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"Hey, its after midnight," said Bruce, coming up behind Tony - who was standing at his desk - and wrapping his arms around him. "Come to bed."

"I'll be up soon," said Tony.

"You said that almost two hours ago."

"I'm almost done, I promise."

Bruce slipped his hand lower to cup Tony's penis through his sweat pants. Tony wasn't wearing underwear by the feel of it.

"You have until I make you cum to finish your project," growled Bruce. "If you finish before spilling, then we can go right to sleep but if you cum first I'm going to fuck you until you're cumming dry. Understand?"

Tony nodded. Before he had even stilled his head, Bruce's hand was in his pants, quickly stroking his cock to full hardness.

"Oh," moaned Tony, tilting his head to the side as Bruce started to mouth at his neck, trying to focus on the projections in front of him. "Mmm."

"Such a slut," whispered Bruce. "I thought you were busy. Too busy to come to bed but just a hand on your dick and suddenly you're free and clear. You're probably hoping for the Other Guy to come out just to fuck you're slutty little pussy wide open."

"Bruce," panted Tony.

"You like that, don't you baby? You love it when I call your hole a pussy. That's what it is, just an open hole waiting to be filled. Gaping and dripping with my cum, that's what I want."

Tony moaned loudly and Bruce slid his other hand under his tank top to twist a nipple rpighly.

"You're close, aren't you?" said Bruce right into Tony's ear. "Leaking like a hose."

"Ungh," groaned Tony unintelligibly, gripping the des with white knuckles.

Bruce licked two of his fingers and slid them into the back of Tony's pants while he jerked the billionaire faster. Mercilessly, he shoved the digits into Tony's tight hole, slamming directly into his prostate, forcing the genius to orgasm loudly into his hand.

"Looks like I win," said Bruce calmly.