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Mr. Blue Sky

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“Wake up...”


“Wake up, young one.”

Where am I?

“Wake up!”

The skeleton’s eye sockets snapped open as he took in a large breath. Why couldn’t he breathe before? Who even was he?

He looked at his surroundings curiously. Trippy is really the only word he could use to describe it. Everything around him was varying shades of black and blue, shifting constantly around him.

He was very dazed, he noted. To the point where he couldn’t tell if he’s been floating here for ten second, or two years. How odd. Wait.

He was floating?

Okay, yep. He was definitely floating. Who was he though?

He looked down, bringing up his hands to examine them. He couldn’t though. Where were his hands? He can feel them, they were definitely there. But he just couldn’t see them. The skeleton brought his hands up to touch his face. Yep, he can feel them on his face.

Dream and Nightmare aren’t doing this. Dream and Nightmare? Who were they? The skeleton didn’t know, but he somehow knew they weren’t the cause of this. Whatever this was.

Who was he?

“I’m glad you could join me, young one.”

The skeleton gasped and turned around, albeit slowly due to floating. The silhouette of a giant figure could be seen through the haze. The skeleton could see that he wouldn’t even be the size of the figure’s head if he were to measure himself to it.

“H-Hello?” Woah. Was that his voice?

“The day is coming.” The figure spoke. Day? What day?

“What?” He was so confused. Can’t he start actually knowing what’s happening? That would be absolutely lovely.

“You will soon know young one.” Does this figure even know how old he is? Because he sure doesn’t.

“Know what?” Hello good sir and/or madam, may you explain what the hell is going on? No? Okay...

“Don’t doubt yourself.” The skeleton grew increasingly annoyed and frustrated. Was he supposed to know what all this is supposed to mean?

“Goodbye, for now.”

His eye sockets widened. “Wait-“ Everything went dark and it felt as if everything was rushing pass him. The noise of the wind whipping past his head became obnoxiously loud, he wanted to cover the sides of his skull with his hands but found he couldn’t feel them anymore. He couldn’t feel his body anymore.

“Wake up...” He somehow heard the voice over the wind, though it was faint.

“Wake up, young one.” He began to panic. He didn’t care about not knowing anymore, this was all too overwhelming and he just wanted it to stop.

“Wake up!”

Who WAS he?!


Blue gasped as he shot up. “I’m Sans. I’m Blue...” He whispered to himself, looking at his hands. He spent a few moments slowly breathing in and out, registering where and who he was. Seeing his hands, he wiggled his phalanges and gave a nervous giggle. He was relieved that he could see his body again. “What an odd dream.” He yawned and got up, walking over to his bedroom window.

He opened the window and stuck his head out, breathing in the crisp winter air. Blue shivered as he gazed out at the snow covered trees, feeling the cold air calm his nerves. He thought more about his dream, the sheer confusion of it all had thrown him through quite the loop. He hadn’t even known his own name, never mind who he even was. Not to mention that gargantuan figure that kept speaking in ominous words. He recalled that he was meeting with Dream and Ink later today and decided that he’ll have to ask Dream about it. He’s seen a lot of people’s dreams, so maybe he’ll have an idea? Blue sighed, this all was so mysterious.

“Why hello Rapunzel. Looking out your window in deep thought I see.”

Blue jumped in surprise and looked down at the source of the noise. He grinned happily when he spotted Dust Sans below his window, giving a lazy wave. “Dust! Hi! What’re you doing here?” Before he could answer, Dust stopped and looked at the air next him. He rolled his eye lights and mumbled something. Blue guessed he was talking to his Papyrus.

Dust looked back up with a tight smile. “Mind throwing down your long ‘hair’ princess? Your prince wants to hang.” Blue snorted and looked down with a mock glare. “Stop calling me princess and you have a deal.”

“Ah, ‘fraid I can’t promise that berry.” Blue narrowed his eye sockets as a playful grin tugged on his mouth. “Then I have to say no.” He threw a little teasing pout at Dust before brightening up. “Sorry!” Clearly not meaning the apology, Blue spun around and walked to his closet. He begun picking out his clothes for the day while humming.

“Wait, what? No, Blue! You’re not just gonna leave your buddy out in the cold are ya?” Blue held his clothes to his chest as he walked back to the window. Dust looked up with a little frown, though he wasn’t upset in the slightest. “Especially after I travelled all the way to this universe to see my favourite Sans...” He sighed, shoving his hands in his hoodie pockets and leaning against a tree dramatically with fake disappointment. “My feelings are hurt. Truely. How will I go on...”

Blue chuckled as he rolled his eye lights, resting his arms on the windowsill. “Are you done yet?” The corner of Dust’s mouth twitched upwards before he continued to look forlorn. “The deception... The betrayal!” Dust wailed. Blue laughed, now resting his cheekbone on his palm. “After all we’ve been through, you do this to me and-“

“Are you done?!” Blue yelled out, trying to look annoyed but failed when he grinned. Dust snickered. “Okay, okay. I’m done. Are ya gonna let me up now?” Blue shook his head to himself in amusement and waved the alternate Sans up. “Come on, you know the drill!” Dust rolled his eye lights and nodded. “Yeah, I got it berry.” He mumbled as he began climbing the tree.

Blue giggled as he moved away from the window to quickly get dressed. He put on his usual battle body, fiddling with his scarf and gloves until they were of optimal comfiness. He looked over to the full body mirror in his room and examined himself to make sure he looked as magnificent as he felt.

After a moment of turning and posing, he nodded in approval, a small ‘mweheheh’ slipping out as he grinned to himself.

“Hey, I’m still out here y’know.” Blue jumped at Dust’s voice and quickly made his way to the window. Dust was carefully balancing on one of the tree’s more stronger branches, grunting as his foot slipped an inch. “I hate doing this.” He mumbled.

Blue smiled sadly as he leaned out of the window. He didn’t like it either. That most Sanses had sneak into his window to just hang with Blue in his room. Though he could definitely understand his brother’s disapproval of the more... murderous skeletons, it just didn’t seem fair to Blue that some of his friends had to sneak around when Papyrus was home.

Not to mention that a drop from the second story with the common Sanses one health, was very risky.

“I know, I know... It isn’t very ideal.” Blue spoke softly as he offered his hand. Dust grabbed it quickly, his other hand finding its way to the top of the window frame. “It’s far from ideal berry. I still don’t get why I can’t just fucking ‘port in.” He placed a foot on the windowsill as Blue began pulling him in.

Thankfully, the debatably sane skeleton made it inside without any incidents. Blue made sure he was okay before crossing his arms. “First off, language!” Dust snickered and rolled his eye lights as he walked over to Blue’s bed. “Second off, you know why you can’t teleport in here.”

Dust groaned as he flopped onto Blue’s bed. “‘Cause your bro would be able to sense a teleport in the house, and then go all nuts over wittle ol’ me being here. I know...” He sneered, moving to sit up and lean against the headboard. “It still sucks.” Blue’s eyes softened at Dust’s annoyance. He walked over to the bed, sitting down on the side and turning so he can face the alternate him.

Dust growled as his face darkened. “Ink and Dream n’ shit can come and go as they please. But I can’t even step foot in your house without your brother wanting to gaster blast me into next week.” Blue looked down and grabbed his pillow, hugging it to himself as Dust ranted. “Aren’t you the older brother? Why do you have to adhere to his stupid fucking rules on us?”

Dust over at Blue with a heated glare, his anger melting away when he spotted the depressed expression on the smaller skeleton’s face. “Blue?”

“I’m sorry...” The swap skeleton’s voice was partially muffled by the pillow he kept close to him. “I know it’s not fair. But my brother has his reasons for why he does things. As someone who has a similar personality to him, I’d like to think you’d know what that’s like.” He turned his head to look at Dust.

The fellow skeleton immediately looked down, not being able to keep the energetic monster’s stern gaze. “Just- I know you hate it, but trust that I have my reasons for this?” Blue looked pleadingly at Dust, his mouth unconsciously forming a small pout.

Dust looked up and twitched as a purple hue spread across his cheekbones. He averted his eye lights, and cleared his ‘throat’. “Y-Yeah, okay. I trust ya Blue.”

Blue smiled, lowering his pillow. “Thanks Dusty!” He moved to sit next to the taller skeleton while Dust moved his hood a little in an attempt to hide his glowing blush. “So, did you come around for any reason in particular?” Blue questioned. Dust grinned as he put an arm over Blue’s shoulders.

“What? I can’t come and visit a friend? I thought you were always the one preaching about friendship and shit.” He teased, poking Blue’s cheek. Blue giggled and swatted his hand away. “Stars. I’m starting to think that you and the others just choose to bring up my marvellous teachings when it’s most convenient to you.” He accused.

Dust gave the expression most Sanses were known to give, a shit eating grin and having one eye socket closed. He looked at Blue. “Wow. It took you a berry long time to figure that out huh?”

Blue gave him a blank face as Dust attempted to keep his laughter in. “You lot are the worst.”

Dust started laughing.


“Ugh, do I have to leave?” Dust complained as Blue nudged him to the window. “Yes. I’m going out and you can’t just stay in my room.”

“But we barely got to hang out.”

“We’ve been talking for three hours!”

Dust huffed out a laugh as he draped one leg over the windowsill. “Well time just flies by when I’m hanging with you berry.” Blue paused and narrowed his eye sockets some. Like always with Dust, the swap skeleton had a difficult time deciphering whether he was flirting or just being nice to Blue.

Regardless, Blue’s cheekbones turned a light blue. “W-Well, as flattering as that is Dust, I really do need to get going.” Dust smirked and shrugged, making his way onto the branch. “As you wish Blueberry. I’ll see ya sometime soon yeah?” Blue nodded. “Of course!”

Dust made his way down the tree before looking up at the window. He smirked again and bowed. “Until next time princess~” Blue huffed as his skull turned into the glowing version of his namesake. “I told you to stop calling me that! I am rather a magnificent knight than a princess!”

“Sure thing princess.” Dust chuckled as he turned and walked into the forest, hearing a flustered berry’s yells behind him.

Blue looked at Dust’s retreating figure in annoyance before smiling. “Silly...” He mumbled before he got ready to visit Ink and Dream. Ink had mentioned another exploration mission in their group chat. Meaning that they’ll have to go to an abandoned universe and check around for anything that would pose as a threat to the multiverse as a whole.

Blue was also aiming to ask Dream about the odd dream he had last night. Hopefully he’ll have some answers.

Overall, Blue was quite excited. As he usually is for any mission the Star Sanses do.

With those thoughts in mind, he excitedly made his way out of his room, ready for the new adventure ahead of him.


Dust frowned as he appeared back in his universe. He pulled out the knife he always kept in his pocket and twirled it around, examining the blood stains and dust covering it.

He felt bad for lying to Blue. He really did. But Nightmare has been working his nonexistent ass off to make sure their work is kept under wraps this time. Couldn’t let innocent little Blueberry figure out they’re still doing ‘mean’ things.

Dust snorted. Mean was an understatement.

“You care about him.”

Dust rolled his eyes at his brother’s apparition. “Well yeah Paps. We’ve already established that.”

“So do many others.”

Dust grit his teeth in frustration. “Yes Pap, that’s also been fucking established. Don’t have to remind me.”

“Yet, as much as you care for him... You keep murdering.”

Dust’s grip on his knife tightened. “I... I can’t help it...” He stared at the faded reflection of himself in the blade. He couldn’t help himself. He’s been like this for so long and Blue just expects him to stop killing?

“That’s what you keep telling yourself.”

Dust rolled his eye lights and huffed. “What exactly is your point here Paps? To make me feel like a piece of shit? A bit late for that.”

“I’m just saying that you might have a better chance actually talking to Blue about this.”

Dust snapped his skull in the ghost’s direction with an annoyed expression. “Are you kidding me? Blue would hate me forever. If he found out... He’d never forgive me.” His brother was silent for a while as Dust began walking to their rundown house, travelling through the ghost town of Snowdin. He managed to get into the house before Papyrus spoke up again.

“I like Blue.”

The corner of Dust’s mouth quirked up as he dragged the tip of his blade across the wall, creating a long rip in the wallpaper that accompanied many more. “Oh yeah?”

“Yes. He will make a great addition to our family.”

Dust chuckled, sitting on the ruined and dusty couch. “I gotta agree with ya there Paps.” His eyes caught a single bracelet on the broken coffee table in front of him. He grabbed it carefully and examined it. It was the only well kept thing in the house.

“So make sure that he is yours. No matter what.”

A psychotic grin formed on Dust’s mouth as one of his eye sockets twitched. “Yes. No matter what.” His eye lights softened a tad as he gazed at the bracelet. It was a friendship bracelet Blue had made for him, one that he vowed to keep and treasure forever. “Blue is mine.”

“Nyeh! How wonderful. I love you brother!”

“Love ya too bro.”

Dust swiftly stabbed the top of the coffee table, his knife sticking up as he let go of it. His psychotic expression back while he slipped on the bracelet gently. Friendship? Not for long little Blue…