with no further explanation or a testament to his reticence towards fandom interaction),  and he’s never responded to comments, prompting Wei Ying to make it his personal mission to get one.

No beta reader is ever credited, but Wei Ying thinks it’s utter bullshit if no one’s ever gone over Wangji’s fics. No one can write complex plot, fleshed out characters and (unfortunately gen) relationships, comprehensive world building and magic systems that thoroughly without outside help. Wei Ying’s no lit major or language expert, but he’s pretty much always up to date on the front page of AO3 which he thinks should qualify him for an internet degree in fanfic reading.

His phone keeps buzzing somewhere in his bed. He pushes against his desk and the swivel chair rolls him to where he can reach beneath the mess of his comforters. Surprisingly, most of the notifications weren’t from his recent Twitter post but from his Twitter and Discord DMs instead.



Did I mention how much I love Zewu-jun?

Where’s that genderbent Zewu-jun full body I commissioned from you!! I’m thirsting 

I really love Zewu-jun

Must. Protect. His. Pure. Heart.

This Resentment update is killing me.

lmao what’s new

i'm almost done, hold your horses woman

so like hear me out

ZWJ topping CFZ

yes or fuck yes?




Is it just me or is that Wang Lingjiao even more annoying in Resentment than the novels/drama?
Can I just shank her please god this is so annoying
You stupid fuck, you were the first comment
“Let me nut” ffs can i disown you
Why the fuck are you even awake this early to be first? 

no u love me ( ˘ ³˘)♥
wangji and i have a cosmic connection



Wuxian please
I’ve got a huge favor to ask
I’m so sorry for the late notice
I’m gonna die
You’re the only one I can think of to help
Please please please
I’ll be in your debt!!!
Need your help
Big SOS 


Oh thank god you replied

whats wrong??

You know we’re doing the whole big bang thing right? Can you join?

yea i missed the sign ups o(TヘTo)
huh? arent all artist slots full already?

Xuanyu backed out because of some family drama
I begged brother to let him in as a favour
And now he’s backing out and I’m gonna be killed if we’re missing a spot


Wei Ying looks at the WIP on his desktop and sighs. The backlog of commissions are really starting to pile up, but it’s a Big Bang! The first one in the Untamed fandom. He’s trash for fic and even bigger trash for novel-length ones. He honestly wanted to kiss Huaisang when he said his brother and his friends were thinking about hosting a Big Bang after someone made an offhand comment about needing more long fics. If it weren’t for Madam Yu working him to the bone in a rebranding project for the family business, he would never have been distracted enough to miss the sign up period entirely. He told Huaisang to put him up as an understudy in case anyone backed out, but he never really thought it would happen, because it’s a Big Bang.

In hindsight, considering how the attempted kinkmeme flopped, he really shouldn’t be surprised Huaisang sounds so desperate for a replacement. Likely no one else voluntarily signed up as an understudy.

Anyway, he only really needs to make a couple of artworks for the challenge, so it shouldn’t be that heavy on his plate. The deadline’s probably months from now anyway, he’ll have time to get through the commissions.


It’s just that, the assigning of partners is due tonight 

yea okay, sign me up I guess

Oh thank god!!
I’ll let Xichen know.
Thanks so much!
What’s your email address?


Which acc/site do you want them to link to when they mention you?

twitter’s fine

Okay! Thanks again!
Xichen will reach out to you later.


He swipes left and scrolls down for the fandom server. It’s not the main one that’s for both the drama, novels, and manhua as he’s banned from that one, allegedly for starting a ship war with Zixuan, but really he knows it’s because the mod Goateeren is a huge Wangji fanboy and hates his guts. Instead, he goes to the drama-specific one. There’s no real difference, people still talk about other media content for the Untamed in specific channels, but Goateeren’s not a mod and that’s what really matters. 

The ping was from #art and he types up a quick reply about his full plate and closed commissions. He links to his Twitter and tells Qing MD they can follow him there for updates on when he’s ready to take on more projects.


How can you always be up for fic updates but never be able to get up on time for classes?
Come out you idiot
Help me with breakfast


He laughs and makes a quick remark about a cosmic connection with Wangji again and heads out to join his brother in the kitchen of their shared apartment with a spring in his step. The Big Bang is pretty exciting. Xichen’s email can’t come fast enough.



Huaisang #UNTAMEDBIGBANG @huaisang    • 15h
Season 2 for #theUntamed drama was greenlit! Production begins June for 8 eps. The story continues on from the burning of the Cloud Recesses, the disappearance of Zewu-Jun and Chifeng-zun suffering his first qi deviation. (1/2) 

Huaisang #UNTAMEDBIGBANG @huaisang    • 15h
When we last saw our protagonist, Lianfang-zun seemingly betrayed his sect and accepted a role within the ranks of Chief Sect Leader Ruohan’s army. With the limited word count, it’s doubtful his complex schemes will actually be fleshed out. (2/2)


Wanyeetin @3du    • 12h
This is going to be a boring season if all it’s going to feature is lianfangzun’s life navigating the politics of the nightless city


QI WRONG @greengoblin    • 12h

Binghe @demonking    • 12h
Nightless City falls with the help of Yiling Laozu, but it’s a just front to recruit the remnants and start his own army bahahahahaha

QI WRONG @greengoblin    • 12h

Ningning @ying_2    • 12h
Binghe has been very vocal about being an orphan! How could you say that to him?!

QI WRONG @greengoblin    • 12h

Xielian | Commissions Open! @scrapgod    • 12h
That’s true, but Yiling Laozu’s role as  the main villain is… not news?

Binghe @demonking    • 12h
His character color scheme is black and red. He has glowing red eyes? That color scheme + glowing red things is basically the powers that be telling us this is a scum villain.

QI WRONG @greengoblin    • 12h



thelitgod posted:

Hi guys! I’ve been seeing screenshots of a Twitter post going around about the second season of the Untamed, and while the main point of the greenlight is true, THERE IS SOME MISINFORMATION.

Let mama clarify it for you. The producers announced a second season  (EDIT: and a manhua now too!!) but there was no mention of episode count. I don’t know where OP got that news, but it’s not from any of the official sources.

The official Cornetto account hinted  at something spectacular this season, and considering the amount of record views  it broke and awards it raked in last year, we’re more than likely to get more than the usual number of episodes even.

So reign in the outrage and panic. You’re all off going nuts about the drama not being able to do our beloved shorty’s devious scheming justice, but we’ll probably have more than enough time to even feature Hanguang-jun’s bravery in facing Yiling Laozu in their little battles.

News is hit or miss these days. 

blackwater reblogged:

Hate all kinds of fakes, especially fake news


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Wuxia series The Untamed releases promos for second season
Posted by PeerlessCucumber


The Untamed, the series that broke many records and brought home multiple awards during its run last year, announced a second season in the works. Last we saw, the main protagonist LianFang-zun apparently switch allegiances and is now in the Nightless City. The Cloud Recesses was burnt down with ZeWu-jun in hiding, leaving his brother HanGuang-jun to hold the fort … Continue reading →


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drqing posted: 


Anon asked: got into it bc of the drama, and in prep for s2 and i’m slowly getting through the novels, but i still dont get why Yiling Laozu betrayed his bro



Essentially, it boils down to jealousy and a scum personality.

To really get the picture of what a scum villain he is, I have to take you down memory lane to when the demon was just a little devil.

Yiling Laozu was an orphan that was brought to Yunmeng and was basically raised as family by Sect Leader Feng Mian at the time. The Sect Leader had major hots for his mom when they were growing up, but the mom chose to marry someone else. He ended up having to marry Zi Zhizhu and they didn’t have the best of relationships, and his adoption of the little devil strained it further.

Before being adopted, Yiling Laozu lived on the streets, eating scraps. Perhaps because of this, he harboured some resentment for his new step brother, the young Sandu Shengshou, for all the things he was blessed with. It may also be because he was afraid that if he under-performed, he would be thrown back into the streets. Whatever the reason, Yiling Laozu schemed, manipulated and eventually turned to the dark path in an attempt to outshine his brother in every way.

So it’s less that he betrayed Sandu Shengshou and more like he just dropped his mask and became the scum villain we all knew he was. The war with Nightless City disrupted his little machinations to steal the title of next sect leader. Feng Mian and Zi Zhizhu died abruptly before his plans could come into fruition, so the title went to Sandu Shengshou by default.

Yiling Laozu set his sights elsewhere. He turned his plans to the death of Ruohan, which for a time put him in the same side as his brother.

There’s no betrayal if there was no loyalty to begin with.

@sushi did a wonderful character manifesto on Yiling Laozu that explained more on that.


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Lan Huan sits across his brother on the dining table with a laptop in hand. His brother looks very absorbed, probably grading essays from the lit class he TAs in. Quietly, he sets his laptop down and gets to work writing the email blasts. He gets to all the other pairs first, saving the best for last.

He spares one last thought to whether or not he should find someone else to sub in. This could either go well or blow up spectacularly. Steeling himself, he hits send and patiently glances at his brother.


The Untamed Big Bang Matchups

UBB Team
to: Wangji, Wuxian

Dear Wangji and Wuxian,

Congratulations and welcome to the first Untamed Big Bang!

You have 100 days to create a piece with our theme “Inquiry” which you are free to interpret however you like. There is no actual minimum word count, but tradition puts it at 50,000 words. Likewise, artists only really have to supply at least one artwork on top of the promotional poster, but conventionally, there’s one for every major plot point, scene or chapter. Aside from making sure the piece is written in English, there’s no other restriction. We’re leaving it up to the pairs to decide how you’ll deliver — it’s a team effort, first and foremost.

Let’s all do our part to flood the fandom with the kind of spectacular behemoth fics it deserves, shall we?

Partners were assigned randomly with an online generator, so rest assured everyone was paired up fairly. We suggest introducing yourselves and exchanging social media handles! Feel free to start the conversation by replying to this email thread or kicking us out entirely and starting a new one on your own in the mode that’s convenient to the both of you.

We’ll be checking up on you by Day 25 where we start collecting the fic details for release to the public on Day 30. More on the schedule of events in our calendar.

That’s it for now! We have a Tumblr Blog that you are all hopefully already following. We post announcements there, but don’t worry, we will also email you the important news. That said, feel free to reach out to me or any of the mods through this email address for any concerns regarding the challenge. We discourage messaging through those social media accounts for urgent matters because they run the risk of getting buried.

Hopefully, your inbox will get used to seeing our emails and those of your partner’s! We can’t stress enough how much we encourage partners to maintain an open line of communication and really encourage collaboration. This is a team effort, guys!

Let the first Untamed Big Bang go off on a… yeah, we’re not making that pun.



Kind regards,

TW: @xichen
IG: @_x_c
Tblr: @xchen 


“Brother…” his brother croaks as if in pain. Lan Huan puts up his normal smile and tilts his head in question.

When he got nothing in response, Lan Huan sighs and says, “You said you wondered what it was like to be involved in the community, brother. This is your chance! You only have to interact with one person, it’s the baby steps you wanted.”

His brother gives him a flat stare, unimpressed. So he may not have explicitly said he wanted to join the challenge, but the pensive look on his face when Lan Huan mentioned it is telling! That’s as good an indication of interest as any from him, really. And with regards to his partner, it was a brilliant stroke of luck even he couldn’t have orchestrated. His partner may be a pretty controversial figure, but he’s also the only other person in fandom his brother ever mentioned in passing. Albeit… it was always grumbled, but at least it’s someone he is familiar with! Baby steps.   


The Untamed Big Bang Matchups

to: me, Wangji



He sees the notification for the reply and laughs. “Look, your partner’s already reached out! Have fun, brother!”

He shuts his laptop and shuffles out of the room, taking one last glance at his brother who was still glaring intently at his laptop as if he were staring at the blue screen of death. Something tells him he’ll be seeing that look more often in the following weeks.



untamedbigbang posted:

The teams have been randomly matched up and all the participants have been notified of their partner!

There were a couple of people who backed out that had to be replaced, so you’ll be seeing a couple of new names that weren’t on our previous post.

Without further ado, here are our authors' AO3 accounts and their partner artists!

Flower Prince & crimsonrain
BlackWater & leaf
airplane towards the sky & northernice
Daoshang & chengmei
Wangji & wuxia_n
Sizhui & the_peony
xiuya & seventh
Momo & TheAlmighty
villainhacker & Immortal_Lover
Priestess & GeneralJr

With this, we are officially on Day 0 of 100 of the Untamed Big Bang Challenge! Send some love over to our brave participants.

See you all in Day 25 where we post some details of what our participating authors have in store for you!

(If your name is on this list but haven’t received our matchup email, please let us know via ASAP.)


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AQing @blindgirlrights    • 5m

Huaisang #UNTAMEDBIGBANG @huaisang    • 5m
#UntamedBigBang matchups are out, folks!

Ningning @ying_2    • 5m
Oh god so I didn’t imagine it 

AQing @blindgirlrights    • 4m
Is this a shared dream?? 

Ningning @ying_2    • 4m

AQing @blindgirlrights    • 3m
Wtf? Who cares about them? DAOSHANG’S WITH THAT ASSHOLE

Ningning @ying_2    • 3m


WN @IAC @ghostgeneral    • 5m
Congratulations on #UBB @wuxia_n! i’ll bring a present when we meet?

Wifi @wuxia_n    • 5s
(つ✧ω✧)つ YOURETHEBEST im so excited



omFG is this for real @huaisang!??! Wangji’s actually participating?!


You’ll just have to wait and see in 100 days then 😉


wtf don’t leave it at that
how’d Wangji get roped into this?!

Da Ge’s Titties [BOT]
Huaisang | UNTAMED BIG BANG is currently away.



he probably died of shock



Jiang Cheng is right. Wei Ying’s an idiot. He’s an irredeemable idiot. “OMG”? What was he thinking. He wasn’t, that’s what! He saw Xichen’s email and replied on autopilot. CTRL+Z his life. Hello, Outlook, God, Universe, whoever, an undo button, please.

He’ll throw himself off a cliff if he scared Wangji off before he could even get anything from the guy. Hundreds of people would literally kill to be in his position right now. His own single goal in life is to get a response from the legendarily reclusive author.

Forget changing handles to promote the challenge, all Huaisang needs to do for marketing is drop Wangji’s name!

Partnering up with the god of Untamed fics, the original Big Bang, for over three months? Close collaboration? Open communication? Whose dick did he suck in his last life to be this lucky? There’s no shortage of people lining up to hold Wangji’s (likely) thick, powerful, and very firm thighs, but by a stroke of extremely good luck, his name was drawn! It’s just too good to be true.

...almost too good.



I didn’t know!
I really didn’t know
I had no idea

are you san bu zhi or something

This really caught me off guard too okay!!

youre in charge of sign ups werent you

They didn’t sign up!!

so is this a joke? some poser using his name?

huaisang is typing something…


Okay, so it could possibly be not him. There’s a really large chance it’s just some catfish prank or whatever. That’s a bit calming but also very disappointing. If he finds out which asshole’s behind that account, he’ll tear him a new one. Fanartists are emotionally fragile creatures! The Wei Ying species more so! His NSFW art didn’t get that good from being a well functioning member of society.


I just spoke to Xichen. He’s the real deal. So it’s like this. Sushi backed out in the last minute just as Xichen was drawing the matchups. He knows Wangji irl apparently and he just,,, sorta became the replacement? Xichen assures us Wangji’s on board.


...good luck



Fuck. Okay. Wei Ying takes some deep breaths and tries to calm his shaking hands. He's fucked up with the reply, but it’s not like it’s Wangji’s first impression of him. That had long since been wrecked, so nothing was lost really.

Hi! Sorry about that. Natural reaction

No, that’s dumb. Wei Ying angrily hits the backspace and racks his brain for something that could mend Wangji’s impression of him enough to start a professional relationship.

Dear Wangji

Absolutely not. It’s just too stiff coming from him. But before he could type something else, a notification makes him jump and scream bloody murder. His swivel chair careens across the room, slamming the door back against Jiang Cheng who hurries over at the outburst.

“Ow. What the fuck is wrong with you?! What happened?” Massaging his sore nose, Jiang Cheng stalks over to his brother who is just staring at his computer with his hands buried in his hair.

Seeing as Wei Ying still wasn’t saying anything, Jiang Cheng peers over to the open email on the laptop.

Eyes bulging, he snaps his head back to Wei Ying. “What the fuck is happening?! Start from the beginning!"


The Untamed Big Bang Matchups 

to: Wuxian 

Dear Wuxian,

I will send you an excerpt by the end of the week. Expect it then.