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For the Frost Time in Forever

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A 5 year old Keith sat on his bed, watching as the servants moved the last of Allura’s things out of their once shared room that was now all his. He didn’t understand why she had to move rooms. They told him it was because she was growing up. But why did it mean Allura couldn’t play with him anymore? Even his parents seemed to be too busy with Allura to notice him. So he sat alone on his bed, grabbing his hippo plush and the hand knitted doll that resembled his sister and played alone. Wishing for a friend or someone to talk to.


There was a knock at the door and once she heard a response, Queen Melenor enters the room. “Hey sweetie.”


“Hi.” He said softly, not lifting his head up.


“How you feeling?”


“Why won’t Lura play with me? Doesn’t she like me anymore?”


“No, no,” She pulls him in for a hug. “Allura just wanted to have her own room and trying to learn how to be a good queen one day.”


He gripped her dress and held back his tears. “Can I still see her?”


Melenor knew she shouldn’t lie to her son, but it’s for his safety. “Maybe sometime this week.”


“Can you play with me until then?” He asked.


“For a few minutes I can, but I have to get back to helping your father.” Keith’s face lit up.


“We can go to the garden?” He smiled. She nods and Keith jumps with joy. Keith grabs his toy swords and heads to the garden with his lovely mother. Unfortunately, their playing doesn’t last more than an hour before his father calls her back to the throne room.


Once again, Keith is left alone. So he’s left to just swing his wooden sword in the air.


Lance was in a nearby tree when he sees a young boy playing in the garden below him, all by himself. This intrigued him for some reason, and ends up falling out of said tree. Then Keith heard a sound from the tree nearby. “Whose there?” He pointed his toy sword in the direction the stranger fell.


“Relax kid, it’s just me.” Lance groans in pain. “Name’s Lance, Lance Frost.”


“Lance Frost?” He raised an eyebrow. “Why were you hiding in our tree?”


“I’m bored, but I fell because you distracted me.”


“How did you even get past the wall?” He looked at the structure behind him.


“Wait wait wait, you can see me?!”


Keith blinked unamused at him. “Duh! You’re standing right in front of me.”


“Uh, kid, you can only see people like me unless you believe in me.”


“How do I know you’re not just saying that cause you wanna kidnap me?”


“Because I can do this.” Lance spins his staff and hits the tree with frost.


Keith watched with awe and some hint and familiarity when the frost spread through the tree. “Woah!” He exclaimed. “How’d you do that?” He asked, running towards the tree and running his fingers over the frost.


“I don’t know actually, I’ve always been able to do it since Man in Moon told me who I was.”


“Man in Moon?” He questioned. “You sure talk weird. But it’s nice to meet you Lance Frost. I’m Prince Keith of Altea.”


“Oh, you’re a prince? That explains the sword.”


He looked down at his toy and then at Lance. “Lots of kids play with these. And that’s the give away? Not the fact you’re inside castle grounds?”


“Nope, just thought you were some random kid crossing the boundaries, I don’t know.” Lance shrugs. “But nice to meet you too, Keith.”


“It’s literally impossible to climb over the wall.” He motioned to the height. “And the guards would take you down anyway.”


“Well first of all,” Lance makes himself fly over Keith. “I can fly. And second of all,” He lands behinds him, slightly flipping his hair in the process. “You’re the first mortal to ever see me.”


“Wow!” He exclaimed. “You can fly and freeze things?! How come no one else has seen you?”


“Well, I’m the Spirit of Winter and only those believe in me can see me. And you’re the first.”


“But I don’t know a Lance Frost.” He admitted. “How can I believe in you if I don’t know you?”


“I don’t know kid, I really don’t remember anything before I became Lance Frost.” He shrugged.


“I do want a friend though. My sister is gonna be queen one day and she has to practice for that. So she can’t play with me a lot anymore.”


“Well that sucks. How old is she?”


“She’s eight. She’ll be queen when she turns twenty-one.”


“And you look about five so why can’t she play with you? She still has time before she becomes queen.” Lance noticed.


“I don’t know.” He shrugged. “We used to play all the time, but then she didn’t want to. Mama and papa say it’s because she’s busy.”


Lance felt bad for him. It kinda sounded like his sister was shutting him out, but how do you tell a five year old this? “What kind of fun do you like to have?”


He thought about it. “We like winter a lot. We build snowmen and go sledding.” He explained.


Lance thought about what to do with this information. Good thing snow was his thing. “Any private spots around here?”


“The garden is pretty private.” He said. “People only come out if they have to. But I know somewhere people never find s.” He motioned for him to follow and led him through a gap between bushes making a small arch. Lance marveled at the sight in front of him.


He led him to a clearing big enough to play in, but also small enough to be hidden. There was even a small pond in one corner. “But you can’t tell anyone. This place is a secret.” He glared at the boy.


“Who am I going to tell?” Lance shrugs. And he immediately got to work. He started to cover every inch with frost and snow, and even froze the lake for ice skating.


“I don’t know. Maybe more people like you.” He shrugged. Cause he couldn’t be the only one? It sounded even more lonely than how Keith felt. But he pushed those thoughts aside when he saw what Lance did to his secret playground.


“So, what do you think, Keith?” Lance asks once he was finished.


“So cool!” The pun wasn’t intended. But he was in awe.


Lance smiled at the wide smile on Keith’s face. He never really had anyone who could actually appreciate his snow and ice, at least knowing that he had done it. “Oh, one final finishing touch.” He makes a snowball in his hand, blows on it and throws it at Keith. Before the prince could react, a snowball met his face. A few sparkles spread around his face and caused him to giggle. He grabbed some snow and bunched it into a ball and threw it at Lance.


And it all went uphill from there. Keith and Lance had fun in his snow, with the young prince constantly being in awe of the spirit’s powers.


“Hey Lance?” Keith asked, sitting down for a break. “Are you gonna come back after you have to leave?”


Lance took a moment to think about it. He always was a free spirit and would just go where the wind took him. But this kid clearly needed him. “Yes, I will. I promise.”


Keith wrapped his arms as far as they could around Lance. “Thanks.” He said. “You’re cold.” He noted frowning a little.


“Sorry Keith, as the Spirit of Winter I can’t help but be cold.” He apologized. “But you’re nice and warm.”


“Prince Keith!” He heard Coran’s voice call out. “Dinner is ready to be served.” When he hears that person’s call, he ruffles Keith’s hair as a sign of playfulness.


“When can I see you again?” He asks before heading back inside the castle.


“When the wind brings me back.” He smiles warmly.


Keith just blinked at him confused. “Okay.”


Lance smiles as the young child ran off. He was adorable and it was fun being able to play with him as well as have someone finally see him. But it’s time he gets back to her.




The one known as Mother Nature waited by the lake to see what progress Lance Frost had made today. Winter was only starting to come to Altea. So his presence would increase this time of year. “You’re a little later than usual.” She chuckled feeling his presence had arrived.


“Well excuse me but I was having fun with the first mortal to ever see me.” Lance said as he leaned against his staff.


“A mortal has seen you?” Her eyes widened, but she wasn’t really surprised. “Must be quite some mortal then.” She nodded.


“Yeah, he’s a prince of Altea and she says that his sister couldn’t play with him anymore.” He shrugs. “He’s a sweet kid and I wish that his sister wasn’t doing that.”


“Ah, so you met the young Prince.” A small smile graced her lips. But it disappeared quicker than it appeared. “How...what is he like?” SHe asked.


“He’s a nice kid, definitely a little bit of a loner, quite snarky.” Lance flew overhead of her. “Why do you ask?”


“Can’t a woman be curious?” She flicked him in the nose, while letting out a chuckle. “And what does he look like?”


“He has a black mullet, violet eyes, pale skin and chubby cheeks.”


“So unlike the rest of the royal family with their dark skin and brown hair.”


“Correctamundo, and there’s something suspicious about Keith’s sister.” Lance raised an eyebrow.


“Allura is...a special child. I suggest you keep an eye out for her as well. But do respect the King and Queen’s wishes, regardless if you agree with them or not.”


“That’s not the point Krolia!” Lance grips his staff tightly. “The king and queen are making it so Keith is all alone! That’s not fair to him!”


“Then make sure he isn’t alone.” She said. “There is a lot more going on with the royal family than meets the eye. Whatever the reason, I know they at least have both their children's safety in mind.”


Lance grunts, but way deep down, he knew she was right. “Fine, but only because Keith clearly needs me.” He blasts a tree with frost out of frustration.


She smiled sadly at him. “Maybe you need Keith too. You’ve been alone yourself long enough.”


Even though Krolia was his mentor, she annoyed the crap out of him with her so mighty wisdom. “I’ve had no contact with anyone besides you for years. You couldn’t possibly know what that feels like.”


Despite wanting to tell him, she refrained from it. “No. Lance, I don’t.” She eyed him coldly. “But I have lived long enough to know pain like it. And I did make sure you weren’t entirely alone. Who was there when you woke up all those centuries ago and who made sure you at least had someone to talk to?”


“Whatever Krolia, why am I here?” Lance glared.


“You may need to specify on that.” She laughed. “Because the answer could be because it’s our meeting place and kinda like our home.”

“I’m a free spirit, I have no home. Meeting place doesn’t equal home, okay?”


“Hence why I said kinda.” She clarified. “Does have the basic needs for a home. So same difference.”


“If neither of us stay here, not really.” Lance rolls his eyes.


“So snarky today. I thought you’d be ecstatic that you finally got a believer. And a Prince at that.”


“Oh I am, but now he’s trapped in that castle all along and will be waiting when I come back to him.” Lance grimaces. “He’s a good kid, but it’s not right for him to be trapped in there.”


“He doesn’t have to be trapped. You were never one to follow rules, anyway. You should respect his parents’ wishes, but what they don’t know can’t hurt them.” She smiled mischievously.


Lance smiles wickedly. “They can’t even see me, so what’s a little harm in making sure he has fun in the palace?”


“You may be invisible. But your powers that create aren’t.” She reminded. “Wouldn’t want the poor boy to explain how his bedroom is covered in snow now.”


“That’s where you doubt me, Mother Nature,” Lance smirks. “Why would I make it completely snow in his room when he can have snowflakes.”


“Maybe because I recall a certain someone causing blizzards and such despite me saying otherwise. And if Keith asks, you’ll probably give in.”


Lance’s smirk fades. “Are you saying that he’s like my weakness or something?”


“I’m saying you tend to be a bit of a pushover.” She teased. “But if you can say no to a child, go ahead.”


“Thanks Krolia.” He spoke sarcastically, with an obvious glare.


“Just enjoy your time with him.” She said.


Lance then smiles. “If I have as much fun with him as I did today, he and I are going to be good friends.”


“Well better go keep your promise to your friend.” Lance nods and flies off, almost without a trace.