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A Life To Protect

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Hello everyone!

I've been reading fan fictions for a while now and I've been writing some too but I've never really published any because I don't think they are good enough ^-^" *I still don't think they are good haha* but I've posted this one on Wattpad, it was a way for me to be sure not to lose it if my computer died at first but my friend really wants me to post it here too for her, so I'm doing it.

This story was written in French at first but I want to improve my English so I am writing it in English. I don't expect people to actually read this but I will let this here just in case haha I really love writing and I've been doing it in French & English for a while but English is not my main language and I am not really good with grammar so I'm sorry if you see any grammatical errors, please bear with me. Also, I am not a good writter at all, I don't have much skills when it comes to writing but I do hope to get better at it with time. I just enjoy writing stories about Ae & Pete.

I don't think I will upload fast because I am a student and I have exams but I will do my best and try to update the story at least once a week!

I will make a list of character involved in the story so it will be easier for those who read this (or not) to follow through every names and people.

Last but not least, the original characters used Belong to MAME, there will be some references to the novel "My Accidental Love Is You" from small spoilers I read a little bit everywhere. This story is written for fun and also because I miss Ae & Pete characters, this is just a fanfiction so there is no monetary compensation recieved for it. I'm writing this only because I love the characters and the original work a lot, I gladly advise you to watch out for the english version which will be released soon by MAME.

If I am asked to remove it by the authors or people working with her, I will do so.

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These are the characters I will use in the story, I will add more characters as the story goes by !


Ae Intouch : Pete's Loyal and fierce Boyfriend
Pete Pitchaya : Ae's delicate & sensitive boyfriend
Trump: Pete's ex-boyfriend who manipulated and hurt him badly in the past
Putch (Pete's mom):I love her so much !!
Police officer : Alone New, I want him to be a part of this story because thanks to him,I get to know LBC
Pond : Ae's bestfriend !
ChaAim : Pond's beautiful girlfriend
Bow: Ae's beautiful friend !
Ping: Ae's friend !
Chaow : Invented character, don't have any actor in mind ! Trump's friend
Prasong: Invented character, don't have any actor in mind ! Trump's friend
Wiraya: Invented character, don't have any actor in mind ! Trump's friend & Pete's old friend of high school
Sacnite: Invented character, don't have any actress in mind ! Pete's mom secretary

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It's been already a little over 11 months since Pete Pitchaya was in Germany. Things have been quite complicated in his life. He dearly missed his country, his mother, Tin, Can and his other friends...especially Ae. Living in Germany was not new for him, he often spent holidays there because that was how his parents had decided to share the custody after their divorce. However, this time it wasn't just for holidays. There had been fights, tears and difficult goodbyes. Pete had to live there for 2 years, to be his father's "good son" until he graduates. And from how this has been arranged he knew that living there wouldn't be especially fun. Pete isn't a resentful person but he is still bitter that Daily made his coming out to his father in his place.

His father would never approve Ae, first of all, because he was a boy and Mr Pitchaya was a narrow-minded man and considered that it was a disgrace to the family for his son to be in a relationship with a man. Pete tried to talk with him and to explain it to him and all his father had to answer him was a simple "that's that boy's fault, you wouldn't turn out like this without him in your life, I will make sure to bring you back to your normal state". Pete never brought up the topic again after that, his father was convinced that Pete had some kind of illness and nothing would make him understand his son at that moment. The second reason of his fathers hatred towards Ae was because Ae wasn't rich. "Ae is poor, he wants your money !" was what his father would tell him at least once a week.

As days were passing by his father stopped mentioning Ae, but Pete was still really mad at his father. Pete tried his best to be strong but tears would keep falling from his eyes every night. After 3 months, the crying decreased but Pete would confine himself in his room and avoid his fathers presence.

Like everynight since his arrival, he was lying on his big, cold, white bed, thinking about Ae. He missed his ex-boyfriend so much and promised himself to get back to Ae as soon as he gets back in Thailand, well that is if Ae isn't with somebody else. He hopes that his father will leave him alone, he just wants to be happy. Despite knowing what Pete faced with Trump, his father showed no care nor pain for him. He told Pete to "be a man and stop whinning like a girl", and that's when Pete knew his father didn't really care about him, he just cared about the family's name being dragged down by Pete.

Being separated with Ae just after what Trump had done to him was the worst for Pete, as is alone to fight all these nightmares where Trump keeps on gang raping him. And in those dreams he succeeds and then Pete has to face Ae's disgusted face telling him to leave and never come back. Ae wouldn't hate him now right? Most of the time, Pete wakes up scared, cold and lonely and that's also when he needed Ae the most.

On top of all of these problems, his father sent him to see a psychiatrist not to help him get better but in order to cure his homosexuality. Did he think it was like the flue ? he would get medecine and then say : "oh dad, thank you, I feel better ! you were right, I love girls now!" ...of course that won't happen. Pete rolled his eyes back thinking about the absurdity and nonsense his father came up everyday. They went to temples, churches, mosque and his father took him to a doctor to try and cure him. Pete was dragged with his father from left to right everyday until he couldn't take it anymore, crying and begging his father to let him breath and rest. He randomly promised to get cured with a psychiatrist instead and surprisingly his father agreed. The woman was very kind towards him and reassured him that he was normal, there was nothing to cure. It became the place Pete coud vent his anger, frustration and saddness.

Thinking about her, Pete made a mental note to send her flowers and chocolates before leaving to thank her for everything. It was also where he discovered his Haphephobia, a phobia of being touched by people, mostly men. He had a panick attack once in the elevator when a young man stand too close to him and extended his hand introducing himself. An experience Pete doesn't want to remember...

Pete, immersed in his thoughts, got startled when a hand rand through his hair and a gentle voice talked to him.

"A penny for your thoughts, my dear?"

"Oh~~~nanna, you scared me" said Pete whining

"Why aren't you sleeping? hmm?still thinking of that young boy?"

Pete felt so guilty to worry his grandmother like that, even when he promised her just yesterday that he was getting better..looking down on his hand as shame was consuming him from inside out, he forced himself to face his grandmother, worry written all over his face.

"don't show me that look my boy, you can lie to your father but not your nanna, I know you too well. You remind me of your mother when she just married your father and was really in love with him"

"I'm sorry, I will try harder I promise....don't be mad please" he couldn't look at his grandmother longer so he looked down at his hands.

Pete could endure the hateful words from his fathers, the judgmental looks his mother in law showed him everyday but not the deception he was sure he created in his beloved grandmother's heart. Not while she made everything in her mind to shild him from his fathers behaviours. After all, she was one of the few people that truly care about him for himself and not because he was supposed to be the future heir of his father's fortune.

"Do you really love him that much ?" her voice was gentle, not even a once of disgust could be heard from that sweet voice he loved. she forced him to look at her eyes by lifting his chin up. Pete took a few minutes to think and decided that honesty was the right think to do, he doesn't want to lie to her.

"Yes...I love him...I love him so much... but I know nanna...I know I don't have the right to do that....nanna...I know we are boys...I know father thinks I'm sick but I'm not, it's been that way for a while, even before I met's just, I can't love girls I'm sorry....." Pete looked down at his hands before starting again

" But why can't I love him? why do I have to marry a girl and have children when I know I can never love her ? .... fate is so cruel to me" he wispered the last sentence in hope she wouldn't hear him.

His father told him to marry Daily once he gratuaded, he won't let him a chance to get away. Everything has been discussed and Pete was slowly adjusting and making his mind to never ever be able to love and live freely ever again...He needed to say goodbye to Ae and to his happiness in order to please his father and to keep his mother safe from his attacks...

"Who said you had to marry a women and have children ? What nonsense is this ?!"

His grandmother seemed even more mad than himself over the news. Wasn't she happy he would marry a women and be normal ?

"But dad said..."

She didn't let him finish, enraged she shouted.. "Your dad can go to hell !"

Pete was startled, he had never heard her shout in his life. She then spoke again in softer tone

" You can love that boy my son, you can love who you want. Nanna is supporting you, I can see how sad and unhappy you are, I don't want to see you like this all your life. What nonsense was that ? I swear you dad will kill me with all this nonsense one day! wasn't it enough for him to put shame on me by having an affair with that women, then he went to back to drag you here by force and now this?"

Pete couldn't hold back his tears...from all the people he thought would oppose him, his grandmother was the first on the list. Not that she didn't love him enough, but mostly because she was old and he thought that she would have more hard time to accept it. Hearing his little boy cry made the grandmother's heart hurt, she held him against her chest while she tried to ease his pain.

"There, there don't cry, you just have to live like this a little bit. You can be happy when you go back. During these two years, I will make sure to knock some sense in your father's head,don't worry about marriage now. Now make grandma happy and sleep, it's already so late and you have school tomorrow."

"yes....I love you nanna..thank you"

His grandmother smiled and kissed his forhead before heading out of the room, leaving a crying Pete to fall asleep exhausted. It was one of the best day of his life and in a year and a month he would be back in thailand, back to his family. "Mom, I'll be back soon tell Ae to wait for me" hugging his pillow close to his heart, Pete fall in a deep and peacefull dream.

Behind that closed door, the grandmother smiled hands on her heart. That small angel of hers is too pure and kind for this world. "I'm worried Pete, can you survive like this in such a cruel world ? As long as I am alive, your father will never force you, hopefully until then you will gain more power in your hands to fight back my son." Until then, she promised herself to help her grandson live a happy life, even if it was with a boy. She headed to her room and made a phone call.

"Putch, we need to talk"

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It's been a year now and Pete has never been so glad to be back in his home country. He had missed speaking Thai and simply being with his mother, Ae and his friends. Pete's haphephobia had been really intense until recently. Thanks to psychological help and Ae's patience things are getting better. His phobia created many querrels, tears and sufering for both of them which ended up making Ae more hesitant and more cautious around him.

It was early morning when Pete woke up trembling, another bad dream and another awful night. He turned aroung in bed and faced the window, the sun was already high up in the sky so it must be around 7 or 8 o'clock. Pete looked behind him and Ae was still sleeping soundly, he saw the phone's red light flicker, he must have some unread messages. He diverted his eyes from the phone to look at Ae, Ae was taller than him now, broader and his skin was lighter. He changed, not only physically but mentally too. Ae doesn't go for runs now, he is too busy with work and he refuses to leave Pete alone in the mornings. That didn't damage his athletic body at all, maybe all the years he spent playing football would keep him in shape forever?

Pete looked at Ae's strong arms and his bare chest barely covered by the covers. Pete imagined being held by Ae's arms, kissed and taken in the bed as they did in the past however it still didn't happen in their current relationship. Pete really wants to go further than kisses and hugs with Ae but last time they tried it didn't turn out really well. Ae ended up injured on the knee because Pete got to scared and kicked him out of bed. Since then, they haven't tried anything else and it's been already 2 months. Ae always finds something else to do right before and avoids being there before Pete falls asleep and that doesn't help at all. Beside that everything else was completly fine between them, they would cuddle, kiss, hug and sometimes play together...these memories making Pete happy.

"I can hear you giggle, you know?" said Ae, eyes still closed, amused by his boyfriend attitude, "there is no use covering your mouth if you can't keep it down"

"Ae...sorry I woke you up?" Pete worried Ae would to be angry

"No, Don't worry, keep giggling it's music to my ears" Ae replied smiling

"You're staring for too long Ae" Pete's shy voice didn't succed in attracting Ae's attention. Ae was staring at Pete, lost in his thoughts so Pete tried again in a playful tone

"Hello Mr Intouch, could you please answer your boyfriend when he talks to you? Ae?" he grabbed Ae's arm to make him react

"What is it, hmm? what do you want from your super tired boyfriend?" Ae teased Pete and tried to be dramatic

"Oh Ae, come on, you always wake up so early..Ae?Ae!" getting no response from Ae, Pete got closer to Ae's ear and whispered "Is Ae too tired to hug me too? Shall I go down by myself and let him sleep?"

Pete didn't need to ask twice as Ae snapped his eyes open, pulled Pete over to him and whispered "I would never be too tired for that and you know it, don't leave my side you're warm"

Pete smiled, very pleased by Ae's reaction as his boyfriend pulled him closer to his chest and hugged him tight. Ae it's been days since you hugged me like this, you know how much I missed you ? I wish we could stay like this forever and ever but I also wish we could go further again..Am I too selfish Ae? . Pete could feel how Ae was sniffing him through his hairs making him shiver. He hugged Ae closer closing his eyes as he felt small kisses all along his neck, making him pray for more. Sensing that this might stop, he suddenly pulled back, locked eyes with Ae and went for a kiss. Ae didn't kiss back, probably surprised or hesitant to do so, so Pete gave him a small peck before looking at Ae again.

They shared a few minutes of intimate stares, expression everything through looks before Ae slowly wrapped his arms around Pete and brought him closer to his chest. Forehead against forehead, it was as if time had stopped for both of them. The room was silent, Pete had closed his eyes to enjoy the closeness whereas Ae was looking at Pete. His eyes wandering from Pete's closed eyes, to his red puffy cheeks and finally stopping at his boyfriends red plump lips.

Pete slowly opened his eyes again, both looked at each other in silence. Both making silent vows, telling each other how much they want this just by looking in the other's eyes. It was Ae who kissed him this time, it was a slow kiss savouring the taste of his lovers lips. Pete however wanted much more, so he kissed back more forcefuly. Sensing the need, Ae needed to make sure of it, he didn't want Pete to regret this later on, he was sure he wasn't ready to get there with Ae yet, so he asked "Are you okay Pete ? are you sure of what you're trying to do ?"

Pete didn't want to talk, talking meant his brain could catch up and make him stop this, he doesn't want to. So he quickly whispers "I'm not sure of anything, but please" and he was there again, kissing Ae, devouring his lips like he never did before. Ae knew it was not a good idea, he wanted to stop Pete but he missed this, he missed this closeness and tension between them. His brain was telling him to stop Pete before it happens but his heart and body were already too far gone. One kiss after the other, thing were heating up, the kisseses were more desperate, more deeper. Pete was loosing controle, he wanted more and suddenly realisation hit him. He froze and pushed Ae away.

Frenetic breathing, trembling hands, panicked eyes, Ae knew the signs. Pete wasn't ready to go further down that road.

"Ae...I...." Pete tried to speak but he couldn't catch his breath to do so, he flet really dizzy and everything inside his head was a mess at the moment. Not being able to talk to Ae scared him, tears appeared at the corner of his eyes. He started to feel cold and lonely and was ready to cry when he felt two strong arms pulling him closer. It took him a while to understand that Ae was hugging him. Pete clung to him desperatly, crying and trembling, he felt Ae's hand on his back, he faintly heard the soothing words and the love confession Ae was making. When his heartbeat calmed down and the diziness left his body, Pete quickly apologized. However, Ae didn't let him pass the usually "I'm sorry" before stopping him.

" Pete, look at me, it's okay. I'm okay, you can stop when you want to stop, it's not a race. We don't have to do it, please don't cry. It's okay love you did nothing wrong"

"I'm sorry Ae, I didn't mean to..I really wanted to...."is all Pete managed, guilt was eating him alive, he initiated all this and left Ae hanging... he couldn't help but feel really bad. How could you not be tired and pissed? I'm so afraid Ae, I don't want you to hate me, I don't want you to leave me. What if you go to have it somewhere else ?what would I do ? all I have is you. I want this so badly, but why doesn't my brain and body cooperate with me? Even if Pete didn't voice out his thoughts, Ae already knew what the boy was afraid of so he decided to cut Pete thoughts short and make things clear

"I can hear you think you know? I won't leave you for that Pete. I love you just the way you are, remember ? Stop tormenting yourself about trivial things. We will get there, sure it's not as fast as you want it to be, but things won't stay like this forever, you will see. I'm not saying I don't want to have sex with you, you know I do but what I'm telling you here is that I can wait, as long as it's you I can even stay virgin my whole life, I don't care, all I want is for you to stay by my side and keep being my energy bar." Ae took a deep breath to calm his own emotions down before going on

"Remember 6 month ago, I couldn't even stand close to you and look now we are hugging and kissing right? it took time but you got here eventually, it will be the same trust yourself. You're not alone in this battle, we are together, you have me, you have your mother and you even have your friends. If things get to difficult for you to bear, talk to us, if you can't voice it, then write it. Nobody will juge you, and if they do I will make sure they won't. Don't let those thoughts eat you alive, I don't need anything else, I just need you. "

Ae tried hard to not sound too desperate, to overhelmed by the mere thought of Pete beating himself up alone over all this. If he ever meets Trump again, he will make sure that he won't survive his kicks this time. If Trump ever goes out of Jail, I'll put him in box sick feet under the surface ! I swear Pete, this won't end easily for him.. Ae was boiling in Anger, all this was Trump's fault and can't help but want to kill the man.

"Ae, thank you...I love you"Pete's gently voice diverted his attention from Trump back to the angel in his arms.

Stroking his hair gently, Ae replied, "I love you too, never let anyone tell you otherwise" he kissed Pete's forehead and said "Now let's sleep a little more, you look really tired Pete"

Ae then pulled the covers on them and closed his eyes. He wasn't really sleepy but he knew Pete needed to sleep because after each panick attacks he would feel dizzy and tired. Even if the phobia was better now, Ae never forgot the first months of Pete's return. Ae had to watch, talk and love him from a distance, he couldn't touch him, kiss him or even stand next to him and that was the worst six month of his life. Being apart from Pete was difficult but being in the same room, a few meters away but not being able to touch him had been hell for Ae. Now that Pete was back in his arms, he was ready to make as much sacrifice as he needs to keep him right there. The top priority was Pete and his well being.

After a few minutes, Pete turned around and Ae was now sure he had fallen asleep. Sitting up in the bed, he took his phone from the bedside table and opened it his new message.

"Are you sure about this? Does Pete know we will do it? I don't want to start a fight between you two for this Ae....."

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"Are you sure about this? Does Pete know we will do it? I don't want to start a fight between you two for this Ae....."

Ae frowned, looked at the sleeping Pete next to him, then replied.

"Yes I'm sure. Pete is leaving tonight. tell me when you're free". A few minutes passed and he recieved an answer.

"I'll pass by when I'm free. See you" to which he send a quick ok before deleting the messages in case Pete would use his phone.

Ae went to take a quick shower before opening his laptop to work a little bit until Pete wakes up. He came here straight from work and didn't look at the unfinished works he had left in his laptop until now and he had a lot to do. After working for some hours, he looked back towards the bed, Pete was burried down under the covers with only a strand of hair visible on the top. He smiled How can he be so cute ? and decided to go down and call some clients before waking the boy up. Once finished with the phone calls, he headed back towards the room. It was already 4pm and Pete slept for more than 7 hours now, it should be enough. He entered the room and went straight to the bed, now he could see Pete's head fully as he wasn't under the covers anymore. He sat next to him and started to gently stroke his hair being torn between really waking him up or letting him sleep.

He knows Pete has an intense working schedule since he started working with his mom. He must be tired, but still has to fly to China for a business meeting tonight and no matter how much Ae wants to let him sleep, he has to wake him up eventually. He bend down a little and Kissed Pete's forehead while whispering softly "Pete, wake up"

Pete slowly opens his eyes and was greated by Ae's gentle smile.

" long have I been asleep?" rusted voice was cute on Pete.

"not long, how do you feel?"

"I'm fine Ae" Pete smiled and took his phone from the bedside table and was surprised to see it was already 4pm

"AE! why did you let me sleep this long?! I'll be leaving in a few hours and we couldn't even..."His monologue was stopped by Ae's kiss, a small gently kiss to shut him up.

"don't be mad, you needed the sleep and I slept too you know, I was really tired. Let's eat something now and pack your stuff" Ae couldn't help but lie to Pete, he didn't want Pete to know he wasn't asleep to avoid further questions.

Pete could feel that it wasn't the complet truth, Ae was never really good at lying but he knew that Ae probably worked instead of sleeping. Ae barely had days off and when he did, he would drive back to Pete's house just to be with him which didn't allow him to work from home much since when he was here, he would just cuddle Pete until he fell asleep. Sometimes Ae would arrive at 3 or 4 am and would stay for 2 or 3 hours to sleep next to Pete before going back to work. Pete doesn't want to bother him more than that so he doesn't ask more questions.

Pete then got up, kissed Ae's cheek and ran to the bathroom to take a shower. Ae sat on the bed to wait for Pete, as he did that he couldn't help but remember what he was going to do behind his back. He felt bad about it and everytime he looked at Pete, he couldn't help but feel guilty so he had been avoiding him a little bit but he needed to do this. As he was deep in thoughts, he didn't realise that Pete was staring at him, worry written all over his face.

"Ae? are you okay ? what happened ?" Pete's sweet voice brought Ae back, he looked at his boyfriends worried face but didn't answer him, he was clearly a little bit sad and he couldn't hold back the tears that ran through his eyes.

"Ae? why are you crying?" sitting down next to Ae, he tried asking again, he doesn't understand what happened while he was in the shower. Did Ae have some bad news?

Ae wasn't answering him but silently crying, Pete was really lost but he also knew that Ae wouldn't talk more about it so he just hugged him and tried to confort him. After a few minutes, Ae moved away and finally spoke.

"Nothing happened Pete, just remembered the times when you were gone" Ae lied to him and kissed his cheek before adding "let's go eat something now, come on I'm hungry". Ae didn't wait for Pete's answer and started to drag him with him out of the room. He felt bad by hidding this from him, but he couldn't let him know. It hurt him to lie to Pete but hopefully Pete will never know this and everything will get better.

They went down and eat something. The rest of the evening went by quietly, they cuddled in front of the TV and watched some movies. Half through the movie, Pete's mom joined them in the living room. She kissed both boys and they talked a little bit until they had to go. Once Pete and his mother were gone Ae took a shower and sat in front of the TV to watch a movie. He was starting to fall asleep on the couch when a loud bang woke him up. What was that? Second Bang. Wait it comes out of the door, someone his here but why ? at this hour?? it's already 9pm who would come to Pete's house so late ? Well better find out Ae !

Ae grabbed a knife from the kitchen, better safe than sorry, he went to the front door and relaxed when he saw Pond and ChaAim outside the house. He opened the door to let them in and Pond rushed in screaming something about going to the toilette.

"Ae, sorry we came by so late but Pond said that Pete was already gone so it was better to start it now" ChaAim felt that she needed to give Ae an explanation on why they showed up so late here.

"It's okay don't worry, he is right, we better get this done, I can't lie to him forever like this"Ae explained gently. ChaAim couldn't help to feel really bad for Pete and Ae, but she knew they had to discuss an important matter tonight.

"when is Pete coming back ?"

"In 3 days, he is at a seminar for the hotel in China. I'm staying here alone until then"

"So we have 3 days to get it over with? is Dew coming too?" Pond was back with some materials

"If you want help Ae, you have to tell us the whole story so that we know how to handle it"

"ChaAim is right Ae, we won't tell Pete but we need to know and I don't even understand what I said yes to"

Ae looked at his friend and smiled, they were ready to help him out even if they didn't know what really happened. It was time for him to let them know and he knew it so he explained everything.

#Flashback, Ae's POV#

I am finallying going back home today, Pete and I haven't met for a week now and I miss him so much. I am walking slowly towards my car, when I spot a Man standing next to it. As I get closer, I recognize him, it's Pete's dad but what is he doing here?

"Hello Ae, I was waiting for you"

"Hello, how may I help you?" I reply politly, the last thing I want is to create another drama in Pete's family so even if I really want to punch him, I need to stay polite and kind.

"Get in the car and we will talk"

I do as he says, opening my car we sit at the back of it to talk but he doesn't start anything, he just looks around the car, he is judging me and I can feel it. It annoys me but I can't do anything I have to patiently wait, and patience isn't something I really have.

"You probably heard that his grandmother didn't allow me to marry him with Daisy right?" Yes I heard but he didn't let me the time to answer him as he continues

"I had not choice than to let him go, but as I can see the doctors here have a hard time curing his phobia even after a year. I have a good friend who can cure him on both, his phobia and his homosexuality, I plan to take him back there and give him treatment"

"Homosexuality isn't a disease" is the only comment I make even if I truly want to tell him to go to hell because I won't give him Pete back, there is no way I would let him leave me again. He looks at me and smiles and says:

"It is, look at yourself, do you believe that you can protect him and be with him forever like this? You can't even protect him from me, from who do you want to protect him? be realistic boy. I have a contract here, read it and tell me what you think of it. If you agree, this might earn his mother and himself freedom and less problems. Answer me in two weeks of time."

Once he finished his monologue, he gave me a contract of 50 pages and leaves the car.

#End of Flashback#

"And you said yes ? he is completly sick do you really think this will resolve everything Ae? are you sure about this?" Pond talked so loudly, schocked by the story he just heard

"I said yes what else did you expect ? I'm not sure of anything at this point but a contract is safer way to be sure for him to leave them alone, in any case I can get him arrested or something for not following the contract"

ChaAim who listened to the boys argue spoke up to give them her opinion

"I agree with Ae, we can at least try it out it won't hurt us. But Ae are you sure there won't be any hidden ways for him to make you do what he wants without giving Pete his freedom? or to turn everything to his advantage?"

"Don't worry, I asked Dew to show the contract to one of his friend, a lawyer, he looked through it and everything is normal and legal. We made the deal and everything is already to his benefits, what else can he take ? I want Pete to have peace, to live like a normal boy, I'm tired of his father treating him like a disease and taking every oportunity to make his life a living hell, I want us to move in together, but not until his father leaves us alone."

"So Ae, what role does my Pond have in all this? "

Ae looked at Pond and smirked"a very important rôle, right baby ?"


Chapter Text

Ae looked at Pond and smirked"a very important rôle, right baby ?" 

"Ae can you not call me that, I want to puke on you right now!"

ChaAim couldn't help but to smile, "Babe ? Are you trying to steal my boyfriend?" 

Ae smiled and looked at ChaAim "No mine's better, that's how he called me last time when he mispronounced buddy. Anyway, here look at this first"  he couldn't help but tease Pond with that small joke.

He handed her the contract he had agreed upon. The contract was easy to understand, she scanned through it slowly. She then read the last passage aloud

"Requirement for Ae Intouch: 

Ae Intouch is required to please client n°3252636452, Mr Lee and make sure the client agrees to terms of contract with Mr Pitchaya. Intouch is required to use all his assets to make the client feel loved and needed and to warm him up to work for the company. His job will mainly consist on coaxing the client in whatever manners he finds useful.  Kissing, sex or friendship can be used. 

In exchange for the services described above and only if successful, I, MR Pitchaya agrees to provide Ae Intouch with total freedom for Pete Pitchaya and his mother."

 After reading this, she looked back at him quite surprised  "Ae, isn't it like cheating on him? if he founds this might ruin your relationship"  

"I know, just thinking about it made me cry out of guilt. The worst was that he saw me, I had to lie again. The risk of him finding this out is there, if he finds out, I'll deal with it then. If he breaks up, at least he would be free in the future with anyone. I don't want to be selfish, this is our chance to be free of that man, you know how rich he is, if he decides to pollute our life he will make it like hell so better finish this like this don't you think?"

"I understand Ae, but be careful, I don't trust this man and his contract to be fair. And don't be too harsh on yourself, it's not like you are really cheating on him, it will turn out okay. And last question, what is Pond's role in this?" 

"He will be my partner, I can't do this alone for 2 reasons. 1st he might trick me and film things, or take pictures of me and send them to Pete. That's likely to happen that's why I will need a way to blackmail him if he doesn't keep his promise. Pond will be there to film everything out just in case. Dew and his boyfriend will also both film everything but from a different angle, where we can more of my face and hear me clearly in the clip "

"You want them to film you while you cheat on Pete?" She was getting confused 

"Yes but no, it shall look like it for that man so that I get him drunk and make him sign the contract, I don't know how far I have to go but hopefully just hugs and laughs will do the deal. I need Pond as an Aliby for Pete to believe me."

"that will be tougher than we think"said Pond while eating some snacks

"Then let's start planing everything now"  

2 Days later, 9 PM : Ae's POV

It's been two days since Pete left for China and that Pond and I started planning everything out for today's mission. I'm really nervous right now because we won't have any other chance than today. Tomorrow morning Pete will be back and I have to finish this before his arrival. Right now we are standing in front of the club, ChaAim will wait for us in her car in case we need to run away. Pond looks even more nervous than I.

"Let's go Pond, let's finish this before I lose my sanity for real" Pond just looks at me, I can tell he is not really ready to do it. 

"Don't look at me like that, I don't want to play around with him either but we have to. And you're not the one who will probably get molested by that dude, I want to puke just thinking about this. Relax and let's go  "

I get inside first and he follows, we act as strangers. I walk aroud the club acting lost a little before going straight to the Bar, waiting for my prey to notice me. First phase of the mission : look like a lost puppy, great, how does Pete do it? I've never done this so I try my best while standing in front of the bar, trying to make my eyes look bigger than usual. The barman notices me first and askes me: "Hey cutie, what do you want to drink?" 

Who's your cutie ?! F**cking pervert ! okay Ae, it's not time to insult people, think about how Pete would reply to this? think Ae, think.....I'm so screwed, no one ever called me that so how am I supposed to respond?! do I ask for water ?  while I was lost in those thoughts I hear a voice next to me

"Your first time here beauty?"  

I turn around and to my surprise, the man I am here for his right next to me. It was quite easy ! got the prey, now let's get on to the second part of the mission and for that I take the most small and cute voice I can manage to before speaking.   

"My boyfriend dumped me here, he left with a girl, I don't know how to go back and I've never been to this kind of places and I don't want to go home right now" I try to sound desperate and sad, hoping it will work out. He is looking at me from head to toe, I'm wearing some of Pete's clothes, the look really weird on me but ChaAim said they would look cute and appealing. The t-shirt is oversized on me, and the pants are too tight so I feel like everything is out in the open, it's annoying me but I try not to mind it so much. 

"How can he let a cutie like you all by himself here ?! Poor soul, come with me I'll show you what to drink" I can see him smirk 

 "Really ?! " I bounce a little, like a happy child, he seems pleased with my reaction. He takes me by the waist and pulls me next to him before whispering "let's go sweetie" as we walk his hands travel down to my ass. 

From the corner of my eyes I can see Pond, following us quietly. I try to act shy and let him lead me to his table. When we arrive there, he sits down and as I want to sit next to him, he pulls me on his laps. Disgusting bastard, I really want to punch him but I still smile and try to act cute. Looking behind him, I see Dew and his boyfriend not really far, so I know that part 3 can start. 

"So what do you want to do, what is the paper your keeping in your hands from the beginning?" he asks as he slowly moves his hand up and down my spin. 

"I need to find my boss, we came here with him to sign contracts..this is one of them I had to sign with Mr Lee but my boyfriend didn't want to help me anymore...." I explain it with a trembling voice as if I was ready to cry and pray for him to believe it

 "How sweet can you be ? I'm Mr Lee no need to find me. Please me well and I'll sign it for you but first let's drink. Don't cry " I can feel him grab my ass while talking to me. Does he really think I'm some kind of meat or dinner he will get later? I really want to puke, I'm glad I didn't take Pete with me because he if he did this to Pete, I would have killed him already. 

"Let me help you drink first ?" I smile and help him take his glass to drink. From the corner I saw Pete's dad entering the club and going to the bar. Why is he here ? Spying over me Mr Pitchaya? do you think I didn't plan this? I see him take his phone out and pointing it towards me and the client, I smile and lean over to the target as if I'm giving him a hug and give a signal to Dew. You won't get me that easily Dad! 

As I see Dew sending the emergency message, I lean back and try to act shy around Mr Lee, giggling like I did something I'm shy of now. He seems happy and I keep making him drink until I feel him being enough dizzy to say yes to everything  I would ask him but not too much to be able to do it and remember it. I get the contract and he signs it quickly, I leave a copy next to him and I keep the other with me. I stayed with him pushing him to drink more until he was completly wasted so I could leave. 

 As I was making my way out of the club, I gave Pond and the others a quick nod to let them know the last part of the plan was now playing outside. As I expected I found Pete's dad waiting for me outside. 

"You were pretty slutty right there Ae, did you get what I asked for?" he said smirking

"I got what you asked for, but may I see the video you took while I was doing your dirty job? I saw you with your phone"

He smiled and handed his phone to me, I look at the video he took of me. I delete it but I know he already sent the video to Pete. I hand him the signed contract before and warn him

"Now respect your part of the contract and get the hell out of our relationship. I don't care if you still meet Pete because he is your son and despite everything he loves you, but you have to stop trying to break us apart and let him live his life. If you don't I have proofs of today's meeting, agreement and copies of the contract which will be useful if I decide to sue you"

he takes the documents and leaves without further comment. I head back towards ChaAim's car, and see that Pond is already inside. I get in too and she drives back to Pete's house. I feel exhausted and I really need a shower because I can still feel the disgusting hands touching my body in the club. That's why as soon as we get back to the house, I ran towards the bathroom to take a long shower to wash everything out, the dirty touches and the guilty feelings eating me out. 

End of Ae's POV

As Ae was in the shower, Pond and his girlfriend both sat down in the living room. She felt really bad for Ae but before she could speak Pond spoke first 

"I checked the footage on the camera's and there all there. We managed to get the contract but he probably sent a video of today to Pete. I wonder who will Pete trust.... Ae or his dad?"

She could only nod and sigh, hoping everything will end well for both of them. 

Chapter Text

Pete came back to Bangkok the next morning, very gloomy and sad. He was really tired and a video kept replaying in his mind. His dad send him that video, in it a boy was playing on a man's lap, hugging him. Pete could recognize some of his clotes and Ae's figure but he couldn't understand what was Ae doing and why was he wearing his clothes. 

He came back alone while his mother stayed at the company for more work. Opening the door he was expecting to find Ae in the living room or in the kitchen since it was already 9 am but to his surprise he found Pond and ChaAim sitting in his couch but sight of Ae. What were they doing in his house ?

ChaAim was the first one to spot him standing in the entrance, she ran to him and hugged him.

"Pete !! You're back ! we missed you" 

He smiled at her and hugged her too, he did miss her, she became like a sister for him since they both met.  Once she let go of him, Pond started talking

"We are glad you're back but seeing your face, I think your father send you the video right?" Pete didnt know how to answer that question so he just nodded and Pond went on "Great, did you recieve Dew's video too?"

"I did. I didn't watch it, I don't want to see this twice Pond...but You knew ? why?" Pete's voice was trembling already, he was fighting back his tears.

"Stop tourmenting yourself Pete, Ae did it for you. He was forced to in a way, you can't imagine how long he stayed in the shower yesteday, rubbing those places hard and hitting the wall every 3 seconds. that's why we stayed the night"  Aim was the first one to explain some parts to Pete 

"Hear me out, this is what truly happened there" 


After Pond told him the whole story, after reading the contract and watching Dew's video he understood everything. In the video, Ae was explaining everything and he could also clearly see Ae's facial expression everytime the man was touching him. It looked far from pleased but more close to disgusted. He was grateful towards Ae but also really angry that he didn't tell him about it, why didn't he ask Pete to help him? He wanted to confront Ae on this, they are a couple, they should not hide things even if it was something like this.

 Aim finally broke his thoughts by telling him that they would leave now and that Ae was in their room. Pete walked them to the door and once they left, he ran towards his room. He opened the room's door and found Ae sitting on the floor alseep. He gently got closer to Ae, and started waking him up slowly. When Ae finally opened his eyes, he took a step back and smiled at him. He co

"Why do you sleep on the floor Ae? the bed is just here"  when Ae realised that it was really Pete, he stoop up really fast but too fast for his body,  his head started to spin and he lost balance. Pete caught him and led him to the bed.  

"Pete I'm sorry, it's really not what you think it is ! I swear I didn't cheat on you, I didn't...." he got up, went to the window and continued "I don't even want to give you any excuse about it, I shouldn't have accepted this..." 

Pete stood up, walked to Ae and gave him a back hug, right now he doesn't want to hear him apologize, he doesn't want to talk about it for now, it can wait for tomorrow. 

"I don't want to hear about it, not now, I know the truth, I know everything Ae. Let's talk tomorrow, I will listen to it tomorrow. I'm not angry, I just missed you a lot..." 

Ae slowly turned around and hugged Pete back "Pete...are you.." he couldn't finish his sentence, he was kissed. He widened his eyes, Pete is getting bolder was his first thought before kissing him back. It was a slow kiss, full of love, he wanted to convey all his feeling in that kiss. Ae slowly kissed a little bit more forcefully, more deeper, sucking on Pete's bottom lips. Pete hugged Ae's neck and brought them even closer, he needed to feel him more so he did his best keeping their body as close as possible. Ae lifted Pete as he put his feets around his waist and Ae stumble towards the bed, too lost in the kiss. Once they both fall on the bed, they moved further on the bed, into a better position for both and kept kissing. The kisses were light, nothing to heated, just something to feel each other's presence. They spend hours, hugging, kissing and smiling to each other until Pete decided to talk again. 


Ae looked down at Pete lying down on him "Yes?"

"Ae, why didn't you tell me about dad?" 

"What difference would it do Pete? you would have prevented me to do it, we would have fought, or worse you would even try to do it yoursefl...I rather die, rather live without you than with you but always chained to your father's wishes. Even you would leave me, I would still take care of you from afar, I would at least set you free"

"Ae...please never do that again..if...if Pond and Aim didn't force me to watch the video, I would be still really mad...I hated what I saw Ae....I didn't like that you were doing it behind my back.." 

"Pete, I would never cheat on you. I would rather kill myself, but your father was going to take you away again, I wasn't going to let you get away again. I knew he wouldn't play fair, he would film it to torture you while you were far, while I couldn't reassure you or explain it to you.  He didn't need that contract, he just needed me to look bad and for you to think I was cheating on you when you were not here. " 

"Ae..what will we do now? what if he still doesn't leave us alone?....he may attack Mae" Pete was already crying, the fear he had for his father was still there. 

"He won't, I made sure of it. Don't worry, I'm here, I'll protect you. He has money but he is alone. We have family and friends, we don't need his money. Beside we also have pictures and video's of him in the bar and of me handing him the contract back. You don't have to worry about anything, let's focus on our happiness" 

Pete didn't say anything but hugged Ae closer, burrying his head in his boyfriends neck. They spend the day in bed, they didn't bother going out or down until Pete's mother came back from work.  They all eat diner and talked about various thing. The boys decided not to tell her anything about what happened, it was their little secret. When they got back to their room after diner, Ae went to take a shower, while Pete sat in the bed waiting for him. 

Pete's POV 

I took out my phone and opened the video again, it hurts seeing Ae with someone else more than what I ever imagined. But what hurts even more, is that is dad tried to trap us and break us apart again. I close the video, and open his message to read it again. 

[Is this the kind of lover you want? I told you Poor people are ready to be the slut of anyone who has money enough to take care of them. Look yourself son, you better think more about people you trust.]

It angered me how he tricked Ae, forced him to do something to protect me and acted like he didn't know. Dad, you knew Ae would do anything if it was for me, so you tricked him and forced him to do this....why do you want me to hate you ?  I decided to reply to my dad.

[Thank you for your concern. I was aware that Ae was out and filling his part of your contract, I told him to use my clothes if he needed it. Don't worry I know who I decided to love from day one. I hope you will also be true to your words. Good night.] 

As I put my phone on my bedside table, Ae comes out of the shower. He smiles at me and sits next to me, looking at me so intensly it made me shy so I looked down when I felt his hands on my cheeks lifting my head up again. He kised my forehead and smiled

"Never bow your head down, always keep it high up, you are never less than anyone else. Whoever put that in your head is an asshole, forget that, listen only to the truth. I want you to be proud of who you are Pete, be proud to be you because that's why I love you" 

I wasnt expecting such a confession and couldn't hold back my blush, I was nervous and shy. As I was getting ready to answer him, my phone buzzed. 

Chapter Text

Pete'sPOV :

As I was getting ready to answer him, my phone buzzed but none of us paid any attention to it. I instead asked Ae to go to bed with me, I couldn't bring myself to continue the conversation because I was too shy. Everytime Ae would say things like that, my brain would slow down and I would blush like crazy. That's why instead I just blurred out "I love you Ae". He looked at me, smiled, kissed my forehead and lied down before saying "Me too Pete, I love you". We both got under the covers and I lied down on his chest hugging him close. I couldn't fall asleep and I could tell he was still awake too

"Pete, are you alseep?" I shifted a little bit so that I could see his face before answering

"No khrab, what is it Ae?"

"I wanted to let you know that I can't come here tomorrow night, I have too much work and mom wants to see me too. I'm sorry, I'll try to come the next day okay?"

Even I could tell he was worried, what are you worrying about Ae?

"Ae, it's okay, go spend some time with your family. I will spend time with mom too and I start working at the office tomorrow. Don't worry about me"

"Don't skip meals and don't forget to write to me or send me picture, I'll miss you too much" As he said that, he hugged me even closer than before.

"yes I will, and you too Ae"

He smiled and kissed me "Now go to sleep, you're working tomorrow"

We hugged again and he pulled the blanket more on us. After a few minutes as I started to fall asleep, I heard his faint voice "I love you to death Pete, never leave my side ever again" and feel his lips on my forehead and I fell asleep feeling happy.

End of Pete's POV

Ae and Pete didn't meet the next day and that night Ae slept at his parents' house which left Pete to sleep alone for the first time since a long time. It was so unusual for him to sleep alone in his big bed, since he came back from Germany he always shared it with Ae and got used to it. It never happened before today, and now he feels lonely but he can't be selfish as Ae has to spend time with his family too, he can't always be here with Pete.

When Pete woke up the next morning, his eyes were ringed with fatigue and he was really sleepy due to falling asleep late. But he felt lighter and happier since Ae and him talked about their issues and especially the past few events that bothered Pete. He didn't bother looking at his phone and started preparing for work. Once he was ready, he took his phone and went down to have breakfast. After breakfast, he left the house and went directly to work.

He arrived early than usually and was greeted by his mother's secretary. A charming young woman, probably as young as himself. She took him to his new office and left so he could settle down. It was a spacious place, with a sofa and a cofee machine for him to relax once in a while. His morning work was pretty easy that day so he finished quite quicly and started to get bored. So went to sit down on the sofa, snapped a quick picture for Ae and lied down to take a quick nap.

Ae on the other hand, had skipped work that day. He had an important meeting to attend and was currently waiting for the other party to arrive too when he received Pete's cute picture. However he could tell that he didn't have much sleep, just as himself, it was hard to fall asleep without hugging Pete, he was really used to have him in his arms. Before he could dwell on that, his appointment arrived.

"Mr Intouch, I presume?" a hand was extended to him, which he shaked and replied "Yes that's me"

"Sorry Sir I am a little late, shall we start by visiting the house ?"

"No problem, yes I want to check everything before taking any kind of decision"

"This way please" the man lead the way as they entered a large house.

The house was pretty big for Ae, but he knew that Pete was used to this kind of places and that was his priority: Pete needs to feel home. He looked at everything in details, asking about possible reparation there could be, asking about anything important he could think of. When the touring finally ended, Ae had already decided he would take this one. So far it was the best one he visited, there weren't anything to do and they could settle down pretty quickly. The bonus was that it wasn't that much different from where Pete lived now and it was really close to his mother's house so that he can visit her anytime.

Once everything was settled, he took the keys and went back home. All he needed to do now was surprise Pete and ask him to live with him. They couldn't get married yet, Pete was still scared and didn't want to have anything to do with that for now but they could live together at least right?He was really scared Pete would disagree but started planning out a way to ask it anyway. While he was planning he suddenly remembered Pete's picture so he took his phone out and send him one of himself with "I love you, good night" attached to it. Little did he know that Pete was sitting on his desk and writing in his journal about Ae when he recieved his message.

When Pete opened the message and saw Ae's picture doing a kiss gesture with his lips and wishing him goodnight, he couldn't help but giggle and put the phone on his heart. He was happy and content to have Ae as a lover. He went to lie down in his bed, pulled the cover up to his chin and snapped another picture for Ae, "I love you too, good night my Ae", he pressed send and grinned from ear to ear. He couldn't be happier than he is, he worked hard all day but seeing Ae's face relaxed him. He didn't need more to be happy, because his grandmother always said "if you aren't grateful for what you already have, what makes you think you would be happy with more?" and Pete knew that his happiness was Ae and that he didn't need more. That night both went to sleep happy and full of love for each other. 


Chapter Text

Pete woke up early this morning too, he was tired but happy because he would see Ae today. It's been just a day but he misses Ae hug's more than he thought he would. His work is getting more and more hectic day by day, and today is the worst, he has so much to do that he had to skip lunch to be sure to finish everything before Ae picks him up. They planned to eat dinner together and maybe watch a movie too, a really nice night time with his lover Pete didn't want to miss.

The day went by with Pete being extremely busy and by the time Ae got there he was still in a meeting. So he walked up to the secretary and asked if Pete was in his office to which she answered no and told him to wait in the lobby. Ae did as he was told and sat down there, he could tell that he wasn't very appreciated by her by the way she talked to him but he didn't really care about it. He played on his phone while waiting for his lover to finish his meeting. 

When a few minutes later Pete appeared he saw the secretary stand up and adjust herself to greet him. She showed him her most beautiful smile and started to talk to him, and touch his arms. Ae started to feel jealous, he didn't like her touching what was his, it was worse when Pete smiled at her too. After a few more seconds she wished him a good day and Pete came up to Ae. And Ae had to take deep breaths to calm himself. 

"Ae, Im sorry did you wait for long? Why didn't you wait in my office ? "

"It's okay Pete, let's go eat dinner, you must be hungry. How was the meeting?"

"Yes let's go, the meeting was good....." Pete trailed off, telling Ae about the details of his day, Ae put his arm around Pete's waist and looked back to the secretary with a smirk. She was completely shocked and surprised looking at them with an open mouth. Ae found it funny and waved goodbye to her seeing her completely flustered.

They went up to Ae's car and as Ae started to drive Pete continued to talk about his day.

" Ae?! You know the new secretary is so young ! isn't she beautiful? She is really a nice nong !" Ae really didn't want to talk about her, but he didn't want to upset Pete either so he just nodded. "I think she loves one of our employe! It's so cute, a love story in our office would be so beautiful. I really want to help her confess, but she doesn't want to tell me who her crush is.."

"Pete...babe I love you but if you keep mentioning her Im going to kill her really. And don't meddle with their love life, let them figure it out by themselves. "

"Oh Ae, don't be jealous. She is a women and I love Ae"

"We're here, let's go I want to cook today" completly ignoring Pete's comment he got off the car, opened the door for Pete too and they went inside. Pete could feel that Ae was really upset but he didn't know what to do so he just helped him in the kitchen throwing Ae some small glances every few minutes. It made his lover smile, pete was really cute like this, he couldn't stay upset for a long time with such a cute boyfriend so he started to clarify everything.

"Pete, I'm not upset you don't have to pout like that....It makes me want to kiss you "

"kiss me Ae" Pete's bold answer never failed to surprise Ae as he leaned in and kissed him, a quick small kiss.

"Ae...why don't we try again?" Pete blushed and he stuttered "we've... never know... intimate since the last incident..."

This was the most adorable sight in front of him, pete asking him for more he couldn't be happier but they couldn't do that, the doctor had been clear not until Pete accepts what happened and doesn't shake in crowded places.

"Babe, we are intimate aren't we? We kiss, we hug, we sleep together and we even shower together. What do you want? You know we still need to wait for that a little more" he said caressing Pete's soft pink cheeks. Pete pouted a little more and hugged Ae "but I miss you" which made Ae chuckle

"Why are you so cute? I miss you too, just focus on recovering and then we will have all the time in the world to do that" He kissed Pete one last time. They then proceeded to eat and cuddle in front of a movie before going to bed.

3 days later

Ae decided to meke a surprise visit to Pete's working place because he had a long break. He entered the hall and heard the secretary talk about Pete to someone over the phone. He couldn't help to hide and listen to that private conversation. 

"I like Pete a lot, I will try to make him fall for me, he really is cute but I don't know if he is single or not but I'm sure he likes me a little bit, I always bring him his lunch and he always gives me such a big smile ! I really love this new job" that sentence made Ae's blood boil, he was not happy, he was really angry but he needed to talk to Pete about this all...his Pete shouldn't smile to her like that, it was his smile..only for him. When she saw him she ended her call and looked at him surprised

"Where is Pete?" Ae asked not even greeting her

"Working as usual, why ? is there a problem Sir?" she asked, she didn't really want to tell him the exact location where Pete was.

"Yes it's important, can you call him? Tell him is Boyfriend is waiting for him"

She looked surprised  "his boyfriend?"

"Yes, I'm here aren't I? hurry up and call him! No wait,  you know what? I will go get him myself."

He started to go toward the elevator when he felt her hold his hand "No you can't", she was gripping him really hard and preventing him to go further. It made Ae even more angry, and he shaked his hand really hard to break contact with her but didn't expect her to fall on the ground. As he was ready to help her get up he heard a voice and he knew he was in trouble...

"Ae !!"

Pete walked closer to the scene and helped her get up again. At first Ae felt really bad too about the situation...This is what happens when you let your emotion take the lead Ae ! but then he saw her smirk and understood that she faked the fall which got him angry again.... 

"Pete.." but he didn't get to finish his sentence when Pete's angry voice said "Why did you push her like that Ae?" 

If Pete's eyes could throw daggers...Ae would be dead by now 

Chapter Text


"Why did you push her like that Ae?"

Pete glared at Ae and helped Sacnite, she smiled sweetly at him "thank you Pete, I'm sorry if I caused a misunderstand between you and your friend...he was screaming and being really angry, I was afraid he would hurt you so I tried to prevent him to go up ...I'm sorry" She tried so hard playing the victim in this situation, going as far as lying to Pete. 

"It's okay Sacnite, don't worry. You can go back to your work now, thank you and Ae, follow me and let's go talk in my office..... now."

Ae was really feeling bad for making her fall but he also was really angry at Pete for showing so much care for the secretary right in front of him. She was clearly lying to him and yet he still stayed gentle and caring towards her, which made Ae's blood boil. Will he take sides with her? What is happening here while I'm not near you Pete...?

Pete didn't talk to him until they got in his office, he entered first and once Ae followed him he close the door and the curtains. He made sure they were not visible from outside and he sat down at his desk. Ae sat down in front of him. Ae was waiting for Pete to start talking but the boy didn't seem like he would do it anytime soon. Instead he was looking at Ae the whole time, waiting for him to break the silence. After a few more minutes, Ae couldn't take it anymore so he spoke first. 

"Listen Pete, I didn't mean to push her strongly like that okay? She just suddenly grabbed my arm so tightly when I wanted to get up to see you and I didn't like it so I just wanted to make her let go. " he tried to clarify the situation, he wasn't ready to get into a fight with Pete over a girl, he had enough fights in college over Champoo. 

"Ae I don't care. You can't be rude with ladies, she could get hurt too. Was I ever rude to Champoo in college ? She is a good girl Ae don't be so mad at her" 

His voice was firm and not as gentle as Ae used to hear it, something was off but he couldn't understand what...

"I'm sorry Pete, I didn't mean to." 

"Don't do it again, it's my working place I don't want her to spread bad rumors about you or say you're rude...."

was Pete tired of him? ashamed of him? or was he bringing shame by coming here? Ae's mind was full of questions now.  "Rude" was echoing in his mind...did Pete think he was rude?

"Ae? are you even listenning to me??!" Pete's voice stopped his thoughts but he felt even worse, he just wanted to get away now and be alone, he tried his best to stay calm and not show any of his emotions to Pete.

"I'm sorry? It won't happen again, I got it Pete. I will leave you to work now, I need to head back anyway" Pete was quicker than Ae at reaching the door

"Ae don't be silly ! we need to talk...please?"

"What is it Pete ? I think you are right, I shouldn't be angry here and I shouldn't cause a scene in your working place, it would put and your mother in an uncomfortable place"

"Ae ! I don't care about that !! I just don't want people here to talk bad about my boyfriend ! I hate it when they do that...I just want to protect you..." Pete was frustrated to hear the hurt in Ae's voice. How could he think that Pete cared about that image more than about him?

"Pete are you sure that's the only thing? Isn't it for her? Do you like her Pete?"

"Who ? Sacnite ? are you crazy Ae? I love you not her, I'm gay did you forget?"

"I'm sorry Pete...listen, I know it sounds stupid but I just don't like her, she likes you even I can tell, I don't like it when you are so gentle and kind with pisses me off"

A smile crept on Pete's face, his boyfriend was still jealous, Ae still loved him the same. He shouldn't be smiling like this and he certainly shouldn't be kissing his boyfriend right in his office but he couldn't care less so he just kissed Ae.

"Ae, I like your possessivness but I can't be bad with her, she is a nice nong. I know how you feel but trust me ? I love only you, you're the only one" 

"Then kiss me again"

Pete smiled and went for a small peck on his lips but he pushed Pete against the door and kissed him deeper, it's been a while since they could kiss like this, and both being really busy with work didn't help. Pete was a mess, too lost in the kiss and making small noises driving Ae crazy. But wasn't good either, his hair were ruffled by Pete's hand and he had to hold himself back. If they weren't in Pete's office, he would have taken Pete in the sofa, god knows how many times already but they are in Pete's office and his mother could come here at any moment so he recluantly pull away from the kiss.

"Pete...."he panted forehead against forehead, leaving them some time to catch their breath "I need to go back to work but tell me, you know she likes you right? You're smart enough so you figured it out right ?"

"Ae" Pete whinned but still hugged Ae, whispering in his neck "I know, but I promise I don't like her, I will let her know that. I will also make it clear that you are allowed here at anytime and that your my lover. will it make you feel better?"

"Thank you Pete, that's all I needed to hear" Ae pulled back from the hug to put a long kiss on his forehead before adjusting himself and telling Pete he needed to go back for real now. They kissed again, not as wild as the previous one, just small pecks until Ae really let go and opened the door to leave. He went down the stairs, and walked up the secretary.

"Sacnite, I'm sorry for pushing you that hard a while ago. I didn't mean to, I hope your okay now. I'm leaving now, please take care of My Pete, bye." He put the emphasize on the word my, to be sure she got the message. He couldn't help but still glare at her while leaving the palce.

I really don't like you, what are you up to ? I don't like the stares you give him....

He was in deep thoughts, all he could think of was Pete and Sacnite. He didn't want Pete to keep seeing her as a friend, but what could he do? That thoughts were torturing him until he remembered Champoo, did Pete feel this way when I talked and studied with Champoo? He just realized it, he made Pete go through these emotions back in college, why would be an exception, he will just have to face it like him in the past.

When Ae got home that night, he felt really insecure and restless waiting anxiously for Pete to get back home so he could sleep peacefully. 

Chapter Text

It's been a week since the incident with Sacnite happened and Ae made a lot of effort to not get angry or jealous at her. He still didn't like her but he made sure that the glares and stares they exchanged together were not seen by Pete. Pete is still really protective of her and he even said they are good friends now, so Ae is doing his best in seeing them together especially when Pete cancels a lunch with Ae to eat in his office.

Ae has asked Pete out tonight, he will be asking him to finally move in with him. The house renovations and everything is over and Ae already has the keys. He planned a really nice date, a sweet and romantic dinner in one of Bangkok's most beautiful restaurant where he would ask him to live with him.

Ae's POV:

I am so excited for tonight; I really can't wait for Pete to finish working so that we can go on with our night together. I booked a restaurant; it took me more than 16 calls and a week of waiting time to be able to have a table there. Pete should be here in a few minutes, and I just finished getting ready myself, he didn't want me to pick him up so I am waiting for him in the living room. 

The minutes are passing by so slowly, and I'm over excited about this so it doesn't help that I'm looking at my watch every 3 seconds. I'm pacing back and forth when my phone rings, I grab it as fast as I can and take the call

"Hello! Pete, where are you now? "

"Ae....I'm sorry I won't be able to come..."

The smile I had the whole day just faded away  and I couldn't even utter a word due to the shock...

"I'm so sorry Ae, we just had a meeting and we're going on a business trip to China again...I can't back off from this and the driver is coming to bring our luggage to the airport now. I really wanted to have dinner with you, but we can still do it when I get back right?...Ae please say something" Pete's voice was pleading and sad at the same time

"It's okay Pete; I'll cancel tonight's reservation."

"I'm sorry Ae you must have planned something nice and I ruined it"

"No don't worry, it was just a simple reservation we can do it again long is the trip?"

Yes I lied, I don't want Pete to feel worse knowing everything, I can ask Pete to live with me when he gets back it's not a big deal right?

"A week...."

A week???!!!! I really wanted to ask who is going with him but I don't want to sound jealous..

"Ae, Sacnite is coming too...I'm going with Mom and her. I don't want to lie to you and say she won't be there but I'll be with mom all the time I promise not to take alone time with her...please don't be mad"

"Alright Pete, be careful and don't skip meals! I'll be waiting for you. I'll let you go now, I will call to cancel the reservation then. Have a safe trip, I love you"

"Love you too Ae! I'll miss you"

I hang up after that, I couldn't talk anymore... I feel really bad right now; I've never felt like this in my life. I don't want to waste that reservation like that so I call Pond and ask him to go with Aim instead of us. At least they can enjoy a private and nice dinner as a couple there. After calling Pond and making sure that dumb idiot takes his girlfriend there. I change myself into my pajamas and decide to eat something quickly while watching a movie.

Meanwhile at Pete's office

Pete's POV:

After Ae hang up the call I feel even worse...why did they plan that stupid trip tonight. I know Ae must be upset, he must have planned a lot for tonight he was really excited about it all week and I'm canceling it at the last moment of course he would be upset.

"Pete, do you want to stay here ? I can go alone with Sacnite you know?"

Mom smiles at me from the door frame, I really want to be selfish and say yes but as the future heir of the company I can't do that and I know it.

"No mom it's okay, I'll make it up to him when I get back. I'll take a week off and spend as much time as possible with him until then I'll have to focus on work. Let's go?"

All the trip to the airport and even in the plane I couldn't forget about Ae's shaking voice and the worst was that I couldn't call him because every time I tried he didn't pick up. I think he really is angry and it's making me worried. However, I couldn't dwell on that longer because I had so many things to do. 

Back to Ae :

Ae feel asleep on the couch and when he wakes up he saw that he had more than 30 missed calls from Pete. He tried calling him back but it didn't went through so he just left a voice mail and went to take a shower. After showering he went to work, he had pretty much a normal day, like every others, the only difference was that this time Pete wasn't home waiting for him when he ended his late night schedule. 

He hadn't heard from Pete since the previous night and was starting to worry so he tried calling again but still no one picked up.  He didn't want to keep calling so he went to bed earlier to not be like a psycho waiting for Pete to call him. He spend two days doing that, but on the third day he was way too worried to sleep. It really wasn't like Pete to do that to him, so he decided to call Pete's mom instead just to be sure everything was fine. 

"Hello?" she picked up !

"Hello mom, it's Ae" 

"Oh Ae! How are you doing Son? did Pete arrive well?" 

"Pete ?" why was she asking if Pete arrived well? her question surprised him

"Yes Pete, how is he?" 

"Mom isn't Pete with you in China?" 

"No he left in the morning, he said he couldn't work knowing that he canceled a date and that you were alone. He felt sick and bad and took the first plane back to thaïland, me and Sacnite send him off and got back here to work. isn't he home yet ?" 

"Mom, are you sure he took the right plane? he couldn't have got lost in bangkok he knows the city well now! he isn't here mom, you're scaring me ! it's past 10pm right now, where would he be?"

Ae was really getting worried, why did Pete not call him if he was in thailand ? did something happened to him?

"Ae, he might felt tired and slept at the hotel.Have you tried calling his phone ? Don't worry me like that please"

"Mom, don't worry I'll try calling him back again and if not I'll ask my friends and we will look for him in the city. He won't be that far, I'll check every hotel too"

"Call me once you find him Ae "

"Yes sure mom, I'll call you back " 

Ae hang up and dialled Pete's number again.

[The number you are trying to reach is no longer available. Please try again.] 

Ae froze in his spot. What ? it's not possible it worked a few hours before ! He then called Pond and gathered all his close friends and they all went out in Bangkok with one mission : Find Pete. But after 5 hours of research, they couldn't find him. They searched in every hotels, bars and streets but no sign of Pete. Ae went to the airport but no one saw him there too so he went back home hoping to find Pete in the living room waiting for him. However, he was greated by darkness only, his heart was heavy, he was scared and worried but he was also desperate to find Pete.  Pete where are you if not with your mother and not home? 


Chapter Text

Ae felt useless, he couldn’t find Pete and he was worried sick because his boyfriend would never disappear like that…unless…unless he wants to disappear from his life. He brushes that thought away and calls Pete’s mom back to inform her that they couldn’t find her son. After an hour talk she decided to come back to Bangkok and help Ae search for Pete.

When she arrives home she finds a really disoriented Ae. His hair were messy, his clothes too, he looked pale and tired. They talked about how Pete wanted to go home to Ae and how they took him to the airport. Mrs. Putch decided to call the airline company to be sure that the flight did arrive safely in Bangkok and it did. They then went to the police station to report the missing but the officer told them that they have to wait 48hours and come back.

Back home Mrs. Putch did many phone calls and finally a train company called back. Pete took the train to go back home and they gave the exact location where he took the train and where he probably got off the train. Ae was surprised because Pete never took the train so why now? And why didn’t he take a taxi? Or call him? It was strange to him but he decided he would take the same train from the same spot and see if he can find out more. Pond and his friends joined him and even Tin came to help and search. They all took the train at the same spot, but divided themselves in groups of 2 to get off at each station until the last one.

After hours and hours of research, nothing was found. It was as if Pete just vanished into the air which was not possible. Tin made a lot of phone calls and confirmed that Pete didn’t book a hotel room. Ae got back home around 10pm after a day running everywhere and searching his lover. When he arrived home, Mrs. Putch told him that Pete took out a lot of money from his account but that’s all. They decided to go and ask the video to the bank so that they can at least see if he is fine or not.

The next day, Ae got up at 6 and surprisingly Pete’s mom was nearly ready but she forced him to eat breakfast before going out. At 7, they went to the bank, thanks to a lot of her relationships with rich people; they got the video without trouble. When the video started, Pete’s part shocked Ae; he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

[In the video :

Pete entered the bank happily chatting with another boy, taller than Ae and tanner. The boy had his hand on Pete’s back the whole time and was smiling to him. Pete smile to everyone and went to take out some cash before leaving with the boy again. ]

Ae couldn’t believe what just happened, Pete was not in danger he was just with another boy. He was so shocked that he didn’t realize Mrs. Putch taking him home until they were sitting on the sofa.

“Mom, I think we can stop worrying and searching for him…he seems happy with that man..he just left me mom” Ae’s broken voice was breaking Mrs Putch’s heart.

“Ae I don’t think so, he didn’t look that confortable with that boy. Ae don’t give up, let’s just wait to see what will happen”

“Mom, can I go home? I..I really need to think alone..if you have news please call me”

“Of course, go and rest” she hugged him and let him go.

Ae went to the apartment he bought for them. He lied down on the bed and kept replaying the video in his head. He really wanted to get drunk and forget everything even if he knew that it wouldn’t help, when he would get sober again, Pete will still be with that other boy. He spend hours thinking of why? Why would Pete leave him? Did he realize that Ae was too poor? But that man didn’t look richer… was he tired of Ae’s possessiveness?

He spends hours and hours lying down and thinking of every possibility until his phone started ringing. He didn’t want to pick it up so he just let it ring. But as soon as it stopped, it started ringing again and again. Finally, frustrated he took the phone call

“Ae? It’s mom! Please can you come here ? I really need you!”

“Mom? What happened ? are you okay?!” He got up so fast that his head started spinning but he still went out.

“Ae hurry and we will talk when you arrive okay?” she then hang up.

He ran towards his bike and hurried back to Pete’s house. When he arrived she was crying on the sofa. He ran to her.

“Mom, mom what happend are you okay??”

“Ae, Pete was kidnapped”

“what? What do you mean ?” he was confused as to how it happened, wasn’t he happily chatting with that boy?

“Ae… I casually just zoomed on the video I didn’t mean to and then I saw this” She showed him the part where she zoomed.

Looking closely Ae saw a knife right on Pete’s back, it couldn’t be seen in the video because it was small and well hidden but when you zoom in you can clearly see it. So Pete was doing what the man was asking him to do because of this? He hugged her and said “it’s okay mom, calm down we will find a solution” trying to calm her down even if his own heart was beating really hard. What will they do now? It took her a good hour to calm down and be able to think of something to find her son. She went to take a shower and when she got back she was in a better condition.

She wanted to show it to the police but Ae stopped her from doing that.

“Mom, let’s wait, they will call for a ransom. If we go to the police now they will probably know it and it might make the situation worse”

But what Ae didn’t tell her is that he already asked a good friend to investigate this while she was in the shower. He was relieved that Pete didn’t leave him but at the same time it would have been better if it was the case at least he would be safe. Was Pete okay? He was probably really scared right now and Ae hated the fact that for now he couldn’t do anything about it.

Chapter Text

A week has passed and still no sign of Pete, no ransom asked and even the police couldn’t find him. Ae was just a shadow of himself, he lost weight, and he barely slept…always sitting in the couch waiting for the door to open and Pete to walk through it. Pete’s grandmother was home too, she came back to help Mrs Putch take care of Ae. The boy was barely eating and speaking, the only thing he did all day was go out, look for Pete, search until late night, come back home and sit on the couch looking at the door. Mrs Putch wasn’t in a better state, she kept crying every night, praying and asking her son back but she couldn’t be like a Ae too, one of them had to stay sane and work.

Dew and Pond would come every day and try to cheer him up, honestly he stopped caring if they were there or not he just needed to be a vegetable for now. If he started going out of this state, he might actually kill someone from anger and grief so he just sat there looking at the door. As day passed, he started to believe that they wouldn’t call; they wouldn’t ask for a ransom maybe they killed Pete? Or sold him out to god know where. While he was tormented by those thoughts, Pond was chewing on some chips and watching the news next to him.

[On TV:

A new prostitution network was arrested in south Thailand, the police suspects them to have others networks in Bangkok. They were kidnapping young boys and selling them out to prostitutions in china and Japan…..]

Ae stopped listening after that, he stood up and started to go out. What if Pete was sold out there? The mere thought of it made his blood boil. Pond was running after him asking him where he was going but he didn’t care, he wants to go underground, he needs to see with his own eyes that Pete wasn’t there but a tiny little part of his heart hopes to find Pete there because at least he would know who to fight to get his Pete back.

Unfortunately for Ae, nothing he hoped for was there to be found in the underground world. This was another failure, Pete wasn’t there and no one had seen his face. Even when he acted as client wanting that boy, all they could offer were other boys, some older, some younger but none was Pete. He got nothing again, no clue at all and he was starting to lose hope to see Pete again. This was worse than Germany, at least when Pete was in Germany he knew how long he had to wait for Pete to comeback..but now will he ever comeback? Will they end up finding his body dead somewhere? Ae couldn’t live on if it happened; he was already at his limit.

Meanwhile in a Room not so far away:

Pete woke up in a huge luxurious room; he doesn’t remember well how he got here. As he slowly woke up, his memories came slowly back.

Flashback Pete’sPOV:

I just arrived in Bangkok, but I’m still far from home so I decided surprise Ae, I bought a cake and took the train to go home. I’ve asked the names of each station and asked where to go off, so it wouldn’t be a problem. I enter my wagon and sit down in my place, looking around I realize that I was alone in here. A few minutes later a man enters, he sits in front of me and pulls a gun out before telling me that if I wanted to survive I had to go off a the next station with him. I was so scared so I just nodded and followed him. He gave me instructions on how much money he wanted and how to take it off from my account. After taking the money, he forced me to sit in the back seat of a black car and put a handkerchief on my nose.

End of flashback

Pete understood better what happened but still had no idea about where he was and who that guy was. He looked around, looking for his phone when he realized he was only in boxer shorts. He started to really be afraid. Why did they take his clothes off? What do they want from him? The worst scenario’s started to play out in his head so he got up from that bed and ran toward the window. They are at the 2nd floor so if he jumps he wouldn’t be to injured would he? What should he do? He was really scared to stay here longer so he tried to open the window but it didn’t open; it felt as if it was glued… He then looked around the room and saw a remote control, he took it and tried breaking the window with it but it also didn’t work.

While he was still near that window, he heard footsteps coming his way. He was wondering what he should do, he couldn’t fight or he might get killed but he couldn’t run either so his last option was to sit on the bed, pull the covers and wait to see what will happen. But strangely as the steps were getting closer, they just passed in front of the room without entering. Pete just heard one sentence “there is still one person missing before the game really starts” what does it mean? What game? So he wasn’t alone and they kidnaped more people, but what will they do with them?

While he was wondering about it, a voice started to be heard in the room, he looked up and saw that there were loudspeakers at every corner of the room. Looking more closely Pete could also see small cameras on the top of each loudspeaker…He was busy analyzing the room so when the voice was clearly heared in his room he jumped with surprise. The voice chuckled creepily before saying: “Snow white woke up from his beauty sleep I see. Tell me where is your knight princess?”  

Chapter Text

" Snow white woke up from his beauty sleep I see. Tell me where your knight princess is?"  

'"Who are you?! Where am I? What do you want from me?"

"oh oh oh.. Too many questions sweetheart, you just woke up, calm down. I'm so hurt you don't even remember my voice and my name. Last time your knight in shining armor saved you from my grip; can he save you again this time? Hahahaha"

The voice & the hysterical laugh made Pete feel really uneasy, will he survive? He doesn't even know how long he has been asleep and if Ae is looking for him. Whose voice is it? The voice is too distorted by the speakers and it's not easy to recognize it

"It's me Pete, your beloved P. The one you had to obey but disobeyed to be with a I need to refresh your memory by coming down?”

"NO!" Pete shouted panicked "don't...don't come here...what do you want?"

"Aw Pete, what I want is simple, I want my revenge. Not on you but on Ae, I want to see him suffer and cry out in pain. I want him to plead me, to plead me for your life more than his own and maybe then I would kill him before killing you"

"No no trump don't do that please..."

"It's P'Trump for you Pete, I am telling you nicely but I won't be always nice don't make mistakes. You've been sleeping for 3 days now. Take the remote control and switch the TV on and you'll see your shorty. I'm sure you miss him right? So I'll give you 30mins each day to see him. Until my plan is completely settled at least"

"What plan..? What will you do?"

"I'll kill Ae, don't worry I'll let you watch it, then I will kill you."

Before Pete could utter a word Trump stopped the communication so he could just stare at the TV and switch it on. He could indeed see Ae; he was lifelessly lying on the couch. Pete couldn't hold it in anymore so he cried, letting his tears fall and wishing that all this was just a nightmare.

"P’Trump!! P!!!! PLEASE DON'T DO THAT!!!"

He was screaming his lungs out, hoping , praying for Trump to answer him. After 10 minutes of screaming he was tired, so he just sat there and cried some more but he heard the loudspeakers again

"Scream like that again and I'll also kill you mother!”

"no..." Pete's voice was faint, he cried too much and he had a hard time talking

"However I might have a deal for you. If you agree then I'll leave Ae and your mother alone.."

Whatever it could be, Pete was ready to risk it all, and if it could save his loved ones he would do anything.

"Pete time is ticking"

"Okay! Okay…I’ll agree. Whatever it is, I'll do it, just don't hurt them please..."

"Hahahaha Pete, you're so cute! Deal then!”

Meanwhile in Pichaya mansion:

"Ae please go out with your friends, you can't stay on the sofa all day sweetheart. It won't make him comeback faster"

Ae looked at Mrs Putch and wondered how she was being able to be this strong? He was already losing his mind; he could feel himself drifting apart already but he didn't want to argue with her so he just did as she asked and went out with Dew and another friend. However he didn't feel like talking or being with them, so he left them after a while and walked around in Bangkok. He walked endlessly around parks and places he went with Pete when he remembered that Tin advised him to pay a private investigator to look for Pete.

Ae called Tin and asked him to do it, after 20 minutes of intense conversation and a few phone calls later, they were both sitting in a café waiting for the investigator.

They didn't talk, it's not like they were friends but they lost someone in common so Tin was more open to help him. When the investigator arrived he was with two other persons. They all sat down and Ae started

"This is the boy you need to find, his name is Pete, same age as me. He disappeared a weak ago after taking this train and getting off here" he showed them the train station and the picture of the exact train Pete took. "I want you to find him and bring him home safe and sound. His mother offers 50 000 dollars as a reward. I add 30 000 dollars to it if you bring him home unarmed and safe"

"I'll add a bonus of 50 000 dollars to the one finding Pete the fastest and bringing him home safe, I don't want to see any kind of bruises on him, not even something he did to himself" Tin said it really seriously and the investigators agreed, took the papers and left them alone.

Ae said goodbye to Tin and went back home too, when he entered the house something smelled fishy. It was strangely calm, too dark and quiet. He looked for Mrs Putch and found her sitting in the couch looking through Pete's baby album.

"He was really cute, such an angel Ae" she looked up at him, tears in her eyes.

"I know mom, I know" he immediately went to hug her. "I hired a private investigator today; I won't give him up mom, I'll find him even if I have to travel to the end of the world. I will bring him back, give me some more time"

She hugged him back and cried, they were having a close moment full of emotions when her phone started buzzing. She took it but it was an unknown number.

"Give it to me mom, I'll take it for you"

Ae took the phone from her hands before picking the call up


"Oh, picking the mother in laws phone calls Ae? Haha"

"Who the hell are you?!" in anger Ae stood up

"Oh calm down shorty, I'm calling you to talk about Pete! You remember your princess? How long has it been? A week? Or maybe a week and 2 days since the last time you talked to him? Haha"

"It was you from the beginning! You fucker! I'm going to bleed you!! Where is Pete? Don’t you dare hurt him! I swear!"

"Oy oy! Speak nicely boy, open your TV I've send you a beautiful video to watch ! Bye bye"

Bip...Bip....Bip.. He didn't let Ae answer before hanging up

Mrs Putch switches the TV on and waits for Ae to open the video. He hesitates a second scared to see Pete.

[On the video :

Pete is lying on a bed, it seems like it's a hotel room but they can't really tell. His face is red, his eyes are half closed and there is a small thin blanked on him. The blanket isn't long enough to cover his whole body; it only covers his legs and private parts. His lips are trembling and his body too. Suddenly there is a loud bang against a wall and some loud noises and Pete jumps up from surprise. Fear could be clearly seen on his face as he tried to wrap himself more under the tiny blanket. Then a second bang can be heard but this time Pete only whimpers and tears fall from his eyes. They can see that he is trying his best to not be afraid but it doesn't really work because he seems frightened. While he is trying to calm himself down, a third loud bang can be heard followed by a few laughter. They can hear Pete faintly whispering "please" as a door opens suddenly and the video cuts. ]

While Mrs Putch stars crying even more, Ae looks at the now dark screen full hatred written on his face. He tried hard to calm down and think about what to do but his anger was too strong, he took his own phone out and threw it out against the wall in anger.

"Trump you're a dead meat...pray for me to never find you because if I do...if I do find you, I'll torture you until you're dead ...I swear!" 

Chapter Text

“Ae calm down, let’s think of something…what did they do to my son?” Mrs Putch’s voice brought Ae back from anger and he started to worry too, what did they do to Pete? Why was Pete nearly naked?

“Mom don’t worry, they probably just scared him a lot” who was Ae trying to fool? Maybe both of them, he didn’t want to think of the possibility that Pete suffered anything else than that.

The phone buzzed again, this time it was only a message

[How was the show? Did you like it? Don’t worry I won’t deprave you from seeing him anymore; I’ll send you a video per day until I decide it’s enough. I am watching you Ae, go to the police and you will find him dead even before they find me. Good night shorty]

“That bastard…Mom, I’ll find Pete don’t worry now I know what to do. Go to rest, I’ll gather some friends to find him”

Mrs Putch smiled at him, Ae was like a second son for her, she can’t imagine how she would feel, if both were trapped by that psychopath.

“Ae, my boy, please be careful too. I want you both to be safe and by my side so please don’t do anything useless, you hear me?” she patted his head while talking and he just nodded. Once she was out of the living room Ae texted Pond telling him to get there fast with Dew. When they arrived, he explained everything and they sat down in the living room.

“So you want me to find the exact location of Trump? Didn’t you try to locate where Pete is using his phone like last time with Can?”

“Dew! Do you think I’m that stupid? It was the first thing I did! But I found his phone but no trace of Pete I got only the phone...”

“Ae chill buddy, getting angry won’t help us! Dew can’t you think of something else to find Pete? We should rewatch the video again and look at some clues!”

“As if I would let you watch Pete nearly naked!”

Ae wasn’t happy with Pond’s idea; he didn’t want others to see Pete like that even if he knew it was foolish right now.

“Stupid! 6 eyes are better than 2! Hurry loads that vid, Pete is also my friend and I want to find him! “

Ae reluctantly did as he was told. They watched the video on replay for more than 25 times but there was nothing they could get out of it that would help them find Pete. After more than 3 hours of thinking and trying to come up with ideas, they all had fallen asleep on the couch exhausted.

After 3 day of waiting for more videos of Pete and getting nothing, Ae decided to watch the old one again. He wanted to make sure he missed nothing in it, even if the video was killing him more each day. He watched and rewatched, again and again but he still found nothing helpful in it. He then decided to save the video on his laptop just in case he needs it and he also saved all of Trump’s messages. This time, he will play Trump’s game but once he gets to be face to face with him, Ae will not hesitate to kill him. He was sure of that, so sure that he even bought a gun without telling anyone.

During the day he would be the old “Ae” lazing around the couch, being all sad but once everyone was gone to bed he would sneak out of the house. He found Pete’s grandfather’s studio which was soundproofed and where he practiced shooting with the gun. He would practice for 3 to 4 hours before going to bed too. It was already Sunday and Ae has asked Mrs Putch to spend her Sunday with his parents. He lied explaining his friends would use the house to watch movies and have fun and she agreed.

He was only with Pond that night in reality; he didn’t invite anyone else because only Pond knew about the gun since they bought one each. They practice shooting all day and when they came back to the living room it was already 8pm. Pond casually turned the TV on when he saw that Ae’s phone was buzzing.

“Ae!! Ae it’s your phone hurry!”

Ae ran and opened his phone; he received a new video today

[On the video:

Pete was lying down on his back, hands and feet attached to the bed. He was biting his lower lips and trying to control his fear here too. But once someone entered the room he whimpered and tears started to fall from his eyes. The man whispered something to Pete and Pete started to beg him to stop and plead him. They couldn’t see the man and they couldn’t see what he was doing in front of Pete because the camera was only on Pete. Pete couldn’t hold back and started screaming and calling Ae’s name and the video stopped]

Both boys looked at each other surprised and shocked. Ae couldn’t hold his tears anymore so he let them fall. Pond was so shocked that he could only stare at the phone. It was Ae who finally broke the long silence:

“Pond, I swear I WILL kill him so if you want to back out you can...”

“Never, I will hold him while you shoot him. I’m with you!”

“He calls me but I don’t even know where he is…how can I help him? How!”

Ae was going crazy, he couldn’t think of places they could have taken Pete to. He went around all Bangkok, he went to every hotel in the city. Are they outside Bangkok? But Pete didn’t go outside Bangkok from the video footage he saw. He was so furious that he just went back to the studio to practice shooting some more, he needed to vent his anger or else he might really get mad.

After being in the room for a while, he started to calm a little down anger fading away and worry taking its place. He put the gun down on the table and looked at the fake mannequin, when Pond entered the room looking worried with Ae’s phone buzzing in his hand.

“Ae…I think Trump is calling you”

Ae looked at Pond, before pulling him inside the room and closing the door behind them. 

Chapter Text

Ae looked at Pond, before pulling him inside the room and closing the door behind them.

He took the call and put the speaker on.


"Ae, Ae, do you know? The poor baby keeps calling and calling your name, crying day and night hahaha"

"You Son..." Trump cut him short.

"Oy! I would be careful with my words if I was you, Pete shouldn't be punished for your carelessness right?"

"Don't touch him psycho! What do you want?"

"I want nothing but Pete...Pete wants you hahah do you know he still wants you Ae, he cries for you, that's cute. But Ae, tell me, do you still want him?"

"Don't play with me! Where. The . Fuck. IS. HE?" Ae stressed every word, and Pond could tell that Ae was running out of patience.


"What the fuck! Where is he? What did you do to him trump?!"

"I can make you meet him Ae"

"Where? When? Tell me"

"I'll tell you but I have conditions"

"What? Speak"

"I'll give you an address, I'll ask people to wait for you there. You come alone Ae, I'm warning you don't joke with me or Pete will die the minute I see someone else than you. I have eyes everywhere in the city now, don't try and mess with me. If you come with someone, police or friends or anyone, know that he is a dead meat!"

"I'll come alone, tell me that fucking address!"


"He hang up"

"I noticed thank you Pond! What the fuck!"

"You don't seriously consider going alone right Ae?" Pond was worried about this whole idea, it could be a trap too

"I do. I won't let him mess with Pete like that, he rather mess with me. I'm the one who send him to jail and filed a report against him with Pete."

"That sick bastard! Ae let's shoot him this time!"

"Pond that's my job. Let's think of a plan for now! just in case it really is a trap"

They started to plan some possible outcome to what trump really planned... Later that night Pond went to bed first and fell asleep rather quickly, he was really exhausted. Ae was still wide awake in bed waiting for the address of the location where he would meet Trump and Pete he hoped. He got the address quite late and was surprised to see that it wasn't far from Pete's house. Does it mean Pete isn't far from home? I searched there too why didn't I find any clue? The meeting was scheduled for 7am in the morning. Ae thought about living a letter for Mrs Putch just in case he couldn't come back before her so he got up from bed and sat at his desk...Pete's desk would be more accurate.

"Dear Mom,

I'm sorry I hid things from you; I wanted to protect you even a little bit. Today (yesterday for you), Trump called again, he wants to meet me and let me meet Pete but I have to go alone...I agreed.

 I'm going to bring our boy back; I will bring your son back to you. I left the address in Pete's drawer in his bedroom, but don't use it right away please. Don't go to the police just after reading this either, wait for us at home and don't tell anyone. Act like you know nothing until tomorrow morning, you could compromise our safety if you do otherwise please follow me this time. 

This time Trump won't get away easily, I promise! If I'm not back tomorrow midday then bring my phone and this letter to the police. All videos, messages and calls are registered in it. You can find every audio of the calls I made with him. I think these should be enough to arrest him for good. My friend, Dew (you remember him?) will come over tomorrow so you won't be alone at home, just in case anything happens.

 I will do my best to bring Pete back sane and safe mom. I will do my best to protect him and bring him back to you. I won't let you lose him even if I have to die for that, I promise. Please take care of yourself too Mae.

Until we meet again,

I love you,


He finishes the letter and goes to sleep. When he wakes up the next morning it's already 6am and he go straight to take a shower and get ready. Once he is ready, he takes the letter he wrote and goes down, puts it on the kitchen counter and steps out of the house. He checks the surroundings before leaving just in case to be sure no one was hiding around the house to hurt Pete's mother. He then takes the bus until the meeting point.

Arriving at the place he needs to be, he gets off and heads to the dark alley he agreed on. He easily spots 3 people standing there and watching him. He can sense that there are more people there even if he doesn't see the others. He stops in front of the indicated shop by Trump and sees the 3 guys getting closer to him.

Soon he will see Pete, and his 1st thoughts are "Pete don't be scared, I'm coming for you"

"Hands up!" it was a voice coming from behind him as he feels a cold thing poking his back, probably a he obeys "Check him"

The other one starts touching him to check if he has any weapons when a walkie-talkie speaks "He came alone, no one showed up before him & no one showed up with him"

A few seconds later a big black van stopped in from of them and the one holding the gun behind Ae pushed him forward indicating him to go into the van. He did as they said, once he sat there, another one handcuffed him and blindfolded him. You're indeed smarter now many people work for you...but can you be smarter than me?

The car moved for a long time before stopping, everyone got off and they made Ae get off too. They entered a place, Ae couldn't tell if it was a house or an hotel but it was pretty big since they went up 5 stairs. They then made him turn left and right making him lose counts on how many times they turned and went up. Ae was trying to keep track but it was really hard, he was in the middle of counting how many stairs he went up when they suddenly stopped.

"We arrived. I'll take the handcuffs off but don't take the blindfold off now; you can take it off once you're inside the room. Obey and be good or I'll shoot you and that will be over quickly" once he said that, Ae felt the gun on his head when the handcuff were off.

"Don't make silly moves, you're here to save your boyfriend right?" before he could answer, the door was open and he was pushed inside of the room. He heard the door closing with a bang and hurriedly took off the blindfold. His eyes took time to adjust to the light before he could properly look around the room.

"Pete? " 

Chapter Text

“Pete ?”

Ae keeps looking around him and there is no sign of Pete, Trump trapped him too. He sat on the bed; at least he was now at the same place as Pete, just not in the same room. He could recognize the colors and furniture in the room because they looked familiar with the ones he saw on the 1st video of Pete.

“Haha Ae, you’re so funny! You really believed it would be that easy for you to meet your precious boy again? No no little boy, you will have to wait a bit more but you can watch through the TV and I can guarantee that you will also hear the sound for real hahaha”  Trump’s voice echoed around the room through the speakers and angered Ae even more


Shit! Where are you Pete?! I’m close, I know you must be somewhere here, I’m nearly there love please hang in there for me…

Just as Ae closed his eyes trying to gain his composure because he couldn’t think when he was angry the screen of tv light up. He opens his eyes just in time to see a room with Pete lying on the bed.

“Ae can you see him? See how cute he is, how pale he is haha Pete is sick”

Ae could have guessed it himself; Pete looks awfully paler than usually, nearly like a dead person.

“He has high fever these days, so I’m wondering shall I call a doctor or let him fight It with his immune system?”

Ae was doing his best ignoring Trump’s voice but he gave up

“Fuck you! Can’t you toy with me instead? I’m the one who put you in jail! I found you and beat you up, why don’t you try and make my life miserable instead?!”

“No Ae, I have better plans, don’t worry I can’t make you meet tonight because the show must go on. You will meet him tomorrow and then the real show will begin with the main stars together hahaha”

And that’s how Trump finished their conversation; the TV was still on so Ae just sat in front of it looking at Pete through the screen. He really wished he could go through the screen to Pete but that’s impossible so here he is, sitting in front of it and touching the screen and trying to imagine how it was touching Pete’s soft cheeks.

While Ae was sitting there, Mrs Putch just found his letter and started to be scared for both Ae and Pete but she did as Ae asked and acted as nothing happened waiting for the 24 hours to pass quickly.

Ae on the other hand is now really scared for Pete’s life, will Pete make the night? He looks so fragile and sick. Suddenly a name appears on the screen.

“Welcome to the Doomed Tower”

Ae looked at the golden letters on the screen for a while before it went off and a voice replaced it.

“Today’s challenges are not too difficult, so please vote which one you like :

  • Whip him for 30 minutes
  • Making him drink alcohol until he vomits
  • Make him take a bath in cold water
  • Let him rest today but cut his hair

You have 5 minutes to choose your favorite”

Ae was dumbfounded; he didn’t understand what was going on…where theses what they would do to Pete? Who was voting?

“I’m too kind Ae, today you can vote too. Which one do you chose?”

“Trump what is this? Are you kidding me?!”

“Ae chose one or I’ll chose for you and you know I’m not that kind with him”

Ae didn’t know what to do, shall he choose but what difference would it make every choice was making him sick…

“Tick tock Ae”

“Fine! Number 4, let him rest just cut his hair!!”

“Good, we will know which one won in a few minutes haha, enjoy the show”

Ae felt really frustrated, hateful and useless, what would they do to Pete? He waited anxiously in front of the tv for the results, he felt like watching his own nightmare on the screen..

Meanwhile in Pete’s room not far from Ae:

Pete was feeling weaker every day, his fever wasn’t going down and the room was really cold for him. The thin blanked he had didn’t cover his whole body and didn’t protect him from the coldness of the room. He just wanted to sleep, sleep and never wake up here again but even that was forbidden.

 He couldn’t fall asleep, every time he tried, his mother or Ae’s faces will pop up in front of his eyes and he would feel sadder than he already was. He looked up at the clock…”almost time...”

Hello sweetie!! I’m back did you miss me? Haha I have a nice surprise for you today. Ae came, he is here in another room not far from you, so I want you to scream really loudly today he needs to hear you”

“Please P’Trump…don’t….please…just kill me…”

“Oh Pete come on, you’re no fun! Obey me and I will put back the heating system of the room! Today they choose “whip him for 30minutes” you’re not lucky! Max will take care of you! Good luck hahaha”

As trump’s voice went off, Pete heard the door open. Max entered slowly inside the room walking his way up to Pete who closed his eyes as hard as he could, mentally preparing himself for the whipping. He did his best not to scream out in pain.

Back to Ae

Ae saw the screen light up again with “Whip him for 30 minutes” written in golden characters. His heart stopped right there, he went to the door and tried to open it but no use because he couldn’t even make it move a little bit. He came back to the tv when it showed a man entering Pete’s room and the next thing he heard was Pete’s screams. He saw the man taking his time and hitting Pete nonstop on the same spot, aiming it endlessly and then the TV went off.

Ae thought his nightmare was finally over when he heard a loud and clear scream coming from not that far. He ran to the door and couldn’t help but scream too


A few more minute passes, Ae was now sitting on the ground next to the door. The TV was back on, Ae could see Pete again, his lover was crying silently. He could see how weak the body was, it was red all over his back and belly, red long marks left all over him.

“Fuck you….FUCK YOU TRUMP! You better be smart, don’t let me catch you! I’ll ruin you, I’ll end you! DO YOU FUCKING HEAR ME? I’LL DESTROU YOU!”

The only answer he got was the Tv switching off and the lights going off as well. He lied down on the bed but he already knew he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep that night. Images of Pete being beaten up in front of him kept crossing his mind, the crying and screaming kept buzzing in his hears…”I’m sorry Pete… I failed again…I couldn’t protect you.” Silent tears escaped his eyes and he cried silently until the morning.

He felt weak even if he was lying down, seeing the morning light in the room he couldn’t help but glance at the door every two minutes hoping that they would get him out of here to meet Pete.

He waited a while before the same 3 guys came to his room, blindfolded him again and too him out and in the building before taking him to the room. They did as the first day, opening the door and pushing him inside of it before closing it. Ae took the blindfold off and looked around him but this time he wasn’t greeted by an empty room. This time he could see a tiny body lying down on a big bed with a small blanket covering his body.

Chapter Text

This time he could see a tiny body lying down on a big bed with a small blanket covering his body.

Ae recognized Pete right away and ran towards the Bed.

"Pete? Pete? Do you hear me?"

"NO DON'T TOUCH ME PLEASE!!!!" Pete was screaming, eyes tightly shut

"Pete! It's me, it's Ae. Look at me please, look it's me" he pleaded Pete, his voice full of worry

"Ae??" Pete slowly opened his eyes as if he was afraid that it was just another dream 

"Pete, it's me, they won't hurt you anymore I promise, look I'm here"

"Ae...why? You can't stay! They will kill you, you have to go and run away !!! please Ae..." Pete was clearly more scared than what he had imagined all this time.

"It's okay Pete, no one will kill me. It's okay don't worry"

"Ae...I tried to run...I can't..." Pete was now crying really hard

"It's okay angel, you don't have to run I'm here now, I will protect you"

Ae was trying his best to calm Pete down without touching him even if he just wanted to hug the boy close to him. He knows Pete still had the phobia and he was sure that it was worse now after all he didn't want to do anything without asking him first.

"Pete, can I touch you? Are you okay if I hug you?"

Pete looked at him surprise written all over his face. It was the first time Ae was seeing his face fully. There were so many bruises and red marks all over him, Ae couldn't help but feel his blood boil at the sight but it wasn't the time to get angry right now. He wanted to concentrate on Pete for now, he can kill trump later for all these. Pete's soft voice brought him back to reality

" can you still want to touch me..?" He was crying so much that he had to try 2 or 3 times before he could say the whole sentence.

"I love you Pete! No matter what happens, no matter how you look... my feelings won't change. That's why I still want to touch you, I still want you"

Ae tried to make Pete understand that no matter what happened here, he still wants Pete like before.

"Don't...don't touch me..."

"Okay I won't, I won't touch you but can I sit near you? You can say no"

"Don't go"

"I'm here Pete, I'm not going anywhere"

Ae then sits at the edge of the bed, as much as he wants to kiss and hug Pete he can't. He knows it will trigger the phobia and make thing worse than they already are so he controls himself. Now that he is with Pete, he looks around the room thinking about possible ways to escape this place.

While they are sitting side by side on the bed, the door opens. Two men enter the room and before Ae could tell what happens, Pete jumps up and presses himself onto Ae. Ae on the other hand, makes a barrier with his body to protect Pete.

"He has wounds that need to be treated boy; I'm here to do it so move away"

"No don't touch him! Give them to me, I'll do it myself. I'm not letting any of you touch him again!"

"I need to see the wounds, it might be dangerous. You can't treat it yourself"

"Ae...please...please don't let them" Pete's trembling voice against his shoulder broke his heart.

He feels torn in between letting the doctor have a look and doing it himself. He knows he can't lose Pete's trust now, so he still refuses to move away. The doctor having no choice left, hands him the medicine and says "If anything happens to him, you're the responsible one" before leaving the room.

Ae finally relaxes and moves Pete away from him.

"Pete, let me see your wound okay? We need to treat them so you could feel better"

"It's ugly Ae, don't look..."

"Pete please, let's work together on this okay?"

Pete nods his head and Ae proceed to take the thin blanket away from his body. He can see red marks everywhere, some places already turned purple. He slowly starts treating the wounds one by one, every time he touches one, Pete hisses and Ae wants to cry. Pete is holding onto his arm all the time and crying silently. When Ae finishes treating the wounds, he takes off his t-shirt and helps Pete put it on.

"It might be a little big, but it will keep you a little warmer" he tells to Pete beforenkissjng his forehead. 

He then lies down next to Pete, to his surprise Pete approaches him slowly and puts his head on Ae's shoulder, sniffing closer to his neck.

"I missed Ae" a confession Pete nearly whispered but Ad still heard it

Ae hugs him carefully not to hurt him, "I missed Pete too, so much I nearly died". They didn't talk more; they just lied down savoring each other's presence while they could, who knows what tomorrow is made of right?

Ae wanted to know what happened here all this time but he wasn't brave enough to ask. He doesn't trust himself to not get angry and to silently listen to the story so he didn't ask. Instead he asked something else that was triggering his curiosity

"Pete...what is "the doomed tower"?"

Pete looked at Ae's eyes and said

"It's a game on the dark you see the speakers at every corner of the room?"

Ae just nods indicating him to continue 

"Just a little above them, there are cameras, they register everything in the room...P'trump and some other people he knows, have created an online TV show they call "doomed tower". They film us and make a public vote on punitions or challenges to makes us the end of the week they vote for the one they want to get out of the game...."

"So they release one person a week?" Ae was sceptic it would be that easy to get away

Pete shakes his head "No....they film how they kill him and again the public decides the way the person will die..."

Ae was dumbfounded; he never imagined that this was going that far...

"Ae...P'Trump is working with a dark organization...he isn't alone in this...I think death is the easiest way out"

"Don't even think about it Pete! You have to stay alive! You hear me? I'll take us both out, trust me" Pete only nods, snuggling closer to Ae. "Sleep Pete, it's late "

He then hugged Pete and started to think how to get out without being killed...He indeed went right in Trumps trap. He didn't expect Trump to be this prepared to make them suffer, but knowing that Trump wasn't at the head of this all was calming him. He just needs to be able to meet the boss and make him suspect trump of betrayal and it might work out. While Ae was deep in his thoughts, he heard a small snoring sound and looked down at Pete who was sleeping peacefully on his arm. He couldn't help but smile, at least he found Pete back. It was a broken  one but it was still Pete and Ae promised to fix him again, to bring his Pete back to himself. 

Chapter Text

The following morning, nothing really happened as if Trump had forgotten about them. They were still wary of any sound but Ae's presence made Pete feel better. They spend the day in bed, Ae treated Pete's wound again to help them heal. They also talked a lot; Ae told Pete what happened from the moment they knew Pete was gone. Pete on the other hand, told Ae how ended up in this room and what happened since then....a series of tortures and nightmares for him.

Finally the day passed by rather nicely, and as they prepared to go to bed, the TV light up again. There was nothing on, just a white screen lightening the dark room. However Ae knew something was up when Pete started to get closer to him fear apparent on his face.

"Ae it’s starting..." But before Ae could ask what was starting, the TV showed their room. "The doomed tower" characters appeared on the screen and 3 option followed shortly behind.

3 options of the day :  vote over tomorrow morning for Ae Intouch.

  1. Whip
  2. Taser
  3. Tatoo "Pete" on his finger with hot iron.

After a few minutes the TV switch off again. Ae was surprised but glad he would take the punishment instead of Pete. Pete was already crying on his shoulder, so he hugged him maneuvering them so that both would lie down on the bed. He spends hours comforting Pete and they fall asleep like that.

The next morning as they were both sleeping peacefully, the door swung open. 7 men entered the room laughing loudly. Ae saw a glimpse the TV showing Taser in golden letters before they were pulled apart from each other. Pete was dragged away from Ae as he tried to hold onto Ae’s t-shirt, scared, he started screaming Ae's name.

"Aeeee! No a...please. Ae!" He was trying to free himself from the guys grip but it pissed them off as one of them slapped him, frightening him "shut up before I kill you both!" If Ae wasn't being held by 5 people, he would have killed that guy.

"DONT TOUCH HIM BASTARD!" He tried to release himself but they were stronger than him so screaming at them was his only option for now. He then looked at Pete

"Pete? Pete calm down, listen to me!"

"Ae....." Pete was a mess, crying like his life was threatened

"Shh… it's okay, don’t cry it’s okay it will be over soon. If you're too scared close your eyes, I’ll be fine"

While he was trying to make Pete stop crying, another guy entered the room bringing a chair with him. They made Ae sit on it and tied him down. It was so tight that he couldn't even move a little bit, his fingers were already going numb. The chair was right I'm front of the bed and facing it so they made Pete sit on the bed in front of Ae. He needed to see it after all.  

"If you move away from him or towards him, I will shoot him. Do you understand? Keep your eyes wide open and watch everything."

To say that Pete was scared was an understatement, he was terrified, and his heart was beating so loudly he was sure everyone else could hear it. His hands were trembling and so was the rest of his body. He nodded to the man, tears running down his smooth cheeks before looking back at Ae. To his surprise Ae was smiling down at Pete, probably to make him less worried and scared. But Pete knew it; he also knew that these little things called Taser were really dangerous. He read it somewhere that some people died from it and now he was really scared to lose Ae. Strangely Ae wasn’t scared of what was going to happen, he felt rather peaceful and happy, he was glad that they would do it to him and not to Pete. Better me than you Pete…

They were lost in each other's eyes, talking and soothing each other silently when the first Taser attack touched Ae on the belly. His body jolted from the sudden shock, he felt it, the electric shock and the pain, a pain that spread through his entire body so fast and strong that he didn't manage to hold himself together. He gritted his teeth, enduring the pain as much as he could silently, he doesn't want to scare Pete more by screaming out. He felt his heartbeat accelerating; the surrounding was getting blurred as the pain was getting higher. They didn't give him a minute to breath, they kept hurting him until Ae finally let a scream out…it was too painful even for him.

Pete was worried and crying, he looked at the clock and the torture had been going in for 10 minutes already and he could tell that this wasn’t the end. They were just letting Ae breathe and come back to his sense before going at it again. After a few minutes, they did it again…stronger and longer. They moved the Taser everywhere on his body. Then one of them took it away, laughed and it on Ae's neck and used the Taser there too. Ae's screamed due to the pain, his body convulsing badly, it was so bad that it made him fall on his left with the chair while his body still went on convulsing due to the aftershock of it.

The man holding the Taser kicked him while screaming at him but neither Pete or Ae understood what he said. Pete was too focused on praying that the whole session ends and Ae was not hearing anything as the pain was overtaking everything else. They put the chair back up. They used the Taser everywhere before using it again on Ae's neck one last time and concluding the session. They untied Ae and didn't bother holding Pete back anymore. They made Ae stand up and they took the chair while leaving the room. Ae hold on until they left but once the door was closed and Pete rushed to his side, he fell... face first into Pete's open arms. It scared Pete, was Ae dying? The mere thought of it was unbearable, Ae can’t die and leave him alone there.

"Ae? AE PLEASE! Please...don't die..."

Pete held Ae in his arms and managed to bring him back on the bed. He lied Ae down and saw that Ae had his eyes closed, was he unconscious? He tried waking him up but Ae didn't respond. So he tried to check if he is still breathing and yes Ae was alive. Actually he was drained, all his energy was gone and he couldn’t move or speak. He just wished to sleep a little bit and so he did, unable to stay awake longer. While Ae was sleeping, Pete cried silently on his side, hugging him and praying that Ae wakes up soon.

After a while Pete finally calmed down, he was still holding onto Ae but he was not crying anymore. Ae slowly emerged from his small nap, he was a little bit disoriented but he felt a little better. His body was aching everywhere even burning around the neck but he was glad to be alive.  He remembered leaving a crying Pete when he fell asleep and he could feel him on his body. As his arms were still hurting he tried speaking to Pete first.

"Pete?" His voice was hoarse, it hurt him to speak but he forced the sounds out of his throat, he didn’t expect it to sound so hoarse and weak.

Pete moved a little to be able to see Ae, but instead of talking his eyes filled in with tears and he hugged him closer crying again kissing Ae’s temple.

“It’s okay Pete; I'm okay, just tired there is nothing for you to be worried about."

“I’m glad you are alive Ae…I was so scared to lose you”

Ae did his best to cradle Pete in his arms even if it hurled him, his arms were numb and moving them was harder than he thought. He still managed to do it and Pete hugged him back, head nestling against Ae’s torso. They stayed in that position, none of them spoke and none of them moved until they finally fall asleep again.

Chapter Text

Mrs Putch has been waiting patiently for Ae to come back as he told her in his letter but she had no news since he left the house the previous day. It was already 1pm and there was no sign of either Pete or Ae. That's why she decided to go to the police station today.

She went up to Pete's room to take Ae's phone and the proofs she needed but being in her son's room was harder than she expected, the memories flashing through her mind where killing her slowly. The bright smile her son had, the cute laugh and sweet mom's screamed from afar as he was running towards her in the morning...all these little things were things she missed having every day. She sat on Pete's chair near the desk, everything Ae told her was indeed in her son's desk's drawer. She remembered all the nights her son would sit here and write on a journal or talk to Ae on the phone, the nights were his smile would light up the whole room... looking back at the phone she saw that it was placed on a picture, she took it out revealing the cute image hidden underneath it. It was a picture of Pete; he was smiling while hugging a pillow and sleeping. A peaceful and soothing picture to look at...a picture probably taken by Ae since he adores watching Pete sleep. Is Pete aware that this picture exists? She smiles thinking that this must be Ae's little secret.

She put it back where it was and closed the drawer but her eyes caught on a picture of Pete and Ae together. Ae was sitting against the garden tree and Pete was sitting in between his legs. Ae was hugging Pete from behind and both were laughing. She couldn't help but smile bitterly at the picture, she missed her sons. They were both important for her; she couldn't live on without them by her side. She never thought that Ae would take so much importance in her own life but the kid helped her go through so much that she took him in as her own son. She loved them both so much, she would give up all her fortune for them to be back home right now.

She got up and went out of her house determined to bring them back home safe and sound and the Police better help her out for that. She was ready to fight and ask help from anyone qualified enough to do something about this situation. She can't be sitting at home waiting for a miracle anymore.

At the police station, the officer received her proofs of a kidnapping and told her they would do everything to find them. He then told her that they would call if they find anything new. She then called Pete's father, she didn't tell him anything about the kidnapping yet but she knew that she wouldn't be able to hid it forever so she decided to tell him herself. His reaction was the one she expected, accusing Ae of everything. He then told her he would go back to Thailand as soon as he can to help her find Pete. His worried voice reminded her of the times when they were a real family but it was long gone now, they were just a father and a mother now trying to find their son.

After talking with him, she was feeling exhausted, she started to head back to the house. Once she parked her car and was ready to get out, she saw a boy standing in front of her door so she decided to not get out of the car just in case. She opened her phone and took out a picture of Dew that Ae send her a while ago, just to be sure that wasn't someone else...she compared the picture and the boy. She was relieved when she saw that they matched completely and then she felt that it was safe enough to get out of the car. When Dew spotted her, he immediately "Waïed" politely

"Hello Mrs Putch, Ae send me to stay with you today"

"Hello Dew, come on in"

She opened the door and invited the boy in, they heard someone scream after them.


They looked back to see a ChaAim running and crying towards them. When she finally reached them, she was out of breath. Mrs Putch helped her walk and all of them went inside. They all went to the living room and sat down on the couch.

"What happened Aim? Why are you crying?"

Dew was the first one to break the silence; he never really saw her crying before so something must have happened for her to be in this state and he was worried.

"Pond...Pond is missing!"

"What? I talked with him yesterday!"

"He went out this morning saying he will get us some breakfast but he never came back!"

Mrs Putch hugged her "it's okay, I'm sure he will be back soon don't worry too much. Are you alone at home now?"

"Yes, since we live together but I've never been alone before, he always comes back before 8pm"

"Then let's go there and we will wait with you there, don't cry, come on let's go"

Mrs Putch helped her get up still hugging her, Aim was still crying but being hold on by Pete's mother helped her calm down a little bit. She knew she wasn't alone in this mess, she only hoped that nothing happened to her perverted boyfriend. She was used to have him around every day, she was used waking up with him and going to sleep with him. They started living together after university, since then Pond had always been there when she woke up or went to sleep.

There weren't days they were separated and he never disappeared without telling her before where he was going. She knows something happened today, he either got into troubles or was kidnapped or maybe he was unconscious somewhere? She is scared since everyone around her was disappearing one by one, first Pete, then Ae and now Pond...what was happening?!

When they arrived to her house, she looked around the house to see if he came back but there was no sign of Pond. They all sat down in her living room, no one was talking, and they just sat there and waited for Pond to come back. After a few minutes, Dew's phone rang and he went out to pick it up.



"Yes I know! Don't be stupid, I'm with Pete's mother and Aim right now!"

While Dew was on the phone, Mrs Putch came out of the house to ask him to order food after ending his conversation to which he nod to let her know he understood what she asked.

"Yes Pond is missing, look out for him until then I'll stay with the girls. Remember don't do anything stupid without talking with us first or I'm going to complain to the boss and he will kill you"


"Okay, see you! Keep me updated"

Hearing that, Mrs Putch went to comfort Aim and let her know that the boys are looking for her boyfriend. Then they all ate together when Dew came back with food and they spend the night at Aim's house. Pond still wasn't home and Aim was really worried about her boyfriend, he was not like Ae, he was weaker. Despite Pond being always ready to fight for his friends, she knew that Ae protected him most of the time because when you fight alongside Ae of course you can win but alone he would be dead. She called every hospital around there to see if he was there but he was in none of them.

By the time she finished, Dew had fallen asleep on the couch. Both Mrs Putch and Aim shared the bed, it was strange to sleep next to Pete's mother but none of them wanted to be in a bed alone. This way they could be each other's support in this mess. Mrs Putch couldn't fall asleep and she knew Aim was worried over her boyfriend so she decided to try and lighten their mood.

"I would sleep with Pete like this, when Ae wasn't home because Pond told him horror storied over the phone. Pond thought he was telling Pete good jokes but Pete was scared and he would come and sleep with me after that"

Both girls laughed "Pete is such a sweet boy; he always tries to prevent us from hitting Pond. But Pond has a serious problem with what is a joke and what's not"

"I'm glad Ae is taking care of my son, I'm happy to see him having friends like you all" She was indeed glad her son had met them all through Ae. At least he made real friends outside Tin.

"I'm glad to have him as a friend Mrs Putch, he is really nice and Ae of course is always there to protect each and everyone here. I'm sure Pete will be back soon and I know Ae will protect him"

"I know Aim, just as I know Pond will be back soon to you"

They smiled before wishing each other a goodnight and going to sleep.


Chapter Text

Days have passed since Ae had to face the pain of the Taser but his body is still a little bit weak due to the pain. These days have been difficult but he managed; Ae understood how far this game was going and how powerful the people behind it were.

It wasn't just Trump's revenge, Trump literally worked for an organisation and someone smarter was the leader or else the police would have already found them. From the small conversation he heard here and there, this is TV show that existed for 3 years now. 3 years that people disappear, that families are losing children and no one found them. Getting out would be more difficult than what he planned but he was sure he would not rot in here with Pete.

Food was served 2 times a day, one in the morning: 2 breads with a bottle of water and some a few candies and one at night, usually a porridge and bread. Nothing to keep your energy high, but enough to keep you alive and hydrated...Ae left all the morning food for Pete, the boy had gotten skinnier. He watched as Pete munched the food down, watching Pete eat and smile was what he liked the most in this prison like place.

After Pete finished, they put the rest of the food on the table and sat on the bed. Ae was looking at the Camera's, he had noticed a pattern in them. They weren't filming them 24 hours a day like they pretended it where, he could see that between 4 and 7 they were turned off. Ae observed it for the past few days, he also noticed that people were going back and forth in front of the door every 5 hours and nothing seemed to happen outside the room in between those hours. He couldn't do anything with these information for now but he knows these will be useful later. Ae also notice the pattern of the "punition" times, one punition, two day of voting and so on. So according to what he observed, today was a punition time again.

He waited for someone to enter the room and start doing whatever task they had to do but nothing happened. He was waiting from the morning and started to doubt his theory when he saw that it was 4pm and still no sign of anyone around their room.

"Ae?" Pete hugged him

"Yes Pete?"

"Can we lie down, you seem so out of it today" Pete was clearly worried, it's true Ae didn't talk much these two days and he always looked sleepy and tired. That's because he doesn't sleep much, he fakes it enough for Pete to sleep and then waits patiently to check if the camera's are still working.

Ae knows something will happen today, he can feel it but he doesn't know what to expect when suddenly they hear shouting and crying not far from their room. Pete runs toward the window, Ae follows behind.

Pete's window is showing the back garden of the place, a boy is dragged by 3 people. Everyone has a mask on except the boy, Ae frowns, "what are they going to do?"

"Ae, let's not watch please, let's not..." Pete hugs Ae and hides his head on Ae's neck "they will kill him"

Ae heard Pete clearly, but still didn't move instead he told pete to close his ears and he hugged him. He kept on watching the scene out, the boy was begging them, but the 3 of them didn't care they just laughed waiting for more instructions. A few minutes passed, another man joined them, his was stiff but no one noticed, he said something took a gun and the others went back inside. The man put the gun up as Ae closed his eyes ready to hear the shoot and he heard it 3 times. Ae felt his lover trembling in his arms so without looking back outside he took Pete to the bed making him sit down. He wanted to reassure him that everything was okay now but a voice interupted him.

"Ae get ready, you will be flogged today hahahaa"

Pete looked up at Ae, and Ae smiled "Pete remember, it's okay, he won't kill me he needs me for now don't worry"

Two men entered the room, Ae got up thinking they were there for him. One of hem took him but the other one took Pete out. They took them to a basement like place, Pete had seen it on some videos, that's where they usually shoot people and his body began trembling, lips quivering but he wasn't able to utter a word. The men placed them face to face on a chair and tied them down. Ae tried thinking rationally what could he do now? if he did something wrong they might get both killed, so the only think he could think of was to smile at Pete.

The whipping session started with Ae, if Ae screamed they would hit Pete and if Pete screamed they would do it harder for Ae. Blood was running down Ae's back as he was gritting his teeth harder and harder and clenching his fists. Pete was in a better condition physically but mentally he was a mess. He just wanted to die, he wanted these to stop and he was feeling guilty. Everything started from him and now Ae was being seriously injured because of him, because he was trying to protect him.

When the guys stopped playing with them, they just released them out of the chairs and then they left. Ae lied down on his belly, as his back was bleeding and Pete lied down next to him. They had nothing to wipe themselves because they were in boxers only. Slowly, with difficulty they managed to hold hands, Pete crying and Ae smiling, the scene was sad to watch. They stayed in that position for hours before Ae moved again, stroking Pete's cheek as the boy had fallen asleep huggin Ae's hand. Ae used this time to look around the room and spotted an old mattress and an old duvet. He tried to get up but his legs were wobbly, and he nearly fall on Pete. Hearing Ae curse, Pete opened hi eyes, "Ae ? what happened are you okay?"

"Pete help me get up, let's head to that mattress over there, it would be better since I'm sure the room will get colder tonight"

Pete nodded and they both went there, they tripped and failed a few times before reaching the mattress but they managed to do it together. Ae checked on Pete first, looking at the wounds, he was glad Pete's wounds were just red and there were no cuts unlike his.

"We really need to get out of here Pete..."


Chapter Text


As woke up feeling numb, his body wasn't responding to him like it normal does. Pete was sleeping next to him, still holding onto his hand. He painfully pulled his body up in a sitting position to look around the room, get a better view of their new room. First thing he noticed was the floor near the two chair where they had been tortured, a big puddle of blood was visible, probably all the blood he lost from the whipping. He took the opportunity of the fact that Pete was still sleeping, to check on the boy and was glad to find out he had just some small bruises.

Looking further around him, he noticed some blood here and there, indicating him that they weren't the only ones being tortured here. In a far cornee he could see the blurry features of a skeleton, it was too dark there to tell if it was a real one or a plastic one. Nevertheless, it was seedy.

"How is your new room?" A black masked man asked as he was closing the door behind him, before taking a sit facing Ae.

Ae pulled Pete closer to him "What do you want?"

The man lit up a cigarette, "talk, boss send me he has questions"

"If he has questions then let him ask them himself"

The man laughed, the discussion woke Pete up who looked lost seeing Ae sitting and then scared acknowledging the man's prescence. He curled up next to Ae, not know what happened when he was still sleeping.

"The boss knew you would say so, you can come up with me to talk to him but your sweetheart has to stay here with one of us"

"As if I'd leave him with you."

"We won't touch him, we are forbidden of doing anything to him while you are gone."

"Why would I trust you?"

"I have no weapon, my colleague too and we keep him here just in case you try something funny."

As looked at Pete, wondering what to do, this was a good opportunity to meet the boss and convince him to release them but he didn't want to leave Pete with those mens.

"Ae go, I'll be okay. They promised not to do anything while you are there, I'll wait for you"

"Promise me you won't touch, talk to him or scare him in any way be it physical or mentally, then I'll go. "

"Promise, we won't do anything, I won't even stay in the room I'll wait for you outside."

As kissed Pete's forehead before getting up, it was painful but he managed. They got out of the room leaving Pete there, there was indeed a man in front of the room who just nodded when they left.

"Dont look so tense, he is just mute he can't talk. He won't do anything "

They went up 3 floors before standing in front a big wooden door, the man ringed the bell, a servant opened and they entered the room. Ae sat in front of a desk and waited for the so called boss to arrive. A few minutes later a tall man entered, he was wearing all black and his face was hidden under a black mastk. Great, I won't be able to indentify him either

he sat down in front of Ae, "so why does trump hate you so much ?"

Ae smiled "because I beat the shit out of him before sending him to jail for trying to rape my Boyfriend"

"Interesting, I saw that video, you have pretty good skills, how come?"

"I've trained, Taekwondo for years, I like sport, simple."

"Trump forgot to warn me who that Pitchaya was, and now the Medthanet's are after him too. They are making my business difficult, I have 2 options left : get rid of you two or send you back. Sending you back would be dangerous if you speak out about this."

The man was talking to Ae but Ae felt like he was thinking outloud.

"Killing us won't spare your business as they would then look for what happened to us and who the murdere where. But I can help you out if you help me"

This was it, Ae knew that either he failed here or succeeded but he had no other choice than try and negociate with this man.

"What do you have in mind?"



"Think about it, just send us in a hostel, either one, send us 3: Me, Pete and Trump. Then let the police catch him. I will help and plead against him and only him. WE get to be free and you will never get caught by the police"

A long silence followed his plan, if the man agreed on this, then Ae could get Trump easily without worrying about the other gangsters being present and killing them both. He could give trump a sweet taste of his own medecine and then he could see how to make this business shut down. But for now, he would keep these for himself, until he is sure Pete is in a safer place.

"Deal. But as there have been votes today, you will get your punition tonight to not make it suspicious and I can't do anything about it. Tomorrow and for 3 days, you will have a doctor to heal your wounds and patch you up both, then once it is settled, I'll send you out with Trump. From the moment you get out of this house, you forget about this game and this house all together, hear me?"

Ae just nodded and shaked the man's hand, he got what he wanted. The previous boy, entered the room again and escorted Ae down to the basement. Walking was still difficult for Ae, as he could feel his wounds burning but just the mere thought of getting out of this hell kept him going. They reached the room, and he entered without asking further questions. The boy closed the door and left.

"Pete, I'm back, everything...." he cut his own sentence, one of the men was sitting next to Pete on the bed, holding Pete's body as his eyes were closed.

Ae got enraged instantly, getting ready to fight when the man stood up.

"Ae, calm down !"

That voice wasn't unfamiliar, not it was a voice he was used to hearing.

" Ai POND??????"


Chapter Text


"SHHHHH, do you want us all to be killed?! Stop screaming"

"What the hell are you doing here ?"

Pond smiled "surprised you right? I have a plan to save you guys! "

As was getting stressed out by having Pond in here, he didn't plan this, he really didn't expect this idiot to be there.

"No you listen to me, you're going to get us killed! What if they catch you go out of here ??"

"Dont worry,  everyone left already !"

"Listen to me, you will get out of here, out the room, the building and go back to your girlfriend and wait for us there, are you stupid to enter here alone? Ive talked to the boss, in 3 days we're going to another hostel, then we will be free and I'll call you. Once we are out, youre going to tell me how you entered this place without getting killed"

Pond sighed he knew Ae would tell this," okay buddy, but I'm not alone, Dew is here too. We will wait and take you guys put when needed. I'll go now before they notice I'm missing"

Pond patted Ae's shoulder before leaving as quietly as possible. As took a deep breath, "Why are they making my job more difficult..."

"Ae?" Pete's voice brought his attention back to the room, he went and sat by his side "hey, how are you feeling? "

"Pond was here, right? Or did I dream it?

As stayed silent a few minutes before answering the question, "Ai konchai, it was just a dream, he wasn't here...I didn't see him" ....I'm sorry Pete its better you don't know he was there,this could go wrong if you did..

Pete just smiled and cuddle next to Ae, "it felt good to have a friend here, but it's sad it's just a dream."

"Its okay in 3 days we will be out,  I talked with the boss, he will send us to an hotel and let trump deal with us alone then I can get us to be free. We just need to be more patient."

"Really? Ae I'm glad ! I miss Mom !! She must be lonely..."

"Really, don't worry she has Aim and the others until we get back. Tonight is the last punishment. I'm sorry we will have to face it"

Pete didn't answer, instead he just hugged As closer to himself, silently praying for it to be only for him not for Ae. 


An hour passed, then two before anyone showed up in the room. There were 5 person entering the room, one was holding a camera and the four others hand some tools in hands but Ae couldn't really identify what it was.  Not knowing what the "punition" would be was more stressful than just knowing it and silently suffering. A table was placed in the center of the room, the boys didn't pay attention to Ae and Pete, they were busy setting up the place.  Once they finished, one of the men turned to them, gesturing the chairs. 

"Sit down" 

Ae helped Pete up and they both sat down on those chairs, facing each other. 

"Today you can choose between two things, the public decided to leave the choice to you." He handed both Ae and Pete a piece of paper. Ae was quicker than Pete to grab his and open it.

[Tattoo / Rape Pete] 

Uppon reading the words he got, his mind went blank. He definitely wasn't expecting to have to chose between these two things. What do they even mean by rape Pete ? he looks up and see Pete looking down on the paper just as surprised as himself. He reached out his hand and takes the paper from Pete's hand, the same sentence is writing for him

[Tattoo / Rape]

"Have you made up your mind, which one do you chose?"

"Tatoo"/"Rape" Both talked at the same time. Ae looked back at Pete, "You're not choosing rape Pete !" 

"Ae the tatoo will stay there, I don't want you to be more hurt! just chose the second option" 

Pete was serious and Ae could tell that he was determined to do what he wanted but Ae wasn't going to let it happen. He stood up, walked to where the boys had placed their tools a few minutes ago and took one of the hot iron in hand, "Where is the tatoo supposed to go?" 

"On you're middle finger", it was the one who was filming the whole scene who answered Ae. 

Ae looked at Pete, "I'm sorry Pete, but I'm not giving you any choice about this." he then extended his hand and before Pete could react, he was pressing it against his finger. The pain that it caused, made him dizzy, he was going to let go of the iron but the closest gangster took it and pressed it harder against Ae's finger. Ae could feel his skin melt under the hot tool, every fiber of his body was burning hot, the room was spinning and the pain was overtaking everything else. 

By the time, they took the iron away, Ae's was already on his knees, vision blurred and head spinning. He could feel his body tremble, convulsing at the intense pain it just went through. Every punition and pain so far seemed to be so gentle compared to the pain he was feeling right now, the burn was something he couldn't stand. After a few minute, he came to back his senses, Pete was kneeling next to him holding his burned hand and crying. Ae looked down at his finger, he could see how the skin had burned, leaving a red mark on his finger. When you looked closely, you could see that "Pete" was written there now. 

As Ae thought it was over, one of the guys helped him get up and then holded him firmly while the other one, took another hot iron, and went closer to Pete. He took Pete's hand, taking a look at his fingers, thinking where he would tatto Ae's name. Ae tried his best to get rid of the one holding him but his body was so weak that he couldn't even move. He could only watch as the man lifted the Iron, ready to tatto Pete. He didn't want to see this so he closed his eyes as tight as he could, preparing himself to hear Pete scream but it never happened. 

"What are you doing here ?" he heard one of the gangster ask, he then opened his eyes slowly. One of them had just entered the room, interrupting whatever was happening.  He was holding a paper in his hand and showed it to them. 

[The boss said it's enough, go back to your work, he is waiting for you] 

"You guys are lucky ! You escaped this !" The one holding Pete pushed Pete down after saying this and they all gathered their equipments and left the room while expressing how disappointed they were for being cut in the middle of such a fun time. 

Once they left, the only one remaining spoke up "Fuck ! I came too late, I'm sorry guys!" 

Ae shook his head, "No thank you! you saved Pete from this. I'm sorry Pete I acted on impulse, but I don't want to see you get raped, by me or by anyone else !" 

Pete stood up and went in the back of the room, Ae knew that the boy had rights to be angry at him but he didn't expect him to ignore him like this. He looked back at Pond, "You should go too, don't stay inside here too much or it will be suspicious". 

Pond nodded, and headed back to get out of the room. Once he closed the door, Ae tried to get up but he saw Pete coming back to him with a pack of ice in his hands. 

Chapter Text

Once he closed the door, Ae tried to get up but he saw Pete coming back to him with a pack of ice in his hands.

"Pete? where did you get these" Ae couldn't help but ask as Pete was using the ice to cool down his wound.

Pete didn't answer him, still angry at what Ae had done, he pressed the cold ice a little stronger on the wound

"Pete too strong!" Ae hissed, and took the ice from Pete's hand.

"There is a fridge on the left corner, there, I scratched the ice remaining there"

"Pete, you can be angry with me, but I don't care, there is no way I'd let you take rape as punition"

"As if it would be the first..." Pete whispered but Ae still heard it, he went from confusion, to shock and to anger in seconds.

"WHAT ?"

Pete flinched, he had tried his best to not let Ae know but he failed today again. Stupid anger ! stupid brain! He cursed himself for letting this slip his mouth due to anger. He looked at Ae, Ae had never looked so angered before, if he could kill someone that person would be already dead. He was fuming with anger but he was trying to calm down, getting angry at Pete wouldn't help them, sure he was angry at Pete for hidding this information from him but he also knew that the boy must have been scared to tell him any of this.

"What happened..? who? when?"

Pete too a deep breath, hodling back tears "It was the first week I was here...At that time only trump was allowed in my room. I spend 2 days completly knocked out by some pills they made me take and I woke up naked in bed, I just had my briefs on." His voice was shaking so Ae took his hand to encourage him "The following day, he came to bring me breakfast, I refused to eat it, I thought it would have some other medecine to knock me out and I was scared of what he would do... He then handcuffed me...and froced...forced it down my throat...I couldn't even eat properly. Then I did feel strange...then he did it...I don't remember clearly...but I'm sure he did..."

Trump drugged Pete to rape him, Ae was surprised but deep down he knew trump would have done something similar to that. He get up, his feet barely supporting him, he went the door and tried to open it. Of course it was closed, but As still calmly talked to the door "you're a dead man, just wait for it".

Pete on the other hand was still sitting on his knees, he was feeling ashamed and disgusting. He knew Trump did something to him while he was under drugs but did he really rape him? He wasn't that sure, his lower back didn't hurt when he woke up but there was blood on the bed. It's been days since that incident but he still can't remember anything, he just assumes what trump did..

"Pete, let's go to bed"

Ae was already walking towards the bed when he called Pete, but the other didn't respond to him. So instead of going to bed, he went up to Pete and dropped on his knees before back hugging him.

"You are still beautiful Pete, you still are the pure baby Pete I love so much. They can't do anything to change that, whatever truly happened when you were asleep or awake doesn't matter, they just dirtied themselves. They touched an angel with dirty hands, it made them turn into ugly demons but the Angel stays an angel no matter what"

Pete smiled through his tears, "Ae.. how can you not be disgusted? Another person might have taken what was supposed to be yours.."

"Did you gave it to them?" The question caught Pete off hard

he shaked his head, "No.."

"Then it's still mine, as long as you don't give it to others by consent then it's mine." Ae turned Pete around and started stroking his face, "Pete, whatever happens to your body, as long as I'm here" he points to Pete's heart "and as long as you keep me there, I'll love you to death. It's you that I love not the body, not the sex, nor what you can give me, just you."

He then hugged Pete closer to his heart and let him cry to his heart content. After a while, Pete moved away from the hug, got up and pulled As up too. They went on the mattress again, and lied down. They didn't talk, they didn't need to, right know they just needed each other's presence. As Pete fall asleep, As looked back at his finger, it was still burning hot, it still hurts really badly but he can't do anything else about it for now. He just has to endure it silently, he knows that tonight is going to be long and painful for him.

The next morning As wakes up by the smell of a nice breakfast. He looks around and spots some toast and croissant displayed in a round table at the center of the room. He woke Pete up and they sat down to eat, I was really good to be finally able to eat as much as they wanted. He also avoided using his right hand, his finger was still painful. Ae was full first and spend the rest of the meal watching Pete eat to his heart content. He was glad that from today on, they didn't have to worry about anything.

As promised after breakfast a doctor came. He was not alone, a nurse was there too, to assist him. Ae told them to start with Pete and so they did. The man ran out some tests, and was in the middle of treating some smal wounds when Ae suddenly talked to him.

"Can you know if someone was rapped, days after the incident?"

The doctor stopped what he was doing and looked back at Ae, "It can be tested but it might not be accurate. It depends on how many days have passed."

Ae just nodded and the doctor went back to do his work, when he finished, he mentionned Ae to get closer. Ae sat down and the first thing the doctor did was look at the wound on his finger, it was all swollen red.

" You have some pus in it, I have to take it out first. It will hurt a bit "

Ae nodded again and Pete took his hand to support him. The man started doing his work and the moment he touched the wound to take the pus out, As felt the pain intensify slowly. He needed to bite onto something, understanding Ae's distress, the nurse gave him a clean clothes to bite.

They spend hours treating Ae's wounds and patching everything up. When they finished it was already dark outside. Ae lied down and brought Pete closer or to him, he had noticed that Pete's phobia seemed non existent these past few days but he didn't want to mention it, fearing that it would come back if Pete notices it too. Instead he just kissed him. Pete gasped, surprised by the sudden kiss before melting into it. Ae was devouring his lips, kissing him like no tomorrow. He nibbled at his lower lips, then sucked the top one before giving the bottom lips more attention.

After a small while, Ae stopped the kiss and kissed Pete's forehead instead.

he looked at Pete smiling, "I missed this, let's do it more often"

Pete hid his face in Ae's neck "I love you, Ae"

"I love you, Ai Konchai"

They hugged, sleeping was easier that night, both feeling safe in each others arms.


Chapter Text

The next two days were spend the same, waking up in each oters arms and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner together. Then the doctor would come and give them both the treatments they needed. Ae's back wounds were nearly gone, still blue and red but better than the first days. His finger was still really painful, it was still red and burning, but he had pills to reduce the pain so it was okay. As the last treatment was made, the doctor left the room quicker than the last time. 

The room being empty again, Pete and Ae cuddle together eagerly waiting for the sun to rise tomorrow morning. They both were starting to fall alseep on each other embrace when the door swung open. 

"Hello sweeties! it's fun time !!" 

Ae jumped up on his feet right awy and stood in front of Pete, "What do you want ?!" 

"We're heading out ! start moving your asses through the door if you don't want us to drag you! you will go to a new place. Boss's order" 

"Chaow ! put the gun away! do you want Trump to kick us ??!" 

The said boy, slowly lowered his gun, " You do this Prasong, just looking at them I want to fire that damn gun" he then gave the gun to Prasong who indicated the boys to get out of the room. 

They went out of the building, it was already really dark outside and Ae understood why they made them move out at night. Ae was sure they thought that the boys wouldn't be able to remember the place but they surely don't know that Pond was inside the building and that Pond surely knows the place by now. 

They sat in the van with the 3 boys, Chaow, Prasong and the driver. The three boys sat in the front, not bothering to sit with Ae and Pete. Ae wondered if they should just open the door and jump out but he also knew that they wouldn't have time to run away before being shot by them so he just sat there looking closely at the surroundings. Pete was clearly nervous, and by the way he was holding onto Ae's arms, he was also clearly scared but Ae didn't speak to reassure him, he just squeezed Pete's hand. 

They were driving for hours now, Ae was watching the road as they were leaving Bangkok, he  knew this would happen, but still he wasn't prepared for it, alone against 3, if he started a fight he wouldn't make it alive so he just sat silently  holding Petes hand for support. After a while the car stopped suddenly, , it was clearly not normal as everyone seemed surprised.  

"Whats happening Wiraya?  Why do you stop?"

The driver just pointed forward without talking before going out first, As tried  to see what was happening through the window but he couldn't see anything, it was too dark. He just saw a bunch of people with guns or whatever, After a while one of them warned us to stay inside before they went out too..

"Ae, what's happening ??" Pete was really anxious

"I don't know Pete, but let's not make any moves for now, just wait a bit okay?" We tried to hide behind the seats with Pete just in case gun would be fired. And he was right because a few gunshots were heard and then a long silence followed before someone jerked Pete's door wide open.  Pete got scared and jumped closer to Ae screaming and ready to kick whoever opened the door.

"Shhhh Don't scream!! how are you guys?! Time to go back home" 

The voice was familiar, Ae recognized it right away, "Dew?!!!"

"Yes it's me, the guys are with me, we've patiently waiting for you two here for hours!! We will take you guys there, the gangster's following the van have left for an hour so it was the best time to strike, sorry if you got scared"

Ae was relieved, "Okay, let's go before trumps arrive there, I still have some problems to solve with him"

He closed the door as Ae hugged Pete, "It's over now Pete, we're safe"

They heard Dew talk to some people, before the door was opened again and  trumps friends were thrown in the back of the car all tied up and  knocked out. Pete kicked one of them, "BASTARD, here, good for you!"

Ae couldn't help but chuckle at the sight, "you became a true gangster these past two weeks, cursing and all"

Realising what he just did, Pete covers his mouth "I'm sorry"

"Its okay, I like that side of you too, just don't do it in front of mom she might faint " he pulled him closer and kissed his head, chuckling at Pete's reaction .

Pond opened the front door and sat at the drive's place, "hey guys, ready? Let's go!"

They started driving again before Ae suddenly asked him "do you know where they would take us? Don't go to a random hotel!!"

"Ae buddy!  I know mot than you do, don't worry I know exactly where you guys were heading to"

A few minutes later Pond pulled in the back of an abandoned hostel, everyone got out and went up to the room Ae and Pete  were supposed to stay.

"We have to tie you up to the bed, that's what was agreed on. But I'll leave a knife here just in case."

"Do it Dew, he needs to fee like he has the power." Once Dew completely tied them up, he gave Pete a reassuring Pat on the shoulder, "don't worry, were not far, we will wait for him too. You guys are safe now, you just need to act from now on"

When you Dew left the room, Ae started to look around and get familiar with the place. The room wasn't really big but it was really old and dusty. The bed was right in front of the door, at the left side of the room was a desk and some trash and at the right side just a wardrobe. At each side of the bed were small bedside tables. 

They waited for what seemed like an eternity before they heard Trump's voice downstairs cursing at his three friends for leaving the place without waiting for him. As the steps were getting closer, Ae felt Pete sliding closer to him until finally the door swung open. Dew purposely didn't tie them down too hard so that Ae could easily untie himself if needed.

"Oh look who's there !"

Trump got closer to them but not as close as Ae would have wanted him.  He just stood at the end of the bed, looking at both of them proudly. Ae knew trump didn't understand that he was all alone now, nobody was going to help him anymore. 

Ae smirked just at the thought, "What will you do now trump? the gang left you alone to deal with us, you'll be easily found now" 

"Don't worry about me Ae, worry about you guys. I'm tired of playing with you so I'm ready to finish you" 

He smirked at Pete, "Remember Pete, I said I would let you watch the show, Im always keeping my promises" he lifted his arm and aiming a gun towards Ae. 

Chapter Text

He smirked at Pete before aiming a gun towards Ae, "So Pete ready to say goodbye?" 

Pete looked at Ae not sure about what to do. A lot of different scenarios are running inside his head, he was trying to stay strong and not show any sign of fear in him but just the idea that Ae could get killed even before anyone could do anything was making him shiver. What if Ae's plan didn't work out in the end? what if Ae ended up dying right in front of him? He couldn't keep living if he was the cause of Ae's death...

"Trump, please can we just talk it out? how much do you need? tell me I'll give it to you...anything you want... don't kill him please" Pete was surrendering to Trump, to pain, to anything, he didn't care anymore...he doesn't even have any pride left in him, his name, his family and the pride he felt being a Pitchaya were all gone and he didn't care a bit...the only thing he cared about was Ae.

Trump's smile grew wilder, "There, there Pete, I knew you would be that slutty...Guys come in" 

Pete's eyes grew bigger, Trump didn't come alone...Ae will surely get killed if he doesn't do as trump says...A group of 4 guys enter the room, smiling strangely at Pete then at Ae...Their smiles made Pete feel really uncomfortable with what was happening, so he just looked back at Ae but Ae didn't seem to be bothered as he was just watching trump.  

"Take Ae on that chair and keep him there, you better not let him move even a bit! " They silently followed Trumps order, while Pete looked at Ae, unable to utter a single word. Pete felt even worse than the nights he spend all alone in that "tv show", he felt like his heart was being ripped apart right in front of him and he had no power over it. He watched them sitting Ae on the chair, holding him there as a knife was placed under Ae's throat. 

"So Pete, you're ready to do anything right?" Trump's voice made Pete looked back to he front, he bite his lips..tears frightening to leave his eyes as he slowly nods. He feels horrible but he still had to say it, he had to let the words out "You're such a jerk you know?" his voice was trembling

"aw aw Pete, such a Dirty mouth ! the new Pete is quite exciting" he opened his pants zipper, "I think you can understand what I want right Pete ? let your Ae watch how far this can go, how much of a slut you can be...come on here boy" 

Pete looked at Ae, at this right moment he just wanted to throw himself out of the window...Trump was not only taking his dignity away from him but he was also taking the little self esteem he had left away...Ae was not even looking at Pete, his eyes never leaving Trump. Pete couldn't understand what Ae was thinking nor what his plan was. The only thing he is sure of, is that he doesn't want to do what trump wants from him but before he could even try and move, Trump caught his legs and pulled him over harshly breaking the tie that was holding Pete's hand.. 

 "You know I should have kept you for me, I do regret it, letting you know it was fake was a bad idea, I could still be using you for money and use your mouth when I needed exchange of small bits of affection I could have made you do whatever I wanted...fuck...too bad this ends this way and you'll....."

He didn't get to finish his sentence as he falls on top of Pete, making Pete scream thinking Trump was assaulting him. 

"Fuck you Ping! I said be careful ! you scared the hell out of Pete!" 

Pete opened his eyes to Ae kicking Trump's unconscious body away from him, he then realised that Trump was knocked off. Once realisation strikes, he hands started shaking as Ae pulls him up and hugs him to calm him down.  

"I'm sorry Pete, I wasn't expecting him to ask this much, but it's over you're going back home now" 

The guys were also unconciously lying on the ground and Ae had a small cut on the throat but nothing really serious. Ping saw that Pete was looking back at the bodies, "We put some slipping pills in their coffee, don't worry they aren't dead" he tried to reassure Pete

"Ping, take Pete back home and tell Dew to stay with Pete and his mother in case anything happens, until I get back please"

Pete shakes his head, still crying, he grabs Ae's hand, "what are you planning? AE please...let's go together, don't ...please"

 Ae cut him short, "Pete, go, please listen to me , go you don't need to see how I kill him. He blew his last chance today, i can't let him get away with this anymore. I don't want you to get involved, whatever happens here isn't your business now" he then signaled Ping to take Pete out.

Ping took Pete's arm and started to drag him towards the door followed by Ae whose intention was just to close the door. Nobody expected Trump to get up and try to stab Pete. Fortunately for them, Ae saw him and he didn't think twice before taking the gun in his pocket and firing at Trump's leg. 

Trump fall down screaming and holding his leg, Pete jerked towards Ping and looked back at Ae. He couldn't leave Ae like that, Ae was ready to be a murderer and Pete wasn't going to allow it. 

"Ae please don't do it, if you do it then how can you say you're not like him?" He was shaking, he was a mess but he doesn't care anymore, he wanted his Ae back. The sweet, gentle and loving boy he met years back in uni, he wanted the genuine little boy back. "I didn't fall in love with you for you to take a life away...I don't want you to be that person ....AE STOP PLEASE" Tears were running down his cheeks as he tried to stop Ae

Ae was aiming the gun towards Trump, he wasn't really listening to what Pete was telling him. His main focus was trump, he couldn't think of anything rational, he needed to see the man bleed but before he needed answers...answers to questions he kept asking himself....that kept haunting him..

"Did you rape Pete?" the questions was as sharp as a dagger thrown at Trump


"I'M ASKING YOU IF YOU RAPED HIM?" He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself" tables have turned trump, I told you right ?  I told you not let me catch you.....I'm asking nicely Trump...I want an answer, what did you do to him when you drugged him?" 

"I didn't rape him" 

"WHAT DID YOU DO ?!"  Ae was close to firing, he was so angry and he needed to let that anger out, he wanted to revenge.

"I drugged him and let one of those gangster's rape him, I felt disgusted to do it myself, and he seemed to like Pete so I let him do it insead" Trump's voice was quivering, he was scared and Ae loved it. He enjoyed it, seeing Trump quiver, scared and at his mercy.

"Are you ready to meet the devil Trump? great hell for me !" 

Ae Pointed the gun towards Trump again, squeezing the trigger and ready to shot him. When Pete ran and stood between Trump and the gun, "You can't...I won't allow you Ae!"

"Pete move away ! this is the only possible way...please move away" Despite his pleading Pete didn't move, he refused to move. Ae wouldn't become a murderer, not when Pete could prevent him

"I won't Ae, I won't move until you agree to give the gun to me. Let's go home Ae, please don't make us be separated again, if you go to jail or if something happens to you I won't keep on living...I'm tired of living like this..I would have comitted suicide if it weren't for you...please just stop Ae" Ae recluantly started to take the gun down agreeing to Pete's terms "I won't kill him...I promise, I'm sorry, come here let me hug you" 

"He won't but I will" 3 gun shots were heard before trump's body fall to the ground lifeless. Ae hugged Pete as he heard the 1st gunshot trying to shield him. No one expected this, they all turned towards the newcomer.

"How did you find us? "


Chapter Text


"How did you find us?" Ae's surprised voice echoed in the room

"I've been following Trump for a while now, since the day he went out of jail, I've been keeping an eye on him. But a few weeks ago, I had one of my men to look after him while I was in China but he failed his job and trumps ran away. Looking around, I figured that he was hidding in a house not far from Pete's and I put a GPS on his car. Then I just had to wait and keep it low, when Pete was kidnapped I knew he had something to do with it, so I kept track of him then one mistake after the other, lead me here."

Tin finished his sentence with a smirk, "I've at least been able to end him"

Ae ruffled his own hear groaning, "Why does nothing go as planned!!!"

"What's your plan? let him run away and try to strike again later?!" T

"Tin....why did you do that? Why did you kill someone? Are you crazy??!!!

Pete was losing his mind, he successfully prevented Ae of becoming a murderer but his bestfriend became one instead. How will he save Tin now? how will they all escape jail?!

"What will we do now? How will we get out of this?" Dew was the one to ask the question everyone was worried about aloud

No one spoke, Ae was looking at Trumps dead body, Tin shot him 3 times...heart, head and belly. The blood on the floor was getting bigger around Trumps lifeless body. Ae should feel relieved but he wasn't, he was pitying the dead man in the end. Would he have regretted shooting him if he did? No, because in order to protect Pete he was ready to live with such a pressure, however he wasn't the one shooting him now, it was Tin.

"Tin...thank you" these were the most difficult word he had to say in his entire life, he didn't like Tin and Tin didn't like him that was a fact unchanged since university but today Tin helped him and Pete so he forced himself to show some gratitude.

The room was in a huge mess, Dew's friends collected the unconscious bodies of trump's friends leaving Ae, Pete, Pond, Tin and Dew in the room. Pete's sobbing was the only sound you could hear in the room. Ae leaded Pete to sit on the bed, the poor boy was in a emotional state making Ae was worried. They sat in silence for a period of times, no one knew how long they all sat there until Pond spoke.

"What will tell the police now?

"Leave it to me, I already know what to do. You guys should go back home and let me handle this from now on."

As usual Tin acted cold and distant with everyone but Ae wasn't having any of it.

"Pete, Pond and you Dew, should all go home while tin and I clean this mess and join you."

"I won't go ! I won't....I'm tired ! Why do you hide everything from me? what was your plan Ae ? what are you two going to do ? " Pete was rambling, he himself didn't know how much he wanted to know but he was tired of them treating him like a baby, he wanted some answers before he started losing his mind over this all.

"Pete calm down, I'll let you know everything, anything you want we will talk about it but not now, not here."

"Then when Ae? when ? "

"Go home, I will come in an hour too, just enough time for settle everything with Tin and I'll join you and then we can talk about it, I won't run away I swear"

Even though Ae tried his best to make Pete go back home, the boy just refused to leave. It was the first time Pete didn't listen to Ae which surprised everyone except from Ae because Ae knew that Pete was just afraid to lose both his boyfriend and bestfriend at the same time if he goes back without them. So he just gave up sending Pete back, the 3 of them (Tin, Pete and Ae) stayed in the room, while everyone else just packed to go back.

"What now?" asked Pete

"We need to think of something so that Tin wouldn't go to jail for this" Ae answered while looking at Trumps corpse. Pete put his head on Ae's shoulder and sight

"You don't have to worry about that"

"Are you stupid Tin? what's that attitude ? I don't like you but I'm not that much of a bastard to let you rot in jail when you did what I wanted to do!"

"GUY! can you stop fighting and start thinking!" Pete sounded exasperated with both of their attitude.

Ae sight and started thinking about a way out of this situation, at least Tin has money so if they need a lawyer, they could afford one.

"Listen to me instead of panicking like that, I know what I'm doing and I knew I could kill trump without having to worry about anything because..."

"You completly lost your mind !" Pete cut Tin's sentence short and Ae had to squeeze Pete's hand to make him stop and let Tin continue

"What I was saying before Mr Pitchaya cut me short, is that nobody will look for Trump's body. Trump faked his own death just before Pete got kidnapped, he faked a huge car accident it was on the news everywhere. I of course didn't believe it and waited for the boy to show up again and he did as I planned. His funeral were two days after you disappeared Pete. He prepared his own death without knowing it, making it easier for me to do this today"

"He was stupid enough to chose an abandoned hostel to takes us to..." Ae trailed off after Tin's observation

"Bingo, he made is easier for me to kill him without worrying about police..."

"Now we have to burry the corpse without anyone seeing us and we're good to go" Ae finished the sentence as Pete was looking back and forth between the two guys wondering if they both lost their sanity. They were talking lightly about a corpse to burry and they weren't even stressed about it or worried. Sensing Pete's worries, Ae spoke to him in a soft tone

"What's done is done Pete, Trump killed himself you don't have to worry about him. I know this is schoking for you but the best option for us all is to stick together and get out of this all together."

"I know Ae, I know I'm just scared"

"Everything will be fine Pete, it's okay" he kissed Pete's head and stared at Tin "Let's wait for tonight to burry the corpse in the back yard."

Tin nodded, "I'm going to get us enough drinks and food and I'll be back later, don't worry some of my mens will stay downstairs just in case. Make Pete rest until then"

"NO...not with that body in the room...can't we go somewhere else?" Pete was feeling terrible with the idea of sleeping right close to a dead body

"There's a room accross from this one, it looks more clean, use that one" Tin said before going out of the room and leaving the couple.

Chapter Text

After Tin left the building to get them some food, Ae took Pete to the room and they both lied down on the bed. It was hard to fall asleep for both of them at first but Pete was really drained and finally gave in to sleep, letting his eyes close slowly while his body was securly curled up in Ae's arms. Ae was watching Pete sleep, slowly stroking his hair and thinking of all the things that didn't happen in here as planned. 

 When he went to meet Trump's dogs that day, he had already told Pond to not follow him and to wait for his signal but as always Pond never really listens to Ae. He had left earlier than Ae and went to that spot even before Trump's friend. Arriving before them, Pond had observed them and waited for the right time to strike, successfully knocking off one of them and taking his place with the clothes, and acting as one of them. He left the knocked off body to Dew. Ae doesn't know what Dew did with that body but Dew had connections so he probably used them. 

 That wasn't in the plan they had agreed on the previous night, Ae had made Pond promise to wait for his signal and he wasn't supposed to give Pond any before they reached the hostel with Trump.

He did plan that the boss would want to talk to him as he made sure to let some hints ton Tin in the documents given to the Police by Pete's mother. Involving Tin in the researches was the best option for Ae as he knew that if Tin was involved the man behind Trump would want to get rid of Trump to not affect his business.

At least that one did go as planned. He didn't plan Dew and his crew to rescue them before reaching the hostel, just as he didn't plan Tin joining them or killing Trump. But if he had to be honest, he was completely released by it. It was hard to believe that they were free, finally safe from those crazy gangsters and their vicious game.


The door cracked open, revealing a tired Tin with lots of food. Ae woke Pete up and they all sat down to eat. Tin let the boys eat most of the food because he could see how malnourished they were. Pete was thinner than before but he still looked okay but Ae, Ae was so thin and weak that even Tin wondered how he survived up till now in such a place.  After eating dinner, they sat down on the bed to eat some cake.

Tin saw the red marks on Ae's hand when Ae hold out a piece of cake for him. However he didn't talk about it, not wanting to freshen the memory of it. When they finally finished eating, it was still too early to take care of Trump's body, Ae decided to take a nap until the right time comes. He could sleep now that there was someone else watching over Pete for him and he fall asleep rather quickly. It was the perfect time for Pete to talk with Tin about everything that happened. 

"Tin...I have a favor to ask you" 

"What is it?" Tin was smiling at Pete, the boy didn't change, he was still the little shy boy he met in school

"Could you help me cure Ae ?" Tin couldn't help but laugh at Pete's question, of course he would ask something about Ae

"Why are you laughing Tin ? Stop, you will wake him up and it's been days he hadn't sleep because he was trying his best to find a way to get me out of that hell!" 

"Don't be mad Pete, but your question was so YOU ! of course you would ask me to help Ae.  well what does he have ? why do you want to cure him?"

Pete rolled his eyes, deciding to ignore Tin's remarks, "I know you've seen his finger... he got that tatto because of me and I want to help him get rid of must hurt since he just had 2 days of treatment for it...he forced the doctor to focus on me first." 

Tin frowned..."I'll see what I can do but you may have to live with that fact Pete. I don't know how much of it can be cured. He will probably have it for the rest of his life." 

Pete nodded staring at Ae's back, he really felt guilty about all the things that happened in there. Tin was watching Ae too, the boy was sleeping but he could see all the tension in Ae's body. 

Tin and Ae never liked each other, since University they avoided each other as much as possible but through Ae he met Can, his Cantaloupe. It was hard for him to admit but deep down he was thankful for every changes it had in his life. Even if he didn't trust Ae at the beginning of his relationship with Pete, but he learned to accept him as his bestfriends boyfriend. Ae had proven more than once how much he cared for Pete, and today Tin was glad that Pete had him in his life. He would never let Ae know that though. 


Tin woke Ae up near 9pm, the sun was completly set and it was already really dark outside, it was the perfect time to get rid of a body. They got dressed and Both took Trump's body to bring him down with them. Holding on Trump's body while going down , strained their clothes with blood too, leaving them no other chance but to change when they finish everything.

They reached the back yard slowly, letting Trump fall down on the grass while they started to dig a hole. Ae didn't expect to feel any kind of pain with just digging but his back hurted really badly as the movement were making him stretch his back a lot leaving him no other choice than enduring the pain. He didn't want to rest so that they would finish it faster. They made the hole big enough for Trump's body so it took them more than an hour to finish digging. By the end As was already dying from pain, not only fromhis back wounds, but also his finger was turning again and his muscles were also in deep pain after such an intense exercises.

They throwed Trump inside and started bury him under as much grass as they could. Once they finished, Tin drove his car around and on the spot to flatten the spot. After doing that, he parked the car and they were ready to go before Pete kneeled down in front of the place and prayed for Trump. Ae and Tin exchanged glances but did as Pete not wanting to hurt the boy further.

When they finished everything, it was past midnight. They went inside the hostel and changed their clothes, putting on some new ones Tin had brought when he went out to get dinner. They took the dirty clothes in a bag to wash them later. They would finally be able to go back home. In a few hours Pete would be able to embrace his mother again and sleep in his bed surrounded by people who loved and cherished him.

He was happy but also very scared as to know how many people knew about his missing. He was also very worried of what his father could have done to his mother while he wasn't there to protect her but he remembered what Ae told him "she has Aim and the others" and it reassured him that even though Pete wasn't there, his friends were there for his mother. 


Chapter Text


When they came back home that night, no one greeted them...not until they entered the kitchen were everyone was hiding with banners and balloons. When Pete switch the light on, everyone screamed "WELCOME BACK HOME". Everything was decorated with small banners with their names, a small cake was placed on the table and all thier friends were gathered in the room. He looked at each and every faces in front of him, Aim, Pond, Dew, Ae, par Jew, his mother and the others...Imprinting every faces in his memory. He couldn't hold back a few tears slowly rolling down his face.

When his eyes landed on his mother, his couldn't stop crying, he missed mother's loving gaze and gentle hands. She approached him slowly but he ran to her, throwing his body in her arms and crying to his heart content. She cried with him, stroking his back and whispering how much she loved him. Both were kneeling down on the kithen floor, crying and hugging.

When they finally calmed down, they both got up and realised that everyone had left. They joined Ae in the living room and saw Aim trying to apply some cream on Ae's wound while he was refusing it. When she saw Pete, she handed him the cream

"Here, apply it everynight and the scars on his back will fade away slowly. He didn't let me do it. I'll be going, have a good evening everyone."

She left dragging Pond with her, when they left, Mrs Putch went and hugged Ae too.

"You...thank you Ae, but never do that to me again ! You're just as important to me as Pete, you're my son too"

Pete joined the hug and the three of them stayed in that position for a little while before Ae finally relaxed. She then send them both to bed, going up the stairs silently both entered Pete's room. It was very odd for Pete to freely move around and now it was still odd to be in his room, a place he thought he would never see again. He sat down, taking a look at every details of his room, the walls, the desk and finally Ae. Ae was standing, back against his door, as if he was also a part of the room. His dark eyes never leaving Pete, his hand resting at each side of his body while his back was leaning against the door.

"Ae, come closer please"

Ae slowly pushed himself away from the wall, walking slowly towards Pete, his eyes never leaving Pete's. He stopped right there, in front of Pete. "Let's take a shower Pete", he took Pete's hand, kissing his knucles and pulling him up. They entered the bathroom, Pete's cheesk red and Ae's ears just as red but Ae missed this, missed touching Pete freely without worrying about tomorrow and tonight he just wanted to enjoy his presence. He made up his mind, he didn't want to ask Pete to live with him in a fancy restaurant, after a huge dinner he would have barely paid. No that wouldn't be Ae, that would some rich kid trying to gain Pete through money. He doesn't want that, he wants to ask the question at the right time, maybe the right time was tonight or maybe it wasn't, he would just go with the flow.

He undressed himself before turning to Pete who was still standing there looking at Ae shyly. Ae smiled, Pete didn't change a bit, even after those years, and the recent events, he was still the cute and shy Pete he met in university. He walked up to him, offering his hand to Pete who gladly took it, pulling him closer and hugging him enough to kiss his neck, once or twice. He then proceeded to take each layer of clothes away, slowly, savouring the closeness and peace they had. They then entered the shower, helping each other out and just relaxing.

Nothing really happened, maybe a few kisses here and there but they mostly showered. Today's events and the fact that both were tired didn't help them to go further down that road even if both really wanted to. Once they were back in the room, Pete forced Ae to lie down on his stomach, letting Pete apply the cream Aim gave him before leaving. He was dead serious about applying the cream that he even threatened Ae to run away if he didn't let him do it. The threat wasn't real but Ae still found it really cute so he just did as Pete asked.

"It's done!" Pete's voice was back to being the cheerful one he used to have.

"Great, let's go to bed now !"

Ae got up, oppening the bed and before Pete could walk and lie down, he scooped Pete holding him bridal style, slowly lying him down in the bed. He took a few minutes to just sit next to the lying boy, stroking his cheeks and his hair, getting lost in his beautiful eyes. He didn't want to rush anymore, he lowered himself, reaching Pete's lips his hands next to Pete's head. The kiss was short but sweet, a way to reconnect themselves together and no one broke the silence that followed it. Ae joined Pete in bed, hugged him breathing in the sweet scent of Pete's body against his, spooning Pete. No one talked, but both were wide awake. Ae was kissing Pete's shoulders, small kisses here and there hugging Pete closer and closer each time.

Finally Pete broke the silence, "Ae...will we be able to live a normal life?", it was the first time the boy voiced his fears out loud without Ae asking him.

"Sure, why wouldn't we ?" Pete turned around facing Ae, Ae's hands slidding to his hips while Pete's arms rested on Ae's shoulder "I'm worried they wouldn't leave us alone now"

"Don't worry about that tonight, let's us just enjoy being with each other. I'll take care of that tomorrow okay?"

Pete took a minute to think and then nodded his head, he hugged Ae closer and rested his head on Ae's shoulder. Ae's gentle strokes on his back and the small kisses he felt on his forehead slowly lulled him to sleep and Ae didn't last long either before joinning Pete.