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Mr. Blue Sky

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“And so I pushed Ink out of the way before the ceiling crumbled down!” Blue regaled excitedly, waving his wooden spoon around dramatically.

“Wow bro, that’s awesome.”

“Yes! Wonderfully awesome in fact!” Blue spoke, dishing some beef into the taco shells carefully, his eye lights sparkling when seeing the glitter in the meat shine. So pretty! “Then I dove heroically out of the way to escape the cave in as well!”

Stretch grinned lazily, sipping some more honey from the bottle. As uncomfortable as he was with his brother going on dangerous missions and travelling the multiverse, he couldn’t deny how happy it made his bro. “You’re so cool bro.” He really is.

“Mwehehe!” Blue giggled, setting down a plate of tacos in front of his brother. “Thank you Papy! Even though I already knew it, I appreciate the compliment either way.” He picked up his own plate and started making his way to the front door. Stretch looked over in confusion. “Where are you going Sans?”

“Just to the basement. I’d like to spend some time down there.” Stretch looked slightly worried at that but shrugged and turned back around to eat. “If ya say so bro.”

“See you later Papy!” Blue cheerfully spoke, quickly leaving. He made his way around the house and to the basement door. Taking out his keys, he unlocked the door and entered, locking the door behind him and climbing down the short ladder with one hand.

Blue stopped and looked around the lab / basement. His face scrunched up at the dust and cobwebs around the room. He really should clean this place up again.

He placed his plate of tacos on the wide desk and walked over to the back. His eyes softened at the big machine covered with a ragged sheet. He gently ran his hand down it before turning around and seeing boxes filled with abandoned inventions. They aligned the wall and had scribbles of wingdings and english written on them.

He walked beside them, examining each invention he could see with a gentle smile. He perked up a bit when he spotted the invention he was searching for. Blue picked it up and set it next to his tacos, quickly plugging it in. He watched with slight amazement as the machine hummed to life as a few lights flickered on.

He was a tad confused on why it looked like a coffee machine before reminiscing about all the times his father would desperately search for any kind of caffeine he could get his hands on. He probably made this during his ‘horrible coffee famine’.

It was honestly just Blue making him take a break from inhaling all that caffeine. It was rather an unhealthy obsession.

The invention was a type of analyser, Blue thinks his father built it to speed up experiments and get results quicker. It had information on most existing things, a rather impressive invention.

So why had they stopped using it?

Blue shrugged and tapped the machine’s screen, inputting the settings he needed before taking his glove off his right hand. He looked at the strange material with some kind of morbid fascination. When he made it home from the mission, he tried everything he could think of that wouldn’t risk harm and yet it stayed on.

He sighed before placing his arm under the upper part of the invention. The place that coffee would’ve poured out, had it actually been a coffee machine. A pale blue light shined down on his arm as the machine began calculating.

Now if Blue remembered correctly, the analysing shouldn’t take too long. Possibly half an hour to an hour, though he could be wrong. He looked at the screen as it calculated the analysing time period.

“Wha- Are you kidding me?!”

Now he remembered why they stopped using it. Four hours? Four stinking hours?! He had to sit here and wait for four hours? He couldn’t even move around the room or anything! He was just stuck at this desk with only his phone, tacos and some random old items to busy himself with.

Blue picked up a taco and sighed heavily.

“This is going to be a long four hours...”


“Yo Stretch.” Classic Sans greeted his brother’s alternate version with a friendly grin and a nod. Stretch returned the grin and nod. “Sup Classic.”

Classic stepped back and opened his front door more so, gesturing for the taller skeleton to come in. “Come on in. Paps is over at Undyne’s and poker night is just gettin’ started.” Stretch chuckled as he waltzed in. He spotted Underfell Sans, Swapfell him, Outer Sans and Echotale Sans all sitting around a table in the middle of the living room. Several condiments, drinks and snacks littered the table along with a few stacks of playing cards.

“Yo.” They looked over with variant forms of grins. Echotale Sans - G - waved at the new arrival. “Well look who’s late to the party.” Underfell Sans, whom is usually just known as Fell, rolled his eye lights. “Probably too busy doting over his bro or something.”

Classic snorted as Stretch shook his head. “Nope, actually. My bro was busy.” Outer tilted his head in curiosity. “Then what happened?”

“I took an unplanned nap.” He said plainly, plopping down in his chair. His Swapfell self, or Slim, shook his head with a chuckle. “As much as much as I love naps myself, try not to let it get in the way of poker night.” The edgy skeleton leaned back in his chair, his hands in his pockets.

“We don’t get a lot of chances to do this y’know.” Stretch looked around the table and tilted his head a bit. “Is no one else coming?”

Usually, majority of the more lazy skeleton brothers made it to poker night. One time, some of the energetic skeletons made it and everything went to absolute shit.

That... That was a wild night.

Classic shook his head. “No one else could make it. Well, except Ink.”

“But that bitch cheats.” Fell interrupted. G rubbed the back of his skull with a sheepish grin. “So we didn’t end up inviting him.” Outer coughed into his fist. “Not that he needs to know that.”

Slim brought out a bag filled with gold pieces and plopped it on the table. “Alright ladies, nuff talk. You guys ready to get your asses handed to you?”

With that, the rest brought out their gold and got started, Classic dealing out the cards while making some kind of pun about them not having asses.


“I win again losers!”

Stretch groaned as Slim sadistically cackled, pulling the pile of gold pieces to himself. Stretch had managed to lose seventy gold pieces. His brother was going to kill him.

“Fuck!” Fell banged his fists on the table in frustration. “I swear, you gotta be cheating somehow! You taking lessons from Ink now, huh?” He accused Slim angrily. The tall skeleton chuckled in response. “You wish I was cheating. I’m just this good.”

G sighed, rubbing his skull to stop an oncoming headache. “I need a cigarette...” Stretch mumbled in agreement. Classic begrudgingly dealt out the next bunch of cards as Outer groaned quietly. The space themed skeleton looked up and tried to not look like he was about to punch something. “So... How are all your bros doing?”

“Changing the subject from my winning streak huh?” Slim snickered. Fell glared at him before calming down and answering Outer’s question. “Boss is doing as awesome as always. Kicking ass and being cool.”

Slim grinned and nodded. “Same with my bro. He’s been training harder recently for whatever reason though. Think some poor monster insulted my bro’s height.” He paused to take a swig of his glass of syrup. “They’ll probably be beaten up within the next two days.”

Classic rolled his eye lights at the edgy skeletons before shooting Outer a smile. “My bro’s doing great. Alphys and Undyne introduced him to some action anime and he’s in love with the series now. It’s cool seeing him so happy over it.” He grabbed a handful of chips from one of the snack bowls. “What about you Outer?” He shoved the chips into his mouth, getting crumbs everywhere.

Outer shrugged a bit. “We’re at the part of the timeline where Frisk is hanging around Snowdin, so Paps has been playing a lot with them.” Classic hummed, his eye sockets narrowing some. “Pacifist?”

“Pacifist.” Classic nodded in satisfaction at the response. G grinned. “Other than constantly studying like the bookworm he is, my brother’s doing fine.”

Slim looked at his alternate self. “What about you Stretch? Your bro went on a mission recently yeah?”

Classic, Fell, G and Outer all perked up a bit making Stretch scoff a little. They were so obvious.

Stretch then smiled softly at the mention of his brother, before frowning. “He’s... been acting weird.” Slim looked up from his cards with a questioning look. “Weird?” Stretch nodded. “He was fine this morning, but when he came back from his mission he acted more... spacey. The weirdest thing was that he went down to the basement.”

The rest of the skeletons paused and looked at Stretch. “The basement?” Classic hesitantly questioned. G grimaced slightly. “Do you know why?” He ask quietly. Stretch shrugged. “He just said he’d like to spend some time down there.”

Fell hummed in thought before smirking. “Want me to talk to ‘im? Ya know, Sans to Sans?” Outer snorted and rolled his eyes. “You just want an excuse to talk to Blue.”

“Shut up.”

Slim grinned. “If any Sans were to talk to Blue, it should be my bro.” Classic scoffed. “And why is that?”

“Technically they’re the most alike out of all you guys. Both are swaps after all.” G huffed in annoyance. “You’re just trying hook him and your brother up.” Slim shrugged. “Can’t blame a guy for trying.”

Stretch looked at the other skeletons with a blank expression. Here he is, worried over his brother, and these lovesick idiots are arguing. Plus Slim who just loves to mess with everyone and brag about how good his brother would be for Blue.

Classic shook his head at the others before looking at Stretch with a small smile. “Well, I’m sure your bro’s okay. I’ll ask Ink and Dream about their mission as soon as I can. Y’know, just in case.” Stretch nodded, appreciative that at least one skeleton was helping him out.

He’s probably just overreacting anyway. His brother would tell him if something was wrong.

“I win again suckers!”


And that’s one hundred gold pieces gone. He is so dead.


Blue sighed as he looked through his father’s old notes. That man seriously over glorified Blue and his brother. While learning to speak a year and a half before the average child is impressive, he wouldn’t say that made him a prodigy in any sense. He swears his father had a complex of some kind or something with how much he would dote on them

He picked up his last taco, happy he’s been able to ration them enough to eat over four hours. As he ate, he looked over at the screen and smiled tiredly. Finally, only ten minutes left.

After quickly finishing his taco, Blue put his father’s notes away, pausing when seeing the child like drawing on the back of the note pad. He remembered when Papyrus drew that. His brother was so proud of it and stopped Blue in his tracks to show him, to which Blue acted even more excited than his sibling.

Blue snapped out of his musings when the machine began making strange noises. He made a noise of confusion, shoving the note pad away and moving closer to the invention. He doesn’t recall it ever making those noises before. His eye sockets widened. The screen was glitching out as lights started flickering. “What? W-What’s happening?” He started panicking as he fiddled with the machine, trying to find out what was going wrong.

Black smoke started wafting from the machine as it began shaking. “Oh no, oh stars. Goodness...” Blue mumbled under his breath.

This isn’t worth it. Not in the slightest.

The skeleton pulled his arm away from the analyser, gasping when the machine’s shaking worsened. He quickly unplugged it, hoping that it’d at least stop smoking. It kept going, the lights flashing faster as the shaking rattled the whole desk. Blue picked up his glove and looked around the room in sheer panic before he quickly dived under the desk, it being the only the only kind of cover he could get to in time.

He drew his knees to his chest, covered his skull and held his breath. The invention exploded. Blue could see pieces of the analyser and the plate he brought down come falling onto the ground. He released his breath and carefully crawled out, doing his best to not cut himself on any stray pieces.

He stood up and looked at the desk in shock. Soot covered majority of the surface, the analyser was completely broken, along with his precious plate.

He felt a sense of woe at seeing one of his father’s inventions in ruins. He looked at his arm, examining the material with a tiny frown. Well, there goes that plan. He placed both of his hands on the desk and lowered his head with a sigh. He was so tired right now.

A soft beeping and flashing light grabbed Blue’s attention. He looked over to see a rectangular piece. Picking it up and turning it over, he realised it was the screen and the tiny bulb at the corner was blinking green.

His eye sockets widened as he spotted the words appearing on the screen. As he read it, he felt a sense of dread and fear.

Analysis 100% complete.

Item: Unknown.

Magic Level: Extremely high.

Danger Level: Extremely high.


“O-Oh... Oh dear...”

He fainted.