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Less Of a Lamb To Slaughter, More Of a Wolf to Feed

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It started with an article. A story. It shouldn’t have turned into the mess that it did. It was harmless, really, but as always someone attached to it. Got sucked into a life that never existed to begin with. A story and nothing more. It started in a book, demons and cults and the power of blood and sacrifice. Then it turned into a website. Cults and demons, rituals that can be performed at home. People were always looking for ways to expand this world. Five facts about demons. Six things you can use in a ritual that you’ll find lying around your house. Possessed items you can buy online. It was growing. The popularity of such topics grew almost overnight, little groups would post stories of their encounters. Crying wolf. Crying demon. It was out of hand.

There was a woods, not far from Jungkook’s house. His mother would warn him not to enter, apparently a lot of creeps hung out there at night. Dangerous people. The dark was the perfect place to catch unsuspecting teens and the woods was the darkest space in the region. She had frowned over a newspaper. Another death. Another missing teen. It was getting crazy, that was the eighth teen to go missing in the past three months! A kidnapper? A killer?! No-one knew and no-one dared speculate. His mother had grumbled that it was probably those disgusting men that lived in the woods. People assumed they were homeless. Others believed they were part of a cult and wanted to stay off of the government radar. Jungkook didn’t care either way. He doubted a group of alcoholic stoners would care that much to snatch a bunch of kids from…wherever it was that they were finding them.

No bodies found.

Jungkook didn’t care much for speculation, murder mysteries just glorified death. Glorified killers. He hated them. Hated the names sprawled in pitch black ink on headlines. Naming them. Awed, almost, at the amount of kills. The thought put behind it. Wow they gutted them?! Their heads were missing! Jungkook felt sick just thinking about it. It didn’t take much to be a killer, did it? Was it really something to be awed by? Curious about. People flooding to read more, see the photos. Jungkook shuddered at the thought. Humans were disgusting. Too curious for their own good. Death seemed to be the most amazing thing on Earth to them. Jungkook would much rather read articles on people who cheated death. See the videos caught on dash-cams. Some people weren’t meant to die and that was for sure. Call it fate. Call it destiny. Or even just pure dumb luck. But Jungkook much preferred the stories where they survive. Live to tell the tale. Well…unless it’s a sport hunter…Jungkook mused passively as he washed the dishes from dinner. They deserved it…thinking nature couldn’t touch them. Thinking nature couldn’t see what they were doing. Death wasn’t a sport. Death wasn’t fun or exciting. It was an end. It was horror and fear crumbled into a ball of pain. Why would anyone be awed by that?

Jungkook’s mother had left for the weekend. A business trip, she had sighed heavily with a small suitcase bursting to the brim. Jungkook would place his money on how many pairs of shoes were in there. She seemed to like wearing four or five different pairs per day. Heels or flats. The age-old question. At least she had eaten with him before leaving. That was a rarity. Usually she just up and left, not like he blamed her. Work was work and she had to deal with a six hour train ride. Not his idea of fun by any means. He placed down the last plate before glancing up through the wide window looking out over the garden and out past the creek towards the woods. It still gave him the chills just looking at it, so dark and still. He’d been in once against his better judgement. Stood alone in the darkness he swore the trees talked. Cackled. Whispered about him in awe, in disgust. A tiny human in their home, Jungkook hated the feeling. The feeling of being watched. The feeling that somewhere, someone could see him even in the darkness and was just observing him. Like a cat watching a mouse. Or perhaps like the crazy people watching a murder on the TV in awe. He didn’t like either thought. He was either prey or entertainment and frankly he would rather be neither. Would like to stay alive and kicking for a little while longer.

Watching the thick evergreens bending awkwardly Jungkook scrunched his nose. It was shifting into spring but the trees still looked grey and damaged from the cold. More so than usual. Branches could be seen battered like broken bones, at odd angles and hanging limply around fallen pine needles. Could be lightning, Jungkook shrugged. Or a very bad wood-cutter, they had a few of those in the area and it usually led to a tree or two falling down in the middle of the night. Jungkook remember the one in the park nearby nearly fell on him. Crushed the swings and the crappy plastic slide. Two kids died. Somehow he’d been fine though, and thanked any deity that may or may not exist for saving his life. Because death by tree would not have gone over well for him, he wanted a quick and peaceful death when he hit ninety not a freak accident as a kid with a shitty tree crushing him into the ground or impaling him on the roundabout. He shuddered and shook his head urgently before glancing around for his next task. He was getting sidetracked and it was leading his head to some disturbing areas of his peripheral mind. Places he hadn’t adventured to in a long, long time.

He turned on his heel towards his bedroom, throwing open the door with a sigh and threw himself tiredly onto the top of his bed. Good job he cleaned up last night or else he would have probably landed on something sharp or breakable. His gaming controller or phone were usually the victims after a rough day. Throwing himself onto his bed without even looking had led to more breakages than he could count. And one time he cut his back on an modelling knife, he refused to use clay after that. It hurt like a bitch and what’s worse was his mother blaming him for the blood everywhere. He hadn’t meant to leave the knife there! But now he was comfortable and cool and stretched out to his body’s capacity before sagging into his newly changed sheets. Perfect. Perfect and comfortable and with the house to himself he didn’t have to set an alarm either! He intended to sleep in to at least mid-day and then do literally nothing all weekend. Maybe head into town to take some photos for his portfolio but nothing much else. Jungkook’s lazy weekend, trademark, patented. Jungkook yawned into the back of his hand and offered a lazy smile into the warm skin there. Finally a break.

Jungkook’s phone woke him up and he groaned, blinking tiredly into the darkness of his room. What time was it? He turned and grasped blindly for the offending technology that he instantly silenced with a frown and a small but sleepy pout. Waking him up at this unholy hour. He offered the clock in the corner of the room a glare. 3am. He frowned further, what a stupid hour to call him! Even twenty-one year old students shouldn’t be awake at this time, especially not calling others. Of course others liked to party, Jungkook had been one of them until he realised being thrown up on wasn’t that much fun. So he reached again and unlocked his phone. Three calls all at 3am and a single text. Jungkook turned onto his front, leaning up on his elbows for support as he glanced through his messages to the offending text.

'Going out tomorrow night. Come with.'

Jungkook would rather eat his heart in all honesty and he was determined to be lazy and being lazy meant not going out for shit and not answering stupid calls at 3am.

'No. Fuck off. It’s 3am, go the fuck to bed'

'But Kook, there’s a campfire and everything tomorrow! Come on! You can sing for us, it’s a little camping trip'

'No. Leave me alone. It’s late as fuck.'

Jungkook huffed, turning back onto his back and glanced out of the window at the charcoal sky still thick with clouds and heavy to bursting with rain and the incoming storm. Not camping weather at all.

'Please Kook. You don’t have to stay all night. Just come and meet my family. They’ve been asking about who my friend is and they’ve never met you before. It’s the weekend and my dad is going away on his month-long business trip soon to Japan. Please! My dad really wants to meet you'

Jungkook sighed. He was never able to say no to parents and he knew how hard parents of business trips was to deal with. Not seeing his own parents much.

'Fine. When and where. Only an hour though! I’m watching the house'

'Thank you! You are the best! Shall we say 3am by the creek?'

'3am?! Why the hell are you parents doing a campfire at that time?'

'Night owls and since we’re camping we don’t intend on sleeping much. Any time is a good time.'

'Fine. See you there. You owe me one'

Jungkook set his phone aside with a groan of annoyance. He had expected to be awake for a while after being pulled from slumber but once he curled up back into his pillows his eyes fell heavily and within minutes he was asleep again.


Jungkook woke up in a daze, too much sleep does that to him and he stretched out all cat-like on the top of his sheets and allowed himself a loud and very satisfied groan/whine that rips from his chest. He sagged instantly once all of his joints had popped and his back had that feint ache of a good stretch.

It’s going to be a good day, Jungkook beamed to himself. First task of the day was shower, a long one, one that’s all steamy and too hot and full of bubbles and nice smelling things because honestly Jungkook loves using the nicer things for his baths and showers. He likes to smell good and feel good and that only comes when he has a long wash and scrubs the scent of vanilla or roses beneath his skin. He likes to feel as clean as he looks. He stumbles from the shower a horrific 45 minutes later and Jungkook offers a wince. The water bills are going to be sky high. Oops. But he can’t bring himself to care as the towel around his waist is adjusted and he rubs another towel through his dark hair. How does he want it today? Straight? Crimped? Sometimes he likes to throw in a curve ball and slicks it back from his face and suddenly he looks 26 that should be called ‘daddy’. Not that he’s into that. Well…not from being called it, anyway but he must digress, those things shouldn’t be spoken about out loud.

Jungkook let himself be lazy for another half an hour or so until he was dry and a little bit uncomfortable from the cool air in his room and turned eagerly to his wardrobe. He may have been against this meeting and it was at literally stupid o’clock but he wanted to make a good impression. He wanted to look like he wasn’t a delinquent. Which he wasn’t. He pulled on some mildly ripped black jeans and tugged on some black boots. He used to collect various work boots, clunky and thick with a fair amount of padding in the soles. Jungkook didn’t need the extra height or anything but he did like the extra weight on his feet, good for hiking, he assured himself as he tied the vibrant rainbow laces. The issue next was shirt. Jungkook either went plain white or plain black. He wasn’t really interested in fashion or anything like that, no branded stuff in his collection of shirts and jeans but he wanted to still look approachable. Welcoming. So he tugged on a white shirt and a pink jacket and flicked through his accessories. Was a choker overkill? He liked them, considered them pretty. He slipped a plain black one over his throat, adjusting it carefully. He looked exactly like his friend so he assumed it wouldn’t be an issue for the parents. One choker wasn’t the end of the world.

It was already getting late, the joys of sleeping in so late. Jungkook ate to the loud beats of his music and cleaned up while singing at the top of his lungs. One sure-fire way to get him to relax. Music was the only thing he could say for sure makes him happy. Well. Music and art. And the gym. He watched the sun set with a burst of colour and sighed, leaning against the kitchen counters to watch. If only he had his camera. It was pretty, he mused. All red and orange and purple like paint cans had been spilled in the sky. A canvas of colour and warmth despite how cold it was outside. Jungkook wanted to try to paint the view, but there was no time. In five hours or so he would have to leave the warmth and comfort of his house. He glanced back to the creek and further once more to the woods. Still just as creepy but for some reason it seemed brighter under the red clouds collecting above it. Pretty. Jungkook loved to paint pine trees, their shapes easy to work with. He watched for a little longer, eyes wide. The trees were steady today, barely shifting in the breeze. The broken branches must have fell down during the night because the silhouettes seemed neater. Prettier. All dark but back-lit by the rising moon like a canvas you would hang on your wall. Jungkook hadn’t really paid that close attention to the scenery before but now that it was quiet and the colours of the sky seemed to burst, Jungkook almost couldn’t remember why he was scared of those woods.


2am rolled by; 2:30, 2:40, 2:55 and Jungkook finally left the house bundled with a white scarf and a coat. It’ll be a cold night. He paused at the creek, regarding his phone pointedly. He heard feet shuffling, three of his friends regarding him warmly. Too awake for the hour but he greeted them back, heeding the backpacks they carried.

“Are you all camping?” he frowned in confusion and the oldest, the one had had invited him called Minseok nodded surely.

”I needed a hand setting up camp, my parents will meet us there,” he chirped and Jungkook nodded, following behind as they hopped over the creek and towards the woods. Now usually Jungkook would turn around. He hated the woods. But it was for a camping trip and no stories suggested anything happened when ‘adults’ were around. He could just sprint out of there anyway. So they took the beaten excuse of a path into the thick trees before turning off of the path to the left and continued into the darkness. Jungkook could feel it, even though there were others with him. The eyes. The whispers. He wanted to cry. Throw up. It hurt and it was just a heavy darkness causing it. It was thick with tension and the further they strayed from the path the more Jungkook wanted to run the other way. The whispers were getting louder.

“Right, let’s set up here. Jungkook can you clear a way for the fire?” Minseok chirped and instantly Jungkook nodded, using his feet to shuffle the leaves and debris from the middle of their group. Someone shuffled behind him and there was a sudden flare of pain in his head. Jungkook fell to his knees easily, groaning as his face fell into the dirt.

”We have to hurry. It’s getting late,” Minsung urged and there was a rough grip on Jungkook’s arms that pulled him across the ground. Not caring about the sticks and roots digging into his spine. He was yanked up to sit, his body arched forwards as he tried to blink away the fuzziness in his head. Numb. Numbness with an odd side of an itching pain clawing beneath his skin. His arms, heavy like lead weights were tugged up and together, wrapped roughly with rope before they were tied around a tree. The same being done around his chest and someone hurriedly tied his ankles into an awkward crossed position. Jungkook groaned and tried to pull away but was only hit harder for his efforts.


An odd relief. A darkness that didn’t make his skin feel too tight and his eyes heavy. This was a different kind of dark. It was a numb darkness, one that brought with it very little to think about or feel. Then the throbbing started, first it seemed to be in the back of Jungkook’s skull at the nape of his neck but it moved behind one eye and then both. Fuck it hurt. There was pain flowing up his forearm that was cold and wet with a hint of stickiness in how it clung to his clothes. There was shuffling somewhere distant, everything sounded morphed like Jungkook was under water but when he inhaled shakily he could breathe, somewhat. It hurt to breathe and his chest felt like it was squeezing the blood from his heart but sure enough he certainly wasn’t in water. The shuffling seemed to get closer, louder. More than two feet for sure and Jungkook turned his head blearily towards the sound.

“A kid?”


”A sacrifice. What the fuck?! Someone just brought in some kid and left him for dead!” someone huffed in disgust and there was a warm touch on Jungkook’s cheek. Careful and shaking slightly. It was so warm. Jungkook assumed it wouldn’t be for long. He couldn’t open his eyes and his limbs were pulled taut against the rough bark of a tree. He was going to feel the cold and cruel grip of death soon enough.

“You know humans, hyung. They’re cruel beings. Don’t even understand our rules and still think THIS saves them. How wrong they are. How many do you think there were?” someone urged eagerly and Jungkook swallowed thickly. Voices. Six voices all mumbled and shifted around him.

“I smell three…could be wrong through. Let’s get this little one untied first, ok? He’ll catch his death of cold and those wounds,” someone hissed and Jungkook assumed that meant he was in bad shape. Probably looked as bad as he felt which was uncannily like what he imagined dying would feel like but with a hell of a lot more pain. His hands were gently taken hold of, turned carefully as they were pulled from the tree and then something worked on cutting the rope binding his hands together.

”I don’t know if you like being tied up, pet, but this is too much even for us. And I’ve used barbed wire for bondage before,” someone scoffed darkly and Jungkook tried to make sense of the words.

”Hyung! Don’t scare him. You used the wire on food! Not in the bedroom! I’d cut your dick off if you even tried that shit,” someone grumbled in disgust and there was another warm laugh followed by a soft coo that he couldn’t hurt them even if it did get him off a little. Someone sighed in frustration at that.

Jungkook felt the rope around his legs be carefully pulled away and soon he was falling sidewards from the lack of support and grunted at a soft body holding him up. It was warm. Too warm. But the touch was lighting a path of life back beneath his skin and he almost wanted to sleep. Relax and hope death came quick but there were fingers in his hair now and heat against his cheek and he felt his brain stir and try its best to restart.

“Slowly little one, you’ll feel rough when you come to. Hyung can you lift him? Let’s get him our of here…no doubt they’ll come looking for him. Make sure he’s either gone or dispose of him themselves. It was an offering…they knew what they were doing,” someone sighed just as Jungkook was jostled and raised from the ground. It felt weird, his stomach had dropped and churned anxiously at the long strides taking him further and further from home. A sacrifice? They said that a lot. What did it mean? He had been left for dead in the woods. He assumed that much. Jungkook groaned softly, heavy hand falling to his aching ribs and someone hushed him softly.

”Our little human…pretty little thing. Let’s get these wounds cleaned up…I’m sure he’s much cuter not covered in blood and dirt,” someone huffed in mild disgust and there was a shy whine elsewhere.

”No, Tae. You can’t clean him. You know how you react to blood. This one stays alive. No feeding from him. He was sent to us as an offering, I think it’s only appropriate as an initial ‘fuck you’ not to harm him. I’m warning you, Tae. No feeding,” someone gritted, voice deep and earnest until someone mumbled a soft agreement. Jungkook couldn’t care to pay much more attention than that.

Hot hands and a warm, wet cloth woke Jungkook up. The touch was careful and each stroke of the cloth was cautious of wounds and soft. Comforting, even. There were fingers in his hair gently rubbing into his scalp and easing the throbbing in his temple until Jungkook shifted slightly into the touch and it paused.

”Hey little one, you awake?” the voice cooed, familiar and Jungkook yawned around a bleary nod.
”Good…I’m Seokjin, but you can call me Jin-hyung. Just hang on a little longer while I clean you up. Can you tell me your name?” Jin offered softly as Jungkook took a moment to fully comprehend the words. He breathed slowly, relaxing enough to open his bleary eyes. He prepared himself for the worst, a murderer hovering above him with crazed eyes and bloody face alongside a throbbing headache but when Jungkook’s wide eyes finally fluttered open and focused on the face above him he almost recoiled. He was handsome. Jungkook inhaled sharply, wincing at the tightness in his chest and he doubled over awkwardly to cough violently. The handsome stranger had the decency to gently rub Jungkook’s back and chuckled lightly once the younger man had settled.

”Jungkook,” he croaked after a moment and Jin glanced over in shock, eyes widening a fraction before instantly softening. His full lips turned up into a half-formed grin.

“Perfect. Now what were you doing out in that woods at 3am? Hmm? It’s witching hour, kid,” Jin frowned and removed the cloth from Jungkook’s arm and set it aside to regard the younger man with an accusingly arched brow. Jungkook shied away, fiddling with some fraying cotton from his shirt. It happened so fast he wasn’t even sure what had happened. Frankly he didn’t want to know what happened either. He shrugged meekly, eyes lowered to his lap as he waited for something to be said but instead there was just a soft sigh and the hand in his head shifted to his nape and rubbed there tenderly. Jungkook had never felt such an amazing touch before and he groaned thankfully at the comfort and warmth now easing the tension away from his neck and shoulders.

“I was with…people. We were supposed to be camping or at least just having a campfire. We’d only just got into the clearing we were gonna use. And they hit me over the head with something. Tied me to a tree,” Jungkook finally whispered and raised watering eyes up to Jin who had a face twisted in pain and instantly began hushing the youngest with a weak and apologetic smile and tugged him closer to wrap his arms around Jungkook for a protective hug. Jungkook didn’t even know the man. Had been picked up in the woods in the middle of the night. Theoretically he shouldn’t trust him. But the man was so gentle and warm and hushed away his tears while wiping them away with his thumbs and really Jungkook couldn’t find it in him to be afraid. They had saved him, had cleaned him and put him in possibly the most comfortable bed he’s ever laid in. How could he fear him?

“Hyung! We have an issue!” someone called, shouldering the door open and Jungkook startled, catching Jin’s shoulders anxiously as a man not much taller than Jungkook stared over them in shock.

”What issue?” Jin frowned and the man shuffled in the doorway.

”Well…I…he’s awake?” he squeaked, regarding Jungkook now who flushed shyly and nodded. Still clinging to Jin.

”yep. This is Jungkook, said some guys lured him into the woods and knocked him out to tie him to the tree. I suggest we figure out who it was and quick. Before they lure someone else. Is everyone ok?” Jin frowned and only relaxed when Namjoon nodded surely and stepped closer to sit on the edge of the bed.

”Hi…I’m Namjoon. How are you feeling?” he offered softly, eyes raking over Jungkooks’ arms and face worriedly until the doe-eyed boy raised both arms up proudly.

”All better, it doesn’t even hurt that much. Thank you…for taking me from the woods and healing me. I’m sure it was out of your way. But thank you,” Jungkook urged thankfully, arms falling back into his lap as he shuffled nervously beneath their gazes. Stares heavy and interested but equally as worried. He wasn’t used to it. Wasn’t used to having such protective presences around him but Namjoon felt like he could rip off someone’s head with just a glare and Jin, while gentle-looking had a presence he could only liken to royalty. Sturdy and daring with a hint of unreal confidence. He looked like he could put someone in their place and Jungkook really didn’t want to test his theory.

Namjoon had waved off his thanks and had assured him that it was pure luck that they were around when Jungkook needed help. Jungkook wasn’t too sure about that but let the conversation die long enough that he began to nod back off to sleep only to be gently shifted back into the bed and the sheets were pulled up to his chin. Hand in his hair moved to gently stroke over the tired creases between his brows.

”Sleep little bun, you’re safe here,” Jin whispered tenderly, fingers brushing down the swell of Jungkook’s cheeks to his jawline and back up to thumb delicately at the plump lower lip partially parted in a breathless sigh. Comfortable, Jin mused. Comfortable and safe, Namjoon preened because that’s why they were together. Safety. And now Jungkook was here to be a part of it. But they had a meeting to hold. A human was in their home and while no-one had seemed upset with having him in the spare room and no-one seemed all that off-put in not being able to do to this human that they do to others, Namjoon wants to be sure. They have to figure out the next move because eventually Jungkook will start to ask questions and frankly Namjoon isn’t feeling too sure about keeping a human here in a shroud of secrets. There’s a lot to discuss. So he helps Jin to his feet, hands finding the tucked waist and offered a soft kiss to the slightly down-turned lips until the oldest relaxes and kisses back thankfully. Softly. Avoiding stirring the human curled up in a little ball like a bunny or baby deer. Jin feels his heart jump in his chest and breath catch in his throat as Namjoon noses at his jawline and kisses just below his ear.

“I want him,” Jin whispered, eyes fluttering shut at the soft nip he receives in return.

”Soon, my love. Patience. Let’s go talk to the others…we must keep him here. Our clan is full now…we should go before he hears. Soon,” Namjoon urged tenderly and finally led the oldest from the room after both offered Jungkook a final fleeting kiss to his forehead. The youngest hummed sleepily at the touch, lips turning up blissfully before shifting towards the heat and curled further into himself. Sleepy and precious and looking so small in the giant bed. Jin would rip his heart from his chest for this boy. Namjoon returned the sentiment with a smirk but otherwise stayed silent while the two walked away though Jin continued to whine about how long he had to wait before initiating their new little human.

It would require training but Namjoon was sure the soft being in their bed would be able to handle six demons. Hopefully.


Good morning, afternoon and evening my lovelies! This is a little bit different, gonna be a bit more rough compared to what I'm used to writing but I wanted to try my hand at some angst and darker themes. Of course the boys will still have the cute interactions so expect plenty of fluff around the seriousness but I quite look forward to playing with the more animalistic side of demon-ot6 dragging human Jungkook around for a ride. I hope you enjoy this style equally to my usual. Please leave feedback, anything you'd be interested in seeing or general requests and I would love to hear how you feel about my attempt at darker writing. Of course it's not too heavy just yet but I have a lot of plans for this story if people wish to see more!

Thank you as always,