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When the Stars go Blue

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"Juggy, you have to drive me to school today," Veronica said popping her head into his room and Jughead looked up from his book and frowned at her. "How are you a jock?" she asked with a raised eyebrow at the thick tome in his hands.

"What? Why?" Jughead whined, ignoring her question and putting a bookmark to save his place before shutting his book and jumping out of his seat quickly to follow her back to her room where she already was. "How are you so fast?" he mumbled to himself. "Where's Betty?"

"She's at school already, she has an early meeting," Veronica said with a roll of her eyes as she sat down at her vanity table and picked up her mascara wand. "She has way too many clubs."

"You know there's always the bus," Jughead told her with a smirk and Veronica narrowed her eyes at him in the mirror, as if she would ever be caught taking the bus to school. "I cannot wait until your birthday when mom and dad finally get you a car so you can drive yourself around."

"2 weeks Juggy," Veronica told him smiling sweetly as Jughead made a face at the nickname. "What's the big deal, you have space in that big car of yours and we're going to the same place."

"Fine, I'll take you," Jughead said feigning annoyance. "You're going to have to share the back seat, I'm picking up Archie and the girls as well."

"Urg... I hate your groupies," Veronica said squishing her face at the thought of the girls who had been following her brother and his best friend around since Jughead's breakup with his long time girlfriend.

"You're on the same squad as them," Jughead chuckled walking closer to mess up her hair causing her to slap his hand away and attempt to fix it. "Aren't you supposed to be like 'sisters' or whatever Bombshell goes on about."

"The only person allowed to call me sister is you," Veronica grumbled making sure her hair was perfect before grabbing her lipstick. "Unfortunately."

"Such a princess," Jughead laughed shaking his head and pushing off from the back of her chair that he was still leaning on. "We leave in 5."

"Wait," she screamed just as Jughead got to the door and he turned around with wide eyes bringing his hands up to ask what she scared him like that for. "Midnight Plum or Savage garden?"

"Seriously?" he asked and she nodded shaking the two lipsticks in her hands because this was a very serious question. "They look exactly the same ... that one."

"Hmm," Veronica frowned at his choice. "I like this one more."

"Why did you ask if you already knew which one you wanted?" he asked annoyed both at the unnecessary question and at the fact that she chose the other lipstick. "We leave in 2 minutes."

"Wait, I need to change this skirt," she called as he left the room. "I hate you."

"2 minutes."

"I am not getting into the back seat," Veronica complained as they turned onto Archie and Betty's street. "I'm comfortable here."

"Do you really want to stick poor Archie in the back seat?" Jughead asked amused, glancing over at her.

"I'm sure he'd be happy sitting between two hot cheerleaders," Veronica says with a raised eyebrow as she turned toward her brother, huffing out a breath.

"I thought you hated them," Jughead chuckled bringing the car to a stop in front of Archie's house, both of them waving at Fred Andrews who was standing on the porch and drinking his coffee.

"I might think that they're superficial bimbo's but I have eyes," Veronica told him. "Although out of all the cheerleaders you guys decide to choose, why those two, it's like you figured out the ones that hate me the most and decided to date them."

"They don't hate you and we are not dating them," Jughead told her waiting for Mary Andrews to finish fawning over her son so they could leave. "Like you said they're hot, we're hot, so why not be hot together."

"Ew," Veronica said making a face at the way he phrased it.

"Besides if they hated you, I wouldn't even be giving them the time of day," Jughead told her matter of factly and Veronica smiled to herself. Jughead might tease her alot but he was her biggest protector and as much as it frustrated her to the core at times, she loved him for it.

Veronica was going to reply but she jumped slightly when Archie opened the door and stared down at him with crossed arms. "I'm not moving."

"Jones siblings," Archie greeted slowly, furrowing his brows amused as she sat up straighter and he looked from her toward Jughead who rolled his eyes and dramatically and groaned.

"Just get in and pretend she isn't being a princess today," he grumbled glaring at his sister who shut the door happily when Archie moved away and stuck her tongue out at him.

"Why is the kid with us today?" Archie asked once he got in, taking his bag off his back and placing it on the floor before wedging himself into the space between the seats so he wasn't alone in the back seat.

"Don't touch her hair or we'll never hear the end of it," Jughead warned when he caught Archie's hand going to ruffle Veronica's hair like he did this morning and Veronica immediately moved away from Archie who just shrugged and reached a hand out to tug at a lock of hair in greeting instead.

"'The kid' is only 2 years younger than you," she said turning her nose up, she hated it when her brother and his best friend treated her like a baby, she was 16 in two weeks, she was not a child. "Betty had to be at school early and I'm stranded until I get my car."

"There's always the bus," Archie said echoing what Jughead said earlier and Veronica took a breath to start her rant on how much she would rather walk than take the bus. "Relax, Ronnie, it was a joke."

"Can't you just call me V like everyone else?" Veronica asked twisting around in her seat to scowl at him, Ronnie was her nickname from when she was a child, her parents still called her that from time to time but everyone else called her V, which she preferred.

"Where's the fun in that babe?" Archie smirked and Veronica turned red when Jughead snorted at the nickname, she hated it when he called her 'babe' even more.

"Ginger and Harper aren't there," Jughead commented stopping their bickering before it could properly begin.

"You need to hoot," Archie told him, running a hand through his red hair, Veronica tried and failed not to watch the t-shirt he was wearing under his letterman jacket tighten across his chest, through the rear view mirror. "They're probably still getting ready."

"Don't roll your eyes, you take just as long as they do," Jughead said mistaking his sisters upturned eyes for her usual eye rolling. He hooted and waved when they caught Ginger waving excitedly to them from the window.

"Aren't they your teammates?" Archie asked picking up on her irritation and Jughead shook his head quickly to tell him to hold off on that line of questioning.

"Don't even go down that route, that just makes them frenemies," he replied as Veronica huffed, boys just never got it.

"You wouldn't understand," Veronica told them, she knew she was acting childish at this point but it was only her brother and Archie.

"I still can't believe you're a cheerleader," Archie said looking over at her. "I remember when you couldn't keep up with a dance routine to save your life."

"I've gotten better since then," Veronica mumbled sinking down a little lower in her seat, the boys hadn't noticed because the other girls had gotten in the car. When they were much younger, the three of them were put into dance classes for something to do during the summer, Veronica was paired up with Archie and she always messed up the moves, stepping on his toes so many times, he eventually made her take her shoes off and stand on his feet because that was so much better.

"Veronica, are you excited for your birthday? 16 is such an exciting age," Harper said once they had gotten into the car and Veronica smiled and nodded. She didn't have such a huge problem with Harper, it was Ginger that made her skin crawl every time she laid her eye on the blond senior, especially since she was the one attached to Archie's side.

"So excited," Veronica said with her most practiced fake smile to which both Archie and Jughead snorted out a laugh at. The two senior cheerleaders chattered excitedly on either side of Archie, pulling him into the conversation as well. "I miss the days when you were with Toni and I didn't have to deal with that."

"When are you going to get over the fact that Toni and I have decided to just be friends?" Jughead asked with a frustrated sigh, keeping his eyes on the road and Veronica shrugged, her eyes shooting to the back seat to see Archie laughing with the two girls in the back seat and making a face at them. "Still happy about putting Archie in the back with the two hot cheerleaders?"

"Shut up," Veronica mumbled, crossing her arms over her chest and staring at the road ahead refusing to let Jughead see how much she regretted keeping her front seat. When she was younger she had the biggest crush on Archie, which faded as they got older although there were times when he called her babe or made a joke that only she would understand and those feelings would swirl inside her chest.

"Please tell me that Betty is your ride home?" Jughead asked as he parked the car in the school parking lot, Veronica nodded digging in her bag to make sure she had her homework before jumping out to join Archie and the other girls on the grass outside. "Arch and I are taking the girls to Pop's later, I don't want to drive home first and you're not tagging along for that."

"I would rather take the bus home," Veronica assured him adjusting her bag on her shoulders and smiling at him. "Is there anything that you and Archie don't do together or do you come as a matching set?"

"We work best as a team," Jughead grinned reaching out to pull her into a hug and press a kiss to the top of her head. "I'm off, see you at home sis."

"Bye," Veronica said watching him run to catch up with Archie, slinging his arm over Harpers shoulder and saying something to make them laugh, she shivered uncomfortably at Gingers high pitched laugh and turned her attention to Archie, he had his school bag hanging off one arm and Ginger hanging off the other, he didn't look nearly as comfortable as her brother but that could just be Gingers extra clinginess.

"V, what are you staring at?" Reggie asked coming to stand next to her.

"My brother and Archie, with Harper and Ginger," Veronica said as they started to walk into the building together. "It's like my worst nightmare."

"They could do worse," he laughed and Veronica shook her head no. "Come on, they're hot."

"That's literally the only thing they got going for them," Veronica complained to him and he looked at her as if asking what the problem was exactly. "Whatever, is Betty done yet?"

"Dunno, I drove in behind you guys, they're probably in the courtyard by now, it's almost time for the first bell," Reggie said pulling back his cuff to look at his watch before opening the door that led outside for her. "So when are you finally going to stop this whole 'hard to get' game and let me take you out on a date?"

"I don't want to go out on a date with you Reg," Veronica reminded him, Reggie had been half-heartedly trying to date her since they met, they had become good friends but she never thought of him that what and she didn't really want to either, she isn't even entirely sure that he likes her that way but he liked to tease and this joke was going on for so long it would be more awkward to stop.

"Come on V, I'm a bulldog and you're a Vixen, next year you can become head cheerleader and I'll be quarterback ..." he said leaving that sentence hanging and wiggling his eyebrows at her.

"And you think that we'll automatically be that cliché?" she asked and he shrugged. "I think you've been watching too many old movies."

"Are you just going to be single your whole life?" Reggie asked. "Or wait until Jughead finds a guy that he approves of?"

"Of course not," Veronica said flipping her hair and strutting toward the table where she spotted Betty and Kevin, she had her flings that she kept as hidden from her brother as one could, she was far from the good girl he wanted her to be. "I'm just not going to date you."

"V," Reggie whined.

"Give it up Reg," Betty laughed, she only needed to hear that tone of his voice to know what he was asking Veronica. She always found it amusing when Reggie begged and Veronica turned him down, especially since she knew he didn't take it personally and he wasn't pining after her either, Reggie's dating record was close to Archie Andrews who had been romantically linked to a new girl every other week since Betty had started at Riverdale High. "How did Jughead manage to get you to school on time?"

"He carried me to the car," Veronica said sheepishly, leaning her chin in her hands, the girls were always late and that was because Veronica took her own time to get ready in the morning.

"Hmm, strong arms," Kevin commented with a dreamy sigh. "This school is going to lose the sexiest guys when they leave next year."

"I resent that," Reggie mumbled with a frown, pushing a hand through his hair and flexing his muscles for Kevin to see.

"Keep working on it bud, you'll get there," Kevin told him with a smirk, scooting out of the way when Reggie made to grab him.

"Remind me again why you didn't try out to be a cheerleader," Veronica asked ignoring the boys, she always thought Betty would be amazing as a cheerleader and she would have her best friend on the squad with her but Betty had decided against it.

"Yeah B, you would have killed it," Reggie said turning his attention to her and Kevin nodded heartily in agreement.

"Thank you," Betty said, her cheeks going pink at the compliment and she pushed her hair back behind her ears as she looked down at the table. "I'll be at the games to cheer you guys on, I'm just doing too much that, I wouldn't be able to fit cheer practice in as well."

"You need a break," Veronica said with a frown.

"Tell that to my mother," Betty said with a sigh.

"Ah the devil herself," Kevin threw in and Betty sent him a pained look. "I still don't get why she isn't as hard on Polly as she is on you."

"Because Polly doesn't care, so all her 'positive' attention comes to me," Betty says tilting her head to lean on Veronica's shoulder when the raven haired girl reached over to hug her. "The obedient one."

"You've got to stand up for yourself B," Kevin said and Betty nodded.

"Tomorrow," Betty said and they all laughed because she was always going to stand up to her overbearing mother tomorrow. "How's the plans for the sweet 16 coming V, is everything set for next weekend?"

"And is MTV going to be there," Reggie asked wiggling his eyebrows.

"Are they even a thing anymore?" Kevin asked squinting slightly.

"No, they are not," Veronica assured him with a laugh. "I can't wait, a perfect night with everyone there to celebrate me," she said framing her face and fluttering her eyelashes.

"I already have your gift wrapped and ready for you," Betty said and Veronica looked at her and shook her head. "What's wrong, you love presents."

"No, don't tell me that," Veronica said with wide eyes. "Now I'm going to be wondering what your perfect gift is for the next 2 weeks."

"It'll fly by, we have a game this weekend, you won't have time to think about it," Reggie told her and Veronica narrowed her eyes at him.

"I always have time to think about presents all for me," she told him getting up for class when Betty pointed to her watch.

"Speaking off, what car do you think you're getting," Kevin asked excitedly. Veronica listened intently as her friends listed off the cars they thought she was going to get, laughing along with them until a familiar head of red hair caught her eye causing her to slow down and trail behind them

Archie was sitting by himself with his guitar absently strumming as he focused on the trees in the distance. He must have felt eyes on him because he looked up and locked eyes with her, tilting his head up slightly asking if everything was fine, she nodded and pointed to him asking if he was good. Archie winked and gave her his most charming grin and Veronica felt her stomach flip, so maybe she wasn't as over that crush on her brother's best friend as she thought.