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Love and Gang Warfare

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“Tick, Tock baby brother. Your days as a single man are almost over”’ Ruby says slinging an arm over her brother’s shoulder. “Yeah, how does it feel to be the Princess that will unite our kingdom to the Scots’?” Liv said overdramatically from her place on Ruby’s lap.

“First, I’m not a fuckin’ princess, Olivia,” Seth said taking a sip of his beer, pointedly ignoring the glare from his sister’s pink-haired girlfriend at his use of her full name.

“Second it’s whatever, not like anyone actually wants to date the geek of the family anyway. Might as well marry McIntyre, at least he’s hot and not some ugly old perv”

“True that,” Ruby says

“He ain’t bad looking” Liv agrees.

Seth, his sister, and her girlfriend were sitting in a booth at the aptly named Kingdom Come, a bar well outside their families territory, not that the three of them were worried. No one in the greater Los Angeles area had the balls to mess with either member of the Riott Squad, let alone Seth, who was one of the Princes of The Authority, the gang run by Seth and Ruby’s adopted mom and dad.

“Why are we on BC turf anyway?” Liv asked “We ain’t enemies with them but we ain’t exactly allies either”

“Because Dad has some questions for Balor and his lunatic of a wife” Ruby waved her hand dismissing it. “Pretty sure Dean’s more of a lunatic” Seth laughed. “Or me?” Liv put her head in her hands and grinned.

“Nah, you’re just adorable” Ruby kissed her nose.

“Y'all doing okay?” A woman with fiery red hair and bright green eyes asked, holding a drink tray.

“Yeah, we good sugar” Liv answered.

“Just making sure, it’s not often we get Authority members here, trying to keep the peace,” The woman said, nodding at Seth before walking away, eyeing a blond woman sitting in a nearby booth.

“I think that was Becky Lynch” Ruby whispered.

“Balor’s sister?” Seth asked.

“Yeah, she’s kinda his enforcer” Ruby explained

“Pretty nice for an enforcer” Seth mused

“Think the same could be said about Roman” Seth shrugged at the mention of the eldest Prince of the Authority.

“It’s good to finally meet you Finn” Hunter Hearst Hemsley, aka Triple-H, raised his hand at the dark-haired man. “Uh uh, you don’t shake hands” Karl Anderson growled. Finn Balor wasn’t paying attention, staring out at the lone pole on a platform in the middle of the dance floor where his wife was lazily spinning, drawing the attention of almost everyone in the club.

Hunter took the time to finally get a good look at the man whose gang had waged war on the former occupants of this section of Los Angeles until it was theirs. He’d heard the rumors that were currently floating around LA’s criminal underground, Shinsuke Nakamura and his second Asuka hadn’t been seen in LA since Balor’s Bullet Club had appeared seemingly out of nowhere and stolen their turf after a bloodbath.

"What do you want, Helmsley?” Finn said finally focusing his icy-blue eyes on the older gang leader

Slightly taken aback and angered by the younger man’s abruptness and lack of respect. Hunter took a minute to gather his thoughts, knowing Balor and his wife in the short time they’d been in LA already had garnered the reputation of being wild cards that shot first and asked questions later.

“I got a problem, you could say. Alberto Del Rio, my oldest daughters ex-fiancé. He’s been stalking her, threatening her, a close friend said you had a man that could make him disappear”

Finn glanced at his wife once more, biting his lip. “Samoa Joe. He’s a family friend, I’ll get him to take care of Del Rio, for a price

“Name it” Hunter said without hesitation

“Tell your boy to stop staring at my wife” Finn growled.

Bobby Lashley, Hunter’s “guard”, jumped a bit at the force of Finn’s statement, though he recovered fast. “Girl wearing something like that she’s asking for it”

Instead of answering Lashley, Finn let out a piercing whistle, drawing most of the club’s attention before calling out “Mo bhanríon, (my Queen) come and meet our guests”

Violet Balor had been a burlesque dancer once upon a time, but that was before Karl Anderson had hired her to dance at his boss’ birthday party. It’d been love at first sight and to the surprise of everyone Violet had taken to life as Queen of the Bullet Club as easily as ducks learned how to swim. Now it was four years later, and they’d made the decision to leave New York and head west.

“Mon roi (my king)” The woman said, leaning on her husband. “Violet, gealach de mo shaol (Violet, moon of my life) this man has something to say to you” Finn gestured to Bobby. Hunter noted the guard was suddenly nervous. “What is it? Now that she’s by me, you won’t dare look at her?” Finn said.

“I don’t want any issues man, that’s your bitch” Finn smiled though his eyes went dark. “Here’s the thing, I don’t care if my wife is confident with her body” He slid an arm around her waist. “Or if people stare. My problem is when people stare too loud or they say the wrong thing” Violet smiled deviously.

“New price Hunter” the Irishman said as his hand inched toward his gun.

“Go ahead” Hunter said, agreeing to the unspoken demand with a careless wave.

A gunshot muffled with a silencer to the head ended Lashley’s life. “You really let me kill him” Finn said, perplexed. “I’d do anything to protect my family” Hunter said.

“Anderson, contact Joe and tell him we have a job for him” Finn ordered

Meanwhile on the other side of the club, Ruby, Liv and Seth watch the proceedings avidly “And nothing of value was lost” Ruby says as Lashley’s body falls to the ground.

Seth calmly pulls his phone out and with a few taps drains Lashley’s bank account, adds the dead man’s money to the gang’s account and deletes him from The Authority’s systems, a few more taps and Bobby Lashley for all intents and purposes no longer exists.

“You poofed him, Sethie?” Liv asks

“Yes I….poofed him, Livvy” Seth confirms with a smile, he did love his sister’s girlfriend like she was one of his own sisters, albeit a hyperactive and sometimes annoying younger one.

Liv bounced in Ruby’s lap for a moment before saying “I wanna dance, Ruby!”

“I gotta keep an eye on Dad while he’s still amongst the wolves,” Ruby responded apologetically

Turning her attention to Seth she pouted “Sethie….” She practically sings his name “Please?”

Seth rolls his eyes and sighs as he stands up and shrugs his suit jacket off his shoulders leaving him dressed in a black dress shirt and slacks.

“Come on brat,” he says holding out his hand to her as Emperors New Clothes by Panic! At the Disco starts playing

Liv squeals and the two head toward the dance floor, where they immediately start dancing though anyone watching would be hardpressed to call the flailing movements of the two any kind of dancing

“You know, I love it when you get all protective” Violet purred in Finn’s ear as the two made their way to the bar. “You love me” “Guilty as charged”

Finn raised his hand and the bartender placed two drinks on the counter. A beer for Finn and a blood red cocktail for Violet.

“Hey, hottie on the dancefloor is staring at you” Violet whispered, Finn turning to see a man dancing with a girl with bubblegum pink hair, and he was in fact staring at Finn.

“Half blond, half brown. So hot” Violet said.

“I can’t believe Triple H brought his baby genius.” Becky says moving to stand next to her brother and sister-in-law

“Baby genius?” Violet asked

“Seth Rollins. Age 22. He’s The Authority’s computer and money man. One of Hunter’s three adopted sons and the Hemsleys youngest child overall. He’s also engaged to be married to Drew McIntyre”

Finn made a disgusted face. That huge Scot had been a pain in his ass since he and his family had moved to LA. “He’s got questionable taste in men then?” He asked his sister

“Word is that its an arranged marriage.” Becky answered her mouth twisting “Archaic practice if ya ask me,”’

Finn and Violet took one last look at the young man before heading to leave