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Sweet as Suga

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The house was quieter since Sam had left for college. Though he did not miss his younger brother, they'd been close once when his dad was alive. With John buried, Sam and his mom had changed like they'd been taken over and possessed by demons. 


His dad had always taught him family came first, so he worked all the hours that god sent and held a job down. Dean finished high school, but never went to college. That was a pipe dream. Sammy had followed his heart and love for animals and was training to be a vet. Both Sam and his mom refused to work. So, it was his job to bring home the bacon and keep the bills paid. 


Getting dressed his mobile shrilled loudly, and he groaned because it was his brothers ring tone.


“Hey, Sammy, what’s up?”


“How many times have I told you not to call me that, Dean?”


“No clue lost count,” Dean mumbled.


“Dean I need money; can you send some?”


“Dude I sent you like two hundred dollars two days ago,”


“Money does not go far when you're having fun,” His brother whined down the phone.


“Sorry can't send you any buddy, not this time,”


Sam huffed indignantly. “Why the hell not? You need to look after the family, typical of you,”


“Sam, I don’t get paid yet, I don’t have any, so wait. Look I have work call back later,”


Dean clicked the phone off, not wanting to listen to his little brothers’ tirade. Knowing his mom would call sooner than later when Sam had phoned no doubt.


Getting into the old rust bucket, he called a car he drove towards the bowling alley. When he arrived, no one was there in the parking lot, and he frowned. Dean walked into the building to see if Hal, his boss was there.


“Hal you about buddy?”


“Dean, please come into the office,” Hal told him.


“What’s going on? Why are you not open?”


“I’m closing down Dean. We're not working anymore the repair bill is too large. I got offered a lump sum by a building firm, and I’m taking it.”


‘Damn, that’s all I need.’ “Well, I don’t blame you dude,”


“Sorry Dean, I know you depend on both the day and night wage. I tell you what; Impala wants new staff I'll ring Michael put in a good word for you. Go along tonight and ask for him.”


“That’s a BSDM club in the city ain’t it?” Dean asks puzzled.


“That’s correct. The pays great, jobs a job after all.”


“Yeah, open to all lifestyles. Thanks, Hal I'll go down there later. What time they open?”


“Ten, best get there when they first open though. You were the best worker I had. Don’t be a stranger you know where I live,"


“I won’t, dude. May makes the best pie out there,” Dean grins.


Dean shakes Hal's hand and walks out feeling hopeful that he can get the job at Impala. Not wanting to face his mom, with time to kill, he goes and knocks on his friends Benny’s door.


“Hello brother, how you keepin’?” 


“Hals closing down. Lost my job?” Dean grones.


“Damn it, not great then I take it?”


“Would you mind if I change here and have a shower? Glad I keep spares in the trunk. I have a job interview at Impala.”


“Don’t want to face your mom then?” Benny’s face gets darker.


“No way dude. Sam asked for more money, and I said no to him.”


“I see, well maybe next time I can have a word with the ungrateful brat.”


Dean sighs. “I know, they won’t listen to me, even when I put my foot down. I wish I could be independent.”


“One day Dean. Now get yourself ready you don’t want to be late.”


Dean had a shower and got into fresh jeans and a green button-down. Jelled his hair and made sure he was presentable.


Benny whistles. “Looking mighty fine, their brother. I bet you get the job, if not for the eye candy."


Dean smacked the bear of a man on the arm flushing red. “Will you stop,”


“Only telling the truth,” Benny smirked.


“Thanks, Benny I best be going. Are we still on for the movie marathon on Friday?”


“Yeah, Andrea is coming and cooking Greek food,”


“Sounds great can't wait,”


Dean waved goodbye, and he got into his car. He drove to the city; it was only twenty miles away. Parking up, not caring if anyone dinged the car, not that he would notice. Dean walked the short distance to the club. He could hear pulsing music already, but not many people were about at this time of night.


The sky was cloudless, and he could see the stars sweeping above his head. The air was warm, and the smells of garlic and cooked meat permeated the breeze. Dean stood around the little red barrier waiting for the bouncers to let him into the club.


The large man with mahogany skin looked him up and down and smiled. His name tag read Victor.


“Have a nice night,” The man nodded.


Dean paid ten dollars to enter and went down the glittery red steps. At the bottom was a table where a man sat. The man had beady black eyes and a blood-red tie. He smiled at Dean and beckoned him over.


“Well you're new here, let me tell you our rules,”


“I came for a job interview,” Dean gasped.


“That maybe love, but you still need to know the rules, my names Hell, we don’t go by our real names. All newbies wear a white band, so there not bothered by anyone. No matter what you're into, or how long you’ve been on the scene. Every club may have different rules, so you need time to get to know ours.”


“That’s fair. I-I like the name Orion,”


“Yes, suits you. Here’s your wrist band. If anyone does bother you, there are people around. We never have too many issues here, though. We have locker rooms for you to change into and for self-care.”


“Sounds great. Where do I find Michael?”


“I will tell him you're searching for him. Why don’t you check around first? You seem worn out son.”


“I-I could do with a sit-down,” Dean chuckled.


“Enjoy yourself, Orion, talk later,” The man winked.


Dean strolled through two onyx doors. The carpet was a rich crimson, and the bar was a deep cherry red. Brown leather chairs were haphazardly placed around the rectangle room.


Dean went to sit on one of the bar stools. A tall man with grey hair came over to serve him.


“What will it be kiddo?”


“Coke with ice please,” Dean asked not wanting to drink when he was driving.


“Ugh, a newbie and did not have to explain the no-alcohol rule,” The bartender quipped.


“You can’t drink?” Dean asked in puzzlement.


“Not if you're going to scene with someone. There is a bar at the other end of the club for that. Names Cain by the way,”


“Oh, names Orion,”


Cain placed his glass down on a mat and went to serve another customer.


“I hear your new, and abided by the rules?” Came a gravelly voice next to him.


Dean turned and saw a man, sat next to him on the barstool. The man had messy black hair, azure eyes, that seeped into his soul. His lips were plump and pink, and he had stubble littering his cheeks.


“Yeah, I came for a job, lost mine today,” Dean had no clue why he was telling the stranger his story.


“That so. How old are you?”


“I’m twenty-three,”


“Would you come and sit with me in the corner over there?” Blue eyes searched Dean for an answer.


Dean looked over at Cain, and the man nodded. He was not getting a creepy vibe from the man. They sat down in the corner of the room. The older man placed his drink on the mat provided.


“I go by the name Archangel in here, but outside my names Castiel.”


“My names Dean, but I chose the name, Orion. Dad and I use to observe the stars. They bring me comfort now he’s gone.”


“Tell me, Dean, why are you not at college and working?”


“I work because my mom and brother won’t. I pay the bills and for Sam’s education. Since dad died, they've changed.”


“I’m sorry to hear that sweet boy. I know you came in here to get a job tonight. But I want to counter that offer. Come work for me, Dean. We can have a month’s trial, to begin with,”


Dean shocked his eyebrows pinched. “What if it didn’t work out? I would have to search for another job.”


“Dean, I would let you work here. I own the place with my brother Michael either way you would not miss out on employment.”


Dean gasped he had no clue that Castiel owned the club. “W-hat would I have to do?”


“I want you to come to my house for a meeting, and we can sort the details out. I will pay four thousand dollars for the month. I will get my attorney to write up the contract, so you feel safe. I'll add you to my health plan so you will be covered.”


Dean was stunned that this handsome man would offer him a job in the first place. It was like a dream, and he would wake up at any moment.


“So, if it doesn’t work out, I can still work here? And we will meet tomorrow?” Dean parroted back.


Castiel nodded and handed him his business card. “Michael and Adam do most of the work here. I’m more a silent partner, but I have a say in the daily running of the place."


“What time do you want to meet up?”


“Ten will be fine; please do not be late. I detest tardiness. My address and phone number are on my card. If anything, unexpected pops up call me, and we can rearrange the visit.”


“What do I address you as?”


“Sir will be fine for now, Dean. Such a good boy,”


It did not escape Castiel’s notice that the younger man flushed red when he heaped on the praise.


Castiel drained the last of his drink and stood up. “Dear boy, I must be on my way. Don’t be late Dean,”


“Yes, sir see you soon,”


Dean watched the man walk away and took the glasses over to the bar.


“Thank you, young man. Castiel will take care of you, he’s eccentric but a good person.”


“Thanks, Cain,” Dean said goodbye to Hell and walked out into the busy streets. He got into his car and drove off.


When Dean got back home, he was relieved to find all the lights were off. His mom was in bed, so he swiftly went to his room, locked the door and quickly undressed. He slipped between cooled sheets, falling into a dreamless sleep.