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Deep Breaths

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Take a deep breath.


In and out .


Izuku clutched the railing of the balcony a little tighter. A soft smile crossed his face as a breeze passed through his hair. His bare feet soaked up the cold of the concrete surface under him.


A cigarette hung loosely off his lips giving off a dull glow highlighting the splash of freckles on his face. The cancer stick, barely giving the boy any more nicotine, he put out on his palm.


It didn’t hurt, anyways.


The light snoring of his mother in her bedroom down the hall set Izuku on edge, the hair standing up on his neck was enough for that assumption to be made. He hasn’t been caught by his mom yet but he couldn’t stand the look on her face if/when she would find out about his small addiction. It was still at this time Izuku felt some sort of peace for a while before he would be fully awake and the new cycle of training and hell happened again.


Izuku sighed, padding back to his room on the stained carpet, electing to get maybe a bit of sleep for the night before he would be trained again.




Take a deep breath.


And blow.


Izuku extinguished the four candles on the cake in front of him with a heave of breath, hearing the light applause of his mother to his side.


Inko was always so sweet to Izuku, Hisashi was...he was nice sometimes. He showed love to Izuku but it was clear he wanted something from Izuku’s quirk. Inko always talked quietly when Hisashi was in another room and it was just them two. That always left a quiet feeling of dread in his stomach. Though at the time he couldn’t place what the emotion was.


A month had passed and Izuku was getting worried now.


There were quiet arguments in the living room just after he went to bed. He never caught what was said but the louder voice was always Hisashi’s. Apparently Hisashi was going to make sure his son had a quirk or ‘so help me I will’...Izuku didn’t want to say the rest.


His quirk was dormant.


Hisashi was shouting.


Inko stood in front of her shaking son. He let fat tears spill over his cheeks and down to the floor as the two parents fought. Light flames dancing over Hisashi’s lips as he got angrier and angrier.


“You’re not hurting my baby!” Now Inko was crying too. The flames dancing on his lips now grew bigger until a small burst of flame would make its way past Hisashi’s lips when he huffed another breath. The nervousness sitting in his stomach grew stronger. Hisashi took a step forward.


“If his quirk won’t come out on it’s own i’ll force it out of him,” Hisashi reached behind Inko grabbing Izuku by the collar pulling him towards the burning hot breath hitting him in the face. Flames licked at his cheeks as more tears rolled down them. Inko cried harder, trying to pull Hisashi’s arm, going on about how ‘he’s your son!’.


But Izuku didn’t hear that. He blocked out those sounds and only focused on the growing pain spreading on his face. His right cheek, right arm, and neck hurt so much…


He was being burned.




Izuku squirmed trying to escape from the burning heat encompassing his face. The screams of his mother telling Hisashi to stop was drowned out by his own shrieks of agony. Before he knew the pain stopped, not as much as he hoped, but it dulled slightly. Smoke clouded his vision until he was dropped onto the ground. His hand was grabbed by who he hoped was his mother.


It wasn’t his mother.


A gloved hand pulled Izuku up snaking another hand under his knees.


A firefighter, safe.


But Izuku didn’t feel safe


Izuku panicked.


Apparently this was the perfect time for his quirk to appear.


If only it wasn’t so close to his father’s.




The green haired boy traced his scar, a nasty burn mark coming to a point right under his eye, the tips of his fingers tracing down to his neck where the scar continued. Izuku closed his eyes breathing out slightly before closing his eyes to hopefully get a wink of sleep.


He was not looking forward to that exam tomorrow.




Hi, yeah, what the fuck?


Izuku looked at the gleaming building before him, utterly floored at how giant it was. He saw Bakugou walk past him carelessly motioning for Izuku to ‘hurry the fuck up scarface’. Izuku shrugged following behind Bakugou pestering his friend every now and then to get a good few firecracker explosions out of him.


Bakugou was izuku’s only friend, the other students at his old school deemed ‘not important enough’ or ‘extras’ and the pomeranian loved to call them. Honestly, Izuku doesn’t understand how Bakugou can put up with him. The kid who wears a compression sleeve/long sleeves and a medical mask to hide his scars wasn’t the most popular kid at school.


Surprise surprise


But Bakugou cared nonetheless, he was there when Inko and Izuku had to go to court because somehow the jury didn’t believe his bastard of a father was guilty of burning his child . He was also there during the time they both grew up, Izuku thought of Bakugou as a best friend. And Bakugou thought the same...hopefully.


“Scarface! Snap out of it!” Bakugou groaned roughly grabbing Izuku’s left shoulder.


Yeah he definitely thinks of me as a friend.


“I’m fuckin fine Bakubitch, just thinking,” He rolled his eyes hearing his slightly muffled voice through the mask covering the lower half of his face.


How the fuck do they afford this shit?




The gates to the exam center opened revealing a makeshift city inside where hopefully enough robots for Izuku to get in were.


Really? How the fuck do they afford these whole ass cities?


Izuku kept light on his feet starting out by getting a few robots destroyed by brute force.


The only good thing about dad was his strength, huh?


He moved onto more robots using a bit of fire breath to short circuit them when the panels were removed from them.


Who knew? When you burn shit it doesn’t work anymore!!!1!111!!


Izuku stopped his inner monologue tearing a few more robots a new one, running past other examinees shouting out their score so far.








Shitshitshit I forgot to count my points.




Izuku smacked himself in the head before trying to do the math in his head. Putting his fingers out trying to multiply for some reason. He barely noticed the rumbling in the ground til a large robot grabbed the side of a building while turning the corner.


Oh shit fam.


Izuku’s eyes went wide as he scrambled to find cover from the falling debris running away from that monstrosity.


But a high pitched scream caught his ear making him stop in his tracks.


He turned his head spotting a girl with plain brown hair trapped under a piece of rubble as the robot walked closer to her. A shine of courage passed through Izuku’s eyes as he ran towards the girl. He stopped at the rubble trying to pry the large piece of rock on her back, straining his muscles to lift it was only slightly working. He needed help.


And there help was.


A boy with purple hair sticking up in all directions ran towards the him helping Izuku lift the debris just enough for the plain girl to crawl out of the rubble before it was dropped on the ground with a heavy  slam .


Izuku was going to hook his arms under the girl and ya know maybe get her to a nurse or something . When the voice of present mic shouted the exam was done.


Hopefully someone was gonna help her.


But for now he was gonna catch up with Bakugou.




“What’s crackalackin?”


“I hate you so fucking much, scarface,”


“Awww I love when you use pet names,”


“Fuck off,”




“How the fuck did you just say that,”

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Izuku tugged at his collar taking a deep breath in. The envelope on his desk practically begging to be opened. This was his future, his hopes and dreams in one piece of paper.


So it's not a piece of paper apparently.


A tiny disk clattered onto the desk, a light emitting from it turning into a scratchy picture of the number one hero himself.


Izuku didn’t particularly like All might. He was a great hero, but Izuku is very sure All Might sees the world in a real black and white fashion. He isn’t really mad at that, villains get caught and everything is fine. Hero society is fairly fucked up. Izuku wants to be a hero so he can un-fuck it.


“You have completed the exam with a total of 87 points placing you at second place overall in the exam!” All might put his hand out before saying the next line.


“This is your hero academia,”


Izuku might have cried.




A climbing pain pulled Izuku into consciousness at around 4:00 AM according to his alarm clock. Probably a headache or a nightmare or something stupid like that waking him up.


Oof did I hit my head or something?


Izuku stood hearing the floorboards creak under the new weight placed upon it. He stepped randomly til he found his door and walked out to the kitchen, pouring himself a glass of water and retrieving an Advil or two from the bottle in the cabinet above him. His eyes half lidded, he sat on the couch, downed the pills, and laid on the couch hoping to get a wink of sleep.


When Izuku woke up in the middle of the night he always didn’t want to go back to bed. Not like he didn’t want to sleep, sleep is great, but if he had a nightmare he'd rather not be in the spot where it happened.


Something his old therapist called ‘not wanting to be where trauma occurred’ or he would say dumb things like ‘Izuku, what you’re describing is PTSD’.


That guy was a fucking quack anyways.


He was alright in the head besides all those jumbled thoughts he just sort of pushed into a box in a corner of his mind to collect dust for (hopefully) the rest of his life.


But Izuku was fine.


He was fine .


Lighting a cigarette on the balcony he began to doubt his own thoughts a little more than usual.




Izuku was shaken awake by Inko in the morning, a slightly distressed look in her eyes. She was well aware of what Izuku did after nightmares. So the thought of her baby having dreams about that horrid even was enough to make both Midoriyas burst into tears on the spot. But not today, today Izuku was going to train with Bakugou at the trash beach for a bit then he could go home and cry and fold laundry and stuff.


You know, regular stuff.


Izuku went to his room getting dressed and slipping on his mask before heading out the door with a bag of dry ramen to eat.


Because he was a being of chaos.


“Scarface, why the fuck are you eating dry ramen. That’s literally just cardboard,”


“Because I hate my self,”




Katsuki kept stretching ignoring Izuku’s last comment. It was commonplace for them to joke about death. It’s a regular gen z thing. But Katsuki got scared sometimes. And he wanted scarface to be alright.


Not while fighting of course, then Bakugou is going to pummel him into the ground.


A while ago maybe when they both were seven. They promised when they were sparring they would go all out, not killing or seriously hurting each other, of course. But it's more interesting when you aren't worried for the other person.


Jesus that sounded sociopathic.


Izuku, currently pulling out his zippo lighter flicked it on only to see it sputter out in a pool of sparks for the fifth time this week. He seriously needed to get a new lighter.


And not the one Bakugou bought him that said ‘lil princess’ on it in silver metallic font over a pink rhinestone casing.


Then again, I am a lil princess. I’ll just refill it at some point or another.


“Shit, my lighter isn’t working. Can you give me some fire?”


Katsuki groaned mumbling about how he isn’t ‘your personal lighter, scarface’ to which Izuku replied by calling him a bitch. The blonde set off a small explosion lighting a small pile of trash on fire. Izuku smiled under his mask before placing his hand of the fire and absorbing it. The heat pooling into his arms and legs.




Record scratch.


Freeze frame.


You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation.


Izuku felt the heat radiating from each of his muscles as fire burned from under his skin. Licks of flame scratching through his teeth as Katsuki swung at him with another right hook. Setting off a string of explosions in the air leading towards Izuku’s face. Izuku pulled back quick enough giving him time to pull his foot up in a high kick aimed at his face.


Quick anecdote.


His foot was on fire.


It’s probably time to explain Izuku’s quirk.


His body depends on heat, a lot of it. That’s why he has to lighter, so he can absorb some head when it’s needed. That’s also why he carries a blanket in his bag. A mix of his parents quirk lets him pull fire towards him and expel it outwards. So he can essentially set any part of him body on fire without hurting himself.


Anyways back to the ass kicking.


Izuku hit Bakubitch’s shoulder which was sure to make a bruise, Bakugou stumbled to the left giving an opening to Izuku. He darted to the side before grabbing bakugou’s arm and slamming him to the ground.


“Ha! Bakubitch you’re getting slower!” Izuku teased standing up and brushing himself off before offering a hand to Bakugou who accepted.


Bakugou grunted standing up quickly, hooking his leg under Izuku’s and sliding thus pushing Izuku off balance and knocking him down.




Izuku chuckled peeling off his now sweat soaked mask letting his skin breathe for a bit. Looking down at the mask he noticed a few burn marks encompassing it. He forgot to take off his mask during the sparring match leading to one of his favorites getting a jackson pollock-esque splatter of burns across his mask.


“Aww man, I liked this one,” Izuku stuck his lip out pouting slightly, a childish tone in his voice. Bakugou rolled his eyes, packing the rest of his stuff in his bag, bumping his shoulder as they turned to walk home.



A shrill shriek pierced the air.


Izuku’s mother squealed with delight seeing her son in a UA uniform. Ultimately deciding to fix every little thing about his uniform out of excitement.


“Ma, im ok, i promise,” Izuku’s voice was slightly muffled through the new mask. It was  a light grey tone with a small cat mouth on it.


Because it was cute as fuck and if anything would go with his pink bedazzled lighter it would be that.


Finally his mother stopped fussing over him sending him out the door to deal with the first day of his technically career


The door to the classroom is gigantic as fuck .


Like, why ?


How the hell is this school getting so much money.


Izuku clamped his hand on the side of the sliding door and pushed it open.


Then he saw Bakugou being an ass yet again. Shouting at this blue haired kid, Bakugou was probably breaking some arbitrary rule that no one should care about. From the way this blue haired kid stands, he assumes he’s a goody two shoes type. Which was easy enough to tell from him also telling Bakugou to ‘Stop damaging school property!’


Shit he’s coming over here.


“Hello! I am Iida Tenya! I hope we can become colleagues during our time together!”


He stuck his hand out in a handshake motion.


Izuku took his hand shaking it slightly. “Thanks...Idai,”


He walked to sit next to Bakugou.


“Remember, when trying to assert dominance over another person. Call they by a name that’s either theirs but messed up, or call them the wrong name entirely. That’s so you don’t get too chummy,” Izuku shot finger guns at Bakugou staring at him with a look that practically screamed ‘you’re a fucking sociopath,”


“You’re a fucking sociopath,”


Maybe he just said that out loud.


“Aww thanks Bakubitch, I get it from dad’s side of the family,” Izuku waved him off giving his cheeriest expression. Only speaking with his eyes though. Since, ya know, his other half of his face is covered with a mask.


Let’s stop talking about the mask and just sort of know it’s there for know.


Let’s instead focus of the fact some caterpillar man is sliding into the room. The teacher, Izuku presumed, stood up on his…??? Does he even have legs?? The man, unzipping his sleeping bag slightly, sipped on a juice box then threw some clothes at a student.


Wait a second…


The teacher told the class to put on the clothes then go out to the field wherever that was.


Before leaving though, Izuku made eye contact with the teacher one last time before leaving and a spark of recognition fled through both of their eyes.


Aww shit, here we go again.


Chapter Text

Izuku isn’t very comfortable around other people. Especially adults of any sort. He wouldn’t make eye contact or speak louder. Izuku wouldn’t dare upset any adult he came in contact with. His stupid therapist called it trauma or whatever but Izuku was usually right in his assumptions of people.


So when this homeless looking man that was his teacher gave him a feeling of deja vu, he had to dig deep in his repressed memories to find why he knew this guy.



“Kid, what are you doing?”


“Hm? Oh!...nothing?”


“Really? Cause it looks like you’re going to vandalize that endeavor poster.”


“Pfft what! Noooo, i’m just taking my pet spray paint for a walk!”


The hero rubbed his eyes, an annoyed look crossing his face.


“Kid, I gotta take you in,”


“Ugh I thought you were bae...but now you’re just fam,”


“What the hell,”



Aizawa led the kid into the station. The kid, waving at a few officers and getting annoyed glances back, seemed not nervous at all. Putting Aizawa on edge slightly.


“Policecat Sansa! How have you been lately! I hope the daughter is well,”


“What has he done this time?”


Aizawa spoke. “He was about to vandalize a poster of endeavor,”


“I’ll deal with him,”


Aizawa nodded leaving to hopefully go home without any trouble.

Well that’s just not the way it works out huh?


Aizawa was almost all the way home when he saw that damn green mess of hair again jogging down the street.


“Kid, what are you doing out?”


“Well I got off scott free because technically i wasn’t doing anything illegal. I’m the resident problem child”


He stuck out his hand.


“Midoriya Izuku,”



“That’s no fun! I wanna know your real name!”



“I know that guy,”


“Yeah that’s our homeroom teacher, dipshit’


“No, no i mean that’s the hero i complained about trying to stop me from being a problem child,”


“Isn’t that a good thing? Because now you won’t be causing so much trouble,”


“I set ONE car on fire and you get mad at me!”


“You WHAT?”



Izuku stood with the rest of the class watching Bakugou yeet that ball right into the sun with a hearty exclamation of “DIE!”


So that’s p great.


He rolled his eyes as Izuku walked back wearing a smug grin obviously impressed with his score of 704.5


“Oh this will be fun!” A pink skinned girl piped up, causing the teacher to turn to the class with a manic grin on his face.


“Fun? You think this will be fun? Let’s change things up then, the person to come in last with be faced with immediate expulsion,” And yet again that manic grin appeared.


Damn ok


Each test seemed tailored so at least one person could get a nice score. Izuku was painstakingly average at most of the test, only pulling a few good scores at the ones with stamina. He would most definitely need a good score on the soft ball toss or something. He could throw it real hard and push it super hard with his fire?


I mean, fuck physics I guess.


Izuku stepped up to the metaphorical plate, spinning the softball in his palm slightly. “Fucking hope this things heat resistant,” Izuku made to throw the ball before he was wrapped up in a scarf, pulling him towards the teacher controlling said scarf.


“What exactly is your quirk Midoriya? You can’t expect to be a hero if you don’t show your quirk very often, and it seems you possibly get incapacitated after use of your quirk, you can’t expect to be a hero if you almost kill yourself every time you use it,”


Here’s a little fun fact Izuku just noticed because of course this bitch’s quirk could just defy the laws of physics. He needs heat a lot . And needing/storing heat is a part of his quirk. So say… I don’t know… a person who could cancel quirks got him. Well, he’d be getting real cold real fast. Whether it’s him usually sleeping in a shock blanket to get as hot as possible(it doesn’t hurt him) or making Bakugou, reluctantly, set him on fire (Also doesn’t hurt, maybe there’s a light tickle) to keep him warm he needs this heat. So when this absolute icon decided to just flip off physics with his quirk Izuku was impressed.


But he was still kinda getting hypothermia with the loss of heat so quickly and this guy kept giving his lecture Izuku’s gonna have to interrupt Aizawa before he, ya know, dies.


...that wouldn’t be so bad...


Oof nvm my mom would be sad :(


“Scuse me Mr. Aizawa sorry for cutting you off but if you keep doing this for like two more minutes i’ll prolly be dead”




“Yeah so it seems you just threw physics out the window so i kinda have some hypothermia right now and if you could just yoink that scarf back to ya so i don’t die. My mom would be sad :( ,”


Aizawa raised an eyebrow loosening his grip on the scarf letting Izuku’s now pale and shivering form drop to the ground. He sweared he could hear izuku mutter ‘fuckin fifth time this month man’. The heat slowly returned to him bones and left him with a nice feeling of ‘damn that was worse than that time I tried to teach an eel to fetch’.


Izuku helped himself off the ground trying to regain his balance and grabbing the ball from Aizawa’s hand. He straightened up, went to the circle, and pulled his arm back.


If i just sorta propel it with fire will i make it?


Fuck it


Izuku pushed his flames outward to the softball rocketing it forward a very large distance. Like, Jesus fuck, he didn’t know that would actually happen. Aizawa turned around the device showing a crisp 700.2.


“Huh, nice,”


Izuku shrugged heading back to the class group standing next to Bakugou again.


“So how bout them apples?”


“If you quote another goddamn american movie I will rip your fucking face off,”


Neither of them noticed the rest of the class consecutively take a step away from them.




Izuku sat at the edge of his balcony going through another notebook on the latest hero sightings. He kept his hobby on the down low, not being a complete fanboy but maybe...possibly...collecting blackmail on any hero he came in contact with.


And he came in contact with a lot of heroes nowadays.

Izuku probably needs to come clean that’s he’s that famed vigilante to Bakugou at some point.

That’s something for another day.

Chapter Text

Izuku turned his lighter over in his hands, the clearly fake rhinestones barely reflecting any light in the sun. The badly printed silver cursive script on part of the lighter was hanging onto the hot pink plastic for dear life. A sentimental gift from Bakugou was one of the things keeping him grounded at the moment. Besides the thought that if he died his mom would be sad. It’s a great dilemma: yeet yourself off a roof and made your friends and mom sad or yeet yourself off a roof and get lit in heaven.


A great dilemma indeed.

Trying to spark the lighter to life again it sputtered pathetically and gave out completely, the last of the lighter fluid finally evaporating or whatever it does. With a quick shake near his ear Izuku couldn’t hear the familiar liquid sloshing around.


He would have to go out and buy more lighter fluid.




Izuku browsed the aisles of the corner store grabbing a few snacks and looking for that sweet sweet fire juice he needed oh so much. With a quick swipe of his arm on the shelf in the second aisle at least twenty twinkies fell into his basket and Izuku grinned. He was gonna overdose on twinkies someday. He just knew it. Walking down to the third aisle he spotted the lighter fluid and put at least two litres of the tasty fire juice into his basket effectively crushing at least five twinkies with its weight. He hummed a quiet tune to himself as he checked over the ingredients of the lighter fluid to make sure it is, in fact, lighter fluid.


Never again would Izuku accidentally put bleach into his lighter.


Honestly how the fuck did that even happen three times in a row?




Shit. I know that voice.


“Sensei-Aizawa! How are you on this fine afternoon?”


“Why are you buying lighter fluid?”


It was at that moment Midoriya Izuku, local problem child, realised how bad it looked to be found looking very carefully at an almost two litre bottle of ‘Mike’s lighter fluid’. It probably looked extremely suspicious to someone who was trained to see suspicious things.


“...I need it?”


“Dammit problem child,”


“Ok I need to refill my lighter, I’m being truthful,”


That sounds so much worse.


“Why do you own a lighter?”


“No-shit-I mean it’s for my quirk see? Like I need heat to live and it doesn’t hurt for flames to be on my skin so I. Ugh why do i have to explain this?”


“It’s ok problem child, I trust you enough,” Aizawa gave a tired look/glare and went over to another aisle. Izuku let out a breath of relief before walking to the checkout.


“Who the fuck took all the twinkies?!”


Izuku walked towards the checkout a little bit faster.



Izuku smiled when his lighter finally flickered back to life, the small amount of warmth bringing comfort to Izuku for a bit before he lit the cigarette lazily gripping onto his lips. It lit slowly, the fire burning down the cancer stick. Izuku was on his balcony again. His feet were bare and he soaked up the cold from the pavement slowly, it felt like a thin layer of water settled over his feet in the form of cold air. He wished he could just stand there, the sound settling around him was so nice and dull, like cotton balls in his ears were floating there, just for him. And just like that the cotton balls were ripped away from him in the form of his phone buzzing. It was a meme from Bakugou. As per usual, Izuku was delighted at the fact he and Bakugou were trading memes left and right. This time it was simply a blurry picture of a fork with the caption:


Time For Spaghet


That’s the good shit.



Izuku was placed on the villain team with the purple haired kid with the cool brainwashing quirk that helped him save that plain looking girl at the entrance exam. Overall, the kid seemed fairly cool, and cute. He was very excited to be teamed up with this person.


He was not excited to be fighting Bakugou but god was obviously punishing him for that one time he accidentally burned a bible.


That’s gotta be it.


“So Bakugou’s definitely going to end me, but Iida will try to get to the nuke probably. Do you think you can get him?”




“Alright, gotta blast!”


Cool, pretty, one word answers? How bout you have an obsession with memes and you’ve got the perfect dream guy!

...Fuck, I have a crush.

Izuku shook those thoughts away and pushed himself to keep looking around the hallways looking for the explosion boy. He adjusted his medical mask waiting for some sign Bakugou was-


An explosion rocked the building.


Got ‘em.


Izuku ran towards the sound hoping Iida zoomed to Shinsou already. It was like a much more violent game of marco polo, Bakugou would set off an explosion and Izuku would shout “Polo!”. Eventually after maybe 7 hallways later Izuku saw Bakugou cross past the end of his hallway.

“Heyo! Bakubitch!”


“Eh? Scarface! I’m gonna Kill You!”


“How bout you take me to dinner first, damn,”


Bakugou shouted pulling a hand back with his signature pose of ‘ i’m gonna fucking murder you ’ while Izuku side stepped, pulling the gloves off of his suit to call fire to his hands. A spark and flames summoned from his hands in a blue then orange fire. Izuku pressed into the wall letting Bakugou fall past him. After Bakugou had skidded to a stop and looked at him with murder just shining in his eyes he set off a few explosions and rushed at Izuku again. Izuku rushed at Izuku pulling his foot up for a signature roundhouse kick when Bakugou was able to catch his foot in midair. A wave of panic rushed through him when he realized he had a good way out of this.


Izuku set his foot on fire.


Bakugou quickly let go of his foot cradling his hand slightly before rage overtook him again.  Izuku’s smirk from that small victory quickly faded when Bakugou grabbed his arm before hooking his leg behind Izuku’s and pulling back to throw him on the floor.


“Aww shit I can’t believe you’ve done this,”


He could barely hear a crackling ‘language!’ from All Might through the speakers when Bakugou set off a sizeable explosion right at Izuku.


More specifically, his face.


“Thank fuck fire doesn’t hurt that much because FUCK bakugou that shit hurted,” Izuku sat up, running towards Bakugou as fast as possible while Bakugou was about to insult izuku again. He grabbed the capture tape, twirling it his fingers for a second before running past Bakugou and pulling the capture tape around his bicep.


“Ugh, fuck you scarface!”


“VILLAIN TEAM WINS!” the speakers crackled as Izuku went back to the nuke to see pretty-boy (as Izuku calls him now) again and to maybe get his number without fucking up?






Izuku was jumping for joy when Shinsou turned away, he stared at his glowing phone screen with those simple ten digits. Shinsou’s number . He flapped his arms around, tapped his fingers, drew his fingers through his hair, anything he could do out of excitement for him getting Shinsou’s number .


Chapter Text

“Hey now you’re an all star get your game on go PLAY”


Izuku sang along to the shitty radio at his side, which was held together by duct tape and hope. He swung his feet over the side of the two story building, looking over the city in a slight haze. He should probably get home by now, he needs to do homework and do laundry. The green haired boi hadn’t done much tonight, it was extremely quiet.


Which meant either a hero was on patrol or everybody got real cool about a lot of things really quick.


It was most definitely the former.


Izuku groaned, kicked his feet and stood on the edge of the building before pulling his arms up and stretching for the time being. Before he would be jumping off the building and using his rawr X3 epic parkour moves he would hopefully not break his spine like a pencil. With a flourish Izuku was about to yeet himself off of this roof and hopefully not break his bones. Nice enough he heard a voice behind him, presumably the hero on patrol.


“Usagi, I presume,”


Hol up. I know that voice :)


“Eraserhead? Damn how have you been? How’s the cat, Big Mac right?”


“His name is Tubbs, actually, you know I have to take you in right?”


“What? Come on man can’t I just take a rain check? I gotta go home and get some food and do chores,”


“No, you need to be taken in. So hand over your weapon and we can get this over with quickly,”


“You want my weapon GO GET IT!” Izuku chucked his ‘weapon’ about ten feet away from him on the roof of the building. Eraserhead’s eyes widened as he walked over to where Usagi’s weapon should be.


“That was such a stupid move-” Aizawa stopped, and now that he really looked at the ‘weapon’ Usagi threw he noticed it was, it fact, not a real weapon.


It was a strawberry flavored twinkie. The hero rolled his eyes and looked back to where Usagi was standing only to find him gone with a small envelope in his place.




Detective Tsukauchi sat at his desk, sleeves rolled up with his eyes practically glazed over from lack of sleep. The detective rubbed his face taking another swig of his now lukewarm coffee. The file under him was staring back at him basically taunting him with how unsolvable its contents were. Or maybe he was experiencing hallucinations from lack of sleep. It was a file about the newest vigilante who had showed up maybe a month ago. Self-named Usagi had been taking the law into his own hands which caused a lot of problems for the police. He groaned leaning back in his chair which responded to the movement with a pitiful squeak.


The door to his office swung open to reveal the extremely tired face of pro-hero Eraserhead holding a small pastel pink envelope in his hand.


The envelope was decorated with copious amounts of glitter, a few rhinestone unicorn stickers, and an extremely shiny metallic rainbow sticker to seal it. On the back was a nicely scrawled ‘Pops (Detective Tsukauchi)’. Tsukauchi looked from the envelope to Aizawa for maybe five seconds before sighing and opening the envelope. “This from Usagi?” Aizawa nodded.


Inside the envelope it read:


Hey Pops! ÙwÚ


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Ur boi Usagi


“So he’s a child,”


Aizawa nodded


“Well, that certainly complicates things,”



Izuku walked into homeroom with Katsuki trailing behind him. His eyes were almost all the way closed from the lack of sleep last night. Katsuki had given him a granola bar to help with a small amount of energy but it was very likely Izuku was going to fall asleep. It was like a switch had been flipped when he woke up this morning, besides the fact he was so goddamn tired he noticed so many new things. His mother was being more silent and he felt a confusing sense of dread in his stomach that settled itself like a weight holding him down.


Before he had left for school though, his mother stopped him before leaving.


“Izuku, I-your father was being transported in a prison van and he. The van crashed and-he his body wasn’t found. They assumed him legally dead but-just be careful, alright? It wasn’t that far from when-where we live and where UA is,”


Izuku felt a new, stronger weight in his chest. Pulling him towards the ground like gravity multiplied by ten thousand. And accompanied in this nice dance of feelings he felt both dread and fear. A perfect combination to make you completely paralysed.


“I. I’ll be safe, ma,” Izuku turned to walk out the door barely having any time to wipe his eyes before meeting Bakugou who seemed to soften up seeing Izuku’s absolutely fantastic looking state. Bakugou handed him a granola bar and walked with him in silence. Maybe he would prompt Izuku about it later unless he brought it up himself.


“Katsuki?” Izuku slowed his pace ever so slightly, electing to look at anything but the explosive blonde next to him. Said blonde made a sound similar to yes letting Izuku continue.


“I got...I got some bad news this morning,” Izuku looked at Bakugou who was now giving full attention to his friend.


“What is it Izuku?”


“My father was involved in a crash while being transferred to a new prison...and they didn’t find the body. He is presumed legally dead but i can’t shake some sort of feeling in my bones that something bad will happen.”


“I’ sorry, Izuku,”


Izuku finished wiping the corners of his eyes and set off in the direction of UA. Hopefully he would look semi decent when he got there.

He didn’t look even a little ok when he arrived in homeroom, the only ones to question his dreadful appearance was actually some of the class which he gave the basic ‘oh I just didn’t get much sleep’ response.


He only told the truth to Bakugou and Shinsou. Shinsou was somehow so understanding even respecting the boundary of not asking to many questions. God, he was falling for this boy so fast.


Then homeroom started and Aizawa went on about some election thing for a representative. It seemed the day was going fairly fast now that the weight in his stomach had somehow gotten heavier than usual. Apparently the winners of the election were Iida and Momo. They seemed like good fits for that role. Izuku honestly couldn’t really think of a reason to care right now. Everything was piling up too heavy and too fast. Izuku was on the verge of a panic attack as is.


How the fuck is this happening? I shouldn’t be feeling like this. That son of a bitch is basically dead why should I care.


In the back of his mind a little voice kept those fears going. ‘They didn’t find his body’.


That’s what kept him on edge so far. The fact that the man could be walking around right now. He could be head to his home where his mother is.



Izuku needs to leave to see if his mother is ok. He couldn’t give less of a shit if the school is mad at him or something. He feels like something terrible with happen if he doesn’t get there. But he can’t just leave class. He would have to deal with the day as is and then he could hopefully leave a fast as possible and see if his mother is ok.


Each period he went through felt like torture to his soul. He had to wait four more hours to get out of here ? This was legitimately killing him. But wait, there’s more! Right before lunch, where he could maybe not be so nervous, Aizawa seemed to appear in the doorway of the class Present Mic was teaching and asked if he could meet with Izuku for a bit. Present Mic obviously let him go and Izuku had to walk next to his teacher in silence to wherever the fuck they’re going.


Apparently wherever the fuck is called the teachers lounge and Izuku is about to be an entire ball of awkward being surrounded by this many adults.

Pro tip: Izuku hates being around adults he doesn’t know because they’re scary and he doesn’t know who they are.


“Midoriya why don’t you take a seat,” Aizawa motioned towards the couch near the end of the room.


“Look if this is about the Danny Devito shrine in the bathroom I didn’t think it would grow to that size, people just love him alright?”

“ did what?”


“Shit it’s not about that then, huh,”


“No, it’s more serious i’m afraid,”


Izuku immediately looked at the teacher, scooting forward to hear what he had to say.


Please Dont Be About Mom Please Dont Be About Mom


“It’s your mother, Midoriya. Someone snuck into her home and. They burned it to the ground. The police found her body but she is in critical condition. The oxygen levels in her blood aren’t improving and there seems to be signs of an infection. She-”


“Please stop,”


Mr. Aizawa looked up at the kid, eyebrow cocked in a questioning manner.


“I just, I don’t want to know how my mom is going to die,”


Aizawa seemed to soften at the statement, his face losing it’s usual resting glare.


“You’re mother isn’t going to die, Midoriya,”


Izuku scoffed, rolling his head back so he could sink into the couch, he wishes he could just stay there forever, unmoving. “If you think my father isn’t going to go finish the job you got another thing coming,” Izuku stood up regaining his usual ‘I couldn’t give less of a shit’ composure and adjusted his uniform. “I guess I need to go to the police station for a statement or something? It’s alright i’ll just keep my emotions right here,” Izuku motioned towards his chest “Then one day i’ll die ,”


Izuku went to the police station and told them he had somewhere to live.


Well, he will have somewhere to live if this guy lets him stay there.




“Dabi! How are you buckaroo! Still got those dinosaur chicken nuggets?”


“What do you need? And I already ate them.”


Chapter Text

Fun fact about Izuku:


He loves bouncy houses. Or anything bouncy in general. A trampoline? You better believe he’s gonna bounce. An exercise ball? He ran into a wall with that and broke his arm leading to a scar covering his forearm. Pogo stick? Izuku bounced too high and got caught in a tree from which he fell got the breath knocked out of him and gave him a hospital visit, a gnarly scar, and a lollipop from a nurse who mistook him for a child. He is very short after all.


Back to the topic at hand.


When Shinsou suggested Izuku and him go to the fair for their first date he was so ecstatic.


And here he was, staring at the bouncy house right in front of him with quite literal stars in his eyes. Shinsou had walked off to find some food and drinks for both of them and Izuku almost couldn’t help himself.


Fuck it


And that’s how Shinsou found Izuku bouncing with a bunch of seven year olds with the most happy expression Shinsou thinks he’s ever seen on him.


That’s also how Shinsou had to coax Izuku out of the bouncy house with mochi and a hug.


It took ten minutes.

Izuku being the least mature person known to man had obviously tried to win as many prizes as possible and partially succeeded leading to both Shinsou and Izuku holding maybe six large stuffed animals sitting at a picnic table while they talked and sipped some american drink.


“I think we should split the stuffed animals, like you get three I get three? And we can choose which ones to take home?”


“I’d like that, but I get the cat one,”




This ended with Shinsou getting a cat plush, a cartoon strawberry plush, and a plush bird. Izuku ended up with a frog plush, a pig plush, and what he’s very sure is a factory mistake but he loves it anyway distorted octopus plush. He named is Joe seven legs. Even if they aren’t legs Shinsou seemed to get a kick out of that.


As the night winded down Izuku found himself walking closer to Shinsou, their hands brushing together every now and then until he swore he could hear Shinsou mutter ‘fuck it’ and grab his hand in the others.


It was the happiest Izuku’s felt in a long time.


The date ended with a hug and Izuku walking to the hospital while Shinsou walked to his dads’ house. Izuku had tried to find out who his dads were but Shinsou wouldn’t relent.


The green haired idiot, tired from the day had walked to the hospital his mother was at. Her condition was more stable and Izuku actually held hope in his heart for once that his mother would make it through this. Then they could move somewhere nicer, maybe adopt a cat, but right now he sat by her bedside recalling how his date went, settling a plush of the frog near her head. ‘It reminded me of your hair’ he had said.



Midoriya Hisashi was a fucking delinquent. He had been called that all his life and he agreed. First it was his affinity to burn things, then it was the growing record of arrests when he was a minor, then finally he guesses it was him burning his apartment to the ground with his wife and child in it.


He didn’t feel bad either.


Hisashi considered the thought of not having a family. But he assumed the thought of having a child like him would be very desirable.


You can imagine the distaste he felt when his own flesh and blood was a quirkless . Like a poison coating his tongue when he felt that world roll off his wife’s lips. Now he realises why he doesn’t want a family. Because all they bring is disappointment . Izuku, is a disappointment.

“I swear to god when I get my hands on that fucker i’m going to burn him to the ground!” Hisashi slammed the last glass he held onto the pristine top of the bar. Alerting Kurogiri of his presence, if the shouting wasn’t enough.


“I think that’s enough whiskey for you, Hisashi,”


“Whatever,” The man rolled his eyes facing towards the other man, the ‘leader’ though he didn’t seem like the type, at the end of the bar. “So when’s this attack of the USJ huh? I wanna burn that place to the ground with my son in it.”


Nobody missed how he spit the word out like a cherry seed.



Izuku still remembers the first time he said ‘loved’ instead of ‘love’ when talking about his father. One could assume it would have been when his father burned a good portion of his face but somehow that wasn’t it. He was talking to his therapist and it just came out. He didn’t even realize it until after the appointment.

He cried for a good portion of the night after that.


Izuku didn’t expect to not love his father anymore, he thought that unconditional love would stay. But it didn’t and it grew into contempt which grew into hate which grew into loathing. He was pushed into the arms of white hot rage when his father hurt his mom . His own wife, and it was all over for him. Any speck of love being swept into the trash. He could barely focus on walking home then, well, not really home. He was staying at Dabi’s for a bit until he could get a place of his own.




“The fuck?”


Izuku turned around quickly scanning for the noise which was quite adorable if he was being honest.


“Oh shit! That’s cute as fuck!” Izuku jogged towards the kitten stumbling on the sidewalk toward the green bastard man. Scooping the kitten into his arms he was careful around the ribs of the cat, hoping it wasn’t injured and just needed to food. It had pretty calico features signifying it was a girl. It’s eyes looked at Izuku’s face resting on his medical mask for the day which was just the embroidered word ‘flex’.


He’s pretty sure all of the class got it


“Ok cool, hopefully Dabi won’t care about this. You’re a cute fucker you know that?”




“That’s the ticket!”


“No we are not keeping a cat here,”


Izuku pouted bringing the kitten from behind him shoving it in the face of the villain.


“But it’s so fucking cute,”


“What if i’m allergic to cats?” Dabi pointed out pushing the kitten back towards Izuku. “I would die,”


“Then fucking die bro, I already named it!”


Dabi raised an eyebrow crossing his arms. Signaling for him to continue.


“It’s name is-”


“It can’t be a vine reference,”




Dabi rolled his eyes taking the kitten from Izuku. He absentmindedly stroked behind it’s ears as he watched Izuku pace the flat mumbling under his breath name ideas. “Are you done yet?”


“No i’m not-SON OF A BITCH!” Izuku shouted hitting his toe on the couch he had placed himself in front of to begin his pacing section.




Both boys stopped to look at the kitten. Izuku’s eyes widened, he walked towards the kitten.


“Son of a bitch?”


“Mew!!!!!” The kitten made whatever a cat makes for a happy face.


Dabi chuckled. “We found it's name I guess,”



Chapter Text

Izuku was four when a weight was placed upon his shoulders by his father.


“You’re my legacy Izuku, and I hope-no I need-your quirk to reflect that,”


Father was a scary man sometimes. Not even when he shouted, or screamed, or threw things. It was when he clamped his hand on his shoulder to congratulate Izuku but all he could think of was the fact that he didn’t want his father’s hand to be there . It was when he raised his voice even in a congratulating tone Izuku couldn’t help but close his eyes and scowl at the sound. It was the fact that Izuku didn’t feel truly safe when his father was in the room.


That’s why he stopped calling his father papa. He didn’t think he deserved that title. He was a father, but he wasn’t a papa. He wouldn’t be a papa with the way he shouted and screamed and drank too much of the amber liquid Izuku learned to fear. He wasn’t cut out for that.


He only realized that when he was sitting in his bed at three AM staring at his ceiling where he had drawn a small smiley face during one of those sleepless nights. He was maybe twelve when he realized his father didn’t have any of his love. He didn’t deserve to have his love after he burnt his face up.




Izuku stood on the balcony of Dabi’s shitty apartment, smoking a cigarette, sitting on a blue/green plain lawn chair that was on its last legs metaphorically and physically.


He was essentially the embodiment of trashy right now.


Flicking the last embers of the cigarette Izuku put it out on his forearm and walked back into the apartment, checking the time to make sure the visiting hours for the hospital were still going on. He should probably visit his mom sometime soon, at least to talk with her and maybe bring her something like flowers, she liked calla lilies a lot. Maybe that would help her, he’s guessing at this point but it’s the thought that counts.


God I wish those bad feelings would just go away already.


Izuku threw on a jacket waving goodbye to Dabi and Son of A Bitch, telling them he’ll be back in an hour or two.


What he didn’t expect was to see policemen talking quietly outside his door.


Detective Tsukauchi was outside of the room, his notepad in his hand. Which set off the dominoes in his head making Izuku walk faster.


Policemen must be here because she woke up!


Izuku walked to Detective Tsukauchi, tears bordering on his eyes.


“Detective, please tell me she woke up,”


The detective spun around at the presence of the new voice in the room. His face immediately softened. A sad look moved into his eyes. He took his hat from his head, placing it on his chest.


Oh no.


“...Izuku, your mother. She hasn’t woken up. Your father, he came into the room. And he...he killed her, Izuku. He switched the IV fluid with water.”



“Do you want to talk?”


“No, I'm fine.”


Izuku didn’t need Tsukauchi to tell him that was a lie.



Izuku didn’t bother telling Bakugou about the news. Apparently a nosey reporter (who almost had their lights punched out by Izuku) had found out about the murder and released the story. It was obvious Bakugou would bring it up.


Seriously, fuck the media.


Izuku listened to Bakugou shout about how much torture he would put his father through on the way to school which sort of lifted his spirits to below ground level instead of basement. That wasn’t much of a help but Bakugou was being Bakugou and grieving in his own way.


That asshole couldn’t just leave our life? We moved on, we left him, why did he have to come back just to kill his wife. My mother .


He should be brought to justice.


He needs to be brought to justice.


He needs to pay for his sins .




Izuku didn’t realize he had stopped walking just to think of his father dying.


That was a red flag.



Izuku was uncharacteristically quiet on the bus, instead leaning his head on Shinsou’s shoulder and staring out the window at the landscape outside.


God, why is green the most prominent color in nature.


“Midoriya? Are you ok?” The voice of Tsu (she insisted he call her that) broke him from his thoughts. What happened? Did the bus-




He was crying.


Hastily wiping his tears away he slouched into his seat.


“Yeah, I'm fine just...someone close to me recently passed away,”


People didn’t talk to him the rest of the bus ride.


He was fine with that.


Maybe they saw the story too.



Thirteen droned on about something he assumes he supposed to be excited about by the way the Uraraka girl is jumping, it was something about safely using your quirk which Izuku should most definitely listen too since his entire thing is, you know, lighting himself on fire . When a shift in the air occured. Like a nice blanket of ‘oh shit’ settled itself over the people in the USJ.


The source of this was the purple mist spreading throughout the USJ slowly but surely.


Then a hand made its way through the mist. Then a person, and another walked through, and another, and another, and another. Until possibly seventy people were walking through this mist . A few three people with some purple thing next to them.


If I know anything about any tv show ever, i’m very sure villains are attacking right now.


Izuku stepped forward, disregarding what the others said, and analysed what the people who seemed to be leaders looked like.


A man with blue hair with his face obstructed, a person made of purple mist (possibly the one that transported them here), and a man with black hair green eyes and…


Izuku froze. “Oh no,”


Bakugou looked at Izuku in his frozen state moving his eyes to where the green haired teen was looking. His own body froze as he saw who came through the portal.


“That bastard, that BASTARD!” Bakugou shouted, his own body shaking with rage, warning pops of explosions dancing on his fingertips. Izuku broke from his position only to see Aizawa tell the class to stay there and watch him jump into the fray of villains.


Does he have a death wish?


Izuku took a breath in, collecting himself before pulling out his lighter and warming his hands. If it isn’t obvious at this point Izuku’s going to have to fight his dad in some ultimate anime showoff or something. And hopefully Izuku could put his grief aside for two seconds to instead be filled with a nice steaming cup of revenge. Maybe add two packets of white hot fury.


“Son, come down here and talk to your old man!” A voice broke Izuku from his scheming, coming from down the stairs was his own father. Not even a father, a killer. Izuku tensed, taking a breath before turning to Bakugou and subsequently the rest of the class who looked fairly shell shocked.


“Alright, I’m gonna go fight my piece of shit father and get revenge on him for him murdering my mother. You could say I have a pretty tragic backstory I guess,” Izuku announced, bowing, before running down the stairs passing his teacher who was doing his best to hold off the villains. Saluting Aizawa, Izuku stopped in front of his father.


“So………how have you been, buddy?” Izuku shoved his hands in his pockets. The ground looked awfully interesting at this moment, a few little specks of blood were already on it and hey one looks like a smiley face!


“Izuku, how could you do this to me? Hiding your quirk from me? I don’t understand, son,” Hisashi put on a bright smile, cupping Izuku’s shoulder. At the touch of his father, Izuku froze. He didn’t want that hand to be there. It shouldn’t be there it shouldn’t .


“I-I,uh, I didn’t hide my quirk from you,” Izuku pulled his shoulder back. He was surprised at how quickly his emotions changed from joking to completely terrified.


“Then why, when I asked, your whore of a mother said you DIDN’T HAVE ONE!” Hisashi’s flame burst from his mouth. A simple sentence morphing into a shout. His father grabbed the collar of his hero suit pulling him close.


“I didn’t know. Only when-” Izuku broke from his grasp “-you burnt our home down when I was four it was triggered.” He snarled, flicking his father’s hand away.


Hisashi groaned “What do you know Izuku, as of right now you know nothing. Your ‘friends’ have been scattered and they can’t do anything.Because the system is fucked, Izuku. Everything is a lie. Everything you know about heroes is a lie. Everything you know about me is a lie,” Hisashi chuckled. Opening his arms, grasping Izuku in a tight, bone-crushing hug. He gasped, Hisashi had breathed out, burning his shoulder. That was most definitely gonna scar.


“I like to form my own opinions,” Izuku looked to the side, shoving Hisashi away. Aizawa was still fighting, but his moves were more sloppy than usual, he was getting tired. Izuku needed to stop talking to his dad and start doing his whole fight scene that should be coming up in about whenever the fuck Izuku wants to. So, with a quick step Izuku lit his fist on fire and went to hit Hisashi. Hisashi dodged, grabbing Izuku’s fist and throwing him to the ground.


“You’re my legacy Izuku, you’re what’s going to carry on my image for days and years to come.”


“No, no I'm not. I’m not your legacy i’m not your child even. I am someone who is going to end your life. I am going to make you pay for your sins,”


Izuku struck Hisashi across the face, lighting his foot on fire, he pulled it up into a high kick aiming for his face.


Hisashi caught his foot, throwing him to the ground.


“Oh, Izuku. You’re not ready yet. But you will be with my help. Now, will you let me explain?” Hisashi hissed. Licks of flame coming from his mouth. His jaw had a grit to it, his eyes had stayed straight forward, trained on Izuku’s medical mask for the day. A simple black mask. It was Izuku’s own way of mourning besides crying himself to sleep and smoking more. A grin grew on the father’s face. He was going to fuck up Izuku’s emotions now probably. “Oh, you’re mourning her? That really isn’t needed. You’re mother was nothing, a bandaid marriage maybe, but no need to grieve. She was nothing.”

Something in Izuku broke. He had no right to talk about his mother like that. She protected him, she shielded him from being killed, and stood up to his father. And now she was dead at the same man’s hands.


“You have no right, you have no right to SAY THOSE THINGS!” Izuku shouted. He lunged at Hisashi knocking him to the ground.


“SHE SAVED ME!” a punch to the nose


“SHE STOOD UP TO MY PIECE OF SHIT FATHER!” a punch to his eye.


“AND SHE TOOK ME AWAY FROM YOU !” And Izuku’s hands settled around Hisashi’s neck. Choked to death would be a simple way to die, but painful nonetheless. Hisashi struggled, clawing at Izuku’s hands.


“You don’t even deserve a death this peaceful,” Izuku ground out, his thumbs settling on the hyoid right on his throat. A simple push to break it should end his life within five minutes. He wouldn’t have to worry about his father any longer and-


“Midoriya!” A gruff voice shouted. He turned, thumbs still resting on his father’s hyoid. “You can’t do this,” It was Aizawa. “I understand you have pent up emotions but you can’t do this.” Aizawa continued, his opponents around him subdued for now.


“I...I can’t just let him live. I CAN’T,” Izuku felt tears start falling from his face onto Hisashi. Izuku made eye contact with his father. He was smiling. He knew Izuku would be in this situation eventually. “You’re a monster, you’re nothing but a criminal. I am nothing like you,” He pushed into his neck more.


And with that, Izuku pushed his thumbs down towards the bone that would end it all.


But he couldn’t push down in time. A large arm wrapped around him throwing him to the ground, hard. That thing next to Hisashi, how could he forget.  It stared at him, placing it’s hand over his chest and started pushing down. Izuku couldn’t breathe. What little breath he had, coming out in short gasps. He could hear a faint ‘Midoriya!’ from Aizawa and he could feel the stares of his friends and classmates on him. But Izuku could only focus on the fact that his own ribs were being crushed by this evil purple hulk .


The beast wrapped it’s hand around Izuku’s arm and pulled upwards.


Oh no.


His arm was jutting out at the wrong angle. His arm was JUTTING OUT AT THE WRONG ANGLE.


Izuku burst into basically a ball of flames as the pain hit him hard. He heard a shout, a scream (which might be his), and the pain fell from his chest.


Not as much as he would like but at least his lungs weren’t being actively crushed.


A shadow fell over him. Muffled speaking was heard around him as well. He could make out two figures above him.




Izuku passed out.

Chapter Text

Izuku peeked his eyes open.


A dark lit hospital suite greeted his tired eyes.


I’m such a dumbass.


Izuku groaned, bringing a hand to his face only to be hit with a cast around his left hand.


Aww shit i’m really a dumbass.




Izuku sat in his hospital bed. He would have to sit here until morning and just wait for a doctor to come in so he could say he was fine, then the-


“You’re awake,”


“FUCKIN SHITSTICKS,” Izuku jumped to attention staring at Aizawa sitting on a hospital chair in the corner. He quietly cleared his throat, adjusting himself to be sitting up on the bed. “Uhm, pardon my language,”


“It’s alright, Midoriya. You were out for about two days while the doctors worked on you. Your ribs had been broken in several places as well as having suffered popped cartilage and a pierced lung. It was a small puncture but life threatening nonetheless,” He rested his hands on his knees. “Midoriya, why did you do that? You had first, almost killed someone, then second, gotten yourself almost killed,”


“I-uhm.” Izuku stopped speaking. “Oh. I can’t. I just remember the rage inside of me blinding my judgement. I-oh god-I felt his life in my hands. He just- he hurt me so much and I don’t...I didn’t want...yeah,” He finished lamely, moving his eyes from where they had settled on his hands to his teacher before him.


What am I supposed to do? Say ‘oh by the way I was about to kill my father and I feel no remorse’


“Listen Midoriya, what you’ve done is not ok. But I understand. Nonetheless I will have to call your caretaker and have a word with them about what you’ve done. Be thankful I waited until you were awake,” Aizawa threw a small glare at Izuku and pulled out his phone holding it out to the teen.


Ok, I got two options. Somehow communicate to Dabi that he needs to act normal, or he could just jump out the window right now.


Izuku took a shaky breath dialing Dabi’s phone number.


It rang twice before being picked up.


“IZUKU YOU ABSOLUTE BITCH WHERE ARE YOU? SON OF A BITCH HAS BEEN SITTING AT THE DOOR ALL NIGHT,” Izuku held the phone away from his ear before bringing it to the side of his head. “Hey, Uncle Aiko. So I have to hand the phone over to my teacher PRO HERO ERASERHEAD for a second so he can inform you about why i’ve been gone.” He handed the phone over the hero, wringing his hands immediately after the phone was taken from his hands.


“Mhhm, yeah. Yes he did how did you know? Oh so he’s always this reckless” Aizawa shot a pointed look at Izuku. “Yes and if i may ask who was this son of a bitch you were talking about? Oh really?” Yet another pointed look. “Alright, I’ll leave you to it, have a nice night Mr. Aiko,”


Izuku sat stiff as a board under Aizawa’s glare. After a good two minutes he eventually said something.


“Why didn’t you tell me you had a cat,”


“I-it just never came up? She’s a calico I adopted after finding her on the street,”




“I…? Yeah I have photos if you want to see?”


“Yes, show me them immediately,”


“HEy BakUbItcH,”


“WHAT THE FUCK DICKWAD,” Bakugou screamed jumping back from the door. Izuku stood on the other side, dressed in his uniform with no medical mask.


“Don’t worry, I'm gonna put it on the way to school. Not chill with that many people seeing my scar just yet,” Izuku chuckled.


“No you fuck knuckle I mean what the fuck why are you here you should be in the hospital,” Bakugou grumbled gesturing towards his multiple bandages and full arm cast.


“Excuse you!” Izuku held up a casted hand. “I have never been in a more healthy conditi-AAAAAAAA-.....sorry moved the wrong way,”


“Ha, yeah no you’re going to go to the hospital,”


“What????? Nooo come on it’s super boring there,” Izuku groaned throwing his head back to complain.


“Fine, if I have to coax you to go I will. I’ll personally make sure your purple haired date comes to see you. He’s been worried or whatever.” Bakugou rolled his eyes as the way Izuku immediately perked up when hearing about Shinsou.


“Actually? Ugh fine. I wouldn’t be able to stand the look on his face if I walked into the class look all messed up,” He sighed, complaining once again before motioning to leave Bakugou’s doorway.


Bakugou sighed, tension lifting from his shoulders.


“Alright, go back to the hospital and actually get treated,” Bakugou grumbled pushing Izuku in the direction of the hospital he came from.


“Okay… guess they’ll be happy to see me since I snuck out,”


“You WHAT?” Bakugou screeched.



Izuku sat in the hospital bed watching some sort of soap opera. Hopefully his friends would be there soon and he could stop worrying about this dramatic oh shit Ricardo did not just fucking do that.


“Holy shit, Ricardo you can’t just sleep with Amarie, They’re in rival families!” Izuku cried out tossing his remote onto a nearby chair.


“This a bad time?” Izuku looked to the door seeing Shinsou with a scowling Bakugou and a smiling Kirishima.


“Ah! Shin-Shin! I’ve been so bored all day you wouldn’t believe it,” Izuku jumped from his bed engulfing Shinsou in a crushing hug. “I was so worried about you,”


“You were worried? I was biting my nails all the way here! Thank god Kirishima calmed me down,” The teen pulled a hand back to rub his neck.


“No! I was so worried all day! Bakugou-” he shot a pointed look to the person in question “-made me go back to the hospital I snuck out of :(,”


“Heh, at least you’re ok, i-”


“Can y’all stop swooning and SHUT THE FUCK UP,” Bakugou shouted, stomping into the room, shoving a packet of dry ramen into Izuku’s arms giving a mumbled answer along the lines of ‘because you’re that kind of person’.


“Aww thanks Bakubitch! And thank you Kirishima for coming to visit me as well,” Izuku beamed placing the ramen on the nightstand next to him as he got back into the hospital bed.


“It’s no problem bro! The entire class is really worried about you!” He beamed, settling into a seat next to Bakugou.


Izuku chuckled settling into the bed. Grabbing his ramen to start munching on.


“Yeah, now that I think about it I do need time to heal...emotionally and physically,” Izuku clutched the ramen packet “I...I did something I regret. And i think i need to come to terms with the fact I've done something bad.”


Shinsou stood, pulling Izuku into a hug. “I’m really sorry Izuku,”


“Don’t be. I’ll recover eventually,”


Izuku and Shinsou broke from the hug. Izuku leaned back into the bed letting his eyes wander the room before settling on Bakugou and Kirishima’s entwined hands.


Izuku jumped up from his comfortable position.


“Oh my god is BakuKiri confirmed? Oh my god oh my god,”


“Scarface what the fuck is BakuKiri first off and you didn’t notice?” Bakugou rolled his eyes watching Kirishima start to giggle.


“It’s the ship name I just made up for you right now because y’all are amazing together but not as amazing as Shinsou and i because honestly were better than you but whatever,” Izuku heaved in a breath. “And honestly it’s so nice that y’all got together it’s like fire and ice, yin and yang, black and white, jets and sharks, cat and dog or dog and slightly angrier dog-”


“Enough scarface! Stop talking so damn much! God!” Bakugou stood, slamming a hand over Izuku’s mouth.


Izuku rolled his eyes pulling Bakugou’s hand from his mouth.


“Alright all in all y’all are great together,”


“Thanks Bro!”




“Aww thanks :) <3,”


“How the fuck do you DO THAT SHIT!”

Chapter Text



Shinsou mumbled a ‘yes?’ running a hand through his boyfriend’s hair.


“Are you ok with me?”


Shinsou pulled back quirking an eyebrow.




He swallowed hard, continuing. “Shinsou, I almost killed someone. My father, no less. And right now I-” Izuku choked on his breath. “I don’t…”


“Izuku?” Shinsou adjusted himself on the hospital bed to face Izuku, Bakugou and Kirishima had left about an hour ago, so it was just them having this extremely emotional conversation.




“I don’t...feel any regret. I don’t feel any remorse,” Izuku choked on a sob bubbling to the surface. “I don’t know what to do. I really don’t i’m-i’m just not alright,”


Shinsou pulled Izuku into a tight embrace, running his hands through the back of his boyfriends hair. “Izuku, it’s ok. You’re ok, and I really really really really like you. Like oh god how can I love someone this much. I just, I think you’re ok. And I think that you’re ok.”


And just like that Izuku cried, sobs pulling at his vocal chords coming out in harsh gasps and chokes. Mumbled ‘im sorry’s were quickly followed with ‘it’s ok’s. The two teens sat there, holding onto each other, somehow they would be ok...eventually.




“Son of a bitch was worried about you Izuku, where the hell were you?” Dabi sat on the couch watching Izuku rummage around through the pantry in search for dry ramen. Dabi has called him a monster when he found out his own friend ate ramen dry .


“Yeah so i’m kinda a dumbass who commit attempted murder and who kinda pleaded self defense and temporary insanity so the DA would decline to press charges, and I guess the whole self defense thing is true. But that’s a whole another story So before I could kill the son of a bitch -not you kitty you’re amazing- this giant purple hulk thing came and crushed my rib cage.” Izuku pulled the ramen packet out of the pantry with an ‘aha!’ before returning to his story “So I was put in the hospital with a busted arm and ribcage, I became official with my boyfriend after a nice emotional conversation or two and now I’m here back at my home sweet shithole!” Izuku spun around flopping himself onto the chair beside the couch and smiled at an utterly confused Dabi.


He was silent for a second before speaking again. “Izuku, i’m very sure you’re trying to cover up the fact you’ve done shrooms but i’ll act like it actually happened,”






“Thanks for backing me up Son of a bitch,” Izuku grabbed Son of a Bitch’s paw and high fived it.


“Alright whatever, Toga’s gonna love this shit,” Dabi rolled his eyes chucking his phone out of his pocket to send this person a message.


“...Toga? Dabi who’s that,” Izuku eyed the phone suspiciously, taking son of a bitch and putting her on his lap.


“Just a girl I've been talking with we-” Dabi was cut short by a dramatic gasp. He looked over to see Izuku clutching his chest, fake tears falling from his eyes.


“Dabi please don’t tell me you’re straight,” Izuku breathed out.


“ I’m not but also she’s a psychopath and I’m not into that,”


Izuku breathed out.


“So when am I meeting this loco maniac sick bitch psychopath? Because if I can't meet a new friend I swear to god,” Izuku smiled at Dabi’s face after he clearly referenced a meme Dabi made him not reference after he played the song aforementioned for two days straight and almost ripped off a door.


“I guess you could meet her? But there is a high chance she will stab you and technically she’s a villain,”


“Dabi, Daberino, Dab on them haters, when have I ever been not ok with villains? You know i’m chaotic neutral I’ll hang out with anyone,” Izuku giggled rubbing Son of a Bitch behind her ears. Dabi rolled his eyes scrolling through his messages.


“I’ll see if she can meet us sometimes, but you have to buy me bubble tea or something. Alright maybe this-oh she’s available right now ok and- she sent me like fifty emojis ok,” Dabi raised his eyebrows scrolling through what seemed to be a never ending stream of emojis. “Ok we can meet her, I'll warn you she’s very...extroverted,”




“DABIIIIIIIIIII,” A blonde girl with twin buns screamed tackling Dabi in a hug.


Dabi laid there a still and a plank of wood simply saying “Toga I swear to god if you try to steal by blood I will personally steal your stash,”


“No!” Toga cried helping Dabi to his feet.


“Fam she’s great! Oh my god do you know of any memes?” Izuku stepped into the conversation shoving Dabi to the side as the meet the excitement of the teen before him.


“Uh of course?! But who are you first off.” Toga smiled knocking Dabi over to get closer to Izuku.


“I’m Dabi’s main Hoe,” Izuku grinned after hearing Dabi mumble from the floor ‘he’s not my main hoe, I don’t have any hoes’. “My mistake, son of a bitch is your main hoe,”


“God you’re much better than sad sack here,” Toga stuck a thumb out to Dabi as he was trying to get up knocking him down yet again.


“Yeah I know, I'm much better than sad sack. Better personality, better hair, i’m prettier,” Izuku threw his arms out hitting Dabi in the face as he yet again tried to get up.


“Will y’all stop KNOCKING ME TO THE GROUND! GODDAMN,” Dabi burst to his feet, light flames flickering on his hands.


“Hey bud don't get fiery on me, you know how I feel about that,” Izuku took a step back, raising his eyebrows.


“Fine, you’re good, sorry. Just damn, y’all get along like a house on fire,”


“Nice!...I don't know what that means :/”


Toga jumped up.


“You can do that too? :)”


“Oh my god :o”


“:) uwu,”


“OwO :D”


Dabi scrunched his eyebrows together.


“How the fuck are y’all doing that?”