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Two Like Minds

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The room was tense.  Tenenbaum put her hands down to her side, walking closer to her colleagues almost like a child that was caught for doing something they shouldn’t have.  She felt no guilt for what she did, she felt disappointment in her rash reaction. She could not make eye contact with either Suchong or Fontaine, only to the lever on the ground.

“I could have shot you, Brigid.”  Fontaine’s voice was rather rough as he put the gun down.

“But you did not.”  She knew it would take more than an accidental bullet to kill her.

Fontaine looked about ready to argue back with her but was quickly over voiced by Suchong,” How did you get in?! Door locked with personal passcode.”

“Your birthday is horrible passcode.”

Suchong visibly became flustered,” You did not answer the question!”

“Air ducts… and without security, it was very easy.”

There was a pause of silence until it was broke by Fontaine who let out a faint snort,” Alright I get it, security.  I’ll see if I can get Alexander in here. Didn’t expect certain people to snoop around.”

Tenenbaum knew he meant her, but she didn’t care.  Her focus was on the lever and the machine. She could hear the other two continue to talk, that's the thing she could hear them but she was not listening to them.  Instead, her focus was on how she could fix the machine, perhaps she could ask Alexander while he was here or maybe get in contact with Porter down in Minerva’s Den.  The worse case she would figure out how to solve it on her own, and truthfully she wanted to fix it now it was at the center of her world at the moment.

“Brigid?  Hey. Snap back to reality for a second.”

Tenenbaum glanced up to Fontaine, she slightly hated when he knew that she was off in her own world.   She’d remove his hand from her shoulder looking back to the lever,” Yes? I am listening.”

“For real this time?”

Bobbing her head, she’d begin to chew on her nails.  Fontaine ran his hand against his head exhaling loudly,“ Fine…”  He walked over to the device, “While I was agreeing with Suchong how you shouldn’t sneak around to get information-”

“-If I had asked, Suchong would not have told me.”  Before she could begin to show frustration, Fontaine looked to her and Suchong.  

“Then you could have come to me.  I paid for the damn thing, so as far as I’m concerned it’s my device.”

“But Mr. Fontaine, Suchong was the one to discover phenomena!”

“And if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have access to it. Y’hear me Suchong?”

Suchong grumbled in resentment, but knew not to argue because Fontaine was right he knew better than to argue with his employer,” Yes, of course.”

“Good.  As I said, I’ll get Alexander in here as soon as possible.  As for now… seeing that it’s… unusable just call it a day.”

Suchong gave Fontaine a small bow before glaring at Tenenbaum as he left.  He was upset, clearly but there wasn’t much that could be done about it now.  Fontaine motioned closer to Tenenbaum, gently taking her hand to stop her from chewing on her nails.

“Brigid. I know you must’ve found something that's got your interest, but there’s not much we can do about it right now.  And we aren’t going to be knocking down on anyone's door to get it fixed today.”

“You would not believe it, Frank.  I have met someone with such similar ideas to my own!  I thought maybe I was alone.” Her voice was almost frantic, not intentionally but she desperately wanted to be able to open the connection again.  Her focus was taken back to the taller individual as he gently squeezed her hands.

“That is pretty incredible, but like I said we can’t do anything about it now.  Would it help if we took the lever home? So you can remind me every moment I don’t do something about it.”  

Tenenbaum looked at their hands before responding with a small nod, separating from Fontaine to pick up the lever.  Together they exited the former restaurant, and as they walked away she looked back at it one last time, her grip tightening on the lever.  

Soon.  Everything will be fine soon.