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Just Friends?

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Just Friends?

Chapter Forty-Nine

Two weeks later

Elly wrapped her arms around Chloe’s waist, “Are you sure about this?”

Chloe stared up at Elly, “Only if you are, Elly.”

“Then we’re sure,” Elly decided, smiling as she held Chloe in her arms, “We’re moving in together.”

Chloe chewed her lip as she stared into Elly’s eyes, “Are you sure you’re comfortable with this place been a two-story home? I don’t want you to have any issues moving around the house when you’re--”

“Heavily pregnant and waddling around the house like a beach ball in a few months’ time?” Elly giggled, “I’ll be fine going up and down a set of stairs. If I’m not, I’ll have you to help me shuffle about the house and if that’s still not enough I’ll just set up camp on our new couch in the living room. You know I made sure that couch we chose was comfy for a reason.”

“I can’t wait for you to be heavily pregnant and waddling around the house like a Goddess, not a beach ball,” Chloe giggled as she used the key that they’d been given to open the front door, “What about the fact this is Miss. Grundy’s house? Are you sure you’re going to be comfortable living here? And about the house still been furnished with most of Miss. Grundy’s furniture and appliances? Are you sure none of this is too weird for you?”

Elly pressed her lips to Chloe’s shoulder, “None of this is too weird for me, this is going to be our home. Yes, probably not our forever home but we can transform this place into a family home for us over the next few months. Aaron and David had their place come to them mostly furnished. Yes, I’m sure our taste in furniture is way different to Miss. Grundy’s but this way we can start shifting things slowly over time as we have the money to pay for it rather than shelling out thousands for stuff now. It’ll mean making use of junk collection and we might need to pay for a skip bin to throw heavy stuff out but we’ll sort it out. Besides we came over here last weekend with Mrs. Punt and we went through with her that we’re going to replace the couch and coffee table in the living room, all the kitchen utensils and then the bedroom set in the master bedroom. She arranged to clear all that as well as Miss. Grundy’s personal items in the house for us so we’re starting off with a partial clean slate of our own things.”

“Right, our new living room set will be delivered later this morning, Aaron, David and Kyle are going to help us shift our bed and bedroom furniture out of their place over to here in an hour, they’ll help us shift all our boxes of clothes and belongings for us to start hanging up and displaying here and all we need to do is go shopping for kitchen stuff once all that arrives,” Chloe confirmed, “So, we’re sure?”

“Yes, we’re sure this is the right place for us and we’re sure we’re comfortable with living here. Can we please get inside so we can share our first kiss in our own place?” Elly pleaded.

“When you put it like that,” Chloe smiled at the encouragement, pushing the front door open and walking inside, glad to have Elly follow after her, still holding onto her.

As soon as they were comfortably inside the entryway, Elly immediately kicked the front door behind her closed, gently nudged Chloe to turn around and face her, before sinking into a deep and passionate kiss with her girlfriend.

“Mmm first kiss with my girl in our first place together,” Elly smiled as they eventually broke the kiss.

“Mmm a taste of things to come because we’re going to have a lot of firsts together here in this house,” Chloe promised.

“C’mon, let’s go check this place out and make sure Mrs. Punt has organized for the furnishings that we wanted cleared to be out of here,” Elly suggested, “I still can’t believe Mrs. Punt, who wanted to sue everyone over the smallest issues she’s had at Lassiters was actually comfortable with having a same-sex couple with a baby on the way move in and rent her sister’s former home.”

Chloe smiled up at Elly once more, “I think Mrs. Punt took pity on me when I explained me and my pregnant girlfriend were living in a house with 4 adult males who are typical adult males and that I just wanted to give my girl a home we could call our own before our baby arrives and we’re forced to raise our child with a bunch of guys who know nothing about babies.”

“You always know how to make people feel pity for you, that pouty face you can make, it gets me every time you pull it for me,” Elly admitted.

Chloe immediately pouted, “Can we please stop talking and start checking this place out?”

Elly kissed Chloe quickly, “Like I said, that pouty face gets me every time. Yes, let’s check out every detail of our new home.”

Later that afternoon, Elly called out to Chloe from the kitchen, “Chloe, I’m back and I’ve got lunch for us.”

Chloe skipped down the stairs of the house from the upstairs bedroom she had been busy most of the day setting up.

Aaron, David, Kyle and herself had spent several hours shifting her old bedroom furniture out of their house next door, dragging each piece separately onto the roof of Aaron’s car and then driving them literally 20 meters around the corner to their new house and then struggling as a team to get each piece of furniture up the stairs into their master bedroom. It had taken about 4 or 5 trips with the car and a lot of patience from all of them to lift the heavy items into the new house and up the stairs. Once all the furniture had been sorted, the boys had all taken off to leave Chloe to unpack all of hers and Elly’s clothes and their bathroom gear to set about having their walk-in-wardrobe, chest of drawers and ensuite all organized to their liking.

Elly had spent her morning and afternoon in the downstairs rooms, having the easier job of directing the movers who came in with their new couch and coffee table, before heading to the shops to buy up as many kitchen utensils and kitchen appliances as she thought they could possibly need and returning home to start setting up the kitchen.

“What is all this?” Chloe broke into a smile as she left the stairs and entered the kitchen.

Elly smiled back at Chloe, “A picnic in the middle of our kitchen for lunch. It’s late in the afternoon, we kinda skipped lunch earlier in favour of continuing to get our place set up so I wanted to make sure we have a good meal together. I got Dipi to make us an entire hamper of the best late afternoon lunch we can have.”

“I’ll say,” Chloe grinned down at Elly, who was lying on a picnic blanket against a bunch of pillows that Chloe wasn’t even sure where they had come from, with a hamper displayed in front of Elly and some empty plates and drinks set out.

Chloe immediately laid down on the blanket, against the pillows on her side of the blanket, opposite Elly, leaning forward and kissing Elly deeply, “I love you for doing this, first meal in our place done right.”

Elly sunk into Chloe’s embrace, kissing her deeper once more before reluctantly pulling away, “More of that after, first we enjoy all this food, then we get lost in one another’s eyes and kiss for hours.”

“I like the sound of that,” Chloe agreed.

A little while later, Chloe and Elly had finished eating their meal, and Chloe had shifted the plates, glasses and picnic hamper off the picnic blanket, curling up amongst the pillows into Elly’s side, “I just want to leave the rest of the moving all our things in until tomorrow so I can kiss you for hours.”

Elly smiled down as she held Chloe in her arms, “We have Aaron, David, Bea, Susan and Karl coming over for dinner here tomorrow evening to celebrate with a little housewarming party but until then we can do what we want. We don’t need to have this place set up perfectly for them to enjoy a meal with us tomorrow evening. I think we can leave the rest of the move until tomorrow and spend the rest of today kissing for hours…hopefully a little bit more than kissing, Chlo. I’m still hungry to ravage every inch of my girl.”

Chloe winked at Elly seductively, “Do you want to head upstairs to our bed?”

Elly lent down and brought her lips to Chloe’s, “No, I want to be with you right here. We can go to our bed later on.”

Chloe smiled as she deepened the kiss passionately, gently curling herself further into Elly’s side. Chloe quickly sat up, breaking the kiss, but Elly didn’t lose the smile from her lips as Chloe shifted to remove their clothes from their bodies. Elly laid there on the picnic blanket in the middle of the kitchen floor, helping Chloe to undress them both.

When they were both de-clothed, Chloe settled her body next to Elly’s, “You’re so beautiful.”

“Only half as beautiful as you, Chlo,” Elly blushed as she stared deeply into Chloe’s eyes and pressed her body against her girlfriends.

Chloe reached out and entangled Elly’s right hand in her own, gently dragging them down the middle of their bodies, “Together?”

Elly kissed Chloe passionately before nodding, “It’s my favourite way of making love to you, Chlo.”

Chloe smiled at the newfound knowledge that Elly had provided, “Me too.”

Both women continued kissing, their tongues tangling with one another’s, as they both dragged their hands in between the others’ legs. They broke their kiss gently for a moment, opening their eyes to stare into the others as they soon extended their index and middle fingers and slipping them inside the other woman.

Chloe and Elly moaned at the contact, with Elly throwing her head back for a few seconds before bringing it back and pressing her forehead against Chloe’s. They kissed each other gently as they laid there making love to one another. Their fingers worked into a gentle rhythm as they thrust deeply inside one another. 

Chloe groaned heavily as Elly quickly picked up the pace with her fingers and curled them upwards toward her clit. Chloe returned the favour, enjoying the sensation of Elly relaxing at the feeling and the wetness that was seeping between her legs for Chloe. Chloe smiled at the feeling of her own juices drowning Elly’s hand between her legs.

Five minutes later, both women let out moans of pleasure as they reached climax together at the same time. They orgasmed against one another, sinking their bodies against the others as they both came down from their pleasure.

After a minute of enjoying the moment together, Chloe and Elly reluctantly slipped their fingers out of one another, blushing at the other as they both licked their girlfriends’ juices from their own fingers. Their fingers cleaned, the couple kissed one another, moaning at the mixture of taste that swirled between their tongues.

Before Elly could assert her need to taste more of Chloe, the blonde rolled over on top of Elly. Elly quickly forgot all about her own need wanting desperately for Chloe to pleasure her once more. Her desperation wasn’t lost on Chloe but the blonde refused to give in too easily.

Chloe dragged her body slowly down Elly’s body, pressing her lips in gentle kisses down every patch of available skin she could find, spending precious minutes licking her tongue against Elly’s breasts and nipples.

“Please Chlo,” Elly pleaded with the blonde, “I need you.”

Chloe quickly gave in, dragging her mouth away from Elly’s breasts but then immediately got distracted when she found her face above Elly’s baby-bump. Chloe happily hovered above Elly’s baby-bump, spending delicate minutes kissing her lips against every inch of the skin. Chloe couldn’t wait for the baby to keep growing inside Elly and knew the day Elly finally felt the baby kick, she would feel a little more confidant at the thought of resting her head on Elly’s chest and talking to the baby. But until then she grinned as she kissed and licked her tongue against Elly’s torso, paying all the love and attention to it as she could.

Elly finally reached out her hand, running it through Chloe’s hair, “Baby, I love that you’re loving on my pregnant body and it helps me feel so confidant and beautiful that you won’t fall out of love with me as I start getting much bigger…but God, Chlo, I need you between my legs so bad, baby.”

“Sorry, baby, your mum always likes to get her way,” Chloe whispered.

“Are you talking to our baby, Chlo?” Elly asked in surprise.

“Maybe,” Chloe blushed, feeling embarrassed.

Elly smiled and ran her hand across Chloe’s jaw, “You should do that more often, I want our child to know the sound of your voice and feel the comfort you provide by been close to us,” and then when Chloe opened her mouth, “Maybe another time when we’re not busy getting busy.”

“Told you your mum always likes to get her way, baby,” Chloe whispered with a teasing grumble, “Although I can’t really hide it, I like allowing your mum to get her way.”

Elly smiled in acknowledgement as Chloe pressed her lips to her baby-bump one final time before nestling in between her legs as she spread them wide for her girlfriend to have all the access she desired.

Chloe didn’t hesitate to lean into Elly’s center, licking her tongue against the opening, eliciting a moan of pleasure from the brunette. Chloe smiled as Elly’s wetness soaked over her tongue and her face was drowning in the flavour of Elly’s juices. Chloe licked her tongue deep inside of Elly’s center, feeling Elly clenching gently at the feeling before relaxing into the sensations Chloe was providing her with.

Elly keep her hand messed in Chloe’s hair, guiding Chloe to where she needed her tongue to be, even though she knew that her girlfriend literally knew her inside and out by now and quickly found her tongue licking and sucking on Elly’s clit. Chloe sucked on the numb for several minutes until Elly’s back lifted gently off the ground and she groaned out her pleasurable climax.

Chloe removed her tongue from Elly’s center, licking her tongue up and down her opening to taste all of Elly’s juices that had flowed from her before finally kissing her between the legs and shifting her body back up Elly’s coming to rest above her girlfriend.

Elly kissed Chloe passionately before silently rolling Chloe onto her back and gently making her own way down Chloe’s body, happily spending time fondling Chloe’s breasts and taking the nipples in her mouth. Elly soon distracted herself for several minutes by kissing her lips all across Chloe’s torso, every inch of skin.

When Chloe bent her legs at the knees, spreading her legs in a clear sign to Elly, groaning heavily, the brunette smiled up at the blonde, “See how you like it, just returning the favour, baby,” Elly then licked her lips as she stared at Chloe’s torso, “Or maybe I’m imagining a future where we’ll have a sibling for our baby and you’ll be the one who will…”

Chloe’s eyed widened in surprise to Elly’s suggestion.

Elly kissed Chloe’s torso once more, seeing the look on Chloe’s face, “Breath, Chlo, you’re turning colours. It was just an idea in the heat of our passion. We’ve still got four months until our baby is due and a long journey ahead of us as brand new parents. It is nothing we need to even discuss for a couple of years and anything you decide, I’ll always love you, no matter what.”

Chloe smiled back down at Elly, “Thank God…I never really thought about it before…but it doesn’t mean I can’t start thinking about it…now can you please stop teasing me and…there’s my girl.”

Elly ducked her head down in between Chloe’s legs, ignoring the wetness that laid before her that was waiting to be lapped up by her tongue. Instead, she sunk her tongue deep inside of Chloe’s opening, immediately licking her tongue in and out in a rhythm that Elly knew by now gave Chloe as much pleasure as she could handle.

Elly soon took Chloe’s clit in her lips, rubbing her tongue against it gently, feeling Chloe bucking her hips against her and arching her back. Elly held her hands against Chloe’s hips as Chloe eventually orgasmed, screaming her pleasure loudly. Elly smiled to herself at the sensations she was able to provide her love, slipping her tongue out of Chloe’s center, then spending as long as she could get away with nestled in between Chloe’s legs licking up and tasting all Chloe had to offer her, unable to resist licking Chloe dry.

Elly eventually scaled back up Chloe’s body, kissing her skin softly, dragging her tongue against it gently in places until she settled back on top of Chloe’s body. Chloe wrapped her arms around Elly’s waist, smiling happily up at her girlfriend, as they kissed gently.

“You’re so perfect to me,” Chloe whispered, “Do you want to go upstairs and continue this passion in our bed?”

Elly pecked her lips against Chloe’s, “Not yet, baby. A little bit later.”

Chloe pouted but Elly smiled wickedly at her, telling her, “Your pouting won’t get you anywhere this time, Chlo. There’s no need for you to pout, we’ll be continuing our passion, we’re just going to work our way slowly to the bed.”

Chloe bit her lip at the glint in Elly’s eyes, “We are, are we?”

Elly held Chloe below her, enjoying the glistening sensation of their bodies intertwining, “I made you a promise when we were first talking about getting our own place together and I hope you didn’t tire yourself out today with all the moving because I need you to have some stamina left for the rest of today…maybe even into tomorrow morning.”

Chloe blushed as she remembered, “You promised me…you…me…every single room?”

Elly grinned even more, “Hence why the very late lunch and the leaving the rest of the moving until tomorrow sometime…and also knocking back my family’s request to come over for lunch tomorrow and making it dinner…we might need a few hours to recover tomorrow arvo.”

“Sounds like you’ve thought this through, I love it when you make plans,” Chloe smiled, pressing their lips together gently, “So, you’re been serious…every room?”

Elly kissed Chloe once more, “Absolutely…we have our own place to enjoy our love without abandon…and I’ll admit a part of me wants to get in all the passion I can with you while I still can before I become a waddling beac--”

“Goddess!” Chloe interrupted proudly.

Elly blushed deeper at Chloe’s confidence in her, “Okay…before I become a waddling…Goddess…not to mention once the baby is born…it’ll probably be a few months before we can…get back into the swing of things. Let’s face it once the baby is here; we are never going to have this opportunity of…you…me…every room so I want to take full advantage today, tonight, the early hours of tomorrow…even until lunch time tomorrow if we need to.”

 “You had me at ‘absolutely’,” Chloe agreed, “I guess we’ve ticked off the kitchen from our list of every room.”

“Yeah we did, so glad we started here, Chlo,” Elly realized, “Hey, how many rooms does this house actually have…I kinda didn’t think to do the math on how many times we’re gonna…in a row?”

Chloe reached up one of her hands and stroked Elly’s cheek gently, “Let’s see…besides the kitchen, we have…the dining room, we've skipping the living room out of respect for Miss. Grundy, the laundry, does the entryway slash hallway count as a room? Then upstairs we have three bedrooms, although one has been set up as an office, we have the ensuite, the walk-in wardrobe in our room, that’s a room on its own right? The second bathroom, the linen closet which might require some maneuvering to squeeze into but I think we can manage. Did I forget anything?”

“The garage, baby, I think we deserve a round of love in the back seat of your car that’s in the garage,” Elly grinned, “And yes the entryway slash hallway, the walk-in wardrobe and the linen closet all count.”

“Okay, the garage too…as well as the other three…that makes…oh my God, Elly, that’s 11 more rooms for us to make love in!” Chloe exclaimed, “I’m not sure we have the stamina for an even dozen love making sessions. There’s no shame in us taking our time over the next few nights to make love to one another in all the rooms of this house.”

“I know, but I think we can at least give it a red hot crack, Chlo,” Elly decided, before encouraging Chloe with the biggest smile on her face, “If you need any more encouragement to try a perfect lucky dozen sessions with me until lunch tomorrow…as you were listing all the rooms…I was thinking more along the lines of…dining room table, on top of the washing machine, against the front door, the back seat of your car, the guest bed, the office room desk, our shower, the floor of our wardrobe, the bath in the second bathroom, the linen closet whatever maneuvering we can manage before we finally make love to one another in our bed where we can fall asleep from exhaustion when we finally get there.”

Chloe bit her lip at the thoughts swirling around her mind at Elly’s suggestions, “Were you thinking of making love on top or under the dining room table?”

Elly giggled at Chloe’s question, “Definitely on top of the table, Chlo.”

Chloe eyed the table that was in her eyesight across from the kitchen, “Dinner tomorrow…with our families…we can have that outside under the patio at the table outside, right?”

Elly nodded, “Aww my girl doesn’t want to make love to me on the dining table and then be serving food to our family on it the next night with them been oblivious as to the memories you’ll be thinking of when we’re sitting there?”

“Exactly, I don’t want our families to have any thoughts of our naked activities whilst we’re having dinner with them,” Chloe replied.

“Okay, we’ll have dinner set up under the patio tomorrow night for the family if that’ll make my girl more comfortable,” Elly agreed, “Now how about we leave thinking about our family dinner until tomorrow and we make ourselves very comfortable on top of the dining room table for round two?”

Chloe grinned happily, “Round two of twelve, you are going to exhaust me all night long, Elly, and I cannot wait.”

“Me either,” Elly smiled, pecking their lips together before they stood up, wrapping their arms around one another, bringing their lips together, kissing deeply as they shuffled their way out of the kitchen.

Elly, you are going to be the death of me…and I wouldn’t have you any other way, Chloe thought.

Chloe, I am going to enjoy every minute with you as we explore one another across this house…and every minute that we spend living here from now until the day we finally find our ‘forever home,’ Elly thought.