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Movie Night

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Watching a movie wasn’t supposed to be something difficult. Sitting back with someone you love and paying attention to a good film should be one of the easiest things in the world. In Aizawa’s current situation, it was not.

His focus was absolutely not on the television. No, he was more focused on how your breath hitched with every jump scare and the marvelous effect it had on your breasts. He was focused on the way you held his hand tighter at certain tense moments and how it so reminded him of how you would do the same thing when he pounded into you in bed. The movie may as well have been an infomercial for all if was worth at this point.

Aizawa felt his cock twitch in his sweatpants. He turned his head towards you fully, watching your reactions for a moment. It was in that moment that you noticed, looking at him with a small, curious smile.

“Am I more interesting than the movie?” You giggled a bit, then you noticed the look in his eyes. God, that look had been the instigator of some of the best, most intense nights of your life. Nights that were filled with pleasures that had previously been unimaginable, and passion you had personally learned the famously tired Aizawa Shouta was capable of expressing.

“Yes.” As soon as he was finished with his very short answer, he prevailed forwards, capturing your lips in a searing kiss. One hand came to your jaw, angling you just like he wanted, making you submit to the way his tongue moved against your own. A whimper slipped from your throat, answered by a soft growl before he pulled away, his face still only centimeters away from your own.

“I want you, kitten. You okay with that?” His tone was lustful, but also a bit humorous. The flush of your cheeks and the way your hand squeezed his even tighter made it quite obvious you were okay with that. You barely had time to nod before your mouths met again, the urgency so prevalent that it removed all thought from your brain.

Aizawa let go of your hand, instead moving to bunch up the fabric of your shirt and quickly pushing it over your head. You gasped for breath as your lips disconnected. It felt like he was trying to steal the oxygen from your lungs. He smirked and threw the shirt to the floor before pushing you back on the couch.

You felt a shiver rush down your spine and settle into your core. The way he took control during sex was always so hot. He’d proven himself time and time again that he knew just what to do to make you absolutely insane with need. As he stalked up your body, spreading your legs apart and finding that spot on your neck that made you gasp and arch your back, you felt yourself getting wet already. It never took long with Aizawa.

Said man moved at a snail’s pace down your neck and chest, making you bite your lip and find a solid grip in his long hair. You gave a slight tug and he gave you a dangerous glare in which the meaning was obvious: have patience or you’ll regret it. You instantly let up your grip, instead leaning back and taking what he was offering, which, in truth, was still almost overwhelming. You felt him mouth at your nipple through your bra, which was thin and had no actual cup, ensuring that you felt the heat of his breath and the wetness of his tongue. The nipple hardened under the action, making you purr. Your breath hitched as he removed the fabric entirely, licking the bud only for a moment before he pulled away, removing his own shirt and revealing his beautifully toned body.

Aizawa removed your pants and underwear quickly, now too pent up to keep up his teasing. You shivered as your core was exposed to the open air, and he was pleased with how you were dripping. He pushed two of his fingers into your wetness, the action being met with a rather loud whimper you weren’t proud of. Years of training to use his capture scarf meant that his hands were strong and dexterous, and it definitely didn’t help that they were large to begin with. He pushed them in fully, delighting in the little shake of your inner thighs as he brushed a spot deep inside of you.

Aizawa absolutely loved to finger you. He had spent a lot of time between your legs, learning which movements got you to make those pretty little sounds. He craved your absolute ruin at his own hands, and he’d nearly perfected just how to bring it about. He flexed the tips of his digits at just a slight angle, feeling how the texture of that spot inside of you was different. Even if it wasn’t, he knew he had found it by the way your eyes lost their focus. He didn’t give you time to adjust before he was thrusting in and out, moving deeply and curling and prodding and just driving you crazy. To go from teasing motions to facing an onslaught of pleasure was enough to make your toes curl tightly.

“Fuck… Fuck, Sho…” You tossed your head back and forth on the couch, struggling to maintain your sanity as your stupidly hot boyfriend worked you higher and higher. His thumb rested on your clit, barely even moving yet but giving just a tad of pressure that intensified what he was doing. You were already short of breath, fingers digging into the fabric of the couch while your eyes squeezed shut. His other hand held firm on your quaking hips, keeping them still despite their want to thrust against his hand.

Aizawa took advantage of how unaware you were of anything but his hand. It was so easy to move slowly down the couch and to bring himself closer to your dripping sex. He appreciated how your arousal overtook every other smell, nearly giving himself away by grunting before catching the sound in his throat. He looked up at you from between your thighs, listening to the impassioned cries slipping from your mouth and your stuttered breathing. He lost his control, reaching down and licking the path between his pumping fingers and your clit before taking the bud into his mouth.

A loud moan left your lips as your eyes shot open, finding him looking up at you with an amused glint in his eyes. One hand quickly found his hair, not guiding him, but simply resting in the surprisingly soft, messy locks and brushing a strand back that had landed on his face.

“Oh, that’s so good. Oh my god, you’re so good…” You knew you were babbling a bit, but it couldn’t be helped. His fingers moved harder and faster against all of the best spots inside of you, reminding you that even after all this pleasure, you were going to be fucked. His tongue swirled and sucked at your clit, knocking the breath out of your lungs and sending fire through your trembling thighs. He had elected to hold your hips down with his entire arm, keeping you still while he played your body like an instrument he had studied for years.

It never took long to cum when he did this and you swore he got better at it every single time. Your sounds became more and more desperate, verging on pathetic as he brought you closer and closer to your peak with every swipe of his skilled fingers against your gspot, every lick against your swollen clit. He rolled his tongue in a particular way and you were gone, falling off the edge and into a world of white-hot ecstasy. Your back arched and your eyes rolled back into your head, mind blanking from everything other than what he was doing to your body.

Aizawa moaned into your pussy as you came, feeling the contractions around his fingers and becoming enraptured with the need to be inside of you, making you feel this way with his cock instead. Still, he kept up his movements until your body fell back to the couch, muscles trembling and shivering while you caught your breath. Only when you let out a whimper of overstimulation did he stop, tearing his mouth away with a final kiss to your clit and stilling his fingers inside of you.

“That’s my good girl.” He started to kiss his way up your body, reaching your mouth and giving you a short kiss, knowing you were still catching your breath. You shivered at the affection and praise, and then again as he gently removed his fingers. You opened your eyes to see that he was licking your essence off of them, looking all too much like a pleased cat that just feasted on something it wasn’t supposed to.

“Th… thank you,” you muttered lamely, too caught up in a fresh wave of arousal to really make any sort of intelligent conversation.

“You’re welcome… but we aren’t done, kitten.” He kissed you again, deeper this time, allowing you to taste yourself. It wasn’t an unpleasant taste, and it was hot to find it on his tongue. He pulled away too quickly, making your fingers find his hair again to try to pull him back, only to have your hands pinned above your head. His dominance made you pant, thighs trying to squeeze together to relieve some of the pressure that had just dissipated, only to be brought back up.

“My turn.” He pulled up from your body, sitting on his knees before releasing your wrists and pushing his sweatpants down. His cock jutted up, fully hard and obviously ready to be inside of you. You simply nodded, spreading your legs ever more and blushing at how exposed and needy you were. He didn’t waste any more time. Aizawa stroked his cock once, releasing a deep rumbling noise from his chest before positioning his knees right against your ass. He tilted your hips up, hastily reaching behind himself for a pillow to put under them so you would be angled properly. He pushed his thick head against your entrance, thrusting forwards with a strong motion of his hips and sliding more than halfway in.

You instinctively moved your hands to grip him, then stopped and gripped the couch instead. You didn’t want to do a single thing to get him to wait or to tease you any longer. Lucky for you, he was no longer in the teasing mood. As the credit music played in the background, he moved almost fully out of you and then slid in to the hilt. You clenched your teeth, lost for a moment at how fucking good the stretch felt. It surprised you every time that just his entrance could feel so good. One look at his face told you he felt the same.

Aizawa could feel every throb of your pussy around him. Every beat of your heart stimulated his cock, making him twitch and heightening both of your arousals. He had waited as long as he could stand it for you to adjust, which couldn’t have been longer than 30 seconds. He knew you were ready by the squirming of your hips, despite both of his hands gripping them. He started to move in long, fluid strokes, making sure to push up with his hips so his cock would rub against your most sensitive spots.

It took seconds for you to start panting and making little, high-pitched sounds. You were so stupidly wet that every thrust made a noise, which would have been embarrassing if it wasn’t hot. His fingers dug into your skin as he started a slow rhythm, bringing your hips to him and making his movements harsher and harder and so good it almost hurt… but you still needed more.

“Shouta… Shouta, please, faster.” You’d grown used to begging for what you wanted from him. It was quickest way to turn him on even more and to usually get what you wanted.

“I thought I remember… saying it was my turn.” Despite the hardness to his voice, Aizawa was already struggling to breathe normally. You were felt too hot, too wet, and looked too ridiculously beautiful to stay above the water. Still, though. It was fun to watch you squirm.

You groaned in frustration as Aizawa slowed down even more, but made his thrusts extremely hard. Each one forced a whine out of you and a grunt out of him. You simply had to grit your teeth and bare what he was giving, which at the moment was the entire length of his cock slamming into you so hard that the couch moved across the hardwood floor.

“Please… please… please!” You pled with each motion, tears gathering in your eyes from the intensity. You found his dark gaze meeting yours and you could see the second he broke, groaning and switching to fast, deep movements just like you wanted. The switch came so quickly that it was hard to process, your mind blanking on the entirety of spoken word that wasn’t your boyfriend’s name.

Aizawa couldn’t deny you what you wanted for long, especially if what you wanted was a fast, hard fucking. The compatibility between the two of you was off the charts and it felt like sparks were seconds away from being formed by the tension between your bodies. He let go of himself, getting lost in your body just as you were in his, and drinking up every reaction you gave him. Your moans and cries and the stray tears that slipped down your face in pleasure made him wish he could do this forever.

The way he fucked you made you feel as if you’d died and gone to heaven. Every thrust made you slip further and further away from reality until all you could do was simply be. All thought in your head was about how much you loved the man bringing you so much ecstasy that you couldn’t breathe. It was impossible to warn him before reaching your peak, but he had long since learned the ways of your body. He knew when you were close and he somehow sped up his pace, hips moving in a blur until you nearly screamed and clenched around him, hands tearing from the couch to grasp at his own on your hips.

Aizawa didn’t have it in him to hold on any longer. You squeezed him so impossibly tight that he saw stars, his eyes closing and jaw going slack as his rhythm turned sloppy and somewhat random, hips thrusting with the waves of his own release while he spilled his cum inside of you. He barely processed the feeling of your nails digging into your skin, once again opening up a small mark that never got to heal. It didn’t matter. He was captivated by the power of both of your orgasms, marveling in the way your bodies could both bring the other such a rapture.

The two of you breathed heavily together, heads empty of all worry or any other rational thought. Your eyes opened and met his own, making you smile and then giggle as emotion flooded your system. Aizawa gave a chuckle in return before removing himself, the both of you wincing in overstimulation. He elected to clean up the mess later, and to cuddle first. Your skin was always so soft and he wanted nothing more than to hold you in his arms in this moment.

As soon as Aizawa moved you both to lay on your sides, you cuddled up to his chest, body still shaking from cumming so hard you couldn’t see. He wrapped his strong arms around you, caressing your back with one hand and petting your head with the other. He felt you smiling against his neck and found himself doing the same from how adorable that was.

“I love you.” His voice was soft and quiet, fitting the moment the two of you were having.

“I love you, too. So much.” You brought your arms up to hug him, squeezing him just a bit with the small amount of strength that was returning. With all of the endorphins in your system, the level of adoration you felt was too much, making little, happy tears slip from your eyes. Aizawa was used to such a thing and only hugged you tighter, feeling your trembling turn to various shivers, and then cease almost entirely as time went on.

“You feel okay?” He lightly kissed the top of your head, looking down your back to your hips and knowing that the bruises that were fading would soon be back with a vengeance.

“I’m great. Only a little sore.” You knew that he was asking if he hurt you by the concern in his voice, and the answer was no. You also knew that walking would be nearly impossible at the moment, but that would pass eventually. “I feel messy.” You pouted a bit as you rubbed your legs together, feeling your combined releases sliding out and making another shiver run down your back.

“Well, we can't have that, can we?” He leaned over you, grabbing your panties from the floor and smiling at the look on your face as he used them to clean between your legs.

“Ugh Shouta… there are tissues right there.” You gestured to the coffee table in mock frustration, to which he shrugged and threw your panties behind you.

“We can do laundry later. But first…” He tossed the blanket draping over the couch onto the both of you, resting on his back while you curled into his side and on his chest. “First we nap.”

“I would argue if that didn’t sound amazing.” You smiled up at him, softly kissing his lips and embracing for a moment before you got comfortable. It wasn’t long until you fell asleep to the steady beat of his heart, and the soft snoring he swore he never did.