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Left To Rot

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I hate this place.


That was your first and only thought through the dead forest. You walked down a clear path made by some unknown beast, avoiding the roots, bushes and narrow trees along the way.


“I hate this place,” You murmured again to yourself as you followed through the narrow and rocky path of the dead Norwegian woods.


You have been wandering for a few days now, your only companions silence and a faint loneliness of being the only person in the woods it seemed. But you didn't mind, since you preferred it that way. You would rather be alone then to be followed by one of those ghoulish monsters again. 


You hate them so much. They're rotten, annoying radiation walking nightmares that only slow down your pace to get to the base. A place that sheltered you from the radiation and ghouls. Including those radiated animals. Luckily, you always has Lucia here to kill them along with your razor sharp daggers.


Ah, Lucia, your sniper rifle, a Mosin-Nagant, heavily made but useful during long range hunting and killing ghouls. You had gained enormous strength during your endless wandering through countries and forests, and that only helped you in using your weapon of choice.


Well, everybody would become stronger if they were forced to survive or die for months on end. The endless struggle for survival taught you how to avoid making unnecessary noises so you wouldn't attract predators and ghouls.


You continued your walk, the unbroken silence of the forest pressing heavily down all around you. But things aren’t always what it seems. Like a droplet of water in a still water pond, you heard strange noises contain of the rustle of leaves and near silent footsteps.


Immediately, you ducked down from the your position and pulled out Lucia for battle. Looking through the scope of the gun, you spotted a three headed wolf.


Another mutation, must be a third generation, you thought.


It was sniffing and drooling with its nose and mouth, dragging its enormous heads through the woods and roots of the trees. 


You snarled at the creature.


Disgusting and pathetic. Ever since the accident at the laboratory, this is what you had to dealt with everyday.


Kneeling down, you readied your gun. You locked onto your target. In just a split second when the trigger was about to be pull, you heard a loud shotgun. To add to your surprise, figure of a woman appears from behind the trees.


“What the hell?” You whispered.


She was in a simple green t-shirt with a shotgun in her hand. Baggy military jeans with boots were worn by her as well. Long latinum braid hair was to the side of the face and their was a purple ribbon was tied to the right side of her head.


She examined the still animal, making sure it was truly dead. In order to make sure that she would cause you no harm, you made your decision and came closer, putting away Lucia for a less threatening impression. You dusted yourself and stood up, you finally concluded that you can come closer to her.


An ally is as good as its gets.


“Hey,” You called out, getting her attention. 


She whipped her head, eyes flashed with rage and cautiousness.


“Hold it right there!” She lifted up her shotgun. 


You held out your hand. “I’m not a Hounslow! Chill, kid.” 


She narrowed her eyes.


Hounslow were the organisation that was from the “word from high above” that was set out to bring peace and calm to the world. But if there anything that could compare to them, it was hell. A society built on a fucked up idolized god.


The ghoul.


Sacrifice their own children and followers to ghouls and mutated animals, all in order to please their ‘god’. They would do anything to please it that desired the blood of the blind believer and those who refused to join them.


They were the people that were sane enough to not fallen victims to one of their traps.


They spread words of kindness, pleading and begging their prey to their own demise. Most of the desperate answered but they were met with those gruesome fate of death. You had witnessed one of their rituals. A man and a woman were chosen to step inside a cage. The painful moan of the ghoul cried out as the couple stepped into the cage.


“Bloodshed, Bloodshed. Oh my dear God, please accept my offering to you. Please let our sin be washed with the blood of the lamb we had offer.”


Those memories were horrible. Sometimes, you can still hear the cries of the priest, beckoning you to come join them.


As you were having flashbacks to that terrible time, she suddenly spoke to you.


“Alright. I will temporarily trust you.” 


Thank god.


“You’re one of the people from the base, right?” 


You lowered your hands, grabbing Lucia.


“I am actually looking for it as well,” She said without a disruption, making you wonder who she really is due to her professionalism. An officer of a foreign military country, perhaps?


You decided to go to the dead mutant wolf. Examining it, you took out you military knife and cut tthrough the fur and the meat of its flesh. Spilling out it’s blood, you carefully poured it inside a small lab tube.


You can feel her eyes on you.


You turned around and asked sarcastically, "Never seen a scientist working before?” 


You didn't give her a second glance after that as you turned back to the task on hand, annoyed with her gaze upon you. Cutting the meat off it’s body, you took your gloves out of your backpack and carefully take a zipper bag out. With careful precision and gentleness, you cut the mutant skin and harvest the meat. After a few moments of her staring and you working to clean up, you put the tube at the side of your belt, while the bag of meat went inside your backpack.


She watched you carefully as you stood up, dusting off the dust on your shirt and pants. 


You shifted your attention to her after becoming fed up with her staring.“ Come on. We need to get to the base as soon as possible.” 


She nodded and calmly walked over to you.


“______,” You introduced yourself.


“Lillie,” the woman said in turn.


After a few moments of silence, she asked you, "Why do you need those mutated meat and blood?”


“Researching purposes,” You said and climbed down some tree roots.


“I understand.”


The two of you walked side by side, not saying a single word. You kept walking, avoiding the high radiation area. You looked at your radiation clock. It was high, but not enough to kill you. You should have brought a radiation suit to avoid thing like this. Not to mention, the meat and the radiation blood has begun to affect you as well. You need to get there fast. You need to get to the base right away or you will die. Hurriedly, you ran. Lille followed your pace immediately, despite her blatant confusion.


“May I ask?” she suddenly spoke.


“If you're going to ask why I’m running, it is because we’ve been poisoned by radiation and this area is highly contaminated as well. We need to get to the base as soon as possible so I can get some help. Otherwise, we will die from radiation poisoning.”


“Then we better be quick,” She responded, speeding up to move beside you. 


The two of you ran through the trees and woods, as silently as possible. 


You looked at your radiation clock in worry. It was slowly going down.


That was good, since that means you’re almost at the base. It would all be fine. If the the base has radiation medicine, you will be okay.


Maybe you would have been better off not letting your hope get the better of you. 

Not only was the place empty, it was also filled with ghouls. The soulless monsters that you had a bad encounter with, but that is another story for another time.


“SHIT!” The ghouls immediately run at you two.


You immediately pulled out Lucia and shot the first one in the head. Throwing your backpack down, you ran toward them with two daggers in your hand, slipping down and slicing their torso, making them bleed out their disgusting black blood. Stabbing and cracking a ghoul in the head, the blood dripped off your hand. You ripped off the side of it’s head, making the half of its head split, spilling out blood and flesh. You quickly threw a knife at another one, piercing it eye. When you retrieved the knife, a loud bang can be heard from behind you. You look behind, seeing that Lillie was holding a gun, pointing toward a ghoul that was about to capture you. Shit, that was close. You pulled out your scope pistol and shot at one of them, blood littered on the wall. With the help of Lillie by your side, you soon finished all of them off. But unlucky you were bitten by one of them. Lillie rushed by your side, trying to help you out with the wound.


“Aehh! Don’t touch it you get infected too,” You said, hissing at the wound.


“Then how can I help?” You pulled out a green tube, drinking it. The wound heal immediately.


“Where did you get the Fareham morphine?” She asked suspiciously. 


You felt offended but kept you composure.


“I made it myself. I got a bachlor degree in medicine.” You coughed out blood.


“But everything has it’s price.” The side effects of the drug was toxic, the smell is unbearable and even the healing is painful because it forced the muscles and tissue to work twice as fast to replace the damaged skin. It was like sewing your own skin together. Only it is without painkillers.


But you were a big girl and you had been through worse. You look at your new skin, open and closing your palm to sooth the pain. Lillie kneeled down, taking a bandage out and wrapped it carefully around your hand.


“Search the table,” You said to her. Nodding she stood up, walking to the table, putting her gloves on, and removed a dead female ghoul from the table. It left a nasty blood trail on the table and papers.


“Uh, disgusting.” She searched through the papers, though some were stained with blood, making it harder to read. She tried to make out the lines of some of the documents, but it was useless. She sighed and move onto the cupboards, inside were neatly filed folders that were organised in alphabetical order.


Taking one out, she stopped when seeing you dragging a dead ghoul body outside. Her subconscious said she should help, but she shrugged and opened the folder. In it was information about your research.


Huh, interesting you were actually a doctor of animal genetic research, in which you also have a bachelor degree in medicine. Guess you weren't lying. But something was unusual, five years of working for the Francisa Medical Co.oP Ltd.


Why were you in a highly known medical company instead of an animal gene research cooperation? Feeling a bit suspicious, as she turned the next page, something startled her as it lay itself on her shoulder.


“May I take that?” You asked.


She nodded.


“So you found my files. I’m suspect you have questions for me?” You were so indifferent to everything that she didn't even know how to respond to it.


“Nothing? Even if you knew I work for Francisa?”


Francisa, famous medical doctor and head of a big charity lead by herself. Her works have been known for saving countless lives, even close to curing some of the most rare and dangerous diseases. But after the break out of genetic failures and mutated animal, she disappeared. Not a single word or news about her. But not anymore.


“I don’t know what you're thinking but be careful. Anyone can kill you, Lillie Zwingli.” 


Her eyes widened.  Just who are you to know her name?


She stood up abruptly, only to slam you against the dirty musty wall. Your face stayed calm, like this was expected.


“You know where my brother is.” It was a statement and it was so much more of threat as it lingered in a slightly deep tone.


“I do know.” She knitted her brow together.


“But you can’t get it from me.” She lifted you up, pushing you against the wall even closer.


“Then I will do it myself.” She dropped you down on the floor.


“You wouldn't find anything about him from me.” She glared at you. “He is hiding from you.”