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Time Heals All Wounds

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I know, the time heal wounds but how much time need to pass, when someone abruptly tears out the root which has been growing into your heart for long years? Is that even possible to fill that hole? Is the lifetime enough? Is this hollow husk of heart even able bear the stress of flesh? Will it even have an occasion to be filled again or will it collapse inside like a rotten walnut? Will that become a black hole? Once great, ardently bright star, proudly giving light to the darkest corners of the world, warming cheerfully everything in its reach, enabling life to grow, then stripped of all its embers, exploding torturously as a supernova, leaving only tiny, dark grain, heavy in its greedy longing to take as much as it can but not able to give anything in exchange.

Can time heal the black hole?

It seems so. Yet the jets of energy can escape its abyss, traveling through the space chasm, taunting desperately like a lighthouse, promising a safe shore for these brave enough to get close. Seeking what once was lost and finding only few scraps.

However, even the jets aren't the true black hole's shine, are they? It is only able to offer an incandescent reflection of what it takes. It can no longer shine on its own and the heaviness grows with each try.

But the time heal the wounds, yeah?

So it naively awaits the day when the heaviness would be huge enough to tear the spacetime and find the way to the new world, where it could be born anew or find peace at last.