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    Colby was awoken by movement on the bed next to him, and he rolled over, squinting in the dark as he fumbled for the hand he knew would be reaching for his.

    Ever since the incident in the cult tunnels, Sam’s sleep (or rather lack of) had been riddled with distressing dreams. At first Colby would wake him up, unable to bear the fearful look on his boyfriend’s unconscious face, but that always ended with Sam being too wide awake and alert to fall back asleep. After some trial and error, he figured out ways to comfort him without having to fully pull him out of his slumber, and it became a nightly routine for them.

    He slid his hand along the mattress until it bumped into Sam’s, then he locked their fingers together and squeezed gently, letting him know he was there. The blonde stirred slightly, subconsciously moving towards Colby’s warmth.

    Colby wrapped his other arm around him, pulling him closer until their entwined hands were trapped between their chests, listening to Sam’s breathing becoming more regular. He felt his heartbeat syncing up with the other boy’s, and he leaned over to softly kiss him on the cheek before he was taken by sleep once again.