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Rewriting History

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United States, 1896

Clickity clack was the only noise passengers could hear as the train raced down the newly minted tracks. While the ride was far from luxurious, each train car crammed with people; this was what most of them were dreaming for.

A new start.

Every person on that train had a dream, including one particular man. Sitting with his webbed legs crossed near the door of the final car, he closed his eyes. It would be another few days before he reached the Yukon. So he figured he should get very comfortable in that one spot. No matter how irritated he was, he had to remember his own dream and soon he would be making a lot of money to fill his coffers. He wouldn’t fail.

He swore it.


A portal opened up high in the air and a girl flew out.

“What is going on?!” She yelled as she was dropping rapidly at least 30 feet off the ground towards the train tracks.

Hearing the noise of the trains horn, she glanced below her and watched as it was progressing to where she was at a rapid rate.

She screamed until she landed quite harshly onto the caboose of the train. Gripping onto the back railing for dear life, the pink haired female looked around herself in shock. Looking up at the night sky, everything looked so different to her. “Where…where am I now?” She slowly tried to get to her feet, glancing down and noticing her skin was white.

Not peach, white…with feathers.

Letting out a quack, she quickly grasped onto her beak and began to frantically feel her face and body. Slowly, she turned a horror stricken face towards the window of the caboose door and saw her reflection staring back at her.

At least, what she thought was herself. Large eyes with black pupils that appeared to have a piece cut out of them, a large duck beak covering most of her lower face, long pink locks that were floating in the wind that rushed past the train. Instead of her normal clothes, she wore a rather fancy dress. It was long and purple with ruffles, much to her dislike. It also had those puffy sleeves that reminded her of two big twinkies, great now she was hungry. Grasping the long garment, she groaned and wondered how easy this would be to walk in.

Lifting it up, that’s when she noticed the webbed legs and feet.

If she could turn any paler she would have.

“Oh…my god….” She whispered. “What am I?”

She quickly looked at her neck and let relief wash over her as she saw her long silver chain and white opal shining in the moonlight.

Her wrist buzzed. Glancing at her silver bracelet, she quickly glanced around and pressed a button at the side.

“Clix?” She whispered. A transparent screen appeared before her with the picture of a human female.

Wide blue eyes stared back at her for a beat.


Lore nodded with a wince.

She stared.

Lore stared back.

“Would you like all the duck puns I have now or later?” Clix asked with a straight face.

“Clix!” Lore yelled, embarrassed.

“Sorry, Sorry right not the time.” The blue eyed, silver haired girl tried to say with a emotionless face.

Lore sighed. “Where am I?”

“Looks like you’re on Earth.” Clix commented, pressing a few buttons before her, behind Clix was two large towers with flashing lights and buttons as well. As if the room she was located within was a large computer of sorts.

“That’s impossible..” Lore glanced around. “This looks nothing like Earth. I’ve been to Earth.”

“An Earth.” Clix reminded her. “Don’t forget there’s several million ‘Earth’s’ out there. Although..” She glanced at Lore with a smirk. “I got to say this ones way different.”

Looking again at her arm, Lore narrowed her eyes. “It is…the way my arm is it’s almost two dimensional like I’m in a…”

The door slammed open behind her. “Who in the blazes are ye?!”

Instantly hiding her arm with the screen of Clix, Lore spun around to see a duck…man? Standing before her.

He had one eyebrow raised and stared at her slightly slack jawed.

“Who….uh..” Lore struggled to form any sort of smile. “Me?”

There was a pause as the other took Lore in, as well as that fancy dress she had on. A rush of cold air made her unintentionally shiver a bit and this duck wearing a hat and boots grasped her hand and pulled her inside the train.

Once inside, Lore took in her surroundings again and saw the large mass of people squished together within this train car. As the train made a sharp turn, Lore yelped, still unstable on her feet and stumbled into the strange duck mans arms. He held her firmly with a muttered comment under his breath and steered her towards a part of the train car where they could talk privately.

Once settled, Lore sat down on the floor with the man nearby eyeing her suspiciously.

Nervously, she waved a bit with a smile.

“Who are ye?” The man with the brown hat and tan Indiana stones style clothes asked.

Lore blinked and tilted her head slightly. “Hi I’m Lore!” she said innocently. “What’s your name?”

“Scrooge.” The duck man said simply. “Now what in blazes where ye doing out here in that?” he pointed to her obviously overkill dress.

“I’d really like to know that myself..” Lore mumbled to herself and then glanced at the man known as Scrooge. He seemed to have heavy Scottish accent, which wasn’t too strange to her. “Um, I guess I got on the wrong train?” she told him, averting her eyes.

His own narrowed. “Ye are lyin.”

Startled, she glanced up into his eyes.

“There’s something off about ye..” He eyed her once more. “That color hair.” She reached up to her hair and swallowed heavily. “That outfit..” he frowned deeper. “The fact that ye appeared from nowhere on the back of the train…”

“Are ye…”

A scream made the two snap their attention to the other side of the train car. “He’s got a gun!”

A duck male held a younger boy to him, pointing the gun at his head. Lore clenched her hand into a fist, and went to stand up but Scrooge was already on his feet.

“No one come any closer!” The crazed man demanded, his eyes were fogged over and his body shaking. Lore’s eyes darted around to try to find a weapon of some kind and found a coil of rope nearby that someone had left unattended. Grabbing it, she stumbled up and watched as Scrooge slowly edged his way closer towards them.

Lore tried to remain unassuming, staying a far piece from Scrooge as to not cause suspicion.   

Scrooge was approaching the alarmed group forming before the middle aged man holding the younger teenage male hostage. The kid looked no more than 14 years old and Scrooge sympathized with the young lad. He had dirt smudged within his feathers and Scrooge could tell by the wear on the boys hands that the lad had to work a lot in his short life.

Eyeing the man holding him he tried to think of a way to safely free the boy. He appeared before the crowd and held up his hands. “Easy now there lad. Why don’t ye release the wee one there and let’s talk this out.” He said in a calm voice.

The older mans eyes switched to Scrooge and they narrowed viciously. “No! You all are after me! You are all trying to steal my gold!” The white feathered duck growled.

Scrooge gawked slightly. “We haven’t even reached the Yukon yet! None of us have anything worth stealing yet!”

“Liar!” Snarled the older male with the white beard and clutched the boy tighter. He let out a small yelp and Scrooge grit his beak.

“That boy did nothing to ye, let him free!” Scrooge tried once more.

But it seemed this man was too far gone. “He stole something more precious to me than my life! He must pay for it with his own!” He pressed the gun further into the poor kids temple, the teenage boy with red hair at this point was crying and shaking violently. “N-no!”

Scrooge’s eyes widened.

“Seems aye have nay a choice.”

As the crazed duck began to slide his finger upon the trigger, Scrooge pulled out his whip and flung it foreword, snapping it onto the mans hand.

The gun went flying.

The crazed man lunged at Scrooge and Lore took this chance.

Tying the rope into a loop she waited for the right moment as the two tumbled onto the floor and rolled around.

“Get….off me!” Growled Scrooge, trying to push this rather rabid duck off him. The group of onlookers were trying to stay away from the fighting duo as Lore skirted around them with rope in hand. Finally Scrooge managed to kick the middle aged duck off him, quickly getting to his feet.


“What?” Scrooge’s head spun to Lore as she launched the rope straight at the man opposite of Scrooge. Eyes widening, Scrooge fell to a crouch as the lasso wrapped around the crazy white feathered duck and with a startled quack, he stumbled to the ground with the rope tightly around him.

Lore ran and quickly tied him up, smirking down at him.

“You….You little…” He hissed, glaring menacingly at Lore who wiped her forehead in relief.

Scrooge approached her from behind with uncertainty and slight appreciation in his eyes. “That was some quick work there..” he admired.  

Lore smirked and put a hand on her hip. “Thanks, guess those lessons came in handy..”

“Right well..” Scrooge glanced around at the people staring and whispering to each other. “Let’s go make ourselves scarce.”

They moved from the back train car to the next one up and settled in once more.

“So, Ah, Lore was it?” Scrooge eyed her. “What exactly are ye?”

This guy is way too perceptive. Lore thought. Crossing her arms, she pouted. “What do you mean? I’m exactly like you are!” whatever that is. Some kind of duck human hybrid she assumed.

Raising a eyebrow Scrooge leaned in which made Lore uncomfortable. “Hey back off!” she pulled herself until her back hit the wall and found he was staring at her with unnerving closeness.

“Ye don’t look like the fae.”

Lore blinked.

“Excuse me?”

“The fae, ye are one aren’t ye?” Scrooge pondered, pulling away a bit.

“Uh no.”



“Ah ha!” He snapped his fingers and smirked. “ You are the Coliunn Gun Cheann, right?”

Lore nearly fell over.

“DO I LOOK LIKE A 20 FOOT MONSTER WITH NO HEAD TO YOU?!” She yelled, getting into his face with finger pointed up.

He opened his beak.

“Don’t answer that.” Lore rubbed her temple and wondered why she got stranded with someone like this.

“I know ye ain’t like us, that’s for sure.” Was Scrooge’s comment. His eyes narrowed.  “I can sense it. The magic’s coming off ye in waves.”

Turning back to Scrooge, Lore’s eyes widened.

“And ye are none too subtle about containing it.” Scrooge finished, frowning. He grasped her shoulders and pinned her against the wall. “Now…I’ll only ask ye once more. What are ye?”

Lore grit her beak and glared at him. It looked as if she didn’t have a choice anymore. “I’m…a witch.”

Scrooge’s emotions shifted from shock to annoyance. He released her and took a couple steps back. “A witch aye?” He seemed annoyed by the mere thought of it.

Lore got to her feet. “Do you have something against witches?”

“Maybe a bit.” Scrooge answered venomously. “The lot are nothing but evil, deceitful, lazy, hellions.”

“Now tell me how you really feel.” Lore deadpanned.

“Magic is ah supernatural shortcut, hard work and grit is really what should matter. Power corrupts absolutely. Ye better be careful with that stuff lass. It will destroy you one day.” Scrooge warned, pointing his whip at Lore.

Lore sighed. “You don’t need to worry about me. I’ve already been down paths similar to what you’ve described.” She folded her arms across her chest. “Even if its not perfect, magic is sometimes needed to protect those you care for more than anyone else.”

Scrooge rolled his eyes. “Aye doubt it. I can protect what I care about on me own without parlor tricks thank ye.”

Lore’s eye twitched. “Parlor tricks, huh?”

“Besides, a child shouldn’t be dabbling in such dark magics.” Scrooge stated, eyeing her up and down.

Lore blinked. “I’m not a child! I’m 15 years old!” she said hotly, pouting.

Scrooge seemed a little shocked. “Ye look no older than 12 at most!”

“My age aside, you aren’t my parent you can’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t do.” Lore frowned. “You hardly even know me!”

“Ye are still a minor and as a adult I have the right to-“

Suddenly both of them froze. A instant darkness seemed to envelope the room and both realized it had gotten way too quiet. Especially with their argument escalating like it was. Still sore from their fight, Lore’s gaze shifted to the people around them and to her horror they all were staring at them both, eyes blazing red.

Scrooge as well noticed it as the figures around them seemed to stand up in unison.

“Is this yer doing?” Scrooge demanded and Lore frowned.

“Of course not, my magic doesn’t work this way!”

A figure approached them rapidly from the right and Scrooge flung his whip, knocking the man off his feet.

“Then who..” Suddenly it dawned on Scrooge. “Curse me kilts..”

Suddenly in action mode, Scrooge began to kick and punch the people away from them, but  paused mid strike when it was a young child who tried to latch onto him. His features faltered and for a second he seemed conflicted.

But his steely gaze returned as he shoved the kid aside. “I need to get out of here.”

Lore was busy, using magic to push them back and tried to freeze them, but for some reason her magic wasn’t working properly. “Any suggestions Scrooge?” She asked dryly.

“Just one..” He opened the door to the side where the passengers had entered the train.

Lore blinked. “Your kidding right?”

Scrooge smirked and grasped her hand.

“Your not!” Lore yelped as Scrooge jumped from the train, his arm yanking hers and suddenly they were both airborne.

“Not again!”


After one particularly hard landing, Lore was surprised that they even survived a ten foot drop they had fallen, Lore sat and surveyed the damage.

The dress itself was nearly torn to shreds.

Feeling annoyed, she began to rip at the fabric around her. “I’m so done with this dress!”

“Uh….lass?” Scrooge blushed slightly and glanced away. “Are ye…well?”

Maybe the child had truly gone mad, Scrooge thought.

“Done!” Lore yelled breathlessly and slowly turning back Scrooge eyed the new ensemble Lore had provided herself.

She still had a skirt, but it was only one layer now and the length was just around the knee. Underneath she had kept the bloomers from the underskirt and now instead of long poofy sleeves it seemed as if the dress was only being held by string on each shoulder. Gone were all the frills and bows.

It was pretty scandalous if Scrooge was to be bold. But, he supposed witches were often like that so he tried not to look too shocked.

“So, what was that all about?” Lore asked, curious.


“The people in the train. They were obviously being controlled by something..” Eyeing him. “Or someone.”

Scrooge groaned.

“Aye may have, some people after mah head here and there..” Scrooge tried to downplay it.

Lore understood that sentence all too well. “Right…think we need to worry about them from here on out?”

“Probably not..” Scrooge shrugged. “Maybe..”

Brushing a hand through her long pink locks, she glanced around herself. “Well…now what do we do?”

“Well, I’m still heading towards the Yukon.” Scrooge said, determined. “Even if aye have to walk there!”

Lore blinked. “But that’s…insane!”

“What’s insane is what ye are wearing.” Scrooge commented and started to walk away.

Lore frowned, crossing her arms and started to walk after him. “Why don’t we just teleport there? It would save us some time.”

Scrooge spun around so fast Lore nearly lost her footing. “Don’t you dare use any of that magic nonsense! Men don’t become great by cheating their way to success!”

Lore raised an eyebrow. “Actually-“

She blinked suddenly, taking in Scrooge’s fierce determination and stance.

Wait…could he…

Her eyes darted a bit and finally she sighed. “Fine…but were going to need a place to sleep.”

“There’s no finer place than under the stars.”



After a couple days, Lore had began to get used to roughing it under the stars. Yet every night she would sleep less and keep watch most of the night. Even walking during the days she would keep a eye out, looking for something.

It was becoming so obvious Scrooge had noticed it. The girl was enigma that was for sure. She was different than the other sorceresses he had met. Magica for certain. Every night he expected the child to either flee or cast spells upon him when she felt he was his weakest.

But surprisingly, Lore’s mind seemed elsewhere.

Some nights he even heard her within the throughs of a nightmare. She would cry and curl up into a ball.

But when light spread upon the barren land before them, she awoke with a smile and a positivity that was different than he expected.

Their fight they had the night she had arrived had been long forgotten, and during the times they ate she listened eagerly to his stories of back in Scotland.

She also seemed intrigued by the world history as well, and he wondered if she hadn’t been taught anything as a child.

Some other things he noticed that peeked his interest: That bracelet upon her wrist would sometimes make strange noises. More often than night she would run off saying that she needed to use the bathroom and wouldn’t return for quite a while.

She would also say strange things. Like one time she was complaining, wishing she could take something called a “Aeroplane”. Then seeing the others questioning look, she would always laugh nervously and change the topic.

Weird words aside, he tried once to ask her about her own family. To that she looked distant and said they were far away.

They were still very much strangers, but as the days had past he knew she was hiding something important from him. What, he didn’t know. In his thirty years of life he had never encountered a being quite like her.

But he mused, the world was very large. There were many people he had yet to meet and many things he had yet to do.

He had to keep his mind focused on the treasure he was soon to acquire. A mere curiosity, would have to wait.


“Scrooge.” Lore commented, stretching out her sore back. “How much farther do you think we need to travel before we make it to the Yukon?”

“Considering we have yet to see any ice. I’d say at least a month.”

Lore fell over. “A month?! I’m going to die…”

“Ack don’t be silly, this is nothing. Once we get to the frozen tundra that’s when ye would have to worry with that….outfit.” he said eyeing the dress she still wore.

“Not to mention the bears..”

“Bears?!” Lore groaned. Suddenly, her eyes darted to the right, her stance freezing. She glanced to the side.

“Lass?” Scrooge stared in the direction she was looking, but saw nothing.

“What are ye darting yer eyes about for?” Scrooge commented and she blinked.

Settling her gaze upon the older duck before her, she hummed. “Just looking around for any wild animals.” She smiled.

She was lying.

“Aye see…” He carefully calculated his next move.

Lore seemed on edge. It was as if something was happening that she didn’t want him to know about.

The silence that settled between them seemed strained.

But Lore’s eyes were focused on anything but him again and he could faintly hear something in the distance.

Was that a boom?

No, that wasn’t the right noise.

A explosion erupted nearby and Lore was on her feet instantly. “There it is!”

The earth beneath them began to crumble.

Shocked, Scrooge could only stare as the earth shook and broke apart around them.

“Not good!” Lore grit her beak and held out her hand. “Scrooge!”

Still in slight shock,  Scrooge simply looked around at the chaos suddenly sprouting around him.

Seeing Scrooge lost in thought, Lore grasped his arm and began to run across the crumbling earth beneath them towards stable land.

Her wrist buzzed again and a transparent screen popped up with a girl, blue eyes stern. “Lore! We have a problem!”

“What in blazes?!” Scrooge yelled, directing both girl’s attention on him.

“I know, I know Clix! Scrooge, now is not the time to be freaked out!” Looking below her, she realized the ground below her feet was turning into dust. Not good.

She grasped him around the middle and launched herself and him towards stable land. Both tumbled onto the ground, groaning and wincing. Slowly she got to her feet and looked at her wrist.

“Clix what do we have!”

“It’s a byte.”

Lore sighed, “Of course it is. Level?”

“I’d say…” Another loud explosion was heard. “About 25?”

“At least its not a level 91.” Lore smirked, bringing back her arm which began to glow.

“Hold it!” Scrooge’s shout made Lore lose her focus.

“What is going on here?!” He indicated the girl in the bracelet and what is happening before them.

Lore blinked. “Oh, I’m just stopping this dimensional disturbance.”

“Wha?!” Scrooge looked baffled.

“The Byte.” Clix supplied.

“What in blazes is a Byte?”

From the earth before them, something roared and erupted sending several pieces of scattered earth around them. Emerging from it was a transparent figure, pulsing with energy like a firefly. It flickered in and out of reality like a bad TV signal. But it seemed almost gel in nature, not holding one form for too long.

It held two black orbs which Scrooge suspected were eyes. But besides that it looked alien.

While he blinked away his shock, which he seemed to be doing a lot lately, Lore was already launching herself at the beast and firing magic at the things face.

It let out a high pitched howl, which Scrooge supposed sounded like agony and swiped at the pink haired duck teen as if she was nothing more than a fly. She dodged the attack and tried to launch another blast at another angle.

Annoyed with being left on the sidelines, Scrooge grasped his whip, adjusted his hat and smirked. Running full speed at the beast he let out a yell and flung his whip at it.

The whip went right through it as if it didn’t exist.

Shocked, Scrooge stumbled back as Lore was hit by the monsters flailing arm and impacted the earth next to him.

“Ow..” She whined and quickly he helped her to her feet.

“What is that thing made of?” Scrooge asked.

Lore winced. “It’s comprised of corrupted energies from the universe. It’s sole function is to mess with the worlds natural energies and flow.” At Scrooge’s blank look, she sighed.

“It’s a being of dark magic that wants to destroy everything.” She stated bluntly.

“My whip cannot even touch the blasted beast.”

“Not surprised. Only things enchanted with magic can even hurt the monster.” Clix stated from Lore’s arm.

“Enchanted ye say..” Scrooge pondered.

Seeing the monster turn towards them, Lore grit her beak and launched herself up once more. Throwing another blast of magic in its face to distract him.

Scrooge began to scramble within his bag for something.

“Lore what are you doing?!” Clix demanded as the pink haired witch flew at the mass of energy once more. She slammed hard into its limb and bounced off, trying to shake away her dizziness.

“Trying to reach the orbs! It’s the only way to stop it!”

“Lore watch out!”

Lore’s head snapped up as a large limb slammed into her midsection. Letting out a cry she was launched back and into the earth at amazing speed. The impact caused a shockwave and Scrooge was instantly on his feet, wearing some old looking gloves made from some weird leather material.

“Lore!” He yelled. “Ye well?”

Lore groaned, wincing at the pain in her arms as she tried to pull herself up. “S-somehow..”

She managed to pull herself from the crater she made and glanced at Scrooge.

“What are those?” Tilting her head curiously, she noticed the tan color of the gloves and how they seemed to patchwork stitched together.

Scrooge smirked. “These? Just a gift from my Da and Ma.” He clenched his gloved hands into fists and formed a offensive stance.

“The Scottish Highland gloves.”

“That literally tells me nothing..” Lore’s blank face made Scrooge falter.

Sighing, annoyed he explained. “It means these gloves are enchanted! They can grab any artifact without the risk of said curses or what not affecting aye.”

Lore’s eyes lit up. “Which means you can use them to touch the Byte!”

Scrooge nodded and together the two turned to form determined stares at the beast. Cracking his knuckles, he launched himself at the monster as it let out a roar from a jagged mouth.

Lore floated back up and threw more blasts of magic at the monster, hoping to distract it as Scrooge got close to it.

Grabbing it by the base, he flung it around and tossed it onto the ground. It didn’t go far, and the two once more began to punch and fling more energy at it. Lore saw its orbs once again surface and dove to grab them.

A cry stopped her short as she saw one of the limbs wrap itself around Scrooge and squeeze.

“Scrooge!” Looking back once at the orbs, she frowned and dove for the arm holding her friend captive.

The gloves slipped from his arms as he was flung about, Lore diving to grab them and put them on her own hands and flying up, hands out and grabbing the arm with such force she ripped it from its body.

It let out a unnatural shriek and the limb itself vanished into scattered pieces of light before their eyes.

With nothing to hold him up, Scrooge yelped and fell.

Lore winced at his impact, which fortunately wasn’t that far from the ground. “You okay there?”

“I’ll live.” Was Scrooge’s gruff reply.

Giggling a bit, Lore turned back to the Byte who was now fully enraged at her. Instantly, several pointed limbs launched themselves at her.

Smirking she flew straight at them, gaining speed and dodging each and every one by a hair. Her arms were at her sides, hands clenched in the gloves.

She flew up and above him, turning slightly. “ Sorry Byte! This world is not yours!” Diving as it looked up, she flew into the beast, grabbing both orbs and out the opposite side.

The transparent, jelly like figure froze, then began to fragment and completely fall apart.

Lore gripped both orbs tightly until they cracked and shattered before her eyes.

Lowering herself on the cliff where Scrooge was watching, she gave him a bright smile.

Scrooge still seemed in a bit of awe over what had just transpired. “I’ve seen some things in my day..” he started.

“But this is probably the second most bizarre.”

“Second?” Lore pouted. “Well I guess I can take a slot in the top ten.” She shrugged and handed him back the gloves.

“Ye aren’t a normal witch…are ye?” Scrooge hit the nail on the head and Lore froze a bit.

“What…gave you that idea?” Lore rubbed her arm nervously and was looking away.

Narrowing his eyes, he raised a finger and opened his mouth to speak, when a crack directed their attention to their feet.

Eyes wide, Lore watched the crack spread under Scrooge and spideweb out before the ground he stood on literally caved out from under him.

“Scrooge!” Lore dove, arm outstretched and grasped his hand before he was sent plunging to his doom.

Yelping, Scrooge winced as his arm was nearly yanked from its socket. Thankfully he had stopped falling, but when his eyes slowly slid open he nearly lost his breath.

While the scene below him was rather breathtaking, he knew it would steal his life if he wasn’t being held at that moment. Looking up he saw Lore on her stomach on what was left of the cliff edge they had been standing on moments before. Her hand was wrapped around his wrist and she seemed to be struggling to hold his weight.

“Lore….can you lift me up?” He asked.

Lore winced, straining. Then she shook her head, her arms were shaking, getting weak. She had used up a lot of magic to destroy that Byte and using anymore might make her pass out at this rate.

Still, she couldn’t let him go. She wouldn’t let him die.

Slowly, she got closer to the edge and reached her other arm down, grasping his wrist with both hands. He lifted up his other hand and grasped onto her wrist.

“Lore, try to pull me up…trust me..” he spotted a fragment of earth underneath the cliff he could put his feet upon.

Taking a shaky breath, she nodded firmly and Scrooge settled his feet upon the rocks.



“GO!” Lore used her last strength and pulled, Scrooge launched himself from the rocks and with the combined force was flung back onto solid land.

Both were on the ground, panting.

“Well, that was fun….not..” Lore commented, then stood up and walked to Scrooge. “You okay there?” She grinned.

Scrooge stared at her. “I feel like hanging around you would be the death of me.”

A sudden emotion passed through her eyes at that comment and he frowned.

But she shook her head, smiling again and helping him to his feet.

“Well now what?” She asked, glancing around them.

Scrooge sighed, stretching out his back. “Maybe going to the Yukon was….a ambitious feat.” He glanced around him at the unfamiliar terrain.

“To be honest, I don’t know where to go from here. It may take me even longer to get there. Maybe…I should just head home.” Scrooge looked a little lost.

But Lore frowned, hands upon her hips, she stood before the prospector.

“Now wait a minute here Scrooge! I may have not known you for long, but even I know you are blowing some hot air there. You have worked too hard to stop now! Isn’t this your dream?”

“Aye…but at the rate this is going I may be very late in getting my dream. I wonder if there will be any gold left?” Scrooge looked so tired.

Lore looked to the side, scratching her hair. “Oh boy…” Steeling herself, she stared. “Scrooge, don’t hate me for this!”

Taking his hand, one minute they were at the cliff, the next was in the midst of a frozen tundra.

“HOLY-“ Lore instantly froze, arms wrapped around her and shivering like she was about to become a frozen duckcicle….which of course she was.

Scrooge blinked. “What did ye….” He glared at her. “Ye used magic didn ye?”

Lore stuck out her tongue at him and continued to freeze. Even her tongue froze at that point.

“Ah told ye those clothes wouldn’t work here.”

“S-Shut up.”

He sighed. “Well, no use crying over spilt milk. I’m here now..” He gave her a slight smile. “Thanks Lass..”

Lore gave him a shaky thumbs up.

“Ye know, I hate magic with a passion.”

Lore rolled her eyes.

“But…ye have proven not all magic is evil.”

“Evil? No…dangerous…absolutely.” Lore commented. “Don’t misunderstand me Scrooge. Any sort of power can be bad but only if someone mishandles it.”

Scrooge smirked. “Like yerself?”

Lore puffed her cheeks out. “Hey!”

Scrooge laughed. “Just kidding lass, thank ye for saving me..”

“Anytime..” Lore smiled, and blinked as a portal opened up behind her. “Oh, guess its time to go.”

Scrooge looked at the portal behind her perplexed. “Where are ye off to?”

Lore grinned. “Only the fates know!” she paused for a second. “Scrooge.” She met his eyes dead on. “ Would you like me to tell you, your fortune?”

Scrooge blinked.

Lore formed a orb of magic, swirls of white and purple entranced the duck male as she brushed her fingers across the rippling magic. “You will be the richest duck in the world…” Lore whispered, letting the magic flow around her. Sparks of purple and white energy flew around her face and hair. “And you will have a loving family.” Smiling kindly at him, she flexed her fingers and slowly his eyes raised to meet hers with shock.

“A family…..?” He questioned and taking a step back, Lore closed her eyes. “Yes, one to go on many adventures with….and to share your boundless love.” She hummed, then the orb shattered into a million brilliant sparkles that showered down upon them both. Everything was still as Scrooge seemed to process what she had just told him.

He tried to keep the emotions down, but tears slowly formed in his eyes and he had to look away.

Opening her eyes she nodded to the other and gave him a smile that warmed the air around them.

“Goodbye Scrooge. It…was interesting to meet you.” Lore chuckled as she vanished within the rapidly closing portal.

“Aye, ye too lass..” Scrooge whispered to nothing but air.