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love bites (literally)

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Sometimes falling in love can be worse than a zombie apocalypse. Well...Maybe in some people's case. Then again, flesh eating creatures are pretty bad. That paired with the living driven by their hunger can be hard to live with.

That's why there's the Voltron Coalition. A group of ten people: Lance, Keith, Romelle, Shiro, Adam, Allura, Matt, Coran, Pidge, and Hunk. They've devouted their new lives to protecting those who need it.

Food and shelter are extremely hard to come by, especially now. Its been a year into the apocalypse, houses are overrun, foods are expiring and running low. Rivers are filthy with dirtied bodys and have to be boiled to be drinkable.

Deer and other animals are being eaten and tainted by the dead walking around. Most people live off of small rations and mainly squirrels, but the Voltron Coalition have crops. They have farms. They are thriving.

It isn't always safe for them though. They have a rival "gang" the Galra. They're ruthless, they will stop for nothing. If one is hurt they leave them behind, no time for the injured and weak.

The Coalition is there to help any other communities. They trade food and clothes for anything the others can spare. They scavenge for and protect others.

April 18 , 2020

It felt as if yesterday my family were in the living room while I was in my bedroom. I remember hearing my mother scream along with my father. My siblings had run up the stairs while I stood in the hall confused.

"Get to your room, Lance. Now."

I remember my sister yelling, shoving me into a room with my other siblings. I remember so much going through my mind in that moment. I ordered my siblings to help me get things in front of the door, locking my sister out. That's the last I saw of her. I fear I killed my sister.

Its been 2 years since that incident. I am still searching for her. Still holding on to the hope that she is still alive. No matter what, I must protect my family. At least those who remain.

-Lance McClain.

"Lance! C'mon, we gotta get moving." Hunk shouts from the next room over.

Lance stands and quickly gathers his things. He slings his bag over his shoulder and grabs his gun, racing out to the group.

"What's happening? Is it the Galra or the dead?"

"Just the dead as of right now. We've gotta get moving, Pidge spotted a whole hoard moving our way." Shiro explains.

"Shit. Do we have everything we need from here?" Lance asks, adjusting the rifle that had been slung over his shoulder. He checks his ammunition in his pistol, making sure he has enough if he needs to use it.

"I believe so." Allura mutters, quickly tying her white hair up into a tight bun. Romelle doing the same with hers, they can't risk getting their hair grabbed my one of those things.

"Alright, lets move out!" Shiro shouts.

"Wait, where's Keith?" Romelle asks.

Shiro searches the room frantically, eyes landing on the already opened door.

"God dammit! He left already." Shiro grumbles, racing out the door.

The rest of the group follows behind Shiro, searching for Keith as they try to get as far away from the hoard as possible.

"Keith I swear on my life, come in." Shiro growls into the walkie, hoping for a response.

"Chillax Takashi, I'm fine."

"You better get your ass back to the group or I will fucking kill you."

"Sure thing, Kashi."

A heavy thud sounds from behind them, Keith standing there.

"Where the hell were you?" Adam hisses.

"On the buildings, see I was next to you guys the whole time." Keith grins, heading to the front and stopping next to Shiro.

Shiro doesnt look at Keith, he keeps moving. Eager to get as far away as possible so he can keep his group safe.

"Pidge, Matt, what's it looking like?" Shiro calls to the back of the group.

"Uhh- they're still kinda far away, they're at the building we were squatting in." Matt responds.

"So what's the plan?" Keith asks, turning to Shiro.

"No clue, Keith. We just need to get away from the herd."

"We could head East." Lance suggests, looking at the map Pidge is holding. A building circled in red.

"Why specifically East?" Shiro asks.

"He's still looking for Ver-"

"No I'm not Pidge, shut up. I just have a hunch. Plus, looks like Keith circled something."

"Yeah, that's a hospital. The Olkari said they needed medicines. Mainly antibiotics and pain killers."

"Alright, then East it is." Shiro mutters.

After two years in a world overrun by the undead you'd think there'd be no supplies. Wrong. There's places that people haven't dared to touch due to how many dead are lurking in them.

They walk in silence until it begins to get dark. Shiro makes the decision of sleeping in one of the buildings around them. The whole team doing a sweep of each and every corner of the building before they settle down with lanterns and sleeping bags.

"I miss the farm." Lance mutters.

"We'll be able to go back soon, dont worry. After this mission for the Olkari, we'll head back." Shiro reassures Lance.

"Thanks Shiro." Lance smiles, hunkering down into his sleeping bag.

"No problem, Lance. Alright team, I'm taking first shift with Adam. Keith and Lance, you have it next. Then Allura and Romelle. Hunk, Pidge, Matt, you're up last."

Everyone nods, snuffing out their lanterns. Lance sighs, closing his eyes. Visions of his sister before he closed the door replay in his mind. What happened to her? Did she get out?

Lance knows where his other siblings are, but not Veronica. It feels like he's checked everywhere. He wakes up panting and in a cold sweat, the last thing he hears is his parents screams and Veronica's voice.

"You're awake, good. Its our turn." Keith mutters, grabbing his bag.

Lance nods, grabbing the blanket on top of his sleeping bag along with his rifle.

"Ive got the lantern, watch your step." Keith whispers, letting the light filter through the dark room. They make their way upstairs to the roof, the cool night air sending chills down their spines.

"You look scared." Keith mutters, setting the lantern down. He takes a seat and looks at Lance. Lance sits down as well, rifle in his lap.

"I'm fine."

"Bad dream or something? You woke up on your own. I was just about to wake you up before you shot up straight."

"Yeah...bad dream."

"Do you want to talk about it or something?"

"No thanks. Just focus on looking out." Lance sighs, raising his rifle so he can look out the cracked scope.

The dim street lights barely providing any leeway for him to see anything. He still focuses so he avoid talking to Keith. Keith looks Lance up and down before standing up and walking the perimeter of the roof.

"Couple dead heads staggering near. Should I take the shots?" Lance asks.

"Nah, I got em." Keith grins, he slides down the ladder on the edge of the buildings roof. Sprinting at the undead, he sinks his knife into each of their heads.

"Show off." Lance grumbles.

Keith grins, flicking the blood off the blade. He then wipes it on his jeans and heads back to the ladder. He sits next to Lance again and cranes his neck upward to look at the stars.

"Its nice out." Keith smiles.

"Yeah. I missed the stars." Lance mutters, looking up. He points out a few constellations to Keith.

"You do know that I know all the constellations you're pointing out, right?"

"I know...but it's something I'd do with my siblings. I miss them, especially Veronica." Lance whispers, biting the inside of his cheek.

Keith swallows, he didn't know how to deal with emotions. He stands up and walks off to the ladder again, sliding down it.

"Where the hell are you going?"

"There's a few dead, sharpshooter. Keep your eyes on 'em." Keith laughs, running after them.

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After Keith and Lance's shift of lookout, Lance can't sleep. He can't shake his siblings sobs for their sister and parents. He can't shake that awful dream from his head.

"You sure you're alright?" Keith asks, voice barely above a whispers.

"Yeah..." Lance mutters.

"Listen if its about-"

"Don't- don't say her name." Lance whispers, voice breaking.

"I wasn't going to, but that confirms my suspicions." Keith sighs.

"It doesn't matter. Just stop asking."

"Alright." Keith shrugs, crossing his arms. He closes his eyes, still sitting up against the wall.

"At least use a blanket." Lance mutters. There's silence and rustling before a warm cloth hits Keith.

"Thanks." Keith mumbles, wrapping it around himself. He had his own, why was Lance giving him his?

Keith shrugs, taking a deep breath. It smelled like Lance. He drifts in and out of sleep until the sun comes up, light filtering through the wooden planks over the windows.

Lance comes bounding down the stairs.

"Incoming hoard!" He shouts before grabbing ammo and running back up the stairs to the roof.

"Then we need to get out of here, Lance!" Shiro shouts, heading up the stairs to grab him.

"They're surrounding something!" Lance shouts back, taking aim. He shoots at a few but soon realizes he can't save whatever is in the middle of the hoard.

"God dammit." Lance whimpers, hitting the concrete of the roof. He slings his rifle over his shoulder and heads down the stairs.

"There's too many.." Lance mutters as he gathers his things.

"You can't save everyone, Lance." Hunk mutters, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"You don't think I know that?! I couldn't even save my own sister!" Lance shouts, realizing what he's done he swallows hard.

"I'm sorry, Hunk. I didn't mean to." He whispers, pulling away from the hand on his shoulder.

"Lance, it's fine buddy." Hunk smiles.

Lance doesn't say anything back as he heads out the door. The rest of the group follows, letting Lance cool down. Shiro places a hand on Lance's shoulder and continues walking. They can't stop or slow down.

"Listen, Lance...I know how hard things must be for you. I didn't lose my sibling, but I didn't know where he was for a while."

"Thats not the-"

"Lance, just listen. Things are gonna be shitty, I mean they really are. We're literally living in the worst possible world right now, but I need you to stay strong. I need you to keep going despite the weight that you feel and the constant guilt. I know it won't be easy at all, but we're all here for you. We are a team, and we're nothing without our sharpshooter." Shiro smiles.

"I- thanks, Shiro." Lance smiles slightly.

Shiro ruffles Lance's hair and he falls back to Matt and Pidge. They all chat idly, Lance is still walking alone.

"Lance, you okay?" Hunk asks, catching up with him.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Just hard y'know.." Lance smiles.

"I know, bud. Its hard for all of us, but I know its especially hard for you. You can talk, y'know? You dont have to keep things bottled up to the point where you just burst. We're all here for you man." Hunk smiles,pulling Lance into a quick hug before pulling away and continuing walking alongside Lance.

"Thanks, Hunk." Lance smiles.

"Its what I'm for."

They eventually stop for a break, Keith talks to Shiro about strategies and their mission for the hospital. Lance writes and doodles in his journal, fingers aching from the constant motion.
Hunk and Romelle talk about whatever with Allura while Matt and Pidge talk about some bullshit.

April 19 , 2020

We've stopped for a break. That dream won't stop playing in my mind. I'm sorry I didn't let you in Ronnie. You didn't say anything. Im sorry Veronica.

Keith keeps checking in...its unusual, not  unwelcome though. Its sweet. Although...Keith doesn't really do stuff like that. I wonder if he got replaced with a super high-tech clone or something.

Just then Keith shouts at Shiro, anger apparent by his expressions and tone of voice. He looks feral, like an animal that hadn't eaten in weeks.

"Keith, calm down."

"We can't just stop. He's clearly upset! We have to help find... Nevermind. Just do whatever, Takashi." Keith sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Wonder what that was about..
Oh-we're leaving.

Lance McClain out.

Lance packs his journal back into his bag and hums. He walks over to the group and smiles.

"Where we headed to now?"

"Heading the same direction we've been." Keith grunts out.

Lance nods and follows the group, his guns readied and loaded just in case he has to use them. Usually Keith would take care of them though, as to not attract a hoard.

"We should arrive in the same city as the hospital before the sun sets." Pidge says loud enough for the front and the back of the group to hear.

"So we'll get there and find a place to settle down for the night." Shiro states.

It felt like they were walking for days. Their calves ached, but they had to keep going.

"We'll stop in here for the night. Same watch schedule." Shiro tells the group, banging on the door to see if any dead will walk out.

None do so they sweep the house. There are a few snagged under bookshelves and against broken door frames.

The house reminds Lance of his own and his heart pangs. He trails his fingers along the grimy walls that haven't been cleaned in years. He looks at the dusty picture frames among the walls and shelves.

"You alright?" Hunk asks, plucking Lance out of his headspace.

"Yea- reminds me of home. That's all." Lance mutters, giving Hunk a smile.

"If you wanna talk I'm-"

"I know, bud. I'll talk when I'm ready." Lance sighs, walking away from Hunk to explore the rest of the house.

His heart lands in his throat when he spots a child's bedroom. That poor kid probably got killed.

He stands there and pays his respects. His lips quivers and he wills the tears to go away. A hand grabs his shoulder and he spins around, gun pressing into the head of whatever or who ever grabbed him.

"Woah! It's just me." Shiro laughs.

Lance relaxes, putting his gun away.


"No it's fine. It's good your reflexes are sharp, Lance."

"So..did you need something?"

"No, just checking. You looked...melancholy."

"Old man." Lance laughs.

"Ah whatever." Shiro smiles.

"I'm gonna go look around some more." Lance mutters, slipping past Shiro.

"Alright, make sure you get some sleep before you have to stand watch."

"I will." Lance smiles.

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Hands grab Lance's body, they're bloody and bone sticks out in some places. His eyes widen as he tries to pull away. He doesn't have his gun.

He never leaves without it, so where is it?

His breathing is rapid as he pushes against the dead. More surround him and grab him. A gut wrenching scream sounds before he's being tore into.

Lance wakes up drenched in sweat, hair sticking to his forehead. Tears stain his cheeks and his breathing is labored.

"Is everyone okay?!" Shiro asks, gun in hand. He was ready to kill whatever made a part of his team scream.

Everyone nods except for Lance. He sits there eyes wide and hands shaking. So Shiro makes his way over, taking a seat next to Lance.

"Everyone relocate, please. I'm sure Lance wants some privacy." Shiro announces.

It takes a minute but everyone gathers their sleeping bags and blankets and heads to a different room.

"D'you wanna talk about it? I know..I know about the nightmare the other night too. Keith told me."

Lance looks at Shiro with wide and watery eyes.

"I died..." Lance sobs, breathing labored and heavy.

"What do you mean?"

"I got grabbed by so many of them...I didnt- I didnt have my guns...they just- tore into me..I died, Shiro." Lance whimpers.

"Shit..It was just a dream. Okay? It cant hurt you, I won't let anything hurt you or anyone else. Understand? We're going to find Veronica." Shiro assures Lance, pulling him into a tight hug.

"Thank you." Lance whispers.

"Its what I'm for."

Soon its Lance and Keith's turn to stand watch. They sit out front of the house on the porch. The wind is slightly frigid, but not unwelcome.

"I wish we could find some instruments. I miss playing." Keith mutters, eyes focusing ahead.

"You play?"

"Yeah, used to play guitar. My pops taught me." Keith smiles, looking back at Lance.

"That's cool." Lance smiles, he then takes a look through his scope to see if anything is coming.

"We clear?"

"Yeah." Lance mutters, putting his rifle down.

"Cool. Cool. So,, are you- are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Keith." Lance sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Okay. I just- I wanted to make sure."

"Its weird. You never used to care."

"I just- it's not that I didnt care, Lance. It's that I didnt know how to talk to you. Or anyone else. It's hard."

"Yeah, I bet. You weren't around people much before...were you?"

"No. I lived in that shack alone for years. Until..Until I- we saved Shiro." Keith mumbles, cheeks flushed.

"I'm sorry for being so...stuck up all the time." Lance mutters, taking another look through his scope.

He breathes out slowly and squeezes the trigger. A shot ringing out as the bullet flies into the walking corpse's head.

"I could've-"

"It was my shot, Keith. Needed a little something." Lance sighs, laying back on the concrete of the porch.

They sit in silence for a little bit before Lance speaks up again. His voice is almost sad.

"What do you miss most about the world before this?"

"The realistic dream of being able to go to space," Keith replies, pausing for a moment. "What about you?"

"The ocean. I know- I know it's still there, but- I miss Varadero beach. I miss being with my family. I cant- I dont even speak Spanish anymore because-" Lance chokes on a sob and digs the heels of his hands into his eyes so he cant cry.

Keith stands there awkwardly. What was he supposed to do?

Lance takes a shaky breath and lets it out.

"Lance, Keith, go get some rest." Allura says, Romelle close behind her.

Lance nods, standing on his shaky legs. He heads inside and slips back into his sleeping bag. He wasnt tired, he just didnt want to be bothered.

"Lance, I know you arent asleep." Keith sighs.

"Go away." Lance mumbles into his blanket.

"Fine." Keith scoffs.

As soon as Lance hears the footsteps depart, he sits up and grabs for his journal.

April 20, 2020

I died in a dream. It felt so real, I could feel the pain of being shredded apart by the dead.

It was terrifying. I know in reality that will happen. That or we'll eventually run out of supplies. One day we're all going to die, just feels to soon.

I hope we can find Veronica. If...shes alive. No. She is alive. Theres no way she isn't . Shes too stubborn.

She'd look Death in the eyes and throw mamá's chancla at him. She wouldn't let him take her away from her only remaining family .

I'm going to find her.

Lance puts his journal back and lays back down. Allowing the darkness of sleep take over.

He wakes up to chaos. There's rapid gunfire and knives clanking. He immediately grabs his rifle and pistol, rushing outside to see his group. They're fighting a small group of what looks like the Galra.

Lance takes aim and squeezes the trigger, the bullet whistling through the air before it makes a squelching noise as it goes through one of the Galran's head.

"WHY DIDNT YOU WAKE ME UP?!" Lance shouts, taking cover from the bullets beginning to rain.

"We tried!" Pidge shouts back.

"Why the hell are you out here?!"

"We needed them." Keith grunts, taking cover next to Lance.

Lance again, finger squeezing the trigger. It hits the Galran in the shoulder, anger is evident on their face. Their nostrils flared.

"Shit." Lance mutters, taking aim again.

This time it lands between their eyes and they fall to the ground.

"Good job sharpshooter." Keith claps his hand on Lance's shoulder before he rushes out toward a Galran.

Lance sits there shocked before he shakes his head, ignoring what happened. He opts for his pistol and takes a few closer range shots.

"LANCE!" Shiro shouts.

It's too late. Heat burns Lance's back, he falls to the ground and rolls. His shirt had caught fire and burned up quickly. His skin boiling, he screams and takes a shot at the Galran holding the flamethrower.

Lance then passes out in the dewy morning grass. Keith's eyes widen as Hunk finishes off the last Galran, he rushes over to Lance who is slipping in and out of consciousness.

Keith helps Lance sit up, he clasps his hand tightly and waves Pidge over.

"We really are a good team." Lance whispers, his voice incredibly soft. His face had a fond expression on it, smiling at Keith.

"We are..."

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They get Lance to a safe spot and begin cleaning his wound and bandaging it.

"We have to get to that hospital." Pidge hisses.

"Why? What's gonna happen if we don't?" Keith asks, he's worried. It's obvious.

"He could get an infection, we don't have good enough supplies to keep that burn from getting infected." Pidge mumbles.

"Then let's get going." Shiro mutters, hauling Lance up.

"I can walk." Lance croaks out, eyes flitting open and shut.

"No you can't." Shiro sighs.

"Yes I can." Lance grunts, trying desperately to get out of Shiro's hold.

"Lance, stay there." Pidge mumbles.

Lance groans, eyes slipping shut again.

The group is fast on their feet, taking the quickest route to the hospital.

"This better have shit in it." Hunk grumbles.

"Language." Shiro sighs.

"I think its appropriate it in this situation, Takashi." Adam laughs a little.

They finally arrive at the hospital and Hunk is quick to try and find a way in. His eyes zero in on the dead inside. It looks like theres a small group.

"We can take them." Keith mutters, prying the wood from the handles of the door.

"Keith don't get hurt." Shiro mutters.

Hunk helps Keith take out the dead and they navigate their way through the hospital. Its surprisingly empty and there's quite a bit of supplies.

The squelching of blades going into rotting flesh and a bat hitting heads sounds through the hospital halls as they clean the rest of the dead out.

Shiro places Lance face down on one of the beds, ripping the rest of the fabric away from his back. He cuts the bandages away and allows Pidge to do her stuff.

She removes the dead skin from the burn and apply antibiotic cream to the burn. Lance hisses and his head lulls to the side, eyes flitting shut again.

"Get me an IV, painkillers, and saline." Pidge mutters, rolling Lance onto his side so she can get to his veins.

It takes a minute for them to find the things but they eventually get them to her. She rips part of her shirt and ties it around Lance's upperarm.

"I need to clean his arm, check in the drawers for sterilizing wipes."

Shiro is quick to hand them to Pidge, she tears them open and scrubs it over his arm. She then uncaps the needle and carefully sticks it into his arm.

"Hang it up." She gestures to the bag of saline.

Romelle nods, hanging the bag up so it will drip down the IV.

Pidge then sticks the needle containing the painkillers within the IV tube and slowly presses the plunger, giving Lance a small dose.

He sleeps throughout the night, everyone taking watch over him every few hours.

"When is he going to wake up?" Keith mutters, his voice had a hint of pain and worry in it.

"Soon, hopefully. He didnt hit his head or anything so no chance of a concussion. He's probably in such intense pain he keeps passing out."

"Nng you guys missed me?" Lance grunts out, eyes opening and fluttering shut from the sunlight.

"Lance!" Everyone shouts, enveloping him into a hug. Even Keith had wrapped his arms around Lance.

"God damn that hurts."

Everyone quickly pulls away, Keith looks a bit dejected.

"What's wrong with you?" Lance quirks an eyebrow up, looking at Keith.


"Uh huh...sure, what's wrong. Seriously."

"You don't remember?" Keith scoffs, arms crossed over his chest.

"Remember what?"

"We had a bonding moment! I literally cradled you in my arms!" Keith's voice cracks, cheeks flushed.

"Don't remember, didn't happen."

"Im gonna go look for more supplies." Keith scoffs, rushing out of the room.

"We should camp out here for a few days until Lance's back begins to heal more. We can't afford to expose him to the dead right now." Shiro says.

"I agree, it's too dangerous. If he gets anything in that wound..." Pidge trails off, everyone knew what she was saying though.

"Alright. Everyone will have their own room tonight. Lance you aren't keeping watch, we need you to rest well. Now...I'm going to find Keith so we can all eat." Adam states, heading out of the room.

"How you feeling?" Hunk clasps Lance's hand.

"Exhausted and numb. I think some of the nerves in my back are fried." 

"Yeah, probably."

"I'll have a scar, won't I?" Lance mutters.

"Yeah, a pretty sizable one too." Pidge mumbles, taking a seat next to Hunk.

"You could make up some tragic back story for it!" Romelle smiles.

"True, good thinking, 'Melle." Lance smiles back.

"I truly hope you get better soon, Lance." Allura smiles.

"Thanks, 'Lura."

"We all do." Shiro smiles.

Adam finds Keith sitting on a windowsill, the window shattered completely. He's looking out at the clouds rolling against the horizon.

"Its gonna rain." Adam mutters.

Keith tenses before relaxing, he doesn't bother to look back.

"Yeah. Its gonna be bad." Keith inhales.

"Sucks we don't have weather crews anymore." Adam chuckles, taking a seat near Keith.

"What do you want? I know this isnt just some conversation. You came to find me to talk about Lance, didnt you?" Keith turns to look at Adam.

"You always see right through me."

"You're transparent, an open book. Now, what about Lance?"

"You just seemed hurt that he didn't remember. Do you have feelings for him?"

Keith's face flushes, feelings? For Lance? He never really thought about that.

"I've always been fond of him even though he's annoying, but I dont think I have feelings for him. He's just there. He's attractive, but I don't like him."

"I believe you, you don't have to justify it. That's how I felt about Takashi at first. He was a lot like Lance back at the Garrison."

"Ugh I don't even want to think about Shiro like that." Keith laughs.

"I thought he was pompous. He was so into himself back then, he feigned confidence. He was struggling with his identity and tried to act like it wasn't breaking him down. It's a lot like Lance, he's confused."

"About what?"

"His sexuality, Keith. You've seen him back at the farm. Flirting with women, but he eyes the men too. He's too scared to approach them."

"I- I never noticed..." Keith mutters.

"I'll have Takashi talk to him." Adam smiles.


Just then rain comes pouring down, sheets of it soaking the ground and everything in its course.

"Let's go eat." Adam nods to the door.

"Okay." Keith gets up from the window and the two of them walk back to Lance's room.