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Mr. Blue Sky

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“Ink no!”

“Ink YES!”

“Stars, are you insane?!”

“Honestly? Probably.”

“Ink, why are you like this?”

“Ink YES!”

Blue was seriously considering slamming his head against one of the stone walls. Fortunately, Ink was okay after the cave in. Unfortunately, he is incredibly determined to blast his way through the stones and rocks. Teleporting was already out because this strange magic made it near impossible to do so.

“Okay, give me one good reason not to smash my way through this and rescue you.” Ink’s muffled yell reached Blue, whom was taking calming breaths and contemplating whether knocking himself out with a rock right now is a good idea.

“One, moving all these rocks will create more structural failure and cause an even bigger cave in. Two, you should be getting Dream to fill him in on the situation and discuss a proper plan with him. Three, I’m not in any immediate danger so I don’t need rescuing right now!”

Ink grew silent at his words, getting Blue’s hopes up that he’s finally listening. “I said give me one reason, not three.”

INK!” How hard would he have to hit himself to get knocked out? Maybe he should’ve just let the rocks hit him.

“Okay, okay. I’ll go find Dream, stay safe alright?” Blue sighed in relief, thanking his Queen Toriel that Ink finally agreed with him. “Alright. You stay safe too.”

Ink left quickly, leaving Blue alone and with his thoughts. In all honesty, he was just thinking of how wonderful it will be to go back home, see his dear brother and eat an abundance of tacos.

“You will soon know.”

Blue gasped as the voice entered his head once again, this time making him get flashes of the figure from his dream. He squeezed his eye sockets shut and held the sides of his skull. He got more visions that were difficult to make out. All he could gather was some kind of green coloured magic, the silhouettes of a group of - what he could only guess - skeletons, another silhouette of what looked like a human and then the mysterious figure from his dream, this time smaller.

He groaned as the visions quickly passed. He slowly opened his eye sockets and gasped. Right in front of him was a floating stream of magic. Green magic.

The same one from his vision.

His eyes followed the direction of the stream and noticed that the magic was lighting up the tunnel beautifully. He could only describe the colour as a pastel green. It was quite lovely.

In the back of his mind, Blue knew he shouldn’t just wander off, Ink and Dream will be back soon and they’d worry about him, but he felt extremely enticed by the magic. With an almost dazed expression, he began following the stream further and further into the tunnel. “It will just be for a moment...” He spoke distractedly.

The trail eventually led him to a large cavern. The pretty blue water and glowing rocks on the ceiling convinced Blue that this may have been this universe’s Waterfall. In the middle of the cavern, the stone floor was raised up higher with a some stairs leading up to it, a pedestal positioned on top. Blue began walking towards it.

He shivered as the stream of magic slowly wrapped around him more and more the closer he got. Faintly, Blue thought this wasn’t a good idea, that this was weird and possibly dangerous. The more magic that surrounded him made his doubts fade further away. This felt nice.

This is fine.

Blue walked up the stairs, hearing quiet whispers all around him.

“You’re so close...”

“Come now...”

“Closer young one...”

“Today is the day...”

Blue stood in front of the pedestal and looked down with wide eye sockets. A pastel green strip of some kind of material was laying innocently on top of the pedestal. It reminded him of a ribbon if anything.

“Touch it.”

Blue gulped and slowly brought his hand up, inching closer to the strange material. As he almost touched it, his glove tips started smoking. His breath hitched when he realised the finger tips of his glove were burning off. He quickly drew his hand back and yanked off his glove. The tips were burnt off, but thankfully it seem to be fixable given using some extra blue coloured cloth.

Blue looked at his phalanges and was surprised. His bones were completely fine, no marks or anything on them. He did realise that he didn’t feel any pain before, having been too surprised to notice at the time. He looked down at the item again, thinking. Blue held in a breath and reached out again, this time there was no smoking or burning the closer he got. With a wide grin, he touched it.

Blue yelped, stumbling back as the material shot up on its own and began wrapping itself around his right arm like a snake. He panicked and stepped back, tripping over the steps behind him. With a yell he fell back and tumbled down the shallow steps.

Not one of his more magnificent moments, he’ll admit.

He landed at the bottom of the stairs with a grunt, letting out a small whine as his left arm ached in protest at being landed on. He rolled onto his back and sat up with a wince. The tingling sensation on his other arm made him look at it quickly to see the strange material wrapped around his arm tightly, though not hurting him.


The magic that had been present throughout the cavern, tunnels and cave suddenly vanished. As if it had never been in the universe in the first place. Blue blinked in confusion. What on earth just happened?

He finally snapped out of what had been effecting him and hissed, grabbing his left arm gently. It fortunately wasn’t broken or fractured, but it hurt a lot.

This... This is a very strange mission.


Ink looked around in confusion, his mind a whole lot clearer than it was a moment ago. He stopped walking and looked over at Dream, who looked equally confused.

“What happened...?” Dream asked, rubbing his skull. Ink’s eye sockets widened as his thoughts came rushing back to him. “The magic! It was messing with us!” Dream froze and gasped. “You’re right! That explains how upset we were at each other.” He grinned, happy that he didn’t feel so angry anymore.

His grin dropped as he looked at Ink. “I uh… Sorry, by the way. I didn’t mean all that stuff I said. Before and after the magic was affecting us.” Ink looked at him and smiled softly, placing a comforting hand on his friend’s shoulder. “It’s cool Dream. I’m sorry too, we were both acting like jerks.”

The two hugged, smiling happily. “I’m especially sorry for bringing up the soul thing. I know how sensitive you can be about that.” Dream apologised again. Ink chuckled, patting Dream’s back. “Eh, it’s okay. No harm done buddy.” They separated and continued walking through the tunnel with spirit.

“What even happened to the magic anyway?” Ink asked. After a moment of silence, the duo suddenly froze and looked at each other in panic.



Blue slowly trudged back through the tunnel, looking at his arm. He tried as hard as he could to take the thing off him but it wouldn’t budge. He doesn’t think he could even pass the thing off as a cutely coloured bandage. It was too spaced out around his arm to cover any kind of wound properly.

Blue sighed, putting his glove back on and thanking the stars that the thing wasn’t uncomfortable. That’d be a bit of a nightmare to deal with. When he put his glove back on, it thankfully didn’t burn as it touched the strange material and now covered the thing completely. He’s going to have a difficult time explaining this to the others.


Blue blinked, looking around for a moment. Don’t tell them? Why wouldn’t he tell them?

“They don’t need to know.”

His face scrunched up. Then how would he explain the magic suddenly disappearing?

“Say you don’t know. They’ll figure out some kind of excuse eventually.”

Blue’s eyes narrowed, not liking this voice at all. The Magnificent Sans does not lie! He especially wouldn’t lie to his best friends! This is much too important to lie about. Why would he ever-


Blue froze, his eye lights becoming clouded as they turned a pastel green for half a second.

Well, of course he won’t tell his friends about this. It’s unnecessary information after all. No one’s in danger and it hasn’t effected any other universe. It’s fine.

This is fine.

“BLUE!” Two voices snapped Blue out of his daze. He looked up and saw his teammates running towards him, their expressions filled with relief. He smiled widely and waved at them, speed walking over to them. “Hello guys! How is everything?”

The second he was close to them, he was brought into their arms in a group hug. He winced a bit at the pressure on his arm but nuzzled into them anyway. “Oh stars, Blue are you okay?” Dream asked, Blue’s response just being a nod.

Ink let go and looked at Blue in disapproval. “Blue, why did you leave? Who knows what could’ve happened to you without us there?” Blue grinned sheepishly as Dream stopped hugging him, instead checking him over to ensure he was unharmed.

“I’m sorry Ink, I was just really curious on what else was there that I didn’t think-“

“He’s hurt!” Dream screeched, cutting Blue off. Blue giggled slightly at his friend’s worry. “It’s just a little bruise Dream. It’s fine.” Dream hummed in acceptance before healing the arm. Blue didn’t really think that was necessary, but didn’t stop him.

“How did you two get past the cave in?” Ink crossed his arms, still examining Blue as he answered. “We teleported. Now that the magic is gone, we can use our powers with ease.” His eye sockets narrowed. “Speaking of which, do you know what happened to the magic? Did you find anything?”

Blue’s phalanges twitched slightly. He wanted to tell them. They deserved to know after all, as his best friends-

“Lie young one.”

“No, weirdly enough. I just found a cavern with nothing in it and the magic went away when I was exploring. I ended up falling in surprise when I was a bit higher up and landed on my arm.”

Ink rubbed the back of his skull, looking contemplative as Dream looked down in confusion. “So it just... went away?” Dream hesitatingly asked as he let go of Blue’s healed up arm. Ink began pacing, going through the possibilities of what could of happened in his head. “I mean... Whatever it was, it could have either died or moved to another universe completely.”

He turned to face the other two with a serious expression. “There’s nothing we can do as of right now but I want you two to keep an eye socket out, alright? Look out for any trace of that magic. It’s powerful, enough to rival anomalies.” Dream, equally serious, nodded. “Got it.”

It took everything within Blue to not to screech about the thing on his arm, about the visions he’s been seeing and about the voices he keeps hearing. Why isn’t he telling them? It’s so easy to just tell them.

“This is fine.”

“Understood Inky!”

He really just wants a taco right now.


Tap. Tap. Tap.

Nightmare sat on his throne, tapping a finger on the end of the armrest. He felt beyond stressed, having been working nonstop for the past week. Not to mention having to work with his group, that just love to act like frustrating spoiled brats.

He was extremely tempted to go into some random Sans’ dreams and throttle their skeletal neck just to get out some frustration. But word will get out quick and he can’t afford shit getting out now after how hard they’ve been keeping everything secret. Part of him wondered why he cared so much about no one knowing.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Then he recalled a memory. Blue limping over to him after a particularly rough battle between the Star Sanses and his crew. He was having his own issues of weakly staying on two feet, but was completely prepared to strike down the smaller skeleton.

He yelled at Blue to get away from him, cursing him out and threatening his life. Then Blue hugged him. Well, more like collapse into Nightmare but hugged him regardless. It was ballsy as fuck and Nightmare was honestly a little impressed.

The brightly dressed skeleton, covered in dirt and blood, calmly told him that things didn’t have to be the way that they are. That they could get along and peace could be made.

That he believed in him.

One thing led to many more and a stupid peace treaty was made, they agreed to not hurt the other stupid skeletons, and he actually has to go to meetings with the stupid Star Sanses now.

All because of that STUPID Underswap Sans that keeps making him feel things.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Nightmare groaned as he heard loud arguing coming closer. The headaches were back. How wonderful.

“Heya boss.” Dust smirked, waltzing in while twirling his knife between his phalanges. Horror trudged in next him, resting his axe on his shoulder. “Sup.”

Nightmare straightened up some and looked at the two expectantly. “What did you find?” Horror grunted and twitched in annoyance. “Fuck all. The goody two shoes got there before us. Not sure what happened but any traces of the magic was gone by the time they came out.”

Nightmare cursed under his breath. “Did any of them seem different? Physical or otherwise?

Dust shook his head. “Nope. Couldn’t even sense anything different with their magic.” The temptation of strangling someone never felt so enticing than right now. So much work for a power that just disappears into thin air? He doesn’t fucking think so.

He stood quickly, his tentacles swaying quickly behind him as a sign of his frustration. He looked at the two sharply and with a scowl. “Keep an eye out for it. If you find anything report back to me immediately, understand?” The two tensed and nodded at his orders. “Good. Tell the others when you can.

They left with urgency, not wanting to be in the same room as a pissed off Nightmare. The skeleton sat down, slouching tiredly in his throne. He faintly wondered if he could just bribe Blue into forgetting about him strangling a Sans.

Tap. Tap. Tap.