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you are electric, out of control, tempation girl;

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Nero's been a little weird ever since he came back from Red Grave. There was, obviously, the new arm... but there were other differences too. He was stronger - you remember him having strength, but not as much as he did now. He seemed to be able to lift just about anything, even Nico's van when it nearly crushed her. He was more confident - you found him wearing his jackets less and less, preferring comfortable t-shirts and tank tops. 

For a few weeks after he'd come home from the city, you thought he had been replaced by something evil. But that is not the case. Nero is as loving as he had been before he left, maybe even more so now that he has a new arm to work with. It's warm and feels just like flesh, but you've seen it disappear. He always tries to hide it when you kiss him goodbye on a job, as it seemingly disintegrates so he can put on his old (or rather, new) gauntlet. 

It's so very interesting, one night as you lay curled up in his arms, tracing the veins on his new arm. "You know, I kind of miss your old arm." You murmur softly, brushing your fingers against his own as he's already curled up beside you, tucked against your shoulder. His new arm rests against your stomach; his fingers pull away from yours to caress your side. He always gets like this when he comes home from a job. 

"I do too... but I thought you hated that old thing," He kisses your shoulder, reaching up to nuzzle at your neck. You giggle as his stubble tickles your skin, and he smiles. 

"I know, but I suppose you always miss the things you hate when they're gone." Nero hums in agreement. 

"At least I have this new, fancy arm. It's weird waking up in the mornings... I forgot it's there until I take a shower." 

You laugh, bringing that hand up to kiss at each finger, his palm, his wrist. "Here's to new limbs, I guess. Not quite better than the last, but definitely new."

"Hey!" He nips at your shoulder. "Don't be rude."

You lean down and nudge at his forehead with your nose until he leans up enough that you can press slow, soft kisses to his lips. "Sorry... Your new arm is the best and I totally, absolutely, one hundred percent hated the other one... it was stinky." 

He leans up and pinches you with his new fingers, causing you to gently kick at his shins from under the covers. "Hey, none of that," He mumbles, rolling on top of you as not five, but ten fingers move in to tickle you. 

"Nero, stop!" You exclaim through giggles that could power Nero for the rest of his life, kicking more at his shins. He doesn't seem to care as he tickles more with a big grin on his face, smile lines as prominent as they'll ever be. You don't expect it to move into something more romantic, but who can really decide where things ultimately go in this ever expanding universe? His hands slide down your sides to your hips, settling them as your legs slip to either side of his waist. "Mmm, I said stop..." you coo, pulling his neck down to rub noses.

"C'mon, you can't say you didn't miss me this whole time..." He says, tilting for a kiss. 

Nero's love is soft and sweet that night as he uses his new hand, his new fingers on you for the first time. And you can't argue with him. This new arm is much more gentle. 



But this new Nero is not without the occasional oddity. You've seen it a few times when he thinks you aren't looking, a pair of blue, ghostly arms that sprout like wings from his back, helping him with carrying things like groceries into the house. You've never really seen it before - Nero never used his old arm's powers around you before. He still doesn't, even with this new arm and whatever new powers he has. It piques your curiosity as you watch him hand Nico a wrench from halfway across the room, where he's working on his own weapon, his Red Queen.

He seems frustrated, as he tosses a part down, rubbing his eyes with his forearms. His hands are covered in oil and other mechanical goop. "Nero, you alright?" There's a wrench clattering to the ground around Nico, after a small thud that makes her roll out from underneath the van, rubbing her stomach. 

"Yeah, I just... I can't focus on all these parts... I swear, Nico, you made this sword so much more complicated." 

"I didn't make it complicated, pretty boy, I made it better. Now shut your trap an' stop messin' with it, I told you I'd get to it after I finished fixin' the goddamn van!"

"Nico, language!" He exclaims, almost tossing the part in his hand at her face. It's so different from the Nero you know as you face him with distrust on your face.

"Nero, what is up with you? You know I'm fine with Nico cursing, and you too for that matter... Come inside, let's get you cleaned up." You offer a hand, no stranger to Nero and gunk on his hands. "Come on. Let's let Nico work in peace."

Nero sighs as he stands up, knocking the stool out from under him as he stomps past you into the house. You don't understand why he's acting this way. He's never been like this. Facing Nico, you give her a look. "Look, I don't know nothin', babe. He's been this way for a few hours... We brushed hands lookin' for tools earlier, maybe he's havin' a fit about that?"

"No, he knows that I trust you and that I trust him too. You're like a sister to us, Nico. Maybe something else is wrong..." 

She shrugs. "Now that you mention it... Nero's hand was pretty damn hot when it touched mine." She laughs, awkwardly, "Not, not like that, but like.. You ever hold one of them glass Tupperware bakin' pans for too long with potholders, an' it starts to make the potholder real hot and kinda burn? Nero felt like that." 

An odd comparison, but you've long since understood that Nico had weird moments like this. "Yeah, actually... Maybe he's getting sick. But Nero doesn't get grumpy when he gets sick.. actually, Nico? He doesn't get sick at all."



"Nero? Nero, where are you?" You call out to your boyfriend, checking every room in the house. There isn't much downstairs, no sign of Nero at all. He's not even upstairs. The only thing he leaves behind is a quickly scrawled, dirty note on the kitchen counter.

Sorry for freaking out. Took a walk to cool some steam. Be back later. Love you (not mad at you or nico)

You smile, rolling your eyes. He always was kind of hot-headed. "Sometimes I wonder how I ever fell in love you, Nero," You mutter to open air, setting the note blank side up with a little heart scribbled on the side so that if he returns, he knows that you read it. His walks are usually long - Nero loves to explore the city, go to places he's never been, and climb the rooftops like some sort of urban explorer. You have some time to yourself to do the things you want to; you tidy up the house a bit, spend some time taking a small nap, and finally, taking a shower. You'd been wanting to wait until Nero returned to take one, to save water since you knew he'd be dirty from his explorations, but he's taking longer than usual. 

Ah, well. You can treat yourself at least, as you gather towels and new clothes to wear, something subtle that'll drive Nero crazy, but seem normal to everyone else. You walk into the bathroom and undress, letting the shower warm while you check yourself out in the mirror. You're damn fine, as you finally step into the shower. The water's warm, perfect for the cool Autumn weather outside, all windows open to let the fresh air in. Even the window on the shower wall is open just a little - it's at head height, so nothing to worry about as you take some time to treat yourself. You shave, you exfoliate, you let the water wash away all the stresses of the past couple of weeks. 

It's all in all a great shower, even with the absence of Nero's soft touches along the small of your back, or the way he helps you wash your hair. A part of you misses how your hair would sometimes tangle in the cracks of his demonic arm. You step out, opening the door just a crack to let the air flow through the room. Nico's busy downstairs anyway, and she practically lives in that van, so it's no issue. 

You wipe your face and body dry, wrapping your hair in a towel as you're fully prepared to change in the cool air of your bedroom. 

As you open the door, you're met with a completely and startlingly clean Nero. He's huffing softly, arms balled into fists at his sides. "Nero, are you alright?" You're completely naked apart from the towel in your hand, and even though he's seen you naked several times, you hide yourself. 

He rips the towel away. It isn't rough - in fact, it is gentle in its own way. But it is surprising, as you reach out for his wrist. There's just something about the way he looks at you. You take his hand gently, cocking your head to the side. "I want you." 

"Want... me?" You ask. It's not that you don't know what he's asking for, but it's the... direct approach he's taking. As your eyes shift down between you, you can see just how badly he 'wants' you. He steps forward, and you step back, until you're pressed against the bathroom counter and his legs are between yours, pushing them apart. 

Nero leans in, missing your lips so he can kiss and nip at your jaw and your throat. He's never been this way, but it's... not unwelcome, as your hands slide up the front of his shirt. He rips it off in an instant. His skin is hot, so hot that it burns, as he reaches down to pull his jeans down to his knees. He pushes you back against the wall and presses against you, inside of you, with no warning at all. "N-Nero?" You ask, gasping softly. He's bigger than you remember. 

You receive a grunt in response, Nero's hands all over you. It's as though there's a thousand of them, with the way he touches you everywhere he knows you like, as if he's trying to rush you into being aroused. It's going to take a little more than all of this, but you can't lie to yourself: the way he holds your thighs apart as he starts to thrust, the way his fingers dig into your skin just a little tighter than usual, is kind of fucking hot. 

Where the hell has this Nero been this whole time? The sweet and shy act is cute, and you love the way he makes love to you, but you have needs sometimes. This Nero seems as though he's going to give you exactly what you do need. 

Nero's mouth is hungry for any taste of you as he sucks hickeys into your neck, causing you to whine and arch. "Nero, the bed, it's--it's not comfortable here, please, at least the bed..." 

You're hoisted off the bathroom counter by one strong arm, the other keeping you spread as he doesn't dare pull out. You feel the soft comforter underneath of you, and the feeling of being impossibly full as Nero leans over you. He goes right back to leaving hickeys on your throat. "God, you look so fucking hot like this," he finally breathes against your chest. You feel him latch onto your nipple, his other hand toying with your breast. 

"Th-Thank you," you realize that's the first time Nero's ever used that word. Hot. "I-Ironic, considering how--ah--how hot you are, t-temperature wise..." 

"Sorry." A thumb brushes over your other nipple, causing you to arch again. He seems content to just bury himself inside of you, but you both know he wants more. 

"M-Move, Nero, I--I can't take it anymore." You whisper. 

Nero starts to thrust without a word, bracing against the bed with his hands as he kicks his shoes and bottoms off and crawls into bed, sliding you along with him. He's not gentle. In fact, he's rather rough - but it's a much needed change of pace from his usual slow build as he dares to actually fuck you. You can do no more than gasp and whimper at his length inside of you, completely and utterly helpless to do anything more than lay there and let him ravage you. 

But it isn't like it's a bad thing; the way he's working his hips right now is slowly sending you into a frenzy. You claw at his chest, trying to pull him towards you, and he finally leans down, pressing his chest against yours. He'd moved away because he didn't want to cause you discomfort with his body heat. But you don't care as you wrap your arms around his neck and try to roll your hips. Nero stops you, nipping at your neck as punishment. You whine, and he flips you around as though you're made of air, until he's your big spoon, holding your thigh up so he can hit you from behind.

This change of always-missionary to whatever the hell Nero's going through now makes your head spin as you feel your first orgasm approaching. 

He doesn't stop, even when it spills over and you moan out his name, fingernails digging into his chest. No, Nero only moves more, exactly how he did to get you to this point. He's throbbing, but he doesn't seem anywhere near finished with you. Being quiet is no longer an option as he overworks you, pressing you onto your stomach onto the bed as he fucks you prone, bent over the edge of the bed, up against the dresser, on the vanity, on the floor, in his arms, on the bed again.

It's like Nero hasn't seen you in a year, not a week. 

On the cusp of your third orgasm, quietly moaning his name, he finally starts to crumble, his eyes flashing a wicked shade of gold. Is it really him? Your thoughts, though heavily scrambled, scream that this is wrong, that this isn't Nero.

But it is Nero, as he arches his back, eyes rolling back in his head. The heat subsides, and is replaced by something calm and cool; though you feel as though Nero couldn't possibly fill you more than he is in this moment, he grows more as brilliant, blue wings unfurl around his form. His human skin gives way to cracked, stone-like skin that feels like leather and marble all at once. It's marbled through with that same brilliantly blue light, as a feathered halo sprouts around long, white hair. 

He looks absolutely gorgeous, even if he looks demonic. As you lull your head to the side, gasping softly underneath his own orgasm, you notice that not one, but both of his arms look exactly like the one he had so long ago. They hold your knees apart gently as the wings grasp onto the headboard, nearly shattering the wood underneath their force. Nero growls, letting out a quiet roar as you feel something hot inside of you. 

His thrusts don't slow, not for a long moment, but they do become a little more gentle as he realizes that he's no longer in his human form. You reach up with trembling hands to pull the long hair out of his face, and touch the spikes that dot his chin. A thumb comes up to tug on his lips, revealing cute little fangs that you wouldn't mind being sunken into your neck right about now.

As if Nero can read your thoughts, he leans forward, the feathered halo brushing softly up against your jaw as he leaves a deeper, darker hickey among all the others. You let out a breathless whimper, pressing your heels against his hips. 

Finally, just finally, his form dissolves away as the Nero you know returns to you, sweaty, red, and panting in your ear. He braces against the mattress, stifling a quiet moan. He starts to pull out, and you keep him firmly planted in place. 

Another moment passes before anyone makes a sound.

"Are--Are you alright?"

You can only nod, a dreamy smile plastered on your face as you hum, squeezing around him. He shivers, reaching down to pull out. He leaves soft kisses along your chest, breathing warm air against them. Nero's still as hot as a long-burning furnace, but he seems to have calmed down for the moment, whatever frenzy he had been in subsiding. 

"Are you.. are you sure? You seem, um.." He asks, looking up at you. You don't look alright, sweaty and trembling and thoroughly overwhelmed by your first time getting railed by Nero's demonically triggered form. 

"Y-Yes," You nod quickly against the pillow, pushing your hair out of your face. "L-Let's do that again, right--right now..."

Nero, though blushing, slips back inside you without another word.