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Starting A New Life

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Chapter 1


Ryoma felt helpless. He could not move his body anymore. He was unsure of what happened but one thing he knew was that his beloved mother had turned into a wicked person.


“You dirty omega! I don’t have a son like you!” she screamed like a mad man as she kept kicking Ryoma on his stomach. The 7-year-old-boy could not do anything to defend himself. He was in disadvantage with his small and weak body. Ryoma had lost count on how many times he had received the kicks.


“O- Okaasan… S-stop…” Ryoma cried but his voice was nearly unheard. He started losing his consciousness.


“If I know that you’re an Omega, I swear I’ll never treat you like I used to!” she continuously kicked her own son. The blood came out from the boy’s mouth but that didn’t make her stop. She laughed instead.


“You should die, Ryoma. Die… I don’t mind killing a useless son like you… Hahahaha!!!” She laughed as if she was happy to see her son was nearly dead.


“O-kaasan… G-gomenasai…” That was the last thing Ryoma said before his world turned black.


She stopped for a few moment, making sure that her son was unconscious. Then, she took out a knife and smiled.


“Ne, Ryoma. Since I don’t need an Omega child, I think I should end your life here,” she said.


When she was about to stab his son, the door was opened with a strong kick from outside. It was Nanjirou, her husband.


“R-Rinko… what have you done?” He was speechless to see his unconscious son. Ryoga, his older son who was standing behind him rushed towards Ryoma.


“Chibisuke!!!!” Ryoga hugged his little brother’s body. The older kid grabbed his brother’s wrist to check his pulse.


“R-Ryoma… Oyaji! Ryoma is alive but we need to bring him to the hospital!” cried Ryoga. Nanjirou quickly ran towards his sons but was stopped by his wife.


“Nanjirou! Stop! Let that kid die… We don’t need a weak Omega in our family,” said Rinko as she tried to hug her husband. Nanjirou was furious and harshly pushed her aside.


“Rinko! That boy is our son! I won’t let him die!” he shouted. Nanjirou picked the small boy and carried him. Ryoga followed him from behind.


“Nanjirou!!! If you dare to save his life, we’re officially end!” She threatened Nanjirou.


Nanjirou turned out and gave her a death glare.


“Rinko! From now on, you’re no longer my wife! We’re officially over! I forbid you to come near my kids ever again!” he shouted. With that, he released his alpha pheromone, showing how furious he was at that moment. Rinko could not move her body. She was frightened by the pheromone. Although Rinko was also an alpha, she had to admit that Nanjirou was stronger and more dominant.


Nanjirou tried to control himself. He took a glance at Ryoma.


“Ryoma… Please, stay strong…” he said.


With that, he left Rinko alone and went to the hospital with his kids.


“Heh! Nanjirou…I swear… I’ll be back... That omega brat have to die…”




5 hours of waiting in front of the emergency room would probably the longest 5 hours in his life. Nanjirou looked at his older son. Ryoga eyes were red because he could not stop crying for hours. Nanjirou knew that Ryoga loves his little brother more than himself.


Nanjirou leaned his head against the wall. His mind kept recalling the moment when he saw Ryoma lay unconsciously on the floor with the blood came out from the boy’s mouth. He never thought that Rinko could do that to her- THEIR own son.


Suddenly, he felt something on his lap. He looked down and saw Ryoga put his head on his lap. With red eyes, Ryoga stared into his eyes.


“Ne, oyaji… is that really bad to be born as an omega? Why did Rinko okaasan hurt chibisuke?” the older son asked. Nanjirou smiled at his son.


“Ryoga, whether an alpha, a beta or even an omega, we are humans. Ryoma is just the same. It won’t change the fact that he is my son and also your baby brother,” he said.


Ryoga looked at his father and smiled.


“Oyaji, I swear I’ll protect chibisuke until he manages to protect himself.” Nanjirou patted the boy’s head.


“That’s my boy. Please… I need your help to protect Ryoma until he find himself a partner. Promise?”


“I promise! You can rely on me, oyaji!”




5 years later…


Ryoma was playing with Karupin in the living room while Ryoga was busy cooking in the kitchen. Sometimes, Ryoga took a glance at his little brother. Every single time he did that, he smiled and then later, he sighed.


5 years had passed since that day. The day when Ryoma nearly killed by his own mother. During these 5 years, Ryoma changed drastically. The younger brother used to be someone who loved to smile and laugh but everything changed. The new Ryoma was hardly smile and laugh. You could even count how many words that came from his mouth per day. The new Echizen Ryoma was just a boy who enjoyed being alone.


“Ne, chibisuke! I made Japanese food for dinner tonight! I’m sure you’ll love it!” Ryoga said happily.


“Hn. Arigatou.” Two words. No. Only a ‘hn’ sound and a word came from Ryoma. His older brother sighed.


“Chibisuke… Oyaji said he wants to discuss something with us tonight. What do you think it is?” Ryoga asked, trying to create conversation with his brother.


“I don’t know.” He answered it with a sentence that contains less than 5 words.



“Hmm… Let’s just wait for oyaji to tell us.” He gave up.





During dinner, only Ryoga and Nanjirou were having conversation. They were talking about random things and laughed. Ryoma seemed uninterested to join them. So, he ate his dinner quietly.


“Ne, oyaji. You said you have something to tell us,” Ryoga said as he just remembered about it.


“Ahh… Thanks for reminding me. Ryoga… Ryoma… I’ve decided. We’re going to move to Japan next month. Ryoga, you’re free to choose which high school you want to attend. As for Ryoma, I’ve made an arrangement for you to enter my previous middle school; Seishun Gakuen,” Nanjirou explained about his plan to the kids.


“W- W- WHAAAAAT?!!! OYAJIII!!! Damn you, old man! Decided everything on your own!” Ryoga felt annoyed. Nanjirou just laughed.


“Oyaji… Is that school… going to accept a weak creature like me?”


Nanjirou and Ryoga were speechless for a few moments. Ryoma’s question totally made their brains unable to function well.


“R-Ryoma… why did you ask that kind of q-” Nanjirou could not finish his sentence as Ryoma immediately cut it.


“Is there any place for a weak omega like me? Perhaps no. I don’t mind not going to school. If I do, maybe oyaji and niichan will end up getting worry about me. I don’t want to be a burden.” Ryoma said with his expressionless face.


Ryoga sighed. He knew Ryoma was still upset about what happened to him. It might be true that he and Nanjirou would be worry about Ryoma but it didn’t mean that they need to lock him inside the house for the rest of his life.


“Chibisuke… You’re not a burden to me or to oyaji. You never be. We love you so much. Who cares about being alpha, beta or omega. That won’t change the fact that you’re my otoutou. I just want to see you having a normal life like other kids do,” Ryoga finally said the things in his mind. He wanted Ryoma to know that he and their father never hate him. Ryoga put down his chopsticks, got off from the chair and walk towards his little brother. From behind, he hugged Ryoma tightly.


“Niichan…” said Ryoma. He didn’t move or refuse Ryoga’s hug.


“Chibisuke, I want you to remember that no matter what will happen, oyaji and I will never leave you alone,” said Ryoga as he put his chin on Ryoma’s head. Nanjirou smiled looking at the scene between the two brothers.


“A- Arigatou… niichan…”


With that, Ryoma agreed to about moving to Japan as well as going to school. He was grateful to have Ryoga and their father by his side. He promised himself not to make those two worried so much. He needed to learn to take care of himself. He wished to be stronger.




A month later…


The flight was safely landed at Narita International Airport. The two brothers and their father finally arrived in Japan.


“Uwaaah!!! It has been a long time since I came back here! Japan! I miss you!” said Nanjirou happily. Like a child, he ran here and there excitedly. Soon, he started to flirt with random women.


Ryoma and Ryoga were dumbfounded to his their father’s behavior. Ryoga shook his head and Ryoma sighed.


“Mada mada dane/ daze…” They both said at the same time.


“Chibisuke, let’s find our luggage. Leave this old man alone here…” Ryoga suggested. Ryoma nodded and followed his brother from behind, leaving their weird father alone.