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Sweet as Suga

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The house was quieter since Sam had left for college. Though he did not miss his younger brother, they'd been close once when his dad was alive. With John buried, Sam and his mom had changed like they'd been taken over and possessed by demons. 


His dad had always taught him family came first, so he worked all the hours that god sent and held a job down. Dean finished high school, but never went to college. That was a pipe dream. Sammy had followed his heart and love for animals and was training to be a vet. Both Sam and his mom refused to work. So, it was his job to bring home the bacon and keep the bills paid. 


Getting dressed his mobile shrilled loudly, and he groaned because it was his brothers ring tone.


“Hey, Sammy, what’s up?”


“How many times have I told you not to call me that, Dean?”


“No clue lost count,” Dean mumbled.


“Dean I need money; can you send some?”


“Dude I sent you like two hundred dollars two days ago,”


“Money does not go far when you're having fun,” His brother whined down the phone.


“Sorry can't send you any buddy, not this time,”


Sam huffed indignantly. “Why the hell not? You need to look after the family, typical of you,”


“Sam, I don’t get paid yet, I don’t have any, so wait. Look I have work call back later,”


Dean clicked the phone off, not wanting to listen to his little brothers’ tirade. Knowing his mom would call sooner than later when Sam had phoned no doubt.


Getting into the old rust bucket, he called a car he drove towards the bowling alley. When he arrived, no one was there in the parking lot, and he frowned. Dean walked into the building to see if Hal, his boss was there.


“Hal you about buddy?”


“Dean, please come into the office,” Hal told him.


“What’s going on? Why are you not open?”


“I’m closing down Dean. We're not working anymore the repair bill is too large. I got offered a lump sum by a building firm, and I’m taking it.”


‘Damn, that’s all I need.’ “Well, I don’t blame you dude,”


“Sorry Dean, I know you depend on both the day and night wage. I tell you what; Impala wants new staff I'll ring Michael put in a good word for you. Go along tonight and ask for him.”


“That’s a BSDM club in the city ain’t it?” Dean asks puzzled.


“That’s correct. The pays great, jobs a job after all.”


“Yeah, open to all lifestyles. Thanks, Hal I'll go down there later. What time they open?”


“Ten, best get there when they first open though. You were the best worker I had. Don’t be a stranger you know where I live,"


“I won’t, dude. May makes the best pie out there,” Dean grins.


Dean shakes Hal's hand and walks out feeling hopeful that he can get the job at Impala. Not wanting to face his mom, with time to kill, he goes and knocks on his friends Benny’s door.


“Hello brother, how you keepin’?” 


“Hals closing down. Lost my job?” Dean grones.


“Damn it, not great then I take it?”


“Would you mind if I change here and have a shower? Glad I keep spares in the trunk. I have a job interview at Impala.”


“Don’t want to face your mom then?” Benny’s face gets darker.


“No way dude. Sam asked for more money, and I said no to him.”


“I see, well maybe next time I can have a word with the ungrateful brat.”


Dean sighs. “I know, they won’t listen to me, even when I put my foot down. I wish I could be independent.”


“One day Dean. Now get yourself ready you don’t want to be late.”


Dean had a shower and got into fresh jeans and a green button-down. Jelled his hair and made sure he was presentable.


Benny whistles. “Looking mighty fine, their brother. I bet you get the job, if not for the eye candy."


Dean smacked the bear of a man on the arm flushing red. “Will you stop,”


“Only telling the truth,” Benny smirked.


“Thanks, Benny I best be going. Are we still on for the movie marathon on Friday?”


“Yeah, Andrea is coming and cooking Greek food,”


“Sounds great can't wait,”


Dean waved goodbye, and he got into his car. He drove to the city; it was only twenty miles away. Parking up, not caring if anyone dinged the car, not that he would notice. Dean walked the short distance to the club. He could hear pulsing music already, but not many people were about at this time of night.


The sky was cloudless, and he could see the stars sweeping above his head. The air was warm, and the smells of garlic and cooked meat permeated the breeze. Dean stood around the little red barrier waiting for the bouncers to let him into the club.


The large man with mahogany skin looked him up and down and smiled. His name tag read Victor.


“Have a nice night,” The man nodded.


Dean paid ten dollars to enter and went down the glittery red steps. At the bottom was a table where a man sat. The man had beady black eyes and a blood-red tie. He smiled at Dean and beckoned him over.


“Well you're new here, let me tell you our rules,”


“I came for a job interview,” Dean gasped.


“That maybe love, but you still need to know the rules, my names Hell, we don’t go by our real names. All newbies wear a white band, so there not bothered by anyone. No matter what you're into, or how long you’ve been on the scene. Every club may have different rules, so you need time to get to know ours.”


“That’s fair. I-I like the name Orion,”


“Yes, suits you. Here’s your wrist band. If anyone does bother you, there are people around. We never have too many issues here, though. We have locker rooms for you to change into and for self-care.”


“Sounds great. Where do I find Michael?”


“I will tell him you're searching for him. Why don’t you check around first? You seem worn out son.”


“I-I could do with a sit-down,” Dean chuckled.


“Enjoy yourself, Orion, talk later,” The man winked.


Dean strolled through two onyx doors. The carpet was a rich crimson, and the bar was a deep cherry red. Brown leather chairs were haphazardly placed around the rectangle room.


Dean went to sit on one of the bar stools. A tall man with grey hair came over to serve him.


“What will it be kiddo?”


“Coke with ice please,” Dean asked not wanting to drink when he was driving.


“Ugh, a newbie and did not have to explain the no-alcohol rule,” The bartender quipped.


“You can’t drink?” Dean asked in puzzlement.


“Not if you're going to scene with someone. There is a bar at the other end of the club for that. Names Cain by the way,”


“Oh, names Orion,”


Cain placed his glass down on a mat and went to serve another customer.


“I hear your new, and abided by the rules?” Came a gravelly voice next to him.


Dean turned and saw a man, sat next to him on the barstool. The man had messy black hair, azure eyes, that seeped into his soul. His lips were plump and pink, and he had stubble littering his cheeks.


“Yeah, I came for a job, lost mine today,” Dean had no clue why he was telling the stranger his story.


“That so. How old are you?”


“I’m twenty-three,”


“Would you come and sit with me in the corner over there?” Blue eyes searched Dean for an answer.


Dean looked over at Cain, and the man nodded. He was not getting a creepy vibe from the man. They sat down in the corner of the room. The older man placed his drink on the mat provided.


“I go by the name Archangel in here, but outside my names Castiel.”


“My names Dean, but I chose the name, Orion. Dad and I use to observe the stars. They bring me comfort now he’s gone.”


“Tell me, Dean, why are you not at college and working?”


“I work because my mom and brother won’t. I pay the bills and for Sam’s education. Since dad died, they've changed.”


“I’m sorry to hear that sweet boy. I know you came in here to get a job tonight. But I want to counter that offer. Come work for me, Dean. We can have a month’s trial, to begin with,”


Dean shocked his eyebrows pinched. “What if it didn’t work out? I would have to search for another job.”


“Dean, I would let you work here. I own the place with my brother Michael either way you would not miss out on employment.”


Dean gasped he had no clue that Castiel owned the club. “W-hat would I have to do?”


“I want you to come to my house for a meeting, and we can sort the details out. I will pay four thousand dollars for the month. I will get my attorney to write up the contract, so you feel safe. I'll add you to my health plan so you will be covered.”


Dean was stunned that this handsome man would offer him a job in the first place. It was like a dream, and he would wake up at any moment.


“So, if it doesn’t work out, I can still work here? And we will meet tomorrow?” Dean parroted back.


Castiel nodded and handed him his business card. “Michael and Adam do most of the work here. I’m more a silent partner, but I have a say in the daily running of the place."


“What time do you want to meet up?”


“Ten will be fine; please do not be late. I detest tardiness. My address and phone number are on my card. If anything, unexpected pops up call me, and we can rearrange the visit.”


“What do I address you as?”


“Sir will be fine for now, Dean. Such a good boy,”


It did not escape Castiel’s notice that the younger man flushed red when he heaped on the praise.


Castiel drained the last of his drink and stood up. “Dear boy, I must be on my way. Don’t be late Dean,”


“Yes, sir see you soon,”


Dean watched the man walk away and took the glasses over to the bar.


“Thank you, young man. Castiel will take care of you, he’s eccentric but a good person.”


“Thanks, Cain,” Dean said goodbye to Hell and walked out into the busy streets. He got into his car and drove off.


When Dean got back home, he was relieved to find all the lights were off. His mom was in bed, so he swiftly went to his room, locked the door and quickly undressed. He slipped between cooled sheets, falling into a dreamless sleep.

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Dean ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. He started making breakfast for him and his mom. Mixing a batch of pancakes and squeezing fresh oranges. Mary Winchester would not drink orange juice out of a bottle.


“Dean, you came in late last night,” Mary stated.


“Yes, Hal had to let me go. The Bowling Alleys closing. He’s selling it to some business person.


“Oh, God. I bet it becomes one of those dreadful malls.”


“Don’t know mom, he never said,” Dean put Mary's food down next to her, but she never thanked him.


“So where were you, if you lost your job?”


“Hal recommended me to a bar in the city. These guys called Castiel and Michael own it.”


“Mmm named after angels, can't think why they would need you then,” Mary laughed, but Dean rolled his eyes.


“I have a job offer; I need to be at Castiel’s by ten. I need to live in for the month. It's a trial, run, but the benefits are great,”


“Can you tell me why you didn't send your brother more money, Dean? How many times have I told you family come first?”


“Mom like I told Sam, I hadn't got paid yet. I have severance pay, but that needs to go for the bills. I will send him some as soon as I get my paycheck,”


“Well, that’s fair. I will talk to your brother,”


Dean stopped eating and stared at his mom in shock. Usually, she would be screaming at him by now.


“I don’t like the sound of you moving out though. Who's going to cook and clean?”


“Mom, you can manage, and he’s offering four thousand dollars I can't turn that down,”


“Oh, no, you can't. Go and put some nice clothes on, you can't go in those tatty jeans and hoodies you like so much,”


Dean cleaned up the kitchen and sides, then went upstairs. He got some dress pants, a white dress shirt and a green tie out. Jumping in the shower, he washed all over. Dried and sprayed liberally with deodorant and spritzed himself with aftershave.


Dean called to his mom that he was leaving and snatched the shopping list off the fridge. Driving to Castiel’s house would take half an hour, so he left in plenty of time.


Dean was amazed when he got to the black iron gates. Dean imprinted the code, and they slipped open. He swung his rusty car up the mile-long drive weaving in and out of trees. The house was three stories with red tiles. Three large brown chimneys rose from the rooftops. The windows and small balconies were forest green — the rest of the house set in soft sandstone with large rising arches, decorating the lower floor. Behind the trees, Dean could see a lake, shimmering in the sun. Grass lawns and flowery borders finished off the pretty house.


Getting out of his car, which now he was ashamed. He walked to the front door where he pulled a brass handle, in the shape of a clenched hand. Shrill ringing could be heard in the distance, and a man opened the door.


“Master Novak has been waiting for you. My names Mr Ion, please come in.”


“Sure thanks,” Dean towed off his shoes and followed the butler into a grand lobby that held a chandelier. The walls were painted light creams and mint. Portraits of insects hung on the walls. Ion opened twin cherry wood doors and showed Dean the room where Castiel was sitting.


“Sir, your guest has arrived.” Ion announced.


“Thank you, Ion. Could you get tea and cake for us please?”


“Yes sir,” Ion turned and left the room.


“Dean, please sit down,” Castiel smiled, pointing to the lavender couch.


“Thank you, sir.”


Castiel was dressed casual today, Dean noticed. He had on a long white sleeve shirt and over the top a tight pink tee-shirt that said ‘C’est La Vie’ in gold lettering. On his legs, he had dark purple leggings, that hugged his muscular thighs. Over the top of his slippers, he had pop socks in baby blue.


“I wanted to talk about our trial month Dean. I have the contract here for you to inspect. Each day I will set tasks for you to complete if they complete you will get a punishment. I will give you a set of rules to follow and expect you to stick to them. We must trust each other, and a part of that is me trusting you to be honest. When you move in, I would like you to have a health check, and an STD panel ran.” 


“I-I won’t need an STD check, sir,” Dean blushed red.


“Dean I must insist we get one done; this is none negotiable.”


“Sir, I-I don’t need one. I’m a virgin.” Dean dropped his head in his hands, his face burning.


Dean heard fabric move, and Castiel grasped his chin. He was making eye contact. Dean swore the older man's pupils dilated, and his eyes grew darker with something akin to lust.


“I thought you were amazing before, sweet boy. But your truly magnificent, a blank canvas for me to paint on,”


Castiel let go and sat back down. Dean swallowed hard. ‘What the hell was that?' The younger man thought to himself.


Ion brought the tray with tea and cake. Pouring and serving then leaving them alone again.


“I will deposit your money at the end of the trial month. It will be yours even if our arrangement does not work. Do you cook?”


“Only basic meals. Mom and Sam don’t like fancy,”


Castiel clicked his tongue. “That will never do. I will send you to my friend Ellen and Bobby Harvelle-Singer. They own a coffee/book store. Ellen will teach you; she’s firm but kind. Now finish your tea theirs a good boy and read the contract.”


“Yes, sir,” Dean nodded.


“I would like you to move in tomorrow. I will show you your room in a moment."


"Sir I arranged to go see my friends on tomorrow night, would that be okay?"


Castiel tilted his head to one side like a bird and hummed. "Go to your friends, but your curfew is midnight. You live in my house you follow my rules. It's that simple.”


“Thank you, sir. Can I see my room now please?”


“You're so well-mannered. Keep this up, sweet boy. You and I will get along fine,”


Castiel took Dean to the third floor. His room had a gorgeous view of the lake. There was a little summer house, and a small boat was moored to a jitty. The bedroom was large, painted in quiet pastels. The bed was a queen, with a hand-stitched quilt. Dean noticed a built-in closet and a pine vanity set. A door led to a bathroom, with a bath and a small walk-in shower.  


“I love it,” Whispered Dean, never having such luxury before.


“I’m glad you appreciate it, Dean. Bring clothes and essentials for the month. Then we will sit down and look at how we have both gotten on when times up.”


“That seems fair sir,”


“Good, I have a meeting now, but I want you back here at ten tomorrow to move in. If I’m not here, Ion will be. What time do you have to leave?”


“Benny wants me there for six,”


“If I’m not back I will leave a notice board in your room on the vanity, with any instructions,"


Dean and Castiel walked back out. “My mom will be pleased this went well,”


“Oh, why is that Dean?”


“The money sir, it's always about the money,” Dean said goodbye and Castiel watched the boy go with a note of concern on his face.

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Dean drove back home and made sure the bills were paid. Sam had not called back so his mom must have got him off his back, for now. He knew once the month was over, Sam would be hammering him with more demands on his wage.


"Dean, how did the interview go?" Mary voiced with more interest in her son, then was the norm. 


Dean blinked not use to his mom's focus. "Um, yeah, great. I don't get the money until the 30th, but I have enough for you, not Sam though sorry,"


Mary's wintery blue eyes narrowed slightly, but she shrugged nonchalantly. "I told your brother it was time he got a job; it went down like a lead balloon. Never mind four weeks he can get by, long as you take care of me,"


Dean knew this would be a whole different ball game if he did not have money for his moms, hobby's, pills, and whatever the hell she did with her days.


The next day Dean had packed a few boxes and a couple of cases. Everything he needed was in those few belongings. He knew all he held dear would disappear if he did not take them. Saying goodbye fell on deaf ears. His mom would not even notice he'd left. 


Dean drove on the narrow country roads and came to the gates, coming to  Castiel's  house once again. He knocked on the door, and Mr Ion opened it.


"Master Dean, Master Novak is out, but please let me help take your belongings to your room."


"Thanks, Mr Ion, that's kind of you, so tired lately. I work every day but Fridays."


The Butler listened and took note, the fact the poor boy needed sleep. The man helped Dean, put his meagre possessions away.


"I only have a sports jacket and dress pants. I hope Mr Novak does not want me to go anywhere fancy," Dean babbled searching his clothes slightly embarrassed. 


"When was the last time you ate Dean?" It was a question he would ask any guest, but the reply angered him.


"Couple of days ago, mom needed the food. I get what's left. Though your cake was a nice treat."


"You like cake?" The butler perked up.


"I love pie better. I can make a mean apple pie." Dean grinned.


"You will have to show me, Dean. Master Novak is partial to pie,"


Deans eyes lit up. "I can do that,"


"Let me show you around the library. Find something to read, get some sunshine rest while you can."


"Sounds nice,"


Dean was awed at the sheer size of Castiel's library. He ran his fingers over the delicate tombs in delightful glee.


"Oh, Castiel's got Japanese thrillers. I love these, but they're hard to come by,"


The butler raised his eyebrow again; the books were in native Japanese. This boy got more intriguing; he needed to report back to his friend. 






Driving through the narrow lanes in the dark did not appeal to Dean.  Castiel  had not come back before he departed and had left no tasks for him to tackle. The car sputtered and choked and stopped suddenly.


"Damn it," Dean hissed glancing at his watch, bashing the steering control. 'Great first day being late for curfew.' 


Dean got out his phone, but he found no signal, and he started to walk. He could hear water rushing through the ravine, glad he had not crashed into the barrier and fallen down the steep incline. 


Walking in the dark was disorienting, and he had to rest often. His bones were weary and so damn tired. Stumbling not seeing the large rock he tripped hitting his head. He held out his hand; his arm bounced off the sharp rocks.


"Ouch, fuck," Dean shouted, "That's all I need."


The sun was rising, and he was glad for the light. The road was clear and silent though he thought he heard an engine. Dean rubbed the mattered blood off his head and with blurry eyes watched as the black blob came closer.


Ion rolled down the window and eyed Dean. "I see. Let me help you into the car," Ion told him kindly offering support.


Dean started to cry, tired, sad, hungry not wanting  Castiel  cross with him.


"Hey there Master Dean, we can fix this. Let me take you to our hospital,"


"Cas will be so mad, he won't want me back," Dean cried worn out. 


"Cas!" Laughed the butler, never hearing anyone but his brother shortens his name, "Let me take care of Master Novak,"


His master had come back home late and waited up for Dean. When the young man had not appeared, he had worried.  Castiel  was angry and started being his moody self. He knew Dean was different from his friends' other boys, telling  Castiel  what Dean had told him.  Castiel  had calmed and became concerned then, so he went out searching for him. 


"Master Novak I've found him, but he's in a sorry state. I'm taking Dean to St Jude's. I fear he's got a concussion and a broken wrist."


"I will be there,"  Castiel  growled slamming the phone down.


Ion took Dean to the entrance and got a nurse to get a gurney. 


"This is Doctor Novak's friend; please look after him. Doctor Novak will be in shortly."


"Look at the state of you sweetheart. Let's get you sorted before the kind doctor gets here."


Ion and  Castiel  waited for Dean to have scans and tests.  Castiel  galloped up to his old friend Balthazar for an update.


"Cassie, your boys in a state. Malnourished, lacking certain vitamins. He needs B-12 shots, vitamin C and D. I have him on a drip because he's dehydrated and he's exhausted. Dean was in no condition to drive, or be doing much of anything for that matter,"


"I only saw him for half an hour, and yesterday I had a meeting. Did he have alcohol in his system?"


"No clean," 


"Good, that's good — one less worry. I went passed the wreck of a truck. Rufus said it needs condemning; he could have gone down that ravine. He's lucky Bal. I will tend and care for him; that's a promise."


"He needs someone to care for him Cassie, and I can't think of a better person,"


Castiel  nodded and took an intake of breath, pushing the door open to Deans room. The boy appeared so tiny against stark white sheets. He was lost, lonely adrift at sea without an anchor.


"Dean, sweet boy. I was terrified last night," Castiel kept his voice sweet and calm. 


Dean turned watery green eyes on to the older man. He was caught in the headlights his breath stalled.


"Cas, I'm sorry," Tears ran down the boy's pale face. 


"Hey now, come on baby boy. All will be okay. The doctor's a friend of mine. I built this hospital; it’s one of my many projects."


"You're a doctor?" Dean gasped shocked.


“Among many things yes. Dean, they want to keep you in overnight. Then redo your head scan. If all is okay, I get to take you home. Remember sweet boy you're on my time, and I get to look after you,"


Deans lip trembled. " That's  not what you wanted; you said I had to do tasks,"


"Dean, calm, now. I choose the tasks, after all. Like I stated I will take care of you now. I'm not sure anyone has since your dad, is that the correct assumption?"


"Mom was great, loved to bake and cook. But Dad, we had a garden and grew veg and fruit. Sam was happy and not like this, not selfish. It's like they're possessed. I met Benny one day when mom wanted special chocolates, and I broke down. Benny has this great shop, then he met Andrea, and they're sweet together. They're the only friends I have."


"I'm glad you had someone sweetheart. I will let Benny know about your condition. Then he can visit,"


"You will let him?" Dean whispered. 


Castiel  frowned. "He's your friend of course Dean,"


A small, timid voice caught  Castiel's  attention. "I'm sorry I let you down Cas,"


Castiel stopped at the young boy's use of his name, but he liked it, so let it slip. "You have done nothing of the sort. Ion tells me you like my Japanese thrillers. When you're better, I would love to get to know you. Now you need to sleep; I won't leave."


Castiel  reaches out and presses a button on Deans pump. "Will you stay and hold my hand?"


"If I have your permission, then yes I will,"


"Yes, Cas," Dean searched for the man's hand.


All  Castiel  wanted to do is hold the poor boy, but he stays until Dean is sleeping holding his hand. The room is dark, but the breeze from the window intermittently blows the curtains. Dean should sleep now, with the drugs in his system, so  Castiel  goes out and finds Ion.


"Ion, Deans friend Benny. I forget to get a surname, but have your Deans phone?"


"I have we can scroll and get the number this is Important he wants them to know. Also, what about his mom and brother?" Ion scrolls down Dean phone and shakes his head.


"Castiel my friend," Ion tut-tuts and shakes his head sadly.


Castiel  takes the phone. There are six numbers. Deans dad, his mom, Sam, Benny, Andrea and himself. 


"I don't think his mom and brother will care. Though Andrea and Benny will. I will ring them, let me go outside. Keep an eye out for Dean, though he will be out for a couple of hours."


"I shall sit with him  Castiel ,"


"You've never taken much interest before,"  Castiel  comments.


"That's because I’ve not liked anyone before my old friend. Dean is different I can tell,"


Castiel  nods and goes out, ringing Benny's number.


"Dean, are you okay? Brother, I was concerned. You never rang to tell me you got to Mr Novak's house."


"Benny this is Mr Novak. Deans car broke down, and he tried to walk to my homestead. He ended up with a bashed head and a broken arm. I have him at my hospital St Jude's, but after his scan tomorrow we should know if he can come home."


"Is it okay if we visit? Deans a good friend."


"I would say yes, but he's sleeping a lot. Could I call you tomorrow and update you? You're both welcome to come to my house. I will text you the address if Deans not given it to you already,"


"No, he would not do that. I gather you have not rung his mom. There's not much use. But thanks for keeping an eye on him,"


"It's my pleasure; I will call tomorrow when we find out more."


"Goodbye, Mr Novak,"


"Goodbye, Benny,"


Castiel  came off the phone, not entirely sure he would have been okay with the man if he did not have a girlfriend. He was trying his hardest to fight the instincts they had got him in trouble before. He did not want to lose Dean over them.





The next day Dean got the all-clear on his scans. He went home with a large bag of medications. Castiel carried him to the couch and pulled a rug over his legs and placed his arm on a pillow he had brought from his room. 


Over the next couple of days, Dean was in a daze, but the pain grew less and his head though sore felt better.  Castiel  had him camped out on the couch with strict instructions to rest. The man had meetings all day, but he grew bored. Getting up, he used the restroom and wobbled out under the archway, sheltering him from the hot weather. 


"Dean, Master  Castiel  would not be pleased to see you up and roaming around," Ion came up behind him.


"I'm bored and needed fresh air," Dean whined like a baby. 


"Go back to the couch, and I will bring the television. Then you can watch the many DVDs that Castiel as hidden away."


"Does he not like watching movies?"


" Castiel's  more a book person," The butler grinned. 


Dean answered truthfully. "I enjoy a good book but also love movies,"


"I also my young friend, now go sit,"


"Bossy," Dean grumbled. 


"Not as much as my master," Ion winked and went on his way.


Castiel  came home later that evening and ran his fingers through Deans hair. "Had a good day, sweetheart?"


"I got bored, but I went out and had to go sit down again,"


"Dean, I told you to rest. But you did not keep that from me. I will let that slip for now,"


"Cas is there nothing I can do, please," Dean begged. 


Castiel  checked Dean over. "You will do as I say, sweet boy. Rest this week, and we will see at the weekend,"


Dean rolled his eyes and flopped back on the couch. "Yes, sir,"


"Come now, let's get supper, hold my hand,"


"I'm not an invalid Cas," Dean huffed,


Castiel's  eyebrow rose. "Who said it was for your benefit?"


"Fine old man," Then Dean, giggled and held tight to his arm.


Castiel  eyes narrowed, and he cleared his throat. "Sweetie when was the last time you took your medication?"


"Oh, about ten minutes ago,"


"I see, well let's go eat before Ion comes searching for us,"


They both ate the meal in relative silence and Ion brought them pie for dessert. "Ion, make sure Dean gets less pain medication, from now on please,"


"My pleasure, he's a little out of it,"


"Yes,"  Castiel  saw Dean yawn his eyes dropping. "I will escort him to his room,"


In the end, they both needed to help Dean to his room. Helped him out of his day clothes and into his t-shirt and boxes and made sure he was safe.


"Only Advil and Tylenol for the pain, the other if it gets too much,"  Castiel  instructed. 


They both left Dean to sleep, both men making sure he was well through the night.


In the morning, Dean felt even better. His arm ached, but he could see clearly. He hoped Benny and Andrea could come for a visit he could ask  Castiel


Dean yawned and went downstairs. Ion eyed him and tasked. "Master Dean you need clothes on, come let me help,"


Dean peered down and flushed red, "Oh, sorry,"


"Master Novak is away this morning, let's get you dressed and sat outside for some fresh air."


Dean perked up a little at that. "Cas is letting me outside?"


Ion grinned. "Master Novak left some articles you might want to peruse. To stall the boredom,"


After breakfast, Ion came with a tray of goodies. Model sets, paint by numbers, sketchbooks, charcoal and pencils. Dean grabbed the sketchbooks, pencils and charcoal. 


The view of the garden from the back of the property was stunning, the lake sat in the distance, and the pine forest stood sedentary like soldiers before the battle. The slight hillock that sloped down to the lake, with wildlife and fauna to add to the inspiring vista. 


Dean drew to his heart's fulfilment the quiet breeze caressing his cheek and ruffling his short brown hair. He yawned and stretched his arms, rubbing tired eyes. Going for a lay down on the couch his head it the pillow and fell into a deep, peaceful slumber. Deans dreams were rainbows for once and not dark, depressing shadows for the first time since he lay his dear dad to rest. 


Castiel  came home around lunchtime, toeing his shoes off and putting them away and hanging his trench coat on the hook by the door. Moving with grace into the living area, he found Dean out for the count, running nimble fingers through the boy's hair. 


Castiel moved outside and looked at the view that always captivated him. He saw Dean had been hard at work and picked up the sketchbook, glancing at the sleeping boy. The sketch was simplistic but strikingly beautiful. It was something he would most certainly buy and place on his walls. Ion walked over and peered down and raised his eyebrow.


"I fear Dean has hidden talents, that poor boy has no way of reaching his full potential." Ion spoke with clarity in his tone.


"He will I promise you that. Deans special and we have not seen him in his full glory."


"Go wake your boy, come and get lunch before it gets hot," Ion winked, and  Castiel  chuckled. 


Castiel  prayed he could teach Dean everything he knew, and he would stay with him. Holy, mother of God, he hoped none of his bad habits surfaced because he did not want to scare him away. Someone like Dean only came into your orbit once in a lifetime. 

Chapter Text

Over the next week, Dean felt better; his head hurt less and his arms fine though his cast is cumbersome.  Castiel  rang Benny and invites him and Andrea over for supper, so he was relatively happy.  


Dean sits reading a book, and  Castiel  comes and sits next to him under the archway out of the heat of the day. Today the older man's wearing cut of denim shorts and a 'Cats' top, that hangs off his shoulders. 


"Tell me Dean, a little more about yourself,"


Dean marks his page and puts the book on the table, always treating the books with care. 


"I'm Dean Henry Winchester, my birthdays on the twenty-fourth of January. My middle name is after my granddad Henry Winchester, who worked for the Men of Letters an old society of bookkeepers. My first name is after my grandma, on my maternal side, Deanna Campbell. I didn't get to meet her before she died." 


Dean shuffled around to face  Castiel  head-on. "I love the beach, art, writing. I love sci-fi would make my year if I found someone to go to comic con. Oh, I love reading and languages, I taught myself Japanese, and I'm fluent in Spanish."


Castiel  smiled softly at the boy next to him. "Tell me what your father was like,"


"John Henry Winchester was a marine; he worked hard. Loved cars and installed that passion in me. Dad had this amazing 67 Chevy  Impala  he said I could have her, but when he died, mom sold baby. I had this guitar, and they sold that. Dad taught me his love of classic rock, and we use to sing together. He was a good man, strict, but when I told him, I liked both men and women, he did not bat an eyelid. Mom was not pleased, though even now, she will joke and make disparaging comments." 


Dean’s so worn down; he felt light spilling his heart to this man. "I know I have Benny and Andrea, but I feel so alone in this world. I work to pay Sam's college fees and spending money. Moms needs and I get little.”


Castiel  reached for Deans hand and stroked soothing circles into his skin. "My names  Castiel  James Novak and my birthdays on the twentieth of August. I became a doctor, then I found, many jobs to fulfil my long life. I built a hospital and helped those who needed a job in the medical industry that most hospitals would overlook. I run  Impala  named after the animal, not the car dear boy," 


Dean grinned. "I like it though made me feel better about the place,"


"I have two brothers Michael who I co-own  Impala  and Gabriel who runs my many hotels around the globe,"




"Yes, but they're different. I cater to the  LGBT + community and the disability community. Though the hotels are open to anyone, they have that main purpose in mind." 


"That's awesome dude,"


Castiel  chuckles. "I'm glad you approve," 


"Cas you never told me your age,"


Castiel   sighed . "Age is not important, but people do put restraints on themselves. I'm thirty-six Dean, does that make you want to stop this?"  Castiel  looked away, scared of what he might see reflected in those moss-green eyes. 


"Cas, I won't walk away not from you,"


Castiel  whips his head around so fast that Dean winces. "No, you need the money, I forget."


Dean frowned. "That's entirely unfair. Yes, I do need the money to get my brother and mom off my back but remember I'd a different job offer. I could be working at the bar and not here with you." Dean gets up slightly dizzy, but he walks off, going to his room.


'Great Cas, good work on scaring him away,'  Castiel  sits with his head in his hands and  grones .


"What did you do old friend?" Ion asked. "The house rattled when Dean slammed his bedroom door,"


"I accused him of only being here for the money. Yet I know he needs it to keep his family off his back. Dean could have stayed and worked at the bar. I told him how old I was and expected fear or disgust, but nothing happened,"


" Castiel , you can't second guess why your boys come here. I know you've not had anyone since Richard. Deans, not a gold digger, he's not after celebrity status. He wanted to come here for whatever you offered him."


"I never even gave him the paperwork,"


"Then my dear friend, if you want Dean to stay you have to make that your next priority. No more pretence that's not fair on either of you,"


Castiel  got up and went to his office he printed the paperwork off and went up to Deans room. He knocked tentatively and waited and prayed that it would work out.


"Cas, what did you need?" Dean stood with his arms folded, looking despairingly at the floor. 


"May I come in?"


Dean shrugged and nodded. "Your house,"


"No Dean, this is your space, I don't get to venture into this room without your say so,"


"Okay come and sit down,"


Dean sat on the bed and  Castiel  next to him. "Sweet boy, forgive me for how I acted. One day I will tell you my story, but not today. I was hurt and, you're not them, your different special and I have to look at you with new eyes."


Dean bit his lip and nodded. "Sweet boy don't you'll make your self-bleed,"


"No one cares," Dean whispered. 


"Oh, sweetheart. I care so much. I did not want you to leave. I feared I would make you run for the hills and would never see you again."


"I-I like it here," Dean whispered. 


"I have this list; we need to go through; I will train you  to be  a good boy for me. The tasks I set will guide you on your way. I stated if the tasks are not complete, you  will be punished . First, you need a safe word, if you feel concerned and need reassurance, or need me to stop at any given moment."


"I like the traffic light system. I read about it," 


"Then that's what we'll use. It's most important we must communicate Dean. I can't help you if you don't talk to me."


"I can do that Cas, maybe at the end of each day, unless your late back and I'm in bed,"


"Then that's what we'll do sweet boy,"


This time Dean sat straighter and glanced at the older man. "I like that you're older than me, it makes me feel safe. I love that you call me your boy." Dean tapped at the paperwork "Can we go through this together this is all new for me,"


"We can, some items you will never have tried, but if you feel you want to try them circle them. If there is anything on that list you would never do, place a cross next to them and a tick for anything you would do without hesitation."


"Yours is next to them, soft and hard limits?"


"That's correct." 


Dean ran his finger over the paperwork, going down the list one by one. "I don't want disparaging comments, not sure if I could.  Bloodplay  or water sports are out, nothing that would break the skin."


They went through the list only Dean had no idea about half of the items. First, he had his training, and this was important to him. "Cas, I want to do this right,"


Castiel  pressed a hand to Deans cheek and smiled. "We start tomorrow sweet boy, now, let's get ready for your friends coming over,"


Castiel  left the room, and Dean got a nice pair of jeans and a new black tee-shirt. It was hot, so he did not need anything else. Going back down in his slippers  Castiel  had provided he waited for Benny and Andrea to arrive. 


When the doorbell rang, Dean tried to open it, but Ion saved him from his struggle. 


"Dean, it’s good to see you, brother."


"Master Dean, bring your guests into the living room," Ion encourage not wanting to stand in the lobby.


Dean nodded and showed his friends the way.  Castiel  had changed into dress pants and a soft pink shirt. Dean noticed his fingernails matched his tie of violet. He sincerely loved how the older man dressed. 


" Castiel  this is Benny Laffite and Andrea  Kormas ," 


Castiel  stood and offered his hand. "Welcome to my home,"


"You have a beautiful home, Mr Novak" Smiled Andrea. 


"Thank you,"


"How ya  doin ' brother?" Benny asked Dean.


"Yeah, could be better. Cas is looking after me."


"Good, about time someone did,"


"Benny," Dean scolded but said no more.


Castiel's  keen eyes saw more in the interaction but remained silent on the matter.


"Master Castiel and guests' supper is ready. If you, please follow me," Ion bowed and led the way into the dining room.


Benny pulled Andrea's chair out for her, and she let out a childish giggle, and  Castiel  did the same for Dean who blushed red. Benny winked at him across the table. The first course was ham hock  rillettes  with pistachio salt. 


"This is amazing," Andrea licked her fingers, and Benny readily agreed. 


Castiel  hummed and poured Dean water. Not giving him any wine, still having pain killers now and then. 


"How’s the chocolate business going Benny? Dean tells me you own a shop"  Castiel  inquired casually.


"Great.” Benny grinned. “Andrea's expanding the website, and we get new orders almost every day," 


"Who do you cater for?"


"Anyone, but we seem to get more orders for weddings and birthdays. Word of mouth is always good for business."


"Benny does the most delightful apple pie filled milk chocolates, there out of this world," Dean grinned. 


Castiel  rolled his eyes, and Benny laughed. "I see you've found Deans weak spot,"


"Yes, though he's promised to make a pie for me,"  Castiel  smiled happily at the prospect. 


"I will when I get rid of this," Dean stated  grumpily  lifting his casted arm. 


Ion cleared the table and brought in the next course. They had grilled cod with salsa Rossa, they all dipped into the fish dish. Ion provided the crisp white wine. 


"I hope you have condemned that truck of yours Dean," Andrea asked seriously,


"Yes, Cas said he would get me a run-around. I need to save up; I don't know how long this job will last. Mom will need me to run jobs for her, so I need something,"


Castiel  glanced at Benny and shook his head slightly. Benny pursed his lips and said nothing. "This is delicious. I must cook for you, Mr Novak. Greek food next time,"


"We would like that Andrea. Dean speaks highly of you, and your culinary skills,"


"Let's see how the month pans out first," Dean quipped.  Castiel  shook his head and ran his fingers down the boy's arm, trying to offer reassurance.


Ion again cleared the plates and delivered the main course of cumin crusted lamb with shallots and crushed new potatoes.


They ate and made small talk, but the food was terrific, and they had to savour every bite. Ion came and cleaned the plates. He brought little dishes of apple and almond tart and vanilla bean ice cream. When they had finished,  Castiel  showed them back to the living room, where Ion brought coffee and mint chocolates. 


"Dean show me the library, Andrea insisted." Dean glanced at  Castiel , who waved him away and told him he would be okay with Benny. So, somewhat reluctantly Dean moved away with his friend and took her to see the extensive library. 


"I gather Deans mom or brother have not contacted him since he arrived here?" Benny asked the older man.


Castiel  sighed. "Not once. Tell me how bad Deans situation is?"


Benny glanced out of the window the night was falling his thoughts varied as the paintbox sky "I became friends with Dean when he broke down in my shop. He had a bruise on his face the shape of a hand when I asked, he lied. That boy has been through hell, and back. They leach off him, but Mr Novak Deans tired, and I'm not sure how much more he can take."


Castiel  rubbed his face and realised how serious all this was. "Benny my word may mean next to nothing, but I will take care of him, this is my promise,"


"You've taken him into your house. I don't care what you're doing here. Please don't hurt him, be there for him that boy’s going to need it."


Dean walked back into the room with Andrea, who was gushing about the books. Sitting down next to  Castiel , he leant his head on the older man's shoulder.  Castiel  ran his fingers through his hair and pulled him closer.


"You tired Dean?"


Dean let out a giant yawn. "Yeah, strangely,"


Benny got up and pulled Andrea with him. "Let's get going, love. Thank you for a wonderful evenin’ next time, you’ll have to come to ours."


"You're most welcome. If you want to visit Dean call, and we will arrange it,"  Castiel  told the young couple."


Dean hugged Benny and Andrea and saw them out. "Cas, that was amazing, thank you."


The older man grinned. "Your most welcome, now off to bed, we have an early start in the morning,"


"Yes, sir," Dean walked away and then turned and kissed the older man on the cheek.  Castiel  stood for some time even after Deans shadow had disappeared. With his fingers softly grazing his face, the echo of the kiss still tingling his skin.  

Chapter Text

Both men sat down for breakfast the next morning. Dean chewed on toast while Castiel read his morning paper, both enjoying the collective peace. Both dressed for the day. Castiel in a suit meaning he had meetings and Dean in jeans and a black Queen band t-shirt.


Castiel folded his paper and swiftly finished his tea. Peering over his half-moon spectacles and clearing his throat to gain Deans attention. Castiel placed his glasses back into a brightly coloured case and steeped his fingers slightly resting his chin on top. 


"Dean, how do you feel this morning?"


"Fine, my cast itches but don't need pain killers."


Castiel nodded. "I've set you several tasks for today. You need to achieve five of them. There will be light punishment for non-completion. I have meetings all day, not sure if I will be home for supper. I will ring Ion, and he will inform you if that's the case. I will expect inspection first thing after breakfast tomorrow. If not, then tonight before supper.  


"Yes, sir," 


Castiel handed Dean a shaft of paper and stood up brushing crumbs away. "I need to leave; please be good for me."


"I'll try sir,"


Castiel passed by Deans chair and lightly stroked his cheek. "I'm sure you will,"


Dean waited for Castiel to leave. Ion came into clear the dishes away. Dean took himself off to the archway and sat in the shade. The sun was already warming the ground. Dean wished he'd have the courage like Castiel to wear anything he wanted. Jeans were far too hot and sticky, for the sweltering heat. 


Dean trailed his finger down the list. Ten items evenly spaced, written in Castiel's neat handwriting. Five were in blue pen and five in red. Dean read the small note at the top of the paper. 





I've written ten tasks. The red pen indicates the more difficult. I want you to do five jobs but at least two of those in the harder bracket. Please tick when you have finished a task. Leave the area so I can inspect later today or in the morning. Ion won't move the task area. Please don't push yourself or make your injury worse. -Castiel.



Clean my trophy cabinet, making sure everything goes back in the correct spot. 


Rest twenty minutes when doing a task, don't tire yourself out or make yourself hurt. Either on the grass or if too hot on a bench seat under the archway.


Go for a walk around the lake after three in the afternoon. Please take a drink and a snack with you. Ion will  provide  this.


Break my jigsaw up by putting each outer edge in a bag. Placing each bag separately in the box and putting it away in the correct  location


My small bookcase by the trophy cabinet is in disarray. Please, clean and then sort by author alphabetically.  


Nap for an hour after lunch.


Read a book for an hour, after your nap.


Make me a list of five of your favourite foods — five of your ideal vacation destinations, and five of your ideal jobs. 


Draw me something that you dream of constantly.


Tidy your bedroom and living space. 




Dean eyed the list; most seemed simple. Maybe Castiel did not want to push him. Though how this would teach him anything he could not imagine. Hoping Castiel knew what he was doing, his eyes grazed the clock on the wall, and he walked towards the trophy cabinet.


Now Dean knew that Castiel would want everything in its correct positions. Grabbing his phone from his back pocket, he took a picture. Knowing some were tarnished and required a clean Dean ran towards the kitchen.


"Master Dean, you need to slow down." Reprimanded Ion. 


Dean rolled his eyes. "I need a cloth for the table, cleaning fluid and dusters for the trophies, please." 


Ion nodded. "Let me get you everything but slow down this is not a race." Ion raked his eyes over Deans attire. "Best get changed, this is a dirty task,"


Dean glanced down and agreed. "Guess you're right,"


Ion placed his hand on Deans shoulder. "Master Castiel thinks in mysterious ways. I have no idea what the list entails. Though they are a test, do one at a time, no rushing, be calm and follow his instruction to the letter."


Deans shoulders sagged and let out a ragged breath. "W-what if I let him down?"


"Master Dean do the tasks to your best ability. That's all Master Castiel asks of you. Now get changed, and I will bring the items you seek,"


Dean came down in a scruffy pair of sweatpants and a stained white tee-shirt. Ion had laid the table with a protective cloth and placed the cleaning items on top. Dean measured the exact distance between the trophies and marked them on a sheet of paper. Though he'd taken the picture with his phone a backup, was putting his mind at ease.


One by one, Dean got the trophies down and cleaned the cabinet. Ion gave him small steps and held on to him as he wiped the top. Noting the slight pain in his cast arm, he climbed down and asked Ion for a drink and sat in the archway enjoying the peace and tranquillity. A slight breeze brought a small relief to his heated skin, pleased that another item had been accomplished. 


Dean got back on with the job after twenty minutes. Ion was buzzing about, but he took little notice. Making each trophy shine. Dean smiled when he saw they were for a chess club or spelling bees. Then honour rolls at college and even one for contribution to charity work in the medical field. 


Dean then had the arduous task of placing each trophy back in its original home. Always having an eye for detail, double-checking he had the correct spot pleased with himself when the task was complete. 


"Master Dean, let me put these away while you wash up for lunch," 


Dean turned, and his eyes went wide. "I've only done two tasks that took all morning."


Ion beamed. "You have time, now go. I won't have you in my kitchen, like that."


Dean grabbed a quick shower and changed into his original clothes. Rushing back down Ion had placed ham and cheese sandwiches and chips on a plate. There was a jug of ice water and a crisp salad for Dean to pick. After lunch, Dean perused his list. 


Dean yawned and settled on the couch. The next task was a nap and asked Ion to wake him in an hour. When Dean woke, he stretched and felt this was cheating — needing Castiel to see evidence of his day. Grabbing a sheet of paper, he sat and thought of the list in hand.


Making a list of five of his favourite foods was easy. Though he had a great family life and wanted for nothing when his dad was alive, they had never been on vacation. Did Castiel mean if money was not an issue? Did he have five ideal jobs he could envisage himself doing? Sitting with the pen in his mouth, his face in stern concentration. 'This should have been in the red task area' He mused.  


My five favourite foods: Burgers. Pie. Strawberry milkshakes. Noodles. Roast dinner. 


If money was not a hindrance. My five ideal vacation destinations: London. Barcelona. Nepal. Japan. Iceland.


My five ideal jobs if I had the credentials. Kindergarten teacher. Interior designer. Archaeologist. History teacher. Portrait artist.   


Dean pleased crossed the task off. It was now two in the afternoon, and he felt better about his achievements. He was sitting for the required twenty minutes. Ion again providing snacks and a drink. Then he grabbed his sketchbook and tapped his pencil in an unsteady rhythm.


Dean could only conjure up one word about his dreams-freedom-how, could he depict that in a sketch? Dean started to doodle and drew from his heart, an hour passed, and Ion tapped his book and smiled. 


"Have a break Master Dean; your hands must hurt."


"Yeah, I guess I got carried away."


Dean plunged his hands into deep pockets and slumped forwards, scuffing his trainers on the stone floors, navigating around the house, all in the shade. Only the sound of cicadas for company wistfully thinking of calmer times. When he had unconditional love, that he was not hiding out in a stranger’s house hiding from the pain. 


Dean meandered back to his spot. Then drank the cooling lemonade that slid down his throat like a relieved memory.


With a thump flopping back on soft cushions, putting his feet on the willow table and continued his faint dreams, scratching with his implement. 


Dean found when you dream time slips, and it never does to dwell on images on which you can't ascertain. You can't pluck with your fingers that are so far out of reach, you stumble over, and reality hits you head-on. Dean saw the ever-impending clock, that mocked his task, shaking his head, breathing out and stomping away, leaving his dreams unfinished. 


Dean waited for the message in his room to see if Castiel would return for supper that night. His fingers marked with graphite indented with overuse. What good had come out of today? For sure Castiel would be sorely disappointed in him, for not finishing a simple instruction. 


There came a timid knock on his bedroom door and went to open it with little motivation. Tired eyes and trembling hands gripped the brass doorknob and swung the solid oak door slowly open. 


"Ion, did you need me?"


"Master Dean, I have a message. Master Castiel is on his way back and wishes you ready by the front entrance."


Dean knitted his eyebrows together and let out a scant sigh. "How long do I have before he arrives?"


"Twenty minutes be ready," Ion nodded and turned swiftly away.


Sniffing under his armpits, knowing his last shower was some time ago. He changed into a crisp white dress shirt and black slacks. Castiel liked him to dress for supper, but these were the only formal clothes he owned. Castiel would raise his eyebrow every time but never brought it up. Dean made sure that Ion washed the clothes every other day so they would be ready for the night-time.


Dean slipped comfy slippers on only wearing trainers when he was outdoors — agreeing with Castiel that footwear was kept for outside. Dean bounced down the stairs into the lobby, stopping by the tall mirror and making sure he was presentable. On hearing a car pull up; Castiel mostly had a driver and rarely drove himself. He was standing by the door, waiting for the older man. 


Castiel casually opened the door and searched for Dean, a slight nod of his head denoted his gratification. Placing his case down, dressed in navy dress pants and a viola dress shirt and a purple polka dot tie. 


"Dean, how was your day?"


"I found the list problematic; the red tasks you felt were difficult seemed easier than the blue tasks."


Castiel held up his hand, to scoot Dean along. They headed towards the living room. "How do you mean?"


"I found the drawing difficult. Resting is not something I have time for anymore. I tend to push myself. I had to use restraint to stop and rest. I never have time for myself to sit and hear the sound of my voice, or to figure out what direction to follow in my life."


Castiel gestured for Dean to sit and took his hand, entwining their fingers. "Tell me if I cross any boundary's and remember your Safeword." 


"I will sir,"


"Thank you for being honest with me. Show me the first task you completed."


Dean jumped up and went over to the now impeccably clean trophy cabinet. Castiel inspected the shelves, ran his finger over the top. He was squinting at how Dean had placed his trophies.


Dean bit his lip; his palms were sweaty. "I-I hope it’s to your satisfaction,"


Castiel turned his eyes like glaciers slowly melting his hand in a soft caress. "Dean, you surpass my expectations. Ion kept me appraised all through the day. You took a break, had a nap. I need from you the list and your drawing."


Dean felt his cheeks heated like molten lava feet shuffling, eyes dancing on the polished floor. Castiel gently lifted his chin and ran his slender fingers through mousey brown hair.


"Never feel embarrassed. Always look at me with those tempting eyes. I ask for submission, but we are equal, you hold all the power. I need to gain your trust, that would be your greatest gift to me." 


"Cas…I need time," Dean whispered. 


"Sweet boy I will grant you, your wish."


Dean nodded and strolled over to the willow table. He gave Castiel the list and the sketch pad.


"I-I found drawing my dreams hard; it was my best I promise you,"


"Thank you for your honesty, Dean. I dislike liars and will always award the truth. Would you mind if I take the paper and read this in my room?"


"Sure, that's fine sir,"


Castiel cast his eyes on the drawing, and his breath hitched. Black wings engulfed the page. If he was not mistaken, Dean had depicted him as an angel. Dressed in his trench coat and a mismatched suit. By his side, he held a sword of some kind. The drawing was not complete, but it was beautiful. Full of power and reverence.


"Dean, what was your dream?" Castiel asked astonished.


"I dream of Freedom," Dean told the man in a hushed tone. 


Castiel dropped the pad on the floor and pulled Dean towards him and held him tight. Unable to speak, but words held no meaning in that one moment. 

Chapter Text


The next day Castiel told Dean to dress casual but smart. The man wanted to take him to his old friends Bobby and Ellen Singer-Harvelle. They owned the Roadhouse book and coffee store. Castiel explained that Bobby ran the bookstore while Ellen and their daughter Jo ran the café. 


Castiel drove them in his brand-new black Chevrolet Corvette. Dean ran his hands over the beauty and asked Castiel if he could drive the beast. All he got was a raised eyebrow, and a tap on his cast and Dean knew that was an emphatic no. 


They parked in the bustling street, but Castiel had a reserved parking space. The shop was large with full windows; people sat eating in the café and reading in the bookstore. The outside was clean and fresh with red and yellow accents. A few chairs and tables dotted outside over a canopy to keep the heat of the day away from the patrons. 


Dean stood near to Castiel, and the older man turned to him. "Now please be polite and courteous, there my oldest friends,"


Dean scowled. "I'm not a baby Cas I know how to conduct myself,"


Blue eyes narrowed, but Castiel said no more. He walked swiftly to the café part of the business. 


Dean wondered why this was so important to the man. Castiel seemed concerned, rubbing his palms on his pant legs and hesitant to go into the store. 


Dean observed while Castiel strolled up to an older woman with brown hair done in a swinging ponytail. The older man swallowed her up in his massive arms and hugged her. A girl maybe around his age, with blonde hair rushed up and joined in the hug. Then Dean realised this was not only Castiel's friends this was the closest he had to family. 


"Mom, this is Dean Winchester. I spoke to you about him, needs lessons in cooking when his arms out of his cast,"


Dean smiled as eyes evaluated him. "Dean this is Ellen Singer-Harvelle and Joanna-Beth Singer-Harvelle. Ellen and Bobby adopted my brothers and me."


Dean held his hand out to Ellen. "Hi, ma'am nice to meet you."


"You bring me a boy with manners Cas, never brought one around before. I need to get to know young Dean see why this makes him special."


"Never," Dean spoke with wide eyes.


"Nope," Jo said, smiling. "Come on Dean let's get you something to eat and drink while mom grills my big brother,


Dean kept an eye-out for Castiel, but Jo laid her hand on his shoulder. "Hey, we don't bite,"


"I had no clue he was bringing me to his family,"


"You must be important to him. My big brother’s been lonely for a long time. Cassie is different, and people take offence to that."


"How come Cas calls your parents mom?" Dean asked because those numbers did not add up in his head.


Jo nodded her head in understanding. "You gotta be around my age? I'm twenty-two. Mum and dad took the Novak brothers under their wing; we're one big family. Family don't start or end with blood dad says."


"True. After dad died, I had no one until I found Benny and Andrea," 


"You have us now Dean,"


Dean shook his head sadly. "Please don't say that I can't…"


"Hey, Dean. I don't say anything unless I mean it,"


"Jo's correct young man. Whatever happens with you and Castiel you will always have a home with us," Ellen stated. 


Castiel soothed the younger man by running a hand through his hair. "Come on sweet boy let me show you off to dad,"


The two-women watched them go, with delight dancing in their eyes. 


"Dad, this is Dean,"


Bobby Singer inspected the young man beside his son; he saw a scared young man, that needed a certain amount of coddling. The boy needed to get brought into the spotlight at present he was hidden in the shadows. 


"Nice to meet ya son,"


"Nice to meet you to sir, you have so many books," Deans eyes darted around greedily.


"Why don't cha see if there's somethin' that catches ya imagination,"


Dean nodded and darted off to a large oak bookcase in the corner.  


"Son, helluva lotta work to do with that boy," The older man took his cap off his head and scratched like he could figure out the problem.


Castiel sighed. "I know, but underneath he's the sweetest person dad. I want to see Dean reach his full potential."


"Ya gotta take im' under ya wing. I don't want to see ya hurt again,"


"I'll be fine,"


"Cas, ya never brought anyone to see us, this boy's ain't only in ya head he's in ya heart,"


Castiel nodded serenely watching the smile spread on Deans lips, always wanting to see his boy happy. 


"Dean, did you find a book?"




"Come on; then our order will be ready. Leave that with dad, and we can pick it up on the way out."


Castiel held his hand out, and Dean took it. They sat in two red leather chairs, and Jo brought Castiel's usual cappuccino with a blueberry muffin and apple pie and a latte for Dean. 


They sat and talked, getting to know each other. Castiel asked Dean about the book he chose and what he liked to read. Castiel told him about his tastes. 


"Tell me how you happened to learn Japanese?" Castiel asked the boy. 


"I learnt Spanish at school we had this great teacher, Mr José, we were all fluent by the end of the year. I read a book about Japan and started to learn online. I took classes over the years and became fluent in the language."


"You should have gone to college, Dean," Castiel spoke wistfully.


Dean sighed, sipping his beverage. "These things don't always work out sir,"


Deans phone started ringing, and Castiel arched his eyebrow. Dean groaned, knowing who it was instantly.


"Mom, hi,"


Dean knitted his brows together and hummed a few times. "Yes, I will be home soon, don't fret, tomorrow. I can't come sooner. Fine I will see you later then,"


Dean closed his eyes and put the phone back on the table. "I have to go Castiel mom needs me back home,"


Castiel's face had turned stormy. "Need I remind you, that you're on my time Dean,"


"I know, but what else should I do? I can't ignore her; it's too much hassle. The place is dirty, and there’s no food. Her money’s running out."


Castiel wiped his mouth and tossed his napkin down. "Maybe not pander to the woman all the time, she's old enough to tender the house herself, Dean,"


"I don't have anywhere else to go if mom throws me out Castiel," Dean raised his voice.


Castiel got up and shook his head. "Yes, Dean, you do, or have you forgot about me?" The older man walked away and left Dean alone. 

Chapter Text

Dean watched Castiel walk away from the store and his stomach hit rock bottom. What else could he do but run when his mom called. Saying goodbye to Ellen, Jo and Bobby, Dean caught the local bus and got off near his house. His cast itched, and it irritated him, wishing he could be rid of the wretched thing. 


Dean kicked the mat out of the way and grabbed the spare key. Calling for his mom but getting no immediate answer. Dean saw the carnage. The dirty dishes piled high in the sink — the stench from the overflowing trash cans. The place was filthy, and stains littered the once pristine carpets. 


Dean started to clean. The cast was a hindrance at times. The kitchen was spotless, and the living area smelt fresh and aired. Dean had even ventured to his moms' room and changed the sheets and put a load of washing on. The day was getting dark by the time he'd finished his task. Tired, filthy and hungry Dean sat down for a rest. 


Dean heard the key in the door his mother sauntered into the room and appeased the apparent clean-up. 


"Well much better, best not to leave it so long next time. Now go make my supper,"


Dean stared at his mom with incredulous indignation. "Mom I was at work, and you call me in to clean up your mess. A mess may I add that you're quite capable of sorting out yourself. You don't ask how I am or thank me yet want me to make your supper." 


Mary narrowed her eyes and slapped Dean across the face. "Don't you dare speak to me like that," The Irate woman spat.


"I'm going," Dean whipped his face, tears pricked his eyelids. 


"You walk out of that door, son, don't think of coming back," Mary yelled.


Dean turned soberly. "I've not been your son for a long time Mary, a servant yes but not a son," Dean opened the door in silence and never turned back. 


Walking through the dark streets was not the best idea he'd ever had, but where else could he go. His mom did not need him; neither had Sam. Benny was away with Andrea and Castiel, well what could he say about that.


Deans phone sprang to life Ion's name flashed across the screen, illuminating the night.


"Hey, Ion how can I help you?"


"Dean where on earth are you? Master Castiel came back, and he's in a foul mood. I was deeply concerned when he shouted that you had gone to your moms,"


Dean could not keep the sob from his voice. "Dean, tell me where you are. I will pick you up,"


"I don't see the point Ion I lost everything," Dean snuffled into the phone.


Dean heard a sigh on the other end. "No Dean, tell me your location, please,"


"I'm on Woodland Hill Drive, sitting on the sidewalk,"


"Right stay put and keep your phone on. I will be with you shortly,"


Dean heard hushed whispers and a car start-up. "Dean, talk to me. I'm sorry I walked off,"


"Cas, mom.” His voice broke. “I-I cleaned the house from top to bottom, and she never asked how I was. She slapped me in the face and told me to leave and never come back,"


"Dean we're not far away. I will be with you soon,"


"Cas, I have nowhere to stay, no one wants me," Dean sobbed.


Twenty minutes later, Dean saw bright lights. They illuminated his body, a car drew close, and a door opened. Gentle hands pulled him up and held him tight.


"Dean you have me, and no matter what happens, I promise you will always have a place to stay."


Castiel guided Dean into the car and held him until they got back home. The older man helped him into the shower and got Dean into clean clothes. Then they went downstairs where Ion who had prepared a light meal of bread and cheese. 


Dean was exhausted, so Castiel made sure his boy was tucked up in bed. When Dean was sleeping, Castiel crept from his room. Castiel went into the lobby and picked up the phone, ringing a well-rehearsed number.


"Mrs Winchester? Hello, this is Castiel Novak your son's employer and friend. I will get someone to come in and clean. You will have to cook for yourself, however. I will make sure you and Samuel get pocket money each month. Once that's gone you will receive no more, so spend wisely. This is providing you don't contact Dean again unless the boy requests a meeting. I will have my legal team draw up a contract. Oh, and Mary. You ever touch my boy again, I will make sure you're locked up for an incredibly long time. Good, we have an agreement. Goodnight,"


"You will have to inform Dean one day old friend," Ion mused undoing his cuffs.


"I imagine so. I think Dean will want to see Samuel, but we will see how that goes. No one hurts Dean again it stops here,"


"I agree that poor boy. It felt like his world had ended,"


"We will have words, goodnight Ion,"


"Goodnight Capt.,"



Dean woke the next day feeling slightly better and checking his reflection. His cheek had a slight bruise his mom could slap with a punch. 


"Morning Dean," Ion smiled brightly putting a plate of eggs and sausage in front of his friend.


"Dean, how's your face and arm this morning?" Castiel asked with concern. 


"It's not the first time she hit me sir, but I was so angry I wanted her to notice me,"


"You only have to open your eyes to find what you seek. I want you ready for me at nine in the living room, don't keep me waiting," With that Castiel stood and left.


"I guess he's pissed at me,"


"I think Master Castiel half blames himself for your mishap and feels slightly overprotective of you, Dean."


Dean finished his breakfast and went back upstairs, making sure he was presentable. He made it in time for his nine o'clock appointment.


"Dean, please come here and stand next to the couch. First, I want to speak a little about what happened yesterday." 


Dean noticed a large pillow by the man's feet, but Castiel clicked his fingers in front of his face, and he jumped.


"Dean I want you to pay full attention to me at all times, that's important,"


"Yes, sir,"


"Good. I left you when you were vulnerable, and this does not show you an ounce of trust. This relationship we're building relies on trust."


"I was conflicted, sir. I wished you had stayed and talked with me about it,"


Castiel nodded his agreement. "Dean, I will tell you a little about myself. I have been a Dom for a long time. I started at the age of nineteen when my brother Michael took me to my first dungeon, and I never looked back."


"That's a long-time sir,"


Castiel smiled and continued. "Indeed, I started to crave a submissive of my own about ten years ago. At first, I had hoped to find the perfect boy and then out of nowhere; issues started to happen. I can get jealous and possessive. It stifled my partners. Some only after my money or my name. I had lost hope until I found you, Dean,"


Dean tilted his head and gazed into sapphire's." Why me? What makes me different, sir?"


"You have no hidden agenda, no malice in your bones. Dean, you are loyal, sweet and kind. You're amazing sweet boy,"


"I'm not anything special sir,"


"Dean, I want you to implement your first rule. No talking bad about yourself. I hear you do that; there will be punishment,"


Dean's eyes went slightly wide. "Yes, sir,"


"What's your colour, sweet boy?"


"Green sir,"


"Dean, you can be so good for me. I want us to visit Impala tonight. First, let me show you how to kneel. This is your pillow boy; you can practise when I'm not here. I will give you a week; then I expect you to have learnt how to stay still and take comfort from the task. When I'm with you Dean it will be different but for now practice."


"Yes, sir,"


"Kneel up so that your body is perpendicular to the floor. Place your knees together. Always stay on the cushion. Your comfort is more important to me than width. Try different placements of your arms and hands. Again, it's your comfort. I want you still for me. Can you manage this sweet boy?"


"Yes sir, I will practice,"


"What's your colour, boy?" Castiel ascertained again.


"Green sir,"


"Good. I'm pleased with you. Dean, you always do what I ask."


Dean frowned. "Is that not the point of all this?"


Castiel raised his eyebrow and waved his hand loftily. "How do you feel about all this?"


"I want to be honest with you, sir. Can I come back to you with the answer?"


Castiel seemed to pause. "Yes, Dean, any time. Now please get some practice done. I have not set any more tasks for you today. We leave at eight tonight. Please make sure you dress in loose clothing."


"Yes sir," Castiel stood and inclined his head and went on with his day. 


Dean practised and found that if he placed his hands on his thighs and knees, he fiddled with clothing. He loosely crossed them behind his back, feeling in control. Trying to clear his mind, but Castiel said it would feel different when doing this for him. Dean hoped the man was right presently he could not settle.


Dean had supper at six and went to read in his room before getting dressed in sweatpants and a loose tee-shirt. At the end of the month, he would go shopping for clothes for he was desperate for them. 


Castiel was waiting for him downstairs checking his watch. "Dean, good Ion as the car ready,"


Castiel and Ion spoke about a charity event that Dean knew nothing of, but he was glad for the reprieve. Lost in silent thought all the way there. 


"Dean, please do as I say inside the club. You have your colours. I expect you to use them."


"Yes, sir,"


"I won't know if I push you too hard unless you tell me,"


"I understand sir,"


"Good, let's get signed in, even the owner follows the rules,"


"Archangel, Orion pleasure to see you tonight."


"Greetings Hell, how is Diva?"


"Doing great, she's working the floor tonight,"


Hell handed Dean a yellow band and Castiel a black one. 


"Unless I have this incorrect?" Beady eyes took the two men in.


"Not at the moment sadly," Castiel grumbled.


"What do you mean?" Dean asked.


"Love I spoke to you about the white band for newbies," Hell spoke to Dean in a no-nonsense tone. "Well yellow means submissive and black means dom. Yellow with green stripes means sub does not want to play and the same with black with red stripes. Black with yellow stripes tells everyone inside that you're owned."


Dean glanced down at his yellow band. "I see, well best go and see who's about then,"


Castiel walked a step behind Dean who strolled over to the bar and started up a conversation with Cain. Castiel had the slightest inkling that his boy was cross with him. 


"Brother, I had no idea you were coming tonight," Michael slapped Castiel on the back and pulled him to his table. Castiel could watch Dean from his seat and from time to time found his eyes wandering to the boy. 


"Hello, not seen you in here before hansom,"


Dean turned and inspected the man who had slid beside him.


"I've been here once before,"


"My lucky night that you came back,"


"I guess," Dean shrugged.


The man had yellow teeth, and his breath was quite odious. His hair was flat and greasy, and he had a potbelly. Now Dean would not usually go on sight alone. But this man gave him the creeps how he undressed him with greedy eyes and shuddersome tone.  


"What's your name, handsome?" Cooed the man who thought he was the bee's knees. 




"My names Frank," Dean felt the man's hand wander, and he slapped it away.


"Do you mind? I did not give my consent,"


The man laughed, throwing his head back. "Oh, a brat can't wait to get my hands on you,"


"Sorry, but I'm not interested," Dean grunted trying to move away from the deplorable coot.


The man tapped his wrist band. "This says otherwise pretty boy,"


"Tell me you did not learn BDSM from 50s shades," Dean growled.


Frank when slightly red. "It was a good book. Anyway, how hard can it be to slap someone about?"


"What the fuck! You have no clue, do you? Leave now, or I will report you,"


"I love them, feisty. Mm Dean baby." Frank squeezed his ass. 


Castiel was watching the man make a move on his boy. Why on God's green earth had he not claimed him? Stupid, to scared to get hurt and now Dean was slipping through his fingers like fine sand. Jealousy flared within him when the man grabbed his boy's ass.


Cain came running over to Castiel. "That sleaze keeps hitting on your Dean. I will hit him boss if he doesn't get his slimy hands off the boy. Stated he learnt BDSM from that diabolical 50 shades."


Castiel growled and stood up. Michael, upon hearing the conversation, rushed with his brother and Cain to Deans assistance.  


"Can I ask what the hell you're touching someone without their express permission?" Castiel narrowed his eyes and glared at the man. 


The man smirked. "Sorry fellows this one's mine go find your own twink."


Dean stood up. "I don't belong to you; I belong to that man standing next to you, so shut the fuck up. If you ever touch me again, I will make sure you never get back into the club."


"Language baby," Castiel barked. 


"Who the Hell are you? And why does Dean have a yellow band if you own him?"


"I was having a slight panic attack but yes Deans mine. I also own half this club with my older brother. I suggest you don't read trashy novels and learn proper BDSM etiquette."


Frank opened and closed his mouth, lost for words. "The fact you touched Dean without his consent is grounds to have your membership terminated," Michael told the man. 


"Don't worry, I won't be coming back," Frank huffed and walked out at top speed. Cain made sure to follow. Castiel grabbed Dean's hand and slipped the bracelet off.


"Stay here I'll be back,"


"Yes, sir," Dean trembled. 


Castiel grabbed one black and yellow striped bracelet and one black and red. Rushing back, he placed one on his arm and one on Deans. "Now no one can dispute who you belong," 


"Cassie take Dean to your room and give him some aftercare," Michael suggested. 


With a face like thunder and his eyes like a storm at sea, Castiel faced his brother. "That man's blacklisted spread the word to other clubs,"


"I will. Now take care of your boy,"


Castiel nodded, taking Dean by the hand. "This way sweetheart we have a room to ourselves."


Castiel opened the door and sat Dean on the large bed, with black silk sheets. The room was not overly large; there was a desk at one end and a large mirror that looked out at the central area of the club. Beside the bed stood a small chrome fridge. There was a small door that led to a private bathroom.


"This is my office; I sometimes stay over. I don't play here of course, but it’s the best place to bring you."


Dean shivered though he did not feel cold. "I let you down sir,"


Castiel watches Dean with worry. His heart ached for his boy. "No sweet boy, you tried to get away. Nothing you did was wrong; in fact, this again was my fault,"


"How so?" Dean sniffed.


"I should have claimed you, told you who you belonged. What your feeling is not unlike a sub drop, yet you have not participated in a scene." Castiel's eyes went wide in sudden realisation. "But I'm wrong... I never told you to stop after your kneeling practice. That is remiss of me,"


"I feel cold, shaken, and like my brain is stuffed with cotton balls,"


"I have a remedy." Castiel went to his fridge and brought out an apple juice and a small bar of expensive-looking chocolate.


"I want you to drink this, then place this under your tongue let it melt slowly,"


"Yes, sir,"


"Can you tell me how you feel sweetheart?" Castiel stroked Deans arm offering the boy comfort. 


"I-I feel yellow but...I need you to hold me...please?"


"Oh, my sweet precious Dean. Drink that's it. Eat and drink first, then I will hold you. I won't let you go this time sweet boy, that's my promise. 


Dean shook his head but opened his mouth like a baby bird. Castiel huffed, smiling tenderly at his adorable boy. When he could no longer feel the tremors, and Dean's eyes grew heavy Castiel crawled behind and gathered his boy up in his arms. Singing softly into his ear, Deans breathing smoothes out with his calming presence next to him.

Chapter Text


Dean paced up and down the living area, Ion looked on with certain bemusement.


"Master Dean do not be concerned. I'm sure that Master Castiel wanted to speak to you about the end of your term and not what happened in the club." 


"You don't know that. What if Cas does not want me. I have nowhere to go," Dean lamented.


"Sit, and stop overtaxing that brain of yours,"


Dean sat with a broken sigh on his lips. He was nibbling at his nails, jiggling his knee in an unconvincing rhythm. He heard the unhurried footsteps of Castiel and waited for the man to enter. 


Castiel always commanded the room. His presence radiated an edge of mystery, confidence and danger. Eyes like crystal pools that burnt like fire zeroed on Dean. 


"Kneel for me," The command was a whisper, but power comes from respect and trust.


Dean knelt, closing his eyes, regulating his breathing. His hands clasped behind his back. Warm fingers glided through his hair, making him feel warm and content.


"How do you feel sweet boy?" Castiel hummed softly.


"You were correct, sir, it feels different, by your side."


"Good. Now please open those gleaming gems for me," 


Dean's eyes flickered open. "Tell me again how you feel, kneeling at my side,"


Dean contemplated the answer this time. "I'm in the eye of a hurricane with you sir. A sense of calm and balance but I have the knowledge the storm can buffet me. I know if the winds get too much, I can land on solid ground and be safe."


Castiel tipped his head to one side and stared at his boy and nodded. Swallowing thickly, he cleared his throat. "Sweet boy, I can't wait until your mine,"


Deans eyebrows knitted together in disheartenment. "Do I not belong to you, sir?"


Castiel softens around his jagged edges. "Soon, baby, you need more lessons,"


Deans heart fell with a thump, but he kept his shoulders straight. Misty fingers chilled his body and his head filled with dark thoughts. ' no one wanted him, not really,'


“Dean we will speak more on your term ending, but today I want to concentrate on lessons,”


Dean huffed but nodded his head. He was still feeling slightly nervous.  


"The first lesson, rising and lowering yourself off the floor with a certain amount of dignity. It's about control and comfort and showing respect. I'm sure my fellow doms have different ways to do this. The more we go to Impala you will notice."


Dean nodded his head. "Okay, sir,"


"First let's see how you go with getting up. Your second rule is to face me at all times. Dean, never show me your back. This is your third rule. I want your eyes on me, never lower them unless I ask this of you,"


Castiel's voice was thick as chocolate and soft as silk. It slid like a feather over Deans skin and dashed any lingering dark thoughts. Dean concentrated on Castiel's calm but firm tone wanting to do well for his dom.


"Yes, sir,"


"Good boy. Now lift your right leg to the floor, place your right hand on your knee and push up. That's it, try and keep poise and balance. Stand straight shoulders back. Then right into standing to attention. I want your back straight, legs slightly apart hand clasped behind your back. Relax you could be standing for some time."


Castiel coaxed Deans legs further apart and made sure he was not straining himself. 


"You will wait for instruction. If I ask for you to stand to my right or left, you will do so. At the club, I may ask for you to lower your eyes. At home, that's not an issue unless we have guests. How do you feel?"


"Fine sir. Were you in the military?" Dean asked.


Castiel's head snapped up. "Why do you ask?"


"My dad was a marine; that's how I was taught to stand."


"I see, yes I was. But that's not a story for today,"


Dean sighed and stayed in position and waited for his next order. 


"Now you need to lower yourself down. Hands at your sides, start to lower yourself down on your right knee. Yes, that's a good boy you're doing amazing: left knee down and left hand. Then go into the kneeling pose. Now please keep practising these movements. I expect you to know these simple poses and get them correct."


They had not realised how fast time had passed until Ion announced lunch. 


"Dean before we head into the dining area. I want you to practice for the rest of the week. I have meetings and will leave you tasks. I also want to amend part of the contract. Will, you permit me to touch you?"


"Yes sir, that's not an issue." Dean thought that was a given anyway.


"Let's go and eat before Ion comes and scolds us," Castiel grinned in good nature. 


Dean felt heavy, itchy and slightly disconnected but did as was told. For the rest of the day, he grew bored with the practice and gave up after two hours and went to read under the archways. Castiel did not join him for supper, so he slipped into his room soon after.






The next day Dean went down and ate little for breakfast. Grabbing the paper that Ion gave him, he walked back to his room slightly dejected.





I want you to access the boathouse. See what needs fixing, estimate cost, materials etc. If there is any work you can do, please go ahead. There is a shed next door to the house that as tools. Wear sunscreen and keep yourself hydrated. See you tonight.


Castiel Xx


Dean dressed in a pair of old cut-off jeans and a faded band tee-shirt. He did not put on sun cream and marched out to the boathouse.


Dean still felt slightly disconnected. His mind like fall leaves that blew erratically with blistered memories from his past. 


Dean realised he had no paper or pen and had forgotten the shed key. The door to the boathouse hung off its hinges. The house seemed sad and forlorn matching his mood. Sighing, he set back once more towards the house. 


"Master Dean, the keys are here," Ion told him dangling a set from his ring finger. 


"I need paper and a pen," Dean asked in a surly tone.


"You will find some in the master's desk. Did you put sunscreen on?"


"Sure, thanks," Dean grabbed the keys, searched for the paper and marched back outside, saying nothing more. 


Ion narrowed his eyes slightly and pulled his phone out, calling a well-worn number.


When Dean got back to the boathouse, he calculated. There were many holes in the wood and rot had settled into some of the body. Taking the door off, he noticed that the floor seemed fine. Maybe a few slats would need replacing, but it was solid. 


Dean wrote that it would need wood, a door and paint. Then settling down on the brown grass, he pulled out his book from his back and started to read. 


A shadow flew over him, and Dean glanced up. Ion stood there with a tray regarding him critically. "Master Dean, you've had nothing to drink for a couple of hours. Your skin is going crispy. Master Castiel won't be pleased."


Dean took the offered bottle of water and drank it thirstily. "Thanks,"


"Dean, tell me how you feel at the present moment," Ion asked with a gentle tone,


Dean squinted up the glare from the sun obscuring his friend. "I don't feel like myself,"


"You need to come in, please," Begged Ion. 


"Go back and do whatever you do," Dean airily dismissed his friend. 


Ion tutted and turned to scurry along the well-worn path and back into the sanctuary of the house. Ringing his friend up, Dean needed his help.


Dean had no clue if minutes, hours or days had passed him by. The sky was an infinite twisted blue ribbon that fluttered across the heavens. Drones of cicadas hummed their melody in a sleepy beat. Laying on his back, the sun hitting his skin, warming him but feeling chilled down to his rattling bones. 


"Dean up now, come on. I want you inside."


"Sir, what…?"


"I gave you an order, come on, follow me."


Dean rose up and felt slightly woozy. "I have you, steady now,"


Castiel helped his boy back to the house. The five minutes walk took ten. Lunchtime had come and gone, but the afternoon sun was fierce like the furnaces of hell.   


"I'll be glad when we start having real fall weather," Castiel grunted. 


"The kid's burnt sir, let me get the aloe gel."


"Ion, bring drinks and let's get some food inside him," Castiel watches Dean who was fiddling with his fingers. "Why have you let yourself get burnt? Defied instructions? I had to come and sort you out like a petulant child."


Dean shrugged, dipping his head. "I don't know,"


Castiel grabbed Deans chin. "I told you to look at me at all times. I asked you to do a simple task, and yet you let me down." Castiel's voice was hard as steel, his eyes flashing with disappointment. 


Ion came back with the gel and drinks, and sandwiches. "Now drink, eat, and put this gel on. Then you will go and get changed and meet me by the lobby in an hour. It's about time you saw the playroom."


Dean watched Castiel march off, he grabbed the food, tasting sawdust in his mouth. The water eased the lump down. Ion applied the gel, and Dean went upstairs to change into tee-shirt and sweatpants.


Dean came downstairs, and Castiel was waiting with an air of inpatients. "Follow me please,"


Dean followed the man down the side of the house he had never explored. Here there were closed doors and dark wooden panels. At the end of the corridor, Castiel opened an inconspicuous door that was padlocked.  


"Stand with your back to this wall. I will be back," Castiel stated curtly and left the room. 


Dean's eyes widened at the large square room. Towards one corner was a curved shaped bed with dark blue covers. The bed was low to the floor. It had a white curtain that could be pulled around, giving a sense of privacy. But the highlight for Dean was the swirl of galaxy's that decorated the ceiling. Tiny spotlights were shining like diamonds in the night sky. 


Dean noticed a metal star on one side of the wall with hand and feet cuffs. There was a metal chair with leather pads and a bench. A Large wooden closet stood near a set of drawers.


A large cage with red padding sat near Dean, and he audibly swallowed. To his right, there was another door but had no clue where it led.


"Good, you finally did what I asked."


Dean thought this was unfair. Today was not a great day.


Castiel faced Dean and squinted. "I think over my knee today; you're still a little green for any of my equipment. But bad boys need to be punished. Do you understand why you're here?"


"I disobeyed an order sir," Dean mumbled. 


"You disobeyed more than once, boy. You did not complete your task. Then broke rule number three. I don't like having to come out of a meeting to correct your attitude," 


"I'm sorry, sir," Dean glared at his dom.


Castiel with his middle finger traced Deans face. "Rule number four, I dislike anyone that lies, and that's also lying by omission. You will adhere to this rule from now on."


"Sir?" Dean sounded the question.


Castiel narrowed his eyes like arrow tips. "You're not telling me something sweet boy. Stop hiding from me."


"I-I'm not hiding anything, sir,"


"Rule number four," Castiel tapped on Deans' cheek, "I also don't accept excuses," 


Deans eyes went wider. "Maybe I'm having one of those sub-drops I read about,"


Castiel had gone to change. He was out of his suit and in baby blue leggings, and a white tee-shirt. His feet were bare except for two tiny blue inked crosses on his right ankle. 


Castiel's eyes crinkled in the corner, his eyes danced with mirth. "Sweet boy, I have been a dom for seventeen years. I have made sure you are not dropping. I would never have left you even if I suspected you were. No, there is something else going on in that wondrous brain of yours. Now, as this is your first punishment, I will give you two options. One, tell me what's going on and your punishment will be more lenient. Two, don't tell me, and I will spank you."


Castiel stood staring, boring holes into Dean's head. His arms folded and biceps bulged. "Times nearly up boy,"


Dean shook his head but kept his eyes level. He was acting defiant, trying to stop Castiel from knowing his inner secrets.


"Tell me about your decision?" Castiel snapped. 


"Second punishment," Dean gritted his teeth hissing slightly.


"Clothes off, place them neatly in the cubby. Then kneel by the bed. I want to see perfect positions," 


Dean tried hard not to roll his eyes but failed and stomped over to the bed. His mind was running fast; he felt like screaming. Why was he not stopping this?


Castiel grabbed his arm and swung it around. Grabbing Dean and pulling his hair. "You see, this behaviour I won't tolerate it. When your mine, truly mine this defiance will be eradicated. So attuned to me, my beautiful sub. You will do everything willingly and trust me to make you fly. When you give me the true power of your submission, it will be truly amazing. But for now, I will teach you that I punish bad boys who don't listen."


Dean was freed and knelt, facing Castiel. "Mmm well, at least you learnt something. Over my knee boy. Hold the sheets if you wish."


"Yes, sir,"


Castiel trailed his fingers over Deans spine and rubbed at his buttocks. "For breaking the rules and not following my orders, I feel fifteen spanks will be ample for your first time. But a word of warning, this happens again I won't be so merciful,"


Dean closed his eyes in quiet anticipation. "Relax, don't tense. Tell me, Dean, why do you have a correction today?"


"I did not follow your rules and orders, sir,"


"Good. What's your Safeword?" 


Dean knew Castiel had asked him to find one other than the traffic light system. He had thought long and hard about this dilemma.


"Unicorn sir,"


Castiel stopped for a short moment and carried on. "Mine is Polaris."


"Rule number five. I expect you to use your Safeword before you reach the edge. Not when you're about to topple over. I will never be angry but proud if you use it."


The first blow lands squarely on Deans right ass cheek. He grunts and suddenly suspects a running theme. But no time to process when another swack comes down on his right thigh. 


Castiel can feel the shudder of tension his boy won't yield just yet. "I don't feel you're learning anything, boy, maybe I was too lax with you. I need to be firmer. Letting your behaviour get to the point of disrespectful makes me a poor dom,"


Castiel brings his hand down hard. Right ass cheek, right thigh, left ass cheek left leg. "What an incredible picture. I'm painting a work of art. My mark is pretty on you baby. I hunger for when your truly mine," The older man growls with absolute frustration in his tempered tone. 


Right ass cheek, right thigh, left ass cheek, left leg — the sound ricochets through the room, Dean grunts at the sting. Tears stream down his face, gasping for dear life onto the sheets. His cock hard and rubbing onto Castiel's sweatpants. 


"You're doing so well sweet boy," Castiel rubbed the red hand marks on his boy's butt and thighs. Humming a soft tune, he feels Dean relax into him and smiles. 


"I'm sorry sir, sorry," Dean starts to babble the shock beginning to sink in rather abruptly.


"Hush now, only a few more left," Castiel brought his hand down and smacked right on to Deans right ass cheek, left ass cheek, right thigh, left thigh, and one more to finish off.


Castiel flipped him and ran his hand up to his red weeping cock. "Hey now, you did so well for me baby boy, took your correction so well. So proud of you." Castiel touched Deans cock, and he erupted and came in long white stripes over his belly.


"So-orry sir, so sorry," Dean sniffed trying to move away.


"Dean, I permitted you to come. You're such a good boy, sweetheart." Castiel carded his fingers through Deans hair and hummed a tune trying to get him to settle. Castiel dipped his head and kissed his boy ardently.


"I need to get you a drink and clean you up; then we'll snuggle,"


"Please don't leave me," Dean cried out.


Castiel looked at the heartbroken boy. "Dean I will never leave you, not if I can help it. I won't be far, that's a promise."


Castiel cleaned his boy up and got him to drink apple juice and slipped a chunk of chocolate in his mouth. 


Dean opened his eyes in delight. "Benny's,"


"Yes, sweetheart only the best for you," Castiel smiled. "Though you taste sweet. I think this will make you more addictive,"




"I have a feeling you like it,"


Dean shivered slightly, and Castiel closed the curtains and pressed the dimming switch. The stars and galaxy's overhead were mesmerising. Castiel gathered Dean into his arms, making sure he was warm and cosy.  


"Sweet boy I only wished you would open up to me. I generally care and worry for you,"


Dean nodded sadly and ran his fingers through Castiel's unruly locks. "Only if you honour the sentiment,"


Castiel nuzzled Deans' neck. "Not yet, but I will. I need to tell you about Richard first; then you will understand more. Let's rest and sleep. It was a little hard for you. It was your first time after all,"




"Yes, sweet boy,"


Dean worried his lip between his teeth. "Such a bad habit," Castiel tutted. "You will hurt yourself."


"I think you were right."


"About what?" Castiel turned slightly and peered at his boy.


"You are a little lax with me,"


Castiel snorted and took hold of Deans chin. "How can I be harsh with you, my beautiful, damaged boy,"


Castiel kissed his boy tenderly, not seeking entrance but offering reassurance. Dean held on tight though his eyes started to droop. He moved and nuzzled into his doms neck. 


"Rest, that's an order," Castiel whispered. But Dean was already fast asleep.

Chapter Text

Castiel seemed nervous, fidgeting on one foot to the other. Dean raised an eyebrow and waited patiently. The older man cleared his throat and tapped the corner of the dining room table. 


“Dean, would you accompany me to the hospital fundraiser tonight?”


“I-I would sir, but I don’t have a suit,” Dean noticed Castiel's shoulder’s slump and his eyes shift to the floor in apparent disappointment. 


Dean wiped his mouth on his napkin and stood abruptly. His chair scraped on the hard wooden floor. “If I go now, I can find one to wear.”


Blue eyes swam in a pool of mixed emotions, and Castiel nodded. “Thank you, Dean. If you ask Ion, he will escort you, so you aren't by yourself. Stop for luncheon and buy yourself, the entire ensemble.”


Castiel handed Dean his card, and ran his fingers through Deans hair, with a smile of pure contentment. 


“Sure, Cas, but I have my own money,” Dean said, pushing the platinum credit card away.


“Hush, this is my treat. Plus, I Invited you. I can’t wait to see what you pick out. You look gorgeous in anything you wear,”


“Cas,” Dean squeaked, hiding his blushing face. Castiel laughed. 


“Leave him be Castiel. The poor boy's beet red,” Teased Ion. “Come on Dean lets go shopping,”


Castiel noticed the name slip but said nothing. The air was too light for reprimands. 


“Don’t spend all my money,” Groused Castiel with a twinkle in his summer blue eyes.


“We will try not to,” Ion winked at his friend. 


They said goodbye to Castiel. Ion drove them to the town, in Castiel’s Lincoln Continental. Dean was watching the world go past when his heart missed a beat.


“Ion stop, go back to that car dealership, please,” Begged Dean, with a certain amount of gleeful anticipation in his voice. 


Ion turned around and drove back to the dealership. Dean got out and ran over to a black car that was shining in the autumnal sunshine. 


“Dean, what’s going on?” Ion asked his friend. He wondered why they stood next to the black beast.


“Ion, it's her, baby. Dads old car.”


“How can you be sure?” The man's eyes roved over the pristine classic. 


“See, me and Sam we wrote our initials,” Dean showed Ion the mark, the two young Winchesters had made, many years ago. 


They got back into the car, and Dean slumped backwards, fiddling with his fingers. 


“Dad taught me how to maintain her, and I learnt to drive in her. It was their first car. Dad brought baby when he found out that mom was pregnant with me. Mom was livid; he was meant to buy an orange camper van,”


Ion laughed. “I think your dad had good taste,”


“Yeah, he sure did.”


For the rest of the day, they shopped. Ion insisted on getting Deans measurements. The old guy in the small store had a suit for him but offered to make one when he had more time. Dean got shoes, socks, shirts and ties. They had Mexican for lunch. 


Dean saw an Emporio mens bag in Armani. He could carry his medication, and it also went with his suit. 


Dean was slightly shocked at the price tag of $180.00, But Ion insisted that he would need it that night. So, Dean took it and secretly loved how stylish it was. 


After arriving home, Dean rushed to put away his clothes and hang up his suit. The suit was slate grey with a woven waistcoat. His shirt white and tie emerald. 


Dean had a shower and checked the time. He made sure he looked half decent. He got dressed, deciding not to put on cologne. His hair was spiked, and he deemed himself ready. 


Grabbing a notebook and pen, he put his inhaler in his new bag and put it over his head. He slipped on his squeaky new shoes and left for the lobby. 


Castiel could hear Dean coming down the stairs, and his breath stopped. His boy was a wonder. His mouth went dry, and he found it hard to speak.


“Dean, you, are amazing,”


Deans smile could light up the national grid. “Thanks, sir. I love your suit,”


Castiel was wearing a blueberry checked suit with a buttery yellow tie. His pocket held a creamy, silk hanky. His waistcoat held a gold chain that showed off an old fashion timepiece. 


Castiel held out his arm, and Dean blushed. “Come, let's go, sweet boy. Tonight, I get to show you off,”


They arrived at Georgia University; the fundraiser was for the medical science department. Castiel was a big believer in everyone having access to education and reaching for their dreams. 


The large hall was decorated in golds and silvers. The stage was set up for speeches and talks of the night. The tables were abundant with opulent decorations.  


Dean was mesmerised by the ice sculptures around the room. There were extensive gold and silver flower arrangements on each table. They sat on rivers of water with floating candles and dripping garlands of glass beads.


Castiel walked up to several people and spoke in his calm manner. “David, so nice to see you here. May I introduce Dean, he works for me.”


“Castiel, you look well. Nice to meet you, Dean,”


Dean stood back, by his doms side. His eyes never once left his sight. Castiel would pass him business cards, or Dean would write relevant information down in his notebook. He was grateful he brought it tonight. 


Castiel kept a possessive hand on his lower back and did most of the talking. Dean did not mind as this was his friend’s night.


Castiel turned and whispered into Dean's ear. It incited a shiver that tingled down his spine. “You’re a good boy not changing your scent, you smell, delicious. Everyone's jealous you’re on my arm.”


“Cas stop,” Dean hissed, knowing his face would turn red.


Castiel laughed and squeezed Deans hand tenderly. 


Then Castiel suddenly went stiff, and Dean turned to where he was gazing. A tall, thin man, with sandy blonde hair, and chocolate brown eyes, walked towards them. The man had a stylish woman draped over his arm. 


The man’s insistent eyes raked Castiel up and down with mirth in his eyes. Then stopped short as he spied Dean. Whispering to his companion, he swiftly moved towards them.


“Castiel, so nice to see you tonight. What on earth are you wearing, though?” The high pitched chortle grated on Deans nerves and the man had only just opened his mouth.  


Castiel cleared his throat, in irritation. Dean noted that his dom did this when he was nervous and kept a closer eye on his friend. 


“Richard, I had no clue you were going to be here tonight. Not, the usual scene, you frequent,”


“My girlfriend dragged me along. You know how it is Castiel,” He laughed like a constipated cow.


Dean raised his eyebrow. So, this was the Richard that had his Dom’s pants in a twist. The man was vain, vapid and cruel. How the hell had this amazing man beside him ended up with someone like that.  


“I see you have a little toy on your arms tonight, Cassie. So, like you. How many have you broke, since I left?”


Dean was not amused. He could feel Castiel quake next to him. The poor man rendered mute. 


“What's your name then?” Richard asked Dean. He was smirking like he held power over him. 


“I don’t think that's any of your business. Sir, we need to move on and find our seats,”


“You found an obedient twink, Cassie. I can’t wait to see how long it takes for you to screw this one up,”


Castiel clicked his fingers. Dean hands him, the notepad instinctively. Castiel draws a picture of a star and Dean's eyes widen. Dean fishes for his phone and holds his hand-up.


Dean spoke in fluent Japanese. Dean assumed the cocky man would have no idea what he was saying. (“Kiite kure kono denwa ni dete, robī made aruite kudasai,”) Dean pulled the phone away from his ear. “Apologies sir, its Mr Takashai, he says it's urgent.”


“Excuse me, Richard I need to take this,”


Castiel turned taking the phone, Dean at his heels. Castiel walks to the lobby and sits heavily on one of the many leather couches. His breathing laboured and eyes shut.  


“Sir? Cas?” Dean pulls his dom towards him. The older man lets out a heavy sigh. Castiel then settles into Dean's arms. 


“I’m sorry,” Castiel mutters. “I should have been stronger for you,”


Dean strokes his fingers through Castiel's hair, trying to calm him. “I don’t know what that fucking dick did, but I wanted to smack his stupidly smug face.”


“Language Dean,” Castiel growled.


“You never set it, as a rule, sir,” Dean grinned.


Castiel raised his brow and hummed. “My beautiful, bratty boy. What would I have done without you tonight?”


“Let me text Ion; you’re still shaking. At least you’re not speaking tonight. Let me go make our excuses and leave,”


“Yes, that would be most welcome.” Dean pushed Castiel’s disarrayed hair out of his forehead and kissed it gently. 


“I will be back soon,”


Castiel closed his eyes. He was trying to regulate his breathing. No one, well not one of his boys had ever come to his rescue. Had ever helped when he had called his safe word. 


Dean soon returned and gathered Castiel up and got him to the car. No one spoke, but Dean held firmly to the man, who leaned on him for comfort. 


“Dean, off you go to bed, Ion will take it from here,” Castiel told him, his once vibrant eyes dim in the lobby light.


“But Cas,” Dean whispered, not wanting to leave the man.


Castiel’s lips twitched at the nickname; his boy had adopted. “Sweetheart, you have done enough for tonight. Don’t think I’m not grateful because I am. But I need time to think.”


“Call me if you need me,” Dean kissed the man on his cheek. Dean turned to walk away, and Castiel caught his arm. Lifting his hand and kissing it tenderly. 


“I am so proud of you sweet boy. Now go and rest and I will see you at breakfast,”


“Come on old friend let’s get you ready for bed, and I will bring you a hot drink,”


Castiel dutifully followed. His head full of Richards spiteful comments but he could feel Deans warmth on his back. It made him feel so much braver in the dark of night. He would need to talk to his boy in the morning, but for now, he needed rest.