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30 Days

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Minho gave Chan and Woojin a disgusted look. "Can you both stop making me feel so sick?"

Chan picked up the bread knife and pointed it at Minho. "Just because you're afraid of relationships, it doesn't mean everyone else can't have them."

"Baby, calm down," Woojin chuckled, carefully taking the knife from Chan's grip and continuing to feed him small bites of cake.

Minho rolled his eyes. "I'm not afraid. Relationships are just oppressive. They're designed to suck all the fun out of life," he smirked.

Woojin laughed. "What's so oppressive about relationships?"

"It's like..." Minho looked thoughtfully at the ceiling. "Relationships are like algebra."

"Algebra?" Chan raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah," Minho chuckled. "Too complicated to understand, too boring to stimulate your interests for long periods, and useless in the long run." Minho winked at the waiter who placed his beer on the table. He blushed and giggled, before moving on to the next customer.

"Seriously, he has a ring on his finger," Chan remarked, noticing the way Minho was checking him out.

Minho shrugged. "That hasn't stopped me before."

"You're disgusting," Chan retorted.

"Collect your man before I kick his ass," Minho said to an amused Woojin.

"What's with the day drinking anyway?" Woojin asked, pointing to the beer. "Don't you have classes today?"

"I'm skipping," Minho shrugged.

"You've skipped most of your classes this year," Woojin shook his head. "It's your final year of college. At least make an effort."

"Oh for fucks sake," Minho swore out loud. "Why do you both always nag me so much? I swear you've both gotten worse since you started dating!"

"Why do you always blame everything on us dating?" Chan glared at his friend. "Woojin is just trying to help you out."

"I don't need help," Minho shrugged.

"You know," Chan sighed, "you only think we've gotten worse since we started dating, but dating has actually made us more mature. And what's wrong with growing up, Minho? You should try it sometime."

Minho rolled his eyes, ignoring Chan and sipping on his drink.

"Minho," Woojin waited till Minho gave him his attention. "You can't carry on like this."

"Like what?" Minho asked, already knowing what Woojin was going to say.

"Like that. Like nothing matters," Woojin explained. "You can't have one night stands for the rest of your life. You can't skip every class. You can't spend your free time drinking beer and –

"You just want me to be like you and Chan," Minho made a face at them. "What's so wrong with one night stands?"

"I just think your life will change if you commit yourself to someone," Woojin tried to convince Minho. "Just a little commitment can make a huge difference," he said.

"Forget it," Chan scoffed. "He's obviously too scared to commit."

"I'm not scared –

"Yeah, you are," Chan laughed. "Lee Minho is afraid of relationships," he smirked, knowing he was provoking the raven haired boy.

"CHAN, I'M NOT AFRAID," he glared at Chan, ignoring the stares from the other customers and the staff. "I could have a relationship with anyone if I wanted to. I just don't want to."

"Cause you're afraid," Chan laughed.

"Fine!" Minho slapped his hand on the table. "I'll go on a date with the first person who walks into this café."

"One date isn't a commitment, mate," Chan scoffed. "How about... 30 days?"

"30 days?" Minho asked, confused.

"Yeah," Chan smiled smugly. "Date someone for 30 days." Minho gulped, staring up at the ceiling. "Unless you're too afra –

"Fine," Minho agreed, surprising Woojin and Chan. "I'll do it."

"With the next person who walks into this café?" Woojin asked, shocked that Minho had actually agreed.

Minho nodded, wondering what he'd just gotten himself into.

"Well, there you go," Woojin pointed in amusement at the café door that had just begun to open. An elderly lady hobbled in with her walking stick, taking a seat at one of the tables.

All three boys burst into laughter. "Okay, the next person who walks in, then," Chan chuckled at the look on Minho's face. The door squeaked open again and Minho whipped his head around to see who it was.

He was dressed in black skinny jeans, a plain black t-shirt and a suit jacket. His blonde bangs brushed the top of his red rimmed glasses. Minho tilted his head to the side. "He looks... boring," Minho said, scrunching his nose and turning back to Woojin and Chan.

"Oh my gosh," Chan nudged Woojin. "Isn't that Jeongin's and Seungmin's boss?"

"Yeah, it is," Woojin smiled. "We met him a few weeks ago when we took the boys out for lunch."

Minho raised his eyebrows. "You never take me out for lunch."

Woojin rolled his eyes. "They're babies."

"Eighteen year old babies," Minho looked at him skeptically.

"And they're our housemates," Chan added. Woojin had officially moved into Chan's room, leaving his bedroom empty. The logical thing to do was get someone else to rent the apartment with them. Jeongin and Seungmin had just started college and were looking for a place to stay so the living arrangement was perfect.

"Hey, I could have been your housemate if you let me rent your room instead of those two," Minho argued.

"No thanks," Woojin and Chan said in unison, laughing.

"Um Minho," Chan smirked. "I know you're just stalling."

"Yeah Minho, go for it," Woojin urged. "You're lucky – because he's definitely gay."

"How do you know he's gay?" Minho asked, curiously.

"Seungmin said so," Woojin shrugged. "Apparently he and his boyfriend broke up a while ago."

"But how does Seungmin know –

"Just go for it," Chan urged. "Think about it this way. If some random guy had walked in instead, it would be more difficult because you'd first need to find out if he's gay and then you'd have to find out if he's single and then –

"Yeah I get the point," Minho snapped. He cleared his throat. Nothing about this was easy. Was Chan right? Was he really afraid of commitment? No, I'm not.

"But how are you even going to convince him to date you for 30 days?" Woojin laughed.

Minho scoffed. "Convince him? Are you serious? It'll be a privilege for anyone to date Lee Minho," he smirked.



Jisung wasn't hungry but he knew he needed to eat before he took his medication. It was a Tuesday so the café wasn't very busy. He was glad that it was conveniently situated just opposite his book store. He made sure to go directly to the counter, and to avoid looking at the people around him. People made him anxious.

"I'll have my usual," he smiled at the lady over the counter.

"Of course," she smiled, getting his slice of cheesecake and coffee.

"Excuse me," he felt a tap on his shoulder. He reluctantly turned around and drew in a breath when he found himself staring into two beautiful dark eyes. The boy's pink lips were curved into a slight smile, almost a smirk.

"Congratulations," the boy's smile widened as he ran his fingers through his raven hair.

"Uhh," Jisung frowned, "what for?"

"You're our lucky winner for today," the boy grinned. Jisung was surprised at how musical his voice sounded.

"L-lucky winner?" Jisung asked, nervously. "Um so... what did I win?"

The boy chuckled, making Jisung feel something strange in the pit of his tummy – something he hadn't felt in a while.

"You won me." The boy gestured to himself, even twirling around so Jisung could get a full view.

Jisung blinked. "W-what? I don't underst -

"Oh honey, it's simple," the boy reached out to put an arm around Jisung, but Jisung flinched away. "I'm yours. For thirty days. Aren't you lucky?" the boy smirked.

Jisung rolled his eyes. He'd had enough of people making fun of him for being gay. "You know what?" he asked, grabbing his cheesecake and coffee from the counter. "No thanks."

Minho stood open mouthed, in shock that he'd been rejected for the first time in his life. Chan and Woojin who had observed the entire scene were now doubled over in laughter.