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Pros & Cons [My Hero Academia Characters X Reader]

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You don’t even remember why you ended up sleeping in the same bed as Kirishima. You somehow remember that the whole class A went to this yakiniku place and drank a few bottles of alcohol, but after that, everything else is foggy in your memory.


“Y/n...” the way that Kirishima whispered your name in your ears was so soft and gentle. Gentle enough to turn you on and make your nipples hard, asking for attention.


You felt his fingertips running in an andante pace inside your shirt, the friction made between your skin and his fingers electrified your whole body giving you goose bumps.


“K-Kirishima, wait. We’re underage for this.” You managed to say those words at least, before you give in to this sweet temptation.


“Call me Eijiro, Y/n.” Kirishima pulled you closer to him. You felt your cheeks burn when you felt something hard poking your legs. You are positive that it was hard even without him activating his quirk.






You woke up to the blaring sound of your alarm and you thought that you must have peed your pants from your wet dream but you are wet in a completely different way.


“Shit.” you cursed. “What in the fucking hell was that?”


You don’t have the hots for Kirishima. You are close friends with him, bros... but that? Not even your subconscious or unconscious mind would think of such things towards him.


And so, you tried to erase such dirty thoughts and went to class as usual. It would be hard to avoid him anyway. Pretending that you’re sick so that you can skip class won't do since you are all living in the same dorm. However, you still can’t look at Kirishima straight in the eyes and you are obviously avoiding him by keeping a great distance.



“And yeah, I heard Mineta talking about pervy things again.” Mina said. “I overheard him talking with the boys. He said that if you put a picture of your crush under your pillow and say some kind of chant, your crush will dream of you that night. And of course, knowing that it was Mineta, it was that-kind-of-dream.”


You tried not to look too palpable that you are surprised by hearing this but your blushing face failed you.


“Y/n-chan, are you all right?” Uraraka asked you, her expression is completely worried.


“Yes- uhm no? Uhm, just a little bit fatigued?” It’s all because someone just happened to put my picture under his pillow and I dreamt of him in a sexual way. Not that it’s a big deal... BUT IT IS.


Uraraka helped you stand up, “Let’s head to Recovery Girl, I’ll come-“



“I’ll go with Y/n” Kirishima suddenly said. “I’m on my way to Recovery Girl anyway to get some meds she made for me.”


At this point, you are internally screaming for help. You immediately gave a ‘help me’ look at Uraraka but she failed to understand you.


Kirishima held out his hand, waiting for you to hold onto it, “Uhm, I can walk. I can walk just fine.” you said.


But Kirishima still pulled your hand anyway and said, “It’s unmanly not to escort someone sick. Do you want me to carry you in my back instead?” But I’m not sick in the first place.


“Holding my hand is fine!” Your friends are now oohing and ahhing so you threw them a glare to quiet them down, “Let’s go.”




Time seemed to pass by slowly as the two of you walked your way to the clinic. You stared at Kirishima’s hand that was currently tightly holding yours. It was big and warm, a hand of a strong person, a hand of a hero.


It struck to you that this is the perfect time to make him confess if he made a sin by putting your picture underneath his pillow.


“Y/n” “Kirishima”


You called each other at the same time, the timing was so synchronized that you find it hard to believe. You gently pulled your hand and sighed, “You can say it first, Kirishima.”


“Ladies first is one of my principles since it’s manly, so you go on first.” 


Gosh, he's so stubborn. Alright, I give in. You can do this Y/n, you’re just going to ask him if he really had a crush on you and it’s done. Then you can go back to being friends again.


“About last night-“ you haven’t even finished your sentence but he suddenly bowed 70 degrees.





Ah so that was it...



“That’s... that’s great. What a relief... I’ll go back to the classroom, I’m just fine after all.” You don’t even believe how disappointed you sounded.



You turned on your heels without even looking back at Kirishima. You hate this feeling in your chest but not that you can just shrug it off anyway. You weren’t supposed to feel this way at all.


I think revenge would work to get this feeling off my chest.



At night, you made sure to place a picture of Kirishima underneath your pillow and to recite the weird chant you searched in the net and you slept peacefully that whole night.



You were in high spirits when you came to class to check on Kirishima and his expressions today were exactly your expression and gestures yesterday. It was clear that he’s avoiding you and he’s maintaining a good distance from you.




It worked!



It was during your lunch break that Kirishima decided to talk to you about it.


“Why did you do it?” His expression was dark and his voice sounded low and cold. He could go Red Riot any moment now. You didn’t think it would piss him off real good.


“Well, sorry. It’s just unfair that I’m the only one feeling-“ You immediately stopped when you realized what you're saying. Wait what am I saying?


“Feeling what?” His ruby eyes stared sharply at you. You didn’t want him to look at you in such a way. You felt yet again a tightening pain in your chest.


“Feeling...” Your voice trembled as your eyes feel warm. “I-I’m sorry...”


Kirishima’s expression quickly changed into a worried one, “H-Hey, why are you crying?!”


“It’s because you’re scaring me!”


“Sorry. It’s just that I thought that you wouldn’t do it too.” He scratched the back of his head and continued, “It’s actually my fault. I told Mineta that I liked you so he said that he’d help me. It’s just that he had to do that unmanly thing to help me.” You felt so relieved that he felt the same way towards you.



The same way? I mean I like him before because he’s strong and manly but- well, whatever. Yes I like him.



“I... I actually like you too so I hated to be the only one feeling uncomfortable. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to make a pitcher of grape juice out of that Mineta. But how was the dream?” Kirishima avoided your gaze and you pulled his necktie to pull his face closer to you, “Was I being rough to you like this?”


Kirishima placed his hands on your hip and pulled you real close to him. You were supposed to be the one teasing him but you are clearly outplayed in this game since you are the blushing mess instead, “It was I.”


He leaned closer to you for a kiss but he stopped midway when you heard someone clap his hands.


You looked around only to find Mineta, “Hey! I’m making a grape juice, Mineta-kun. How about you help me with it?”


“Aw come on! You two should be thanking me, right? I just helped! So-“ Mineta started running when you and Kirishima activated your quirks.


You let him off the hook and just laughed it off.



Certainly, the next time you might do something like that, it won’t be a dream anymore.