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I jumped, I fell, I hit the ground [But here I am alive]

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“So we can take the world back from the heart-attacked
One maniac at a time we will take it back”
“The Phoenix” - Fall Out Boy

Darcy opened her eyes to darkness. At least she thought it was darkness. She blinked a couple of times and was able to finally see pale light filtering through the cracks of….wherever she was.
And that’s when she realized her whole body was in pain. Not terribly awful pain, but that annoying pain you get when you’ve fallen asleep on your arm and it goes numb and then you get those pins and needles.
She tried shaking out her limbs but quickly realized there was no room. She pushed her hands out and felt stone. And metal. She traced her fingers over some raised metal…and realized it was an Audi symbol. Darcy jerked her fingers back and was considering her options when she heard voices. Voices she recognized. Specifically one very deep male voice.

“Thor! What the hell is going on?! Why am I here….where is here? What the actual fuck? Tony? Anyone?! Can anyone hear me?”

The voices stopped abruptly.


“Lightning sister! Where are you? Are you well?”

“Um..” She paused. “I think I’m under someone’s car. I think it might have been fancy before, you know, it was turned into a heaping pile of slag. And rocks. Lots of rocks.”

Darcy waited as she heard more voices and then movement. A couple smaller rocks tumbled onto her head.

“Hang on Darcy! We’ve got you!”

“Be still Darcy, Steven is going to uncover you.”

“Steven? As in Steve Rogers? Like Captain America? For real? Hey! Watch the merchandise!” Darcy cried as more rocks tumbled down.

“Wait!” Shouted a female voice “You could crush her!”

“Not crushing Darcy would be excellent. Really excellent. Being rescued by America’s favorite star spangled son would be even better if I don’t end up…you know, dead.” Hysteria had edged its way into Darcy’s voice. She had officially reached panic babble stage and if she could move then she probably wouldn’t be talking so much or so fast.

There was a whizzing sound and another voice, one she didn’t recognize. “I’ll help. I can throw a net under that stuff if she will lift it.”

“Who is that? Is there someone younger than me now? And another girl? That’s super cool. Can we get me out now? Cause that would be even cooler. Or is it even more cool? I am so not an English major. Don’t major in poli-sci kids….you’ll get attacked by robot aliens, almost kidnapped by dark elves and have your beloved ipod stolen by asshats in all black and also Norway. With no wifi.”

“Darcy,” Steve had leaned down to try and see her, she got a glimpse of blue eyes. “Cover your head. Bucky and I will pull you out when it’s clear. You’re going to be okay.”

“Wait. I really am being rescued by….eep!” Darcy yelped as the debris was lifted, exposing her to the light. She flung her arms over her head and face.

Wanda’s red glow extended from her hands to the pile that had been pinning Darcy into her small pocket of space. Steve reached in and grabbed her, sweeping her into his arms. Darcy wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face into his chest. Peter had thrown the webbing and Wanda released her power. The pile crashed through the net and slammed into the ground, sending dust over everyone.

Clint leapt down and spun Steve so he could look at Darcy. His fingers checked her face and neck which, apart from some bruising and a few superficial cuts, was intact. She looked pale, filthy and exhausted.

“Oh hey Clint. When did you get a haircut? And why’s it all dark and gothy? Are you wearing leather pants? I’m so glad you’re not dead. Unless we’re all dead. Are we all dead? Because being this version of being dead sucks, there’s no white light and everything hurts and oh…I think I’m gonna pass ou….” Darcy’s eyes rolled back into her head and she went limp in Steve’s arms.

Steve started yelling for a medic and Sam dropped to the ground next to him. Steve knelt and tried to adjust Darcy in his arms so Sam could look her over.

“She’s alright. Pretty sure it’s just exhaustion and shock. I don’t see anything major. My guess is she got….dusted like the rest of us but she was here when it happened.”

The implication hung in the air for a moment.

“So she came back to where she left from…which was here. Right as it was blown to hell.” Clint’s voice was raspy, probably from the smoke and from the grief that had etched years into his face.

Thor stopped. “That means Jane….she might be here too.” He started running, calling for her, his voice growing more and more frantic. Clint called after him, leaping into the air and grabbing Sam as he took flight to help search. The two of them went the opposite of Thor calling out for Jane, for Fury, for Maria Hill. Wanda was right behind them, her own power helping hold Peter aloft until he could grab something to swing from.

Steve looked torn in wanting to help and holding Darcy.

“I’ll take her.”

Steve turned to see Bucky standing next to him. “Go on. I can hold your girl and keep her safe.”

“She’s not my girl. She’s one of Stark’s. Literally.” He glanced over to see Tony standing shakily, mostly being help up by Rhodey and Pepper. He nodded and flashed them a thumbs up and the trio began making their way towards more stable ground until Bruce stopped them and gently picked up Tony, cradling him in his good arm.

“You mean…she’s…” Bucky looked back at the group and then back to the girl in Steve’s arms.

“Stark’s oldest daughter. She doesn’t know….well, anything that’s happened. At least, I don’t think she does. I’m still kind of unclear on how that whole thing works. You can explain it later. Thanks Buck. Take her down to the medics for me?”

Bucky nodded as Steve transferred an armful of woman into his arms. Bucky winced as she shifted and curled into his chest. She mumbled something as she adjusted.

“Yeah…to the medics.” Bucky watched Steve take off. He looked down at the woman who had her fingers curled into the fabric of his jacket

“My hero…” she mumbled.

“Sorry doll, the hero just left. You’re stuck with me for now.” He pulled her a little closer as he made his way towards one of the Wakandan field transports.