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A Curious Question

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Moomintroll entered his house after an exhausting day. Winter was coming and he had been cutting firewood in preparation. A simple if not tiring task that was made all the harder by Little My and her antics. Moomin was simply happy to finally be home and was looking forward to a nice supper.

“Honey I am back.” Moomin called out.

“Welcome back, my brave knight.” Snorkmaiden came out of the kitchen wearing a pink frilly apron.

The couple shared a hug and kiss before Snorkmaiden led her husband to the table.

“Supper is finished. So why don’t you sit down and I will get you a plate.”

Moomin agreed and sat at the table as she disappeared into the kitchen. Moomin didn’t have to wait long a nice hot plate was soon set in front of him.

“Here you go love, something to warm you up.” Snorkmaiden’s voice seemed to have grown deeper in the brief time she was gone.

Moomin looked up and saw Snufkin wearing the same frilly apron over a white shirt and brown pants. Snufkin still had his hat on and was smiling warmly at Moomin.

“Thank you dearest, it smells wonderful.” Moomin told Snufkin smiling back at him.

Moomin started to eat his meal when he heard Snufkin make a noise like he was clearing his throat. Moomin looked back up at Snufkin whom now had his hat in his hands and a blush on his face.

“Actually my dove, there is something I need to tell you.” Snufkin said fiddling with his hat.

“Yes love?” Moomin asked curiously.

“I’m pregnant.”

Moomin suddenly jolted awake in bed, breathing heavily. After calming down, he just stared at his wall for a while.

“Mama was right. I should lay off the raspberry juice before bed.”


Snufkin and Moomin were laying out in the green grass with the sun shining down. Snufkin was smoking his pipe when Moomin decided to speak up.

“Say Snufkin, would it be alright if I asked you a question?”

“ I don’t see why not. Ask away.” Snufkin told him taking a breath from his pipe.

“Can you even get pregnant?”

Snufkin nearly swallowed the pipe.