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House's Spark

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Stiles was packing,the sooner he left the better.He was tired,his father was pulling another nightshift.It was amazing how long he stayed away from home,if he didn't see the dirty mugs ,Stiles would think he lived alone.


There wasn't anything left for him in Beacon Hill,Scott made it clear when he kicked him out of the pack believing Theo over him.


Stiles had given enough to them all and it left him exhausted.Derek and his pack didn't want him either,they had a truce with Scott and Stiles was not needed anymore.


He brushed away his tears,trying to stay strong as he finished packing.


He heard a car pull over.With no last look at his house,he put his goodbye letter in his room.Stiles closed the door and go in the car.


"Are you sure about this?"


"Yes,it's time for a change ."


He let Peter drive him to the airport.The two of them had gotten really close during his time in Eitien House,Peter even comforted him about Donovan and told him it wasn't his fault.


When he told him about being kicked out of the pack.Peter called them idiots and wished he never gave Scott the bite.


"I guess this is it"


"I may visit soon or later"


"I would like that"


" I will miss you Stiles"


"I will miss you too." With one last hug,Stiles went to board the plane.