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How To Fall For A Wingmaiden

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Snotlout Jorgenson hoped that this Monday would be uneventful just like every other day, now that he wasn’t being thrown into water troughs every hour or flying around on a 5000 lbs ball of flames, but he had forgotten one very important detail; it was Freyja’s Day, the day to celebrate the goddess of love and fertility. Looking out his window, he could see that the entire island of New Berk was covered in pink banners and hearts. As he opened his front door and took a step outside, he sighed heavily and shook his head; these days were so overrated. His oldest and closest friend popped out from the side of his house and swung around to lean on the door frame, giving him a look of mock sympathy.


“What’s wrong Snotty? The day of love getting you down? I for one am loving today.”


“You’re not even seeing anyone, Tuffnut”


“And? It’s the day of love man, embrace it. Even the Chief is. And the General of all people.”


“Those two got married three weeks each other.”


Tuffnut laughed heartily, looping his arm around Snotlout’s shoulder. The two made their way down to the Great Hall and sat with the rest of the now ex-Dragon Riders. Ruffnut was sitting in Fishlegs’ lap, playing with the toy baby Gronckle he had made. Eret, Son of Eret was looking over a map, marking different areas with a piece of charcoal. Tuffnut made a small remark about his sister acting like a child, but Snotlout’s mind was elsewhere.


After letting go of Hookfang, his life had been pretty bland, and sort of empty. He realised that, with most of his friends in relationships, he had to settle down with a girl. The only problem with that was that there were no single women left on the island, well not any that he was interested in anyway. His thought was cut off when a hand touched his shoulder. Snotlout turned to see Hiccup behind him, who he hadn’t even heard enter the room. The Chief cleared his throat.

“Sorry to interrupt Snotlout, but we have some guests I’d like you and Eret to show around,” he said, standing back. Snotlout smiled and nodded at Eret. He turned to see none other than several Wingmaidens before him. He could barely raise his hand to wave when Hiccup spoke again.


“Atali, this is Eret, Son of Eret,” he said, gesturing to the tall man to Snotlout’s right. “He and Snotlout will give you the tour, as I have Chiefing duties to attend to,” he added with a chuckle.


Snotlout smiled and greeted the ladies. His eyes scanned over the native women to see if he could recognise them all. They all varied in height and stature, most of them having fair hair colours, as opposed to his dark brown hair. Some of the ladies wore metal masks, to compliment their matching suits of armour, which resembled Razorwhip scales, the dragons they had sworn to protect in duty to Freyja herself. His eyes fell on one particular Wingmaiden, Minden. Her hair, a light auburn shade was tied back against her back, her aqua eyes shining in intrigue and interest. She caught his eye and looked away immediately. She leaned over to another Wingmaiden and muttered something into her ear, leaving them both giggling.


Saying his goodbye, Hiccup strolled over to other members of the village, leaving Snotlout and Eret on their own. Snotlout took initiative, and guided the women out of the Hall, and out into the village centre. He showed them past the recently new huts, as he retold the events that had occurred since he had last seen them, Atali keeping attention to every detail, from finding Valka and the Alpha’s nest, to Stoick’s death and Hiccup’s succession. He also recounted their fairly recent run-in with Grimmell the Grisley.


“He sounds an awful lot like Viggo, doesn’t he Atali?” Minden asked, walking up to be in pace with her leader. Snotlout laughed.


“Oh, that’s what Hiccup and Astrid thought too, although even Johann was a saint compared to this guy. You had to see it to believe it.” Snotlout scoffed. He continued showing them around the island. They stopped for a while at Stoick’s statue in the town square, as the Wingmaidens paid their respects. Eret suggested they keep moving as the sun was going to set in a few hours. They made it to a series of bathing rivers, a fair distance from the main village, but not so far that it was a massive trek.


Atali and her Wingmaidens jumped at the chance to swim around in the river, a relief from sailing on hot stuffy boats for several weeks. Snotlout couldn’t take his eyes off of Minden. The way her hair shone in the sunlight and flew over her eyes when she came up for air, and her adorable laugh as she brushed it away, the strands still sticking to her cheeks.


Eret sat next to him, taking Snotlout’s attention off of Minden, and looked across the plain. “So... How do know these ladies? You seem to be very well acquainted.”


“Well Son of Eret, you may have forgotten that you haven’t been a Berkian for very long.” Snotlout retorted, taking a drink from his water flask. “We met them a few years back now when we were searching for allies against Mr. Viggo Grimborn.”


“And by ‘searching for allies’ you mean ‘pissing off Astrid and fleeing into a storm only to end up on our island.” A voice said. Minden sat on the grass in front of the men.


“Well, I wasn’t the one trying to turn Viking men into stew” Snotlout scoffed, rising to his feet. Minded laughed in response and stood up, several inches from his face.


“Guess we’ll call it a draw then, Snotman.” She pressed her lips to his cheek, then turned around walking back to talk with Nadia. Snotlout felt his face heat up. He cleared his throat and readjusted his helmet, which was already sitting perfectly on his head. He glanced over and thanked the gods that Eret hadn’t noticed his cheeks glowing.