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It Don't End in Blood

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It wasn’t that Sam hadn’t known what the family business was. He was well aware that his father would go hunting supernatural creatures when he left his sons alone in various motels. He remembered the day that he had discovered his dad’s journal and confronted Dean about what was written in its pages. While he had never joined his family on their hunts, he had learned as much as he could about the things that go bump in the night. In theory, he was familiar with the monsters from myths and legends.

Theories often don’t hold up to reality. That was the main problem. Sam knew all about the supernatural but had never imagined that he would be seeing one of those beings in person so soon after learning of their existence. He had expected to have to be at least as old as his brother before he was allowed on a hunt. With how protective his older brother could be, he doubted that Dean would let him go hunt until he felt that Sam was good and ready. Sam just wished that he had been ready much sooner. Everything might have happened differently if he had been.

It had been a typical day for the Winchester brothers. Their dad was away on a hunt while they stayed at some random hotel. How could they know that they, themselves, were being hunted? The witch had appeared in their room without warning. There was barely any time to react. Dean immediately pulled out his gun to fight her, but it was too little too late. As much as Sam wanted to be like his big brother, he couldn’t do it. When it mattered the most, he had let Dean down. He wasn’t ready. He had been frozen with fear. A part of him had scarcely believed that everything he had been told was true. It was one thing to know that monsters were out there, but it was another thing entirely to have a monster appear right in front of you. With just a flick of her wrist, she had pinned Dean to the wall. Deprived of his gun, Dean yelled for Sam to run. Sam couldn’t do it. The proof of how dangerous the world truly was stood right in front of him. Yet, even with this knowledge in his face, all Sam could do was stand stock still even as Dean screamed at him to get away. That’s when the bright flash of light hit him. Then there was nothing but darkness.

There was no way to say how long he had been unconscious, but it felt like only seconds later that Sam opened his eyes to find himself in complete darkness. His mouth felt parched, as though he hadn’t had anything to drink in a while. His head was pounding hard enough that he could almost hear it. He could practically feel the blood pumping in his head.

No, he thought to himself, I can hear something beating. A rhythmic beating. Almost like a heartbeat.

He could feel vibrations from the loud beating sound shaking him to his bones. It drowned out almost every other sound. Almost, but not all.

Above all, Sam heard a din of voices ringing out as loud as thunder. He couldn’t make out any of them clearly, but could tell what they were, nonetheless.

Attempting to push down the panic creeping up on him, Sam began to grasp around, trying to find a way out of wherever he was. One thing he knew for sure was that where there were voices, there were people. People meant that there could be someone to help him get out of this confined area that he had woken up in.

Sam’s hands, feeling out the space, landed on nothing but a cloth-like material.

Am I in a bag? He thought. Have I been kidnapped?

He knew that grownups were constantly warning kids about people who would steal them, tying them up and throwing them into sacks to sneak them out of places. They always warned, but they never gave much advice beyond screaming and kicking. The best he could think of was to find an adult. There was only one way to do that in the situation he was in.

Fear flooded his body as Sam pounded his hands on the walls of his prison. The cloth shook around him as he flailed wildly.

“Help! Somebody, help me!” He croaked out as loudly as his voice would let him. His throat was so dry. He just wished that he could have some water.

A near-deafening voice came from outside of his enclosure. It was almost louder than he was able to comprehend. Close enough that he had to slam his hands over his ears but was still able to understand it perfectly.

“So, Ben,” the woman’s voice said, “it looks like something’s moving in your pocket. You know how I feel about animals in my bar. What exactly did you say you were taking to Mina?”

“Nothing of importance.” Strong vibrations rumbled through Sam as the second voice spoke. It was, if possible, even closer than the first voice.

A huge weight roughly pressed into him from outside of where he was contained. The pressure caused him to cry out in fear and pain. Tears pricked at his eyes as he fought against the weight. His struggles were in vain, but the pressure disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. It left Sam panting in its wake.

The woman’s voice came again. “I’m pretty sure I just heard something that sounded like a voice from in there. Now, I don’t know exactly what you’ve got going on with Mina, but I’m gonna need you to show me what’s in your pocket.”

The second voice, a man’s deep voice, replied. “Now, Ellen, we’ve known each other for a while. Just trust me. This ain’t your problem and I’ll just be getting out of your hair in a few minutes.”

Despite the terror of the loud voices, Sam felt a brief surge of concern at the voice’s words. He had a hunch of which voice was his captor and, even though the words were confusing, he knew that he couldn’t let him walk out of this building without getting someone to help him. This could be his last chance.

With all of his might, Sam kicked out at his confinement, yelling for help all the while. With impossible speed, the weight from earlier returned to press on him, ceasing all of his actions. Tears streamed down Sam’s face and his mouth opened in a silent scream. He had never known a weight powerful enough to still his body while pushing the very breath out of him. The fear of suffocation was amassing as he clung to what little air he could hold.

“Don’t tell me this ain’t my problem. It was my problem the moment you set foot in this roadhouse.” The woman, Ellen, said dryly. “I do know you, Benjamin Tackitt, and that’s why I don’t trust a word that comes out of your mouth. Now, show me what’s in your damn pocket before I call Bill over here to force you to.”

The reply was quieter than any of the words before but held a dangerous undertone. “I don’t think so.”

Sam yelped as the world around him began to move. He was rocked from side to side in a swinging motion. A wave of vertigo hit him, and he had nowhere to anchor himself. His entire world was moving, but he couldn’t see anything to help ground him. It was as though he was on a rollercoaster with no way of knowing where it would turn or drop next.

No more than a handful of seconds went by before Sam heard a tremendous crash and found himself suddenly free-falling through the air. There was a horrendous, overwhelming sound as something massive hit the ground mere milliseconds before Sam slammed painfully into a hard surface. He lay stunned for a moment, making sure that nothing had been seriously injured in the fall.

“Just so you know,” the unexpected closeness of Ellen’s voice caused Sam to jump as his ears ached from the sound. “calling Bill was the easy way if you didn’t want to cooperate. I’m the hard way.”

Blinding light abruptly poured in from somewhere above Sam, causing him to tightly shut his eyes. Just before his eyes closed, he could have sworn that he saw the outline of a gigantic hand reaching towards him.

Instinctively, he crouched lower into the corner of the small space. Try as he might, he couldn’t get his eyes to open for more than a second before they clenched closed again. With his eyes shut tight, he couldn’t see what was going on around him, but he could definitely feel it.

Solid pillars surrounded him, pressing him in on all sides with unimaginable force. The moment to run away had passed. The pillars were far stronger than Sam could ever hope to be. There was no room to even struggle. He was completely at the mercy of the objects that had him in their grasp.

Fingers. Those are fingers. Sam’s brain helpfully supplied.

Before he could work up the will to try opening his eyes again, he felt himself being lifted out of his dark enclosure. Light shone on his eyelids as he was lifted through the air faster than any ride he had ever been on. He supposed that the feeling was comparable to taking off in a rocket. Gravity pushed heavily down on him even as the pillars lifting him surged ever upwards.

Without warning, Sam was dropped onto a warm, solid surface. He landed in a heap on the ground. Refusing to appear weak, he slowly forced his body to stand up. The surface had a strange plush texture to it that made it difficult to stand on. The ground below him jumped slightly with a rhythmic pounding much like the one he had woken up to.

Gathering his courage, Sam forced his eyes into a squint in order to gaze at the world around him. The first thing he noticed was a wall in front of him that was made of some dark cloth material. It was a humongous wall, filling up most of his vision. As his eyes became adjusted to the light, he realized that the wall was moving forwards and backwards at the same time that a small gust of wind was blown down on to him. With apprehension, Sam craned his neck to follow the wall ever upwards.

It was one thing to know that magic and the supernatural existed, but it was a whole other thing to be confronted with it. Sam was smart enough to have put two and two together based on the conversation he had overheard while in his dark prison, but nothing could have prepared him for the giant face that he found staring back at him.

The giant’s brown eyes, widened in shock, stared right back at him. Her lips were slightly parted, and Sam belatedly realized that she was the source of the warm breeze around him. The source of the breeze and the source of the pulsing under his feet.

Fear slammed into Sam as he realized that he was sitting in the giant’s hand in a room teeming with other giants. Prey instinct sank it’s claws into him powerfully enough to cause him to dash to the side of the hand, looking for a way to escape. That broke the giant out of her stupor. With a small exclamation, she brought her other hand under the one Sam was standing on to create a railing that trapped him in her palm. Sam threw out his hands to try to maintain his balance but found that his body simply refused to remain upright.

Unbidden tears flowed down Sam’s face as he fell to his knees, curling up into as small a ball as he possibly could.

“Don’t hurt me. Please, don’t hurt me!” Sam pleaded with the woman.

In the blink of an eye, Sam was, once again, in the darkness caused by her fingers surrounding him. He whimpered in fright as he remained curled up in the warm enclosure. Surely, any moment now, she would finish closing her hand to crush him. That’s what giants did in stories, right? They crushed people or ate them. It was inevitable. The moment Sam had been captured he was as good as dead. How could he fight against someone who was taller than a skyscraper?

Sam flinched violently as the woman’s voice sounded out, making his ears ring from the volume. “Bill, time to close up! Get everyone out. Everyone except for this bastard here on the floor.”

Curled up on the giant’s palm, Sam felt his heart beat painfully hard as he heard the sound of the impossibly large beings moving around him. The discord of their voices jumbled together sounded like an endless roll of thunder. It was deafening and shook his body to the core.

As the noises around him began to, thankfully, die down, Sam became aware of a massive series of earthquakes approaching him where he lay. The woman holding him was moving, her giant footsteps traveling up to where Sam was on her palm.

“Wanna tell me what the hell is going on?” A new masculine voice spoke up.

“Ben, here, told me that he’s traveling to do some business with Mina. Told me that the thing he’s trading was too valuable to be left alone so he keeps it in his pocket. Assured me that it wasn’t a dangerous artifact, just something Mina would pay well for.” The woman holding Sam explained. “That’s all fairly normal for a hunter so I didn’t think anything of it until his pocket started moving and I distinctly heard a voice coming out of it.”

The world around Sam opened up to the light. He dared a quick glance upwards. Three humongous beings were staring down at him. He yelped and covered his eyes. He couldn’t recall ever being so scared in his life. He just wished that he could be brave like Dean or, better yet, Dean could be here to protect him from the scary giants in front of him.

A loud angry voice echoed through the air around Sam. “You brought a supernatural creature into the Roadhouse, Ben? Damn it, Tackitt! How stupid can you get?”

“Supernatural creature or not,” the woman holding Sam spoke, “this boy is scared out of his mind. We are hunters, Ben. We either kill it or we leave it be. We never, never sell the creatures.”

“No, you see, it ain’t like I’m selling actual people here. These pests infest hotels and Mina will pay a pretty penny for creatures like it. I ain’t harming nobody with this thing.” Ben’s pleading voice cut through the air. “Look, if ya excuse me just this once, we can split the fee. It’ll be worth your while.”

“Split the fee.” The lady scoffed under her breath.

She locked eyes with the third man, nodding her head sharply. The wiry man, Ben, grinned at the two in triumph, holding his hand up for Sam to be deposited on. Before his arm could extend all the way, the other man grabbed it. He twisted the outstretched arm behind Ben’s back and put his lips to the man’s ear.

“You will get out of my bar and you will never come back.” He growled. “If we see your face here again, you’ll be pumped full of lead before you can set one foot in the doorway.”

Ben whimpered, taking a few steps forward to attempt to alleviate the pressure on his arm. “But what about him? You gotta let me take what’s mine! This is pure theft!”

The woman angrily huffed. “Goodbye, Ben.”

Sam’s body quaked as he watched the larger man roughly shove Ben out of the door. He shut it with a mighty slam and clicked numerous locks into place.

The moment that Ben was out of sight, the woman directed her attention back to the boy cowering on her hand. Her eyes softened as she gazed at him. “I ain’t never seen a creature like you before. Hell, I don’t even know if you can understand what I’m saying, but you don’t have to be afraid. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, I’m not gonna hurt you. That’s kinda the rule around here.”

A finger larger than his entire body gently rubbed Sam’s back as he whimpered from fear. Despite the effortless strength that he knew the finger possessed, he was not pushed around or hurt by it. The woman was taking care to be mindful of him. It was almost reassuring after everything that had happened. Sam could barely comprehend the fact that he had been in a man’s pocket and was currently on a hand that was bigger than his dad’s car.

“It’s okay. You’re safe. My name’s Ellen and that man over there is my husband Bill. What’s your name? Can you talk?”

Sam ever so slowly rose to his feet on the living surface. He quivered in place as his body came down from the dose of excess adrenaline. Running a hand through his hair, he took a few deep breaths to steel himself.

Try as he might, his voice shook as he addressed the giantess. “My name is Sam and I’m not a creature. I’m a human.”

“Human?” He flinched at the sound of Bill’s voice. “Son, I don’t know what kind of humans are only of couple inches tall. Whatever you are, it’s definitely not human.”

“But I am human! And I’m four feet and two inches tall. You’re the giant ones here!” Sam protested tearfully, wishing his voice didn’t sound so soft after listening to the much louder ones of the giants.

“Hate to break it to you, Sam,” Ellen’s voice lowered as she sighed, “but you’re not four feet tall. Not anymore. I’m five feet and five inches tall. Not a giant, but absolutely taller than you are right now.”

Sam took a moment to process through what she was telling him. If what she was saying was true, he was shrunken. It would have been impossible to wrap his head around if the proof of it wasn’t standing right in front of him. It all made sense now. This was the witch’s curse. This is what had happened to him when he was hit with that light.

“I’m...I was shrunk...” Sam sniffled. “Where’s my dad? Where’s Dean? What happened to them?”

Ellen blinked in confusion. “Your dad? Who’s Dean? Sam, are they the same size as you? Did Ben take them, too?"

Sam shook his head. “They’re human. At least, I think they still are. They’re the only family I have left, and they have to be okay! My daddy is John Winchester and Dean’s my brother. Please, you have to help me find them!”