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“I can't do this on my own.”


Five minutes prior Jungkook had been casually scrolling through his emails, overpriced coffee searing his throat every few sips as he prepped for the next meeting. When a stranger interrupts his pre work cooldown to kindly inform him that he's the father of an unborn hybrid child, he thinks it's fair to say that he's mature for not spitting his latte fifty feet into the air and scrambling for the nearest sachet of Valium.


“I'm sorry?” Despite being told quite clearly by someone he definitely remembers hooking up with-- how could he not, the man was a solid 11 --his brain still manages to misinterpret the information, twisting it to something unrecognizable.


“It's not--legally, once they find out, they won't let me keep it without your approval.” The man across from him looks small, wringing his hands together and staring down at the table in shame. He's not the confident, sexy nymph that had tackled him into the bed three weeks back, and he certainly doesn't look like what he claims to be, but human males notably lacked the ability to give birth.


“You don't even have a tail.” Jungkook remarks rather cleverly in his opinion, pursing his lips because this all had to be some kind of joke; one of his coworkers probably set the man up to it. “And last I checked, guys couldn't give birth.”


“I'm only half. My mother-” Jungkook raises his hand to cut the other man off, shaking his head.


“Look, I don't know who put you up to this, but I'm not buying it.”


“Even if you don't, there's no harm in coming down to the hospital with me.” The man straightens up and sets Jungkook with a hopeful glower, lips twitching in a half-hearted smile.


“Are you kidding me? Having a hybrid kid is hardly something beneficial.” Jungkook scoffs and sets his cup down, entering full-consultant mode as he lists off the pointedly more numerous cons to raising a child of the sub-species. “I could lose my credibility, be disqualified from government benefits, be forced to relocate for the safety of my family--how do you even know it's mine?”


“Your scent.” The man says, nostrils flaring slightly. His eyes flicker between Jungkook and the cup in his hand, seemingly lacking courage. “ smells like you.”


“Why do you want to keep it?” He asks bluntly, his grip around the ceramic tightening. “The baby probably wouldn't have a good life.”


“Is probably a good enough reason for you?” Jungkook loses his composure slightly at the question, brow furrowing.


“What do you mean?” He presses, and the man sets him with a hard glare.


“Is ‘probably’ a good enough reason for you to deny your child life?” Jungkook's heard about how protective hybrids are of their offspring. Add in the fact that they were forcefully separated if no guardian came forth to give them permission to keep it, and it's no surprise how quickly the smaller man turns hostile.


“Look, sir-”


“Jimin.” The man provides, albeit curtly.


“Jimin, while I do comprehend the gravity of this situation I'm having a hard time seeing how it's any of my concern.”


“I need you.” Jimin pleads, although it seems reluctant. “You don't have to help raise it--dont have to even look at us again. I'll disappear, if you just-”


“I'm sorry, but I can't put myself at risk like this on your... intuition, Jimin.” Jungkook tucks his phone into his breast pocket, giving his best sympathetic business smile. “I did enjoy our time together, though.” He tacks on as an afterthought.


“Just give me an hour of your time.” The other man pleads for real, panic twisting his otherwise handsome face.


“I'm booked through next week.” It wasn't a lie; he was working with several clients, and the internal meetings before performance review go into full swing on Monday. Technically , he couldn't afford to spare any time.


“Even thirty minutes, then--just enough for a blood test.”


“Even with a blood test, you may not have my consent.” Jungkook snaps back out of pure habit, mind naturally slipping into a bargaining mode--Jimin looks slightly taken aback, so he sighs and digs into his pocket, pulling out a glossy black card. “Here’s my contact info. My office is two blocks from here.”


Jimin shifts uneasily in his seat, and Jungkook continues. “If you really have my kid growing inside you we've got a lot more to talk about, but I've got a pitch in twenty minutes so I can't afford this distraction. Set something up with my secretary.”


Jimin takes the business card and stares down at it In interest, eyes darting back and forth carefully like he was memorizing every detail; Jungkook tosses his empty coffee cup in the trash and smooths out his clothing, mentally praising himself for handling the situation so well.


He doesn't hear from Jimin for almost a week afterwards.


At first he just concludes it was all some elaborate prank and shrugs it off, focusing on the literal mountain of projects he's masochistically provided himself, but just as time goes on and his memory of the other man fades, a new, high-tier project appears on his desk, hoisted in by the CEO himself.


“Jungkook, what do you know about hybrids?” Lee Minjae wasn't a scary boss. He was nice, treated his senior staff well and made sure everyone was comfortable enough to stay. He wasn't scary in the “I'll have you fired” way, at least; he was scary in the “let's donate ten percent of your salary to the poor” way--a bleeding heart. It made Jungkook's job really, really hard.


“Just the basics. Not very many of them, law requires that they have human guardians, fluffy ears and tails.” The younger shrugs from where he's leaned against his desk, glancing out the window.”Why?”


“Well, we've been invited to participate in the STRAY project.” Minjae clasps his hands together excitedly, and the title alone has Jungkook screaming internally.


“S-stray? Sir, please don't tell me-”


“The government is in search of a consultant to spearhead the project. A good one.”


“With all due respect, I have appointments with the Meijing group and Taez Electronics next week. I don't have time for a charity project.”


“I haven't even told you what it was yet, you grouch.” His boss frowns and Jungkook immediately stands with his hands at his side, eyes trained to the floor.


“Sorry sir.”


Lee Minjae gives him an affronted once over before continuing.


“There are countless unregistered hybrids living on the streets. Most of them suffer, starve, can't find decent work or seek help.”


“Aren't there shelters for them?” Jungkook provides, hoping to every diety in existence that it will stop his boss from wasting his seven figure salary on some stupid humanitarian project.


“You could hardly call them that. Hybrid shelters only accept the elderly and children--most of their population is your age.” The CEO sighs and shakes his head, and Jungkook kind of wants to join him. “The STRAY project would gather companies and vocational schools, create a labor network for unrepresented strays.”


“They would still need guardians. Pardon my language, but people are shitty.” Jungkook was the prime example of that. Jungkook really didn't want to help anyone but himself. “And being tied to a hybrid has negative connotations.”


“So sway the media--sway public opinion. We've got the resources.” Lee shrugs, stuffing his hands into his pockets. “Surely you've got a friend or two with one?”


“Could I have time to think about it?” He dodges elegantly, fully prepared to reject the project on the spot. No one would take it--projects involving hybrids were far more work than they were worth.


“Well, I don't see why you'd need-” the phone rings just in time, interrupting his boss and potentially saving him from eight weeks of humanitarian hell. Jungkook apologizes quietly and lifts the receiver from his desk, shoulders relaxing as the normally grating voice of his secretary echos on the line.


Mr. Jeon, there's a Park Jimin here to see you.




I've sent him up. He should be there-” Jungkook nearly drops the phone as the door to his office opens revealing the alleged hybrid from before, dressed in a shabby button down and pressed jeans that are just a little too long for his legs. He seems just as surprised when he notices the CEO, but steels his expression, like he came here with a purpose.


“The doctor is available now. If you could just come for an hour, we can figure everything out.”


“Now's not the best time.” Jungkook returns the phone to its base and mentally reminds himself to fire Kim Seokjin for his insolence later on. This is a nightmare situation; his weak hearted boss in the same room as his purported pregnant hybrid hookup just as the elder was discussing a project about helping the unclaimed strays. If Minjae finds out their relationship, his life is over.


“Your secretary said you weren't busy.” Jimin challenges, and Jungkook resists the urge to lunge for the other man's throat to shut him up.


“Jungkook, who's this?”


“I'm not entirely sure.” The senior consultant answers honestly, crossing his arms over his chest. He's three seconds from directing the other man back outside and successfully escaping this nightmare situation when Jimin clears his throat and puts on a disarming smile, turning to face the CEO.


“Park Jimin. His boyfriend.”


“My what ?” Jungkook thinks he feels his head explode, but the pointed lack of brain matter on the walls reminds him that nope, you still have to deal with this shit .


“Jungkook, you never mentioned you were dating!” Lee Minjae lights up like a Christmas tree on the twenty-fourth, and Jimin strikes faster than one of those vipers from nature documentaries while Jungkook does an admittedly stellar job of gawking helplessly like an idiot while his future is decided for him.




“We're expecting as well, but he's too stubborn to pop the question.”


“Expecting?” The CEO's brows raise up to his hairline, and Jimin lands the killing blow.


“I'm half hybrid.”


“Jungkook, this is perfect!” Perfectly fucked.




“I'll contact the marketing team immediately. This project is going to be amazing!” His boss charges out rambling excitedly, and after a mandatory six second reboot Jungkook allows his outrage to surface full force.


“Do you have any idea what you've just done?” He nearly breaks his neck with how quickly he turns on the small hybrid, jaw clenched because now his boss knew about their situation and he'd probably ask questions every three milliseconds.


“Secured our child's future.” Jimin responds confidently, chin tilted upwards in defiance. Jungkook would find it endearing, if he wasn't currently considering tossing him from the rooftop.


“You have no idea how much you've just fucked things up.” He whisper-shouts, eyes glancing back towards the door just in case Lee Minjae decided to bring the whole damn sales team to his office to celebrate (He’s done far stupider things for far less). “I would've gone to your stupid appointment regardless.”


“You seemed pretty reluctant.” Jimin tilts his head and crosses his arms over his chest like he’s standing his ground or something, except Jungkook couldn’t give a single fuck less whether or not Jimin feels threatened because he could lose deals over this.


“You dropped that shit on me during my coffee break. Was I supposed to jump for joy?” Jungkook spits out, reaching for his coat. He might as well go, now that Lee fucking Minjae knew.


“You could've taken time to talk to me.” The hybrid tries to reason, except Jungkook doesn’t care for his reasoning because this fucker is quite literally in the process of ruining his life. Next time he’d just keep it in his pants.


“I don't even know you!” Is the consultants immediate, irritated response as he picks up his phone, dialing his secretary’s desk. “Where's this stupid appointment?”


“The university hospital down the street.”


“Secretary Kim, call the car up front. I'm taking my lunch break.”


Right away, sir.




The blood test only takes ten minutes because Jungkook throws his company’s name around and the doctors get the hint; Jimin is escorted to a seperate room and Jungkook is left to twiddle his thumbs in what must be the most extravagant exam room money could possibly be wasted on until they return. He’s managed to count every gold flake embedded in the desk lamp when they finally do walk in, the doctor with an unexpectedly broad smile as he ushers Jimin forward. “Congratulations, Mister Jeon! You’re going to be a father.”


At the news, Jeon Jungkook decides three things:


First, he’s going to murder whoever invited him out for drinks that night.


Second, he’s going to have to hide Jimin in the deepest depths of his home so that his mother absolutely positively never finds out.


Third, well, now he has no choice but to actually be nice to Jimin because he’s carrying his fucking kid .


Still, he has the right to be shocked.


“What did you just say?” Maybe he sounds a little too upset, because the doctor’s smile falters and Jimin shoots him a dirty look, like he’s done something wrong by being affected by this life-ruining development.


“Well, Mister Park is with your child-”


Papers .” Jungkook shoots out his arm, snapping when the man fails to respond quickly enough; the doctor fumbles with his clipboard, producing a thin packet that’s snatched away the moment it appears. Jungkook scans the text, tearing through medical jargon until his eyes land on the million-dollar line: Genetic match 99.8% , in bold, formal font.


“Jesus fucking christ.”


Put succinctly, Jungkook loses his shit.


“Doctor, could we have a moment alone?” Jimin says somewhere in the background, but it doesn’t matter because there’s a little human being in the making who has a 99.8% genetic match to Jungkook and everything is not okay.


“Why? I---he looked like a dude. He is a dude. This isn’t supposed to happen!” He says to no one in particular except the higher power who seemed to think it would be a good idea to fuck with his life, tugging at the roots of his perfectly styled hair. Dads didn’t have perfectly styled hair.




“I can’t have a fucking kid, I am a fucking kid.” He worked 80 hour weeks, minimum . How could he be a good dad if he was never home? How could he be a good dad if he didn’t even love the person he made the baby with?


“Mister Jeon!” Jimin slaps his arm and Jungkook snaps back into reality so hard he nearly jumps ten feet into the air, eyes widening before he regains his composure.


“Sorry, I-”


“I just need you to sign the papers and you can forget about all of this.” The hybrid points to a dotted line and Jungkook gapes stupidly for the thousandth time that day.  “No need to freak out.”


“But you two would be alone--what about the baby-”


“I’d rather not have my child raised by a father like you.” Jimin turns cold, and Jungkook feels his heart drop down to the pit of his stomach. He never thought a stranger could make him feel this way, but he supposes Jimin isn’t really a stranger anymore.


“What do you mean?’”


“You look down on hybrids. You see us as a nuisance, don’t you?” The other man’s eyes are so full of hatred and contempt Jungkook actually feels guilty even though he hasn’t done anything. Someone must’ve been terrible to him in the past--or maybe it was everyone. “What if our kid isn’t lucky like me, and he’s born with ears and a tail?”


“I wouldn’t mistreat my kid.” He defends weakly, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Jimin doesn’t care for a single thing he has to say.


“You’re not convincing me.” The hybrid spits back, shoving the papers forward.


“Look, at least--could you move in with me?” Jungkook tries to bargain, recoiling slightly when he sees the dirty look Jimin sets him with. Searching for compromise, he offers a less intense option.  “Could I maybe come by and check up on you, make sure everything’s okay?”


“Sending money would be enough.” The way the other man says it, Jungkook wouldn’t be in his child’s life. It’s strange that he even cares, that he isn’t endlessly grateful for Jimin’s apparent mistrust and hatred of regular humans, because there’s a clear opportunity to escape for him here. He could just forget it all and go back to his regular life; he barely knows the guy, and he definitely doesn’t know the kid. He should just sign the papers and walk away, but some little voice in the back of his head is telling Jungkook that would be the worst mistake of his life.


He wants them to be safe.


“I’m not signing this.” The consultant says with surprising confidence, setting the papers aside.  


“Why?” Jimin looks distraught. He looks like he thinks Jungkook is going to hurt him, or worse, and it makes that little voice grow even louder.


“You’re staying with me. Both of you.” Jungkook turns around to make his call just so that he doesn’t have to see what kind of expression his actions produce. “Secretary Kim, I need you to find a moving company. Deliver to my address.”




“Whatcha readin’ Kook?”


Jung Hoseok always had a bad habit of sticking his nose where it didn't belong. When Jungkook was just starting out at the company the elder had constantly attempted to steal his thunder, and once he realized there was no beating Jungkook he decided to pester him to hell instead. Today he'd burst into the office unannounced, and Jungkook is three seconds shy of choking him with his own business reports.


“None of your business.” The consultant mumbles, because he doesn't have time for his co-workers horseshit; he's been reading up on how to take care of pregnant hybrids because Jimin refuses to even be in the same room as him, which is fair considering Jungkook's all but made him his legal prisoner, however the hybrid still needs to maintain good health.


Jimin is a little too thin, looks just a little too worn down, and he's beginning to worry but he also hasn't set up the rapport to have a meaningful conversation thanks to the fact that he was a complete asshole. Great going, Jungkook.


“This stuff for your kid?” Hoseok peers over his shoulder and whistles, apparently impressed by the wall of text. “You're studying hard. Gonna pitch the benefits of mixed-species babies?”


“Fuck off, Jung.” Jungkook warns, looking up from his papers.


“Hey, hey, no need to get testy. I'm just amazed you have time to do this around your other projects.” The elder helps himself to one of Jungkook's energy drinks, carelessly lounging on his sofa. “What are you gonna do when the kid is born?”


“Be a dad.” He's already started investment in stocks, creating contingencies and opening college funds--Jungkook is using his future status as a distraction of sorts from the fact that he still hasn't rejected the STRAY project.


“So the mighty Jeon Jungkook will be working from home? Guess someone'll have to fill your office then.” Hoseok sets his can on the coffee table without a coaster and seals his fate as least-likeable co-worker of the year.


“Don't get your hopes up. You still haven't closed on any of your deals, hyung .”


Hoseok chokes on his drink and Jungkook bites back a smug grin, circling a few points on the importance of scenting.


“Well, we could help each other out. I've got a house hybrid--takes care of chores and what not. Could probably tell you a thing or two about how to deal with yours.”


“You want me to do your work?” Jungkook sighs and closes his notebook, exhausted enough that he can't be bothered to hide his interest.


“The Boa Corporation is a pain. I'm sure you could write a proposal they can't refuse.” Hoseok takes another sip of his drink, smirking. “I could let you two meet tonight, if you give me something worthwhile.”


“Bring him over now, while I'm finishing it for you.” Jungkook swivels to face his laptop and Hoseok skips  out the door with a grin that's just asking to be slapped off.


The Boa Corporation isn't anywhere near as hard as trying to communicate with Jimin, and he's familiar enough with the field that he whips up an easy proposal in two hours; that means he has to spend an additional two hours on his own, significantly more difficult work, but he's used to doing overtime so he barely notices the sky outside going dark until there's an unexpected knock at his door.


“Come in.” Jungkook rubs the sleep from his eyes, stretching enough that his joints crack and pop--he could do with a massage tomorrow, if he could fit one in. Seokjin walks in, guiding another man dressed in street clothes. The consultant doesn't quite process who he is until he sees a fluffy blonde tail twitch to the side.


“Hoseok sent me...he said you wanted to talk?” The hybrid has a smooth, deep voice that would be easy to fall asleep to, and Jungkook has to bite back a yawn as he stands and makes his way over to the sitting area.


“Please, have a seat. Seokjin, tea.”


“You don't have to-”


“You're my guest.” He insists firmly, frowning a little when the man's ears flatten against his head. “What's your name?”


“Kim Taehyung.”


“Jeon Jungkook.” Taehyung takes a seat across from him just as Seokjin brings in a tray with tea and snacks, the secretary excusing himself shortly after. The man fidgets nervously, chewing on his lip as he watches Jungkook sip his tea.


“Is your mate really a hybrid?” Taehyung asks shyly, eyes bright and hopeful; Jungkook can't help but crack a smile at how much he resembled a puppy.


“He's only half, but yes.”


“And he's being difficult?” Taehyung straightens in his seat, finally calm enough to nibble on one of the cookies. Hoseok must've divulged minor details about the situation. “Do you two sleep together?”


Jungkook’s thoughts wander to their first night together and he chokes mid-sip, turning away to cough for a few embarrassing seconds before he's composed enough to respond. “N-no, he uh, has his own room.”


“He really doesn't sleep with you?” The hybrid seems honestly surprised, scarfing down the last of his cookie and reaching for another.


“We didn't start off on the best foot.” Jungkook admits sheepishly. He'd been prepared for the cold shoulder, but only for a few hours, at best; hybrids were supposed to be cuddly and loving.


“Must be a cat.” Taehyung mutters, waving his hand dismissively when the consultant shoots him a questioning look. Suddenly the hybrid smiles a little too eagerly, rising from his chair. “Do you mind if I say hello?”


“He might be asleep-”


“Through scent, not the phone. We can smell other hybrids.” Taehyung's tail whips back and forth as he waits for permission, and Jungkook flusters a little, clearing his throat.


“What should I do?”


“Don't wiggle too much and don't make it awkward. Just think of me as a cute dog.” The hybrid makes his way around the coffee table as the consultant scoffs, setting his cup aside.


“I wouldn't let a dog-” He starts, then startles as Taehyung crawls into his lap, a low rumble vibrating in the hybrid's chest as he noses along the edge of his jaw, down the curve of his neck. The other man is warm, heavier than he thought, and the feeling of hot, irregular breaths against his skin reminds Jungkook that he hasn't had sex in approximately eight million years. “-do that…”


Taehyung pulls back with a dazed look in his eyes, irises a pretty shade of gold Jungkook hadn't noticed until just now. “You smell really good. I can see why you triggered it.”


“Triggered what?” His brain un-melts as the hybrid returns to his seat, reaching for another cookie.


“His heat. You know, the thing that got him pregnant?”


“And here I thought it was my dick.” Taehyung cackles and Jungkook joins him with a wry smile, wondering how he'd become so fond of someone so quickly. Maybe it was his hybrid traits; the tail and ears made Taehyung much easier to read.


“Mmm, he should talk to you tonight. He might even sleep with you.” The hybrid takes one last cookie before standing, and after a glance Jungkook isn't surprised to see he's cleared off the tray.


“Because you said hello?” He rubs at his neck subconsciously, skin still a little heated where he'd been touched.


“Of course. You'll seem a lot friendlier with another hybrid's scent.” Taehyung smirks and his tail sways back and forth slowly, but he frowns after a quick glance at the clock. “I should get home. Hobi can't cook to save his life.”


“I can drive you, if you want.” Jungkook offers, and the hybrid gives him a wide, boxy grin.




Once he's comfortable, Taehyung doesn't stop rambling. Apparently he'd been absolutely terrified of Jungkook coming in because he gave off ‘excessive big dick energy’, which dog hybrids were particularly sensitive to. But then once he realized he wasn't going to be beaten to a pulp he picked up on Jungkook's 's-tier daddy scent’ which was enough to make him want to sit on his lap all night--hybrids were attracted to dominant pheromones, and tended to be more relaxed around familiar humans with his kind of scent. Taehyung then proceeds to rant about how Hoseok smells like ‘a little bitch, and not in the good way’ whenever they watch horror movies so he also ends up twice as  scared and the consultant nearly crashes the car when he doubles over in laughter. Jungkook learns all of this during the ten minute ride to Hoseok's apartment, and by the time he's waving goodbye he's surprised Taehyung hasn't squeezed in his childhood as well.


“You're way more fun than Hobi. Tell your kitty I said hi!” Jungkook is about to comment on how he already did with his scent but Taehyung disappears into the building before he can, speed walking to the elevator with his tail wagging a mile a minute.


When he gets home, Jungkook sort of dreads opening the door, but he's felt that way every day ever since he first brought Jimin home. The address the hybrid used to live at had been humble, at best; a little hole in the wall apartment with dirt cheap rent and meager furniture that could barely accommodate one. The complex was mostly hybrids, and consequently most of the tenants had been either subdued or openly hostile as they watched him and his men strip Jimin's apartment bare. One man in particular had seemed intent on murdering him on the spot, but a small crowd managed to hold him back and, eventually, drag him away.


Normally Jungkook would pass out on the couch the second he's kicked his shoes off, but he's in high and hopeful spirits thanks to his chat with Taehyung; instead he grabs a beer from the fridge and turns on a variety show, loosening his tie and rolling up his sleeves as he settles in.


Sitting alone is usually enough but the knowledge that someone else is in the house has left him a little restless; sometimes he startles awake when he hears Jimin getting a glass of water at night, or making food in the morning, and it's little things like that he finds making him feel lonely once the exhaustion wears off and he can think again. If Jimin spent even five minutes in the same room as him then skipping lunch and dinner would be worth it.


The show drones on and Jungkook almost falls asleep, the mix of silence and alcohol proving to be more potent than NyQuil, but Jimin joins him just as his eyes begin to droop, clutching a glass of water.


“You're home late.” He remarks, and Jungkook sets his lukewarm beer aside, nodding.


“I had some extra work. How are you feeling?”




They're so awkward it would be laughable, if it wasn't pathetic. A month ago they were sucking face in some club in Gangnam, having sex that Jungkook's body still remembers quite fondly, and now that there's a child potentially tying them together for life they can barely hold a conversation. He hoped their relationship would improve at least a little.


As soon as the episode he was watching ends Jungkook makes a show of yawning and stretching, doing his best to convince everyone in the room (himself included) that he really is tired and he's not just running away from his problems. “I'm off to bed.”


“My room is cold.” Jimin mumbles so quietly he almost doesn't catch it, but he's sensitive enough to their situation that he manages to tune in last second.


“I've got a heater in the storage closet. I'll hook it up for you.” Jungkook turns to leave but the hybrid speaks, a little louder this time.


“What if I get too hot?”


“It’s got a remote.”


Jimin stares at him hard again, and Jungkook is about to ask if he's feeling unwell when the hybrid's nostrils flare and he turns his head, staring at the television screen.


“You stink.”


Shit, he did walk by smokers coming in--maybe his clothes carried the smell just enough that a hybrid could tell? “Oh...sorry, I'll shower then bring it in.”


Jungkook tosses his clothes and showers quickly, changing into pajamas he'd be stripping out of the literal second he hit his bed--for some reason he still wasn't comfortable baring skin around Jimin, the sentiment seemingly shared.


The hybrid watches as he pulls the heater out and rolls it over to set up in his room, expression impossible to read. Jungkook nearly runs a cold sweat with how intently he's being stared at, but just as he's finished with the equipment Jimin grabs his wrist, tugging gently. He looks from his hand to the hybrids big brown eyes, startled.


“What's up?” Jungkook asks in the lamest way possible, god damnit.


“Could I have a friend over tomorrow? He's probably worried about me.”


“Of course.” Jungkook makes to pull his wrist away but Jimin grips it tighter, staring down at the floor. He chews on his bottom lip and the consultant is about to scold him for it when he suddenly looks back up, eyes uncertain.


“Are you seeing someone?”


Jungkook's mind blanks because the other man seems so small and vulnerable, but he must take the silence as confirmation because his expression drops even further.


“It's okay if you are. I just didn't want to be a bother.”


“I'm not.” He's not sure why he says it, but the words leave his mouth before he can think. It shouldn't matter whether he is or isn't, considering he most definitely isn't seeing Jimin, but for some reason he doesn't want the other man to think he's off-limits.


“You're still fooling around, then.” Jimin presses, releasing his wrist. It takes a lot more than he's willing to admit for Jungkook to resist frowning at the loss of contact.


“What makes you think that?” He asks softly, surprised by his own voice; Jeon Jungkook was by no means soft .


“You smell like someone else.”


Suddenly, it all makes sense. Taehyung's coy smile, the way Jimin's nostrils flared every few seconds while he was glowering on the couch, the fact that he said Jungkook stinks --he didn't like the smell of the other hybrid.


“That was friend's house hybrid. He said it's how you guys say hello.” Jungkook raises his palms in defense, taking a few steps back when Jimin scoffs and rolls his eyes, tongue pressed against his cheek.


“It's not.” The hybrid hisses out, although he's quick to neutralize his tone once he realizes how hostile it seems. “He scented you.”


“I thought you guys communicated through scent?”


“He basically left a hickey.” Jimin deadpans, and Jungkook doesn't have to look in a mirror to know he's red up to his ears.


“Oh.” He stammers, collecting himself briefly before melting into a useless piece of stammering shit once again. “Is that why--did you want to cover it up?”


What ?” Jimin’s eyes bulge and he chokes on his own breath, and Jungkook is now certain that he's fucked up.


“Scent me, I mean. Taehyung, the other hybrid, he said my scent is good for you.” He tries to rescue the situation with logic, but it occurs to him a little too late that maybe he shouldn't have used the name of the hybrid who left a scent-hickey on him and caused this mess in the first place. Idiot


“That's a little intimate…” Jimin averts his eyes, but he doesn't seem against the idea; maybe that's what he wanted all along.


Jungkook can't help the fond smile that creeps onto his lips, but it's gone as soon as Jimin looks up again, played off with a well-timed shrug “it’s not like we haven't already done worse.”


Jungkook gestures towards the hybrid's stomach and Jimin's cheeks tint pink, hand subconsciously rising to cover it. He watches on in amusement as the smaller man bounces back and forth on the balls of his feet, chewing his bottom lip as he thinks. After a short eternity the hybrid finally looks up, hands cautiously planting against Jungkook's chest. “Lean down for me.”


Jungkook does as he's told, hunching his back and bending slightly at the knees. Jimin isn't that much shorter than him so it's more out of courtesy than anything, but the hybrid sighs softly against his neck once his nose is pressed there, the tension in his palms relaxing as he traces back and forth slowly. He curls closer with each soft nudge of his cheeks, so close Jungkook can feel the warmth of his skin through his thin nightshirt, and his arms twitch, unsure of whether he could touch or hold; he'd been completely pliant for Taehyung.


Just hold him, idiot. He's pregnant with your kid .


Jungkook gives himself a quick pep talk, deciding that today is the day he kills this awkward mood between them, and his forearms flex as he starts to raise them, but Jimin is already pulling away with a dazed look in his eyes, irises blown golden and if Jungkook ever doubted he was a hybrid before he's officially convinced now.


“Thanks. I better get to bed.” The other man clears his throat awkwardly and Jungkook remembers they're standing in Jimin's room; he scratches the back of his neck as he clears out, feeling incredibly lost as he shuffles back to the sofa, anticipating a sleepless night.




Jimin's friend is there when Jungkook gets off work late, again . They're giggling on the couch until he walks in, and the consultant feels a little tug on his heart because he hasn't seen Jimin laugh or smile once since he moved in with him.


“This is the guy?” Jimin's friend eyes him skeptically, ears flattening against his head; his hair is jet-black, short and loosely styled, and he doesn't look much larger than Jimin himself. He's also got a very distinct scowl the second he lays eyes on Jungkook, and while it could be argued that he has the potential to look cute, Jungkook doesn't think he'll ever be given the opportunity to witness this hybrid smile either.


“You must be the friend.” Jungkook puts on his best resting bitch face as he hangs up his coat, giving Jimin a brief once over to see how he's feeling; he doesn't look as upset as usual, but he's still a little thin. Jungkook would have to take him grocery shopping later. “Are you two planning on staying up for much longer? I'd like my bed back.”


“Don't you have a room?” The black haired hybrid snaps, and Jimin pinches his arm and whispers something before turning to face Jungkook.


“Sorry, we'll go to my room.”


“Is he staying over?” Jungkook asks with more hostility than intended, but he's not particularly keen on Jimin sleeping with anyone else under his roof.


“Is he always this much of an asshole?” Black hair fires back, and Jimin punches his arm this time.


“Yoongi, stop .”


“If you've got a problem with me you can get out of my house Yoongi .” Jungkook responds without missing a beat, shoulders squaring up when the other man stands.


“Look here you piece of-”


Jungkook's phone buzzes in his pocket, Seokjin's obnoxious girl group ringtone echoing off the walls and temporarily breaking any tension the two men had managed to build. Jungkook turns away to take the call, pressing the phone against his ear a little more aggressively than he intended to.


“What is it?”


Breakthrough with the Meijing Group. They're willing to sign, but we've got to tough through negotiations tomorrow at 7am sharp. They need you on the next plane to China .”


“We can't do a proxy in Incheon?” Jungkook's shoulders slump at the prospect of losing another night of sleep; he'd already done himself dirty last night, thinking about how to improve his relationship with Jimin.


No. Their game, their rules. Sorry Kook. I know-


“It's fine, hyung. I'll see you in fifteen?” Jungkook cuts the older man off before he can remind him that he'll be leaving Jimin home alone for God knows how long while he argues with investors. He barely spent any time with the hybrid as-is. Seokjin says his goodbyes and Jungkook shrugs his coat back on, digging through the hall closet for his emergency travel bag. “Jimin, I have to leave for China tonight. You have my card if you need anything--money’s on top of the fridge.”


“How long?”


“A few days--a week, maybe.” Jungkook shrugs, slipping on his shoes. “Your friend can stay here while I'm gone.”


The consultant tells himself it's not dejection that makes Jimin stare into his lap--he must've been doing it already, just a little uncomfortable from the argument before.


“You're just gonna leave your pregnant mate here alone?” Yoongi scoffs and calls Jungkook a plethora of unpleasant names under his breath, and the consultant finally connects the dots; this was the hybrid from Jimin's apartment complex who'd tried to beat his face in.


“I can't force him to come.”


“No, but you can ask .” Yoongi nearly shouts, and Jungkook can't help but clench his jaw and his eyes and his fists because he's never had a good temper and the hybrid is jabbing at well-worn buttons. Deciding to stay calm for Jimin and the baby, he turns to the man in question and tries his hardest to ease out the tension in his voice.




Both men stare at him and the hybrid fidgets, picking at his nail beds and chewing on his lip (which Jungkook really needs to tell him to stop doing). It takes a minute or so before he speaks, and it’s quiet enough that Jungkook has to take a step forward to make anything out, but Jimin surprises them both with his answer.


“I'd like to go.”


Jungkook thinks it’s cute how shy he gets when he asks, but he decides to keep that fact and the resulting reaction to himself because Yoongi is here and 95% of him has decided he doesn’t like Yoongi. Instead he nods in the direction of the bedrooms, setting his things by the door. “Pack a bag then. There should be empty suitcases in your closet.”


Jimin scurries off to quickly pack, and Jungkook pretends his heart doesn’t skip a beat at the prospect of spending more time with his hybrid.




“You only have queen-sized left?”


Jungkook is not pleased.  He flew his ass all the way to China with Jimin and Seokjin in tow, only to be slighted by the hotel, which overbooked and only has two rooms left, neither of which has two beds. To be fair their trip was originally comprised of two people, but even then they could’ve provided a bigger room--king sized beds, at the very least.


“We’re sorry sir, the reservations were so last minute-”


Forget it .” The consultant snaps, snatching the room keycards and turning to his secretary. “Not like i’m gonna fucking sleep in this godforsaken place anyways.” He hears Seokjin apologize profusely behind him as he storms towards the elevator, and if it weren’t for Jimin holding the door open he probably would have left his secretary behind entirely. Their rooms are at least next to each other, which means he can sneak into Seokjin’s space if Jimin needs to sleep.


The suite itself is cramped but in a luxurious sort of way, like they’re trying to stuff as many rich people as possible into one building; Jungkook immediately sets up at the desk, spreading out his paperwork and notes before plugging in all three of his work essential electronics. The next thing he does is hang up his suits, humming quietly to himself as he neatly aligns each swathe of fabric, already guessing which would be the one he ends up closing the deal in. He sort of forgets that Jimin even exists, until he bumps into him coming out of the bathroom.


The smaller man looks pale and sickly, toppling backwards from the impact of their admittedly minor collision. Jungkook catches him before he can fall, wrapping a strong arm around his waist to steady him. A sick feeling curls in the pit of his stomach when he realizes just how light the other man is. “Hey, woah, what’s up?”


“The joys of motherhood.” Jimin comments weakly, resting his head against Jungkook’s shoulder.


“Should we go to a hospital? Will the baby be alright?” Jungkook panics, as he supposes any decent father would, and the hybrid chuckles softly as he nuzzles closer, leaning more of his weight onto his partner.


“It’s just morning sickness Jeon. Baby didn’t like the airplane food.”


Jungkook readjusts so that he can take more of the hybrid’s weight, one arm curled tight around his waist while the other slides up to support his neck. “Is there...I dunno, anything I could do?”


“Just hold me.”


“Next to the toilet?”


“Next to the toilet.”


Jungkook carefully guides the smaller man to sit down on the cool tile, providing a sturdy back support so that he can easily lean over if his nausea returns. Jimin is like putty in his hands, none of his usual bite or hostility as he groans against the ceramic; it’s oddly charming, the way his lips purse and his brows furrow like he’s trying to concentrate. The fact that he’s probably trying to concentrate on not vomiting takes a little bit of the romance out of it, but Jungkook finds himself smitten nonetheless, palms sliding down to cup at the tiny pouch of fat just beginning to form along his navel. Jimin inhales sharply at the contact, a low, purr-like rumble vibrating through his chest and confirming Taehyung’s earlier assessment; he was a cat hybrid.


They sit like that for awhile, Jungkook curled tight around the hybrid, fingers tracing patterns along the skin of his stomach as he hums a lullaby while Jimin shifts between purrs and quiet groans of discomfort, occasionally tilting his head towards the bowl to retch.  Jungkook should be sleeping and preparing for his early morning sales pitch but he finds the matter at hand to be so much more important; the weight of Jimin in his arms, no matter how light, feels right , and he's beginning to suspect it's two parts biology screaming at him to protect his offspring and three parts his own conscience nudging him in the direction of love.


“This is nice.” He comments after a bout of silence, hooking his chin over the smaller man's shoulder. Jimin scoffs and settles in closer, wetting his lips.


“You're enjoying my pain?”


“I like taking care of you.” Jungkook protests softly, and for a moment he forgets the lackluster nature of their relationship and considers pressing a kiss against his pulse; the intelligent part of his brain stops him from doing it because you're basically strangers, dumbass. It suddenly strikes him that maybe this whole situation isn't okay, and that maybe the reason Jimin's friend practically hated him on sight is because there was something brewing between them before Jungkook had so elegantly fucked it up. “Are you and Yoongi dating?”


“No. God no.” Jimin lets out a visceral shudder and Jungkook tries to ignore his own sudden relief.


“Then, can I take you out? On a date.” He tries to ask in the coolest way possible, but from the way his voice cracks and Jimin snorts cool is the last thing he accomplishes.


“A bit late to be courting me.” The hybrid teases, but it's weak; Jungkook is slowly coming to appreciate morning sickness, because it means Jimin doesn't have the energy to be on guard around him and is in search of comforting touch, like a weaker version of the final boss.


“Should we just have lots of sex then?” He suggests jokingly, which he immediately regrets when Jimin tenses up in his arms.


“Won't you be too busy for dates?” The other man asks with the smallest twinge of tension in his voice, like he doesn't expect anything to come of this, or doesn't want for that to happen.


“We can have them here. If you don't mind waiting up, of course.” Jungkook manages to keep his tone a little more neutral, anticipating rejection. The hybrid leans forward the tiniest amount, barely noticeable unless you were paying attention to everything he was doing like a certain overworked consultant.


“What if I say no?”


“Then I'll leave you here to shiver and throw up all on your own.” Jungkook scoots backwards like he'll make good on his threat and Jimin actually whines, the noise enough to make him feel guilty.


“You're gonna do that anyways in the morning.” Jimin responds a little too easily, leaning forward to rest his weight on the toilet fully. The awkward atmosphere from before returns and Jungkook feels out of place, Jimin's words a sharp slap of reality making him remember who he was, where he was, how none of this would matter tomorrow.


They'd be back in the same awkward standstill where neither is willing to fire off the first shot.


“Do you need help getting to bed?” Jungkook curses himself for his cowardice. He's running away--there are a thousand more things he could've said, things that maybe would make Jimin like him more or hate him less, and considering it's his god damn job to sway the opinions of others he's doing absolute shit at convincing Jimin he's a half-decent person.


“I should be fine. Just need a minute to collect myself.”


Jimin waves him off and Jungkook pulls away, joints creaking in protest when he finally stands. A single glance at the clock makes him want to throw himself out the window, because it's three thirty and he needs to be prepared and presentable in less than four hours.


“I'm so fucked.” He tries his best to minimize his grumbling as he gathers what he needs for the night, prepared to work until the sun rises or he finally dies from exhaustion. Seokjin would probably still be up. That, or the psychopath would be running through their itinerary while watching one of his cooking shows, or showering because he just woke up and knew Jungkook would come crawling over at some point because he isn't exactly cozy with Jimin and he was being a diva in the hotel lobby. Kim Seokjin was prepared for everything.


As he darts past his closet he nearly forgets to grab a suit to wear, brain flooding with information on the Meijing group and every stupid contract they've ever asked for in the past three months. He could be tactful and leave it so that he has a reason to see Jimin in the morning, and see if he needs any help again.


After a moment's hesitation, he pulls down a plain black suit.




“Thank you for coming on such short notice Mr. Jeon! They offered to send one of their mainland agents, but it didn't feel right letting some upstart take credit for your work.”


The CEO of the Meijing group was a portly, good-natured man. He played hard to get but he wasn't anything special, at least not in terms of how he needed to be handled. A little extra attention, a few smiles, jokes catered to his taste; Jungkook had him eating out of the palm of his hand within a week, and he would've closed the deal sooner if it weren't for the whole baby fiasco.


“I appreciate that sir. I'm sure they were all devastated by the news.” Jungkook throws on his best smile and handshake, and once it's all said and done and the easy part of his job is over they go out for drinks, exchange pleasantries and part ways after a dinner that probably cost more than Jungkook's entire apartment. Negotiations were easier than he thought; helping translate the paperwork over the next few days would be a pain, but he could at least finish up his proposal for the electric company during their breaks.


He's ready to start working again the second he steps into his hotel room, body moving on autopilot to the unoccupied desk as he shrugs out of his blazer and loosens his tie. Jimin shuffles somewhere behind him as he takes a seat, yawning in a way that sounds cute enough for him to blank out on what he was doing.


“You're not done?”


“Well, kinda. I just like to work ahead.” Jungkook boots up his laptop and starts surfing through documents, shoulders slumping a little when he realizes how much they'll have to get through tomorrow. Even if he started now, he wouldn't be able to make any actual changes without the company's approval.


“What about our date?” Jimin hovers next to him and the consultant blanks out again, fingers freezing over his keyboard as he turns to look up.


“Oh.” He didn't think Jimin would actually wait up for him. He definitely didn't think he wanted to go out on a date. Fumbling for something to say, he settles for a shaky “You look nice.”


“Where are you taking me, Romeo?” Jimin chuckles and licks his lips, running his fingers through his hair in a cute little gesture that kind of sort of makes Jungkook have a heart attack but in a good way.


“Hmm.” Play it cool, Jungkook . “Hotel bar?”


“I can't drink.”


Shit .


“You can order a milkshake.” Jimin gives him an incredulous look so he tags on a quick. “We both can.”


“You're taking me to a bar to drink milkshakes?” Jimin doesn't seem convinced, so Jungkook decides to draw a little power from his normally limitless supply of consultant mojo.


“Well we could drink them here but I might not be able to keep my hands to myself.” The hybrid gives him a curious look and Jungkook smirks before wiggling his eyebrows. “Strawberry milk makes me frisky.”


Jimin stares hard for a few seconds and it seems like it doesn't work until the smaller man snorts and breaks into a fit of giggles, eyes crinkling into adorable little crescents that melt the thick layer of ice Jungkook had strategically placed around his heart.


Despite several attempts on his part to order in they end up at the bar fifteen minutes later, the only people with non-alcoholic drinks in the entire establishment. It was 10pm on a Friday so it makes sense; if anything they're the ones out of place, smiling over peaks of whipped cream as Jungkook recounts his worst days as a rookie and all the stupid things he had to do for his mentor. Jimin doesn't really talk about himself, and Jungkook doesn't probe, but he can't help but notice the way the other man seems to be fighting opening up.


“Jimin, can I ask you something?” The hybrid hums an agreement, lips wrapped around the bright red straw of his vanilla shake. Jungkook tries his hardest not to imagine that they're wrapped around something else. “How old are you?”


“Twenty four.”


“You're older than me?”


“Of course. You thought I was that good in bed with no experience?”Jimin smirks before lapping at a clump of whipped cream stuck to the side of his straw, and Jungkook has an actual heart attack. “You okay Romeo?”


“Just had a vivid flashback.” He clears his throat and pats his chest, doing his best to ignore the way Jimin is still smirking. This man was a far cry from the hybrid who wouldn't even be there to say hello when he got home.


“Why haven't you made a move on me?” Jimin runs his fingers through his hair in what Jungkook is beginning to suspect is a nervous habit, eyes darting to the bartender like he wished he could order something stronger.


“You're pregnant.” He responds simply, Jimin's attention returning to him in the bad sort of way; the hybrid seems a little hurt and insecure, even if he tries to hide it. “I don't mean that in a bad way. It's just-”


Take a deep breath Jungkook. Think about what you're going to say.


“I feel like most people do the move-making before a baby is involved. I also don't know jack-shit about how I should treat you.”


“They don't make books?” Jimin teases half-heartedly, running his finger through the condensation on the side of his glass.


“No. Not reliable ones, anyways.” Jungkook had done some research. It was about hybrid behavior in general, and most of the articles linked back to base animals and their specified behavior. He thought Jimin was a cat, but he hadn't asked outright and he wasn't about to study every type of hybrid in existence and get it wrong. “I'm trying to treat you right I guess, but I don't know how.”


Jimin stares at him thoughtfully for a moment, expression otherwise unreadable; it's a little nerve-wracking, and maybe it's because this is their first date and he's trying his hardest not to fuck it up but Jungkook honestly feels like the other man is about to storm out and he doesn't even know what he did.  It comes as an immense relief when Jimin shrugs and stares into his drink, mumbling a quiet response. “Hybrids need a lot of physical contact.”


“Chaste contact?” Jungkook adds to lighten up the mood again; Jimin snorts and rolls his eyes.


“We all have our preferences.”


Some part of Jungkook's brain deems it appropriate to turn and finish off his drink, forgoing the straw in favor of letting it slosh messily against his lips. He probably wanted it to seem like he was chugging a beer, and it probably would have been funny when he immediately wraps an arm around Jimin's shoulder afterwards, but considering there was absolutely no alcohol involved and Jimin is harder to charm than a crusade-era Catholic priest things don't go as planned.


“Did you really just chug your milkshake to do that?” The hybrid looks thoroughly unimpressed, but he doesn’t pull away either; now’s his chance.


“I needed liquid courage...uh oh.” Jungkook makes his expression fall fast, just enough to be concerning, and Jimin, wide-eyed and concerned , takes the bait.




“That was strawberry . Jimin-hyung, if I do anything inappropriate from now on I'm sorry. I really can't control myself.” He fakes painfully restraining himself as he reaches for the other man’s drink, fingers curling around the base of the glass just as he feels warm breath on his neck, little notes of sugar and vanilla tinting the air around him. He blinks, acknowledges that he’s leaned closer to Jimin than intended, and turns to apologize only to catch the elder staring down at his lips.


“Will you kiss me then?” Jimin’s eyes rake over his features slowly and Jungkook chokes, flusters, seizes up, nearly throws the milkshake over the counter in shock--he doesn’t handle it very well , as expected.


“W-what?” Is his definitely hot, definitely intelligent response.


“Kiss. You know, that thing you did before you shoved your dick in my-” In the name of keeping their surroundings mostly appropriate Jungkook dives in to do just that, jaw relaxing as their lips slide together, the hand he has wrapped around Jimin’s drink squeezing so hard the glass nearly slips free. Jimin tastes better than his drink--while the sugary mix is pleasant, there’s something else there, something warm and gentle that makes it hard for Jungkook to pull away even after the bartender gives them several pointed coughs.


When he finally does regain his composure he still can’t resist planting a kiss against the hybrid’s shoulder, eyes darkening with lust as he pulls back completely. “You've got a dirty mouth.”


“I don't need dairy to make me horny.” Jimin fires back easily, reaching for his shake which the consultant is still clutching onto for dear life; their fingers brush, and Jungkook is a little more shameless about the way he watches Jimin wrap his lips around the straw this time.


“So, are we dating now?” He asks carefully, sliding his arm down so that it’s resting against the back of the chair. After a moment’s hesitation, he adds a quiet “Hyung.”


“Do you want us to be?” Without giving anything away the hybrid shrugs and finishes off his drink, avoiding eye contact.


“Only if you promise to have my babies.” Jungkook quips, pouting when Jimin gives him an unamused glare.


“Try again.”


“Only if you let me kiss you more when we get back to the room?” He's more hopeful this time, batting his doe eyes and inching closer--Jimin slides his glass across the table and nods, reaching for a napkin to wipe his mouth.


“Let’s go.”


Jungkook doesn't think he's ever left such a large tip in his life. He plays it cool on the way back up to their room, keeping Jimin interested with subtle touches and little 'techniques’ he'd learned during his various sexcapades, like wetting his lips every few seconds and flexing his muscles doing stupid things like rolling up his sleeves. It's all a formula for him, a set of 1,2,3 that has him gently guiding Jimin through the door by his waist, broad back filling out the frame just as Seokjin pokes his head out from the room over to ask a question.


The second the door is shut Jimin slams him back against it to kiss up his neck, and Seokjin must've been on the other side getting ready to knock because there's an exasperated “ Oh my God. ” and stomping that he'll probably get shit about tomorrow. None of that matters, of course; all that matters is the way Jimin tugs off his tie, the way he crushes their lips together as his hands wander, fingers gripping tight enough to bruise.


It's a new kind of thrill, hearing his partner growl as he sucks a mark along his throat. Jungkook is a little more careful about how hard he squeezes, where he touches more specifically, but Jimin is a barely contained beast, fumbling with his buttons for barely ten seconds before ripping his shirt open with an irritated huff. Jungkook gasps, two parts mortified and three parts aroused. “That was Armani .”


“You can get a new one.” The hybrid doesn't even bat an eyelash at the name drop, tugging his ruined shirt off and tossing it to the side so that he can kiss marks up Jungkook's exposed chest. He has ten others like it at home, so the consultant lets his wasted money be momentarily forgotten in favor of falling into the numbing sensation of Jimin's lips against his skin, pointed canines leaving a trail of bruises all the way down to his navel where the hybrid meets his next obstacle: Jungkook's lucky belt.


Jimin rips it off so hard there's no way he didn't damage the leather, and this time the consultant nearly faints, knees weak. He'd gotten through so many deals flashing that platinum-plated H. “Hermes-”


“Not worth it anyways.” The hybrid grunts, and Jungkook isn't sure if he's getting harder or having a panic attack.


His slacks pool loosely around his hips, no longer held tight by the belt, and Jimin makes a show of nipping a dark, careless hickey along the dip of his navel. Deft fingers tug along the elastic of his boxer briefs a little too hard and Jungkook chokes, shaking his head. “Please, not the Louis Vuitton .


“Louis Vuitton isn't about to suck your dick.” Jimin snarls out, eyes flashing that pretty gold from before; Jungkook can actually see his dick throb from where he's looking down, and if he thought Jimin was hot before the sight of him on his knees, glaring with those pretty glowing eyes makes his balls feel like they haven't dropped until today, right now, just this second .


“Are--are you ?” He squeaks, and Jimin pauses from where he was mouthing along the incredibly prominent outline of his erection.


“Did you really just ask that?”


In an effort to save his own ass (but mostly his reputation) Jungkook tugs carefully on the other man's hair, pulling his head back. “I should do you first. I'm a gentleman.”


For a second he thinks he'll get away with it, but Jimin calls him out on his shit before he can even fumble for a better explanation. “You're about to cream your pants?”


“I've never wanted to bust a nut so bad in my life.” Jungkook admits as soon as the gig is up, and the hybrid has the gall to smirk and grope him through his underwear like they didn't just have a discussion about not ruining them. When he can't take anymore he goes completely taut and grabs the elder's wrist. “ Hyung .”


Jimin gives him one last squeeze as he stands up, nosing along the edge of his jaw with the same strange growl-purr from before. “Why don't you go take care of this so we can kiss again on the bed?”


Normally, Jeon Jungkook would be embarrassed with how quickly he finishes himself off in the shower, but normally he doesn't have someone as handsome as Jimin waiting for him outside so normally can go fuck itself.




“So how's everything going with your little kitty?” Taehyung visits a lot the week following his return from China. It's strange, considering the hybrid is supposed to be doing work during the day, but Jungkook doesn't mind the extra company and insights on Jimin's behavior.


“Yeah Kook. Fill us in on that spicy sex life of yours.” Jung Hoseok on the other hand is a very unwelcome intruder who's begun to use his office as some sort of lounge.


“We don't have sex.” The consultant snaps, practically wrist deep in paperwork; he's taken on two new projects since completing the contract with the Meijing group, which is a farcry from his usual five. Jungkook opts to ignore the I can tell Hoseok fires back. “He says he needs to get to know me better.”


“How does he have the self control not to jump you every three seconds? You smell so good!” Taehyung bounces in his seat, already half way done with the plate of cookies Seokjin had brought him--they'd somehow become his favorite.


“He's kind of standoffish. Doesn't like it when I'm the one who makes the first move.” Jimin had to have the first say, verbally or otherwise. Even at the hotel Jungkook was neither stupid nor prideful enough to think that he was the one in control.


“Maybe he's scared of you. You're kinda scary.” The dog hybrid proposes, tossing back another cookie.


“I don't think that's it.”


“You sure? You've never gotten angry in front of him, even if it wasn't at him?” Jungkook opens his mouth to deny the fact, but then he remembers his outburst at the hotel and their incredibly hostile first meeting and the way he'd forcibly dragged the hybrid from his home when he said he wanted to raise the baby alone. Okay, maybe he'd been a little intimidating but he was definitely getting better.


“This asshole? He gets angry every five seconds.” Hoseok saves him the trouble of admitting it, and Jungkook rewards his efforts with a glare.


“Hoseok hyung, don't you have work?”


“I'm not leaving my hybrid here unattended so you impregnate him, heathen.”


“I wouldn't mind.” Taehyung pipes in around what must be his tenth cookie, and Hoseok shoots him a scandalized look.


“Kim Taehyung!”


The hybrid opts to ignore his owner completely and leans forward in his chair, tail wagging furiously. “Hey, any way I could meet your kitty? Maybe if I talk with him I can see what's got him all strung up.”


“Sure. Just don't bring that thing with you.” Jungkook points to Hoseok without looking and the elder screeches in protest, but he's no longer a part of the conversation as made evident by even Taehyung ignoring him.


“Really?” The consultant nods as he returns to his work and Taehyung yips happily, the noise loud enough for Seokjin to poke his head in and glare at all of them. After a fifteen minute lecture on not bringing pets to the workplace Jungkook packs up his things and heads back to his apartment with a curious Taehyung in tow, they hybrid sniffing all over his car and pressing every button on his side of the vehicle until he runs out of options and the consultant runs out of patience.


The elevator ride up isn't much better, but thanks to his penthouse apartment Jungkook doesn't have to suffer through someone potentially walking in on him scolding the dog hybrid for climbing on the rails and making faces at the camera. When they finally walk through the front door he exhales in relief, kicking off his shoes as his eyes naturally search for Jimin. “I'm home.”


There's no response; the hybrid must be napping somewhere. Jimin took an ungodly amount of naps. Taehyung is flitting around the apartment like a child visiting his grandparents’ house for the first time, testing all of the furniture and cooing at pictures and carelessly fondling expensive decor. Jungkook just lets him do as he pleases, too tired to scold any further; he'd probably just collapse into the couch if the dog hybrid didn't catch his attention with a curious statement. “This place smells great. He must see you as the dominant partner.”




“In hybrid courting the dominant partner is responsible for scenting and protecting the nest.” Jungkook stares on in confusion as Taehyung circles the couch for the twelfth time, nose pointed up and nostrils flared. “God, you smell so good. Can I have your gym clothes?”


He's about to give the dog hybrid a firm No , but before he can even open his mouth Jimin appears from the hallway leading to their bedrooms, expression stony and muscles taut like he's ready to pounce. When he speaks even Jungkook feels a little threatened. “Who's this ?”


“Jimin, this is Taehyung. The hybrid I was telling you about before?” The consultant says in his most soothing tone, jolting when Taehyung hides behind him, the two hybrids growling at each other briefly before Jimin straightens up, eyes flashing a pretty gold.


Taehyung backs down the second the other hybrid moves, tail between his legs and ears pressed flat against his head. “Woah, hey, easy there big guy. I didn't realize-”


“Keep your mouth shut, mutt .”


Jungkook can only stare on in confusion as the two have some sort of non-verbal exchange, Taehyung ultimately nodding his head and shuffling towards the door. Figuring Jimin wouldn't even bother giving him the time of day if he asked, Jungkook turns to the dog hybrid. “What's going on?”


“Your kitty is just a little scarier than I imagined.” Taehyung swallows thickly and his body is facing Jimin's direction, but he's staring at his feet. “I can leave, if you want?”


The other hybrid growls and Taehyung makes a dash for the door, scrambling to put on his shoes; Jungkook blinks, then reminds him “I drove you here.”


“Hoseok will pick me up.” Taehyung calls over his shoulder, and he's gone just like that.


The confusion lasts a grand total of twenty seconds before Jungkook is whipping around to scold his own hybrid, arms crossed over his chest. “What the hell was that about?”


“I don't want other hybrids in my den.” Jimin shrugs and picks at his nails like he didn't just chase a guest out of the house, and it leaves the consultant internally fuming.


“Yoongi comes over all the time!”


Okay, maybe he was externally fuming too.


“Yoongi is different.” Jimin stares at him long and hard, and Jungkook returns the look, praying to every higher power in existence for the patience to deal with his hybrid's constant tests of character. After a few deep breaths and some aggressive temple rubbing he takes a seat on the couch, finding it in himself to be civil.


“How was your day?”


“Boring. I scheduled appointments and peed on your bed.” Jimin hops over the back of the sofa and curls against his side, scenting him in a way that he knows is out of territoriality, not affection.




“I'm kidding, dork . I only peed on your bed.”


“You're making it really hard to like you.” Jungkook grumbles, but it's harmless; his arm is already wrapped around Jimin's shoulders, and the hybrid can clearly sense his attachment.


“You can't resist me. I'm carrying your child.”


“He's only in there for eight more months.” He warns, poking at the hard plane of muscle where he supposed his child should be.


“He? What makes you so sure it isn't a girl?” Jimin cocks his head to the side defiantly, and Jungkook scoffs because he didn't think they'd be arguing about this too.


“The Jeon family always produces sons first.” It's a short, smug response that earns him an eye roll and slap to his chest.


“What are we watching?” Jimin changes the subject as he settles into the couch, pulling away slightly.


“Are we close enough to watch TV together now?” When the hybrid gives him an affronted look he continues, much to his own chagrin. “You know, because you only let me kiss you and hold you when you want it, so I was under the impression we still had some ground to cover relationship-wise.”


“I have the right to say no.” Jimin gives him that face that he always gives him when he's uncomfortable, and Jungkook shoots it right back.


“So do I.”


They stare at each other for a little too long, neither willing to concede, but it's surprisingly the hybrid who gives in first, scooting over and childishly placing a pillow wall between them.


Fine , I won't ask anymore.”


And so begins their war of consent .


Jungkook is incredibly skilled at denying people things--it comes with the job. So when Jimin walks up to him after work to scent him, he politely declines the contact, covering his neck. “No.”


It becomes a war of attrition. Even the evening cuddles that they'd only recently begun are lost, because Jungkook has something to prove and Jimin needs to know that he doesn't need him. When the hybrid presses against his side to hide his face during a scary movie the consultant pulls away, ignoring his hurt expression to mumble a soft “Nope.” before digging in to his popcorn.


Jimin gets in a few jabs too; he doesn't kiss Jungkook anymore, doesn't indulge his corny jokes or long-winded stories. The less attention he gets, the less social he becomes, and it isn't until Yoongi steps in that he finally realizes he's gone too far.


They're all in the living room watching some historical drama, Jimin and Yoongi cracking jokes and mocking the old-fashioned way of speech while Jungkook quietly glowers in his corner, demolishing a bag of chips to stop himself from making any snide remarks. He's always in a bad mood when Yoongi visits, but the sentiment is amplified because he's arguing with Jimin as well. The thing that sets him off isn't even worth it; Jimin leans over to rest his head on his shoulder, and Jungkook immediately pushes him away, scowling like he's been forced to touch his worst enemy. “Sorry, don't wanna.”


Jimin quietly excuses himself to the kitchen to get a drink, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out he's just trying to escape the situation. The literal second they're alone Yoongi turns on him, hissing under his breath. “Why the fuck do you keep rejecting him?”


“He rejected me first.” Jungkook hisses back, setting his chips aside.


Yoongi glares right through him before cursing in a thick dialect Jungkook can't quite place, expression turning dark. “Jimin has his reasons.”


“Reasons he won't tell me.” It's fair for him to be curious. They could be spending the rest of their lives together--Jimin can't hide his past forever.


“You should learn to respect his space. It's not like he asked for any of this to happen.”


“Neither did I-”


“But you had a choice . You're a fucking human, which makes you god compared to us, so even if you could've thrown him to the wolves Jimin had no choice. He was yours or dead the second that slimy fucking seed of yours took hold.”


Jungkook wants to jump on his moral high horse and flay into the cat hybrid, but he can't. Yoongi is absolutely right; something as foolhardy and inconsequential as unprotected sex may have been nothing to Jungkook, but it had decided Jimin's future. Jimin didn't get to choose him, not in the way most people chose their partners, but Jungkook could most certainly toss him aside whenever he pleased. He knows he would never do that, but has he shown Jimin that he can be trusted? That this isn't just some momentary infatuation, like their first night together?


Jungkook realizes he has a lot more to think about than he initially predicted. It takes a lot out of him to agree, and his pride suffers a fatal blow, but Yoongi is right. If there's anything his job, or life, even, has taught him, it's to know when you've lost. “Fair point.”


“Stop neglecting him and give him the attention he deserves. He's your pregnant mate for Christ's sake, you fucking child .” Yoongi turns back towards the television just as Jimin walks back in with a glass of juice, quietly asking what he'd missed. It takes a second but Jungkook is at his side, eyes downcast and apologetic as he nudges the other man's arm.


“Sorry--can I have a sip?”




The first time Jimin calls him a pet name is two and a half months in. Jungkook is lounging in bed, scrolling through work emails when his door creaks open and an unexpected face pokes through the crack, smiling pensively. It comes as a shock because the hybrid refuses to set foot in his room--something about his scent being too strong.


“What's up hyung?” Jungkook does his best to look presentable, pulling his sheet up to his chest and smiling because they still had a relatively chaste relationship and the consultant was none too discreetly counting down the days until month five where Jimin would allegedly transform into a cock hungry sex demon ( Taehyung's words, not his )


“I just--I need to buy nesting supplies. My bed isn't.” The smaller man glances around the room, frowning. “It isn't right.”


“You could order blankets online. My card info is on the computer in your room.”


“I need to see them in person. To make sure they're right.” Jimin insists, and Jungkook is already pulling out his wallet, although he swore he gave his spare card to Jimin when he first moved in.


“Okay, I'll have Seokjin come pick you up. Did you want to bring Yoongi too, or-”


“I want to go with you .”


“Oh.” Jungkook blinks twice. Discreetly pinches himself under the blankets. Prays his good karma from today doesn't cost him tomorrow. “I, I don't know how to pick out stuff for a nest.”


“You'll know when we get there.” The hybrid insists, and Jungkook is about to assure him he actually has no idea what he's doing when Taehyung's words echo in the back of his head.


He must see you as the dominant partner .


“Okay. I'll be dressed in a me in the living room?”


Jimin nods before disappearing back behind the door, and Jungkook shrugs on casual clothes, thinking hard on what this trip must mean. Is Jimin giving him an opportunity to be a provider? He never went out on grocery runs or anything like that, not when he could just sent Seokjin to do it. Maybe this was some kind of giant, important step--fuck, he didn't know, he wasn't a hybrid.


They end up going to a department store because Jungkook needs to buy more socks and underwear--he’s a neat freak who never keeps anything for longer than three months, and Jimin gives him an openly judgemental stare the whole time as he picks out expensive undergarments--he offers to buy some for the hybrid as well, but he politely declines.


The bedding section comes a little too quickly in his honest opinion, rows of luxury pillows and blankets stacked ceiling-high; Jimin gapes at the selection, fingers running over every sample with a small frown as he moves from brand to brand. Jungkook trails after him vigilantly, giving the stink eye to anyone who stares at his boyfriend too long--it didn't take a genius to figure out that Jimin was a hybrid if you looked closely enough at the even bulge set against his otherwise muscular frame.


“Kookie, I can't decide.”


The precious, glorious pet name comes when he least expects it, falling from frustrated lips as the older man tugs on a sample comforter, clearly unsatisfied. Jungkook was busy glaring at a store clerk, but now Jimin has his full attention and then some. Rather than run back and forth and squeal like a fangirl Jungkook puts on his big boy pants and walks over to a familiar set of bedding, glancing over the assorted colors.


“I think this one is good.” He tosses a blanket into the basket carelessly, and Jimin frowns.


“Why that one?”


“Aren't you taking mine?”


The hybrid freezes up and Jungkook can't help himself; he plants a quick kiss on the crown of his head, smiling. “Trust me. It'll be just right.”


Jimin makes his signature purr-growl, flushing once he realizes what he's done, and Jungkook presses another kiss to his cheek, guiding them towards the pillow section.


Unsurprisingly, when Jungkook goes to crawl back into bed Jimin shyly asks for permission to join him.


“I just wanna see if it feels right.” The elder explains from the doorway, slowly becoming comfortable with invading the younger's space.


“Well these are kinda old and squishy, but,” Jungkook shrugs, pulling the covers back and patting the spot next to him. “I think they're really comfy.”


The added weight is foreign to Jungkook, but pleasant; he can hardly hold back his smile when the hybrid cuddles up against his side, letting his eyes fall shut. It would be far too easy to tease Jimin about how he said he was just here to test things out--instead Jungkook continues his work, heart at ease knowing his boyfriend was sound asleep.




Jungkook's mother always visits at the most inopportune of times.


Like right now, while he's rocking Jimin to sleep.


“Sweety, I brought side dishes and-- oh dear .”


He'd been meaning to tell her eventually. The talk had gone smoothly in his head, something like Hey mom, so you're a grandma now. Sorry? And then they lived happily ever after. It's more of a surprise that Jimin stays asleep long enough for him to a) discreetly tell his mother to keep quiet and b) sneak out of bed.


His mother is pacing back and forth in the kitchen when he comes out, chewing on her thumb. She stares expectantly when Jungkook clears his throat, mouth drawn up into a tight frown.


“Why do you always hide your boyfriends from me?”


“Because you're nosy .” Jungkook quips, leaning against the counter next to her.


“You seemed quite attached to him.” The woman points out, and Jungkook blurts the first thing that crawls free of his guilty conscience.


“He's pregnant.”


What ?”


Real smooth, dude.


“Jimin, he's half hybrid. He's carrying my child.” Jungkook explains cautiously, gauging his mother's expression; she doesn't seem bothered by the news, at least not in the 'im disgusted with you, leave our family’ way.


“And you didn't tell us?” Her particular brand of disappointment is more or less typical; Jungkook's gone off and done something difficult on his own, without asking for help.


“We weren't really dating before it happened.” He admits, eyes averting to the floor.


“But you are now?”




Even if she doesn't mean to, Jungkook's mother makes him feel small.


“Sweety, you're so young--you should've come to us first.”


Maybe it's just because of who she is. Jungkook is so big and important and invincible when he walks through the shimmering glass doors of his firm, but he's reduced to a cowering mess in his own kitchen. He realizes all too late he has no one to be vulnerable with, and it's taken a toll on his psyche.


“I don't know what to do.” He admits softly, silently willing his voice not to waver. “I'm scared, mom. What if I screw up? What if I'm not what he needs?”




“It's like you said--people aren't equations. I can't just look at him and know the answer--i can't, and now there's someone growing inside him, and I can't-”


“Jungkook, look at me.” Jungkook doesn't register that he's crying until he feels the moisture pressed into his skin by his mother's palms. She's cupped his face, but he still can't look her in the eye, ashamed of his own weakness, his own incapability . “You're doing your best.”


“What if my best isn't good enough?”


“If your best is what I saw in that room, it's more than enough.” His mother reassures him, but Jungkook isn't a kid anymore; kind words won't console him. He accepts the hug, the kiss to his cheeks,the steady pressure on his back--he takes it all gratefully, but it does nothing to quell the growing ache in his chest.  “Wash up and go back to bed. I'll see you again,when you're ready to introduce him.”


Jungkook promises to do just that, but the sight of Jimin curled up against his sheets draws him in like a moth to a flame; he heads straight for bed, burying his face into the elder's chest.


Kookie ? What's wrong ?”




“You're fuckin’ cheating.”


“Just shut up and draw four.”


“There aren't even six of those cards in this deck. How the fuck did you have six ?”


“Jimin hyung, Yoongi is cursing at me again.” Jungkook calls over his shoulder; Jimin is in the kitchen making them all food out of the kindness of his heart, but mostly to force the other two men to bond.


“Yoongi, leave him alone.” The hybrid calls from the kitchen, effectively ending his rebellion.


“Goddamn human scumbag.” Yoong draws four, as he should , and Jungkook doesn't bother to hide his smug grin. “You're lucky the kid fucking likes you.”


“I could say the same about you.” Jungkook grumbles, throwing down a seven.


“He's doing okay?”


The question is asked so nonchalantly Jungkook forgets to answer at first, more absorbed in his strategy for the next turn; Yoongi hisses at him when he reveals a draw two. “Doctor's say he's doing great. He gained weight, he's got a nice round belly--not much more I could ask for.”


“Does he uh...sleep with you?”


The younger pauses for a moment, narrowing his eyes. Surely Yoongi wasn't asking what he thought he was? “We take naps every day and sometimes he spends the night in my room.”


“I mean do you two fuck , idiot.”


Oh, he went there.


“No.” Jungkook deadpans, throwing out another draw four; Yoongi flicks it off the top of the pile.


“Look, there's something you need to know about the kid.”


“He's barely a year younger than you.” The consultant reminds, a little miffed that his hyung was being disrespected so casually. So what if they'd been friends for years?


Yoongi rolls his eyes and tosses in random card, lowering his voice. “He's been hurt in the past, Jungkook. I can't tell you everything, but just know he's taking it slow for a reason.”


“But we've already slept together.”


“That night was-” The black-haired hybrid puts on a pained expression, jaw tightening. “He was just hurting and he needed someone.”


“Why didn't he go to you?”


“I'm his friend.”


Yoongi says the words with a sort of simplistic finality that could easily come across as crass, but he's saying it for Jungkook, to reassure him that there's nothing there, that there won't ever be something there and Jimin is all his.


All his.


“I'll take it slow.” The younger concedes quietly, drawing a card.


“I'm not telling you to take it slow, idiot.” The black-haired hybrid scowls, glancing over his shoulder to make sure Jimin is still out of earshot. “He needs to know that you care for him. That you're in it for the long run.”


“You're sending pretty mixed messages here.”


“Sometimes you need to take the first step.” Yoongi gives him a long, fond look, and it's a little creepy until he sees the older man put down four fucking draw four cards at once this piece of shit-“ Draw sixteen, mother fucker.”


“You can't stack them like that!” Jungkook immediately rejects his bullshit move, two seconds shy of flipping the table.


“Says who?”


“Says the people who made the game.” He's about to make a case for it and Google their official response when Yoongi raises his hand, wagging a thin finger.


“They don't know our house rules.”


“It's my house.” Jungkook sputters out just as Jimin returns with fried rice and grilled meat, barely pacified when his boyfriend pushes his arms aside so that he can sit in his lap.


“Chim, is this your house?” Yoongi tactfully redirects the question, and Jungkook clams up. He didn't realize that he cared whether or not Jimin thought of his apartment as home until now, which is Min Yoongi's second fucking injustice after the attempted draw sixteen. Jimin readjusts in his lap, nibbling on a piece of meat before answering simply, without hesitation.


“Yeah, why?”


“See? According to Chim's house rules, they stack.”


Hyung .” The youngest groans, staring at the pile because he had uno and now he's been taken out in one fell swoop. Fuck this game .


Jungkook pouts openly as he draws his sixteen cards, not in the least comforted by Jimin's patronizing kisses and coos. “Sorry baby. House rules.”




Month four, aka when Jimin really starts showing, aka one month until sex demon bliss, is unsurprisingly full of openly voiced concerns, crying and mood swings. Jungkook works from home most days now because he's had one too many scares where Jimin calls him crying hysterically and he has to fly over rush hour traffic to get back and console him. The only downside is that he rarely gets work done, because the older man hovers and pouts and complains like he's doing right now, in front of Jungkook's very own full length mirror. “Babe, you look fine.”


“I'm fat.”


“You're fat with my child. Aka you're perfect .” Jungkook shoots finger guns and a greasy wink, but it does nothing to pierce Jimin's impenetrable wall of insecurities.


“Do you still hang out with Taehyung?” The hybrid brings up out of nowhere, and Jungkook almost scoffs and rolls his eyes, but he thinks better of it.


“He drops by the office sometimes.” He admits softly, cracking his neck and turning back to his work.


“You think he's prettier than me, don't you?” Jimin hovers close enough that Jungkook can sense him more than hear him, and the consultant gives a defeated sigh. He wouldn't be getting much done today, it seems.


“Well, yeah, I guess.” He jokes in a nasally voice, attempting to imitate his hyung; Jimin doesn't find it very funny.




“Fuck no. I'd have you on every surface of every room, if you'd let me.” Jungkook turns in his chair just in time to see his teary-eyed, pregnant boyfriend, and he really rolls his eyes this time because it's just another tantrum.


“But I'm fat.” Jimin protests weakly, prodding at the soft skin of his stomach.


“Jimin, come here.” The younger makes grabby hands until his request is fulfilled, nuzzling against the little bump when his boyfriend comes to stand in front of him. He looks up at Jimin and smiles gently, leaning forward in his seat. “Can I kiss you?”


After a moment of worrying his lip between his teeth the hybrid nods, hands falling to his sides. Jungkook is sure to smile up at him again as he kisses along the side of his clothed stomach, hands sliding to rest just beneath the hem of his shirt.


A few seconds later he tries to push the fabric up, startled out of his daze by a firm grip on his wrist. Jimin whines softly when he looks up, shaking his head. “Don't.”


“I want to see.” He persists in a quiet, whiny tone reserved just for Jimin, voice cracking cutely from the altered pitch. “Can I?”


The hybrid bites his lip and shakes his head again, but Jungkook specializes in getting people to do what he wants and even if he's a little out of practice it doesn't seem to be too difficult getting his boyfriend to feel better.


“What if it's just my hands?” He tries, standing up so that it isn't quite so easy for Jimin to ignore his puppy eyes--Jimin huffs and turns his head when Jungkook leans in to kiss him, so the younger does the next best thing and mouths along his neck, spine tingling at the breathy little keens he earns in response.


“Your work-” The hybrid starts to protest, but Jungkook presses a quick kiss to his lips before he completes the thought


“I can finish it later.” He honestly could--Jungkook's cut back on the number of projects he's on, to minimize the time he has to spend away from Jimin. After a few more seconds of heated kissing his fingers curled around the hem of his boyfriend's shirt, tugging gently. “May I?”


This time Jimin nods, eyes drooping a little as he gets his lips. “Just your hands.”


Jungkook smiles and kisses him one last time before his palms are sliding up and under the thin shirt, fingertips teasing figure eights along the other man's ribs until his palms settle against the little mound at the base of his stomach.


“That's our baby.” He says maybe a little too fondly, letting his thumbs rub back and forth, but he's got the warm fuzzies all of a sudden and almost completely forgets why he'd struggled so hard to touch Jimin's belly in the first place; he's quickly knocked out of his proud father moment by a muffled succession of sniffles that turn into outright sobs. “Why are you crying?”


“Because-” The hybrid can barely speak, and Jungkook is mildly concerned he'll start hyperventilating and faint but he apparently need worry not; Jimin shakes his head and wipes his cute little runny nose, and Jungkook takes a direct blow to the feels .  “Because this is the first time you've called him ours .”


“If I knew one word could make you this happy I would've said it a long time ago.” His sappy side comes out unbidden, arms curling around Jimin's smaller frame naturally as he presses a kiss to his cheek.


“No.” The hybrid mumbles after he's calmed down, and Jungkook can't hide the confusion in his voice.




“I'm glad you said it now.”




Jungkook wakes up one morning to sloppy, desperate kisses, and he feels his heart skip a beat;


Month five has arrived .


“Kookie, get up. Need you.”


Jimin has one of his oversized white tees on, the fabric revealing more collarbone and shoulder than should be legally allowed before midnight. From the angle he's at, just below the elder, he can see into his shirt, past the ridge of his pecs down to his tawny, pert nipples. Jungkook swallows to quell his parched throat, eyes slowly opening.


“What is it baby?” His voice is a little raspy from singing Jimin to sleep; he'd gotten obnoxious at the end, belting out notes as loud as he could just as the older man was dozing off so that he could cackle and start the process over again. He really just wanted to spend more time talking to him, but Jimin didn't have to know that.


“Feel empty.” Jimin mumbles, cheeks ruddy; he guides one of Jungkook's hands down his back, following the arched curve of his spine until his fingers push past the elastic of his boxers. The hybrid whimpers softly as Jungkook's hand traverses the rest of the way on its own, fingers toying with his rim, poking and prodding until a gush of something warm and slick dribbles out and coats them, making the consultant curse under his breath.


“You're--you’re wet .” He points out almost stupidly, groaning in surprise when Jimin sucks a bruise against the base of his neck, just high enough to be visible over his dress shirts.


“Hyrbids do that.” The elder purrs as he nips along the edge of his jaw, hips rutting down a little too frequently to be considered anything short of needy.


“Fuck, that's hot.” Jungkook pushes himself up on his elbows, hand sliding from Jimin's boxers to rest on the crest of his hip. “Can I see?”


He's not sure exactly what he's expecting when he asks, but he knows for a fact it isn't what he gets; Jimin leans back and peels off his shirt, stomach and nipples  swollen, before shimmying out of his-- Jungkook's boxers and revealing the sticky, glistening mess between his thighs. He turns over, steadying himself on his hands and knees before propping his ass up and spreading his legs as wide as they'll go, quivering hole on full display, cock hanging heavy between his legs, pressed down by the bulge of his tummy--Jungkook's brain short-circuits and he's behind his boyfriend staring in awe, throat bone dry and dick straining against his sweats.


Fuck , Jimin.” His hands trace along the curve of his boyfriend's ass, squeezing and earning the prettiest little keen he's ever heard in his life. He marvels at the way slick drips from Jimin's hole every few seconds, the latter whining in frustration every time a finger dips in teasingly only to leave him clenching around air; Jimin pushes his hips back with a low moan, hiding his face in the sheets.


“Hurry up. I already stretched myself.” Jungkook can tell after pressing in a single finger that he isn't lying; Jimin is tight, but not too tight , and it's obvious from the way he growls softly when a finger is all he gets, thighs readjusting so that he can arch his back further, presenting; Jungkook thought he'd be completely mortified the day the hybrid finally went face-down ass-up and asked to be bred, but said day has come and he's just barely able to maintain his self control.


He slides the waistband of his sweats down, cock slapping against his stomach with a wet thud that makes them both groan, and after a moment's hesitation he gathers some of Jimin's slick on his fingers, coating his dick until it's got a thick, glossy sheen; his eyes rake over his boyfriend’s body, mouth watering at the prospect of diving in and absolutely destroying him, but the sight of his bared neck makes him stop.


Taking Jimin on his back would be so much better--he could hit all the right spots, make him scream while watching the way he comes undone, carve his very own spot deep inside the hybrid's body. With an admittedly teasing nudge against the other man's rim, Jungkook mumbles a soft “I wanna see your face.”


“What?” Jimin glances over his shoulder and the resulting look is so dirty Jungkook chokes on his own heart when it decides to jump up his throat. After taking a moment to compose himself the younger recovers his train of thought, hands naturally moving to knead the soft flesh of his spread thighs.


“We did it like this last time.” Jungkook points out with a little whine, sitting back against the headboard and giving himself a few calculated strokes as he takes the time to truly appreciate the sight before him.


Jimin whimpers and mewls when he doesn't get the attention he wants, crawling over and effectively re-seducing the younger as he settles against his lap. “My tummy will get in the way.”


Jungkook's cock throbs from where it's pressed against his thigh, his hyung's needy insistence doing all sorts of terrible, terrible things to his self restraint. He could just flip Jimin over right now, pin him by his hips and pound into him until he can't walk, until he spends the day whining and waddling and blushing because he was fucked so good. He could see himself doing that and so much more, but he can't be rough because there's a little baby unwittingly involved and he'd rather not have to explain to the doctor that he came in for a check up early because their sex was too wild. Instead he pulls his sweatpants down to his knees, kicking them off, and manhandles Jimin so that he's hovering just above his cock, body on full display. “Better?”


“You can see everything .” The hybrid pouts, staring down with blown pupils--for all of his complaining Jimin is more wet now that Jungkook's eyes are on him, thighs twitching eagerly as a thin stream of slick flows down them, pooling in a sticky mess at the base of Jungkook's hips. If it was anyone else Jungkook would grumble and make them grab a tissue to wipe it off, but his brain is fried from the concept of Jimin wants me so bad he's literally dripping , so instead he strokes patterns against the smaller man's ribs, thumb extending to tease the the curve of his chest.


“That's kinda the point.” Jungkook smirks and shuffles backwards a bit so that he can sit up. Jimin looks good like this, fits perfectly in his lap and the consultant makes a mental note to have him bounce in it later, pretend to ignore his little pants and squeals while he works himself open on his cock. “Didn't you say you were empty?”


Jimin has a lost look in his eyes when he finally, finally presses against the tip of his boyfriend's erection, leaking another wave of slick before he inhales sharply and sinks down at an agonizing pace, the little mewls and whimpers escaping his lips making Jungkook want to be mean , see if he can make him cry by slamming it all in at once. He can't very well bully his pregnant boyfriend, but he stores the information in his slowly growing sex archive, hands gripping the hybrid's hips a little tighter as he fights back his usual bedroom personality.


Jimin swivels his hips as he lowers himself, and Jungkook makes a point to trail wet kisses along his neck and chest, tongue lapping against his nipple before he takes the bud in his mouth and sucks in earnest, determined to make his boyfriend squirm. By the time the hybrid is fully seated Jungkook's marks dot his skin like a string of pearls, each bruise worked over carefully so that it would hold for at least a week; anyone who so much as saw Jimin's blurry visage from eight miles away would know he's spoken for.


The sex they have is short but sweet, Jimin getting all worked up on his own and Jungkook silently encouraging his efforts, pressing soft kisses to his neck and shoulder as he keeps the hybrid steady and picks up the slack when he's too tired to move. It ends with the younger whispering praises into his ear as he's speared open a little rough, the slap of skin just on the verge of sounding painful until he comes with a soft whimper and Jungkook follows as quickly as he can, spurred on by Jimin's delirious requests to fill him up.


It isn't a bad start, the consultant thinks; they cuddle afterwards, Jimin nuzzled against his chest with their hips still connected, making his strange rumbly purr again as he noses under his jaw. The sound isn't quite right, so Jungkook says what's been on his mind more and more often. “Why does your purr sound different from Yoongi's?”


Jimin’s eyes go wide like the question caught him off guard, but before he can be pressed any further he just stutters out a dismissive “W-we're just different kinds of cats.”


The next few days follow a similar pattern; Jungkook wakes up to Jimin kissing him, or riding him if he's taken too long to respond, and spends all of his time at home either cuddling or fucking. It's a little exhausting but Jimin always looks so happy and grateful afterwards, and a little guilty if he has to wake him up in the middle of the night. (It had happened like once, and Jungkook told him a thousand times that it was fine, but the hybrid still refuses to ask again and settles for touching himself when he thinks Jungkook is asleep)


The doctor explained that it was important for hybrids to breed regularly--biologically, it was a method to ensure the other parent stays interested in less monogamous species, but the emotional and physical health benefits of having his desires regularly sated are enough that Jungkook doesn't mind giving Jimin a steady supply.


Today the hybrid had thankfully been fast asleep when he left, curled up in a little ball around one of his sweaters--Jimin liked to cuddle with things he'd sweat in, and after several incidents of waking up to his own gym musk the consultant finally gave him a selection of clothes that didn't smell like he'd run a marathon in them. Jimin had excitedly waddled away to his room to hoard them on his bed, and if that wasn't the cutest fucking thing Jungkook has ever been blessed enough to witness he expects a cascade of puppies to flood his office within the next ten seconds.


His current project is working with a luxury clothing brand; if he didn't think Jimin would just tear it off of him in a fit of passion, Jungkook would ask for more samples. He's working through a proposal when the phone on his desk buzzes, the number that indicates Seokjin's line lighting up. Not having expected anyone, the consultant answers a bit sluggishly, free hand reaching for his coffee.  “ Mr. Jeon, Jimin is here to see you .”


The secretary sounds like he wants to tease him about it, but before he can Jungkook is pressing the button to unlock his door. “Send him in.” Jimin shuffles through a minute or so later, carrying a large lunchbox; he hasn't been to Jungkook's office very many times, mostly because the younger has a mild panic attack whenever he travels alone. “Hey, what's up?”


“Thought I'd bring you lunch. You haven't really been eating.” Jimin sets the box down as he walks around the desk, frowning softly as he traces his thumb over the dark spots beneath Jungkook's eyes. “Or sleeping.”


“It's okay. My body is used to it.” The consultant shrugs and opens up the food container, stomach grumbling in surprise when the familiar savory tang of marinated meat wafts out. “Did you cook this?”


“Mhm.” Jimin smiles fondly and hands him a pair of chopsticks, nudging the box closer. “Try it.”


Jungkook prays the food is as good as it smells because he's not sure he has the energy to fake enthusiasm; he's pleasantly surprised after the first bite, suspicious by the second, and convinced by the third. “This tastes a lot like the food from the restaurant by our house.”


“Because it is.” The hybrid shrugs and smiles, unbothered by the revelation.


“What tricks are you playing Jimin-ssi?” Jungkook leans back in his chair and crosses his arms over his chest, all too eager to hear his excuse.


“M'gonna start working there for a bit.” The elder sheepishly admits, and Jungkook nearly flips his desk.


“You're putting our precious child near a deep fryer?” He tries not to sound as panicked as he is, but he probably fails because Jimin gives him a stern yet reassuring look.


“No idiot, I'm just helping out as a prep cook during the day. I can't handle being home alone all the time.” The statement holds no bite but Jungkook feels bad regardless; his job is demanding and even if they can mostly work around it Jimin spends more time by himself than not.


“Sorry.” The younger mumbles, standing to give his a boyfriend a hug. “Is that what you used to do? Cooking, I mean.”


“No, I was a stripper.” Jimin deadpans, and Jungkook stares hard because he can see it, he really can and oh dear God would they have to talk about that later? How do you even approach that subject? His crisis is interrupted by Jimin's telltale giggling, the hybrid slapping his chest. “Oh my God, how are you so gullible?”


“I'm sorry I trust my boyfriend not to tell nonsensical lies.” Jungkook feels heat rise in his cheeks; if it was anyone else he wouldn't have believed them for a second. But Jimin never talked about himself and, well, he needed to be ready to take anything he had to say with a grain of salt. “Are all cats this mean?”


“We like to play with our food?” Jimin drawls, coy and cryptic, and it takes the consultant a moment to understand that he's flirting but all other possibilities are thrown out the window when the hybrid grabs his dick through his pants with startling accuracy.


“How am I foo--oh, okay, is this really happening?” Jungkook eyes his door for a second, wondering if he should lock it--Seokjin would call him before letting anyone in, anyways. He licks his lips, hips rutting forward into the elder's palm as his body rather openly indicates what it wants.


“You left early this morning.” It's almost an accusation, the way it comes out with a soft whine, but Jimin doesn't seem particularly upset when he's trying to lower himself to his knees. Normally, Jungkook would be elated by the notion that someone wants to blow him at his desk (or anywhere, for that matter) but letting Jimin do it here feels a little cheap; he gently stops the hybrid from going down any further, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek when he whimpers in confusion.


“I don't know if they cleaned the, let me just,” The consultant clears up the middle of his desk, tossing folders and documents into a nearby chair so that there's space to sit. When he deems his work acceptable he smirks and hoists Jimin up effortlessly, arms hooking around his lower back and underneath his thighs as he gently sets him in the cleared space. “Up you go, my king.”


The hybrid has a pretty flush to his cheeks when he hears the pet name, or maybe it's because he was just treated like a bag of feathers and had the express pleasure of feeling Jungkook's muscles being put to work. Jimin seemed to have a thing about being manhandled, and they were definitely exploring that and his many other subtle kinks as soon as little Jungkook was born. He's forced to look up again when there's a tug at his belt, the hybrid pouting as he readjusts. “I can't suck your dick from here.”


“But I can suck yours.” Jungkook points out so quickly it's a little embarrassing; he plays it off by plopping back down in his chair and lowering it all the way, so that his face is level with Jimin's hips.


“I like the way you think.” The elder comments cheekily as he slips off his pants, and he's got on Jungkook's underwear again but at this point the consultant is pretty sure he does it just to rile him up. He's spent more than enough money buying Jimin pretty things to wear, but he doesn't mind the implications behind the hybrid wearing his clothes regularly.


Jungkook has become somewhat of an expert at pleasuring Jimin. He wouldn't brag under normal circumstances, a little too proud to admit he's spent hours between another man's legs figuring out what makes him keen, but Jimin was particularly difficult if it wasn't a dick going inside him and Jungkook, being the competitive, competent, highly paid business man that he was, took it as a challenge. He knows the hybrid likes to be marked, whether it's with hickeys or cum, and he knows that if he teases long enough in the wrong way Jimin will just turn the tables and take what he wants.


The right way involves giving him just enough to keep him on edge--he isn't shy about letting the other man's cock prod at the back of his throat, eyes tearing up at the corners as he makes the slide as easy as possible, tongue flattening and curling at all the right moments as his hands slide up to pinch and pull at the hybrid's nipples.


He can practically feel Jimin watching him so he puts on a show, groaning and suckling and lapping with little, barely there kittenish licks until the strange breathless purr-like noise vibrates from the hybrid’s chest. Jungkook just so happens to be mouthing along the side of the his dick, which in his honest opinion was quite pretty, when the opportunity to question him on the strange sound presents itself. “Hyung, that noise sounds really-- mmph !”


Jimin forces his cock back in, eyes flickering gold as his licks his lips and Jungkook probably has whipped written all over his face because the elder is already pushing his hips forward even if he takes the time to ask. “Baby, can I fuck your throat?”


Jungkook hums an affirmative as said throat is being fucked, doing his damndest to keep his eyes open and his jaw slack while Jimin uses him like some sort of toy, both hands curled tight in his hair as he forces the younger's head down with each thrust up.


“Fuck...m'close. Are you okay?” He doesn't get why Jimin keeps asking him questions when he knows he can't speak, but rather than dwell on the apparent lack of sense Jungkook buckles down and really puts his mouth to work, ears thrumming pleasantly with the steady rise in volume of his boyfriend's moans. Their little escapade ends with Jimin whimpering his name before pulling him up for what Jungkook can confirm is the kinkiest kiss he's ever had the express pleasure of taking part in, hands down .


Jimin won't stop licking into his mouth, hands wandering a little aggressively as he growls and clutches the younger close, frighteningly possessive. Taehyung said something about scenting and comemarking being a big no-no unless you wanted your hybrid to go feral. (But he'd also said 'feral in a good way .)


He manages to pry the smaller man off of him after several botched attempts, peppering kisses along his jaw and cheeks to distract him while he fixes his pants. Once he's gotten Jimin dressed properly and mostly calmed down he's going to suggest that they actually eat lunch but just as he's reaching for the now cold container the double doors to his office burst open and Taehyung strolls in with his plate of cookies, completely oblivious. “Hey hey sugartits, I thought we could-- oh my God !”


Jimin growls and whips around, eyes full-blown gold as he looks at the dog hybrid like he's going to kill him, which is actually happening fuck oh my god- “Wait, Jimin, don't!”


The cat hybrid actually roars as he jumps over the desk, and Jungkook is scared enough in the moment that he just stands there and watches as his boyfriend tries his hardest to catch and maul Taehyung. If it weren't for Hoseok screaming in his ear he might not have moved at all. “Get that fucking beast away from my dog!”


the first thing he does is page his secretary, who he should really fire because the amount of incidents that can be traced back to him is getting ridiculous. “Seokjin, lock the doors.” The last thing he needed was the for two hybrids to be running around his company building trying to kill each other. “Jimin, calm down, he's just visiting!”


Jimin does not calm down, and Taehyung is starting to throw things at him, and Hoseok is jolting back and forth trying to protect his hybrid while avoiding projectiles and it's all a bit much considering just ten minutes ago he had a dick in his mouth. “Jeon, I swear to God if you don't grab him I'm calling animal control!”


The other man looks like he'll really do it, so Jungkook fights back the mild fear he's been feeling ever since his boyfriend went full blown Godzilla and shoots out his arms to capture him, grunting from the impact as the hybrid slams into his chest. Jimin struggles in his arms but Jungkook isn't letting go any time soon, not with the way he still looks like he wants to eat Taehyung. “Hey, easy babe, what's gotten into you? You're kinda scaring me.”


“He's a fucking Tiger hybrid, that's what! He shouldn't be here!” Taehyung shouts from where he's cowering behind Hoseok, still whimpering and shaking and maybe crying, Jungkook can't really tell because he's more focused on the way Jimin roars and lunges again, nearly breaking free.


Jungkook didn't know very much about hybrids, but even with his limited knowledge he'd come across articles berating the creation of “wild-types”; it was mostly the wealthy wanting to add to their collections , but like all other attempts to domesticate things that should be left well enough alone most wild hybrids ended up released or euthanized. From what he'd been able to dig up, the few that responded to domestication positively were priceless .


“Jimin, is that true?” He doesn't say it very loud, so Jimin must've anticipated a response; the hybrid goes slack after one last huff, avoiding eye contact.


“So what? Doesn't change anything.” Jimin shrugs it off as nothing important, and it's even less obvious why he was pretending to be a cat all this time, if that's even possible.


“It changes a lot . I can take you to a specialist for your pregnancy. We can buy you the right kind of food, and I'll actually know what the fuck to do if you stress out or you're sick.” The consultant dares to release his grip and to his relief Jimin only takes a few steps forward, just enough that they aren't quite so close. He reigns in all of the concern and irritation that's probably got him scowling, and softens his tone. “Why didn't you want to tell me?”


The hybrid stares down at the floor like he wants it to swallow him up, and it's so slight it's nearly imperceptible but there's a tremor wracking his frame, a little shiver that he's trying entirely too hard to hide. “Rich people don't exactly have a stellar track record caring for exotic animals.”


“You thought I'd keep you just to say I had a tiger hybrid?” Jungkook can't hide the hurt in his voice. Logically, it makes sense--Jimin's barely known him five months, two of which they spent at each other's throats. Logically it makes sense, but it still hurts.


“...That's what happened to my mom.” Jimin still won't look at him, but he isn't shaking as much, and it's a step in the right direction. “It happened to me, too. Before you.”


There's a lot he could say. The old Jungkook would just sweet talk his way into a compromise, uncaring of how the other side feels, but Jimin's set off a change inside of him, one that leaves him speechless far too often as he tries to navigate his own emotions. He thought once he got his big job in his big office the hardest parts of life were behind him, but Jimin's made him see that he's nothing more than an ignorant child time and time again; he still has so much more to grow.

“Come here, Jimin.” It isn't easy, opening his arms up to someone who doesn't trust him completely. Jungkook thought he didn't care about that sort of stuff, thought that he was perfectly suited to the corporate world because he couldn't give two shits about someone else--he's wrong. Just from the way everything feels right again when Jimin falls into his embrace, he knows he was wrong. “You're not some status symbol to me, okay? You're my-”


There's a loud clunk, followed by whispered arguing and it takes every ounce of self control in his body not to turn around and scream. Instead he gives the two men by the door a very stern glare, putting as much excuse me into his eyes as he can muster.


“Can you two please leave ?”


“We're trying!” Hoseok jiggles the handle several times to emphasize his efforts, and after a very disgruntled call to Seokjin the room is clear and Jungkook is much more composed, arms wrapped securely around Jimin.


“You're my boyfriend, not my pet . I'm not going to treat you as anything less.” He picks up where he left off, and once they're alone the hybrid lets his tears spill. Jimin is shaking like a scared little bunny, completely different from his earlier demeanor.


“I'm sorry--i didn't mean to keep it a secret like that, it's just-”


“Jimin, everything you've done has a reason. Don't apologise to me when you've been hurt like that before.” Jungkook hopes he comes off as sincere. He's kind of new to this whole ‘comforting’ thing, and kind of terrified whenever he does it, but he needs to be strong; there's someone else relying on him now.


“It wasn't fair to you. You're so nice.” Jimin, for all of his earlier resistance, seems to have calmed down after a few moments spent curled against the younger's neck inhaling his scent.


“Did I seem nice in the beginning?” Jungkook really hopes he did. It's a one in a million chance, but he can hope, can't he?


The hybrid seems like he doesn't want to answer, but after some gentle prompting he shakes his head, nuzzling close. “...No. You were scary.”


Well, he'd have to work on that.


“There you go. You acted in the best interest of our baby--im happy with that.” The consultant puts on a strained smile, not because he's still upset but because Jimin is nibbling on his neck and the additional knowledge of his boyfriend being an apex predator has him feeling a little less confident.


The hybrid must smell his discomfort because he pulls back, sporting a sheepish grin of his own. “You really are a salesman.”


“Consultant.” the younger shamelessly corrects, leaning down to nose along the contour of his jaw. It was mock-scenting at best, considering the only thing he could smell on Jimin's skin was his body wash, but when he first chanced an awkward attempt at the act Jimin wouldn't leave his side for the rest of the day, a dreamy look in his eyes. “Do you want to stay with me until the end of my shift?”


“I'd hardly call what you do a shift.”


“Hyung, I want you to stay with me. In my lap, so I can pet you and hear the rumbly sound.” Jungkook turns his whiny voice on max and pushes his lips out in a pout, fully prepared to fight for what he wants even if it means losing every ounce of dignity he's got left. Fortunately Jimin seems to want to stay with him just as much as Jungkook wants him to stay.


“Chuffing.” The hybrid mumbles as he walks towards the other side of the desk. “It's called chuffing.”


Jungkook is about to argue that the name rumbly sound is better, but he remembers the promise he made to his mother; after their talk, now that they're closer, it seems like the perfect time.


“Jimin, there's someone I want you to meet.”




Namjoon comes to them after the first snow.


It's starting to get cold out, and Jungkook has dutifully bundled Jimin up in every piece of winter clothing he could find; today it's one of his turtlenecks paired with a new coat from some generic high-end store, topped with a plain black beanie that his hair sticks out of at awkward angles. It was getting a little long; he'd ask about getting it cut soon.


“Do you think he'll like soccer?” They're holding hands as they stroll down the streets of Gangnam, sharing jokes and theories on what their son will be like. An ultrasound earlier in the week confirmed Jungkook's assumption; it was a boy.


“No. He'll be a dancer.” Jimin doesn't like walking much anymore, and it shows in the way he scowls if they have to travel somewhere by foot, or the constant grumbling and groaning he makes when he irritates his sore back on accident leaning over to grab things. Jungkook doesn't mind it so much, because he gets to give him massages and coddle him and feel like a proper, doting boyfriend.


The consultant openly scoffs at the suggestion. “Dancer? He'll get picked on.”


“Tiger hybrids don't get picked on . He'll destroy them.” Jimin turns to glare, but even his glare is cute with how his little nose scrunches up and Jungkook can't help but chuckle and push his buttons even more.


“I dunno hyung. I do a great job of picking on you.” He points out. The hybrid huffs, turning his nose up as their shoulders bump.


“I permit the occasional transgression in exchange for your dick game.”


Jimin always seems so smart when they bicker; it's easy to forget he lacks anything beyond a basic education, that he didn't share the same high school woes and college exam horror stories Jungkook thrives on complaining about. His intelligence comes from quiet days spent sneaking into the library, pretending to be human so that the staff didn't give him funny looks or kick him out. It's kind of inspiring and kind of hot, the younger thinks, but--


He wants Jimin to have what he had.


“Have you ever wanted to go to school? Maybe, after the baby is born-” Jungkook freezes mid sentence as Jimin slams into his chest, whimpering softly. The younger is a little out of his wits, brow furrowed as he stares down at his shaking boyfriend, then up at a commotion across the street.


“What the fuck do you think you're looking at, mutt ?” Three men are circled around a hybrid, taking turns cracking cheap shots at him while he covers himself the best he can, backed against a wall. It was a tasteless, unsightly scene, and normally people had more sense than to hurt a hybrid of all things, but no district was free of miscreants; hybrids, without an owner to back them up, were less protected than actual stray animals at times. Although most enjoyed cushy lives in upper class homes, Jimin had told him of several tragic incidents that happened around the apartment complex he used to live in.


“Hey, baby, it's okay. I've got you.” Jungkook's voice is soft as he presses a kiss to the top of his boyfriend's head, but his eyes harden; this was something he probably would have just walked by a few months ago. This is something that people are still just walking by, and it makes his blood boil and his heart ache-- what if that was his son?


“Kookie, they're hurting him.” Jimin is trying his hardest not to be teary-eyed, but it's clear from the way his arms curl around his swollen stomach possessively that he's scared. Had this been seven months ago, back when Jimin was more daring and less pregnant, he's sure the hybrid would have leapt across the street to tear into them, but the closer his due date looms the more skittish and hesitant he becomes.


Jungkook has, in consequence, begun to take his role as the dominant partner more seriously. Before he thought the notion of Jimin being submissive to him was stupid , but he's come to realize that was a very human way of thinking and hybrids often need the security of a social hierarchy to thrive. Jimin is happier when he takes charge, and Jungkook makes sure he never abuses the position he's been entrusted with.


“Wait here for me, okay? Grab us some coffee and wait inside.” The hybrid whines softly when he's ushered towards a coffee shop, still cradling his belly, but Jungkook isn't worried because he knows the establishment is hybrid-friendly; the owner regularly fosters orphaned strays until they're old enough to find a proper home or go out on their own. He gives his best reassuring smile, and Jimin trusts him; he separates after a nervous kiss, waddling in as the younger holds the door open for him.


Jungkook makes sure Jimin reaches the queue before he turns back to the scene across the street; the young punks are throwing trash and slurs, laughing like a pack of hyenas. Taking a deep, calming breath, the consultant makes his way over to the group and pulls out his phone, whistling to catch their attention. what must be the leader turns around and scowls, giving a blatantly aggressive once over. “What the hell's your problem?”


“Sending it to my lawyer just in case.” Jungkook taps record once all of their faces are in frame, smiling politely even though his intentions are anything but. “Is there a reason you fine gentlemen are ruining my date with this bullshit?”


“It's none of your business kid. Fuck off before we break you and your little smartphone.” The muscle of the group takes a threatening step forward, and Jungkook shrugs.


It's a little known fact about him-- okay, maybe well known by anyone who's spent more than five minutes with him --but he's got a bit of a temper. His parents tried everything when he was younger; martial arts, tutoring, counciling, early enlistment in the Marine Corp when he broke a boy's arm for spreading rumors--Jungkook had eventually found self control through mathematics. He was absolute shit at math, but that meant if he recounted an equation when he was about to blow his top he'd be too confused to be angry, and the simmering rage underneath his skin always dissipates without fail.


It was nice, because he could keep his cool and actually utilize all of the skills he'd picked up trying to tame his inner-hulk properly. After a moment's hesitation he shoots Jimin a quick text, just in case the hybrid was still watching him through the coffee shop window.


Cover your eyes .


“For the record, I gave you a chance to stop.” Jungkook hits send and tucks his phone back into his pocket when he sees it's been read, sauntering forward with the kind of confidence that inspired fear; the leader of the group curses and gives a false start, wavering slightly when his friends don't follow.


The momentary dissent is all he needs. Jungkook is on them like a rabid dog, using more knees and elbows than fists because he'd learned first-hand precisely how much it hurt to have that much power focused on a single point. He doesn't hurt them nearly as much as he wants to, paternal instinct making him a tad more feral and desperate, but he's sure to leave each thug with two broken ribs and something to think about before they finally manage to escape him. He chases them to the end of the street for good measure, spitting off to the side in distaste as their fleeing forms disappear into a sea of grey and black suits.


It's only after he's sure they're gone that he turns back to the hybrid leaning against the wall, quickly appraising the extent of his wounds. He was bruised, and he'd probably be sore for days, but he'd live. “Get up. We probably have thirty minutes before someone reports this.”


“Why should I come with you?” the other man is reasonably skeptic; he'd just had his face beaten in by three men who probably smelled and dressed a lot like Jungkook, and no one else had even bothered sparing the scene a glance. One of his ears is torn at the tip, and his tail is standing on edge, whole body pulled taut like a bowstring. He's a little bigger than Jungkook, and the odds don't look favorable if he decides the man is more threat than friend.


Still, he had to try . For Jimin.


“You think the police will let you off easy? In this part of town?” The consultant reasons, stuffing his hands into his pockets. The less threatening he looked, the better.


The hybrid eyes him warily, and for a moment Jungkook is worried he really will bolt out into the street, but instead the taller man pushes off of the wall, ears flickering forward. “...Why did you help?”


“My boyfriend is a hybrid, and my kid is gonna be one too. Let's just say it's in their best interest to discourage that kind of behavior.” The man's expression brightens almost comically as he sniffs and confirms the scent of another hybrid on Jungkook; in the time it takes him to slowly move forward, the consultant manages to take a proper look at the bruises dotting his skin. “Christ, they really did a number on your face.”


“You did much worse to them.” the hybrid winces as though the thought alone makes him feel pain, or maybe he's just finally letting the pain sink in now that he knew Jungkook wasn't a threat.


“Oh, one thing uh,”


“Namjoon.” the hybrid supplies, giving the smallest quirk of his lips.


“Namjoon--nice name! Don't tell Jimin what you saw, or we'll have some problems. He thinks I'm scary so I've been working on it.” the consultant makes air quotations at his last few words, and it seems to diffuse the tension between them.


Namjoon follows as he heads back into the cafe, eyes quickly scanning before they land on a relieved Jimin tucked into a booth, hand rubbing circles into his stomach. Jungkook is all smiles when he slides in next to him, giving a quick peck on the cheek as he lets the hybrid cuddle against him.


“Hey baby, did you wait long?”


“Felt like forever, but they still haven't finished our drinks, so,” Jimin eyes Namjoon as he slides into the booth across from them, nostrils flaring a little to catch his scent. The blonde haired man bares his neck as a sign of submission, eyes trained downwards, and Jimin purrs-- chuffs? --in approval. “Do you need to go to the hospital?”


“Oh, no, I'll be fine. Just have to hang around somewhere else, I guess.” Namjoon wrings his hands together under the table and the couple shares a look, equally invested.


“I have an apartment in a hybrid complex if you'd like to stay there for a bit. The people there are nice.” Jimin offers quietly; he hadn't been back ever since Jungkook forced him to move in, but the hybrid's friend assured them he took good care of the place.


“Except for Yoongi.” Jungkook quips spitefully, earning a smack on the arm and a stern look.


“Kook, quit it .”


Jimin hated it when Jungkook and Yoongi argued, especially now , and while the pair had come to a truce (begrudgingly) Jungkook didn't have to honor it if the other man wasn't there. Jimin clearly thinks otherwise from the way he glowers, scooting away until Jungkook ( begrudgingly ) rescinds his statement.


The hybrid across from them is oddly silent, and Jungkook is a little concerned when he catches him staring at them with this weird dopey expression. “Something wrong?”


“No. It's just--you two look really nice together.” Namjoon smiles for the first time, a prominent dimple on his cheek; Jungkook catches Jimin staring and pinches his thigh under the table. Rude.


The blond-haired hybrid's tail thumps against the booth seat as he gestures to Jimin's stomach, a pink tint to his cheeks. “How far along are you?”


“Seven months.” Jimin is one smug look shy of gloating; he loves talking about the baby, about how he's fit to burst and he's having a son and he can't wait to see him. It's cute, normally , but Jungkook decides he doesn't like the way Jimin smiles at Namjoon. He puffs himself up a little, throwing an arm around his boyfriend's shoulder to remind him that he's still here.


“Your parents are fine with it?” Namjoon address Jungkook and he almost fumbles to respond, far too focused on catching Jimin's attention.


“My parents love Jimin more than me. He broke my mom's favorite tea set and she just giggled and said collateral damage.” He admits with an exasperated sigh, lips pursed. It wasn't fair; Jungkook had gone through twenty-odd years of passive-aggressive dictatorship, and Jimin got giggles and cookies . Jungkook wasn't even allowed to eat cookies until he moved out.


“I bought her a new one!” the tiger hybrid protests, pouting.


“If I did that she would've lectured me until the baby was born.”


“This complex you were talking about--are there jobs nearby as well?” Namjoon cuts into their spat and the consultant feels his cheeks heat up, embarrassed he'd gotten caught up so easily. “It's just--I came from the woods. Thought I could make it better out here, but,”


The hybrid scratches the back of his neck and Jungkook gawks, because Namjoon is a wolf . He's very happy that the taller man didn't decide to act on his instincts and fight him back in the alley. Jimin snorts when he sees his boyfriend's reaction, rolling his eyes as though if to say ‘ now you notice?’


Clearing his throat and taking a slightly less hostile stance, Jungkook makes what he considers to be a very generous offer. “Actually, I was planning on opening a small restaurant soon. If you don't mind waiting a few months of course--the permits and everything are covered, but I've gotta wait until he pops.”


“Is this the thing with Seokjin?” Jimin asks, pleasantly surprised; they'd talked about it a little, how his secretary was wanting to quit and open up his own business but didn't have the money yet; Jungkook offered to invest on the grounds that he'd co-own, although his eventual plan was to get Jimin to run it in his place. He just hasn't gotten around to letting the hybrid know that yet.


“You'd hire hybrids?” Namjoon's eyes are as wide as saucers at the concept, and it makes Jungkook wonder just how badly he's been treated since coming to the city for him to consider the prospect impossible.


“Why not? It's in an easy-going part of town with plenty of fluffy people. I considered Gangnam, but recent events have decreased my interest in the property.”


Jimin crinkles his nose in distaste at the words and nuzzles against his shoulder, still upset about what he saw earlier. It's easy to say he wants to protect the hybrid from everything, society included, but moments like these make him realize just how real the desire is. At some point or another, the center of his world shifted to where Jimin is, pressed against his side.


He's so preoccupied with fawning over his boyfriend that he forgets Namjoon even exists until the wolf hybrid stands abruptly and bows his head, startling them both.


“Thank you.”




Jungkook can barely sleep. It's not because of work for once; he's teleworking for the rest of the month, staying close to Jimin so that he can keep him company during the final stretch of his pregnancy. The problem is that Jimin doesn't appreciate being followed everywhere, and he's made a habit of sneaking away if the younger naps between his work shifts. Jungkook’s quick and admittedly genius counter to this is to pull the hybrid into his lap whenever he starts feeling sleepy, so that Jimin starts cuddling and gets sleepy as well. It’s super-effective, and, consequently, inspires quite a bit of irritation from his boyfriend.


He’s working in the living room when he feels the first wave of drowsiness hit him, and Jimin is innocently making lunch for them in the kitchen when he stalks over and wraps around him, burying his face against the elder’s neck to stifle a yawn. Jimin huffs and smacks his thigh before he returns to cooking. “You're hovering too much.”


“The doctor said this week .”


Jimin was due any day now, and Jungkook would rather shoot himself in the dick than find out his boyfriend was in labor via phone call. He would be here when it happened, and he would take Jimin there personally, and he would willingly let his hand be crushed or whatever it was birthing hybrids did to their partners to ease the pain and discomfort.


“You didn't have to take off work for me.” The hybrid sniffles a little as he adds pepper flakes to his dish, stirring as well as he can with and oversized manchild glued to his back.


“I want to be with you when it happens.” He slides his hands lower, curving around the sides of his boyfriend's swollen stomach. Jungkook's been oddly enamored with just how big and round Jimin's gotten; he types with one hand if he can so that the other is free to rest against his stomach, stroking back and forth slowly to feel for kicks, and when they sleep together he's indefinitely taken the position of big spoon because he likes to doze off curled around all of his family.


Whenever he mentions wanting to see the baby first Jimin gets all flustered, like he's thought about it too; Jungkook holding their cub, rocking him gently to sleep. Today is no different, as the hybrid splutters and nearly drops his spatula on the floor, ears bright red. He immediately turns to scold Jungkook, who immediately kisses him, and the food nearly burns five minutes later when the younger gets him pinned against the counter for an impromptu makeout session.


Jimin curses and waddles over to save their lunch while Jungkook returns to his work in the living room and sulks, reading the same line a few hundred times before his boyfriend returns with their mostly okay food.


“What's that?” The hybrid gestures to the new document pulled up on his laptop, covered in red marks from where he'd already begun to revise some of the proposal. Jungkook gives the page a thoughtful glance, chewing on his bottom lip; he'd hit a roadblock of sorts finding investors for a new housing complex, and it was kind of pissing him off.


“STRAY project. It's building a help network for hybrids our age.” he eventually responds, digging through his endless pile of packets to pull out the one on real estate and construction.


“Doesn't seem like your typical deal.” Jimin leans forward, more interested now that he knows the goal. Usually he just stares at The consultant's work with mild disdain, or contempt, if he hasn't been getting any attention. He even picks up a packet, glossing over some mundane details about proper hybrid healthcare.


“I want our son to grow up in a better world than this. Not because we shelter him, or we have money, but because it's honestly changed.” Jungkook yawns towards the end of his sentence, rolling his shoulders back to crack his joints. He's still digging for those damn investors when a small touch to his arm startles him, head whipping to the side.


Jimin is staring down into his lap but his fingers are clasped tight around the younger's sleeve, as though if it's grounding him. Jungkook makes a low noise of concern and sets his work down, prepared to comfort, but the hybrid speaks first.


“Jungkook, why did you make me stay?” Jimin sounds so small when he asks that it's honestly like he's a completely different person. Jungkook hasn't heard him sound so unsure since the first time they met. “Letting me go would've been so much easier.”


Before he speaks Jungkook is sure to wrap a hand around the one wound up in his shirt, giving a reassuring squeeze that makes the other man look up.  Jimin's eyes are wet, tears threatening to break free even as he blinks them back, and it's become evident that this wasn't just spurred on by hormones; Jimin never tried to hide his tears if it was just a mood swing.


“Because I knew it would be the biggest mistake of my life if I let you go.”Jungkook would like to say he chooses his words carefully but he ends up blurting out the first thing that comes to mind--if anything, he's just as surprised by the confession as Jimin. Nine months ago the word mistake wasn't even a part of his vocabulary.  “Some things are accidents, some are coincidence--I don't think this was either.”


The hybrid sobs, and for a second it seems like his words were poorly chosen after all but when their eyes meet he's smiling through the tears, sniffling as he tries to calm down. Jimin even cracks a small joke, leaning his head against the younger's shoulder. “I just thought you looked really good in that tank top.”


“You'll look good in tank tops again too. After this week.” is Jungkook's quick fire response, mind still mostly focused on the baby. Jimin shoots him a pleased look, wiping the last bit of tears off on his sleeve.


They fall into each other naturally, Jimin crawling to straddle the younger's hips as he tilts his head down for a kiss, Jungkook returning the gesture a little too eagerly and forcing the hybrid to pull away, gasping for breath. He places a few apologetic kisses on his boyfriend's shoulder, grip loosening from where he'd held like a vice around the smaller man's hips.


“Can't wait till we can be rough again.” Jimin mumbles softly, body going limp. Jungkook scrambles to support his weight, chastising the hybrid quietly before he fully process what he said.


We ?” Jungkook scoffs, thoroughly offended. He's never been rough with Jimin even once , but the hybrid took the cake when it came to biting, scratching, and destroying property.


“You liked it.” His boyfriend immediately argues, lip curved down in a pout.


“Your horny outburst cost me two thousand dollars.” Jungkook tries to forget about their first night cuddling but it's kind of hard, considering how much all of that clothing had cost to replace. Looking back, he should've known he was whipped for Jimin right then and there.


“You're such a baby.” The elder concludes with a huff, nuzzling against the side of his neck. Jimin had a penchant for ending arguments he was losing by calling Jungkook a stupid name and hiding-- it was cute enough that he was forgiven every time .


“My father taught me to appreciate the value of every last decimal.” Jungkook squeezes in childishly but the hybrid is already fast asleep, hanging loosely off his shoulders. Disgruntled but overly fond, the consultant grabs another packet and returns to work.


It's a quiet, melancholy Thursday when Jungkook jolts awake to the sound of his boyfriend cursing as metal clatters, the shock enough to leave him flailing as he tumbles gracelessly off the couch and bumps his head on the coffee table.


At first, it seems like the week will pass by seamlessly. Jungkook suspects the baby will be born on Friday, and Jimin is too sore and grumpy to speculate anything so they go about business as usual; Jimin is in the kitchen working on new recipes for the restaurant while the consultant dozes off to variety show re-runs, having pulled an all-nighter to finish one of his projects. He doesn't even have the energy to follow Jimin around like a puppy, which the elder doesn't seem to mind too terribly if the way he's humming while he cooks is any indication.


But the baby is ready to be born; Jimin switches out swear words for his hums, and Jungkook sprints into the kitchen on wobbly legs clutching his throbbing head. He's only in boxers, hair sticking up in forty different directions and neck swiveling around as he tries not to trip over his own feet--when Jimin makes eye contact with him, he panics.


“Babe, what's-” Slowly but surely, Jungkook spots the little puddle that's gathered on the floor. Jimin is working with dry ingredients, nowhere near the sink, and- “ Oh my God it's happening .”


“Jungkook, don't be useless.” The hybrid looks a little uncomfortable; he's steadied himself against the counter but the hand on his stomach is gripping tighter than usual. Jimin had been complaining about cramps since last night; they weren't cramps, they were contractions . His god damn boyfriend was in labor and Jungkook didn't have half the sense to put the pieces together.


“How can I not be useless, it's happening!


Jungkook is kind of a little bit hysterical, but it'll probably be okay.


“Get me to the hospital you oaf.” The hybrid starts to push himself off of the counter and it's like the whole world restarts, some sort of survival instinct spurring the younger into action.


“Right--right, you need a doctor, I need to get you there-” He scrambles to help Jimin out of the kitchen, leaving him by the door to grab a change of clothes and his keys and wallet. Except then he thinks Jimin will need his favorite hoodie for comfort, and shouldn't he bring a pillow for him too? He should bring a pillow. The consultant stumbles out of his room with a pile of things he'd convinced himself they needed , and nearly trips when he tosses it down to dig through for a fresh pair of pants.


“Kookie.” Jungkook doesn't realize how much he's trembling until Jimin cups his cheek--he's spent the better part of five minutes struggling to help his boyfriend into a new pair of shorts, but his hands were shaking so much he’s barely gotten them past his ankles. When he looks up, he sees something prettier than sunset outside his grandparents home. It’s cheesy as hell, but for once, he doesn’t hate himself for thinking it; Jeon Jungkook is looking at where he always wants to be, a reflection in the soft brown of Jimin’s eyes. He’s frozen in place as the hybrid tries to placate him, heart melting a thousand times over. “It's gonna be okay sweetheart.”


“Hyung, I love you.”


When he finally says it out loud, it all makes sense. It hasn’t been long; it’s only been nine months, but that was more than long enough for him to realize Jimin is what he needed all along. Jungkook had always been so cold and calculating about his relationships, treated everything as business, even Jimin at first, but he’s come to realize the value in sincerity, the little moments he’d once dismissed as trivial, things like coming home to someone else even if they weren’t there to greet you-- waiting for someone else to come home.


Jimin is still speechless, eyes wide like he’s been trapped in time, and Jungkook quickly stands, realizing how abrupt his confession must have been, especially at a time like this when the hybrid was already out of his element.“I just--I need to tell you before the baby is born. So you don't think-”


Jungkook nearly topples backwards when Jimin crashes into him, fingers curling into his hair with a borderline painful grip as he kisses the life out of both of them; Jungkook can barely breathe when he pulls away, skin tingling like he’d been struck by lightning--Jimin looks just as dazed, arms still draped loosely around the consultant’s neck.


“I love you too.” The elder admits shyly once he’s caught his breath, the pink dusting his cheeks a mix of embarrassment and exertion.


Jungkook thinks it’s the prettiest pink he’ll ever see.


“Marry me?” His mouth seems to have formed a direct connection to his heart, and he almost slaps himself for asking something so abruptly again but then Jimin laughs and strokes his cheek and Jungkook feels like he could faint again.


“Now's not the best time, baby.”


Ah, yes. Jimin was in labor.


“Right. Baby.”


The consultant slaps his own cheeks twice to ground himself before he finishes what he started, hoisting up Jimin’s shorts and escorting him out to the car. He calls the hospital ahead, demanding that they be ready for anything and nearly cursing out the receptionist until Jimin hangs up the call for him and helps the younger calm down again. It all seems so fast and scary at first, and Jungkook doesn’t like it one bit when they’re separated even if it’s just to give Jimin his injection, but when it’s all said and done his words lose all their flair, and the tension seeps free of his body straight to the ground.


The doctor approaches him with his baby and he just gapes, because what else is he supposed to do? It’s a little boy that he helped make, and all of the time and effort and feelings that went into that are just starting to hit him. His voice cracks as he’s handed a little bundle, wrapped in pastel blue. “Fuck, is that my son?”


“Yes, Mr.Jeon. This is your healthy baby boy.” The doctor chuckles along with the rest of the staff, giving his shoulder a congratulatory pat before they all begin to shuffle out of the room.


For the first few minutes he doesn’t know what to say. He just holds his son, eyes tracing over the soft furry ears atop his head, enamoured by the little stub of a tail that pokes out. Jungkook thought the sight of a hybrid child would dishearten him, but all he wants to do is run down the hall and show everyone what he and Jimin made. “His ears are so fluffy. His tail is so fluffy. Why don't you have fluffy shit?”


“Not a guarantee.” Jimin's eyes are drooping but he still manages to make grabby hands until Jungkook stops hogging their son and carefully places him in his arms. The hybrid lets out a pleased growl and their son responds with a little squeak, nosing along the side of his blanket.


“Jimin, he's so small and cute.” His voice is barely above a whisper even though he knows the baby isn’t asleep yet. It’s barely been ten minutes and he already knows he’s going to spend the rest of his life doting over his family, especially the babies. “You're both so cute.”


“I'm not cute .” The elder grumbles cutely , leaning down to scent his son-- their son .


“You are right now.” Jungkook pulls up a chair next to the bed and rests his head on crossed arms, staring up at the scene like he’s admiring art. “Can we have another one?”


“You haven't even raised this one.”


“So? I want another one.”


“We can talk about it after the wedding.”


Jungkook jumps out of his seat and startles the baby, earning a stern look from his boyfriend.


“You're saying yes?”


He’s so excited he can practically feel the blood thrumming in his veins, and he’s two seconds shy of nagging Jimin until he answers when the elder shakes his head and huffs with a fond smile, eyelids closed


“I'm saying forever.”




“You don't need my help?”


Jimin is staring at him skeptically, as he has been for the past few weeks , as Jungkook changes their son's diaper. He's done his best to hog all of the baby duties at first under the pretense of letting Jimin rest and recover; as the days draw on, he's become a little more shameless in voicing his true intentions.


“My baby, not yours.” Jungkook finishes up and smiles as he kisses his son on the nose, heart warming at the little giggle he manages to earn.


He kind of had baby fever, and it was kind of great .


“Yoongi and Namjoon offered to watch him this weekend.” Jimin says as he watches the younger cackle before cuddling with their baby on the couch. Admittedly, Jungkook had been a bit absorbed in playing with their kid, but wasn't he just being a good, attentive father? Jimin couldn't fault him for that.  “Kook, I want you to myself sometimes.”


Or maybe he could.


“You think just because you have your perfect body back it'll distract me from my son? Think again, Satan.” The consultant jokes, clutching the baby to his chest; Jimin's body had recovered in record time, something the doctor said was natural for hybrids because they had two to four breeding cycles a year. Jungkook doesn't think he's ready for the hybrid's breeding cycles just yet; he'd googled it out of curiosity once and literally felt his nuts shrivel up out of fear.


Jimin is roughly as amused as he had been the last time the younger said that, crossing his arms over his chest when he takes a seat next to them on the couch. After observing Jungkook's shameless doting for a few moments he clears his throat, chin tilting up.


“Don't you want to make more?”


“Absolutely.” the younger answers without hesitation, attention captured.


“Then let Namjoon and Yoongi watch him this Friday.” Jimin wiggles the baby free of his grasp and the consultant pouts, throwing a mini-tantrum that ends in him snuggling up to Jimin's side so that they can fawn over their son together.


Eventually he gives in, sighing softly and pressing a kiss to his fiance's neck. “Fine. Can our date start with breakfast?”


The hybrid shrugs, rocking the little bundle in his arms back and forth. “It better.”


Jungkook slowly but surely weans himself off of their son, and when Friday morning rolls around and Namjoon pulls up to take the baby he thinks he can survive a whole eight hours before withdrawal symptoms kick in. Jimin is still asleep--he’d growled and threatened to start biting if Jungkook didn’t leave him alone--so the younger is the one stuck with cooking breakfast. He’s not a chef like Jimin so he keeps it simple; rice, soup and side dishes from yesterday along with some grilled fish that he can't with certainty say isn't burnt, but he'll argue it's just a little charred to his grave.


After agonizing over whether or not to throw the fish out for about ten minutes he settles for plating the redeemable bits and tossing the rest; they could just have a larger lunch to compensate. He's just finishing up when a pair of arms wrap around his waist, a familiar set of plump lips pressing against his pulse. They trail downwards until a sleep-worn voice cuts in, rumbling against his skin. “You cooked.”


“You woke up.” The consultant fires back, biting back a grin when he feels the elder huff against his neck.


“Ha ha.” Jimin is probably rolling his eyes but it’s impossible to tell from his current position; Jungkook sits down and Jimin sits across from him, mumbling a quiet thanks before dishing out the food. Shortly after they’re both a plate deep into their meal the hybrid speaks, setting down his spoon. “Where are we going for lunch?”


“Anywhere you want? I've already decided dinner and dessert.” Jungkook picks out the worst pieces of the fish he grilled, pretending they taste normal when in fact he wants nothing more than to run to the sink and spit it out; the hybrid doesn’t make a big deal of the meat he’s left with, eating naturally.


“Are we going clubbing?” Jimin asks around a mouthful of food, voice a little too rough for his own good; Jungkook is already imagining making it worse .


“Only if you want to chance this hot piece of ass being taken from you.” The younger contends easily, pushing his empty plate forward.


“You're too whipped.”


“You're not wrong.”


Jungkook winks and shoots finger guns, and Jimin threatens to throw his chopsticks as he fake-gags. They argue cutely for a few more minutes until Jimin opts to be the bigger person and offer an alternative, belly full.


“We could always stay home.”


Jungkook takes a sip from his glass of water, eyebrows raised skeptically. “You'd rather have sex all day?”


“Why is that a question?”


It’s not like he was particularly opposed to the idea. Jimin was undeniably attractive, and they hadn’t been as intimate recently because of adjusting to life with their new baby. Jungkook knows that hybrids have a higher desire to breed than regular people, as Jimin has exemplified almost daily , but he’s more or less surprised that he doesn’t want to get out more after being stuck in the house for so long.


“Okay, but condoms only.” He concedes with a shrug, deciding that there was no harm in working on their relationship. If they were home together he could at least initiate pillow talk while the elder was all fucked out. “I need at least another year with those abs before I let them get squishy again.”


“You said you wanted more babies.” The hybrid points out with a frown, disappointed; he probably had a thing for being filled up.


“Yeah, but I also want to love the shit out of my husband before I have to pay attention to our four kids as well.” The consultant stands up and stretches, groaning in satisfaction when the tension in his back releases.


Four ?” Jimin raises his voice in shock, or maybe awe, it’s hard to tell with him sometimes--Jungkook just smiles sheepishly and starts clearing the dishes, making a mental note to negotiate the number of children they were having later when his fiance was more agreeable.


“Three?” He tries, pouting cutely when the hybrid shoots a mock-scowl.


“You think i’m some kind of baby machine? Come here you brat.” Jimin stands and from the way his thighs tense he’s probably planning on giving chase if Jungkook doesn’t comply, so naturally the younger darts towards the hallway and starts cackling when he hears a chair clatter behind him. The apartment isn’t big enough for him to have anywhere to run so he decides to make his final stand in the bedroom, shouldering the door open and making a dive for the bed just as the hybrid catches up.


Jimin pounces on him with a playful growl and they end up wrestling against the sheets, the hybrid wielding surprising strength as he attempts to come out on top. They’re closely matched in strength but it’s only because of Jimin’s animal side; Jungkook is faster, broader, and more resilient than his fiance, if only out of stubbornness. It’s why he’s the one to pin Jimin down, pressing his full weight against the hybrid with a victorious grunt as the smaller man wiggles underneath him.


He’s about to gloat, a well-practiced victory speech on the tip of his tongue, but his mouth goes dry when he realizes Jimin is panting as he struggles weakly, cheeks ruddy and eyes a molten gold that betray his arousal. His hyung lets out a little whimper and spreads his legs wider and Jungkook nearly chokes, swallowing rapidly to quench his bone-dry throat.


"You like that?" It doesn't come out sexy or confident, but that wasn't his intention anyways; he's genuinely curious, wonders if being pinned down is something all hybrids enjoy or if Jimin just has an incredibly large strength kink.


"Makes me wanna be bred." The hybrid admits breathily, hips grinding up in search of friction.


A switch goes off in Jungkook's head. It's been jammed for the better part of a year, pushed to the back of his mind between work and Jimin, but the way the hybrid is so submissive and eager makes him snap. His voice drops an octave as he gives the other man a bored look, grip tightening. "So you'd let any big strong human pin you down and fuck you?"


"What? N-no," Jimin's eyes widen before they clench shut, cheeks darkening at the loud squelch from between his legs; Jungkook chuckles darkly and eyes the slick seeping through his boxers, thoroughly amused.


"I think you're lying." The younger wets his lips, sliding one hand down to grip at the soft flesh of Jimin's thigh, squeezing until his fingers meet tensed muscle and the hybrid is panting in earnest. "I think you don't care as long as you've got a cock inside you, filling you up."


"N-no, just yours!" Jimin protests with a whimper, eyes clenched shut; he's beginning to tear up and Jungkook freezes, pushing himself up and away so that the other man has space.


"Is this okay baby? We can stop." He murmurs gently, wiping a tear from the corner of the hybrid's eye; Jimin exhales shakily and nods his head, reaching out to pull him back down.


"S'good." The elder croaks out, blinking away his tears in a moment of clarity; Jungkook jumps right back into character, but not without a final warning.


"Tell me if you want to stop." He's slow to crowd Jimin's space again, kissing along his jaw and neck, down his chest to the base of his hips; it's gentle and thoughtful, a farcry from the aggressive way he'd held the hybrid down moments before. But it's all a part of his little game; Jungkook wants to be mean, and Jimin moans so prettily at his teasing. "Is it okay if I only use my fingers hyung? Will those be enough?"


He doesn't hesitate to discard the hybrid's last piece of clothing, fingers already nudging at his rim, pulling away to watch the muscle clench around nothing.


" More ." Jimin growls out, but the noise lacks any real bite; his body is completely limp, legs spreading wider to invite the other man in.


"I don't think you deserve anything but my pinky." The younger drawls as he traces circles through the slick stuck to Jimin's thighs, gathering a clump so that he can clean it from his fingers with small, kittenish licks that have the hybrid growling possessively. The noise sends shivers down his spine, some idiotic, youthful part of his brain enjoying the adrenaline rush that comes with toying with an apex predator. Jungkook stops mid-lick and quirks a brow, frowning. "You think you deserve my cock? After trying to pin me down?"


"Need it." The hybrid whines after a moment's hesitation, hands sliding down to hook behind his knees so that he can pull them up, putting himself on full display.


"So now you need it?" Jungkook scoffs and sits back, clicking his tongue against his teeth. "It's bad manners to take something just because you think you need it, hyung."


Jimin spreads his legs even wider out of desperation and the consultant can feel his mouth water at the sight, retinas burning the image into his memory like a scar that'll leave him unable to even consider looking at anyone else. He's so pretty, too pretty , and Jungkook's own sinful beast comes to surface, willing him to ravage the hybrid until he can't walk anymore, until he's babbling incoherently and crying because it feels too good and he's gone numb.


"That's not gonna work on me." He huffs and pulls off his shirt, voice hard. "Shame you don't have a tail. I bet you'd have all sorts of fun fucking yourself with it--you just wanna be stretched open, don't you?"


"Want yours ." The mattress creaks as Jimin drops his legs, crawling forward on all fours until he's prone in front of the younger, nuzzling against his hips and thighs and whining softly with the kind of pitch that goes straight to Jungkook's dick. He almost considers giving in but then gets an even better idea, smirk spreading on his lips.


"You want me to fuck you?" He murmurs softly, fingers tracing along the curve of Jimin's jaw and tilting his head back, thumb brushing across his plump bottom lip. "Want me to stuff that greedy hole of yours?"


" Please ." The other man's voice cracks as he begs, hips rutting into the sheets; Jungkook pulls him up so that he can nip along his neck, teeth pressing hard over the hybrid's scent gland and making him keen.


"How should I do it? Deep and slow?" His hands explore every inch of exposed skin, mapping out each blemish, each spot that makes the smaller man shudder against him. His voice drops as his fingers linger cloyingly at the elder's entrance, pads applying light, teasing pressure. "Or maybe I should fuck you raw , make you cry since you're such a naughty hyung."


Jimin convulses in his hold, another wave of slick dampening the younger's fingers and making his gaze degrade into something dark, pupils blown. He rubs a few more teasing circles, letting his fingers slide in just to the first knuckle as he growls against his fiance's ear, voice thick with dominance.


"You want that? Want me to pin you down and fuck you? Breed you?" Jungkook feels his dick jump when Jimin keens with interest, unable to hold back any longer. "Lay down."


Despite making the effort to say the command he's the one who shoves Jimin on to his back, pulling off his pants and boxers in one go before he settles between the hybrid's legs, condom in hand. Jungkook's never actually fucked someone without prepping them before so his heart is beating a little faster than normal, brain going into overdrive as he reminds himself that Jimin's ass is literally leaking and he'll be fine with the stretch. After taking a deep, steadying breath, he lines up his cock and presses forward slowly, groaning at the suction around him as the hybrid's body leaks even more slick and contracts rhythmically, working him in deeper until their hips are flush and Jimin is whimpering and clawing down his back until it stings, the marks likely to last for days.


Jungkook groans from where he's buried his face against Jimin's neck, breaths ragged; Jimin was so wet and tight around him, and he was shaking and whimpering so pitifully but his cock was practically oozing precum between them. It's so intense it's almost painful, and the younger places a few apologetic kisses on the skin he can reach, pushing up onto his elbows.


"Are you okay baby? Does it hurt?" Despite all of his previous psyching up he still asks, some part of him feeling bad for following through even if the elder had said he wanted to do it; Jimin sniffles and shakes his head, hips shifting.


"Feels good," the hybrid's breath hitches as he starts working his hips back, legs wrapping around Jungkook's waist to pull him in deeper. "S-so big ."


It's easy to tell from the way his eyes glow that Jimin isn't all there; he's fallen into some sort of instinctive submissive headspace, body producing slick to match his desires, or maybe just to keep up with Jungkook. There's no point in talking, no need to reassure, so the younger pulls back before snapping his hips forward, cursing at the steady grip he's fucking into.


"You're doing so good for me, hyung." Jungkook grunts out as he slams his hips forward hard enough to push the smaller man up the bed. He can feel Jimin shudder and contract, body tensing up as he lets loose a symphony of high-pitched moans, and his hips piston forward harder. "Gonna come already?"


"Can't-- please ," Jimin gasps, back arching and toes curled. "Please, please, please !"


"Please what baby?" Jungkook chuckles darkly, slowing his thrusts to a steady grind as the hybrid lets out one last broken whimper before he's shooting off between them, body shaking from the stimulation. Even as he whines and tears up Jungkook doesn't stop, driving his cock hard and deep as he pins the hybrid by his hips. "You wanted this, didn't you?"


Jimin sobs as he's fucked into overstimulation, fingers gripping weakly at the younger's biceps. He's so small and cute, looks so pretty when he's all fucked out; Jungkook can't help the wicked thoughts that cross his mind, no more than he can resist acting on them. It's with a heated sort of satisfaction that he lifts Jimin up into his lap, bending his knees to stabilize as the hybrid gives a cute little squeak.


"Start bouncing." He commands with a gentle slap to the elder's thigh, leaning back onto his elbows so that he can see everything.


"B-but I just," Jimin chews his lip and shakes his head and it's so cute that Jungkook can even imagine the way his little cat ears would droop if he had them."I can't…"


"You can't, or you don't want to?" Jungkook gives his best disappointed frown, eyes raking over the hybrids form shamelessly as he scolds him. "Should I give my cock to someone else Jimin? I bet Taehyung would bounce on it so well--he'd let me fuck him all day if I asked."


"N-no, I want to! I," Jimin's expression turns frantic, golden eyes widening before he plants his hands on Jungkook's stomach for support and lifts his hips, choking on a moan as he snaps back down. Once he's used to the sensation the hybrid is bouncing unsteadily, hiccuping and shaking his head because the stimulation is too much and not enough at the same time. He looks absolutely debauched , beautiful as he rides Jungkook's cock like he was made for it, his own erection slapping against his tummy every time he bottoms out and making him rut even faster, eager to get off.


"Gonna come again, baby?" Jungkook wets his lips for what feels like the millionth time, eating up the way Jimin's muscles roll and coil with his hips, thighs trembling as they struggle to keep up the pace, keep his tight little ass satisfied . This would be a good way to tire him out during his heats, if they agreed to spend them together. "Want my help?"


"Touch me." The elder gasps out, breath catching in his throat when Jungkook's hands rub up and down his thighs, guiding his hips for a few thrusts before sliding up to tease along the edge of his nipples. He can feel Jimin coil up like a spring, room filling with lewd, wet smacks as the hybrid's pace turns frantic and he keens with every little bit of air punched out of his gut. All it takes is a little praise and his second orgasm hits, Jimin mewling as his hips continue to jump and stutter like they're still not satisfied, an impressively large wave of slick gushing out just as his cock spurts weakly, an angry red even as it falls limp.


Jungkook is rightfully intrigued by the sudden dampness on his hips, and his curiosity is only encouraged when he sees the way Jimin flushes as he rocks back into his own mess, eyes watery and ashamed. Quickly putting two and two together the consultant smirks and pushes himself up, peppering kisses against the hybrid's jaw and cheeks to soothe him. He coos at the way Jimin nuzzles into the touch, hungry for attention.


"Such a good boy for me. You came back here too, didn't you?" Jungkook grins wickedly, palms sliding down to cup the elder's ass, fingers teasing along the base of his spine and occasionally dipping into the messy coat of slick. He feels more than sees the hybrid groan in embarrassment, the smaller man curling against him to hide. Jungkook's erection is borderline painful, ready to burst from spending so long holding back--he presses a kiss to the base of the other man's neck, hips grinding up in tight circles to ease him into it. "One more time?"


Jimin can barely keep his head up when he mumbles a quiet yes , body so pliant and marked up it almost makes the younger feel sorry for putting him through another round. He hoists Jimin up by his thighs and takes him against the wall for their last bout, biceps straining as they fight to hold the smaller man down against the powerful roll of his thighs and hips. The mere thought of being picked up and fucked like he weighs nothing seems to do wonders for Jimin, because he's hard again in minutes, and when Jungkook finally lets out a staccato of low groans and releases into the condom the other man is right there with him, whimpering as he's bathed in kisses and praise.


Jungkook manages to get them back to the bed on wobbly legs, pressing one last kiss to the hybrid's nose before he pulls out so he can tie off the condom. Jimin groans and hisses at the slide, throwing an arm over his eyes as he slumps against the mattress, exhausted. "Who the fuck are you."


"Sorry. Got a little carried away." Jungkook rejoins him on the bed with a warm cloth, wiping down his thighs and stomach as carefully as possible, mindful of the sensitive spots. Now that his blood isn't all flowing south he feels guilty for how rough he'd been--they hadn't even discussed it before. "Was that okay?"


"Yeah. You fuck like a hybrid." The elder hums in satisfaction as Jungkook massages his calves and thighs, a pleased rumble vibrating out from his chest.


"I wasn't too mean?" Jungkook asks again meekly, eyeing all of the marks he left remorsefully. He's so used to being gentle with Jimin that there's still a little nagging voice in the back of his mind reprimanding him for his lack of control.


"Jungkook-" The hybrid huffs, exasperated.


"I didn't really mean what I said about Taehyung. Just wanted to rile you up." He blurts out without thinking about it, but he's glad he did; relief washes over him when Jimin outright laughs , reaching forward to ruffle his hair.


"Are you going to apologize every time we have sex?" The elder has an amused twinkle in his eyes that puts him completely at ease.


"Yeah, if I have to. Want it to be good for you." Jungkook pouts, dragging himself up to lay next to his hyung. Jimin plays with his hair for a bit, eyes shut, but just as the younger is beginning to doze off he tugs on the strands sharply, growling.


"Ow, ow- "


"Bring up Taehyung again and I'll cut your dick off."


Jungkook is reminded of why he hated cats as a child when the elder goes full-on bipolar and snuggles against him to nap like he didn't just threaten to castrate him.


Fortunately he was thorough enough the first time, and they don't end up having sex all day; instead they cuddle on the couch and watch TV, Jungkook massaging the elder's lower back to help ease the pain he'd be feeling well into the week.


When Namjoon and Yoongi arrive with little baby Minhyuk in tow the next morning the consultant meets them in the hallway; he would've gone outside to wait but Jimin convinced him it'd be better not to have him pacing around the sidewalk shooting desperate looks at passing babies.


“Was he fussy? Is he okay?” Jungkook lunges for his son but Jimin beats him to it, scenting their baby with a pleased huff.


“He's fine Kook, relax--wouldn’t let go of Yoongi.” Namjoon responds calmly, tail wagging when the consultant reaches up to scratch behind his ears. The wolf hybrid had apparently seen Jungkook as his alpha, making Jimin his other alpha and Yoongi chopped liver on a good day. It was a strange mixed pack but the hybrid insisted he was more comfortable being around them like this than not.


“Which one of you is the mom again?” Yoongi teases lazily from the side, setting down Minhyuk's travel bag.


“Jungkook gave birth to him in spirit.” Jimin answers before the younger can get a word in and aggravate the situation. Instead, he waves the baby around enticingly close, and Jungkook naturally falls for the bait.


“Hey little guy.”




Jimin has been tugging on his hair for the past twenty minutes. It's not for the usual reasons; there's no new chef messing up at work, and there's not some stupid recipe he's caught up on. Jimin is ruining his hair because Jungkook is being a bridezilla.


“I just want things to be perfect.” The younger asserts softly from where he watches staff members setting up chairs and tables. Minhyuk is fast asleep in his arms, lulled by the steady rain that's been falling since this afternoon, and will continue to fall tomorrow on their wedding day.


“It's perfect enough as-is.” Jimin insists, gesturing to the event company's last ditch effort to salvage their outdoor site.


“But it's raining !”


“Why is the rain a bad thing? We have tents for the guests to sit under, and the staff cleared out all the mud.” The hybrid tries to talk things through but Jungkook persists in pouting because this day was supposed to be perfect . When Jimin sees his pouty expression, he groans. “ Kookie .”


“Our photos are gonna be all gray and moody.” He can see it now; lightning going off in the back of their kiss, hurricanes knocking over the balloon pillars, birds flying into their tents for shelter-


“Only if someone is pouting.” The elder bops his nose and Jungkook almost sneezes in surprise, shooting his fiance a scandalized glare. “I think we'll look great in the rain.”


“The wind is gonna mess up my hair.” He persists in his negativity, completely unwilling to see the bright side because he's spent the better part if three months carefully planning every aspect and Jungkook didn't take kindly to when his plans failed.


“How about we take one nice photo inside, and then do some candid ones at the altar?” Jimin suggests, curling against his side to coo and smile at the baby.


“I had the perfect scripted wedding.”


Jungkook sighs again but it's a little less dejected; he can't really be sad when he's with his family, no matter how much of a diva he is. He only regrets it a little when Jimin catches him staring and starts poking fun at him for it, eyes crinkling at the corners. “Life doesn't run on a script, Jungkookie.”


Jimin is only teasing but he's absolutely right, and the words strike a chord; if everything had gone as he planned out, he wouldn't have any of this. He'd be stuck behind his desk, working himself to the bone until he could tie himself into a marriage of convenience with some CEO's daughter he'd never touch outside of producing a child. Jungkook wouldn't have changed, wouldn't have opened his eyes to everything wrong around him in favor of receding into his cushy 'dream' life and hiding behind his lofty salary.


His life is full of improvisations, and he wouldn't have it any other way.


“You better not cake me tomorrow.” Jungkook pulls himself from his thoughts with a joke of his own out of fear that he'd start tearing up and embarrass himself in front of the staff. Rather than address him directly like a normal person Jimin turns to their son and coos sweetly; Jungkook loves him all the more for it.


“Minhyuk, your daddy is a little bitch.”


“Don't swear!”


“The first word he ever heard you say is fuck .”  The hybrid sets him with an unimpressed stare and he fumbles to defend himself.


“I was nervous.”


Jungkook pouts a little as he watches the last of the tents being installed, shoulders slumping subconsciously. Jimin picks up on his mood change and sighs fondly, pressing a kiss to his shoulder as he traces patterns along the ridge of his spine.


“S'gonna be fine , Kook-ah.” his hyung mumbles against the skin of his neck, voice thick with the accent of their shared hometown; Jungkook flusters at first, then scowls because he's told Jimin time and time again what it does to him.


“Don't arouse me while I'm holding our son.”


“ ‘Rouse?” You mean work you stiff, babe?”


When the normally mature elder makes a lewd hand gesture and winks in broad daylight for the explicit purpose of cheering him up, Jungkook knows he's found his soulmate.


Rain doesn't ruin their wedding. That's not to say Jungkook enjoys being soaked, but he can't really see anything ruining his wedding because he's too busy staring at Jimin to acknowledge the world around him. (It helps that they got their nice pictures inside, like Jimin suggested)


The guests all watch from the safety of their tents as they make their vows through a bout of giggles, Jungkook having to stop several times to spit the excess water out of his mouth and Jimin shaking his head every few seconds because he had the misfortune of having to look up at Jungkook, exposing himself to a pelting by the rain.


They're drenched by the time they lean in for the final kiss, but the thundering heartbeat in Jungkook's ears is quickly replaced by cheers and shouts-- their friends, drunk and disorderly, charging towards the pew to hug and kiss them both. Jimin even lets Taehyung kiss him square on the lips, smiling and bouncing with the dog hybrid as the rest of the group sings teasing nursery rhymes.


After several boisterous toasts and a sudden influx of sneezing and shivering their wedding banquet is nearly over; Jungkook's changed his clothes, hanging around their table awkwardly while he waits for Jimin to return as well. He bows to everyone who comes by to congratulate him, most of the older guests taking their leave before Taehyung and his pack of hybrids recover from their sneezing long enough to start a second round of drinking.


He's just seen his parents off, making sure to remind them of every little detail about Minhyuk and how he needs to be back first thing in the morning because Jimin gets anxious if they're apart for too long, when a woman he doesn't recognize comes up, staring in the direction they'd walked off towards.


Jungkook clears his throat and tips his head down politely, lip quirking when he catches sight of a striped tail. " Hello. I don't believe we've met before, miss…"


"Park." The woman gives a small smile, eyes crinkling at the corner and-


"Are--are you,"


"My son doesn't invite me to things much. Says it's embarrassing to have his mom follow him everywhere." Jungkook gapes stupidly for about ten seconds before giving a full, back straining ninety-degree bow, voice cracking slightly out of panic.


"I'm so sorry for not recognizing you. How could I not, he looks just like you, I-" His ears turn pink when he hears an amused chuckle, straightening back up when he feels a delicate hand on his shoulder.


"Relax, Jungkook. I'm just happy he introduced me to you at all." The hybrid sighs, tail flickering back and forth, and she just seems so sad that Jungkook can't help but blurt out a compliment.


"He only says good things about you."


"Does he now?" Jimin's mother quirks a brow, and Jungkook realizes he's been duped.


" This is why I never introduced you." Jimin announces as he rounds the table, immediately pressing against Jungkook's side. "Kookie can't keep a secret to save his life."


"I can!" The younger argues petulantly, forgetting for a moment too long who he was in the presence of.


"Really? What's my favorite flavor?" Jimin licks his lips coyly and all Jungkook can think of is their pre-wedding blowjob, how the hybrid had confessed that Jungkook's semen tastes sweet to him. He flusters, and Jimin clicks his tongue against his teeth and rolls his eyes. "See? Anyone could tell what you're thinking, the way you turn all red like that."


"I only do that for you ." Jungkook grumbles, staring at his feet.


"And my mother, apparently."


And then Jungkook remembers that Jimin's mother is standing a mere three feet away from him, having heard the entire exchange. He feels the blood drain from his face as the Parks laugh at his expense.


Jimin and his mother talk privately for a bit, while Jungkook excuses himself to the other table so that he can begin living down what will most probably be a lifetime of shame and mortification. He does manage to stand up and wave when the tiger hybrid takes her leave, eyes finally catching the thin leather strap around her neck. Frowning slightly, he turns to Jimin.


"Your mother has an owner?"


"Yeah. Some rich old dude who collects exotics." The elder tries to hide his distaste, but Jungkook sees right through it. "He treats her well, but she's still just his pet."


"We could let her move in with us? If I could convince-"


"That's the life she chose , Jungkook." Jimin remarks a tad too bitterly, jaw clenched. "Even after everything we've been through."


There's a tense pause that feels like it lasts a thousand years; the younger chuckles nervously, lowering his voice so that the others can't hear.


"You know we're not like that, right?"


Jungkook kisses his nose, then his cheek; Jimin doesn't meet his eyes when he responds.


"I know."


The second round of drinks happens sooner than Jungkook would like; he barely touches his champagne but Taehyung and Hoseok have got the rest of them knocking back shots like their glasses are filled with water. It's fun enough to just watch without risking a hangover the next morning so he politely declines when he's invited to participate, but Jimin goes in for a few games and comes out a bubbly, giggling mess. Jungkook has to step in and take his last few shots for him, and the literal second he feels a buzz he decides to call it a night, carting Jimin off towards their hotel room amidst a chorus of overzealous wolf-whistles and catcalls.


When they're (finally) alone he exhales softly, letting his steps wobble a little as he guides his now-husband down the hallway. Jimin is less giggly now, eyes turned hazy as kicks off his shoes and undoes the buttons of his dress shirt.


This is it; their wedding night. Jungkook has so much prepared, spent more time than he's willing to admit in the hybrid section of a sex shop asking employees for help, and he sobers almost instantly when he moves to hug Jimin from behind, pressing slow, careful kisses against his neck. His hands slide over his hyung's smaller ones, tugging at the last few buttons of his shirt until he feels it--a tremble, so small and insignificant if it were anyone else he'd shrug it off as a reaction to the cold. If it were anyone else Jungkook wouldn't have cared, but this was Jimin ; he pulls his hands back like they've been burned, expression twisted with concern and disappointment at the rejection. “We don't have to if you don't want to.”


“No, I,” The hyrbid's shoulders slump as he reaches for Jungkook's hands, back still turned to him. “I need it.”


Unsure, the younger pulls away completely. Jimin is normally so confident in advances--so confident in his behavior towards Jungkook that at the moment his words can't be taken in good faith.


“Hyung, are you okay?” He slips around with hopes of catching the elder's gaze but Jimin is staring down at his feet. Feeling panicked and desperate Jungkook wrings his hands together, his insecurities bubbling to the surface. “If, if you didn't want this we can take it back. I know it was quick, I know you're not in the best situation--i didn't mean to force you-”


“It's not that. You didn't force me to do anything.” Jungkook's heart simultaneously soars and breaks at the revelation. As amazing as it feels to know that he isn't the reason, that just means he might not be able to fix anything--he could be useless .


The silence between them feels toxic, like every second spent thinking is a year off of their relationship, a step closer to being apart. He's afraid to ask, and this time last year he wouldn't have, would've just said goodnight and disappeared, but Jimin makes him brave in a stupid, self-destructive sort of way. Jungkook can't help the crack in his voice when he speaks.


“Then what's wrong?”


“Can you promise me you won't throw me away when you get bored of me?”


He's never been stabbed before, but the pain he feels in his chest, the way his throat constricts and head throbs--Jungkook thinks this is so much worse. Some part of him jeers, crawls from the darkest corners of his mind just to whisper a mantra of this is your fault , you made him like this .


No. No, this wasn't his fault. He couldn't back down now.


“Jimin.” The younger pleads softly, doing his best to bury his own pain.


“If, if you can't, at least promise you'll take care if Minhyuk. Promise you'll stay with him no matter what.” Jimin meets his eyes but the hybrid is crying, shaking, looks ready to beg on his knees--Jungkook barely finds it in himself to reach out and make first contact, thumb trembling slightly from where it disrupts the stream of tears on the apple of Jimin's cheek.


“I promised all of that already, out there in front of all of the people who matter to me.”


Jungkook has never trusted people. It's why he's so good at his job, why he's got his own corner office and secretary at the age of twenty-three, why he calculates every interaction and treats his clients as nothing more than numbers on a page. It's why he'd scoffed in Jimin's face the first time they met but still extended a point of contact, because it was all a part of the game--he couldn't be caught unaware, couldn't give Jimin the upper hand by letting him dig up information on his own. He's never trusted people but for once in his life he wants someone to trust him. If fate has a sense of humor, it definitely favors irony.


“I'm sorry. I know you've told me, promised me again and again, it's just-” When Jungkook cups his cheek, Jimin nuzzles into the touch. He looks so fragile and worn down all of a sudden, like he's already lost hope. “People don't keep the promises they make with me.”


The only people Jungkook can think of are the ones who've abandoned him. Jimin still hasn't opened up about his past completely, leaving out details, but Jimin's father left them when he was young. It was typical human greed--he lusted after the concept of an exotic hybrid, not the heart and soul attached. To watch his mother go through that, and then experience the same thing himself?Jungkook can't even begin to imagine the scars that lurk in his husband's chest.


It makes him livid, thinking that someone could be so cruel, treat Jimin and his family as lessers just because there were no laws to defend them. The younger can't hold back the edge to his voice when he asks “This is about him , isn't it?”


The way Jimin's expression drops is more than enough of an answer. He starts stammering, words a jumble of insecurities come to surface. “I just--I was happy . Stupid. I'm not pregnant, there's no reason for you to stay with me anymore, people talk about us when you take me out and he left me for nothing -”


Jungkook is acting on instinct when he pulls Jimin into a hug. His mind makes up some bullshit excuse about pressure soothing anxiety but he'd be lying if he said he knew what he was doing-- knew how to make Jimin feel better. He just holds him, long enough that he can feel Jimin's tears seep down from the crook of his neck into his shirt, long enough that the hybrid stops shaking and relaxes in his arms, breathing evening out. He waits until their heartbeats sync in a slow, steady rhythm before finally pulling away.


“Baby, I'm not gonna toss you aside.” Jungkook tries again, hoping that Jimin would listen now that he was a bit calmer; his hopes prove pointless.


“But there's nothing I can do if you change your mind.”


Jimin smiles bitterly as he plays with a loose thread on the younger's shirt, momentarily pacified but still so clearly hurt and uncertain he might as well be having the breakdown he's holding back. There had to be something Jungkook could do or say to make things right; something that would rebuild the other man's shattered trust in humans.


“Taehyung told me something, about hybrids.” The younger starts, linking their fingers. He had been skeptical of Taehyung's 'advice' after the first incident, but even he wouldn't lie about something like this.  “He said that when you choose a mate, there's something you do.”


Jungkook remembers the conversation like it was yesterday; they'd been lounging in his office, the dog hybrid resting against his thigh while he sorted through paperwork on the couch. Taehyung was always touchy and needy, so the consultant had quickly given up on fending him off. The sleepy hybrid was going off about mates and pups, and how Hoseok was going to let him be bred soon--his eyes lit up whenever he mentioned being claimed.


A bite that would permanently alter their mate's scent.


Jimin seems confused at first, but when he realizes the weight of the claim his expression flares with panic. “Jungkook, you don't have to-”


“I want to hyung. If I smell like you--if your instincts tell you I'm yours , I think,” Jungkook wasn't stupid. He knew how people would look at him if they saw the mark of a hybrid on his neck. Jimin's concern for him was fair, but it didn't bother him. Something like social scorn was trivial in the face of his family's happiness. “I think you'll feel a lot better.”


“You're gonna let me scar you for life so I can feel better ?” Jimin crosses his arms over his chest, sucking in a breath like he was prepared to lecture him to hell and back.


“I think it would be nice. You already had my human marriage, so it's only fair I mate you, right?” The younger argues softly, hands finding their way to his husband's waist.


“I'm only half.” The elder tries again, but it's clear his heart isn't in it.


“But I married all of you.”


Jungkook knows he's won the second the sentence leaves his mouth. Rather than roll his eyes or lash out Jimin gives a pleased growl, cheeks dusted pink as he quickly covers his mouth to muffle the sound. His body betrays him in earnest however, a series of low rumbly chuffs and groans echoing through the room. Jungkook is simultaneously pleased with the result and glad he was born human; he'd be making embarrassing noises all the time if he were a hybrid.


When he finally composes himself, cheeks still ruddy, Jimin clears his throat as though if the act will erase the past five minutes from history. All Jungkook can think is cute . “It's gonna hurt.”


“Love hurts sometimes. I can take it." He shrugs, leaning in for a proper kiss. Jimin doesn't disappoint, arms snaking around the taller's shoulders as he tilts his head to the side.


The hybrid pulls back first, eyes wet. “Thank you.”


“I haven't even started yet.” Jungkook wiggles his eyebrows and slips his hands down to give his hyung's ass a light squeeze, chuckling when the other man flusters and slaps his arm.


For taking me in .” Jimin clarifies, slightly irritated.  His expression softens again when the younger gives him a playful smile, matching with one of his own. “Thank you for giving me a home.”


Jungkook's smirk falters. An indescribable gratitude bubbles up in his chest, something he's only felt a handful of times in his life; he may be young, but he knows this sort of feeling doesn't come easy or often. Jimin is someone he wants to call family for the rest of his life, as close to his heart as his own parents. He might even be closer.


For once , Jungkook isn't afraid to speak. “Thank you for being my home.”


Jimin gives him the sort of smile you only see in movies, soft and proud and full of love . It reminds Jungkook of the look his parents had given him during much of his early childhood, before teenage hormones  turned him crass and moody towards their affections.


With their emotions temporarily resolved Jungkook takes it upon himself to finish what he started, tearing Jimin's shirt free of his body and tossing it on to the floor. The hybrid returns the favor tenfold, tearing through the fabric on his chest and shoving him back into the mattress with surprising strength.


From there it all happens like clockwork; both of them are naked within minutes, the tiger hybrid is on his back with his legs spread, and Jungkook thinks he's going to come embarrassingly fast just from looking . He distracts himself by digging through his travel bag for condoms, skin practically aflame where Jimin touches when he gets up to peek over the younger's shoulder, glued to his back.


"What are you doing?"


"Grabbing a glove."


Jimin lets out a low whine of disappointment, and Jungkook swears if he asks what he thinks he's gonna ask-


"You don't wanna fill me up?"


Fuck .


The tiger hybrid growls as he nips along Jungkook's shoulder, hands sliding down to rest along the crest of his hips, inching towards his navel.


"Hyung, I thought we agreed to wait a year." He argues weakly, because realistically speaking Jimin is getting exactly what he wants tonight and Jungkook isn't going to do a goddamned thing to stop him.


"You don't wanna fill me up with cubs?" Jimin pouts, fingers trailing closer and closer to Jungkook's dick. "You'd waste all of it on some stupid rubber sack?"


" Waste --hyung, are you taking the pills the doctor gave you?"


They'd been warned about this. Something about human and tiger biology mixing--normally Jimin wouldn't be interested in trying again for at least two years, but his larger than normal portion of human dna gives him sporadic heats that can go active simply from sniffing Jungkook too vigorously. It's an honest to God miracle he hadn't gotten pregnant before this, but Jimin had insisted no one ever aroused him enough. (Jungkook may or may not have puffed up proudly at that)


Still, the doctor had given him pills to help quell the behavior. Pills that Jimin, evidently , chose not to take.


"Didn't wanna. You don't smell as good."


Jungkook sighs fondly, eyeing the strip of foil packets in his hand. "That's kind of the point."


"Not fair." Jimin is more direct now, fingers wrapping around the base of his erection and making Jungkook curl in on himself with a hiss. "You get to feel me tighter than ever,"


" Hyung ." The younger whines, fidgeting when Jimin starts flicking his wrist.


"And I have to suffer through letting this big thing stuff me up to my belly, just so you can get off into some cheap piece of plastic?"


Jungkook tries to quietly argue that his dick isn't that big, Jimin is just a small person but then the hybrid squeezes and he groans, fist clenching around the packet in his hand.


"Maybe I should ask Namjoon instead. I bet he's got a big fat knot I can bounce on-"


Jimin's never seen Jungkook's temper, not really , but he knows about the younger's jealous streak which is particularly strong when it comes to the wolf hybrid. He knows , so he isn't surprised at all when he's flipped and pinned to the mattress on his back--in fact, he looks quite pleased with himself. Jungkook glares.


"You're forgetting your place, kitten." His voice drops in pitch and Jimin shivers, arms resisting weakly. "You think someone who can't even handle being teased will last long enough for a wolf to pop his knot?"


"I can do just fine!" The hybrid snaps back, wrestling his wrists free of Jungkook's hold. The younger lets him go without a fight, smirking as he repositions his hands.


"How could you possibly know that? I've never teased you before."Jungkook murmurs softly, tongue wetting his lips. He always toned himself down for Jimin, out of fear of harming him, or triggering some kind of fight or flight instinct; it's not that he was rough, per say. He just enjoyed working his partners to exhaustion, and Jimin was a little too easy for him to exhaust.


"I can take it." Jimin insists, unwittingly playing right into his trap; the younger huffs in mock exasperation, sitting back on his haunches to taunt.


"You're too spoiled to handle me. You'll just be a useless lump by the time I finish."


"You're not that good." The hybrid glares up at him half-heartedly and Jungkook shrugs, doing his best to hide his smile.


"Guess I'll just have to try my best for my little king." Jimin narrows his eyes at the indirect challenge, and Jungkook, well. Jungkook did say he would try his best to keep his husband satisfied.


It's the justification he imparts when he dives straight for the hybrid's sensitive nipples, tongue swirling around the tawny skin before he suckles, palms kneading the surrounding flesh where he knows Jimin is still sore from nursing. He'd always been a little jealous of their son, the cub having sole access to Jimin's chest until he was large enough to put on regular formula and baby food--in consequence, Jungkook isn't shy about doing a thorough job, abusing the little buds until they're puffy and pink, surrounding skin hot to the touch.


He could spend all night just playing with Jimin's chest like this; he could , but before the idea can really take root there's a painful tug on his hair, the hybrid whimpering as he tries to pull him off. Jungkook doesn’t give in so easily this time, unlatching his mouth once he’s sure each nipple has gotten ample attention.


“Too much?” He coos condescendingly, reveling in the way the elder squirms underneath him.


"Lower."Jimin manages to growl out, scrabbling for some semblance of control as he spreads his legs, making it quite clear where he wanted to be touched. Jungkook, intent on making him regret his words, is sure to save it for last.


Instead he takes his time kissing along the hybrid's ribs, switching between soft nips and hard bites, a pretty mix of pinks and reds blooming across his skin trailing up and around, nowhere near the erection straining against his hips. Jungkook thinks about marking him up until he looks absolutely ridiculous, leaving so many hickies he ends up looking like a leopard hybrid instead, but just as he's making his second pass to darken the spots a small hand pushes him down further, chin bumping against the leaking tip of a very red, very hard dick.


Jimin hisses softly in pleasure and Jungkook tsks , pulling back completely.


"Getting a little impatient aren't we?"


"You're taking forever. Can't you tease faster?" Jimin's pupils are blown, almost completely covering the golden glow of his irises and from here Jungkook can see how red his lips are, fangs prominent as his tongue darts across his teeth. He really is like a spoiled little king, just tactful enough to hide his neediness behind irate commands and forceful gestures. It makes Jungkook want to absolutely wreck his composure all the more.


So he does.


"If that's what his highness wishes." The younger tuts playfully, mouthing along the side of his cock before Jimin can protest the nickname. He licks and nips carefully, working his way down to the base, past swollen balls, giving the perineum a particularly sharp nip before he folds the hybrid in half with no preamble.


Jimin's surprised squeak degrades into a pitchy moan as Jungkook laps up the slick leaking from his core. The flavor is foreign to his tongue, sticky and a little sweet like artificial strawberry, and he has half a mind to ask if the hybrid prepped himself before but his curiosity is sated when a fresh wave gushes out, an overwhelming mix of the subtly fruity taste and something that makes his blood run hotter. He'd heard about slick being an aphrodisiac, but they'd never really explored the possibility, and he'd never really gotten a chance to eat Jimin out because the elder always whined that it was embarrassing or dirty , like he didn't enjoy marking himself up with Jungkook's cum or wearing a plug around the house just to keep himself full.


Jungkook suspects Jimin's just never really gotten to experience a good tongue, because he's practically turned to putty, babbling incoherently as he tugs on his own hair. It's almost a little worrisome, how much he squirms at the intrusion, so the younger pulls back to study his expression, slick dripping from his chin.


"You okay?" He wipes his mouth and Jimin keens as he seizes up, hand shooting down to pump an unexpectedly quick orgasm onto his taut stomach. Jungkook licks his lips, eyes zoning in on the streaks of white, the hybrid's twitching, spent cock, and he frowns. "All done already?"


"J-just need five minutes." Jimin mumbles, body boneless as he sinks into the mattress. Normally he'd heed the elder's request, at least in part, but Jungkook is feeling strangely mean today and it doesn't help that he knows he can get Jimin hard again if he pushes a few buttons. Without a moment of hesitation or remorse his lips are wrapped around the head of Jimin's cock, a single finger worked into his ass up to the last knuckle and the pathetic whimper the hybrid responds with is beautiful.


He works out another spurt of cum effortlessly, fingers pressed hard against his hyung's prostate-- breeding gland , the doctor had called it. If he prods he can feel a little opening, steady streams of slick oozing from the spot, but he knows if he works it over too hard Jimin will be sore and cranky and in the interest of not ruining their honeymoon he withdraws his fingers, staring in silent awe at the mess he's made between his husband's thighs.


Jungkook thinks that if he tried, if he really pushed Jimin to his limits and exhausted every resource he could get the poor little hybrid to come at least six times, but his plans come to a screeching halt when fingers brush along the side of his cheek,gentle and trembling.


"M'sorry." Jimin is teary-eyed as he asks, irises bright gold but glazed over, vulnerable. The hybrid sniffles and Jungkook is crowding his space immediately, appalled by his own stupidity--Jimin had sunk deep into his submissive headspace, and he was so busy toying with him that he didn't notice.


"No sweetheart, don't be sorry." He peppers loving kisses across the elder's nose and eyes, fighting back the urge to connect their lips. "You've been so good for me."


"I couldn't hold it." The hybrid's voice cracks and he fidgets, gaze downcast.


"But you're nice and wet for me now. You did so good." Jungkook teases the head of his cock against Jimin's rim, exhaling sharply when he feels the muscle pucker around him. Sometimes he forgets how good it feels to be with Jimin; beyond the basic physical response there's also that little song making his heart skip a beat, the unmistakable feeling of belonging whenever they kiss, wherever their skin touches. He would give Jimin everything in the world and more, even if the other man didn't ask for it.


His affection distracts him long enough that the hybrid grows restless underneath him, hips jumping as he ruts them back. Jimin seems to want to ask something, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth, so Jungkook hums a quiet go ahead , still just staring, soaking everything in. "Kookie, will you mate me?"


"Of course, Jimin." The young man can't say he's ever been happier than in this singular moment, so quiet and intimate even the rain pattering against the window can't dampen his mood. Jungkook has really, truly , found his home. "Gonna let everyone know who I belong to."


It takes countless mistakes to achieve perfection. Trial and error, heartache and pain, mountains upon mountains of obstacles. Jungkook certainly isn't perfect, but there isn't a thing in the world he wouldn't brave to learn more about Jimin, nothing he'd shy away from if it meant even a second of the hybrid's dazzling smile.


Jungkook thinks he'd go to hell and back if Jimin saw a flower he fancied there. His devotion runs deeper than the reverant kisses he leaves any place he touches, the praise and encouragement he whispers into Jimin's skin every time his hyung whimpers or mewls, stimulation too much. His own pleasure doesn't even make a guest appearance as he works tirelessly to satisfy the man underneath him, showering the hybrid with all the love and affection he can give.


Jimin finally gets what he wants as they're both on the cusp of something wonderful, sweat giving a gloss to their skin as the bed groans and creaks with the younger's efforts. He'd started out slow and deep, reassuring Jimin that he'd done no wrong but the hybrid wanted to be bred, begging and pleading until he ended up pinned to the mattress, Jungkook's full weight pressed against him as his body was used .


His teeth nibble against the side of the younger's throat, tongue darting out as though if he were asking permission, and when Jungkook gets the hint he slows his thrusts and steadies his shoulders, silently baring his neck in invitation.


It's a searing, tingling pain; he doesn't pull away even as Jimin growls possessively because he kn ows this moment is important, that he needs to submit completely until the hybrid is satisfied with his claim. Jungkook keeps the steady swell of pleasure going, making tight circles with his hips in his new restrained position so that he can coax out one last orgasm, nerves on fire and muscles screaming in protest; Jimin shudders and groans, a strange, wispy roar bubbling in his throat as he goes taut, jaw not relaxing even as he comes down from his high. The younger can't help but to follow, balls drawing up tight and releasing more than he'd ever soberly admit; yet another side effect of Jimin.


Jungkook feels the strain in his neck even more without the adrenaline of sex to keep him distracted; when Jimin finally seems to come back from his headspace he pouts, resting his forehead against the elder's shoulder. “Ow. Okay, wow , that really hurt.”


“I told you it would.” Jimin protests guiltily, thighs dropping from the younger's waist back onto the bed.


“You have such tiny fangs! How was I supposed to know?”


“Because I told you.”


Jungkook huffs but is more focused on ignoring the pain in his neck. The wound is throbbing, and there's no doubt it's deep enough to leave a prominent scar. Jimin seems to notice his discomfort and growls softly as he laves his tongue over the bite, cleaning up loose blood and soothing the area.


Jungkook sighs in satisfaction, rolling them over so that Jimin is on top of him; the hybrid grumbles but begins his work in earnest, all sorts of pleased rumbles escaping his chest as he tends to his mark. Jungkook nearly falls asleep from the ministrations, mumbling out a quiet “That feels nice.”


“Shut up.” The elder grunts and slaps his side, licking his lips.


“Why? I said nice things.”


“You move when you talk. You're gonna make it sore.” Jimin contends softly, tracing his fingers around the swollen skin.


“We could rinse it out in the shower.” Jungkook points out maybe a little too enthusiastically, wanting nothing more than to pop six painkillers and sleep off whatever dull throb he'd be doomed to for the next month; Jimin growls possessively at the suggestion, shaking his head.


I've got it.”


There's no negotiating with Jimin at the moment, the hybrid still high off of his mating bond, so Jungkook concedes defeat and allows him to lick and coddle and kiss and mark to his heart's content. It takes an hour or so but he eventually calms down, allowing Jungkook to shuffle them both into a well-earned bubble bath.


Jimin is straddling his hips, hands and lips still drawn to the mark,but he's less frantic about it now, more or less simply glowing as he stares at his work. Jungkook can't help but smile back, large palms rubbing over the hybrid's flat tummy. “Think there's another baby in there?”


“Maybe. You came a lot.” Jimin tilts his head cutely in faux innocence and Jungkook narrows his eyes.


“You asked for a lot.” He fires back, not buying into it for a second. At the end of the day Jimin had seduced him into throwing out his condoms, not the other way around. Rather than dwell on the admittedly insignificant argument he slides his hands up to rest on the smaller's hips, smiling. “I hope this one's a girl.”


“I hope it's a litter.” The hybrid pipes in, staring down at his stomach.


“Litter?”Jungkook cocks a brow and the smaller man smiles shyly, wiggling into a more comfortable position.






Jungkook didn't hate his job, per say. He definitely didn't like how much time he had to spend away from his family during business trips, but he was good at what he did--good enough to make senior staff before anyone else in his class.


Still, he only got to spend evenings with his boys, and if he had it his way he'd be spending all day with them. Jimin got to see them as much as he wanted at the restaurant, and Namjoon and Yoongi had them whenever Jimin wanted him , and even Taehyung occasionally watched after the cubs in exchange for being allowed to roam freely in their new full-size house.


In short, Jungkook was getting minimal time with his precious children, when compared to the other people who got to see them; all was not well .


Beyond his possessive streak when it came to his family he was an honest to God idiot for anyone who so much as resembled Jimin, and there were currently two little Jimins running around the house and a third on the way; it just wasn't fair, that he had to spend seven hours not looking at his kids. Jungkook honestly considered faking illness and teleworking permanently, just so he could stay at home with them.


His boss had been generous about time off, and even lets him leave early provided he completed his work on time; today he manages to do everything before lunch, giddy with the knowledge that his whole family would be home because Jimin didn't start work until a little after noon.


When he sees Jimin's car in the garage, right where he suspected it would be, Jungkook gets butterflies in his stomach and he can't stop a smile from forming. Maybe he could get the drop on his cubs if he came in through the side door; they had sharp noses and impeccable hearing for their age, and it's become somewhat of a game trying to surprise them every time he comes in.


He thinks it's a brilliant idea and when he's greeted by silence as he shuts the door behind him he internally cheers because they must all be napping, the silly tigers-


" Gotcha ." Jungkook stumbles forward as a weight hits him from behind, regaining his balance as Jimin purrs and nuzzles against the scar on his neck, hanging from his back like a koala. "See boys, this is how you catch Daddy when he's being sneaky."


Two little pairs of arms wrap around his legs and the consultant whines because he'd been on a winning streak before this soul crushing betrayal; he'd stomp his foot too if he wasn't worried about stepping on one of his kids' tails. "You're not supposed to help them!"


"Sojung wanted to play too." The hybrid responds naturally, like it made perfect sense to include their unborn, two-week old child in the game. Jimin was convinced this one would be a girl; their second youngest, Eunwoo was supposed to be a twin according to the elder's 'flawless intuition', but he'd been stubborn about it this time and even already decided a name. Jungkook thinks it's cute, but Jimin doesn't have to know that.


"Boys, up." He offers his hands so that he has wiggle room to get his shoes off, and the cubs are all too happy to cling to them instead. He has to squat a little so they can reach, and try not to topple over because Jimin refuses to get off of his back, but a few grunts and giggles later he's got all of his family attached to him. The consultant makes a clutter of mechanical noises with his mouth as he stomps down the hallway, pretending to be the robot from Minhyuk's favorite cartoon; the kids giggle and scream in delight, but he can feel Jimin frowning against his neck.


"Where are you taking us?" The hybrid asks quietly, adjusting his grip.


"Bed." Jungkook responds in his best robot voice, not wanting to break character just because someone wasn't playing along.


"I have work in an hour." When they reach the bedroom door Jungkook pretends to fumble with it, muttering error, does not compute as he rocks Eunwoo back and forth each time he turns the knob. After a few botched attempts he succeeds and marches straight towards their bed, dropping the kids onto it.


"As your boss I'm giving you a paid day off." Jungkook announces, patting the thick thighs wrapped around his waist as a signal to get down. The elder does so reluctantly, but the sight of their bed filled with cubs catches his attention and he moves to build a nest around them, shoving at pillows and blankets with pouty lips.


"Seokjin is gonna kill you." Jimin says as an afterthought, tugging on Jungkook's shirt and pointing to the center of his nest; he'd gotten very peculiar about placement of things in the past week, their sleeping positions included.


"He'd have to catch me first."


The sheets feel cool against his skin. That'd change soon, considering hybrids were space heaters and he'd be napping with three , but for now they're smooth and cool and thick with his family's scent. Jungkook grunts softly when his sons clamber onto his chest, growling and hissing as they play-wrestle. Minhyuk wins for now, but considering he takes more after Jimin than Jungkook the consultant suspects he'll have hell to pay when they're older and Eunwoo towers over him.


Jimin continues to fiddle with his nest, growling whenever his cubs get too rough and knock something out of place, and in response the boys pout before going right back into it once he's turned away to work on another section of the bed. It seems like it'll go on all day and Jungkook can't help but watch fondly, smiling whenever one of the kids stick their tongue out at Jimin behind his back or kick down a pillow just to be mischievous. This is nice, too nice, more than he thought he'd ever have. He's so focused on watching his family chaotically interact in bed he doesn't notice he's being talked to until Jimin's face is hovering over his own, hand waving back and forth a few times to catch his attention.


"Jungkookie, where'd you go?" The elder teases, biting back a smile. He's probably getting ready to stake a claim on nuzzling along Jungkook's neck before the cubs can--last time he'd grumbled and nudged them away and Jungkook outright scolded him for bullying their kids before denying him cuddles for an entire week. Thinking back, the makeup sex is probably when Sojung was conceived.


Still, for all their ups and downs, for all the new things he's had to learn and the people he's had to meet, Jungkook doesn't regret any of it. He's happy, can only get happier at this point.


When he finally answers Jimin it's a blissfully dopey “I'm home.”