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Walk in Their Shoes

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Joy and hope spread through the Underground, pervading the mountain in a way it hadn’t since the deaths of the royal children. Near everyone knew of the breaking barrier, and news was spreading faster every second. The name of the human who had made it all possible was on everyone’s lips, literal or metaphorical.


No monster was entirely sure what had happened, just that brilliant light had claimed (nearly) every monster, only for them to wake up free. Still, everyone knew that the child had been the one to save them.

Even if they were missing pieces of the puzzle, pieces only held by two humans, and a singular golden flower who would hide himself beneath the ground. Things like DETERMINATION, souls (and a lack thereof), SAVES, princes, and a stubbornly mistaken identity.

Perhaps it was none of their business anyway.

But GASTER found that everything was his business. At least, he knew about it all, and that was close enough, certainly? And it was frustrating! What a beautiful tale he had witnessed unfold, though Frisk had, of course, miss-stepped along the way. Dust had lingered in timelines they had abandoned, before everything had been restored to its original state. Still, he thought it was worth it, and certainly so must the fallen humans, for them to have come this far.

The worst part was that not even the three -arguably four- children didn’t even remember it all! After the humans had erased reality itself, leaving themselves in the VOID, the long-dead princev had forced everything exactly the way it had been before. Including the last child who fell, and the flower who greeted them, and the first child themself. Everything but the VOID left behind, and its sole inhabitant.

It was so frustrating! Such a touching tale of mistakes and forgiveness, cruelty and kindness, love and LOVE… and he was the only one to truly appreciate it! Surely there must be a way to share this with everyone? Let everyone know Frisk’s story in it’s entirety, experience it themselves.

Experience it themselves…

That was it!

Perhaps not everyone, not each soul touched by the child’s actions, but surely some of them could be… Say perhaps eight of them?



It had taken quite some time to arrange everything perfectly.

Harboring the DETERMINATION of two humans, especially two as young and willful as the fallen children, made for a certain instability. It was not too hard to manipulate the DETERMINATION, to bond the human’s soul to others. The problem was the monsters in question.

Too much and the DETERMINATION might abandon its original unstable soul, joining entirely with the monster and causing an amalgamate situation. Too little and the bond would fall back to the human soul, leaving no connection at all.  Fortunately, there was some pre-existing bond in place, at least for six specific monsters.

His original plan had to include every ‘boss’ the child had faced in any route, as well as Alphys, due to her control of Hotland and Napstablook, more because of their relation to Mettaton than their fight in the RUINS. However, circumstances precluded the two Blook cousins.

When Flowey had taken all the monster souls, he had caused them to bleed into each other, allowing every monster to learn the eighth human’s name at once. All but Napstablook, who had shut their curtain to Flowey’s soul-stealing wave… somehow?

Then he had discovered a further bond linking the human children to six monsters.

     Toriel         Asgore
     Undyne      Alphys
     Sans          Papyrus

And one more. Perhaps two? The overlap of Flowey and Asriel was far more complicated than the overlap of the human children.

Frisk had reached out into Asriel’s patchwork soul, calling out to each of their friends and reminding them of the emotional bond they shared. Then they had reached out to the prince himself, with the first humans help. And in doing so, had forged bonds of a more metaphysical nature. Reinforcing this bond was far easier than crafting a new one.

Now, perhaps it was favoritism, but GASTER had decided his own sons would serve as the first to share in Frisk’s journey. Papyrus was… complicated. His pre-existing bond with Flowey meant his soul was harder to manipulate. Hopefully, a minor rewrite of reality would be enough to mitigate Flowey’s ability to remember, which would cancel Papyrus’. Probably. He hoped.

All the more reason to focus on his other son! Sans would be the first.

About a year had passed in the reality he had focused his attention on. He had caught only pieces of the events, so focused was he on his work.
     Papyrus driving a beautiful red car, only to be passed by his brother on a tricycle.
     Undyne and Alphys being cutesy at the beach.
     Toriel opening her long-desired school, and allowing Asgore to be its gardener.
     Mettaton with his cousin and their friend, performing together at last. Even that fast food server had gained a role… as a shrub?
     And finally, Frisk themself. Sleeping peacefully in their own room, Toriel just outside the door with as slice of pie.
How wonderful. How sweet. How happy they all were. However, everything was now in place. The time was now, even as Toriel reached for the knob to her child’s, or children’s room.

He reached out along the bond between Frisk and Sans