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The One With The Blackout

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It was just another normal day in the life of Min Yoongi. 


He had gone to work in the morning (a boring office job that was going absolutely nowhere,) had lunch with Namjoon, went over to Taehyung’s apartment after work (like he always does, like everyone always does) and then went down to the convenience store to pick up more beer for the group.


(“Yoongi-hyung, we nominate you to get the beer since you’re the sober-est. Most sober. Namjoonie, hyung, is sober-est a word?” 


“No, Taehyung-ah. No it is not.”)


It wasn’t until Yoongi had gotten to the counter, 2 six-packs in hand, that he realized he had no cash on him, when the worked at the counter said, “Sorry, our system is down so we’re only accepting cash.”


Well. Shit.


Yoongi hid his annoyance and politely asked the worker to wait for 5 minutes as he rushed down to the ATM vestibule that was just down the road. 


He placed the beers on the counter and made his way to the vestibule, going as quickly as he could and made his way into the small room, occupied only by another man facing the ATM on the wall, back turned. He then made his way to the other ATM located opposite to the man when everything went dark.


The lights in the vestibule turned off all at once, and then the emergency lights flashed on.


Yoongi rushed to the door, trying to get it open, but to no avail.


He turned over to the man that had been facing opposite of him, but was now staring him down.


And reality sunk in.


Oh my god. It’s him. It’s that singer-model-actor-occasional-star-of-my-wet-dreams guy. Park- Park something. Park Jiyong?


Yoongi watches as Park-whatever-his-name-is pulls out his a cellphone from his jacket pocket and dials a number in.


“Hey, Kookie. It’s Jimin.”


He’s right. It’s Jimin. Park Jimin.


Oh. My. God. I am trapped in an ATM vestibule with Park. Jimin.


Is this a vestibule? Maybe it’s an atrium-


Oh yeah. That is the part to focus on, Min Yoongi, you idiot.


Yoongi is pulled out of his thoughts as Park Jimin’s voice rings out once again in the small space of the vestibule-atrium-what-the-fuck-ever.


“Yeah I’m fine, just stuck at the bank. In an ATM vestibule, of all places.” He says, huffily. 


Yoongi bites back a smile.


Jimin says “vestibule,”  I’m goin’ with vestibule.


“Yeah, Kook. I’m fine.” Jimin says, looking up at the ceiling in annoyance. “No I’m not alone. There’s some guy in here with me.” He then glances over at Yoongi, just briefly, and then fixes his gaze back on the ceiling.


Oh! ‘Some guy,’ huh. I am some. guy. 


Yoongi leans back against the wall, feeling accomplished. 


“Hey Jimin, i saw you with some guy last night,” 


Yoongi begins to fantasize.


Yes, he was some. guy.” 


Yoongi chuckles to himself, glancing over at Park Jimin again and taking in how awfully good he looks, leaning up against a wall, phone to his ear and hair a little mussed at the top from running his hand through it.


It’s not until about 8 minutes later when he realizes that a. he’s been staring at Park Jimin for 8 minutes straight, and b. he hasn’t uttered a single word to Park Jimin in 8 minutes.


Oh god oh god oh godohgodohgod. It’s been 8 and a half minutes now and you haven’t said a single word. Oh god! Do something! Something simple. Just make contact. Smile.


And so Yoongi does. He waits until Park Jimin glances his way and he turns his lips upward, smiling at the cute boy. 


Park Jimin smiles back, and it’s nice. Yoongi continues to smile.


And continues.


Until Park Jimin turns away, looking a little more than creeped out.



Yoongi watches as Jimin fishes his phone out of his pocket once more and turns toward Yoongi.


“Uh. Would you like to call somebody?” Jimin asks, extending his hand out and offering Yoongi the phone.


Yeah. About 300 kids I went to high school with.


“Y-yeah. Sure. Thanks.” Yoongi says, stuttering and he can physically feel his face flush. 


Jimin hands the phone over and turns away from him, back to the counter he had been leaning up against prior.


Yoongi quickly dials in the number to Namjoon’s apartment and is soon greeted with the low timbre of his best friends voice.



“Hello?” Namjoon sighs out.


“Hey it’s me.” Yoongi says, hushing his tones a bit.


“Oh Yoong- hey guys shut up it’s Yoongi- hey Yoon. What’s up? Are you okay?” Namjoon says, hushing the loud boys in the background who are all shouting and wondering if he’s okay. 


“Yeah. I’m fine. Uh. I’m. Well, I’m. ImstuckinanATMvestibulewithParkJimin.” Yoongi mutters, turning away from Park Jimin as much as he can.


“What?” Namjoon says, hushing the boys in the background once more.


“Ugh, I said...ImstuckinanATMvestibulewithParkJimin!” Yoongi mumbles a little louder, and Jimin snaps his head over to him. He shoots him a wry smile and then returns his gaze back to the floor.


“I have no idea what you just said.” Namjoon says, giving up.


“Oh god put Taehyung on the phone!” Yoongi says, exasperated.


There’s a bit of scuffling over the line as Namjoon hands the phone off but soon, Yoongi hears Taehyung’s voice;


“What’s up, Yoonie?” Taehyung asks.


“ImstuckinanATMvestibulewithParkJimin.” Yoongi says one last time, voice breaking at the end.


“You- oh my god you guys! Yoongi-hyung is stuck in a fucking ATM vestibule with Park Jimin!” Taehyung screams at the other people in the background and Yoongi sighs with relief.


“Listen. Yoongi-hyung, listen. You have to trytogetintohispants,” Taehyung mumbles back.


“Oh yeah, like that thought never entered my mind. Yeah, right. Hey, I’ll call you guys later.” Yoongi said, hanging up the phone and handing Park Jimin his phone back.


“Thanks. For. Uh- letting me use your phone. Thanks.” Yoongi stuttered out once again, 


“Yeah sure.” The man said, after taking his phone back.


“Hey, do you want some gum?” He extends a piece of gum wrapped in silver towards him.


“O-oh. Is it- uh. Is it sugarless?” Yoongi asks, avoiding eye contact.


Jimin glances down towards the stick in his hand. “Uh. No, it’s not. Sorry,” 


“Oh okay. Then- uh. No thanks.”


What the hell was that? Mental note: if Park Jimin offers you gum, you take it! If he offers you mangled animal carcass, you fucking take it! 


Yoongi facepalms and turns away from the boy, leaning his head up against the wall and questioning all of his life choices.


He then turns back to Park Jimin and offers him a small smile. “You know, on second thought. Gum would be perfection.”


Jimin looks up from his cellphone and shoots him a weird look. “Yeah. Sure.” He then reaches into his bag and pulls a piece of gum out and hands it over to Yoongi. 


Gum would be perfection? Gum. Would. Be. Perfection. Could’ve said “gum would be nice,” could’ve said “I’ll have a stick,” but no. No no no no, for me; gum is perfection! 


I loathe myself. 


Yoongi is shocked out of his thoughts and self-loathing as Park Jimin slides down the wall and sits on his ass. 


H-his perfect ass-


Shut up, Min Yoongi. Shut The Fuck Up.


Yoongi slides down on the wall opposite him.


Alright, alright. What’s next? Ummm… blow a bubble! A bubble’s good! It’s got a- uh. A boyish charm? It’s impish! Alright. Here we go.


Yoongi prepares the gum in his mouth, facing towards the wall as he tries to blow a bubble out. You know. Boyish charm and all.


But, of course. With his luck, nothing ever works out for him.


As he blew out, the gum flies out of his mouth and onto the floor in front of him. Next to a million other pieces of gum.


Oh. My god.


Yoongi chances a glance over at Park Jimin, who is chucking a little bit at Yoongi’s antics.


Oh. My. God.


Nice going, imp.


Okay. It’s okay. It’s fine. All I need to do is reach over…and put it my mouth.


Yoongi slides his hand over, very smooth-like, to one of the pieces of gum stuck to the ground near him and shoves it back in his mouth quickly. 


He begins chewing and smirks to himself.


Good save! We’re back on track and I’m…chewing someone else’s gum! Oh. My god.


Yoongi chomped down on the piece of gum a few times more, a completely different taste to the one Park Jimin has given him moments before.


God. Oh my god. This is not my gum! Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my go-


Yoongi inhales sharply as Jimin looks over at him, and-


And now you’re choking. Oh my god, you’re choking in an ATM vestibule with Park Jimin sitting two feet away from yo-


“Oh my god, are you alright?” Jimin asks, looking genuinely concerned. 


Yoongi, evidently, continues choking.


“Oh my god, you’re choking!” Jimin says, rushing over to Yoongi and wrapping his hands around his torso.


I hate myself. I can’t believe that my heart is beating fast over Park Jimin giving me the Heimlich maneuver. 


Jimin squeezes hard and the gum flies out of his throat all the way across the room.


Jimin moves back a few steps. “Better?” He asks.


“Ah- yes. Yes. Thank you. That was...Um. That was…” Yoongi trails off, suddenly distracted by how close Jimin is and how his eyes look like the galaxy.


“...Perfection?” Jimin says, a tinkling laugh bubbling past his lips. 


Yoongi nods, looking down, cheeks flushed once again.


“Yeah. Perfection.” 


And that’s where the ice breaks, the tension drains away from the small room encapsulating them from the darkness outside.



“I’m Park Jimin, by the way. It’s nice to meet you.” He says, extending his hand out towards Yoongi.


Yoongi quickly grasps his hand back (albeit maybe too quickly, but you win some, you lose some.)


“I-I know. I know who you are,” Yoongi says, scratching at the back of his neck. “I’m actually a huge fan. Oh- I’m. I’m Yoongi, by the way. Min Yoongi.”


Jimin beans at him and chuckles. “Well it’s nice to meet you, Yoongi.”


“What a black-out, huh? I haven’t been in the city long enough to experience something like this.”

Yoongi said, impressed with his mediocre small-talk skills.


“Yeah, sure is crazy out there. Leaves us nothin’ to do in here.” Jimin says, sinking lower to the ground and placing his face in the palms of his hands. He then glances up, a boyish grin taking over his features. “What’ll we do to pass the time, Yoongi-ssi?” 


“Hm. I’m not- not sure. What do you wanna do?” Yoongi says, a light pink blush dusting his cheeks, affected by the smile on the other boys lips that is directed towards him.


“We cards? Do you know how to play blackjack? I have a deck of cards here in my bag,” Yoongi suggests, pulling a deck of cards out of a pocket on his backpack.


“Oh! Sure, but,” Jimin says, looking a bit downtrodden. “I don’t know how to play blackjack.” 


The pout on Jimin’s face sends Yoongi absolutely reeling as he shakes his head furiously.


“That’s okay! It’s- it’s okay. I’ll teach you if. If you want me to..” Yoongi says, trying to hide his enthusiastic (and embarrassing) attitude.


“That would be great,” Jimin says, smiling, making his way over to Yoongi’s spot on the floor and sitting across from him. 



“Ah, come on, Jimin-ah! We’ve been at this for an hour and you’ve busted every single time,” Yoongi says, laughing and ruffling Jimin’s hair a bit.


“I know, I know. I told you, hyung. I’m so bad at math. That’s why I’m cute, so I don’t have to worry about these things.” Jimin says, puffing out his cheeks and crossing his eyes.


Yeah. He’s right. He’s so damn cute.


“Excuses, excuses. Now come on, new hand, clean slate. See if you can beat me this time,” Yoongi teases, flicking his tongue out at the younger boy.


“Okay, okay,” Jimin glances down at the cards he has in his hand. “Hit me.”


“You sure?” Yoongi laughs, hesitantly holding a card in front of Jimin.


“Yeah. Hit me, hyung. Come on!” 


Yoongi hands over the card and watches Jimin’s face crumple in defeat. “...bust.” Jimin says, whining.


“Hey it’s okay. Not everyone can be a Blackjack pro like me, you know.” Yoongi says, packing the cards back up and putting them back into his backpack.


“You’re just a showoff,” Jimin says, shoving Yoongi’s shoulder lightly, tongue poking out the side of his mouth.


Am I- am I delusional right now I...flirting with Park Jimin in an ATM vestibule?


“It’s not showing off when you’re actually good at something,” Yoongi says, winking at the younger boy.


I swear- is he blushing? What is this? What is happening?


It’s in that moment that Yoongi realizes just how close Jimin is to him, their crossed legs inches, centimeters even, away from each other.


Yoongi glances up to see Jimin staring at him, eyes flicking from his eyes, down to his lips, back up again.


Yoongi finds himself doing the same.


Oh my god. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod am I about to kiss Park fucking Jimin in an ATM vestibule? 


Yoongi watches and Jimin’s hand comes to rest on his thigh. Watches and Jimin licks his lips. Watches as Jimin begins to lean in-


And as if some higher power had snapped their finger, the power outside lit back up, the city coming to life once more.


Jimin jumps up quickly, going over to the table where his things are still resting, long forgotten after a very eventful game of blackjack.


“Well. Um. This has been fun, Yoongi-hyung.” Jimin says, avoiding any and all eye contact with the older boy. “I had a great blackout.” 


Jimin turns to walk out the door when Yoongi decides his fate.


“Yeah. Me too. Goodbye, Park Jimin.”



It wasn’t until a week later when Yoongi got a chance to reminisce on his night with Park Jimin in an abandoned ATM vestibule.


He was squashed on a couch between a very excited Taehyung and Hoseok, who had been demanding to know every single detail about his escapade with an A-list celebrity.


“It really wasn’t that big of a deal guys,” Yoongi says, looking around at his friends. 


Taehyung and Hoseok beside him, Namjoon and Seokjin curled up on a loveseat across from him. The only person missing was Jungkook.


“Hey, where’s Jungkook? I would think he, of all people, would want to know the juicy details.” Yoongi prodded.


“Oh he’s. He’s just out, getting few things. He’ll be over later.” Namjoon said, stumbling over his words which piqued Yoongi’s interest for just a quick second, until Hoseok and Taehyung were nudging him again, begging him for information.



“Alright well. Like I told you, it’s not that big of a deal. I went in to get some cash for the beer,” 


“Which we never ended up getting, just by the by.”


“Shut up, Kim Taehyung. Anyway, I went in and the blackout happened and the automatic doors locked behind me and I realized I was in there with Park fucking Jimin AKA the star of every wet dream I’ve ever had ever,” Yoongi continued. 


“Ew, hyung. I don’t want to hear that, god. Please. Keep it in your pants.” Hoseok said, faking gagging noises.


“Anyway,” Yoongi  began, feeling satisfied with himself. “That’s when I called you guys,”


“Ah, yes. The infamous mumble call,” Namjoon said wistfully.


“Hey! I couldn’t just say, out loud and over the phone that I was stuck in an ATM vestibule with Park Jimin with said Park Jimin sitting 5 feet away from me, so shut up. Anyway! It was quiet for a long time but then he offered me some gum but I started choking on it so he gave me the Heimlich maneuver and saved my life basically and that broke the ice. So the rest of the time I taught him how to play blackjack and we just. Yeah. Got along well.” Yoongi finished, looking down at the floor.


“Wow, hyung. You’re in looooove!” Taehyung teases, pinching at Yoongi’s cheeks, only to be slapped away.


“I am not. Shut up.” Yoongi said, the blush on his cheeks betraying him once again.


“Anyway. Then the blackout ended and we parted ways and that’s that. I’ll never see him again.” Yoongi’s says, sounding more pathetic than he meant to.


“Well. Actually,” Taehyung laughs. “I have a “friend” who knows your little ATM vestibule love-bird. And that “friend” I have is Jeon Jungkookie. He’s best friends with Park Jimin. Didn’t you know?” 


What? What the fuck? What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck whatthefuc-


“He’s- he’s what?” Yoongi asked, mind going hazy. “Why didn’t I know? Why didn’t anyone tell me?” 


“Hey, we didn’t know either! Jungkook had to keep it on the down low because he’s an idol!” Seokjin said, hands shooting up in an “I’m not guilty” fashion.


“Yeah and the only reason I knew is because I basically pried it out of Jungkook one night when we got drunk at his apartment, so.” Taehyung said, waving him off.


“Oh my god.” Yoongi whispered, leaning back into the couch.


“Oh. By the way, they’re on their way over right now.” Taehyung said flatly, holding his hand up near his face and checking his nails like he’d just gotten a fresh manicure.


“They’re- what? Kim Taehyung! what the fuck?!” Yoongi said, jumping up from the couch and standing in the middle of the living room.


“Hey, it’s not that big of a deal, hyung. And from what Jungkookie’s told me, Park Jimin cannot stop talking about you,” Taehyung said, smirking. 



Yoongi’s brain probably short circuited in that moment. Him, a normal (kind of lame) office worker, and Park Jimin; a beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, show-stopping gale force wind couldn’t stop talking about him?


What’s so great about me? Is it that I taught him how to play blackjack? Is that why he wants to see me? Because he wants to learn more about cards? There has to be some kind of reason-


“Yoongi-hyung? Hello? Earth to Min Yoongi? I know you’re doubting yourself in your mind right now, hyung. But trust me, Jungkook has been telling me basically everything that Jimin has been saying and let me tell you— he sounds nothing short of infatuated. So don’t worry,” Taehyung says, placing a reassuring hand on Yoongi’s shoulder. 


Yoongi nodded, still feeling nervous and apprehensive about this meeting.


That’s when Yoongi hears the tell-tale sound of the doorknob of the front door being turned, and the door being open.


Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod Oh my-


“I’m home!” Jungkook’s voice rings out through the apartment. “And I brought a friend!” 


Yoongi glances around frantically at his friends, who are all giving him reassuring looks. “It’ll be okay, hyung. Just be confident and be yourself. That’s why we all love you.” Taehyung says, leaning into Yoongi and wrapping and arm around him.


“You sound like a fucking Hallmark card, Kim Taehyung.” Yoongi says, hugging the younger boy back.


“Hey guys! I’d like you to meet my friend, Park Jimin. Park Jimin, this is everyone.” Jungkook says as they march into the living room. “Although, I think you’ve already met Yoongi…” 


“Yeah. I have. Hey, hyung,” Jimin says, waving shyly at the older boy sitting on the couch. “It’s nice to meet you all. And it’s nice to see you again, Yoongi-hyung.” 


“H-hey. Hi, Jimin. It’s nice to hear your voice again,” Yoongi says, and immediately goes red.


Nice to hear your voice again? Could I be more cheesy? In what world would anyone ever say that? What kind of idiot says that shit what the fuck Min Yoong-


“Yours too,” Jimin says, cheeks flushed a pretty, pretty pink.


“Wow. Okay. Why don’t we leave you alone to catch up a bit, yeah? Come on, hyungs. We’ll start on dinner.” Jungkook says, gesturing to everyone else in the living room that isn’t the two love-birds staring at each other.


“Yeah, good idea. They seem pretty caught up in their little world right now, oh my god.” Seokjin says, laughing. 


Everyone gets up from their spots in the living room and moves into the kitchen, leaving Yoongi and Jimin alone, once again.



“Uh. Hey. How have you been?” Yoongi says.


How have you been? What kind of question is that? What is this, an interview? 


“Well. Pretty good. You know, Jungkook says that you are quite the fan.” Jimin says, smirking and sitting down next to Yoongi on the couch.


“Well. I- I mean yeah, you’re an amazing actor and an amazing singer,” Yoongi says, avoiding eye contact.


“Well- thanks. It means a lot, really.” Jimin sighs, looking like he wants to say more.


And he does.


“You know,” Jimin says, turning towards Yoongi. “I really did mean it when I said I had a great blackout.” Jimin says.


He’s so cute. He’s sitting so close to me ohmygodohmygod what do I do.


“Yeah. Um. I meant it, too. I did, too. It was fun.” Yoongi says.


You sound like an idiot. You’re stuttering so much why can’t you just human-


“Do you think, maybe, you’d wanna hang out sometime? Like, just us? And get, like, coffee or something?” 


What. Hang out? Hang out with me? Why would he want to do that? 


A moment passes.


“Um. Earth to Yoongi? Hello?” Jimin says, waving a hand in front of his face.


“Um. I- um. Yes. Sure. Yeah. Let’s- um. Let’s get coffee,” Yoongi stutters, face as red as an apple in summer. “I would really love that.”


“Me too. Me too, hyung. I think you’re really cool.” Jimin says, smiling.


“I- thank- thank you. Thank you.” Yoongi stutters.


Oh my god you idiot stop stuttering you sound like a complete dumbass-


“And you’re super cute.” Jimin continues.


“Are you trying to fluster me on purpose?” Yoongi asks, brain going fuzzy.


“Maybe,” Jimin smiles. “You’re super cute when you’re flustered.” 


Oh. My. God.


“You. You too- you’re. Cute and cool and— wow I sound like a dumbass.” Yoongi says with an air of finality. 


“Coffee then? Say...Wednesday?” Jimin says.


“Y-yeah. Coffee. Wednesday. Sounds great.” Yoongi smiles at the younger boy.


“Come on, love-birds! It’s dinner!” They heat Seokjin yell from the kitchen, and if they hold hands on the walk to the kitchen, it’s neither here nor there.


Or maybe. It’s perfection.