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alright, so chat names are SUPER important in chat fics. I had a lot of fun coming up with the names I used in users, but I never really got a chance to explain the reasoning behind some of the names in the story. so that's what we're doing now!! :D

class A main chat

Yaoyorozu Momo – momo christ (previously lezbiam)

Momo is God. that's it.

Iida Tenya – vroom

he go vroom.

Todoroki Shouto – peppermint boyo

he is...peppermint...he is...boyo...too.

Midoriya Izuku – deku uwu (previously smallmight, change to wet spaghett)

uwu down't hawve too expwain uwu

Uraraka Ochako – girl

combined with Tsu's user, it makes "girlfriend"!!

Asui Tsuyu – friend

because nothing's gayer than matching names with bae. (and Tsu is Friend.)

Sato – maroon 5 wishes

Maroon 5 wishes they had what Sato has. (Get it?? Cause Sugar??)

Koda – ✿ snow white ❀

let Koda be a Disney prince!!!

Shouji – not your hentai (later change to octagon maybe)


Tokoyami Fumikage – #1 hot topic stan

look at him. look at him and tell me he isn't a regular at Hot Topic. just look at him.

Jirou Kyouka – jack off


Shinsou Hitoshi – nya binch

it sounded like a good idea at the time.

Bakugou Katsuki – BAKUGOING TO KATSUKILL (changed to heather chandler) (changed to Regina)

listen, Baku might have already been bitchslapped by Character Development, but he's still a bitch. a Mythic Bitch, you might even say.

Kirishima Eijirou – Dwayne (changed to Gretchen)

Dwayne...the Rock...cause Kiri's a rock....

Ashido Mina – alien queen

she's an alien. and she's a Queen.

Sero Hanta – Staples™


Kaminari Denki – pika p1ka binch

of course Kaminari was going to end up with a Pokemon joke as a username.


Hagakure Tooru – fantastic

it's a fantastic four reference. that's it.


Ojiro Mashiro – Spiderman but it’s just Tail

he swing...and...Spidey swing...

Aoyama Yuuga - ✦~ shiny boi ~✦ (changed to ~Sad French One~)

he is shiny. he is French. and he is Gen Z, and all us Gen Z are sad.


Aizawa Shouta – wake me up

what could he possibly be referencing? Evanescence? Avicii? Something else entirely? Nobody knows for sure, and he certainly won't tell.


Yamada Hizashi – screm dad

he is a dad, and he is The Screm Man.

Kayama Nemuri – go the fuck to sleep (change to shameless but not blameless)

while it seems like this is just a really obvious reference to her quirk, this is in fact another way for her to nag Erasermic to go to the fuck to sleep. because god knows they won't do it willingly.

Nedzu - Tea

he has both the Tea and the tea, you know?

Toshinori Yagi – DAD MIGHT (later changed to step-DAD MIGHT)

All Might is Dad. but he is also a legit step-dad, considering he's going pretty serious with young Midoriya's mother....

Mount Lady – Asss

canonically, this is her whole branding. so it fits, you know?

Tensei Iida – wheelie sonic (later change to craig)

look, it isn't my fault Tensei looks like Craig from Dream Daddy, okay. and it isn't my fault the meme-fucks he calls friends would totally point this out mercilessly.

Recovery Girl – Our Lord and Savior

Yuuei would be fucking dead without Recovery Girl and we all know it.

Snipe – cowboy babey

it's a reference to that one Vine. not much more to say.

Thirteen – marshy mellow

 they look like a marshmallow, okay, don't @ me.

Cementoss – Alchemist

this one's a reference to Fullmetal Alchemist. 

Hawks - KFC

 hehe, I don't need to explain.

Miruko (Usagiyama Rumi) - Legg

 I truly have no idea what's behind this one.

Best Jeanist – Gucci Wishes

Gucci wishes they had what Jeanist has. 

Powerloader – I AM MACHINE


Blood King – not a furry fuk u


Hound Dog – not a blood kink fuk u



Edgeshot – MCR’s greatest fangirl

he has edge in his name, of course Edgeshot is a fucking edge lord.


Ectoplasm – reverse vore man


Kamui Woods – Spiderman but lame 

do I really have to explain?


Midoriya Inko – midomommy

it's cute!! she's cute!!

Naomasa Tsukauchi – Scoobert Doobert

Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you~

Dabi – Krispy Kreme

he crispy. a crispy boi.


Fuyumi – Yumi

it's cute! it's something I feel like she'd chose for herself too! 

Natsuo – let it go

 it was inevitable that one of the Todokids was going to end up with a Frozen reference as a username. Just accept it.

Ms. Joke (Emi Fukuado)- down to clown 

 I mean. She's always down to clown.