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Green Tea

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Every teenager, at some point in their life, probably had a dream to venture on the campus of Yuuei University. Lined with beautiful cherry blossom trees in full bloom, colossal yet modern buildings towered over the plush grass lawn of the campus courtyard. Students hustled to and fro, trying to get to their dorms to relax, or running to their next class, excited for the elite level of teaching the university offered.
Life was perfect. The university was perfect.

But if you weren’t in Yuuei University, you wouldn’t know about one small aspect of life that brightened everyone’s day: the campus cafe. Called Hero Juice, the cafe fueled students to put their best face forward and greet everyday with a smile. How? That, my friend, is called the magic of caffeine.

Some students, however, didn’t understand the reason behind the small fame of the coffee shop. Midoriya Izuku was one example.

“For the last time, Denki, I swear to God, I do not want to go to that stupid cafe!” The broccoli-haired boy said as he pushed his reading glasses up the bridge of his nose. Jade eyes scanned a textbook on sports medicine meticulously, only stopping to add more polychrome annotations to his already-colorful notes.
His roommate groaned.
“Please, Izuku!” he pleaded, gold eyes sparkling.
“Your puppy eyes don’t work on me.” He muttered indifferently, gaze never averting from whatever was in his textbook.
Denki Kaminari huffed as he plugged his earbuds back in. He ran his fingers through his messy blonde hair, before turning around, pressing play, and walking away.
“Have it your way, you’re missing out.”
“Whatever. By the way clean your side of the room when you come back!”
Silence lingered before Izuku rolled his eyes.
“He’s probably blasting BTS at full volume again. How many times have I told him that’s bad for his ears?” he muttered to himself.

Despite what you see, Izuku and Denki have actually been best friends since the 9th grade. They met during a future-planning seminar held by the guidance counselor. Denki Kaminari may seem childish, immature and flirtatious, but he also cared deeply about what he studied- music production, and Izuku admired that. Just like that, Izuku may seem uptight, blunt and tight-nerved, but he also had a fun side- which barely ever showed these days, but Denki appreciated that as well.
Back to the story-

Denki walked across the courtyard, blasting Boy in Luv by BTS as he headed to the cafe. The door chimed as he pushed it open. He quickly pulled out his earbuds and pressed pause on his phone before strutting up to the counter.
“Good afternoon, Kaminari-kun! How are you?” A brunette girl, with a hair in a short bob, greeted him, chocolate eyes sparkling.
“Doing great Uraraka, thanks. I’ll have the usual.”
Back at the dorms, Izuku finished taking notes on the selected chapter, and proceeded to look at the pile of homework he had, and then the time.
“I took way too long on the Sports Medicine homework. I can’t write an essay for English and finish a research paper for Biology at the same time!” he groaned.
(A/N- like I know how college life is pfft-)
“I’m gonna have to get some coffee, because I’ll be pulling an all nighter.”