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Zofia and the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

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Zofia was reading a storybook that her mother wrote and published roughly a year before she had been born called 'Wiz Kids' which was about twin children who found out they had their own magic abilities and went to a special school for it that was underground from a regular and mortal school. As she read it, it made her wonder if she had her own magic, though she would like to have some, like the powers her father used to have, but she had no way of finding out on her own.

"I wish I could be special like you, Mother..." Zofia whispered, looking to her mother's image from behind the book on the 'About the Author' dedication.

"What's up, Zo?" asked LJ and David, though David was mostly babbling.

"Oh... Nothing..." Zofia replied. "I was just reading one of Mother's books on the Wiz Kids."

"Oh, cool!" LJ replied.

"Yeah... I suppose..." Zofia said, putting the book back. "I wish I had magic. I wanna be special."

"Whoof...well, I been there before." LJ replied.

Zofia soon put the book back and walked off before yawning. "Maybe it'll come to me after some sleep."

David smiled, trying to help Zofia to her bed.

"Oh, thank you..." Zofia smiled to her little brother.

David babbled back in response.

"Tell the parents I'll be having a nap before dinner," Zofia said. "Hopefully this clears my head."

LJ and David soon left as Zofia went to take a power nap after having an emotional crisis from reading her mother's old stories.

"I wonder what we can do to help her out...?" LJ pondered to David.

"Hmm..." David paused before shrugging.

Cherry sniffled in the kitchen as she chopped onions for dinner that night while making her father's old recipe for fried potatoes.

"Zofia seemed pretty sad, Mom," LJ replied. "She was reading your Wiz Kids book, and wanted like magical powers or something."

"I see..." Cherry said, sniffling and wiping her eyes.

David hugged his mother's leg as she was crying.

"Oh... Thank you, dear..." Cherry replied. "I'm just chopping onions... It's an emotional cooking skill."

"I thought that was because the smell was so pungent it made your eyes water?" asked LJ.

"It is..." Cherry sniffled. "I'll try to talk to your sister as soon as possible, boys. Thank you for telling me."

"No problem." LJ replied as their dad came in.

Cherry soon put the onions in with the potatoes while cooking them, wiping her eyes. David crawled over to Lionel, reaching up to him.

"Hey, kiddo!" Lionel replied, bending down to pick him up. "What's goin' on?"

"Zo's wanting to be special again." LJ told his father.

"Why does it feel like both of you have been there?" Lionel remarked. "Because ya have. Having your own adventures is actually WAY more fun than wanting to go on someone else's. That way, you don't need to be a second banana to anyone!"

LJ just shrugged to his father. "Well, she said she wants magic..."

"I'm gonna go talk with her later." Cherry said, washing her face after she had been crying from the onions.

"Maybe I could do it and cut out the middleman?" asked Lionel.

"You sure?" Cherry sniffled.

"Trust me, hon." Lionel replied.

"Well, all right," Cherry said to him. "I just hope she isn't too emotionally upset."

And so, Lionel went upstairs to talk to Zofia.

Zofia was still sleeping, she tossed and turned slightly, but not in a bad way, though something amazing happened. She appeared to levitate out of her bed and was floating in mid-air, but she was still asleep, so she didn't even notice it.

Lionel opened the door and came in...but he couldn't help but gasp in amazement. Quickly hep poofed up a camcorder and began recording the scene before him. " AMAZING!" he gushed quietly.

Zofia was still sound asleep, though she seemed to smile as something in her dreams made her feel better.

"Um...Zo?" Lionel asked, finishing his recording. "Your mum sent me up to talk with ya."

Zofia turned around, though she seemed to slowly come back down onto her bed, still asleep.

"You awake?" asked her father.

Zofia's eyes fluttered before looking over with a small smile. "Daddy...?"

"I came in to talk to ya, but..." Lionel poofed up a VHS player and put in the tape he recorded. The screen showed the footage that had been recorded. "I foundja floatin' up and down in yer sleep. Just how I discovered my OWN powers!"

"You mean I floated in my sleep like you and Ms. Sabrina?" Zofia asked in surprise.

Lionel nodded. "It means you have mystic power!" he replied.

"I do...?" Zofia asked. "...How come I didn't notice it before?"

"I guess they finally manifested," Lionel explained. "Plus, nobody notices stuff in their sleep."

"I guess that's true..." Zofia had to admit. "...So, I have magical powers?"

"Well, sure!" Lionel replied.

Zofia looked to her fingertips as she looked very happy for herself.

"Though I know someone who can help you and your brother learn to use them," Lionel explained. "An old friend of mine."

"Oh?" Zofia smiled hopefully.

"Goes by the name of Merlin the Magician!" Lionel replied. "He's been looking for new students for quite some time now."

"You know Merlin the Magician?" Zofia asked her father in surprise.

"Well, sure! Your mum and I visited him a few times." Lionel replied.

Zofia looked very interested and curious. "I had no idea."

"Well, there's lots about your mum and I that you kids don't know." Lionel replied.

"Really...?" Zofia asked. "Like what?"

Cherry soon began to serve dinner for her family as it was just about ready, she looked upstairs, a bit hopefully.

"That's another story," Lionel replied. "But how about I take you two to visit Merlin?"

"Hmm... I suppose that would be okay..." Zofia said.

"Well, alright then!" Lionel beamed.

Zofia soon smelled some food from downstairs and held onto her stomach with a sheepish smile as she felt quite hungry now. Lionel came down with her as they joined the rest of the family at the table.

"Perfect timing," Cherry said. "Dinner is served."

"Smells great." Zofia smiled to her mother.

"For sure!" LJ replied, and David babbled in agreement.

"Dig in, everyone." Cherry announced.

Everyone shared some fried potatoes with pork chops, homemade macaroni and cheese, and hot buttered rolls.

"I guess pork is...okay." Lionel replied as he ate.

"I had a craving for some..." Cherry said before plucking at her fangs. "Must've been from that farm I visited in Scotland. Met a vampire clan there who want to be human."

"Cool!" LJ remarked.

"Maybe we could go there sometime," Cherry hinted with a small smirk. "I feel like I haven't been in Scotland since those Highland Games when your Uncle Atticus and I met the Loch-Ness Monster with Mystery Inc."

"That could be fun." LJ replied.

"We'll think about it." Cherry and Lionel said in a typical parent fashion.

"Oh, please don't make that mean we're not gonna do it!" Zofia cried out.

"Oh, I know what you mean," Cherry said. "My parents made me feel the same way whenever they told me that."

LJ sighed, and David put his face into his food. Zofia looked excited about having a new and magical life, but tried to keep it to herself until they would meet Merlin. And so, they continued eating dinner.

"Mother, do you have magic?" Zofia asked.

"It's... Complicated..." Cherry said. "I do have magic, but I'm not exactly a witch."

"We know." LJ replied.

"I'm glad you found your calling though," Cherry told Zofia. "Oh, I felt this way when I went to the Witch Boarding School after finding out my grandmother was one of the world's greatest witches of all time."

"Ah, the ol' Alma Magic-Mater!" Lionel sighed. "Those were some particularly bizarre days!"

Zofia smiled hopefully as she felt like she was now living in one of her mother's books about The Wiz Kids.

"This is gonna kick butt!" LJ smirked. "We're gonna learn about magic stuff!"

"We're like the Wiz Kids now!" Zofia beamed to her brother.

"Heck yeah! Wiz Kids 4 Life!" LJ whooped, and David babbled in agreement.

"Oh, come now, that story's not so great," Cherry grinned sheepishly. "It's basically Harry Potter with twins."

"At least it wasn't as complicated!" LJ replied.

"Well... Thank you..." Cherry smiled to that. "Lionel, contact Merlin as soon as you can. This should be an interesting endeavor for the kids."

"Will do!" Lionel replied.

The family continued to eat their dinner until they were done eating.

Zofia soon went back to reading her book on the Wiz Kids. "You can do it, Lucy and Scott, don't give into temptation of that evil witch!" she then called out while reading.

"Cool!" LJ replied as he peeked over their bunk beds.

"That witch is claiming she knows where their parents are!" Zofia glared. "I just know it's a trick! Calista, I can see right through you!"

"She lies, dudes!" LJ replied.

Cherry giggled as she heard that from the other side of the door as she picked up scattered toys and dolls as the kids were going to sleep.

"It is gonna be awesome when we learn magic." LJ replied.

"Yeah!" Zofia smiled. "I guess all I needed to do was get some sleep."

"Maybe I might find something out like that!" LJ replied.

"Okay, you two, get some sleep," Cherry's voice said from behind the door. "It's late."

"One more chapter?!" Zofia pouted.

"...HALF a chapter," Lionel replied. "Then it be sleep-sleep time!"

"Half a chapter," Cherry compromised. "Then it's straight to bed."

"Okay!" Zofia said as she went back to reading about the villain witch known as Calista who was more or less based on Cassandra from Greendale High.

LJ kept on listening to the audiob ook, while David continued sleeping in his crib. Eventually, all of the siblings fell asleep while Zofia punched the air in her sleep as she dreamt about being in a magic duel against Calista. LJ snored as he kept on sleeping.

Cherry soon came into her and Lionel's bedroom, sitting on the bed before lying down for the night. Lionel came in after brushing his teeth and settled in.

"Well, I'm glad the kids have settled down now..." Cherry said before yawning. "I love them, but it's sometimes hard to solve their problems... I guess that's just parenting though."

"For sure," Lionel replied. "But it's worthwhile."

"My parents made it look so easy..." Cherry said. "Especially from my college days once I finally told them what I was going through which messed up my times with you, Batgirl, and Batman."

" least we made things right," Lionel replied. "Besides, don't stay in the past, just look to the present!"

Cherry nodded sleepily. "...Night..."

"Night, hun." Lionel smiled as they both dozed off.

Cherry nodded and turned over to get some rest of what was basically a magical evening for all of them.

And so, the next morning rolled around, and LJ was first up, ecstatic for what would happen. Zofia was still asleep as she hugged her favorite doll which was of a cat. Hearing a doorbell ring, LJ went to answer it. It was Akito and Estelle.

"Oh, hey guys," LJ smiled. "What's up?"

"Our uncle brought us over to visit since Dad's in the Witch World." Estelle explained.

"Uncle?" LJ asked, glancing upward.

"Come on in." Estelle smiled as she came inside with her twin brother, standing between LJ.

"Oh! You two haven't really met before, have you?" Akito replied. "LJ, meet our Uncle Sombra."

LJ's face went pale at that. "Wait...SOMBRA?!" he exclaimed.

Sombra soon came out in his human form.

"GET HIM!" LJ glared and tackled Sombra.

"Whoa! Wait!" Akito cried out.


"LJ, stop, it's okay!" Akito said.

"UNCLE SOMBRA'S GOOD NOW!" Akito and Estelle cried out in unison.

"BA-LO-NEY!" LJ snapped.

"It's true, I've turned over a new leaf, for real this time!" Sombra replied.

Celestia soon came in her human form and gasped. "Please! Stop!"

"Princess Celestia?" Zofia blinked.

"Huh?" LJ asked.

"Please, let me explain," Celestia said to LJ. "Look, I know King Sombra was a brute and a tyrant in the past, but he's all good now. He promises, and... I should know..." she then held out her hand to show a ring that Sombra gave her.

"Yes, I am," Sombra added before he stood up beside Celestia and hugged her in his arm. "I suggest we put the past behind us. Right, kids?"

"Right, Uncle Sombra!" Akito and Estelle smiled.

LJ squinted suspiciously. "Hm...fine."

"I understand your suspicion, but I promise I won't hurt you, your sister, or any one else who may be important to you." Sombra said to him.

"Better not. Otherwise I won't hesitate to cram you back in the Phantom Zone." LJ hissed.

"Fair enough," Sombra said before looking around. "Ah, what a lovely home."

"Um, thank you..." Zofia said as Sombra and Celestia soon came inside with the Fudo twins. "So, where's your brother?" she then asked the twins about Vincent.

"He's doing stuff on his own." Akito replied.

"Fair enough." Zofia shrugged.

Cherry poked her head out to see Sombra and Celestia. "How long has it been, huh?" she then smirked to the couple.

"Feels like a whole generation ago." Celestia winked.

Lionel waved awkwardly. "Hey..."

"I know you guys feel strange about having me around, especially after the way I acted, but I assure you, I won't hurt any of you." Sombra promised as he raised his right hand.

"Um...okay." Lionel replied.

Celestia wobbled a bit, but kept walking on her two legs.

"You'll get used it that, Aunt Celestia." Estelle said.

"If you say so..." Celestia replied.

"Well...we're gonna go visit Merlin!" LJ grinned.

"Oh! Yeah, we are!" Zofia added.

"Merlin the Wizard, huh?" Estelle asked. "Grandpa Patrick has some stories about that guy."

"Huh...okay." LJ replied.

"Hello, Akito and Estelle." Cherry greeted the Fudo twins.

"Hi, Aunt Cherry." Akito and Estelle replied.

David babbled something in response.

"Hey, there!" Estelle smiled, picking up David, giving him kisses on his cheeks. "How are you today?"

David babbled back in response.

"Good!" Estelle smiled as she hugged him. "Oh, you remind me of when my Teddiursa first hatched out of his egg."

David babbled in confusion.

"Maybe you guys might find some Pokemon at Merlin's?" Lionel replied.

"That would be interesting," Cherry added. "Just remember that you all have fun and don't get greedy now. Maybe you'll make some new friends too."

"That could be fun..." LJ replied.

"So... What did Merlin say... Shall we visit the Magical Kingdom?" Cherry asked Lionel.

"He says, bring 'em over!" Lionel replied.

"Sounds good then!" Cherry said, not exactly smiling, but she still seemed happy for her children. "Let's get you kids out on a magical adventure!"

"SCORE!" LJ and Zofia whooped.

And so, began the journey of leaving home as they went to see Merlin the legendary Wizard of all time.

"Oh, this is gonna be KILLER!" LJ gushed.

They were soon on a monorail as they were going to ride off together to the Magical Kingdom that they were invited to go and visit. The ride took a while, but it would all be worth it in the end. Zofia soon got up and went to get some water, though ran into a girl she had not seen before. This girl wore a black dress with pink sleeves and tights (right arm left leg have black stripes), purple lipstick and eye-shadow with large shiny eyes with pink irises. Her hair was multi-colored, with blue, red, orange, pink, and yellow. The pigtails she wore were rather short and the left is radioactive yellow and the other is fuchsia. Both hair strands on that and right side of her head are baby blue, and her back hair from her forehead down are red and orange. Both of the girls soon fell on the floor together since they hadn't seen each other coming.

"Oh, my gosh, I'm sorry!" Zofia said nervously.

"Hey, it's fine." the girl replied as LJ helped her up.

"Hey, Bro." Zofia said to LJ.

The girl blinked and looked between the two. "Siblings, huh?"

"Yeah," Zofia said. "Well, one of them. This is my brother, LJ."

"Nice to meet'cha!" LJ waved.

"Hey," The girl replied. "I'm Creepie."

"Well... You're different, I don't know if I'd call you 'creepy'." Zofia said.

"No, no, that's my name," The girl said. "It's short for Creepella."

"Oh, well, hi, Creepie," Zofia then said. "My name's Zosephina, but you can call me Zofia."

"And I'm Lionel Junior, but call me LJ!" LJ added.

"So I see," Creepie said. "Guess you two are exploring, huh?"

"Yeah, pretty much," Zofia replied. "Our dad's taking us to see an old friend of his."

"So, you guys think that magic might be real then?" Creepie asked. "I'm here 'cuz I was given a book on my birthday that told me to come to the Magic Kingdom... Not sure why, I don't really believe in much magic."

"We're gonna learn from the legendary Merlin the Magician!" LJ exclaimed. "You can come with if you wanna. It's gonna rock!"

"Might as well see what all the fuss is," Creepie shrugged. "I got a book from this lady named Athena, but I don't know anyone named that, especially not in my family."

"Mind bringing that book along?" Zofia asked.

"I'll be right back." Creepie said before walking off, though her walk cycle looked like a spider creeping around on eight legs.

"Cool!" LJ remarked.

Creepie soon collected her book and walked off with the siblings to meet their parents.

"Hey, kids, we're gonna go meet Merlin!" Lionel told them. "Oh, who's your new friend?"

"This is Creepie," Zofia said. "We met her in the back."

"Hey." Creepie waved to the couple.

"Ah, hello there," Cherry said to her. "My, you really look interesting. I have to admire your fashion choice."

"Oh, uh, thanks." Creepie gave a small smile.

"No problem!" Lionel smiled.

"These are our parents, Cherry and Lionel Schwartz." Zofia told Creepie.

"...You look like that author I sometimes read from, Cerise." Creepie said to Cherry.

"Well...that's cuz it IS her." Lionel replied.

"You are...?" Creepie asked. "I love your Wiz Kid stories!"

"Aw, go on..." Cherry said bashfully. "You seem like a lovely girl."

"Um, thank you," Creepie said. "Uh... Would you mind if... Uh... If I..." she then took out her copy of Wiz Kids with a pen.

"No problem." Cherry said, taking the book and signing it for Creepie.

"Never seen a book signing before," Lionel remarked. "Cool~"

"Thanks." Creepie said, accepting the book.

"I think I like your friend." Cherry told her children.

"Same here!" Lionel nodded. "Now let's go find Merlin!"

The monorail soon stopped and they came off together with Creepie following after them to find the wizard himself.

"Merlin! Merlin, where you at?" Lionel called out.

They soon came into a very old looking house to see the wizard himself as he appeared to be just cleaning up.

"Oh, goodness! I didn't hear you come in!" Merlin said as he took some papers. "Ah, some new recruits?"

"Heya, Merlin," Lionel waved. "Got three here for ya!"

"Oh, hello there." Merlin said to the kids.

"Hey." Creepie waved.

Zofia grinned up to the man, feeling so excited.

"Hiya, Merlin, nice to meet'cha!" LJ shook his hand rapidly.

"Salutations!" Zofia added.

"Oh, good to meet you all." Merlin smiled to the visitors warmly.

"We came to learn magical stuff!" LJ explained proudly. "Also, we met Creepie here. Despite her name, she's really cool!"

"Hm, I think I like ya guys already." Creepie gave a small smile.

Zofia smiled back that she made a new friend.

"Hmm... I don't know what it is, but you seem familiar..." Merlin said to her. "Well, no matter. I suppose then you're wondering what's going on."

"Sure!" LJ replied.

"Come take a look." Merlin replied, showing them his crystal ball.

"Ooh..." The kids whispered as they came up to it.

"Boys, I'm thinking it's time for a change of atmosphere," A familiar voice said. "Maybe a nice summer place."

"Hades?!" Cherry gasped.

"I don't believe it!" Lionel added.

"Who?" LJ asked.

"Hades, the Lord of the Dead and Underworld in Greek Mythology." Creepie said.

"Mom, Dad, Aunt Cherry, and Uncle Lionel also know him." Akito soon added.

"No way!" Creepie said, looking to the adults.

"Yes..." Cherry replied. "We had to help Hercules against him."

"Like when he and Jafar tried to pull a Batman vs. Superman on him and Aladdin!" Lionel added.

"You could use a little sun, Boss." Pain said to Hades.

"Which is why I've got my eye on this charming little kingdom," Hades smiled darkly before a castle was shown in the crystal ball. "The charming part can be fixed, but otherwise, we can redecorate, hang some new drapes, and best of all, we can get it for a steal! But one problem..."

Pain and Panic looked over before getting crushed by a stone statue of Merlin. Cherry snickered slightly from seeing that.

"The only problem, minor roadblock really," Hades continued. "Is this wizard, Merlin. He's got a security system: The Crystal of the Magic Kingdom. Word is, it can defeat any evil so, I need you boys to steal it for me."

"Uh-oh." LJ noted.

Merlin was shown to be asleep in his chair, so Pain and Panic snuck in, stealing the crystal from the wizard's shelf. Merlin soon woke up as they got away and he was angry with them. "Stop! Scoundrel!" he then snapped, waving his wand which shattered the crystal and also opened up a portal on the floor, sucking up both Pain and Panic along with it.

"Professional..." LJ remarked sarcastically.

"This was supposed to be easy! You get the crystal in and out ba-boom! We take over the Magic Kingdom," Hades told Pain and Panic before picking them up by the scruffs of their necks. "But now, if Merlin finds those pieces and puts them back together, then we're through! Okay, we can adjust. I got it!" he then said, putting them down suddenly as he brought out a collection of cards of what looked like certain villains. "I'll get myself some real nasty bad guys, we find the crystal pieces before Merlin and how do you do, we're livin' on easy street! Or Main Street. Whatever."

"Then we need to find those crystals first!" LJ exclaimed.

"Precisely," Merlin told the kids. "I need your help to find those shards and stop Hades' villains from taking over!"

"You can count on us!" LJ saluted.

"I knew that I could!" Merlin told them as he began to look around for something.

"What do we have to do?" Creepie asked.

"The first thing you need to know as a sorcerer is that the Magic Kingdom is made of mystic portals created by yours truly." Merlin began.

"So, what?" Zofia asked. "We gotta think with portals?"

"Sure seems like it!" LJ replied with a nod.

"In a way, I suppose you could say that," Merlin told the young ones. "Finding and opening the correct portal will show you the thing you'll seek. You only be able to keep the portal open for a short while before it closes again. I've drawn up a map to the portal locations of the kingdom and mark them in each symbol, like this. To open the portal, go to the location then touch your Sorcerers key to the key hole. It'll look like this. Now, in order for your spells to be effective, you must stand in the Circle of Power. And, finally, to be armed with some of my Magic Spells, I've cleverly transferred their magic portals into cards. Sound good?"

The kids looked to each other before nodding.

"That sounds amazing!" Zofia smiled out of excitement.

"Way past cool!" LJ nodded.

"All right, young ones, I think you've got all the tools," Merlin told them. "I'll meet up with you in front of the training portal and teach you how to cast a spell!" he soon teleported away.

"Wicked..." Creepie whispered in amazement. "I guess magic is real after all..."

"Super awesome!" LJ grinned.

"Well, you heard the guy, let's get up and going." Akito said.

"Come along now." Celestia added.

"Are you coming with us?" Zofia asked.

"Well, Zo, you wanted an adventure, maybe you could go on it with your friends." Cherry suggested.

"Score!" LJ exclaimed. "Wait...what if we see Pokémon?"

"Baby Atticus, you and your sister have extra Pokeballs?" Cherry asked her nephew.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, sure, Aunt Cherry." Estelle said, taking some out for LJ, Zofia, and Creepie for just in case.

"You never know," Akito smiled. "It'd be cool if you guys had Pokemon too. Even Felicity has her own Pokemon."

"Alright, that is BEYOND beast!" LJ exclaimed, taking the Pokeballs.

They soon walked out together to go and see Merlin.

"Hopefully this'll be good for the kids." Cherry said once she was alone with Lionel.

"Yeah," Lionel agreed. "I think this is what they need."