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Announcing: DoctorRoseFicAwards!

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There are awards for everything these days. There are awards for film, television, radio, photography, journalism… just about anything you can think of, there’s likely an award for it. Yet fanfiction seems to be without anyone to give accolades to the deserving.

We aim to change that - at least for the Doctor/Rose fandom. We are DoctorRoseFicAwards - represented by “Idris”, “Jackie”, and “Osgood” - and we want to make sure that outstanding fanfictions get the recognition they deserve. There is only so much we can do, but we hope to lift up and inspire deserving authors. Our inaugural awards will be announced and given tomorrow, May 1.

Here’s how it works: The categories we will be giving awards in are listed below. You may nominate any fic you choose for any award, as many fics for as many awards as you like. You can do so here, in the comments, or by submitting an ask to our tumblr with the name and author of the fic you’re nominating, along with the award you’re nominating it for. Links are always helpful and appreciated. You are welcome to nominate yourself, but we strongly encourage you to lift up other authors by nominating them, instead. You may nominate fics until August 15, and the fall awards will be given on October 1.

We will acknowledge that the nomination has been received by either replying to your comment or answering your ask on tumblr, then the three of us will read and assess the story. If we decide an award is merited, we will post the award in the fic’s comments and on our tumblr on October 1.

In order to qualify, a fic must feature some form of Doctor and Rose as the primary pairing and must be posted on AO3 or Whofic (Teaspoon). We will not be considering tumblr fics or fics posted to other websites at this time. All fics must be completed and nominated before the August 15th deadline in order to be considered for the October awards.

When you nominate, please be sure to give specifics - the author’s name, the fic you wish to nominate, and the category or categories you wish to nominate it for. Please do not nominate an author’s entire body of work. While we have favorite authors, too, we can only leave comments (and therefore awards) on one fic at a time.

There is no ‘first place’ or runners-up, simply a recognition of excellence by us: a metaphorical gold star for a job well done. Most awards will be given to more than one fic and some fics will earn more than one award. The awards that we’re giving out on May 1 are not comprehensive: the fandom is simply too large and spans so far back we couldn’t possibly award every deserving fic in one go. We’ll be further evaluating older fics as we move on, and urge you to nominate your old favorites as well as your more recent favorites.

The awards we intend to give are as follows:

The Golden Banana - for Excellence in Nine
The Molto Bene Award - for Excellence in Ten
The Just One Heart Award - for Excellence in Tentoo
The Your Fic is Cool Award - for Excellence in Eleven
The Platinum Spoon - for Excellence in Twelve
The Jelly Baby Award - for Excellence in any other Doctor
The Risking a Paradox Award - for Excellence in Multiple Doctors
The Every Me Loves Every You Award - for outstanding fics featuring Doctor Who actors as other characters
Outstanding One-Shot - for short, one-chapter stories that have that special something
Outstanding Drabble - for one hundred(ish) words of wonderful
Outstanding AU - for alternate universes we want to live in forever
The Keyboard Smash Award - for those stories that make us feel so much, we can’t articulate it
This Should Be Canon - for those stories that really should be what actually happened
We’ll Be In Our Bunk Award - for Excellence in Smut
Not Enough Kudos For This - for those underappreciated diamonds in the rough
Please For the Love of Rassilon Write a Sequel - for those completed stories we desperately want more of
We’ll Sell You Our Firstborn To Finish This - for those unfinished stories we desperately want more of (must be abandoned for minimum of one year)
We Need A Dentist Now - for Excellence in Fluff
We Cried Real Tears - for Excellence in Angst
Literal LOL - for those stories that leave us in stitches
The 2am (On A Streetcorner) Award - for those stories we just couldn’t stop reading until we were finished
The Lazarus Award - for great stories that rose from the dead
The Mary Who Award - for stories with an outstanding Original Character; No Mary Sues here!
The Time Tot Award - for Excellence in pregnancy/baby/kid fic
The We Ship It Award - for secondary pairings that captured our heart
The Must Read Award - for those fics that are so good they’re on Everyone’s recommended list
The Bible Discussion Award - for Excellence in kink or BDSM

So dig through your bookmarks! Tell us what fics you love, what fics you’ve tried to leave extra kudos on, which fics you’ve read so many times you almost have memorized. Tell us which stories made you cry, which stories made you laugh, which stories made you a little hot under the collar. Because we’d love to share those experiences with you - and honor the authors who created them.

All our best,
Idris, Jackie, and Osgood