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Kurama surveys the darkened room with keen eyes, taking in the details of what is apparently Hiei's space. Mukuro runs a different kind of operation than Yomi, that much is clear. He doesn’t know her as well as Yomi, of course, but he’s gathered enough from his previous life in the Makai and the current situation to decide he isn’t particularly fond of the demoness.

Of course, that may have to do with Hiei, who is currently asleep in a bed far too large for just the smaller demon. The fact alone causes Kurama’s head to tilt, a soft sigh escaping. The fact he’s been able to sneak into this territory, right under Mukuro’s nose, doesn’t surprise the fox. He’s talented enough for such a feat.

But Hiei not waking with his nearness? That upsets him.

There are wounds on the smaller demon’s body, nothing too serious, nothing to justify this as a true hibernation like when Hiei uses the Dragon of the Darkness Flame or some other technique to expend all of his energy. Yet he’s asleep.

Either Hiei is so comfortable here his guard has lowered -- something Kurama highly doubts -- or the smaller demon simply isn’t waking because his visitor is Kurama.

It’s an annoying thought, both of those options.

Kurama reaches into his hair and removes a small seed, feeding it his youki and then dropping it onto the bed. Dark green vines grow rapidly, following Kurama’s will; Hiei’s wrists are caught and restrained.

Dark red eyes snap open at that, widening immediately.

“The hell--!”

“Quiet now.” Kurama whispers, standing by the side of the bed. Hiei is struggling with the vines already, but the plant life is strong; more importantly, it simply absorbs the heat Hiei tries to use on it. The smaller demon isn’t the only one that’s been training over these past few months.

“Kurama, you let me go right now.”

“No.” Kurama answers simply, shaking his head. Hiei is furious, trying to free himself, full of panic and confusion. It’s such a stark contrast to the sleeping face Kurama admired moments before.

“What do you want?” Hiei finally growls. There’s a thread of familiar annoyance in the sound, enough that Kurama smiles a little bit. He misses that part of Hiei very much. He hasn't liked this separation between them, partly due to the Three Kings.

“I’m glad you asked.” The fox says, sitting on the bed. More vines move to restrain Hiei’s legs, because he does try to aim a retaliatory kick at Kurama, though it’s nowhere near as forceful as the smaller demon would usually use on an enemy. It’s a good sign that Kurama can proceed as planned.

Kurama reaches for one of Hiei’s restrained arms, tugging at the ward wrapped around it. He can see the confusion intensify on Hiei’s face.

“Are you stupid?” Hiei demands, eyes widening as Kurama continues to unwind the thin strip of cloth. “Do you want me to hurt you?”

“You won’t hurt me.” Kurama shrugs lightly. The ward now removed, Kurama sets the cloth aside. The Dragon of the Darkness Flame is somehow hotter than the rest of Hiei’s skin, content there like living ink.

“Kurama.” Hiei says, practically seething. “Tell me what’s going on.”

“Ask the Dragon.” Kurama counters, gaze firm. Hiei stares up at him, still shifting as if that will suddenly free his body.

What do you seek?

Kurama is surprised by the cadence of the Dragon’s voice, since it sounds like a chorus of many speaking as one. Hiei is obviously shocked that Kurama can actually hear it, and that the entity is addressing Kurama.

“Your wielder is in danger.”

We know this.

“He is your only entry out of the depths.”

We also know this.

“Stop talking to it.” Hiei says suddenly, shaking his head. Kurama looks him over and sighs quietly. He doesn't want to be interrupted.

“I can make him stronger.”

You always do.

What?” Hiei demands, a little too loudly. One of the vines moves at Kurama’s command, picking up the discarded ward and winding the cloth around Hiei so he can’t speak. His glare is absolutely scorching, but Kurama can’t retreat now. Hiei doesn't dare try any techniques in retaliation, either, not with the Dragon suddenly speaking to Kurama.

“Your wielder has run from me despite knowing that fact.” Kurama continues, addressing the Dragon. He catches Hiei looking away, a flash of guilt on his features. “He’s allied himself with another in a misguided attempt to evade me.”

We did not expect a perfect wielder. The Dragon responds, glowing darker on Hiei’s arm. He is still strong.

“He could die in the upcoming conflict.” Kurama says softly. “More likely, I could die. Without me, he’ll be less use to you.”

True. He will become weak. The Dragon agrees. Hiei’s body goes tense in shock. Kurama almost -- almost -- pities him, but he can’t let Hiei free just yet.

Then we ask again -- what is it you seek?

“Do not interfere while I bind myself to him. Do not answer his call if he tries to use you. Do not let anyone interrupt.” Kurama conditions. The Dragon shifts on Hiei’s skin, as if it’s thinking. Hiei jerks his arm suddenly, but the vines tighten and keep it in place against the sheets.

We require your blood for a bargain.

Kurama is unsurprised by this condition. Hiei shakes his head furiously in an attempt to stop him, even speaks muffled protests against the cloth gagging him. Kurama ignores this and cuts his own palm with a sharpened leaf. When blood oozes, the fox grasps Hiei’s hand, pressing the wound against the Dragon’s head. It burns against his skin, and seems to cause Hiei some kind of painful sensation as well.

“Do we have a deal?” Kurama asks, feeling the living ink pulling the blood from his body.

We do.

Lightning lights up the sky outside, and the Dragon vanishes from Hiei’s arm. It's energy is still around them, the Darkness creating a buffer around the room. Nobody will interrupt, as Kurama conditioned. For now, he’s safe from any detection.

For this reason he reaches and pulls the cloth out of Hiei’s mouth. The smaller demon glares at him, then looks at the fox’s wounded hand, at a loss for words.

“You left me no choice, Hiei.” Kurama points out, expression softening just a little. He retrieves another seed from his hair, one that he crushes into a sap that covers the cut on his hand like a bandage. It stops the bleeding; he'll tend to it properly later.

“The fuck is wrong with you.” Hiei finally spits out, sounding like a caged animal. “You can’t just go around making deals with the Dragon.”

“You did.”

“That’s different!” The smaller demon exclaims. Kurama is grateful that the Dragon’s protection allows for such a thing, though part of him would quite like Mukuro to hear Hiei so riled up and emotional.

“What were you even talking about? 'Binding' yourself to me?”

Kurama’s had enough of this push and pull, having dealt with it for years now. He grabs Hiei’s jaw tightly and leans down to kiss him. The smaller demon goes still beneath him for a long moment, likely in shock that Kurama has finally crossed that line, and then he tries to turn his head away. Kurama stops him from doing so.

“Hiei, I love you.” Kurama says softly. Hiei tries even harder to turn his head, and when it fails, he closes his eyes.

“Shut up.”

“I love you.”

“No, you don’t.”

“I do.” Kurama retorts. “And you love me.”

“I do not-”

“Which is why the Dragon knows that if I die, you’ll be weak.” Kurama interrupts.

Hiei stiffens at the logic, trying another futile attempt for freedom. Kurama presses a kiss to the Jagan through the ward on Hiei’s forehead, rewarded with an involuntary shudder.

“I’m tired of waiting, Hiei. Things could end at any time. The worlds could burn down.” Kurama sighs, glancing out the window for a moment. He doesn’t want that to happen and will work with every part of him to stop it, but this chaos is bigger than Kurama alone. “It’s time we accepted what this is.”

Hiei finally looks up at him, still glaring, though there’s a hint of recognition in those dark red eyes. The smaller demon then looks at the door, realizing that even if he made it there, the Dragon would turn him back. This is out of his hands.

“What are you going to do?”

“I think you have an idea.” Kurama answers calmly. A blush appears on Hiei’s face, one that makes the fox smirk. It seems Hiei has let go of the idea of escape.

The vines tighten to keep Hiei restrained, allowing Kurama to move freely as he presses a series of kisses down Hiei’s neck. The smaller demon’s body goes tense beneath him, squirming, especially when Kurama’s tongue traces over the arch of Hiei’s collarbone. Soon the fox is pushing up Hiei’s black tank top as far as it will go, moving lower and teasing a nipple with his teeth.

“Don’t.” Hiei hisses, though Kurama knows that isn’t the word Hiei wants to say at all. His fingers stroke lightly over the smaller demon’s sides, admiring him, the featherlight touches a stark contrast to the harsher ones his mouth delivers.

Kurama hears the vines strain as Hiei tries to move. It gets Hiei nowhere, though he does have just enough leeway that his body arches up when Kurama moves lower, the fox’s tongue dipping into his navel. Kurama looks up at his captive prize, smiling at the flush on Hiei’s face and the way the smaller demon immediately tries to avoid his gaze. He can’t deny his arousal, not when Kurama is so close to touching it.

Hiei’s shyness has, of course, been part of the many reasons this has taken so long to happen.

There’s no point in dwelling on that now, however, when Hiei is at his mercy like this. Kurama takes advantage of the moment and pulls the rest of the smaller demon’s clothes off, assisted by some of the vines. The plants that had been keeping Hiei’s ankles flush against the bed recede, and the smaller demon makes no move to get away. He is far too distracted by Kurama’s mouth against his thigh leaving a possessive mark, the fox’s red hair brushing his skin.

Hiei arches and moans, a beautiful sound. Kurama wants to hear more, which is easily accomplished by wrapping his lips around the head of Hiei’s cock. He keeps the smaller demon’s hips against the bed with the pressure of a knowing hand, swallowing Hiei slowly as he’s always wanted to do.


The fox hums in appreciation of finally hearing his name. Hiei trembles beneath him, the taste of his excitement heavy on Kurama’s tongue. As tempted as he is to drink the smaller demon down now, the fox has other plans.

He pulls back gradually, looking up at Hiei as he does so. The smaller demon is staring at him, face flushed, a sheen of sweat that Kurama wants to devour covering his form.

“Something you want to say?” Kurama prompts, wiping at his mouth with the back of his hand. That move alone makes Hiei let out a small groan, almost a whimper, and the fox smirks.

He moves off the bed, shedding his own clothes. It’s a slow enough process that Hiei is shifting against the bed, though the smaller demon still hasn’t said anything. Hiei keeps absolutely quiet even as Kurama produces a small bottle from the pocket of his abandoned jacket. Soon a thick, cool liquid coats his fingers; Kurama leans forward to rest against the bed as he prepares himself.


Hiei’s shock is so obvious that Kurama smiles against the bed. A surge of his youki directs the vines to tighten and adjust, pulling Hiei so he’s sitting up with his back against the headboard. His hands are still bound at the wrist, and he’s staring at Kurama as everything slowly dawns on him.

Kurama never intended to take Hiei against his will; this was so Kurama could finally give himself over.

Hiei pulls at the vines harshly, finally speaking in a low and strained voice. “I should be doing that to you.”

The words are lovely, but the fox smirks and shakes his head in a clear denial. He enjoys the way Hiei’s body tenses in angry need, frustrated by his inability to touch. He wants Hiei to understand the lesson well; to feel the frustration fully that’s been lingering beneath the surface for far too long. He also doesn't completely trust that Hiei will obey him well without the restraints.

Kurama basks in the way Hiei can’t decide where to look; dark red eyes move from the fox's face to his straining hand, the smaller demon’s cock twitching in obvious anticipation.

When the task is done, Kurama moves onto the bed, though he keeps distance between them. Hiei’s confusion is clear -- actually, quite cute -- as he stares at Kurama in pure frustration.

“Talk to me honestly, Hiei.” The fox entreats. Hiei’s blush worsens, and his mouth moves uselessly for a few moments before he lets out a growl.

“I need you.” The smaller demon finally admits, low. “Fox, I’m going to lose my mind like this…”

“Good.” Kurama smiles, moving close. He straddles Hiei’s lap, hearing the expected pull at the vines. The fox settles onto Hiei’s cock with a moan, arching at the feeling of being stretched and filled. Hiei moans beneath him, hips rolling up out of instinct. He wants more contact and leans forward as much as the vines binding his wrists will allow. Kurama clenches tight around Hiei’s length, closing the distance between them; he frames the smaller demon’s face in his hands and kisses him.

Hiei doesn’t resist this time, instead returning the kiss furiously. He’s desperate to taste, it seems, and his tongue tangles with Kurama’s as the fox begins to move slowly in his lap. It’s a tease at first, something Kurama knows how to do in his vast experience. Hiei’s hips rock up against his as much as they can, but the pace is set by the redhead.

Kurama falters only when he hears something he doesn’t expect:

“Please.” Hiei breathes against his mouth.

Kurama pulls back slightly, still rocking up and down in Hiei’s lap. It’s hard for the smaller demon to string words together, Kurama can tell, but Hiei needs to explain himself before the fox will do anything.


“I want to touch you.” Hiei says, the need in his voice spiking Kurama’s desire. There’s still a small chance Hiei will try to do something the fox hasn’t made a contingency plan for, and yet… Hiei is looking at him with eyes that are, for such a prideful creature, pleading.

Kurama stops his flow of youki to the vines; they disappear. When Hiei’s hands are free he wraps his arms around Kurama, one hand delving into red hair to pull the fox into a rough kiss. Kurama moans against the smaller demon’s mouth, draping his arms around Hiei’s shoulders in a tight embrace. To be held like this, finally, is the world.

Without the restraints Hiei can move with him freely, and soon they’re clawing at one another, trying to feel more and more of this previously impossible thing.

Hiei holds him so tight the fox knows he’ll bruise, and yet he wants all of it. Kurama can’t stop himself from breaking their kisses now and then to hear heated nonsense fall from Hiei’s lips. Hiei is beautiful when he’s overwhelmed by desire.

The smaller demon comes first, a growl leaving his chest. Kurama moves just a few more times, feeling the heat of Hiei’s climax inside of him. Kurama comes between them with a moan of Hiei’s name, making a mess of them both.

The ordeal done, Kurama tries to catch his breath. Hiei’s hold on him remains tight, though one hand does move so the smaller demon can run a curious finger through Kurama’s seed on his stomach.

“You’re crazy, fox.” Hiei finally says, catching Kurama’s gaze shyly. The redhead smiles, nodding. He enjoys the closeness and is more than pleased Hiei hasn’t pushed him away for this ruse now that certain desires have been fulfilled.

“How long is it going to make a barrier?” Hiei asks, making a vague gesture to the room in reference to the Dragon. He flexes his arm, likely trying to recover some feeling lost while he was restrained.

“As long as I want, I suppose.” Kurama answers, showing Hiei his palm. The wound from his sacrifice to the Dragon is closed thanks to his medicinal plant, but still fresh.

“Hn.” Hiei nods. “It likes you quite a lot.”

“Not as much as you like me.”

Hiei blushes and looks away, suddenly crossing his arms over his chest. It’s a ridiculous thing to do while when they’re still naked and joined, and yet so very Hiei. Kurama smiles. The smaller demon can put up his tough front as much as he likes; things have changed fundamentally, and they both know it.

“Try it now.”

“Hm?” Kurama tilts his head. Hiei glares, but then uncrosses his arms.

“Nevermind.” The smaller demon mutters, flustered. Kurama looks him over, but lets the moment pass for now. They untangle gently, the fox wincing at the motion. His expression of mild pain catches Hiei’s attention, and the smaller demon uses his freedom and natural speed to push Kurama to lie down on the bed. He kneels between the fox’s spread legs, one hand slipping between Kurama’s thighs with a surprising amount of gentleness.

The concern touches Kurama, makes him feel that all of this was worth it. It’s so obvious and intense, his importance to Hiei; it has been for so long. Kurama knew, the Dragon knew, everyone knew -- and on some level, Hiei must have as well. The smaller demon simply hadn't anticipated the fox would come running after him, ready to make his own deal with the Dragon.

When Hiei seems satisfied that Kurama isn’t bleeding and is merely sore, the fox reaches for him and strokes his jaw affectionately.

“I love you, Hiei.”

The blush beneath his fingers feels wonderful. Hiei looks him in the eyes and then closes his own, though he doesn’t move from the touch. He looks like he’s considering something, and eventually the smaller demon turns his head to breathe the words in answer against Kurama’s injured palm.