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A constellation of two

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As the weeks after their first kiss—first everything—ran together in a blur of desire and delight, Zhao Yunlan sometimes caught himself thinking about tides and planets. That pull of something you couldn’t resist, that gravitational force keeping you in orbit around another body—it was something he was becoming familiar with himself. Except the moon could never touch the seas, just as planets never came any closer to their star. Shen Wei—Shen Wei he could have in his arms, and that made him feel like the moon and stars and planets all should envy him.

Unfortunately only heavenly bodies were free to orbit away, whereas Zhao Yunlan had a job and a duty and was forced to suffer constant interruptions from Dixingren punks and the growing threat of some unseen, unnamed force. He and Shen Wei both put more time into trying to keep their city and their people safe than they did anything else.

Even then Zhao Yunlan couldn’t do much about the giddiness of the emotions he felt around Shen Wei (and thinking about Shen Wei, and trying not to think about Shen Wei). He knew he was ridiculously far gone, and he knew it had never been like this for him before with anyone. Never. No teenage crush had ever hit him this hard, and neither of his two attempts at serious relationships had ever gotten this deep. Nobody had ever been to him what Shen Wei was, and he’d known that from before that first kiss, even. And knowing that about himself was as terrifying and exhilarating as—as whatever it was he saw in Shen Wei’s eyes.

Certainly what he saw there a lot of the time was lust.

Lust on an absolutely seismic scale.

Possibly literally because Shen Wei was, uh. Powerful. Strong and enthusiastic and Zhao Yunlan had entertained the possibility that the ‘strange little earthquake last night’ he’d overheard his neighbors discussing as they picked up the mail wasn’t. At least not a natural one. Though to be fair to actual tectonic plate activity, that particular night Zhao Yunlan wouldn’t have noticed any earthquake that didn’t at least bring down furniture around them.

It really was that good, and it really was that intense. Which Zhao Yunlan absolutely did not mind at all, but he had been thinking—only during downtime, of course, and not at all while he was supposed to be working on official SID business—about how they got too distracted to talk. And how Shen Wei was highly proficient in expressing what he enjoyed, but also—what if Shen Wei was missing out on something and didn’t want to say? There was something about the way he would take absolutely anything Zhao Yunlan had to give that made him feel—amazing, because Shen Wei was amazing in every single way. But also like it wasn’t enough—like there was something Shen Wei still needed, was still starving for that nothing Zhao Yunlan did could fully satisfy.

It might just be that Shen Wei’s desire worked like that—always wanting more was certainly not a bad trait in a lover. But Zhao Yunlan wanted to be sure that there wasn’t something in particular Shen Wei had such an appetite for. Something that Zhao Yunlan wasn’t giving him because Zhao Yunlan didn’t know. Because Shen Wei hadn’t asked.

It was really hard to imagine Shen Wei ever asking, or using words to reveal any of his innermost desires. Even now that Zhao Yunlan knew one of his secrets, there were still so many Shen Wei was keeping hidden. Out of habit, or out of fear—Zhao Yunlan hoped it wasn’t out of shame.

That wouldn’t do. He’d have to get more details out of Shen Wei. To make sure.

Zhao Yunlan waited for an opportunity. It was so tempting to simply blurt out his questions, but he wanted Shen Wei to be safe and relaxed and—blessings upon the girl who had taught him this—fully dressed and able to walk out if Zhao Yunlan messed up somehow. He’d never experienced the awkwardness of that kind of talk gone wrong in bed himself, but the story his then-girlfriend had shared was vivid enough that he knew he didn’t ever want to risk it with Shen Wei.

It was impossible to plan for anything around the constant interruptions by Dixingren kidnappers and Yashou troublemakers, but the key had to be to start talking before clothes started flying. Which, in theory, made dinner a great choice—Shen Wei would never hurry Zhao Yunlan through a meal, and the act of cooking as well as that of watching Zhao Yunlan eat seemed to help Shen Wei settle down.

And in theory this particular evening when—finally—neither of them had any more pressing duties than paperwork should be just perfect. But Shen Wei had rolled his gartered sleeves up and unfastened the first three buttons of his dress shirt, and after days of seeing nothing but his professor’s suits and Envoy robes, that was taking Zhao Yunlan’s mind other places than talking. He found his gaze lingering at the hollow of Shen Wei’s throat, and had to remind himself sternly that he had more important things to do than getting his tongue on that skin.

And Shen Wei had already noticed, of course. Zhao Yunlan looked up to catch him ducking his head over the tomato and egg drop soup—but not without flicking his gaze over Zhao Yunlan’s lips first. Well. That might be just the opening Zhao Yunlan had been waiting for. “Thinking about later?”

Shen Wei looked up at him in a startled flutter of lashes. “Later?”

That wide-eyed confusion and the hint of a flush that indicated Shen Wei might already have guessed Zhao Yunlan didn’t mean grading papers or writing reports made it nearly impossible to hold back on hungrily licking his lips. But Zhao Yunlan kept his smile lightly teasing instead of dropping all the way into lewdness. “It’s been a while since we had a whole night off together,” he said. “Is there anything in particular you’re in the mood for?”

“I…” The tips of Shen Wei’s ears were glowing with a delicate pink. He looked down at his soup, as if consulting the egg drop flowers for an answer before meeting Zhao Yunlan’s eyes again. “I am looking forward to spending it with you, Zhao Yunlan,” he said earnestly.

Zhao Yunlan held back a laugh, though his smile grew wider. “Well, I’m glad you don’t have other plans. But you know—if there’s anything you want, you can just tell me.”

“Want?” Shen Wei swallowed. He had put his spoon down with a click.

“In bed,” Zhao Yunlan said, and watched as Shen Wei’s eyes grew larger. “Or the couch again, or your place? We don’t have always have to stay here, if there’s anywhere else you’d rather—”

“Here is fine,” Shen Wei said quickly.

Zhao Yunlan considered Shen Wei’s expression for a moment. It was somewhere between bewilderment and sheer panic. He looked like a hapless bystander taken in for questioning, who desperately wanted to say the right things but didn’t know what Zhao Yunlan wanted to hear. “Yeah, it’d be a pain to go anywhere tonight,” Zhao Yunlan agreed. “But really, some day we’ll need to take advantage of the fact that your office has four solid walls and a door that locks.”

Shen Wei looked as if the apartment’s lamps were suddenly all shining too brightly. He shrank back slightly. “My… office?”

Zhao Yunlan grinned. “Yeah. A quickie over lunch, maybe? Or I could come over when you’re doing something boring, get comfy under your desk…”

That made Shen Wei swallow visibly, even as he was growing more pink. “That’s—that’s not—there are students, colleagues…!”

“A locked door,” Zhao Yunlan reminded him. “But it’s okay—if you want your office to be off-limits, that’s fine.”

Shen Wei stiffened. “No, that’s not—that is to say, if you would like…” His voice trailed off uncertainly.

It should be cute, that blush and stammer after everything they had done together. Should invite more teasing. Instead, it made Zhao Yunlan take a deep breath. “What would you like?”

Shen Wei looked helplessly at him. “I…”

Zhao Yunlan waited, slightly worried that he had short-circuited Shen Wei by mentioning the university. Maybe Shen Wei really hadn’t had any office sex before, and maybe the thought of mixing work and pleasure actually unsettled him—after all, Shen Wei had aspects of his life he worked very hard to keep apart. But then the corners of Shen Wei’s mouth quirked up, and he gave a quick nod. “As long as the door is locked,” he said, and Zhao Yunlan beamed at him.

“Okay, good! Good to know.”

Shen Wei smiled back, looking relieved, and took up his spoon again. Zhao Yunlan narrowed his eyes, but Shen Wei really was dropping the entire conversation and going back to his dinner like it hadn’t even happened. It would have been funny if not for the fact that Zhao Yunlan felt like he’d extracted a confession from an innocent man, and all he’d gotten out of it was that locked office sex was not entirely out of bounds. Probably. Hardly a revelation, and he still was no closer to figuring out what it was that made it feel as if Shen Wei was sometimes reaching for something Zhao Yunlan didn’t know how to give him.

Time to step it up, then. Zhao Yunlan let Shen Wei make some progress with the cooling soup before he said, “So exhibitionism’s not on your list of kinks, then.”

Shen Wei’s eyes bulged and he swallowed, then coughed, looking very much like a man who has nearly been tricked into spitting soup all over the dinner table. “What?” he gasped, as Zhao Yunlan sympathetically nudged a glass of water closer to him.

“Exhibitionism. You know. Sex where other people can see you, or catch you at it?”

Shen Wei made a wheezing noise around a completely incomprehensible syllable.

“Here, have some water.” Shen Wei actually took Zhao Yunlan’s advice, reaching desperately for the glass and taking deep gulps as Zhao Yunlan considered him, head cocked. “So, not something you’re into, then?”

Shen Wei put the glass down a bit more forcefully than was perhaps wise. Zhao Yunlan was relieved when shards didn’t start flying. “No.” It was practically a growl.

“That’s okay—I don't mind keeping you all to myself,” he grinned, pleased to have finally gotten such a definite response. Shen Wei didn’t relax at that reassurance, but stared at Zhao Yunlan, a crease between his brows.

“But is it on your list? Of—of…”

“Kinks?” Zhao Yunlan frowned. “You are familiar with the concept of kinks, right?” He had meant it to be teasing, but had a sudden rush of concern—there were points where Dixing culture differed much from Haixing. What if this was one? What if it wasn’t the done thing to have—preferences?

“I…” Shen Wei said, and Zhao Yunlan’s thoughts raced. “Yes, but I…”

Maybe Dixingren lovers would synch up automatically, without anyone having to actually talk about it, and maybe that’s what Zhao Yunlan had been doing wrong this whole time…? Then he shook his head and rallied. Whatever the case might be, here with the two of them it simply meant that he would eventually get to introduce Shen Wei to the theory of what they’d already worked on quite a lot in practice. “Look, it’s okay,” Zhao Yunlan said. “I know we haven't been together for that long. You don’t have to share anything if you’re not comfortable with me—”

“No!” Shen Wei said quickly. “No, I don’t—that is. I am very comfortable with you, Zhao Yunlan, and I don’t wish you to think that I don’t—that I’m not—” His lips parted around a syllable he couldn’t quite voice.

Zhao Yunlan was disconcerted at the tone—he really hadn’t meant to push Shen Wei hard enough to upset him. He was about to apologize when Shen Wei blurted, “I can learn!”

Zhao Yunlan blinked. Shen Wei rocked back in his stool. “I mean. It is very easy for me to gain new skills. If—If there is something on your list that I’m not—that I haven’t been—”

Oh no. “Shen Wei,” Zhao Yunlan interrupted him. “Shen Wei, that’s not it at all. Forget about the list, okay? That’s just an expression. There’s no list, and you don’t have to do anything different for me.”

“But—if you want—”

“I don’t want you doing anything you’re not into,” Zhao Yunlan said sharply, and Shen Wei frowned.

“But it would be with you,” he said, as if that simple fact could make anything Zhao Yunlan asked of him okay.

“Ah, Shen Wei,” Zhao Yunlan started sighing, but it came out a chuckle as he realized just where this conversation had ended up. All of this to try and get Shen Wei to share some more of his own desires, and in the end Zhao Yunlan had just gotten to what he already knew: that Shen Wei wanted him. Wanted Zhao Yunlan to be happy and satisfied. Which was delicious and delightful and left him absolutely no cause for complaint. But.

Zhao Yunlan shook his head. “You really are too good to me.”

Shen Wei looked quizzically at him, color still staining his cheeks. “Zhao Yunlan?”

Now he just had to make sure Shen Wei really understood what he had been trying to do—had to make sure he hadn’t accidentally given Shen Wei any anxieties about his ability to make Zhao Yunlan deliriously happy as well as deeply satisfied. “I’m sorry, Shen Wei. I didn’t mean to make you think I was making any weird demands of you, okay?”

“Oh no, of course not. You shouldn’t apologize—that was my mistake.”

Zhao Yunlan snorted. “Pretty sure only one of us has been running his mouth instead of enjoying your soup,” he said. “But sure, let’s agree there were no mistakes, okay?”

“Agreed,” Shen Wei said quickly.

“I just thought—I know it’s not my place to ask, and since you seemed so experienced already, I figured you’d have… you know. Stuff you’d want to share?”

Shen Wei hesitated for a moment, looking as if he was about to protest. But then instead he said, “Kinks,” with a quirk of a smile that reached his eyes. Hearing it like that made Zhao Yunlan stare at Shen Wei for a shocked second, and then collapse into a fit of giggles.

“Yeah,” he said when he’d caught his breath, loving how Shen Wei looked at him with amused fondness. “Yeah, I mean kinks.”

“You wanted to know if I had a list.”

“I wanted to know what was on the list,” Zhao Yunlan said, deciding not to mention that he knew there had to be something other than Zhao Yunlan from the way Shen Wei looked at him sometimes.

Right now Shen Wei was looking pensive, hands resting between the mostly empty bowls on the counter. “It is not a question I have considered quite like this before,” he admitted. “And I’m afraid that I’m not—not as experienced as you seem to believe.”

An odd statement from someone who knew more ways of getting Zhao Yunlan off than anyone he had ever been with, but maybe long-lived Dixingren had a different take on ‘experienced’. Before he could offer that observation, Shen Wei kept going. “But if you would like to entrust me with—with your own kinks, I would be happy to learn more about them,” Shen Wei said. It was so earnest and sweet—that hint of color pinking Shen Wei’s skin, the effort it took him to get the words out—that Zhao Yunlan should have melted on the spot.

Instead he frowned. “Look,” he said. “I told you. I don’t want you doing anything you’re not into just because I happened to mention it over dinner.”

“Then I’ll tell you what I’m not interested in. Like—like exhibitionism.” Shen Wei frowned sternly at the word, as if he was personally affronted by the concept. And that made Zhao Yunlan’s resistance to melting go up in smoke. Not only was what Shen Wei had already offered incredibly intriguing, but the fact that he really could and would draw hard lines that he didn’t want Zhao Yunlan to cross? That made this feel like it could definitely be a mutual pleasure.

“Yeah,” Zhao Yunlan said, and this time he let go of restraint and dropped all the way into lewd. “Okay, in that case—how do you feel about roleplaying?”

Technically, it wasn’t really roleplaying. Shen Wei was a professor, after all. And after Zhao Yunlan had run a few classic scenarios by him, Shen Wei had kept his word and told Zhao Yunlan in very clear terms that he might be a professor, but Zhao Yunlan was under no circumstances to pretend to be a student, naughty or otherwise. The delicate shudder with which Shen Wei had said it made whatever casual interest Zhao Yunlan might have had in that particular game evaporate completely.

Really, Zhao Yunlan’s kink wasn’t even roleplaying—it was Professor Shen. Zhao Yunlan had walked away from that first day at Dragon City University absolutely convinced that he was hiding something—and also absolutely unable to stop thinking about the intensity of his gorgeous eyes, and the way that tailored vest had emphasized the slim lines of his waist, and how those damn sleeve garters hugged his biceps… Obviously he'd had to come back to investigate Shen Wei more, because: suspicious. But that didn't mean he'd suddenly gone blind, and the more he looked, the more he found that he couldn't keep from dwelling on later.

"You know, I thought about you a lot," Zhao Yunlan said. "Back when I first met you." He was sitting on a stool, lounging against the kitchen counter, hungrily watching Shen Wei move about tidying things up. His offer to help had been rebuffed—as had his suggestion that they leave the kitchen messy and take things to bed instead. But he could talk in the kitchen as well as he could in bed.

Shen Wei turned to look at Zhao Yunlan over his shoulder, his expression one of guarded pleasure, suds from the sink up to his elbows. "Was it because I was a suspect in your investigation?"

Zhao Yunlan gave an amused huff. It was impossible to tell if that was meant to be flirtatious or sincere, especially since Shen Wei turned back to the dishes to hide his expression. "No. It was because I kept imagining what it would be like to undress you."

"You were thinking about my clothes?" Shen Wei asked, and now Zhao Yunlan was sure he was being teased.

"I didn't know you," Zhao Yunlan said, not taking the bait. "I was thinking about Professor Shen, and what it would take to get under those pretty tailored suits and see if he used any other kind of garters than just for his sleeves."

"And what did you think it would take?" There was no pause in the precise motions of Shen Wei's hands over the dishes, nothing that Zhao Yunlan could see. But something changed about him—something that made the hairs on Zhao Yunlan's arms stand on end, as if the soft shadows of the kitchen had all been singed away by a sharp brightness. He grinned and exhaled slowly, enjoying the shiver making its way down his spine.

"Mmm. Patience. I thought Professor Shen might be… restrained." As Shen Wei had not been—which Zhao Yunlan certainly approved of, and he would make sure to remind Shen Wei of it later. For now, Shen Wei stood with his back turned, but so clearly hanging onto Zhao Yunlan's every word that he found his voice came out a touch husky.

"With every piece of clothing in such perfect order, it might take some doing to mess them up. I was prepared to be so encouraging, though. Even without getting my hands on your skin there would still be so many places to touch. Very gently, slow and sweet, until you were gasping for more." It was difficult for Zhao Yunlan himself not to gasp, after all that. Or after that little—not even proper dirty talk, and he was already growing hard.

At least he wasn't the only one reacting—Shen Wei had been perfectly sedate as he went through the motions of cleaning each dish, but now his shoulders had drawn taut with barely contained tension. When he spoke it was with an even tone, and anyone but Zhao Yunlan might have missed the slight hint of breathlessness. "You wanted to go slow?" Each word was colored with a different shade of amusement. Zhao Yunlan admitted that was fair—so far, slow had not exactly been a watchword with him.

He pretended disbelief. "For someone as perfectly gorgeous as you? Of course. I could take all night simply to get to undo a button at your throat."

Shen Wei's breath shifted slightly—a mere disruption of an even rhythm, but Zhao Yunlan noticed, and his cock noticed him noticing. Honestly, he couldn't even tell if Shen Wei really had shivered, and look what it was doing to him already. Zhao Yunlan swallowed, and went on. "And if there was anything you didn't know—well. I did spend quite a lot of time thinking about all the things I could teach an inexperienced professor."

At some point the dirty dishes had disappeared, and now Shen Wei carefully towelled off his wet hands and forearms before turning. His eyes were dark and trained on Zhao Yunlan with scorching intensity. "Teach me what?" The way Shen Wei's voice held the edge of a deeper growl made Zhao Yunlan feel a little wobbly on the stool for a moment, then he rallied.

"Want me to show you?"

Shen Wei dropped his eyes to Zhao Yunlan's lips. "Yes."

Zhao Yunlan's mouth went dry. "Okay. Okay, then—" He had to take a steadying breath. "Put your glasses on."

Shen Wei blinked. "My glasses?"

Before meeting Shen Wei, Zhao Yunlan could have sworn he didn't have a glasses kink. And in fact, even now he liked Shen Wei like this—no glasses and no mask, just for Zhao Yunlan. But—"Please, Professor Shen?"

Maybe it was the little wobble in Zhao Yunlan's voice that did it. Shen Wei nodded, and walked to where his gray suit jacket hung by the door. Zhao Yunlan got up and followed him, resisting the urge to touch for a little while longer.

Shen Wei slipped the glasses into place and his eyes went—softer, somehow. His demeanour was eager, but with a touch of hesitancy. "Like this?" he asked, and did a thing with his head so he was briefly looking up at Zhao Yunlan through his lashes.

"Uh," Zhao Yunlan said, his brain entirely at capacity trying to process everything he had in front of him while his blood was all rushing to his cock. "Um, yeah. Yeah, that's—that's perfect."

"Should I—is there anything you want me to do?" Shen Wei looked at Zhao Yunlan for guidance, sounding so keen to please it stopped his breath. "And what do you want me to call you?"

Zhao Yunlan made a noise he really hadn't intended to, and had to blink to see properly through all the mental images that tone and those questions conjured. Some of the onslaught he'd had no idea was even in his mental rolodex of porn, but apparently Shen Wei had just made that explode into the filthiest fantasies.

"You just—whatever you feel like is fine."

"Alright, Chief Zhao," Shen Wei said with a happy nod, and Zhao Yunlan very nearly forgot everything else he had planned because Shen Wei was getting into this. Not just following Zhao Yunlan's lead, but improvising.

Zhao Yunlan closed the distance between them, and crowded Shen Wei against the door. Rested a hand at the curve of his spine, just above where his shirt tucked into his pants. Shen Wei's back stiffened, but when Zhao Yunlan slid a thigh between his legs his hands flew up to grab Zhao Yunlan's shoulders for balance, not to push him away.

Zhao Yunlan brushed his lips against Shen Wei's ear. "Oh? Is there something here I could help you with, Professor?" he asked with a grin, and pressed against the hard bulge of Shen Wei's cock. Shen Wei exhaled shakily and pulled Zhao Yunlan closer.

But not like Shen Wei would usually pull Zhao Yunlan closer—with enough force to lift him off his feet, with all the Black-Cloaked Envoy's strength barely contained in that grip. This was a light touch—shy, as if Shen Wei hadn't ever shoved Zhao Yunlan against that door and dropped to his knees. The fact that Shen Wei was restraining all that heat Zhao Yunlan had glimpsed in the kitchen made this transformation all the more intriguing. He still hadn't said anything to Zhao Yunlan's question, but locked his fingers in the fabric of Zhao Yunlan's sweater, and nodded once.

"Come, then," Zhao Yunlan said, and stepped back so that Shen Wei would have to follow. Which he did, but wide-eyed and blushing like he hadn't been the first time Zhao Yunlan led him to bed. And that—Zhao Yunlan nearly tripped over his own feet covering the short distance, watching that innocent expression.

Very carefully, Zhao Yunlan pulled Shen Wei into the bed and rolled him on his back. Pressed close, Zhao Yunlan propped himself up on an elbow so he could stare at the gorgeous picture Shen Wei made like this: pupils blown, lips parted around breaths that were making his chest heave visibly. His hands were gripping the sheets as if he didn't know what else to do with them—or as if he was fighting to control an urge to grab Zhao Yunlan and hurry things along. If so, he was doing admirably well.

Zhao Yunlan caressed Shen Wei's flushing cheek. His heart skipped a beat at how Shen Wei leaned into the touch and let his eyes drift shut. Waited for Zhao Yunlan to do more than stare with such sweet receptiveness that he couldn't drag it out. He bent down and kissed Shen Wei like he had thought about kissing Professor Shen so many times. It wasn't easy, holding back the urge to claim the mouth that opened willingly against his, but Zhao Yunlan wanted to indulge in this. Soft and gentle and teasing, he made Shen Wei pant with need, surging up against Zhao Yunlan in a wordless demand for more.

Instead, Zhao Yunlan pulled back. "Did you like that?" he asked, as Shen Wei looked up at him with glassy, confused hunger. Zhao Yunlan was caught in that stare, running hot with tension and pleasure, and for a moment he couldn't remember why he didn't want Shen Wei to simply pull him back down and get on with things.

Then Shen Wei blinked behind his glasses, and said, "Oh," and then, "Yes, Chief Zhao," and Zhao Yunlan quivered with how intensely that made him want more of that. What Shen Wei was doing—that wasn't just being good at learning. It was Shen Wei as curious to explore this together as if he had been having the same frustrated late-night fantasies Zhao Yunlan had.

"Professor Shen looks very good in my bed," Zhao Yunlan said, with a grin he knew must look perfectly lascivious. Shen Wei's face lit up with an adorable smile, and Zhao Yunlan could almost believe the picture-perfect shy bashfulness Shen Wei projected—almost, except that he'd arranged his body to be as inviting as possible, his eyes dark with desire.

"So good," Zhao Yunlan repeated, and ran his fingers lightly down the front of Shen Wei's neatly tucked shirt. Shen Wei tracked the touch with his gaze, breath hitching as Zhao Yunlan dipped his fingertips below the waistband of his suit pants. "But you'd look even better without these." He wiggled his fingers to illustrate how the fabric restricted their range of movement, and Shen Wei gave a convulsive little twitch of his hips.

It was perfectly lovely to see how he tried to still himself as Zhao Yunlan moved his hand away. "What do you say, Professor Shen?"

"Yes," Shen Wei breathed,

Zhao Yunlan smiled at him, splaying a hand over his chest when Shen Wei started rising. "Let me."

Zhao Yunlan caught a flash of impatience before Shen Wei sank back on the pillows and nodded.

"Very good," Zhao Yunlan said, and bent down to lick at that tempting hollow in Shen Wei's throat. Shen Wei's breath hitched at the touch, but he didn't protest as Zhao Yunlan moved his attention back to the pants. With Shen Wei so tractable, it was a matter of moments to undo the button and zipper, and then he was sliding the pants down Shen Wei's hips. Black boxers showing the eager outline of Shen Wei's arousal made Zhao Yunlan's tongue dart out to wet his lips on pure instinct. He tugged the pants further down, and stopped, breath catching in his throat even though he knew what to expect.

Dark straps against the delicate skin—a beautiful contrast, all thanks to the stays that were keeping that tightly tucked shirt from riding up. Zhao Yunlan gasped an "Oh," of honest, horny delight. Shen Wei looked at him, a cute little frown of confusion between his brows, as Zhao Yunlan worked the pants further down, until he could see the black bands running all around Shen Wei's gorgeous thighs.

He bent down on impulse, pressing a kiss to the dented skin at the edge of the strap. That at least Shen Wei could not mistake. "I like these," Zhao Yunlan murmured, running a finger along the circumference, feeling the contrast between the silky skin and the elastic against it. He pushed a curious finger under the strap to explore how snugly it fit, and his cock twitched at the the sensation, and then again when Shen Wei's breath hitched. "Mm, yes," he continued. "I think they should stay on."

"If… if you'd like," Shen Wei said, with no hint of artifice in that stutter.

"I would like that very much," Zhao Yunlan told him seriously, and when Shen Wei nodded, Zhao Yunlan leaned up to reward Shen Wei with a kiss. This time Shen Wei's hands came up to rest lightly over his shoulder blades—Zhao Yunlan felt the pressure of Shen Wei's fingertips tighten as he licked into Shen Wei's yielding mouth and then withdrew. There wasn't enough strength in the grip to hold Zhao Yunlan in place, but he paused anyway. Shen Wei was breathing hard, eyelashes brushing his cheeks as he parted his lips, and Zhao Yunlan smiled fondly down at him.

"Clothes first, Professor Shen. Then I'll let you hold me in place until you're satisfied."

Shen Wei's eyes flew open, and he stared at Zhao Yunlan with an expression as startled as if he'd never fucked Zhao Yunlan's mouth before.

"Here," Zhao Yunlan nudged Shen Wei's leg, and Shen Wei responded immediately, letting Zhao Yunlan pull his pants all the way off and dump them over the edge of the bed. There were garters around Shen Wei's calves, too, holding his socks up. Zhao Yunlan leaned back to admire the overall effect—elegant legs bare save for those black straps, white shirt still pulled tight over his black boxers. It was stunning. If not for the fact that with Shen Wei clothes tended to either all come off or only come off as much as necessary, Zhao Yunlan would have done this the first time he caught Shen Wei wearing such outrageously tempting underthings.

"And your shirt…" Zhao Yunlan reached up and slid a hand under the edge of the white fabric. The muscles of Shen Wei's abdomen tightened at the touch, and Zhao Yunlan trailed his fingers lightly across his skin. There was a thin cotton layer between the back of his hand and Shen Wei's shirt. "Your shirt can stay, but take this off." He tugged the undershirt lightly.

Shen Wei's eyes widened. "And put the shirt back on?"

Zhao Yunlan had an astoundingly clear mental image of what that would look like, and just thinking about it made him groan at how hard he was getting. "I wouldn't want Professor Shen to catch a cold," he said, his voice gravelly enough to make it perfectly clear that perhaps this indulgence wasn't exactly for the sake of Shen Wei's comfort. "Can you do that for me?"

Shen Wei nodded, and sat up to work on his buttons. Zhao Yunlan hurriedly stripped off his own sweater and t-shirt. He was down to his jeans in time to watch Shen Wei undo one sleeve garter and then the next, and take his shirt off. The undershirt followed, and Zhao Yunlan didn't move, transfixed as he admired the flex of those strong arms and shoulders.

Zhao Yunlan caught a glint of yellow as Shen Wei pulled the undershirt over his head, and then it was gone, folded into the soft white fabric. He knew what it had been, because he had seen the pendant before, when Shen Wei simply kept it on. It made Zhao Yunlan wonder why Shen Wei wanted it tucked away now. The pendant always made him wonder—Zhao Yunlan shook his head, and took the opportunity to snatch lube from the bedstand and toss it down into the bed.

Shen Wei had shrugged back into his white shirt, and Zhao Yunlan hurried to grab the sleeve garters. "May I?"

Dressing Shen Wei shouldn't be as arousing as it was, but sliding the elastic into place over his firm bicep was—tantalizing. And not just for Zhao Yunlan—Shen Wei leaned into it, and when Zhao Yunlan took some time getting the other one just right, he was rewarded by a low murmur of pleasure.

The white shirt hung open over Shen Wei's smooth chest, which was flushed almost as pink as his face, and below it—Zhao Yunlan swallowed. There was a damp patch in the fabric of Shen Wei's underwear—proof that Zhao Yunlan wasn't the only one enormously turned on by all this. He got Shen Wei to lie back down, and they both exhaled sharply when Zhao Yunlan pulled the black boxers off. "Ah, I did promise to help you with this, Professor Shen," Zhao Yunlan said lustfully, and took Shen Wei's cock in his hand. He stroked the firm length gently. "Just tell me what you need."

Shen Wei's eyes had gone a bit wild in a way the glasses did nothing to hide, and he shook his head. "Whatever you want," he breathed. "You. I want—I need you." All of Zhao Yunlan's heart exploded at that, and for a bit he forgot about breathing because he was so busy smiling.

"Okay," he said, when he'd gotten his lungs working again. "Okay." The silky skin and musky smell of Shen Wei's cock was making him dry-mouthed and breathless with such scorching lust that he very nearly just leaned forward to swallow Shen Wei down right there. But his own arousal pressed against the uncomfortable confines of his jeans, and those stays were flopping sadly into the bed without anything to hold on to.

Zhao Yunlan gave Shen Wei another gentle stroke, then clipped the shirt back into the garter with hands that were almost entirely steady. Next came his own clothes—fighting out of his jeans and underwear when he had eyes for nothing but Shen Wei's gorgeous body: cock standing up, nudging the neatly stretched but still unbuttoned shirt aside, black straps emphasizing the swell of muscle in his thighs and arms… "Professor Shen looks quite delicious like this," Zhao Yunlan whispered, awestruck. "Could I have a taste?"

"Please," Shen Wei breathed, and Zhao Yunlan didn't need more encouragement than that. He leaned forward, and it was like lowering himself down into an electric field—nerve-endings frizzing, spine shivering, cock jumping as it brushed against warm skin—until he had shoved enough shirt away that he could close his teeth gently around one of Shen Wei's nipples.

Caught by surprise—Zhao Yunlan did tend to be more focused on getting Shen Wei's cock in his mouth—Shen Wei stifled a gasp and squirmed against him. Zhao Yunlan looked up from where he knelt between Shen Wei's splayed legs through his bangs. "You don't need to be quiet," he said. "I would like to hear everything Professor Shen has to say about this."

Shen Wei didn't respond in words, but there was a whine in his throat when Zhao Yunlan carefully rolled the other nipple between his fingers until it was perfectly hard. Then he switched, licking and biting, teasing out sounds Shen Wei was still trying to hold back. This kind of sensitivity hinted at just how turned on Shen Wei was, and Zhao Yunlan savored each shudder, each grinding motion of Shen Wei's hips dragging the shirt garters against the outside of Zhao Yunlan's thighs. He touched himself just enough to get some relief as he broke off to stare at what he had achieved.

The nipples he had been working on were glistening, pink and hard and so sensitive that Shen Wei gasped when he blew air across them. The stretched shirt failing to cover Shen Wei's arousal made him look entirely debauched, and the sheets under his hands had been twisted into messy bunches of damp folds. And those garters—just letting his eyes rake across them made Zhao Yunlan dizzy and breathless.

With a happy sigh, Zhao Yunlan wriggled further down the bed, mouth watering at finally getting this close to Shen Wei's cock. He caught one of Shen Wei's hands with his own, and pressed a quick kiss to the damp palm. Shen Wei was looking at him with dazed confusion, which cleared into enraptured heat as Zhao Yunlan quirked his lips and rested that hand on the back of his own neck. "Remember. I don't mind you holding me in place. I want Professor Shen to be satisfied with my assistance," he said.

Shen Wei made a strangled noise even before Zhao Yunlan wrapped his lips around the beautifully hard cock and sucked a few drops of precome from the tip. The hand Zhao Yunlan's nape slid up to cup his skull, and was joined by Shen Wei's other hand tangling in his hair. Zhao Yunlan closed his eyes and hummed with contentment at the contact, making sure Shen Wei could feel just how much he enjoyed it. Even when Shen Wei was just stroking his hair, not demanding anything—Zhao Yunlan always reveled in that connection.

And now he had the added spark of garters occasionally brushing against the skin of his wrist, and Shen Wei's shirt right there adding a hint of detergent to the heady mix of sweat and musk—all of it was so much that he moaned and shuddered, his own cock leaving a damp trail against the sheets. Shen Wei's fingers tightened in his hair at that, and Zhao Yunlan relaxed and swallowed Shen Wei's cock down, lips sliding to meet the fist he had wrapped around the base.

A beautiful groan resonated over the echoing thrum of Zhao Yunlan's own heartbeat, and he lifted his head to glance up at Shen Wei's face—only to be urged back down before he'd seen any more than a glimpse of white shirt and pink skin. Zhao Yunlan didn't resist, taking more of Shen Wei this time, rewarding the initiative as he let himself savor the heat and fullness, loving every sensation, every reaction he could coax from Shen Wei. He knew he could let himself drift like this—could indulge until he was ready to come just from stroking himself through Shen Wei's orgasm.

But then he'd miss out on having Shen Wei's strong legs with their garters splayed open for him, and he shuddered as the thought gave him a very potent flashback to how vividly he'd imagined getting Professor Shen into that position. Really, it would be a waste not to wreck him a bit more.

Zhao Yunlan struggled against lightheadedness as he rolled his shoulders and gradually slowed the bobbing of his head. This time, instead of protesting the movement, one of Shen Wei's hands dropped down to rub soothing circles at the spot where Zhao Yunlan tended to get a crick in his neck. He pulled off with a delightfully dirty slurp, and smiled at the gesture—he hadn't been at it long enough to need the massage, but he loved how good Shen Wei was to him.

He took a moment to place a few wet kisses on the insides of Shen Wei's thighs—nuzzling at the garters while he stretched a distracted hand down the bed and—there. His fingers closed around the lube he'd tossed down earlier, and he sat up. He looked down at Shen Wei, who stared back at him with more than a little desperation now that he was bereft of Zhao Yunlan's mouth. But his hair wasn't even mussed yet, and his glasses were still in place. Yeah, that definitely wouldn't do.

Zhao Yunlan petted the soft skin he'd just been kissing on Shen Wei's leg, and ran his fingers under the garter. Shen Wei’s breath stopped and started around a moan, and when Zhao Yunlan tugged at the strap Shen Wei bent his legs up, so pliant and eager to offer himself that it nearly undid Zhao Yunlan. He had no thought of anything but making Shen Wei feel good—of getting Shen Wei to relinquish a little more of the tight control which had him biting his lip as Zhao Yunlan pressed lube-slicked fingers against his entrance. Zhao Yunlan paused there, his own skin burning with heat, and cleared his throat to get his voice under control. It came out raw and ragged as he said, "Would Professor Shen like me to continue?"

Shen Wei's eyes flashed in protest at this delay, but he nodded sharply.

Zhao Yunlan let the very tip of one finger dip far enough for Shen Wei to feel it, and then let it slide back out. "Just fingers, or more when you're ready?"

Shen Wei swallowed thickly at this final tease, giving Zhao Yunlan a look that was too turned on to be a real threat of payback, and groaned, "More." It was as if that word broke the seal of Shen Wei's reserve, and everything he wanted but hadn't said came spilling out. "Please, more—I want to feel you, I want you—don't make me wait—"

Zhao Yunlan grinned, and leaned forward until he could kiss Shen Wei, head spinning with the flare of lust he felt. "Okay," he murmured against Shen Wei's lips. He kept up a litany of encouragement as he leaned back and pushed in with two slick fingers at once, Shen Wei's body so receptive to his touch that he could go nice and deep. He knew from experience there wasn't much he could do wrong when he had Shen Wei like this, but he still wanted to prepare him gently.

"Touch yourself," he breathed, and when Shen Wei just stared at him, eyes foggy with pleasure, Zhao Yunlan took Shen Wei's hand in his and put it where he wanted it, feeling Shen Wei's fingers starting to move under his. "Like that, yes." Watching Shen Wei avidly for his reactions, Zhao Yunlan went on, "Just relax, and I'll make sure you'll be nicely open for me, okay?"

Shen Wei's answer could have been "Yes," or simply a hiss of a breath drawn in anticipation, but he tried to do as Zhao Yunlan had told him. Some of the tension Shen Wei had been holding ran out of him, soon replaced with the helpless trembling of nerves firing ceaselessly with pleasure. He opened easily for Zhao Yunlan, who murmured soft praise to keep them both focused on soon, soon until finally it was now, and Shen Wei agreed with endearingly incoherent entreaties.

Leaving sticky dollops of lube on Shen Wei's skin and socks, Zhao Yunlan maneuvered the sweetly pliant Shen Wei into position. He pulled one of Shen Wei's legs over his shoulder, and twisted to pressed a kiss to the sock garter he hadn't had the time to play with yet. He nudged his knee against the leg Shen Wei was keeping bent against the bed, and the friction of those straps against his thigh made him draw a quick, panicked breath at the intensity of everything he felt. He wasn't even in Shen Wei yet—he grabbed the base of his cock and forced his breathing to even out.

Slowly, he adjusted to the sights and sensations of having Shen Wei splayed out like this for him. Open shirt, garters, swollen nipples, cock in his hand dripping with precome—"You're amazing," Zhao Yunlan said, too stupefied to manage much more. "Like this, with everything, I just—" This was that feeling again, of a force of nature, of Shen Wei's pull on him like the gravity of a sun. His brain was firing madly, but he couldn't put any of those vast and overwhelming feelings into words. Instead he shook his head to clear it, and breathed, "You're absolutely perfect."

Shen Wei smiled at him then, looking flushed and ravenous and radiant, as if this right now was everything he wanted. As if Zhao Yunlan was the only star in his universe, and nothing else mattered.

Heart stuttering in his chest, nearly overcome with emotions so powerful they threatened to paralyse him, Zhao Yunlan had to break eye contact. The moment he did, his body slammed him with the overload of lust he had briefly blocked out in favor of staring into Shen Wei's eyes. His cock was pulsing in his hand, achingly hard, and already slick with lube. He felt Shen Wei pressing a gartered calf against him in frantic encouragement, and then everything went blank for a moment as Zhao Yunlan plunged into Shen Wei's welcoming heat. Shen Wei shuddered and clenched tight around him, so tight and desperate that Zhao Yunlan slowed. At that Shen Wei gasped, "No, please—".

Shen Wei was usually so quiet—even as worked up as Zhao Yunlan was, that pleading tone stopped him in his tracks. "Shen Wei?"

Shen Wei shook his head, writhing into the sheets. "No, don't—don't stop, it's good, I want—I want more." And oh. That hadn't been a no. That had been—this was all Shen Wei babbling, as Zhao Yunlan had never heard him do before. Zhao Yunlan's body moved before his brain had finished processing all that, pushing deep into Shen Wei in a single thrust that dissolved the words on Shen Wei's lips into a moan.

Zhao Yunlan rolled his hips against Shen Wei, at first just trying to find a pace where he could keep from losing himself in that tight, pulsing sensation and those distracting garters rubbing against his skin. Shen Wei's body rocked gently into the mattress each time Zhao Yunlan bottomed out, and each time he gasped with pleasure. Zhao Yunlan had to speed up—had to feel more, hear more—maybe those gasps would even string together into something like the words that had spilled from Shen Wei when Zhao Yunlan entered him.

Instead Shen Wei went quiet, gulping helpless breaths as Zhao Yunlan fucked him. Wanting more of Zhao Yunlan so much he wasn't stroking himself to completion, but instead holding himself back. It took a while until Zhao Yunlan noticed, with the white-hot heat of an orgasm coiling tighter and tighter in his own groin, sending shivering sparks down to the soles of his feet and up the back of his neck—but he did notice, and then he slowed.

Gentling the thrusts broke Shen Wei's focus. Glasses knocked askew now, his eyes snapped to Zhao Yunlan's, and he said, "Oh—no—more," in a voice so ragged with lust Zhao Yunlan's spine went entirely liquid with want.

"Okay," Zhao Yunlan croaked, and lifted shaking fingers to caress the side of Shen Wei's face. He was only half inside Shen Wei like this, but that was fine—he rolled his hips, keeping the slide and friction going for both of them.

"Okay,” he repeated, "but I want you to keep touching yourself." Zhao Yunlan was so close—they were both so close, and what Zhao Yunlan craved more than anything right now was to fuck Shen Wei through his orgasm. But he could only do that if Shen Wei would give himself fully to the experience instead of trying to hold back—trying to get Zhao Yunlan to reach his climax first. "You understand?"

Shen Wei nodded, but Zhao Yunlan stilled completely. "Let me see you touch yourself."

Shen Wei made a small noise of protest, so needy it very nearly cracked Zhao Yunlan's resolve. But he waited, hand drifting up to gently stroke the calf resting against his shoulder. "Go on."

Gasping, Shen Wei uncurled his fist, and slid his slick fingers around his swollen cock. The moment he did, Zhao Yunlan's own control finally broke. He grabbed on to Shen Wei's hip with one hand, planted the other behind himself for leverage, and moved frantically. He wanted to feel all of Shen Wei—against him and around him, the friction of sweaty skin and stays coming unclipped as the rumpled shirt pulled free of all constraints. Knowing it was all for him—all for Zhao Yunlan's pleasure at getting to take the composed and restrained Professor Shen apart—was already starting to make him come undone.

It was the most gorgeously wanton, satisfying sight: Shen Wei's neat hair tousled and sweaty and sticking to his brow, his glasses fogging up with the heat from his flushed skin, his lips looking slick and bitten, though Zhao Yunlan had barely touched them. Shen Wei's hand was moving in quick, uneven jerks along his length, head thrown back so his neck was beautifully exposed, teeth clenched around a drawn-out groan of ecstasy as tremors gripped his body so tightly Zhao Yunlan could feel them pulsing around his cock.

Could see Shen Wei climax after losing himself to the sensations Zhao Yunlan brought him—coming now in spurts over his hand and chest and shirt, spine arching off the bed.

At that, Zhao Yunlan fell into his own orgasm so hard and fast it wrung a wordless cry from him, rather than Shen Wei's name or anything else he might have wanted to say. It was so overpowering that it was all he could do to keep himself from collapsing as he emptied himself in Shen Wei. He rolled forward and held on, Shen Wei's arms coming up around him as they shifted closer, Zhao Yunlan getting as deep as he could while his cock pulsed through the last few twitches of his climax.

Shen Wei caught him when Zhao Yunlan's arms gave out, gathering him into a gentle embrace. Zhao Yunlan panted, eyes closed, plastering his naked body against Shen Wei's hot, sweaty skin and shirt in dire need of dry cleaning. He had slipped out at some point—he had a leg tangled between Shen Wei's, and he could feel him leaking a trickle of sticky warmth. The sensations were all coming to him as keenly as his thoughts weren't. Those were all scattered by glowing aftershocks of pleasure and the flaring emotions he couldn't quite sort out—tenderness and satisfaction and astonished surprise that Shen Wei would—that Shen Wei had—that all of this had even happened.

Zhao Yunlan blinked his eyes open with effort, exhaustion having wrung his body out while he was busy trying to catch up with his heart and mind. Shen Wei's face was right there, eyes open—he hadn't taken the misaligned glasses off yet. Zhao Yunlan huffed a soft laugh and plucked them from Shen Wei's face, folding them and dropping them on top of the discarded clothes at the side of the bed. "Thank you," he said.

Shen Wei smiled quizzically at him. "For what?"

For making Zhao Yunlan feel like this—entirely seen, and wanted, and so much more that it was a bit terrifying. Far easier to focus instead on how he was blissfully satisfied from the utterly amazing sex, than let his heart dwell on what he saw in Shen Wei's eyes now compared with those other times, when it was as if it wasn't Zhao Yunlan Shen Wei was looking at at all—

Zhao Yunlan laughed. At himself, and at Shen Wei, each of them ridiculous in their own way. Zhao Yunlan had Shen Wei now, in his arms, and that was all that mattered. And Shen Wei—he was smart. He could figure out what Zhao Yunlan might have to thank him for.

"For wearing your glasses," Zhao Yunlan said, and kissed him, soft and unhurried, smoothing the crease of confusion in Shen Wei's brows. All other urges satisfied, there was still an encompassing warmth to the moment, as they indulged in that closeness, in gentle touches and shared breaths. Before he knew it, Zhao Yunlan was sinking languidly into that radiant glow—his last muddled thought before sleep claimed him was that he really ought to stay awake and help Shen Wei clean up, but the sunlight here was just too perfect to resist.