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Welcome To My World

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Erina gasped as she woke up in a dark, cold lobby with a bruised leg.
"Where am I?!" She looks around the place searching for a hint to let her know where was she but it was too dark.
She tried to get up but ended only falling to her knees due to the bruised leg. Erina softly touched the damaged area of her body when she finally remembered what happened.
The leg. Now she remembers, it was already night time and Erina was walking home from getting milk and bread only to be ambushed by horrible, ugly monsters. They killed the people around Erina but not her. She places her hands on her mouth as tears began falling out of her eyes for the horrible scene she witnessed earlier. A zombie was biting off the face of a toddler and another monster was stabbing a old man who was screaming in pain.
One of the horrible creatures who appears to look like a dog bit her leg so hard that she felt like her bones may have been broken.
Suddenly, a blonde man who was tall and muscular step on the dog-like monster's head that splattered it's blood on Erina's face.
She could've swore she recognized the mysterious man but couldn't place the puzzle together, maybe because of the blood on her face or the dead bodies around her were distracting.
"How many times do I have to remind all of you that I needed this one UNHARMED!?"
That voice.
"Is is that difficult to follow one, simple instruction?!" He spoke up with a dominant tone as he turned around to face the frightened Erina.
"Forgive me, Erina. I'll deal with these useless minions of mine later but for right now....sleep..." he spoke to her with a soft voice that send shivers on her spine. Suddenly, Erina began falling asleep. She didn't know how or why but she lost completely conscious.
She knew who that was, the one who was responsible for the attack on those poor, innocent people. It was no one other than Dio Brando himself.
"You're finally awake."
A loud and deep voice called out behind her. Dio was standing a top of the stairs and began heading down.
"I was beginning to wonder when you'll wake up." Dio said as he marched towards her.
"You've grown so much, Erina."
"Get away from me, Dio!" Erina hissed.
Dio just laughs and ignores her request.
"What? Don't I get a warm and cozy hug or a kiss at least? You did gave one to Jojo, why not me?" He was being sarcastic now but his words made Erina worried.
"Jonathan!...What have you done to him?!"
Jonathan Joestar. Erina's lover and soon to be husband was missing and she knew Dio had something to do with it.
"Our beloved Jojo is having a little chat with my two special zombies that I, Dio have resurrected." He informed Erina as he began walking toward a small table to grab a glass and serving himself a drink from a bottle of wine...or blood, he was a vampire after all.
"Isn't amazing? Even history itself bows down to I, Dio." He said with a proud tone.
Amazing? No. Erina didn't thought it was amazing at all. All those innocent people suffering from Dio and his evil plans.
"There's nothing amazing about hurting other people, Dio! Innocent people and childrens!" She spoke up to the vampire with pure anger.
Dio stopped drinking from whatever it was he had and looked at Erina.
His only response was a small laugh.
"This is what I've always loved about you Erina. You've always had that fighting spirit in you and also look out for others. So kind, so soft and caring..." Dio continued to described her but ended up stopping.
"That is why I brought you here, Erina. I wanted to tell you...that I Dio, have feelings for you."
Erina eyes widened at his remark. She couldn't believed what he just said.
The evil Dio Brando who views himself equal to God had feelings for Erina Pendleton.