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Boyfriends One Step Closer

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Minghao came to Korea to pursue his dream as a professional dancer, he learned b-boying for quite some time back in China so he already had basic skills. Minghao managed to get a scholarship to one of the most prestigious universities in Korea and got accepted in their dance program.


He was so excited and also nervous since he'd be alone there, he also had other worries such as the language barrier, cultural differences and other things. His Korean wasn't that bad but he still had to speak slowly because of the differences between the pronunciations.


Minghao thanked the lady in front of him and quickly went to his dormitory, he searched for room number 088 carefully. He was told that his roommate name was Lee Chan, at least he had someone younger as his roommate and not some senior he didn't want to get involved with but then again, the seniors surely have incomes to rent their own flat instead of living in the dorms.


Minghao let out a deep sigh before stopping in front of room 088, what if this Lee Chan guy was a weirdo? Or a party geek??


He shook his head and opened the door, it wasn't locked which means his roommate was already here. Minghao opened the door carefully and stepped inside before closing it behind him. His eyes scanned the room, it was okay. There were two beds on each side, a bathroom and two bedside tables.


They only needed to buy wardrobe (they could share it) and maybe some other stuff, okay not bad at all. Then his eyes landed on the luggage in the middle of the room.


"Oh? You're my roommate?" Minghao turned around to face the boy who just entered the room.

"Uhh..." Minghao didn't know what to do, if this person was Lee Chan, he looked so young!

"I'm Lee Chan, but you can call me Chan," the boy smiled and offered his hand to Minghao who shook it politely.

"I'm Xu Minghao, you can call me Myungho..." Chan tilted his head.

"Ahhh your Korean name?" Minghao nodded.

"Why would you need one? I mean, your real one is nice," Chan shrugged.

"People find it hard to pronounce and I don't really like it when they mispronounced my name..." Chan only nodded before he smiled.

"Now choose your side!" He said excitedly.

"I feel bad for choosing when you're not here so I waited for you," Chan smiled widely, Minghao could only blink.


Was it possible for a person to be this innocent and kind?


"Uhh, I'm fine with either side so that's really okay..." Chan shook his head.

"Still, you can choose!" Minghao sighed, Chan was quite stubborn he figured.

"Then I'll take the left side," Minghao said, it was probably because left side was the furthest out of the two sides from the door.

"Okay!" Chan gave an 'OK' before he started to set his things on the right side.

"Uhh about this room..." Chan looked up.

"Do you mind buying a wardrobe together? I mean it will be cheaper and we can share the space..." Chan looked like he was considering for a while.

"Hmm, you're right. It's better to buy it together than separately! We can also buy other things together," he suggested and Minghao smiled, he was glad that Chan had the same mindset as him.



Days went by without Minghao realizing, it turned out that he and Chan choose the same department and he just recently found out that Chan's father was also a professional dancer. No wonder the way his roommate moved was so delicate and clean.


He also befriended other students from different departments (mostly Chan's first before he introduced Minghao to his friends).


There were Seokmin and Seungkwan from the Drama Department, Mingyu who was in the Acting program, Wonwoo who was a major in Graphic Design and lastly Vernon/Hansol who was a model.


Minghao felt out of place at first because he never had this many friends before back in china, and it also seemed like he was the only one who didn't fit it their circle but everyone was nice to him. He got along well with others in no time, he became comfortable enough to make some jokes with them, Seokmin even helped him studying Korean.


"I heard the Dancing Majors are choosing today?? Is it true?" Seungkwan asked to both Minghao and Chan.

"Huh?" Minghao looked confused.

"What happens???" Minghao asked to the others.

"You didn't know??" Hansol asked in disbelief.

"You're literally in that department Minghao, how could you not know??" Mingyu added, earning a sharp jab to the ribs from Wonwoo.

"Guys guys, please... Minghao just came here of course he wouldn't know about it," Seokmin stepped in.

"It's like a traditional thing... I guess?" Chan said.

"The seniors will choose their favorite juniors as partners and then create a performance together, the one with the most votes will win a VIP place in the yearly spring festival and also a scholarship for the additional classes in summer," Chan explained and Minghao nodded.

"Additional classes?"

"Yes, only some departments have it. For example ours, Engineering, Business and Administration, Acting and Drama..." Mingyu groaned.

"You guys are lucky to have a chance like that, meanwhile we, from department of acting can't do anything about it ughh," Mingyu whined.

"So... The seniors choose us?" Chan nodded again.

"You're lucky if you get the top students..."

"I heard this year's eye candies are Wen Junhui and Kwon Soonyoung," Seungkwan added.

"Everyone wants to be chosen by them, heard they also won last year's competition at the spring festival," Hansol added.

"But whoever you guys end up with, I'm sure you'll do just fine," Seokmin gave them thumbs up.

"Wen Jun's circle is so famous, like everyone wants to get close to them..." Seungkwan said.

"Yeah, Seungcheol from Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering who is also the captain of football team, Jeonghan the campus's angel from Department of Fashion Design, Joshua the perfect gentleman from Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Woozi or Jihoon from Department of Music, Hoshi the dance captain from the Dance Department and lastly Jun, the prince of China also from the Dance Department... Man their circle is no joke!" Seungkwan said pretending to be shivering in fear.

"Guys, come on... Let's not talk about things—" before Seokmin could finish his words there was a loud cheer from the students outside the cafeteria.

"Huh? They're already looking for prey??" Hansol raised his eyebrows at the crowds in front of them.


There were the seniors from the dance department, gathered just outside the cafeteria. They seemed to be holding something, Minghao had to squinted his eyes to get a better look at it and then his eyes widened.


"Uhh is that a choker or am I imagining things?" He asked, rubbing his eyes.

"Yes, the juniors who were chosen must wear that choker. It's like to show everyone who choose us..." Minghao made a face at Chan's words.

"That's like... Disgusting."

"I agree," Mingyu added.

"We're not their pets or something," Minghao scrunched his nose at the thought.

"Well, we don't really have a choice though. I mean, if you don't get a senior to help you on the project, your percentage of making it alive is like... in the negative," Minghao groaned.

"Korea is scary," he mumbled in Chinese, starting to feel the cultural differences (not exactly a cultural differences tho lol).

"Oh!" Seungkwan gasped, hitting on Seokmin excitedly.

"Jun wore the choker..." Everyone's heads turned immediately to see whether Seungkwan was telling the truth or not.


It was true, Junhui wore the choker instead of giving it to the junior he had chosen. It was indeed no secret that Junhui loved to wear eccentric fashion items like that, he paid attention to the smallest details of his fashion. Junhui loved the attention he got for it, he was enjoying every bit of it.

Looking at it more closely, it wasn't exactly a choker but rather a blue ribbon wrapped around his neck. He wore a simple white shirt with black trousers, he also dyed his hair to a dirty blond and styled it up. To say that Minghao wasn't attracted to Junhui would be a total lie, Junhui was so attractive it would be weird for anyone not to fall for his looks.

From his eyebrows, beautiful eyes, sharp nose, perfectly curved lips and his strong jawline. Junhui really was living up to his title as the "Prince of China". Minghao averted his gaze when Junhui caught him staring, failed to see the smirk on Junhui's face.


"I think they're choosing now," Hansol murmured as they saw the students started going around the cafeteria.


The crowds were getting bigger as more of Junhui's circle came to the cafeteria, the first ones were Seungcheol and Jeonghan. Coming in like the couple they were, Jeonghan had his hand linked to Seungcheol while laughing at something the older male had said.


Followed by Joshua and Jihoon, the four of them quickly took a seat right beside Minghao's friends were. The table suddenly fell into an awkward silence before Wonwoo rolled his eyes.


"Why are you guys so quiet?" Seungkwan cleared his throat.

"Right, so if I heard correctly—"

"When will you actually say that you read instead of heard???" Mingyu interrupted.

"Why would I read when I got bunch of hot news anywhere I'm going? Now shut up and let me talk," he glared at Mingyu.

"Now, what was I trying to say?" Seungkwan asked the group.

"Right, so if I heard correctly the words ended on that one," Chan said unamused.

"Yes, so if I heard correctly... You guys will have to spent most of your time, as in 24/7, with your seniors to create a song together and the end result is not the only important part, you also need to explain the story behind it..." Chan and Minghao nodded.

"And Jihoon will be one of the judges," Seungkwan whispered.

"What??? How??? Isn't he like... A student too???" Mingyu asked in disbelief.

"The professors favours him, why else? I mean beside the fact that he's a music genius..."


They continued the conversation before noticing someone was sitting right beside Chan the whole time, 6 heads (minus Minghao who had noticed the intruder way before) turned to Chan's right side and 6 pairs of eyes widened in horror.


Kwon Soonyoung a.k.a Hoshi was sitting at their table the whole time they were talking (gossiping) about the seniors. Seungkwan gulped, Chan even looked terrified.



"Yo!" Soonyoung greeted cheerfully, showing his perfect eye smile.

"Uhh..." Nobody actually knew what to say, their expression said it all.

"No need to be nervous! I'm here to ask you something," Soonyoung smiled.

"Something?" Chan blinked.

"So, you know that we have to choose one junior right? You guys obviously know since you were talking about it earlier," Soonyoung smiled but emphasizing the word 'talking'.


The 6 of them (excluded Minghao who was drinking his tea peacefully) nodded in fear, Soonyoung smiled even wider.


"I want you!" He said to Chan and put his arm over Chan's shoulders.

"M-me? Why?" Soonyoung thought for a while.

"Well, because I've seen you dance and I think you're going to be a great dancer in the future... I also think we have similar style, so what do you think?" Soonyoung asked, as if he didn't know that the juniors couldn't say no even if they wanted to.


Demon (6 of them thought).


"Okay..." Soonyoung smiled before he pulled out a choker.

"I don't really like this part because you see, Jihoon is easily jealous because of things like this so—" before Soonyoung could finish his words, a water bottle was thrown to his head from behind.

"Nice throw Ji," Seungcheol said, holding back his laughter.

"Drop the superior act if you don't want to die," Jihoon said, eyes focused on his phone screen. His fingers typing crazily, seemed like he was playing a game.

"That hurt," Soonyoung pouted at Jihoon that went unnoticed.

"Anyway, please use this" he said to Chan, giving the younger boy the choker.


Chan nodded and wore it immediately, gasping sounds could be heard from the people around them. They started murmuring over the fact that Soonyoung had chosen his partner and also the fact that Chan looked unbelievably cute and sexy at the same with in that choker.


"Hmm... Nice nice nice~" Soonyoung hummed happily.


Minghao had been watching the scene before him silently, he was studying this Soonyoung guy. He seemed nice but Minghao knew better than to judge a book by its cover, it also seemed like he and Jihoon were in a relationship.


So far, Wen Junhui's circle seemed... Easy going? Seungcheol seemed like a very nice and kind person, kind of had this fatherly aura around him but Minghao wasn't so sure about Jeonghan. The man had stayed quiet the whole time, scrolling through something on his phone, seeming uninterested in the whole situation.


Minghao had learnt that people from fashion design could act... high and mighty at times. He didn't get much from Jihoon either except that the man was on his phone the whole time, he might as well get along with Wonwoo (since both seemed like gamers... No?).


Lastly Joshua, the man also stayed quiet the whole time except when the students greeted him and he gave them a gentlemanly smile. Maybe he was also a nice person like Seungcheol.


Minghao was so lost in thoughts that he failed to notice that a figure sat down beside him, eyes watching his face very closely. Minghao chuckled at something Seokmin had said before turning to take a sip of his tea and that was when he noticed that the seat beside him was no longer empty.


He looked up and immediately locked eyes with the stranger, it was Wen Junhui. Looking at him with the most beautiful eyes, he was resting his chin on his palm and the distance between them was only a few inches.


"What's your name?" Junhui asked in Mandarin, Minghao widened his eyes.

"Huh?" Minghao blinked, not sure whether to answer or to stare at the beauty in front of him.

"I said..." Junhui leaned closer (as if he wasn't already close enough).

"What's your name?" Minghao blushed because he could feel Junhui's breath ghosting over his lips.

"Myungho..." Minghao blurted out without thinking, Junhui only raised his eyebrows.

"Wrong answer," Junhui said as he pulled Minghao closer by his collar.

"Isn't it supposed to be Xu Minghao ??" Junhui asked again, his eyes glinted with mischievousness.

"How do you know my name?"

"So it's true then..." Minghao's eyebrows knitted in confusion.

"What do you mean?" Junhui only smiled before he gave Minghao's lips a soft peck.


The whole cafeteria fell into silence, nobody dared to say anything. Minghao's friends were left speechless from the scene happening before them, did they see it correctly? Did Wen Junhui just kiss Xu Minghao? Their friend? More importantly a freshman?


It was so nerve-wracking, even Seungkwan couldn't form any words. Meanwhile Minghao was frozen in place, his eyes wide, staring at Junhui who gave him an innocent smile as if he didnt just steal a kiss from the freshman.


"What are you..." Minghao couldn't finish his words.


Junhui only smiled before he stood up, facing the people in cafeteria with such a pride. Minghao could only look up as Junhui smiled before speaking up.


"Listen!" He said, somehow Minghao could feel the pride radiating from the other Chinese male.

"I want to announce something..." Junhui trailed off, definitely enjoying the way everyone's attention was on him.

"From now on, Xu Minghao from the dance department is mine and mine only," a shocked gasps could be heard followed by mutterings from the other students.

"Obviously, he's going to be my partner but if I see any of you screwing with him, I'll make sure that you all will regret being born," Junhui smiled sweetly.


He then looked down at Minghao who had his mouth open and eyes wide, looking at him in pure shock. Junhui only smiled before taking Minghao's hand in his own.


"Is there anyone that wants to oppose me??" Junhui asked but the whole cafeteria was too shocked or too afraid to say anything.

"Then, I'll be taking my leave... Please treat my Xiao Hao well~" Junhui said before leaning down and kissing Minghao one last time.


"See you later, bǎobèi~" Junhui smiled before leaving the cafeteria.


Junhui's circle also left not long after, Jihoon shaking his head at Junhui's actions while the others only laughed at it. Minghao's friends didn't fail to see the look Jeonghan gave them before leaving too.


After they left, the other students followed and soon the cafeteria was quite empty. Minghao's friends shared a concern look, Minghao was still frozen, hadn't said or moved an inch after what happened earlier.


"Hyung?" Seungkwan called but Minghao didn't budge.

"Hey, Minghao," Mingyu shook Minghao's body.

"Huh?" Minghao blinked, his friends were looking at him in concern.


Then his eyes widened in realization of what happened to him a few moments ago.


"That fucker!" He hissed.

"I'll make him pay..."