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The Slytherin Prince

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Harry sighed for the millionth time, sitting on Severus’ bed as the man went through his wardrobe, looking for his dark blue dress robes. “I want to go out. Somewhere. Anywhere.”


“And blow your cover so soon? If you go out as you are now, with me accompanying you, or alone, it will not take people long to realize you are you. You need a disguise of some sort.” Severus said pragmatically.


Harry sighed. “I look different and sound different. It should be enough.” He said.


“People are not stupid.” Severus said shortly, before adding,.“Well, not all of them, at least. If you are going to go out without a disguise, make it count.” He advised. He found something in his wardrobe that gave him an idea. “There is one way you can go out without altering your new look. You should still be fairly anonymous.” Severus murmured.


“How?” Harry asked eagerly. Anything to get out of this house and get some fresh air!


Severus drew out a dress. It had been his mother’s, but it was still in good repair, and with some alterations, could suit the current fashion well enough. “You could go out… As a girl.” He said.


Harry stared at the dress, then his face flamed. “A girl?!” he shouted.


“It’s this or nothing at all, I’m afraid.” Severus said.


Harry got up and took the dress in his hands, feeling it. It was light blue silk, and felt good against his hands. “I mean… I could try it on. See how it feels. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.”


Severus’ lips twitched. “You could even go out on a date with the Dark Lord, if you were properly disguised.” He added.


Harry’s eyes met his, and the young man flushed a bit. “I could...” He said quietly. He took the dress and darted into the bathroom. “No peeking!” He shouted through the door.


Severus’ lip curled. “I have absolutely no desire to see my son naked, thank you very much.” He muttered in distaste.


Harry changed, looking down at the light blue gown. He’d need to find a… A bra, and add some padding to fill out the top, but he could get used to the feeling. It felt good. He looked in the mirror. He’d need to find a way to cover his scar, but without the glamour he really didn’t resemble the Harry Potter people were used to anymore, and his hair had grown long enough to pass for a girl.


He could finally blend in!


He came out and smiled. “Do you have any make-up?” He asked his father, who looked astounded. “I need to cover the scar.”


Severus nodded, numbly. “There is a vanity in the second guest bedroom, it should be properly stocked still. Knock yourself out.” He said.


Harry beamed at him and left the room in search of it.


Severus sat down. His son made quite a beautiful girl.


The Dark Lord was going to fall for him all the faster.


Hopefully Harry would be able to handle it.




“I need a name.” Harry said, standing in the entrance of the library.


Severus looked up, and his breath caught.


Harry had hidden his scar, highlighted his eyes and somehow made his plump lips look even fuller.


“You look beautiful.” Severus breathed.


Harry smiled shyly, fingers grasping the skirt of the dress and fidgeting with it. “You think so?” He asked hopefully.


Severus chuckled. “The Dark Lord isn’t going to know what hit him when he sees you in that.”


Harry laughed softly. “Still, a name?” He prompted.


“Jeanette?” Severus suggested.


“Jeanette what?” Harry asked.


“Why not Prince? You could be here looking for Harry. You’re his last living relative besides me. His cousin.” Severus told him with a smile.


Harry smiled. “I like that. It works.” He snorted. “And it’s not like anyone is going to ask my last name, anyway.”


Severus chuckled. “All the same, it is good to have a cover story, just in case.” He said pragmatically.


Harry nodded his agreement.


“So, I see you’ve padded the top.” Severus said.


“Does it look believable? Natural?” Harry asked worriedly.


Severus hummed. “Maybe go a cup size smaller?” He suggested. Harry had such a small frame, after all.


Harry pulled out some tissues and Severus laughed.


“We will get you some Wizarding prosthetics next time we are out.” He said, wiping tears of mirth from the corners of his eyes.


Harry scowled and wadded up the tissues, throwing the ball at Severus’ face. “It’s not like I had much to work with, Dad!” He snapped.


Severus stilled, hardly believing his ears. “What did you call me?” He asked, voice soft.


Harry flushed, and dropped his gaze to his feet. “Dad?” He whispered. “Sorry, if I was out of line—” He squeaked as Severus’ arms engulfed him, the man holding him in a tight hug.


Never apologize for that!” Severus said, quietly but fiercely. “I have been waiting too long to hear you utter that name to me. You’ve no idea how happy you’ve just made me.” He pulled back, and Harry could see the happy smile on his lips. “I love you, son. You are everything I could have asked for in a child, and so much more. Now, go change, but leave the make-up over your scar on. We have some stores to go to before they close for the day.” He said briskly.


Harry smiled and left the room at a jog, heading for his own bedroom.




“And these ones will adhere to your body, so you can wear them without a bra, which is good if you plan to wear anything backless or strapless.” The sales assistant said cheerfully, holding up a second set of prosthetics.


“We’ll get one set of those as well.” Severus said.


“We will?” Harry asked.


Severus nodded. “You are allowed to dress how you want, of course. I will not restrict you. Just keep your own limits in mind.” He said.


Harry nodded.


“Also, you may be interested in some special underwear. No tell-tale bulges.” The girl said, leading them over to a rack of tight underwear that somehow managed to still look reasonably comfortable. “You can always buy one, try it out at home and come back for more if you like them.” She advised.


Harry looked questioningly at Severus.


“If you want it. Do you think he will like it, or does he want to feel the evidence that you are affected by him?” Severus asked.


Harry flushed. “Just one. In case I get something tight to wear and need it.” He said.


“We also sell a depilatory cream—”


“If you want to go that far, I will brew you one myself.” Severus said firmly.


Harry flushed. “Oh, I don’t know.”


“Legs are a must, at least.” The girl advised. “If you want to look believable. Armpits if you wear anything sleeveless.”


Harry sighed. “Fine. Dad, I’ll need something.”


“I will have it ready by tomorrow morning.” Severus told him.


“These should be good.” Harry said, then spotted a yellow sundress. “Oh, and one of those!”


The sales assistant smiled and got one. “Yes, they’re very pretty. We don’t often do clothes, but the owner saw those and decided we’d make an exception for them. She does that sometimes.” She explained.


Severus paid for their purchases and the girl packed it all into a discreet brown bag.


“There you go! Don’t be a stranger, now! Remember, you can come in as a girl or a boy, and we don’t ask names. Secrecy is the name of our game.” She said happily.


Harry flushed as they left the store.

“Home?” Severus asked.


Harry nodded. “Yeah. Home.”




Harry got a letter the next day from Sirius, asking Harry to meet him at Remus’ house, the Den.


Harry showed it to Severus. “He even says you can come; he’ll be civil. Can we go? I don’t want to lose them.” Harry said sadly.


Severus sighed. “I suppose we can. He likely saw the articles about the trial. You know he’ll bring it up.”


Harry nodded. “I can talk about it with him. I just need my Godfather and Moony in my life.” He said.


“Then we will go. Are you ready now?”


Harry nodded. “Yes, let’s go now. He says I’m welcome anytime.” He said.


“Alright. It’s the Den?” Severus asked.


“Yeah. I’ll go first.” Harry volunteered.


Severus scowled. “Yes, you will. And you will tell them that I am coming. Afterward, you can go alone. I just need to make sure it is safe there.” He said.


Harry led the way to the receiving room and Flooed over. He came out and looked around.


It was a cute, quaint, two-bedroom house.


“Harry!” Sirius said excitedly, getting up from the couch and hugging him.


“Severus is coming through, too.” Harry said, just before Severus came through.


“Sni—Severus.” Sirius corrected himself.


“Black.” Severus returned stiffly. “I am here to make sure Harrison will be safe here. After this visit, he may come alone.”


“You are welcome here anytime as well, Severus.” Remus said, walking in from the kitchen. “This is my house; Sirius is just staying here for company. I am free to invite whomever I want, and I want you to feel just as welcome here as Harry does. We’re adults, we can all be kind to one another. If you are raising Harry right, there is no need for animosity. We should all get along, for his sake if nothing else.” He said evenly.


Severus looked surprised. “Thank you, Remus. That is kind of you.”


Remus just smiled and inclined his head in recognition.


Sirius looked over Harry. “Gee, kid, you’re quite the looker now, aren’t you?”


Harry grinned. “Are you sure? I look like Dad.” He said.


Sirius made a face. “Yeah, well, the only bad thing about him is his nose. Your Mum’s influence made yours smaller, and it looks good on you.”


“It’s not smaller by much, though.” Harry said. “But I don’t mind it. Everyone who’s seen me like this says I look good.” He said happily.


He and Severus took the chairs on either side of the couch.


“So why did you want me to visit?”


Sirius sighed. “What’s this I heard about an Imperius potion being used on you? And Ron and Ginny ending up in Azkaban for it?”


Harry sighed. “Well, Ron turned on me when he found out I’m Severus’ kid, and he’s been harassing me all year. This was his final act, and he and Ginny brewed it together. The article pretty much covered everything; you have most of the story.”


“And you’re with this Lord Gryffindor bloke? Is he courting you good and proper?” Sirius asked.


“Er…” Harry hedged.


Sirius’ eyes narrowed. “What?” He asked seriously.


“He’s not really Lord Gryffindor. And most of my friends and I can lie under Veritaserum.” Harry looked down at his lap. “And I have gone Dark.” He whispered. “I’m in pretty deep.”


There was silence for long moments, and Harry’s eyes filled with guilty tears. He knew he’d just lost the last link he had to his life as Harry Potter.


Then, he felt arms wrap around him, and stiffened.


“It’s okay, Harry, we still love you.” Remus whispered. “There’s Dark in everyone, it’s okay to let it grow if you’re not causing terror and deaths all over the place. You’re still a good person, we know you.”


Sirius’ voice was hoarse when he asked, “How deep?” He took a deep breath. “It’s not the end of the world, but I need to know.”


“The one you know as Lord Gryffindor is actually Lord Slytherin. And Harry is his consort.” Severus told him.


Sirius paled. “Isn’t that You-Know-Who?”


“The Dark Lord, yes.” Severus told him.


“Listen, you call him what you want, I’ll call him what I want.” Sirius said sharply. “Harry, that’s a little dangerous. Are you sure that’s a good idea?”


“He makes me feel safe. And he killed Vernon for me.” Harry said.


Sirius shook his head. “Of course he did.” He said.


“You don’t understand!” Harry shouted. “Vernon raped me!”


Sirius and Remus sucked in synchronised breaths.


“What?” Sirius choked out.


“And the Dark Lord and I avenged him. Harry has cast all three Unforgivables now.” Severus told them both.


“He makes me feel safe.” Harry said in a small voice.


More silence.


“I guess we can live with that, if you’re okay. When’s the wedding?” Sirius finally asked.


“Um, he doesn’t exactly think he’s marriage material.” Harry said, then added, “But I aim to change his mind!”


Remus chuckled. “You’ve got a task to do there.” He said.


“So where do we sign up?” Sirius asked.


Harry grinned. “Do you want to be my followers, or his?” He asked.


Sirius frowned. “Yours?”


“I have a group called the Hopefuls. They’re kind of my bodyguards. It stands for ‘Hopeful Future Death Eaters.’ Tom came up with it, and I’ve been recruiting like crazy.”


Sirius sighed. “Give me time to think about it, I’ll tell you on your birthday. What do I need to do for each?”


“To become a Death Eater, you cast all three Unforgivables on a Muggle that’s hurt a Witch or Wizard in front of Tom. Voldemort.” Harry amended. “To become a Hopeful, I explain the rules and give you a ring keyed to my master ring. It will call you when I need you.”


Remus shrugged. “I’m in, too. I’ll join whichever Sirius decides on. I don’t want him doing this alone.”


“Time for tea and you can tell me all about your year.” Sirius decided. “We’ll lighten things up for a bit.”