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Not Another Stucky High School AU

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Steve groaned when he heard the sound of “I Just Had Sex” by The Lonely Island blasting at full volume. He rolled over and snatched his phone off his bedside table to shut off the alarm, and check the time. Steve’s phone soon lit up, causing him to close his eyes for a minute, before opening them again and letting them adjust to the brightness. He let out a sigh when he noticed it was only 6:00 in the morning. He still had about thirty minutes before he actually had to get ready, and an hour before Bucky came to pick him up.

It wasn’t like Steve to wake up this early for school, but it was the first day of senior year, and if he was being honest with himself he was terrified. To prepare himself, he decided to set his alarm thirty minutes earlier than usual, in hopes it’d calm him down. That didn’t seem to work though, because now he was wide awake and wanted to throw up.

Steve decided to just scroll through his notifications so he could distract himself from his mind. It seemed that the group chat he was in with his friends were still messaging each other till at least three in the morning, causing Steve to have at least over a hundred text notifications.

He sighed and grabbed his glasses off the bedside table, before unlocking his phone and opening the messaging app. He completely ignored the group chat, and clicked on Bucky’s name, which had a blue dot next to it.


Buck: Morning Stevie, hope your punk ass is awake!


Steve chuckled, shaking his head.


Steve: Were you the one who changed the song for my alarm? I remember setting it to “What You Own” from RENT, but woke up to a song by The Lonely Island playing.


The teen hit send and watched as the three little dots appeared, indicating Bucky was typing. He decided to not wait for the reply and instead checked the group chat his friend Tony had created back in freshman year.

The chat had originally been Steve, Tony, and their friends, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, and Thor. That changed though midway through Freshman year. Tony had decided to add his childhood best friend, Rhodey, to the chat. Then Tony said Bucky could join too, because he sat with them at lunch.  

He told the group that the other two teens were also on board with some weird plan going on at the time. Tony was trying to convince his long time crush, Pepper Potts, to join him at the spring formal. This meant adding Rhodey into the group chat was a priority, and adding Bucky was just a bonus.

For about a month it stayed the original six, Rhodey, and Bucky. Then their plan to get Pepper to go to formal with Tony kicked into action. Two weeks after they had finished coming up with this extravagant idea, Tony finally asked Pepper, who had told him yes, leaving everyone in shock. Afterwards Tony immediately added Pepper to the group chat, and told the others she was his “girlfriend” now so it was only right.

Since then every time Tony or the others drag someone into their group and they stick around longer than a month, Tony decides to add them to the group chat. Meaning now there was around twelve people.

Steve clicked on the chat, rolling his eyes at the name, before scrolling through everything he had missed.


Avengers Assemble



Tony Stank: good morning Avengers! hope you bitches are ready for senior year!


Pepper (mom): Tony it’s literally three in the morning, why are you still up?


Tony Stank: i should be asking you the same thing miss Potts… why are you still up?


Captain Carol: Go. The. Fuck. To. Sleep. Tony.


Tony Stank: damn Carol that hurt


Thor the thunder god: I’m still up.


Tony Stank: does anyone else question Thor when he uses actual grammar and punctuation… oh and when he decides to join the conversation at random times


Pepper (mom): Literally everyone in the group chat uses decent grammar and punctuation. Are you just now noticing this Tony?


Tony Stank: stop attacking me Pepper i did nothing wrong


Rhodey Rhodes: Tony, I’m going to personally come to your house and kick your ass. Put your phone away.


Tony Stank: you guys should be the ones putting your phones away


Buck: Who the fuck decided to wake me up with this obnoxious group chat?


Nat: I’m with Bucky on this one, who started this?


Tony Stank: did you guys know its possible to silence your phones!?! OH MY GOD!


Buck: Cool. Most of us set alarms though and weren’t expecting you to start texting us at three in the goddamn morning.


Tony Stank: if you keep up with the language mr captain america will come and beat you up himself.


Buck: I know for a fact Steve’s asleep. You should be too.


Steve stopped there, and decided to scroll past the rest of everyone’s early morning nonsense. It seemed that everything stopped around 4:00, and picked back up at 5:30 with a text from Clint.


That Bitch Clint: Morning to everyone… also I hate you Tony.


Tony Stank: what did i ever do to you other than steal your hearing aids that one time


That Bitch Clint: You did that, and you woke us all up at three in the morning.


Tony Stank: RUDE!! when did i ever take those things


That Bitch Clint: Uh, do you not remember gym class freshman year? Besides, you literally just confessed to taking them. Don’t act like a dumbass.


Nat: I forgot about that.


Tony Stank: how could you forget about that? it was the best thing that happened freshmen year!


Thor the thunder god: I’m very confused on this chat.


Captain Carol: Don’t worry Thor, I am too.


Steve:   Why are you guys so annoying?


Tony Stank: look guys hes awake


Steve rolled his eyes and checked the time again, before setting his phone and climbing out of bed. He made his way over to his dresser and picked out a pair of clothes, pair of box briefs, khaki slacks, and some t-shirt of Bucky’s that made its way into Steve’s wardrobe. With that he walked out of his room and towards the only bathroom in his and his mother’s small apartment.

He shut and locked the door when he stepped inside, before stripping off his pajamas and beginning his morning routine of a quick shower, brushing his teeth, applying deodorant, then getting dressed for the day. After, he headed back to his room and picked up his phone, bookbag, and one of Bucky's hoodies that had been left at Steve's place, before walking to the kitchen, where he had hoped to find his mother.

When Steve reached the kitchen he looked around, but his mother, Sarah, was nowhere in sight. The teen sighed when he saw a note was placed on the counter. He walked over and picked it up, before pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose and began reading.


Good morning love,

Sorry I wasn't able to be there when you woke up, the hospital asked if I could come in for an earlier shift. I hope you have a wonderful first day of senior year! I packed you your lunch, it’s in your NASA lunch box that Bucky bought you! Please don’t forget your extra inhaler, and the cash I left on the counter so you can give Buck gas money. There’s also an extra ham and cheese sandwich in your lunch box for him.

I love you Steve! - Mom

P.S. Tell Bucky I said hi and that I love him.



Steve smiled down at the note, before rushing back to him room and placing it in his dresser with the others Sarah written through the years. He then made his way back out to kitchen, ate a quick bowl of cereal, then went to brush his teeth again.

After that was all done he looked down at his phone to find a text from Bucky.


Buck: I’m here! come outside,  punk. ;)


Steve: Coming… Jerk.


Steve hit send, headed to the kitchen, and grabbed his lunch box and house keys. When he stepped outside he noticed Bucky watching him, a grin plastered on his lips. Steve just smiled back, before turning around to lock the door.

He let out a deep sigh, before walking to Bucky’s car.

Steve Rogers had a feeling this senior year was going to be quite eventful, and he didn’t know how to feel about it.

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The ride to school was quite uneventful. Steve listened as Bucky rambled on about how he was excited for football season to come, especially after this years summer training camp.

“Coach Coulson said he had connections into the big leagues, and talked about getting Julian Edelman to come and talk to the team!” Bucky exclaimed, while driving.

“That’s pretty cool Buck. Has coach talked to you about playing in college at all?” Steve asked.

Bucky nodded, “He said he has a feeling I could get into Clemson or Ohio State. He even mentioned Stanford University. I have the grades and GPA for all those schools, I’m hoping some of their recruiters start coming to games, especially guys from Stanford.”

“Oh Stanford, why would you wanna go across the country for football?” Steve questioned sarcastically, knowing the answer.

“Why are you playing dumb?” Bucky laughed, “You know it’s a dream of mine to go to Stanford, especially since Christian McCaffrey went there.”

“Oh yes, Christian McCaffrey, you’re ultimate celebrity crush.” Steve teased.

Bucky rolled his eyes, “He’s not my celebrity crush, he’s my NFL crush. There’s a difference Steve. My celebrity crushes are Jason Momoa and Natalie Portman.”

“I don’t know how you keep up with things like that. I could care less.” Steve replied.

“Oh come on, you don’t have a celebrity crush?” Bucky asked.

Steve shook his head, “I don’t think celebrities crushes are worth it. It’s not like you’re ever going to marry them. Besides, I don’t have time for that stuff.”

“You gotta crush on someone who’s more worth it?” Bucky asked, glancing over at Steve.

Yeah, I have a crush on you. Steve wanted to confess, but knew it wasn’t worth it. Bucky had no clue he was gay, and Steve wasn’t planning on telling him anytime soon, in fear his best friend would hate him.

He knew that Steve being gay wouldn't be a big deal to Bucky, especially since Bucky himself was bisexual. The issue was Steve thought if he told Bucky about his sexuality, he’d feel entitled to tell the teen he was also in love with him.

“Hey Steve, did I upset you?” Bucky questioned with concern. 

Steve blinked as Bucky's question pulled him out of his thoughts. He turned his head to look at Bucky, before giving him a small smile. 

“You’re fine. I’m just being stupid and getting lost in my own thoughts.” He muttered, hoping Bucky would buy it. 

“You know if something’s bothering you I’m always here.” Bucky stated, “That means whenever. You can call me at three in the morning and I’ll pick up. If you need me in the middle of the night, because of some asthma attack, I’ll drive to your apartment.”

Steve chuckled, “I think my ma would able to handle the asthma attack.”

Bucky rolled his eyes, “You know what I mean. I bet Sarah Rogers would be calling me anyways.”

“I know, I know.” Steve whined, “Let’s just drop it and go inside or we’ll be late to homeroom.”

“You're such a punk.” Bucky giggled, before opening his car door.

Steve rolled his eyes, before unbuckling himself and opening his door. He hopped out, closed his door, then opened the backseat to grab his bookbag.

“You ready?” Bucky questioned, now standing next to Steve.

Steve flung his book bag over his shoulder, grabbed his lunch box, then closed the door, before nodding. With that the two made their way into Midtown High for the start of their senior year.

“You think Tony’s going to tell us we’re late?” Bucky asked with a chuckle.

“Oh god.” Steve groaned, “I can already hear him chewing us out for not being the first in line to check our homerooms.”

Bucky laughed and flung an arm around Steve’s shoulder, causing the smaller teen to blush.

They walked in comfortable silence, until Steve’s phone pinged.

“Who’s that?” Bucky asked.

“I don’t know.” Steve replied, fishing his phone out of his front pocket.

He glanced down at the screen and groaned when he realized it was Tony blowing up the group chat.

“Tony?” Bucky laughed.

“Who else would it be?” Steve muttered.

“I don’t know, there’s other people in the group chat.” Bucky stated.

Steve nodded, before looking down at his phone again to read the texts, letting Bucky guide him across the parking lot.


Avengers Assemble




Tony Stank: where the fuck are Steve and Bucky im waiting


Tony Stank: if they arent here in the next ten minutes im calling the cops


Tony Stank: its been five minutes


Tony Stank: where are those fuckers


Tony Stank: im serious about the cops if theyre not here soon! my ass got up super early so i could save them a spot and they should be here


Rhodey Rhodes: Dude, stop blowing up our phones. Steve and Bucky are fine, they’re adults.


Tony Stank: steve is the size of an eighth grade boy!


Nat: I’m seriously about to kill you, it’s only 7:00! I just left my house.


Tony Stank: then why are you texting?!?


Nat: Clint’s driving you dumbass.




Captain Carol: Welp, Tony used capslock… Guess he’s pissed.


Pepper (mom): Tony, please stop.


Tony Stank: not till they answer


Pepper (mom): They’re probably driving to school, so stop blowing up the group chat. You’re getting on my fucking nerves.


Nat: Damn Tony, you made Pepper pissed. Also, Clint and I here.


Tony Stank: i really don’t care if i made Pepper pissed and that you and Clint made it! i just want to know where Steve and Bucky are… Rhodey is already here and so is Pepper.


Nat: Rude


Dr. Bruce Banner: Why are you at school so early Tony?


Tony Stank: im saving all you idiots a spot so you dont have to wait in line which you arent here to claim


Dr. Bruce Banner: Actually I am at school, I was talking to Ms. Foster.


Captain Carol: a spot?


Tony Stank: yeah a spot so you can see you homeroom… also i see youve caught on to the no capitalization train good job Carol


Captain Carol: My phone glitched. The point is why do we need spots?


Nat: Wait, does this mean Tony’s at school before the late bell?


Tony Stank: shut up natasha im never late


That Bitch Clint: LIES!


Thor the thunder god: Tony was always late to first period sophomore year. He never got lunch detention or after school detention though, which made everyone mad.


Tony Stank: its because everyone loves me


Pepper (mom): No, it’s because you threatened to tell your dad and the school system doesn’t want to deal with Howard Stark.


Nat: It’s now 7:30, where’s Steve and Bucky?

Steve: We just got here, we’re walking into school now.


Steve hit send, put his phone bag into his pocket, and followed Bucky up the front steps to the school’s doors.

Bucky opened the door for Steve. “Is Tony freaking out?”

Steve nodded and slipped inside, “Yeah, he texted the chat saying he saved us a spot in line.”

“Well, let’s go find him!” Bucky exclaimed, while grabbing Steve’s arm and leading him through the crowd of students.

Steve huffed as Bucky dragged him through the halls of Midtown, searching for their friends. It didn’t take long to find them, because Tony was jumping up and down while shouting at the other two. It seemed a majority of the group was already there, with the exception of Bruce.

“Hurry up assholes!” Tony shouted, causing some students to turn and glare at him.

“You don’t have to shout, they’re barely five feet away from us.” Pepper said in annoyance.

“Hey guys, it seems like forever.” Bucky replied, pulling Pepper into a hug.

The girl laughed, “If a week is forever.”

“Well, it seems like a week is long enough for Tony to start growing that thing on his face.” Steve joined in.

Tony rolled his eyes, “I can hear you! Also, it’s a goatee. I’ve been trying to grow it all summer, but you assholes didn’t seem to notice.”

“It took you all summer to grow that rat on your face?” Natasha commented, “Dude you need to figure out how to make it grow faster, Bucky’s over here growing beards in a week.”

Steve watched as his friends argued about Tony’s new goatee, and on if it was better than Bucky’s beard. In the end Bucky won, because Clint decided to let everyone know Bucky looked like a “zaddy” with the beard.

“Please don’t ever call me a zaddy.” groaned Bucky.

Tony laughed, “Then shave the damn beard.”

“No, don’t shave the beard!” Clint cried, “The beard is the only thing making Bucky look like he’s not living out of some sad 1940’s war story. That means if he shaves the beard he can no longer hang out with us.”

“Stop being a sarcastic asshole or I’ll turn off your hearing aids.” threatened Natasha.

Clint pouted and crossed his arms, “How did I end up with a girlfriend who thought my disability was a joke. I feel offended.”

“How are you offended when you literally make fun of your own deafness.” Natasha stated.

“It’s a coping mechanism.” replied Clint.

Steve rolled his eyes, “You guys are all a bunch of idiots, so I’m making two rules that need to be followed for the rest of the school year.

“Rule one, do NOT call Buck a zaddy. It’s weird, and it makes me uncomfortable. Rule two, we’re not joking about Clint’s hearing aids and deafness, only Clint can joke about his own disability.”

“Steve’s right, let’s call Bucky daddy instead. I mean, isn’t that what you call him anyways?” Clint asked Steve while grinning.

Steve felt his face grow hot at Clint’s comment. He gazed up at Bucky to see his best friend looking down at him with a smirk on his lips. Steve quickly looked away, and stared at Clint.

“I change my mind.” he announced, “You guys can make fun of Clint’s hearing issues all you want now.”

With that Steve turned around, and made his way up to the chart that held all the seniors names. He pushed his glasses up, before gazing the sheets for the R’s. When he found the right sheet, he placed a finger on the paper, and carefully made his way down the list before finding his name.

“Rogers, Steven. Homeroom 402, Richards.” He muttered to himself.

The teen was about to turn around to face his friends, when he felt a strong hand placed on his shoulder, causing him to jump. Steve slowly looked up to find Bucky staring down at him.

“Looks like you have Mr. Richards for homeroom. I got his wife, Ms. Storm or something.” Bucky stated, keeping a firm grip on Steve’s shoulder.

“Guess that means you can’t be flirting with her now, huh?” Steve joked.

Bucky squeezed his shoulder and leaned in until he was next to the other teen’s face. Steve felt his breath hitch and cheeks go red.

“Why would I be flirting with my teacher when I’m your daddy.” Bucky whispered into Steve’s ear.

Steve let out a gasp and spun around, only to find Bucky  already making his way towards a couple football players, and the rest of their friend group giggling.

“That little shit.” He growled.

“You okay there Steve, looks like you just saw someone beat the shit out of a freshman.” Clint stated smugly.

Steve turned and glared at his friend, “Barton, I swear to god if you don’t stop I’ll punch you.” With that Steve made his way through the crowd, leaving his friends behind, and heading off to homeroom.


Chapter Text

“So you’re telling me, Bucky leaned in and whispered ‘your daddy’ into your ear?” Tony asked.

Steve nodded, walking into the cafeteria. “Yeah, he just said your daddy. Bucky’s never done anything like that, not even as a joke.”

“Maybe he likes you and he wants to be all dominant. I mean he is bisexual after all.” Tony stated.

Steve shrugged, “Bucky doesn’t have a crush on me.”

“But you have a crush on Bucky.”

Steve sighed and gripped his lunch box, “We’re not talking about this right now. We need to find our friends.”

“You’re not denying it! I was right, Pepper owes me fifty bucks!” Tony cheered.

Steve scanned the room, ignoring Tony’s sudden excitement about the idea of Bucky and Steve dating. As much as Steve loved Tony, he was the last person he wanted to tell about his profounding love for Bucky. If the other teen knew about Steve’s feelings he’d most likely let it slip out one day at lunch or something, even if Steve made him promise to never tell a soul.

When he finally spotted Pepper waving at them he grabbed Tony’s bicep, “Come on, I found our friends.”

Steve began dragging his friend towards the table, but was abruptly pulled back, causing him to turn around and glare at Tony.

“What the hell are you doing?” He growled.

“I just want to introduce you to someone. If you won’t go after Bucky, then I’m going to have you meet someone your own size.” Tony replied.

Steve let go of Tony’s arm, realizing he was still holding it. It didn’t seem to help though, because Tony quickly snatched Steve’s thin wrist, to keep the other boy from escaping.

“Tony, I really want to eat my lunch. Can I just meet this person later?” Steve whined.

Tony shook his head, “No, you have to meet this kid. He’s in my second period AP Computer Science class, and he’s only a freshman! The kids got to be pretty fucking smart to be in a class only made up of around ten seniors.”

“That’s great to hear, but I really want to go see Bucky.” Steve stated.

Tony stopped walking and turned to face Steve. The smaller teen gazed up at his friend only to find Tony grinning ear to ear. He had a feeling he knew what Tony was about say, causing his face to flush a bright red, starting from his ears, down to his neck.

“You want to fuck Bucky!” Tony suddenly whisper yelled.

Steve’s jaw dropped, “What the hell Tony, you can’t just say shit like that!”

“So, it is true then?” inquired Tony.

“How did you go from me having a crush on Bucky, to wanting to fuck him?” Steve grumbled.

“Steve, it’s the same thing. I’d like to point out you didn’t deny it that time either.” Tony stated matter of factly.

“Okay, but that doesn’t mean either are true.” he barked back.

Tony sighed and placed a hand on Steve’s shoulder, “Listen Rogers, I’ve known you since the fourth grade. Back then you were even making heart eyes at Barnes. So just drop this, ‘I’m straight as fuck, I only like girls’ act, because I’m not buying it.

“Besides, I’m pretty sure everyone else in our group knows. Meaning Bucky’s going to find out someway or another.”

Steve groaned, “That doesn’t make me feel any better about myself.”

“I know it doesn’t, but maybe it’ll help you grow a pair and talk to him.” Tony paused, “If you can’t tell Bucky you have a crush on him, at least tell him your bisexual or whatever.”

“What ever, can we meet this kid now?” Steve asked, changing the subject.

Tony clapped his hands together and grinned, “Follow me.”




The rest of Steve’s lunch seemed to go the same way it did every year, for the past four years. Tony introduced him to the freshman, who’s name was Peter Parker. After that Peter joined the group at lunch, and Tony decided to add the kid to their group chat, even though they had really just met.

“Tony must really like you Peter.” Clint said through a mouthful of food.

Natasha nodded, “Yeah, he never adds numbers to the group chat right away. It usually takes about a month for him to declare you an avenger.”

“An avenger?” Peter asked, taking a bite of his sandwich.

“It’s what Tony started to call us back in sixth grade, because he wanted us to have some cool squad name.” Steve replied, “It was originally just Nat, Clint, Thor, Bruce, Tony, and I, but then it started growing our freshman year.”

Peter just nodded and let his eyes gaze upon the seniors in amazement. Steve chuckled at the young kids excitement and went back to eating his lunch. He listened as the group continued to ask Peter questions about his life, if he knew what he wanted to do after high school, what his hobbies were, and so forth.

After Steve finished his lunch he felt a little better about the conversation he had with Tony. His mood quickly changed though when he felt his phone buzz four times, indicating he had some new notifications.

He pulled out the device and looked down, only for his face to heat up for what felt like the tenth time that day.

“You okay buddy?” Bucky asked, placing a hand on the small of Steve’s back .

“Yeah, it’s just my ma.” He lied, pushing his glasses up to distract himself.

Bucky just nodded, before letting his hand trail up to Steve’s shoulder. Steve felt Bucky give his shoulder a small squeeze, before removing his hand entirely and turning his attention back to the groups conversation.

The smaller boy let out a faint whimper, before unlocking his phone to read the messages.



Operation: SteveBucky


Tony Stank: If you’re in this chat, it means you know about Steve’s secret crush… and that he’s gay.


Pepper (mom): First, I’d like to thank you for texting like a normal person for once. Second, what the hell Tony, who’s all in this group chat?


Tony Stank: Me, you, and Steve.


Pepper (mom): Tony, why are you doing this to Steve. Please, delete this group chat.


Steve: Yeah, delete this fucking group chat. Also, I never said I was gay, quit making shit up.


Tony Stank: If you haven’t liked a girl since the sixth grade, then that means you’re gay. And no, I won’t delete the group chat.


Steve: Tony, assuming someone’s gay isn’t a joke, it’s really hurtful. Now delete this group chat, or I’ll block your number.


Pepper (mom): I’m with Steve.


Tony Stank: You two won’t block me cause you’re cowards. Besides, one of you is my girlfriend, and the other is my best friend.


Steve: This isn’t fucking funny. I’ll delete it myself.


Tony Stank: 1) If you delete it off your phone, it won’t mean you actually removed yourself…

2) I’ll hack into your phone if you try to do anything to this chat.


Steve: You’re an asshole.


Pepper (mom): Tony, stop harassing Steve. This isn’t your situation to handle.


Tony Stank: It will be if Steve doesn’t man up.


Tony Stank: Now hear me out… This group chat is only the three of us, and it’ll stay the three of us (unless Natasha finds out, because I’m pretty sure she knows about Steve’s crush.). I can’t promise I won’t force Steve to ask out Bucky or something brilliant like that, but I can promise I’ll give him time.


Tony Stank: I change my mind on time, until the end of the year… or until prom.


Steve: I wish I had some super steroids so I could suddenly become all big and buff, then beat the living shit out of you.



Tony gasped, “Steven Grant Rogers how could you!”

The group fell silent, causing Steve to glance up from his phone. Everyone was now staring at him and Tony with either a confused or concerned look on their face.  

Steve dropped his head and scooted his chair out. He got up from his spot, then grabbed his lunch box and phone.

“I’m leaving now, since Tony thinks it’s okay to be an asshole.” He announced, while his eyes scanned the table.

“I’ll come with you Stevie.” Bucky spoke up.

Steve glanced down at his friend, and watched as he gathered both their trash. The taller teen then stood from his spot, and placed a hand on Steve’s shoulder.

“Well, let’s get going Buck.” Steve muttered, before heading out of the cafeteria with Bucky trailing behind him.


Chapter Text

Avengers Assemble

10:45 pm

Captain Carol: Guys, I have an announcement.


Tony Stank: we announce things at lunch Carol not in the group chat


Dr. Bruce Banner:   You always announce things in the group chat Tony…


Tony Stank: only when its relevant or important


Captain Carol: Well this is important… and serious


Nat: Is everything okay?


Pepper (mom): Carol, you good?


Buck: Do I need to beat someone up?


Steve: Buck stop.


Captain Carol: First off, everything’s fine. Second, I can push a fucking jeep Bucky, you really think you’d need to beat someone up for me?


Buck: Just being a good friend.


Buck: Seriously though, if any of you guys need me to beat someone up…


Steve: wtf Bucky! You’re not beating anyone up or I swear to god.


Tony Stank: do you guys see these mushy boyfriends


Steve: We’re not boyfriends!!!

Captain Carol: Can I please make my announcement?


That Bitch Clint: You’re texting us in this obnoxious chat, which means you can announce shit whenever you want.


Peter Parker: If we can announce anything whenever then i’d like to remind people i’m in this chat… It’s Peter Parker by the way.


Captain Carol: Hey Peter Parker. You wanna learn something cool?  


Rhodey Rhodes: Carol… Announcement, remember?


Captain Carol: Oh yeah… I have a girlfriend, her names Brunnhilde Valkyrie, but please just call her Valkyrie or Val.


Thor the thunder god: YOU’RE DATING VALKYRIE?!?!


Captain Carol: Yeah, I am. We started dating like three weeks ago.


Pepper (mom): Awe, I’m so happy for you!


Nat: Tell her she can join us at the lunch table now.


Peter Parker: That girl is in my English class. At first I was kinda scared of her, but then she helped me with some of my homework.


Captain Carol: She’s chill.


Thor the thunder god: VALKYRIE!


Thor the thunder god: YOU’RE DATING VALKYRIE!!!


Buck: is Thor okay???


Dr. Bruce Banner: Yes, he’s just being an overdramatic idiot.


Steve: Is Valkyrie that junior who looks like she could murder you with her eyes closed.


Tony Stank: steve that makes no fucking sense… if anything Valkyrie looks like she would shoot you with some alien ray gun


Peter Parker: She’s super nice!


Captain Carol: Okay, this is why I didn’t want to tell you guys!


Tony Stank: dont be a bitch


Captain Carol: You’re arguing about if my girlfriend could kill you or not…


Tony Stank: its only right


Thor the thunder god: Valkyrie could beat all your asses and I would laugh.


Buck: wtf Thor


Rhodey Rhodes:  Why would you say something like that?


Thor the thunder god: I’m only speaking the truth.


Captain Carol: She could, but she wouldn’t.


Steve: When do we get to meet her?


Tony Stank: yeah i want to meet this chick


Captain Carol: First off, don’t call my girlfriend a chick… Second, you can meet her tomorrow at lunch. I thought about inviting you all over this weekend and just introducing the group to her in person, but I had a feeling it’d get out of control.


That Bitch Clint: Wait, I just realized something… Carol said she’s been dating Valkyrie for three weeks, and that she’s a junior. This means they had to have met at school, which also means we’ve been in school a lot longer than I thought.


That Bitch Clint: My science project is officially two weeks overdue.


Nat: Clint I love you, but you’re really stupid sometimes.


Captain Carol: I met her over the summer through some friends and we just clicked. So don’t worry Clint, this upcoming week is only the second week of school.


That Bitch Clint: Thank god.


Steve: If I’m being honest I don’t really know what this girl looks like… I just know her name.


Thor the thunder god: SHE’S AMAZING!


Captain Carol: lol, thanks Thor.


Captain Carol: You’ve probably seen her around. Kinda short, long dark brown hair, tan skin, really soft skin too.


Steve: Is she the one who always wears her hair like a warrior princess??


Thor the thunder god: YES! HER HAIR IS THE BEST!


Captain Carol: I really hope you don’t have a crush on my girlfriend.


Dr. Bruce Banner: He doesn’t… Thor just thinks lesbians are badass.


Thor the thunder god: Not just lesbians (they are badass, but still). All women are badass, look at Natasha. She could kill you in your sleep.


Nat: Thanks Thor.


Dr. Bruce Banner: I feel like Thor’s just digging his own grave right now.


Captain Carol: Nah, Thor’s cool. If Tony was saying this shit though…

Tony Stank: what the fuck did i ever do????


Steve: Literally everything.


Tony Stank: stop being mean to me or ill sue

Captain Carol: Okay, I’ve had enough of you guys today… goodnight everyone, can’t wait for you to meet Valkyrie.


Pepper (mom): Goodnight!


Nat: Night.


That Bitch Clint: Night bitches.


Buck: Night guys.


Dr. Bruce Banner: Guess this means everyone’s going to bed. Goodnight.


Steve: Night, see everyone tomorrow.


Thor the thunder god: Goodnight friends!!!


Rhodey Rhodes: Goodnight! Also, I’m so happy for you Carol.


Peter Parker: Goodnight!!! Love you guys!


Tony Stank: are you guys actually going to bed its only 11:30


Tony Stank: this cant be real i dont fall asleep till like three


Tony Stank: hello


Tony Stank: is no one going to question the fact that Parker said love you guys


Chapter Text

Tony slammed his fist on the lunch table, “It’s not fucking fair, I built that helmet with my own materials, and on my own personal time! I shouldn’t have gotten an F for it!”

Monday’s always seemed to be the worst at Steve’s lunch table, especially when Tony was pissed. This particular Monday ended up being a lot worse for everyone though.

It had all started in Steve’s first period english class that he shares with Tony. The teen had told Steve some new project he was working on called ‘Operation: Iron Man.’ It seemed to be some sort of suit that would be able to have an advanced AI, could fly, and according to Tony, have the most bad ass helmet.

Steve had just listened when Tony told him he had already finished the helmet for a project in shop class, and couldn’t wait for Mr. Miller, the shop teacher, to see all the hard work he’d put in.

It seemed Tony was in a good mood for a Monday, which put Steve in a pretty decent mood also. This made his second period art class a lot better than usual and gave him inspiration for his latest project.

Everything seemed to change though the minute Steve had sat down for lunch, which led them to where they were now.

“Tony I don’t think Mr. Miller meant to give you an F for your project, but I also don’t think you really followed any of the rules.” Pepper stated.

Tony groaned, “I always follow the rules Pep! I’m also the most advanced person in the damn class. They’re all building clocks or bird houses, and I’m building a fucking helmet out of nickel-titanium, that when activated with a suit at some point will have an AI and online features.

How does that get an F?”

“It’s not wood work, that’s why.” Rhodey replied.

“Rhodey’s right.” Bruce commented, “Mr. Miller basically won’t accept anything unless it’s wood work. Doesn’t matter how advanced you are, if it doesn’t have wood in it, you’re out of luck.”

“That’s not fucking fair!” Tony groaned, “I’m suing this school.”

Steve rolled his eyes, “Why is suing always your plan? You already have so much fucking money, why do you need to sue places?”

“Suing doesn’t always have to involve money Steve.” Tony replied with a grin.

“I’m surprised you know that.” Pepper muttered.

Steve nodded, “I’m surprised he knows that too. I mean, you’re smart Tony but sometimes you don’t have common sense.”

“No, Tony has common sense, but he decides to be too cocky for his own good.” Pepper said.

“Hey! I thought girlfriends stick up for you, not throw you under the bus!” Tony whined, while grinning at Pepper.

“Pepper,” Steve spoke up, “I’m so sorry for you. Tony must be an annoying bitch.”

Pepper laughed, “He can be sometimes, but I love him more than anyone could know.

He’s my everything.”

“Awe, I love you too Pep.” Tony gushed, “But please, let’s not act like love sick puppies. That’s Rogers and Barnes job.”

Steve groaned and placed his head on the lunch table as he heard Bucky and the others laugh at Tony’s joke. It seemed that since Tony knew about Steve’s massive crush on Bucky, all he did was poke fun at the other teen. At first it wasn’t a big deal to Steve, especially since Tony had only really found out last Tuesday, but now it was getting on Steve’s nerves.

It suddenly clicked that whatever Tony was doing, Steve could consider it blackmailing.

Meaning if Steve was so fed up with Tony, he was able to use everything Tony had been texting him about Bucky one on one and in the new group chat, against him.

“Tony,” Steve spoke, getting the other teens attention, “I think I actually have a plan to get you that A in shop class.”

Tony gasped, “Really?”

“Yeah, but you have to stop saying Bucky and I are dating.” growled Steve.

“You really think that’s going to happen anytime soon?” Someone questioned, causing Steve to turn his head in the direction of the voice.

Steve smiled when he saw Carol standing there with her arm wrapped around a shorter girl’s waist.

“Everyone, please meet my girlfriend Brunnhilde Valkyrie.” Carol announced.

“You guys can just call me Valkyrie, it’s easier to pronounce and sounds cooler.” Valkyrie spoke.

“Hi Valkyrie, I’m Peter Parker.” Peter spoke.

“Hey, I know you.” She replied, “You’re the kid I help sometimes in english class.”

Peter nodded, “Yeah, that’s me! Thanks for doing that.”

Valkyrie smiled, “Anytime kid.”

“So Valkyrie, where are you from? I mean, you obviously don’t sound American.” Bucky pointed out.

Steve glared at his friend and jabbed him in the ribs, causing the other to look down at Steve with a smirk on his face.

“Norway, like Thor.” She replied.

“I’d kill to visit Norway, it’s so beautiful!” Bucky exclaimed, jabbing Steve in the ribs.

Steve blushed, “You really shouldn’t say things like that Buck. With your looks, people might actually believe you.”

“You really think I’d kill someone Steve?” laughed Bucky.

“I don’t know, you could probably choke someone to death. I’ve seen the way you hold a baseball bat, you have a pretty mean grip.” Steve stated.

“Oh, do I?” Bucky questioned with a smirk.

Steve blushed, “I…” He didn’t know what to say, suddenly caught off guard by Bucky’s reaction.

“You okay Steve?” Bucky asked with innocence, “You look a little flustered.”

“Yeah, you do.” Tony added, “You look like Bucky told you he was going to fuck you into next week.”

“Tony!” Bucky and Pepper cried, turning their attention to glare at him.

Steve felt a sudden wave of panic and nausea wash over him. He muttered something about using the bathroom, before getting up from his seat, grabbing his things and running out of the cafeteria.

When he stepped out into the hall, he made a beeline for the boys bathroom in hopes that he’d make it there before having some full blown panic attack, or puking all over the floor.

It seemed that Steve was doing a lot of running away this past week, which made him feel like a total coward. Whenever anyone mentioned Bucky in some weird way, Steve would run. The first few times he actually prayed to have some random asthma attack so the attention was on something other than him and Bucky, but he knew that idea was terrible.

When he finally reached the bathroom, he kicked the door to the first stall open and hid inside, locking it behind him. Steve felt like he was in one of those stupid high school shows, were the kid is some loser, but that wasn’t the case here. No, Steve was just a coward who couldn’t handle the idea of people joking about him and Bucky, in fear Bucky would know the truth.

“You’re so fucking stupid.” He muttered to himself, while placing himself on the ground. “You’re sitting in a disgusting school bathroom, with your knees now pulled up to your chest, because you’re worried about what your best friend will think if he finds out about your crush.”

“Seriously, what’s wrong with you?” Steve asked himself aloud, as he tucked his boney knees close to his body, wrapped his thin arms around to keep his knees close, and rested his chin upon them. He stayed in this position for awhile, before his phone began to frantically go off.

He lifted his chin and untangled arms, before grabbing the device sitting on his lunch box. He looked down at the screen to see multiple texts from Tony and Pepper in the groupchat Tony had made for the three of them, as well as a couple texts from Thor asking if needed some assistance. There was one text though, that caused him to hold his breath, before letting out a wheezed gasp. It was a simple and terrifying, and a text Steve never wanted to see.


Buck: We need to talk.



Chapter Text

Buck: We need to talk.


Steve couldn’t stop staring at the message in front of him. He wanted to cry out in embarrassment and fear. Bucky couldn’t be on to Steve and his weird, creepy crush, not yet. Steve had kept it a secret since freshman year, and he wasn’t about to let that streak die.

This was an emergency and called for one thing, and one thing only. Thor’s assistance.

While it might be weird to others, Thor seemed to be able to help Steve when it came to Bucky situations. While the god like teen thankfully didn’t know about Steve’s embarrassing crush, he knew the two were close. Plus he played football with Bucky, causing some weird bond.

Steve unlocked his phone and opened his contacts, before scrolling down to reach Thor’s name. From there he clicked his friends name and pressed the phone button, before holding it up to his ear. Steve listened to it ring for at least two tries, before the line went through, signaling someone had picked up.

“Thor?” Steve questioned into the phone.

A chuckle came out the other end, “Steve, where’d you go?”

“I’m in the bathroom, down the hall from the cafeteria. Do you think you could come here?”

“Is everything okay?” Thor asked suddenly sounding worried, “You sound a little spooked.”

Steve nodded, even though Thor couldn’t see him. “Yeah, I think I’m okay. I just got this text from Bucky though and I have a feeling I might start panicking soon, and the last thing I need is to have some weird panicking, asthma attack. So could you come here?”

“I’m on my way, just stay there.” Thor stated before the line went dead.

Steve sighed and checked his phone again, to find three new messages from Bucky.


Buck: Steve, seriously we need to talk.

Buck: Are you okay? You ran off so quickly and now I’m a little worried.

Buck: Steve, this is urgent. Thor said you needed some help, I’m coming with.


Steve: I’m fine. Don’t come.


Buck: Are you sure??


Steve: I’m positive, please don’t come.


Steve waited for a reply, but it never came. He groaned and placed his head back against the stall. It was only the second week of senior year and Steve was already hiding in bathroom stalls.

It felt like hours had passed before a gentle knock and call of Steve’s name was heard. Steve let out a whimper, before telling Thor the door was unlocked.

“You’re quite brave leaving bathroom stalls unlocked, anyone could’ve come in.” Thor stated.

Steve watched as the door opened, revealing the blonde’s caring face. He let out a relieved sigh when he saw it was just Thor, no one else.

“Did Bucky try to stop you?” Steve asked, while looking up.

Thor nodded, “Yeah, he did. I almost let him join me, but I knew you would’ve been angry.”

Steve smiled, “Thank you that means a lot.”

“It’s no problem, but if I were you I’d text Bucky and tell him I’m here.” Thor stated while gesturing towards Steve phone.

“I will.” Steve muttered, “I just don’t know what to say.”

Thor rolled his eyes, “First, please stand up. The bathroom floors aren’t pleasant. Second, I might act stupid, but I know what’s going on here.”

Steve blushed as he pulled himself up off the floor, then bent down to grab his belongings. He swung his book bag over his shoulder, and clutched his lunch box close to his chest.

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about.” He muttered, while letting his eyes wander anywhere, but Thor’s direction.

“Oh come on!” Thor cried, “Steve, I love you man, but you really need to stop being so obvious. I know that you have a crush on Bucky, you’re not good at hiding it. Plus, with the way you’ve been acting lately it just makes you even more obvious.”

“I am not obvious!” Steve huffed.

Thor shook his head and let out a deep sigh. “Steve, I’m willing to help you, but you have to admit it. Listen, Bucky’s already admitted…” Thor stopped himself, before grinning at Steve.

“Bucky admitted what?” Steve questioned, now glaring at Thor.

“Bucky admitted nothing.” Thor commented, “I don’t know why I said anything. The point is you need to come to terms with your crush, and stop running away from your problems, because it’ll just come back to haunt you.”

“I’m not stupid.” Steve growled, suddenly getting angry. He knew that if he bottled up all his feelings it’d just cause him to panic and become really sad. Which would only end with something serious happening, like Steve being in the hospital. It happened when his dad passed away and when his mom had to get a restraining order from her asshole of an ex-boyfriend.

He sighed, suddenly feeling bad. “I’m sorry for snapping at you Thor. I’m just so stressed and now I have Tony on my back about this stupid crush.”

“Wait, Tony knows?” Thor interrupted.

Steve nodded, “Yeah, he found out last week at lunch. We were walking into the cafeteria together and somehow it just slipped up. He just kind of found out, and now I’m stuck in this group chat with him and Pepper called Operation: SteveBucky.”

Thor groaned and ran a hand through his golden locks, “That’s not good.”

“Yeah, no shit!” Steve snapped back.”

“Listen,” Thor began, “The bells about to ring and we’ll have to head to third period, but I’m going to text you. Oh, and if you want I can bring you home today too, but you’re going to have to stay for a bit, because I have practice.”

Steve sighed, “Thanks for the offer, but I think I’ll just get a ride with Pepper since she doesn’t stay for any after school programs.”

“It’s going to be okay Steve, we’ll figure it out.” Thor reassured, while patting Steve on shoulder.

Steve just nodded, before looking down at his phone, noticing a new message from Bucky.


Buck: Hey, I don’t want to upset you or anything but when you get the chance, we need to talk.

Chapter Text

The final bell rang, indicating the school day was over. Steve let out a sigh of relief, before making his way out of his fourth period class and towards the parking lot, were Pepper would be waiting.

He had asked his friend if she’d give him a ride this afternoon, because he didn’t want to stay late with Bucky. She only agreed to do so if Steve explained to her why he was acting like such a whiny bitch, and always running away. Steve had just went along with it, knowing it’d be better than riding with Bucky.

When Steve walked out of the school building, he found Pepper already waiting out front in her car. He grinned, rushing down the steps to hop in the ride.

“What’s got you all excited?” Pepper questioned, when Steve climbed in.

He laughed, closing the door behind him. “I get to leave school on time for once, is that not something to be excited about?”

Pepper put the car in drive and began driving. “Oh come on, you asked me for a ride, even though you always ride with Bucky. That includes practice days.”

“I guess I just wanted a change. I also wanted to be home early, ‘cause my mom gets off before midnight for once.” Steve lied, praying Pepper would see right through it.

“Cut the crap.” She stated, “One, you would’ve told us at lunch if your mom got of early tonight. Two, you’ve been acting like someone shot your dog. Now, don’t get all pissy with me, because you know it’s true.”

“I’m not acting like someone shot my dog, what the fuck Pepper.” Steve huffed, while leaning back in his seat and crossing his arms.

Pepper sighed, “It’s only been a week since school started, that’s not enough to start acting all emo. So if something’s going on, I want to know.”

“What if I’m depressed?” Steve questioned, “What if I’m depressed and that’s why I’m acting this way. You wouldn’t know though, would you?”

“Steve, you’re not depressed, and if you were I have a feeling Bucky would know and would be standing over your shoulder every second of every day.” Pepper replied.

“You can’t just assume things. What if I am!” Steve cried, “At this point I think it’d make sense! Especially since Tony decided to make such a big deal about me liking Bucky.

“He really needs to stay out of my business and get a life. I’m sick and tired of Tony always trying to fix my problems for me. I’m not five, but it seems Tony thinks otherwise.”

Pepper didn’t reply. Instead, she slammed on the brakes, causing Steve to jerk forward. He groaned and leaned back into his seat, before glaring at Pepper.

“That was a dick move.” He muttered.

“Yeah, well you shouldn’t have brought Tony into the conversation. I know he can be annoying sometimes, but he’s just trying to help. On top of that, if you hadn’t been so obvious about liking Bucky, then maybe Tony wouldn’t be so vocal about it.” ranted Pepper.

Steve’s face grew hot as he slid down in his seat, “I’m sorry, but you know how he is.”

“Yeah, I do know how he is.” Pepper began, “But he’s also a great guy. You should know out of anyone what goes on through Tony’s mind, especially with how close you two are.

“If it’s really bothering you, man up and tell him. It’d be a lot better than talking shit about him behind his back to his girlfriend.”

Steve sighed, “You’re right, I should’ve said something to him.”

Pepper just hummed in agreement and continued driving.

The rest of the ride to Steve’s house was silent, which he was thankful for. His guilt was now eating away at him for one, ignoring Bucky, and two, talking shit about Tony in front of Pepper. He made a mental note about texting the teens tonight and apologizing for being such an asshole lately.

Pepper finally pulled up to Steve’s apartment complex and turned off the car. Steve glanced over at the girl, before looking down at his hands. He wanted to say something, but the only thing he could muster out was a thank you. From there he opened the door and climbed out, grabbing his things after.

After Steve had all his belongings, he stood there for a minute, suddenly feeling guilty about the way he was acting. Tony was trying to help Steve, and in return Steve treated him like shit. Same with Bucky, Pepper, and everyone else.

“I’m such a shit friend.” He stated, now looking at Pepper.

Pepper shrugged, “Only sometimes. If I were you though, I’d call Tony and Bucky. When they answer tell them you’re sorry for treating both of them like shit.”

Steve rolled his eyes, “Will do mom.” With that he told her thank you once more, before making his way up the stairs to the apartment he shared with his mother. When he reached the door, he unlocked it and stepped inside.

Steve smiled sadly when finally stepping foot into the cramped apartment. He felt a wave of loneliness crash over him, as he closed the front door behind him and walked farther inside. When he reached the kitchen, he placed his book bag on the counter, and pulled his phone out of his pocket.

“Might as well call them now.” He said to himself, as leaned back against the counter.

He stood there for a bit, phone clutched in his hand as he stared off into space. His nerves were getting to him and he knew it. He let his mind wonder to all the outcomes of the conversations, especially Bucky’s. What if he did something stupid though and told Bucky how he felt? Then his entire life would be ruined and he’d actually have throw himself off the Brooklyn Bridge.

Steve ran a hand through his hair and let out a dreadful cry. This was too much for him, and it’s only the beginning of senior year. How did he get himself into this mess in the second week of school?

He just shook his head and looked down at his phone. He tapped the home button to find he had two new messages from Bucky, one from his mother, and one from Pepper.

Unlocking the phone, Steve clicked his mother’s name first and read the message.


Ma: Hey darling, I just wanted to remind you I’m working the night shift. There’s leftovers in the fridge for you. If you want ask Bucky to come over and stay with you so you’re not alone! I love you.


Steve: Thanks ma! I love you too.



With that Steve checked the messages from Pepper, both reminding him to call Bucky and Tony, and if he didn’t she’d find out. Steve didn’t reply, but instead checked the messages from Bucky.


Buck: Thor told me that you were getting a ride home from Pepper, are you okay?

Buck: I’m really worried about you Stevie. Did I do something wrong? You’ve been acting super strange lately, and I just want you to be okay.

Buck: Hey, I don’t know why you aren’t answering but I’m coming over after practice. Your ma also texted me and said I should sleep over tonight.


Steve: I’m fine. Sleepover if you want, I’m cool with it.


Buck: You’re obviously not fine with the way you’ve been acting.


Steve: Shouldn’t you be practicing??


Buck: I told coach I had a Steve emergency and he let me go early. I’m coming over now.


Steve: You didn’t have to do that…


Buck: Well, I did. We need to talk when I get there.


Steve: There’s nothing to talk about, you should really be at practice. I’ll see you later.


Buck: Don’t play this game with me Steve. I gotta go, cause I’m driving. I’ll see you in a bit.


Steve glared at the message, before slamming his phone down on the counter and making his way towards his room. Nothing seemed to be going his way anymore, and it only seemed to be getting worse.

Chapter Text

Steve jolted awake at the sound of a door opening and closing. He searched his bed for his phone, before realizing he had left it in the kitchen. Steve glanced up at his window, noticing the sky was only a deep purple, which meant the sun was setting and his mom was still at work.

He began to panic. If his mom wasn’t home yet, that could only mean one thing. Someone broke into the apartment.

Without making too much noise, Steve slowly crawled out of his bed and tiptoed towards the corner of his room to fetch his metal baseball bat. From there he crept over to the bedroom door, which he had left open. He stood to the side, out of view for a moment, hoping that the intruder would make their way towards his room. When he heard nothing though, he began to cautiously walk to the door, before placing one foot out.

Steve closed his eyes and said a quick prayer, before stepping out of the room entirely and swinging the bat at the intruder.

“What the fuck Steve!” Someone cried, causing the teen to drop his weapon and open his eyes.

Steve glanced around the apartment and let out a sigh of relief when he saw Bucky crouching down, now looking extremely pissed.

“I’m sorry,” He began, “I fell asleep after I saw your text and I woke up to the door closing and opening. I thought ma had come home, but then I realized it was still light outside. That’s when I panicked and grabbed the bat, thinking someone had broken in.”

Bucky stood to full height and rolled his eyes, “Where the hell is your phone. I texted you when I got here.”

“Kitchen counter.” Steve pointed at the counter, where had left both his phone and book bag.

Bucky sighed, “You’re such a dumbass sometimes. What’s the point of having a phone if you’re not going to keep it with you?”

“Why would I need it? I’m alone in my apartment!” Steve cried.

“You’re alone in some sketch apartment complex, on the bad side of Brooklyn. You should always have your phone with you!” Bucky replied, sounding annoyed.

Steve closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Today was not going well at all, and having Bucky chew him out for something so stupid was just making him feel worse.

“I’m sorry.” Steve muttered, now opening his eyes to look up at Bucky.

Bucky gave him a small smile and patted his shoulder. “I know you are punk. Just remember next time though.”

Steve just nodded.

The room fell into an awkward silence for a bit, before Bucky finally spoke up. “So, Sarah said I could sleep over and keep you company. Maybe we could order some pizza and play video games, or binge watch some stupid show.”

“Maybe.” Steve replied, “I don’t really have any money for pizza right now though. Could we just make something?”

“I’ll order and pay for the pizza. Your ma’s made me lunch everyday since school started, so it’s the least I could do. Besides, it’s not like we’re ordering Brooklyn’s finest, it’s just delivery.” Bucky stated while putting a hand on Steve’s head and ruffling his hair.

Steve hummed in response. Pizza with Bucky sounded nice and simple, which made Steve’s feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They’d be able to chill on the couch, watch some TV, eat pizza, and if Steve’s stupid enough to make a move, they’ll cuddle. All he had to was play it cool and act like everything was fine.

“Okay! Pizza is ordered.” Bucky announced, before making his way towards the couch.

Steve followed behind, and sat down at the other end of couch. He pulled the blanket off the back and draped it over himself. “So what’s the plan?” He questioned, while getting himself comfortable.

Bucky grinned, “The plan is we’re going to play video games for a bit, then eat pizza and binge watch Blue Mountain State.

Steve groaned, “I hate that show! It’s so fucking stupid and honestly makes no sense.”

“No!” Bucky laughed, “That show is literally the greatest, and I know you like it.”

“But I don’t. It’s the worst show ever.” Steve complained, “Why would I want to watch a guy make others run across a football field naked?”

“Damn Stevie, I thought you liked that kind of stuff.” muttered Bucky, before looking over at Steve with a grin.

Steve rolled his eyes, before kicking his best friend’s leg. “Last time I checked you were the one who liked boys. If you want to watch it though, let’s watch it.”

“Nah, we’ll watch something else. How ‘bout a Disney movie?” Bucky questioned.

Steve nodded, “That works, I just got the new Disney streaming service. Which means I have almost every damn Disney movie at the tip of my fingers, or until I can’t afford it anymore.”

Steve picked up the remote off the warn down coffee table placed in front of him. He switched on the tv, and searched through the apps before picking  Disney+.

“So what are we thinking? Star Wars , Pixar, maybe a classic?” Steve asked.

Bucky shrugged, “As long as you’re not crying in the first five minutes then I’m fine with whatever.”

Steve nodded, “Okay, we’re watching Toy Story 3 then.”

“No!” Bucky shouted, “You will cry in the first five minutes.”

“It’s it’s a good movie, and I know you’ll also cry. Last time we watched it I saw you cry-” Steve was caught off by the sound of the doorbell ringing, causing Bucky to jump up from his spot, muttering about it being the pizza.

As Steve waited for Bucky, he decided to get up and fetch his phone from the kitchen counter. When he reached the counter, he picked up the device and looked down at the screen.

There was over ten new messages, most of them being from Thor and Pepper. He unlocked his phone, and clicked on Pepper’s name first.


Pepper: Steve, did you talk to Bucky and Tony?

Pepper: Okay, it’s been like twenty minutes, I need to know.

Pepper: Steve, I’m a little worried. Please answer.

Pepper: Okay, I called Tony and Bucky. Bucky said you never called and he’s on your way to his house. Tony also said you didn’t call.


Steve: I’m sorry for replying so late. I got a little upset and fell asleep. Also, Bucky did come over, and no we haven’t talked yet. If things go well though, I might come out to him.


Pepper: I’m glad you’re okay! Also do NOT come out to Bucky yet, just don’t do it.


Steve furrowed his brow, before checking his other messages.


Thor: Steve, Bucky is coming over. Also, I’m sorry to break the news to you, but Tony told me your secret. I feel like shit for knowing now, but please don’t be mad. He only told me because it has something to do with Bucky.

Thor: Oh, and do NOT tell Bucky that you’re gay.


Steve: Well… I wish I could’ve told you the news myself, but I’m glad you know now… Question, why shouldn’t I tell Bucky? Pepper texted me saying the same thing.


Thor: Please, just don’t tell Bucky. Also be prepared if Bucky tells you anything. I’m sorry Steve.




Steve frowned. Why were Pepper and Thor telling him not to tell Bucky that he was gay? Steve knew Bucky wasn’t homophobic, especially since he was bisexual himself. It made no sense at all. If Steve wanted to come out to Bucky (not that he was going too), he knew his best friend would support him all the way.

Steve decided to let it go. He wasn’t going to let his stupid crush on Bucky, or his little secret ruin his evening. Instead he was going to eat pizza, watch Disney movies, and play videos games till he crashed.

“So, is it pizza time?” Steve called out, making his way over towards the couch.

Bucky nodded, “Yep. Did you grab any plates?”

“Awe, shit.” Steve whined, “I’ll get some.”

Bucky laughed, “Nah, you sit down. I’ll grab them.”

Steve just nodded, before sitting down of the couch and making himself comfortable again. He opened the pizza box and grabbed a slice, before taking a bite.

“I thought you wanted plates.” Bucky stated, causing Steve to turn around.

Steve swallowed, “Yeah, but I was hungry.”

Bucky laughed, causing Steve to blush. “What’s so funny?” Steve questioned, taking another bite of his pizza.

Bucky shrugged, “Nothing. Here’s your plate.”

Steve took the plate from Bucky, before grabbing another slice of pizza. He watched as Bucky sat down at the other end of the couch and took a slice from the box. Steve felt his face heat up as he watched Bucky eat his pizza. He truly didn’t get how his crush eating pizza could make him all flustered, but it did.

They sat in silence for a bit, just watching their Disney movie, before Bucky finally spoke up.

“Steve, could I,” Bucky paused, “Could I, um. Could I talk to you about something, maybe.”

Steve nodded, “Yeah, what’s up?”

“Well, I know this is weird to suddenly bring up, but I needed to get it off my chest.” Bucky stated.

“What is it?” Steve questioned, with a nervous laugh.

Bucky groaned and took a bite of his pizza. “I really don’t know how to say this, but I trust you.”

“Stop, you’re making me nervous!” Steve cried.

“Okay, I wanted to know if I should ask out Peter Quill, because turns out he’s bisexual too, and he’s single now.” Bucky confessed.

Steve suddenly felt his heart drop. Not only did he have a bad day, but his best friend had just confessed that he had a crush on the footballs star quarterback, Peter Quill. Of all people, it had to be Peter Quill.

“You okay Stevie?” Bucky asked.

“Yep.” Steve smiled, “Just shocked. I’d go for it though. You should see where it goes.”

Bucky grinned, “Awesome! I wanted to ask for your opinion before I did anything. You know I trust you with my entire life, so if you didn’t approve I wouldn’t go for it.”

Steve just nodded before turning back to the movie, and taking a slice of his pizza. It seemed that the universe really wanted to make Steve’s life a living hell, and it wouldn’t be stopping anytime soon.

Chapter Text

Steve, Pepper (mom), & Thor the thunder god


Steve: Thanks for the warning… Don’t worry I didn’t say anything to Bucky.


Pepper (mom): You okay?


Thor the thunder god: I’m really sorry Steve, you need anything?

Steve: Honestly, what the fuck! Bucky literally showed no interest in Peter Quill. Peter fucking Quill, of all people. I mean, why? I thought Peter was straight anyways! Wasn’t he dating that foreign exchange student, Gamora?


Pepper (mom): When did he tell you?


Steve: About an hour ago. It got really awkward after. We watched a movie, but now I’m hiding in the bathroom.


Pepper (mom): Where’s Bucky?


Steve: He’s cleaning up the kitchen for me… I feel like such a dumbass right now.

Thor the thunder god: Don’t feel like a dumbass. It was shocking to see this coming. Bucky doesn’t seem like the type of guy to crush on football players, unless they’re playing for the NFL.


Steve: I just want him to leave now. I’d rather have Thor come over or Tony.


Pepper (mom): Steve, it’ll be okay.


Thor the thunder god: I’ll come over and beat his ass.


Pepper (mom): Thor, don’t make this any worse for Steve.


Steve: It’s already bad enough… Please, no one tell Tony.


Pepper (mom): I already did. I’m sorry he was looking at my phone.


Thor the thunder god: I’ll add him to the group chat now.


* Thor the thunder god added Tony Stank to the group chat*


Tony Stank: what is up mutha fuckas!


Pepper (mom): Tony I’ll start a new group chat if you act this way.


Tony Stank: NO! ill be good i promise.


Pepper (mom): Doesn’t sound promising, but I’ll give you a chance.


Tony Stank: okay so whats going on??


Steve: Bucky likes Peter…


Tony Stank: what. the. fuck.


Tony Stank: THAT IS ILLEGAL!!!


Thor the thunder god: No, Peter Quill! The one who dated the exchange student. He is on the football team.

Tony Stank: oh… that peter


Pepper (mom): What’s wrong with him? He’s super sweet.


Thor the thunder god: Not really…


Steve: He’s kind of douchey, and thinks he’s all that because he supposedly has a pet racoon.




Steve: I really liked it better when Tony had bad grammar and no caps lock.


Thor the thunder god: Me too.


Steve: Why’s he in this group chat again?


Pepper (mom): Cause he’s a good friend… and he’s my boyfriend, so I feel bad if he isn’t. Plus, he was reading everything over my shoulder.

Pepper (mom): It gets annoying after awhile.


Steve: Well okay… Anyways, he told me he likes Peter and I really don’t know what to do. I don’t even know if I should tell him I’m gay.


Tony Stank: id still tell him…


Thor the thunder god: No, I’m sorry but it’ll make things worse.


Pepper (mom): I agree with Thor, it might just make things worse.

Steve: Can we make a new Avengers group chat, without Bucky?


Tony Stank: i usually dont say things like this… but isnt that a little harsh?


Steve: No… I think we should make one.


Pepper (mom): If you really want too then I guess we could. Who’d all be in it?


Steve: Me, you three, Carol, Val, Bruce, Peter Parker, Rhodey, Natasha, Clint… I think that’s it.


Pepper (mom): So literally everyone but Bucky?


Steve: Yes. Someone please make it. I’d very much appreciate it.



Steve’s phone dinged, indicating he had a new notification.


The Revengers.


Thor the thunder god: Welcome to the Revengers.


Tony Stank: the revengers??? seriously Thor you couldnt come up with a better name


Unknown Number: I actually like it! This is Valkyrie if anyone didn’t know.


Peter Parker: I’m added into the new group chat! :) I didn’t know I was that special.


Tony Stank: youre my son now


Pepper (mom): Tony I’m so done with you.


Tony Stank: wait what


Captain Carol: Question, why are we starting a new group chat?

Tony Stank: cause bucky is a fucking bitch


Dr. Bruce Banner: What’d he do?


Steve: Nothing. He did nothing.


Tony Stank: he likes fucking Quill… you know the douchebag who owns the pet raccoon


Captain Carol: The one who was dating the drop dead gorgeous exchange student? Sorry babe.


Valkyrie: It’s cool. Besides, I completely agree with you.


Tony Stank: were not talking about hot girls… but if we were Pepper is obviously the best looking girl around.


Peter Parker: Why am I in this group chat?


Tony Stank: cause youre my son… plus Steve is gay and bucky doesnt like him back.


Steve: TONY! I actually hate you! What the fucking hell! You can’t just tell the entire group chat I’m gay, this isn’t fucking fair. I was supposed to come out on my own time you fucking asshole.


Tony Stank: sorry! I didnt think about what i was typing!


Peter Parker: That’s awesome! I’m bisexual! I had the biggest crush on my friend Ned last year… but then I felt weird about it cause I’ve known him since we were literal babies. Then I met Liz and yeah.


Thor the thunder god: Steve, are you still hiding in the bathroom?


Steve: Yes.


Captain Carol: Wait, why are you hiding in the bathroom?


Steve: ‘Cause, Bucky told me he liked Peter Quill and now I don’t know what to do.


Captain Carol: Do you like Bucky?


Steve: Yes…


Tony Stank: was that not obvious!


Steve: Tony, why are you doing this to me???


Pepper (mom): Tony, I will leave you if you keep acting this way.


Tony Stank: no you wont


Dr. Bruce Banner: Sorry for just jumping in, but I think it’s been kind of obvious that you’re gay. I mean, you did deny Peggy Carter when she asked you out… Plus, you denied her niece.


That Bitch Clint: The real question is, why is Peggy’s niece a junior? That’s her niece.


Steve: She has an older brother who’s like fifteen years older, and had a kid super young. At like sixteen or something… So Peggy and Sharon are close in age, because of that.


Nat: Wait, I already knew about this, but now I’m confused. The age gap is so strange.


Steve: Different dads. Peggy’s mom had Peggy’s brother when she was crazy young too. It’s a long, confusing story.


Tony Stank: okay back to bucky…


Steve: Well, goodbye.


Steve left The Revengers


Dr. Bruce Banner: So, I hate causing drama, but is Steve actually gay?


Peter Parker: Can I leave now?


Pepper (mom): Yeah, he is. Don’t tell him I told you though. Goodnight guys.




Pepper (mom): Go to sleep Tony…


Nat: Night guys.


Val: Night


That Bitch Clint: Goodnight bitches.


Captain Carol: Nighty night.


Thor: I’m going to check on Steve, goodnight guys.


Peter Parker: Night, I hope Steve is okay.

Tony Stank: welp goodnight i guess

Chapter Text

Steve couldn’t sleep. He was in bed, cuddled up next to Bucky, just like they always had done when they were kids. It wasn’t supposed to be intimate, but Steve still felt his stomach twist like a pretzel.

Steve sighed and rolled over so he was facing the wall. He heard Bucky groan, before the other teen rolled over, slinging his arm around Steve.

“You okay?” Bucky muttered, snuggling closer to the Steve.

Steve sighed, “Yeah, I just had a bad day.”

Bucky hummed, “Well, get some sleep. Sarah would not be happy to know I kept her son up all night.”

Steve nodded, and rolled over so he was facing Bucky again. He cuddled closer to him, his head now resting against Bucky’s chest, as he listened to his best friend’s heart beat. It was comforting to be in this position, even if it wasn’t seen as a romantic gesture. It still made Steve feel wanted, and feel as if he belonged to Bucky.

“I can hear you thinking.” Bucky whispered.

Steve moved closer and wrapped his arms around Bucky’s waist. “Sorry, I didn’t know I was such a loud thinker.” He let his legs tangle with Bucky’s before letting out a yawn.

Bucky chuckled, “Are you cold?”

“Kinda.” Steve lied.

“Here, take my sweatshirt.” Bucky replied, before sitting up.

Steve watched in the moonlight as Bucky removed his sweatshirt, now showing his bare torso. He felt all his blood rush down to his groin, as he stared at his friend’s abs and pecs. It felt so wrong to be in this position with Bucky, especially after he had told Steve about his crush on Peter Quill. The problem was, Steve didn’t care about right and wrong.

Right now he was sharing a bed with the guy he was in love with. Right now said guy was giving Steve his sweatshirt, leaving him in nothing but his boxer briefs.

Steve whimpered as he took the sweatshirt from Bucky’s hands and slipped it on himself. It felt safe, as if he was wrapped in a cocoon of Bucky.

“That better?” Bucky questioned, ruffling Steve’s hair.

Steve leaned into his touch and whimpered, causing Bucky to giggle.

“Thanks Buck, you didn’t have too.” Steve muttered, while getting comfortable again.

Bucky chuckled, “No worries. Don’t need my Stevie getting sick anyways.”

Steve suddenly felt brave, and decided to take a chance. He pushed down on Bucky’s chest, causing the other boy to fall back onto the pillows. With that, Steve positioned himself, so his legs were intertwined with Bucky’s and his head was resting on Bucky’s chest.

Steve gazed up at Bucky, “This okay with you?”

Bucky gave him a tired smile, before wrapping his arms around Steve’s small frame.

“Is this okay with you?” Bucky asked.

Steve hummed in response, before falling into a deep sleep.




Steve awoke to the sound of an alarm much different than his, going off. It caused him to jolt up, breaking free from Bucky’s grasp. Steve carefully sat up, before reaching over Bucky to grab the phone.

“Whatcha doing?” Bucky muttered, placing a hand on Steve’s thigh.

Steve shivered, “Checking the time. We still have school today.”

Bucky hummed, “What time is it?”

“It’s 6:30. I think I’m going to get up.” Steve replied, before setting the phone down and getting ready to crawl out of bed.

“Wait.” Bucky blurted, grabbing onto Steve’s thigh and pulling him back down.

“What’s wrong?” Steve questioned, glancing down at Bucky.

“I-” Bucky paused, “I wanted to know if you’re okay? You seemed kinda upset after I told you about Peter Quill last night. If me liking guys bothers you, just speak up.”

Steve gasped, before placing a hand on Bucky’s chest. “Why would you think you liking guys bothers me? I could care less who you like. Love is love Bucky.

“Besides, you’re my best friend. I’ll always be here for you, no matter you’re with.” Even if it isn’t with me. Steve thought to himself. He knew it was wrong to want Bucky to like him, but they were childhood friends and all the greatest love stories started with childhood friends. Well, that’s what Steve thought.

Bucky patted Steve’s leg, “That means a lot Stevie.”

Steve just hummed in response, before climbing over Bucky and getting out of bed. He snatched his phone and glasses off the bedside table and made his way over to his dresser to pick out some clothes. When he was satisfied with his outfit, Steve made his way out of the room.

When he reached the bathroom, he quickly shut the door behind him and put his glasses on. From there he looked down at his phone, to see if he had any new messages.



The Revengers

5:30 am


That Bitch Clint: Does anyone have math for first period, I totally forgot to do my homework and I don’t know how.


Tony Stank: why are you texting this group chat this is for steve and bucky emergencies only


That Bitch Clint: Oh… I just assumed we were no longer talking to Bucky anymore.


Captain Carol: I’m with you on that one.


Peter Parker: Why do you guys wake up so early?


Tony Stank: you cant say anything cause youre up to kid


Peter Parker: Could you please you correct grammar and punctuation. It gives me a headache when you don’t.


Thor the thunder god: BURN!!!! A freshmen just told you off Tony!


Tony Stank: okay whatever


6:20 am


Tony Stank: good morning bitches


Pepper (mom): Good morning, I hope everyone slept well.


Nat: Good morning.


Peter Parker: Hi! I know this is random, but is it possible someone could give me a ride to school?


Nat: Where do you live?


Peter Parker: In those apartments a little outside of Queens, the ones near the sandwich shop.


That Bitch Clint: You talking about Delmar’s Deli-Grocery? I love that place!


Peter Parker: Yeah! That place! :)


Nat: Clint and I can give you a ride, we drive by there everyday. What apartment complex do you live at?


Peter Parker: Forest Hills apartments


That Bitch Clint: Okie dokie, we’ll see you in ten!


Peter Parker: Thank you! :)


Captain Carol: Did this group chat just turn into a carpool chat?


Val: Nat and Clint are officially uber drivers. No one can tell me otherwise.


Nat: If this turns into a carpool chat, I’ll actually scream.


Pepper (mom): Me too girl.


Peter Parker: I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to ask for a ride.


Nat: Don’t worry, you did nothing wrong Peter. It’s just some people tend to ask for rides, even when they can drive.


Tony Stank: dont call me out like that


That Bitch Clint: I thought she was calling out Bruce and Thor…


Dr. Bruce Banner: Thor and I ride together. You guys are so obnoxious.


Tony Stank: thats rude… anyways hows operation stevebucky???


Steve: Can we not talk about that right now?


Nat: Did he sleep over last night?


Steve: Yeah…


Tony Stank: ohhhhh


Nat: How’d it go, after he mentioned Peter Quill?


Steve: Well, we slept together… not like that though, we just shared a bed. Then we talked about the situation this morning.


Steve: Don’t worry, I haven’t told him I feel.


Thor the thunder god: I’m really sorry Steve.


Steve: It’s whatever, I have to go anyway. I’ll see you guys later.




Steve sighed and placed his phone down on the counter, before doing his daily bathroom routine and getting dressed. When he finished, he made his way out of the bathroom and towards the kitchen, where Bucky was waiting for him.

“Sleep well?” Steve asked.

Bucky nodded, “Yeah. I made some eggs if you want any.”

“Thanks.” Steve muttered, while eyeing the plate next to Bucky with disgust.

“If you’re not hungry don’t worry about it.” Bucky began, “Besides, we need to get going anyways.”

Steve just nodded, before collecting his things. He walked over to his apartments front door and waited for Bucky too collect himself.

“Okay.” Bucky called out, “Everything’s unplugged and turned off. Breakfast left out for Sarah. We’re good to go.”

Steve hummed and watched as Bucky walked towards him. He opened the front door and let Bucky go through first, before walking out and closing the door behind him. Steve turned around and fished his keys out of his pocket, before locking the door.

“The door is locked.” Steve muttered to himself, while pulling the key out of the lock. He spun around and looked up, giving Bucky a small smile.

“You okay?” Bucky asked while placing a hand on Steve’s shoulder.

Steve nodded as he felt Bucky give his shoulder a tight squeeze. “Of course. Why wouldn’t I be fine?”

Bucky shrugged and began walking, “You just seem a little off is all.”

Steve smiled sadly. Only if Bucky knew how badly Steve’s heart was breaking, then maybe he’d know if Steve was fine or not.

Chapter Text

“Tony’s going to kill us.” Steve muttered, while hopping out of Bucky’s car.

“Cause we’re running what he considers late? ” Bucky began, “It’s literally 7:30, classes don’t start till eight.”

Steve just shrugged and began walking towards the steps of the school building. “I stopped questioning Tony a week after we met. He seems to lack common sense sometimes.”

“Yet, he’s the smartest guy around!” Bucky laughed.

Steve chuckled, giving Bucky a light punch in the bicep. He glanced up to see Bucky grinning and shaking his head slightly.

“What are you smiling about?” Steve questioned, poking Bucky in the side.

“Nothing.” Bucky replied.

Steve watched as Bucky glanced over to his left, were Peter Quill and his friends were standing. Steve let his head hang low as he felt his heart drop. Of course Bucky was smiling over Quill, why wouldn’t he be.

“Who’s that guy with Quill?” Steve questioned, while staring at the group of people.

“Which one? There’s like five guys around him.” Bucky commented.

Steve groaned, “The one with eyes! Ya know, who hangs with Thor sometimes.”

“Oh! That’s Heimdall. He’s like some british guy who came here like two years ago.” Bucky explained, “He’s captain of the soccer team.”

Steve hummed and jogged up the stairs. He decided to ignore the fact Bucky was still stealing glances at Peter Quill, not wanting it to ruin his day. It seemed that everything Bucky did now was beginning to ruin Steve’s mood.

“I wish I could just tell him.” Steve muttered to himself, before looking back at Bucky, who was now making his way towards Peter Quill.

“Tell who what?” Someone questioned, causing Steve to scream.

He clutched his chest, before glancing up to find Carol and Valkyrie standing there, hand and hand.

“I hate you.” Steve muttered.

“You seem to hate everyone lately.” Carol pointed out.

Valkyrie nodded, “Pretty sure you hate the entire group. That’s okay, I kinda hate them too.”

Steve rolled his eyes and huffed, “That’s so nice of you to say.”

Valkyrie placed a hand on Steve’s shoulder, causing him to flinch. He wasn’t used to people other than Bucky (and Tony) touching him, so it felt slightly strange.

“Anyways,” Carol spoke up, “How was last night?”

Steve shifted his eyes towards the blonde and glared. “I don’t want to talk about it. The word Bucky is off limits, unless he’s with us. Please, I don’t want to talk about him.”

Carol smiled, “I gotcha bud. We won’t say the b-word.”

Steve just nodded and reached for the handle of , Carol and Valkyrie right behind him. The three walked into school together, heading towards the courtyard.

“So Steve, any news about SCAD?” Valkyrie questioned.

“Umm, not yet.” Steve replied, “I only applied last month, so I don’t know when I’ll hear back. I still have to send in my transcripts.”

“SCAD’s pretty far from home.” Carol commented.

Steve shrugged his shoulders, “I know, but SCAD is my dream school, plus I want to get out of New York as soon as possible.”

They walked in silence the rest of the way, parting when Steve reached the door to his English class. He gave the two girls a quick wave, before walking inside the room and taking a seat near the back.

Steve sighed when he sat down and rested his head on the desk. Senior year was really only just beginning and Steve had so much going on already. If he wasn’t worrying about Bucky, he was worried about college, if it wasn’t college it was his friends, and if it wasn’t any of those, then that meant Steve was worrying about the fact he still wasn’t officially out. Even though his entire friend group - minus Bucky, already knew.

The bell suddenly rang, causing Steve to push his thoughts aside. He watched as kids began shuffling into the room one by one and was shocked to not find Tony amongst that group. The teen was usually in his seat way before the bell rang, so not seeing him on time was quite rare.

Steve glanced over to his right and tapped the desk next to him. Scott Lang, the kid sitting there, lifted his head and looked at Steve.

“Hey Scott, have you seen Tony?” Steve asked.

Scott nodded, “Yeah. He was actually with some of the counselors this morning. I went in there to talk to them about something, and spotted him in Mrs. Wheeler’s office.”

“Cool, thanks.” Steve muttered.

“No problem man.” Scott replied, giving Steve a warm smile.

Steve smiled back before letting his eyes roam to the closed door at the front of the class. He counted to five, before the door slammed open, with a frantic Tony rushing in.

“Please, don’t mark me absent!” Tony cried, slamming the door behind him.

Steve watched as Tony rushed up to Ms. Hill’s front desk.

“Listen.” Tony started, loud enough for the entire class to hear. “You can not mark me absent Ms. Hill, or tardy! I have a note from Mrs. Wheeler!

“I have perfect attendance, and it’s been that way since freshman year! Both NYU and MIT have been looking at my work and I really need to impress them. That means if I have any attendance slip ups my entire career will be thrown out the window, and my dad won’t be happy at all!”

Ms. Hill smiled, “Tony, you need to calm down. I haven’t even taken attendance yet. So just sit down and everything will be okay.”

Steve watched as Tony thanked Ms. Hill and ran towards his seat, which happened to be next to Steve.

“Hey Steve.” Tony whispered.

Steve glanced over at Tony, “What’s up?”

“Nothing really. I’m just having a mental breakdown ‘cause of college and school.” Tony replied.

“I wasn’t asking what’s up like that, I’m saying what’s up as in, hi.” Steve explained.

Tony flipped Steve off, “You’re an asshole. Anyways, I heard that Barnes was hanging out with Quill this morning.”

Steve clenched his fist and let his head drop. He closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths, before turning in his seat to face Tony. “I don’t want to talk about Bucky and Peter. It’s none of my business who Bucky likes.”

Tony gasped, “It’s none of your business! I think it is your business, I mean you’ve been crushing on Bucky for years.”

“I’m done with the whole Bucky thing. I’m technically not even out yet, so there’s no point in saying anything. I can’t complain about who Bucky dates if he doesn’t know that I’m gay.” With that Steve pulled his phone out from his pocket and checked the time. He had a new text notification from Bucky asking where he’d gone too this morning.

Buck: Hey, I lost you this morning. Where’d you go?


Steve: I saw Carol and Valkyrie… and I didn’t want to be late to class.


Steve hit send and watched as delivered popped up underneath the blue bubble. Not even a second later the text box with the three gray dots appeared, meaning Bucky was typing.


Buck: Okay. If I’m making you uncomfortable or upsetting you with this whole Peter Quill thing don’t hesitate to tell me.


Steve: You’re not.


With that Steve slipped his phone back into his pocket and focused on the front of the room, where Ms. Hill was beginning the lesson for today. He decided Bucky could wait, especially since Steve’s best friend had Peter Quill too talk to now.

Chapter Text

Steve groaned and rubbed the top of his head. “Tony, you have to be more careful!”

“Careful isn’t in my vocabulary Rogers. Besides this is an emergency!” Tony cried.

“What’s an emergency is that fact you were so determined to tell me something, that when you were running towards me you just happened to not stop fast enough.” Steve explained, “Which means, you ran into me. So now I’m sitting on my ass and I can’t see, because in the process of you knocking me down my glasses went fucking flying.”

Tony chuckled, “Okay, but it was funny.”

“Okay, but I’m fucking blind now!” Steve pointed out as he threw his hands up in frustration.

“You’re not blind.” Tony stated.

Steve shook his head in disappointment, “Whatever. Do you know where my glasses went? I really need those, because I don’t have a back up pair.”

Steve heard Tony mutter something under his breath, before he heard some shuffling around. A minute later the world became crystal clear in the eyes of Steve. He let out a sigh of relief, before reaching out for Tony’s arm and pulling himself up.

“Oh god!” Tony shouted, causing Steve to panic.

“What’s wrong?” Steve muttered.

“Your outfit is what’s wrong.” Tony announced, “What the hell are you wearing Steve?”

Steve glanced down at his gray Vans and khaki pants. “I’m wearing clothes. What’s wrong with my outfit?”

“For starters, you’re wearing khakis, but not in a cool way. Second, why do you have that shirt on!” Tony pointed at Steve’s shirt, causing the boy to look down.

“What’s wrong with it?” Steve questioned, “It’s a NASA t-shirt.”

“From like 1975. The hippies called, they want their rights back.” mocked Tony.

Steve scrunched his nose and pushed his glasses up. He looked at Tony for a second, before bending down and picking up his book bag.

“So, is Bucky driving you home?” Tony questioned.

Steve shook his head and watched as Tony began walking backwards. “Nope, he’s doing something with Quill. So I’m catching a ride with Thor, who’s then going to come hang out at my apartment for a bit, because my mom’s working late. It’ll be a nice change though, Thor’s pretty chill.”

Tony grinned, “You know Thor’s single, and he’s pansexual.”

“What’s that have to do with anything? Also, what ever happened to the emergency?” Steve asked.

“That doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is you can date Thor, and move on from Bucky” Tony noted.

Steve sighed and pushed the front door to the school open. He ignored Tony’s comments about Thor and made his way to said man’s car.

Steve grinned when he saw Thor standing against his baby blue, 1963 Mercury Comet.

“Damn Thor, when did you start driving this bad boy?” Steve asked, when he reached the car.

Thor laughed, “I’ve had this car since freshman year. It was originally run down, but my father brought it to the best mechanic in the state of New York. We’ve probably spent over a million just to get it to look this decent.”

Steve starred at the car in awe, before glancing up at Thor in amazement. “If Bucky saw this.” He stopped himself, shaking his head.

Thor patted his shoulder, “Climb in, I’ll take you home.”

Steve just nodded and hopped inside the car. When he was situated in his seat, he took his time to go over every detail of the interior. It seemed Thor’s car was built like any classic car, minus actual seatbelts, and a new stereo. Other than that, the car still had a bench seat for the driver and passenger, and had most of the 1960’s interior.

“Is it stick shift?” Steve questioned, while pulling his seat belt on. (Steve noticed it wasn’t a lap belt, but a sash, like Bucky’s car.)

Thor shook his head, “Nope, they made sure I’d have automatic when they went and repaired it. If I’m being honest, I could’ve bought a Tesla back in freshman year, for the amount of money I spent on this beauty.”

Steve chuckled, “Yeah, but then you’d have to trade that Tesla, so you could get the newest model.”

“You’re not wrong.” Thor replied, making Steve grin.

Steve enjoyed hanging out with Thor. He always made Steve feel comfortable. If Steve ever felt out of place, he could always come find Thor. The god like teen always knew how to calm Steve down, probably because Bucky taught him, but still. It was nice for Steve to have someone else to lean on when his best friend decided to drop him, thanks to some stupid boy.

It really shouldn’t matter who Bucky liked, especially since he didn’t know Steve had a crush on him, let alone was gay. Bucky was out and proud, meaning he deserves someone who he’s able to date without hiding their relationship. That didn’t mean Steve wasn’t bothered by the whole thing though. Especially since Bucky decided to go after Peter Quill, of all people.

Steve just shook his head and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He checked his messages, groaning when he saw Bucky’s name.

“Bucky?” Thor asked.

Steve nodded, “Yep. Probably wondering where I am.”


Buck: Did Thor give you a ride again?


Steve: Yeah, I thought you were hanging out with Quill after school.


Buck: I mean, I was going too. Peter had to cancel though, something about his dad needing his help.

Buck: I could’ve driven you.


Steve: It’s whatever


Buck: Are you sure you’re okay with Peter and I? Nothing’s really happened yet, but you still seem iffy about the whole thing.

Steve: If you’re trying to ask if I’m homophobic… I’m not. You should already know that. Besides, why does it matter if I like who you date?


Buck: It matters cause you’re my best friend.


Steve: Bucky, don’t worry. I’m happy for you, and I’m okay with this.

Steve: I have to go, I’m hanging out with Thor.


Steve locked his phone and let out a scream. He still hadn’t come out to Bucky yet, but it didn’t mean he wasn’t hurt.

“Will you be okay?” Thor asked.

Steve shook his head, “Not really. Do you think you could stay?”

Thor smiled, “Of course.”

“Could you like sleep over maybe?” Steve mumbled, while looking down at his hands.

“Anything you need.” Thor replied.

Steve just nodded, praying to whatever god was out there that he’d be okay, even if it meant he didn’t have Bucky.

Chapter Text

Avengers Assemble

8:30 pm


Peter Parker: I NEED HELP!

Peter Parker: IT’S AN EMERGENCY!


Tony Stank: ARE YOU OKAY SON??




Pepper (mom): Tony, did you just call Peter son?




Steve: Before this goes any further, can you two stop texting in all caps.


Peter Parker: Sorry. The guys name is Harley Keener, he’s a sophomore.




Captain Carol: I know that kid, he was the team manager for the track team.


Nat: When did you run track Carol?


Captain Carol: I run track now… I don’t like talking about it, because people don’t consider it a sport.


Pepper (mom): You should’ve told us, we would’ve come to your meets!


Nat: Yes! I want to go to one of your meets!


Val: You guys should come, I don’t know why you haven’t!


Steve: Track doesn’t start till spring? How are you already going to meets?


Val: I went last year… We should get back to Peter and Harley though before this chat changes lanes.


That Bitch Clint: This is not fair, everyone seems to be getting into relationships.


Nat: You’re dating me…


That Bitch Clint: Sorry, I love you Nat!


Nat: Yeah, whatever. Peter what’s this Harley kid like?


Peter Parker: He’s got the prettiest eyes! They’re so blue and bright. His hair looks so fucking soft, I just want to run my fingers through it. He also has the cutest smile, that makes him look so dorky. Oh, and Harley’s fingers, they’re so long and delicate…


Tony Stank: PETER!


Thor the thunder god: That finger comment. That is not surprising at all, especially if Tony claims you as his son.


Rhodey Rhodes: Can I leave this chat please?


Dr. Bruce Banner: Same here. I don’t know how I feel about what’s happening.


Steve: If I have to stay, so do you.


Pepper (mom): I’m with Steve. No point of trying to get out of the chat, Tony will find a way to put you back in.


Buck: Hey Peter, do you know if Harley’s into guys? I don’t speak for everyone else, but I really don’t want you to get all hung up on him to only find out he’s straight.


Thor the thunder god: Same here…


Peter Parker: He’s bi! My friend MJ found out the other day when they were talking. She started talking about some girl she has a crush on and I guess Harley said something about how that girl was pretty, but some dude she hangs out with was hotter. Then she asked if he liked guys and I guess he told MJ he was bisexual.


Tony Stank: this story is all over the fucking place


Peter Parker: I’m sorry! I just don’t know what to do!


Steve: Don’t worry Peter, most of us don’t know what to when it comes to this stuff. I’m surprised Tony even got someone like Pepper.


Pepper (mom): Steve’s right. And if Tony got lucky, so can you.


Tony Stank: im in this group chat you know


Pepper (mom): Yet you’re not helping Peter with his problem.


Buck: My advice is don’t wait it out, but also don’t jump into anything to quickly. Get to know Harley before you do anything.


Peter Parker: Okay, thank you Bucky.


Buck: No problem kid.


Nat: When did Bucky get so good at relationship advice?


Steve: When he decided he wanted to eat Peter Quill’s ass…


Thor the thunder god: Steve…


Steve: I’m just being honest.


Dr. Bruce Banner: Wait, Bucky and Quill are dating?


Buck: Not quite yet, but we’re going on a date soon.


Tony Stank: can i be honest real quick


Pepper (mom): NO! DO NOT BE HONEST!

Pepper (mom): If you have to say something just text it to me… Please.


Tony Stank: fine


Buck: Okay then…




9:00 pm


Tony Stank: STEVE! what happened to operation stevebucky???


Captain Carol: What’s going on?


Steve: Tony not now, please.


Nat: I knew this would happen.

Nat: Steve’s been acting strange all fucking year, and we’re not even halfway through first semester. Oh and I thought this situation had already been stated in this group chat?


That Bitch Clint: No, I think we just knew Steve was gay.


Thor the thunder god: Steve, if you want I’ll fake date you. I know it seems like a stupid plan, but maybe it’ll make Bucky realize you’re gay.


Steve: Thanks for the offer, but it’s fine. I’m not even out to Bucky yet.


Dr. Bruce Banner: Are you serious???


Steve: Yeah… You guys know (Thanks a lot Tony) and my mom knows. Bucky doesn’t know yet, and if he does then he’s not saying anything to me about it at all.


Nat: I’m sorry Steve :(


Peter Parker: I know it’s none of my business, but Bucky is crazy dumb for not liking you. You’re so nice Steve, and really cute.


That Bitch Clint: When did Peter join this group chat?


Steve: This group chat is literally everyone BUT Bucky.

Steve: That’s really nice of you to say Peter, but I’m also way to old for you. So it’s kinda weird too.


Peter Parker: Sorry, I was just trying to be nice.


Steve: You’re good. :)


Tony Stank: Maybe you should tell Bucky. I know that seems like a stupid idea, but if you at least tell him you’re gay then he might start thinking about you as more than a friend. Oh and if it helps, I don’t think Quill and Barnes will last long… Quill’s not the nicest guy.


Rhodey Rhodes: Did Tony just use decent grammar and punctuation?


Steve: Yes… I’m in utter shock. You’re actually being serious. He has to be if he’s not typing like he’s five.


Pepper (mom): Thank you Tony.


Tony Stank: it was a one time thing


Nat: Of course…


Steve: Since everyone knows I already like Bucky… and that I’m gay. What am I going to do? I’m sorry Tony, but I’m not going with your plan.


Tony Stank: i dont blame you


Dr. Bruce Banner: What if we went with Thor’s plan? You know, were you fake date him.


Steve: You’re not serious are you?


Rhodey Rhodes: I hate to say it, but Thor’s plan might actually be smart. Think about it this way. You “date” Thor, then you won’t have to flat out tell Bucky you’re gay. Instead you just make it casual. Like, “Hey, I’m into guys.”


Pepper (mom): While this plan seems like something Tony would come up with and  would later blow up in our faces… It might actually be worth a try.

Pepper (mom): I know coming out should be a big deal, but it also shouldn’t be. It needs to be normalized. Which means pretending to date Thor so you can come out to Bucky seems like a decent plan. 1) You won’t have to really come out to Bucky, but he’ll also know you’re into guys. And 2) It might make him jealous.

Pepper (mom): Now I’m not usually the one to try and break up a relationship or try and help others break up a relationship, but Steve and Bucky are meant for each other, and we’ve all known this since middle school.


Steve: Thanks Pepper.


Captain Carol: Guys, I have a lot of tea on Peter Quill… I know that’s random, but since we’re on the subject.


Steve: Wait, what?


Thor the thunder god: So do I…


Val: Me too.


Tony Stank: whats going on


Captain Carol: What’s going on is that you’re all in for a long ass story time. I’d get all tucked into bed, because you’ll be sleeping well tonight after this information.


That Bitch Clint: OH SHIT!


Nat: Clint…


That Bitch Clint: What? I like gossip.


Chapter Text

“Tony! TONY!” Steve turned around to see Peter Parker rushing towards their group. He seemed to have another boy with him, who looked about the same age.

“You think that’s Harley?” Steve asked, turning towards Thor.

Thor nodded, “Yes. Who else would it be?”

Steve shrugged, “I don’t know. I really don’t know any underclassmen, except Peter.”

“I love you Steve, but sometimes you’re truly stupid.” Thor replied.

Steve rolled his eyes and watched as the younger teens walked towards them. Peter seemed to be grinning ear to ear, despite his cheeks burning. Harley on the other hand had quite the smug look on his face, causing Steve and Thor to laugh.

“Peter, you going to introduce us to your friend?” Tony asked.

Steve smiled as he saw Peter blush and give the group a small smile.

“Umm, this is my friend.” Peter paused, “My friend Harley.”

“Hey Harley, it’s nice to finally meet you.” Bucky spoke.

Steve glanced over at his friend, noticing Peter Quill standing with him. Steve sighed before placing a hand on Thor’s bicep.

“You okay?” Thor questioned.

Steve just shrugged, giving Thor’s bicep a squeeze. He gazed up to see Thor smiling down at him, making Steve feel a little guilty about what he was doing. Steve knew he should just tell Bucky that he’s gay and about his feelings, but it seemed a lot harder to do. It was truly easier to just pretend he could care less about Bucky dating Quill, and go on saying he was dating Thor.

“Steve, stop acting all weird.” Thor whispered, “You’re going to make it quite obvious something is up.”

“Sorry.” Steve mumbled, as he began to pull away from Thor. But Thor seemed to not have it. Steve felt a tug on his hand, causing him to glance up at Thor.

“You know what, just hold my hand. Act like we’re dating and everything will be fine.” Thor began, “Or at least stop acting like an idiot. If you act natural no one will question anything.”

Steve nodded, “Okay, I’ll act natural.” Steve felt his heart beat against his chest as Thor rubbed his thumb against Steve’s.

Steve glanced at Bucky, to only catch the other teen glaring at Steve and Thor’s hands. Steve tore his gaze from Bucky and peered up at the blonde holding his hand.

“Kiss me.” Steve whispered.

Thor looked down, “What?”

Steve groaned, “I said kiss me. Bucky keeps staring at us.”

Steve watched as Thor grinned, before bending down slightly. Steve decided to take a chance, and stood on his toes, wrapping his arms around Thor’s neck. He closed his eyes as he felt Thor’s nose brush against his own, and let out a sigh.

“You sure about this?” Thor muttered.

“Yeah, just kiss me.” Steve replied.

Suddenly a pair of soft lips were brushing up against Steve’s. He heard a gasp in the distance, and a couple holy shit’s, but kept his focus on Thor’s smooth lips.

The two stayed like that for a what felt like eternity. When they finally pulled away, Steve realized how Thor’s calloused hands were cupping his cheeks. Steve blushed, letting his eyes wander so he wasn’t looking at Thor.

“What the fuck!” Someone cried, causing Steve to break from Thor’s grasp.

Steve looked in the direction of the voice to find Tony staring at Thor and Steve in utter shock, as if he didn’t know about the fake dating idea.

“When did this happen?” Tony asked.

Steve grinned, “About a week ago. Thor had stopped by and we started talking, then talking turned into more.”

“Sexual tension.” Thor blurted out.

Steve groaned, “Du-Babe! You can’t just say that.”

Thor shrugged, “Just stating the truth my love.”

“Cute pet names, seems a little earlier for that though. Don’t you guys think?” asked Bucky.

Steve’s brow furrowed in confusion as he glanced over at his friend, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, Quill and I have been going out a lot longer, and we’ve only kissed and gone out on dates. Seems like you and Thor jumped right into it.” Bucky explained.

“I don’t get what you’re trying to say here.” Steve replied.

Bucky huffed, “Don’t play stupid with me Stevie, I know you’re just trying to show off. Doesn’t mean you need to announce to the entire student body you’re fucking Thor.”

With that Steve watched as Bucky grabbed Peter Quill by the wrist and marched off. He was in utter shock over the outbreak, just like the rest of the group. Bucky always kept his chill and never went off on people, unless those people were hurting Steve. So for Bucky to go off on Steve, it felt like a kick to the groin.

Steve felt a lump grow in his throat, as his eyes began to water. He curled into Thor’s chest to hide his embarrassment, and let out a silent sob.

“I hate to say it, but you kind of deserved that.” Natasha spoke.

Steve lifted his head and eyed Natasha. “I didn’t deserve it!”

“Steve, you know I don’t get into drama, especially you and Bucky drama, but you got what you were asking for, which is a reaction out of Bucky.” Bruce added.

Steve huffed and crossed his arms. “Listen, I think Bucky deserves it, but I don’t think he should’ve marched off like some moody bitch. I mean, at least he knows I’m gay now.”

Steve glanced at the group, everyone either looked uncomfortable or in shock.

“Steve,” Natasha began, causing the small teen to look at her. “I’ve known you since elementary school. I think out of everyone in this group, minus Bucky, I’ve known you the longest. And let me tell you something. The Steve I knew back then wasn’t a fucking coward.

“You used to fight bullies. When you found out Baron Zemo stole my lunch money back in the third grade for an entire week, you literally went up to him and grabbed him by the shirt. After that you told him, ‘I don’t like bullies. Especially bullies who pick on my friends.’ Then you decided to punch the damn guy!

“Who does that? You, Steve! You stick up for the little guys, always have and always will. So get your head out of your ass and stop being a fucking coward.”

Steve blushed, gazing down at his shoes.

“You also stood up to Erik, T’Challa’s cousin when he kept flirting with me, even when I told him I was a lesbian.” Carol added.

“You could’ve beaten him up.” Steve replied.

Carol shrugged, “I did, he still wouldn’t leave me alone.”

“We’re trying to make a point here.” Natasha growled.

Steve just rolled his eyes, before pulling away from Thor completely. He moved his hands to clutch onto the straps of his bookbag.

“I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you want something stop acting like such a douchey, coward.” Natasha explained.

Steve nodded, realizing it was time to actually man up and stop acting like he was five. He didn’t really know when that was going to happen though, especially with Bucky and Peter Quill always on his mind.

Chapter Text

Steve’s teeth chattered as he pulled his scarf up over his mouth and nose.

Bucky chuckled, “You cold.”

“What does it look like?” Steve asked, before laughing.

“Well, it looks like you’re about to die of frostbite.” Bucky replied.

Steve rolled his eyes, “I mean, it’s the middle of winter, in New York, and to top it all off, it’s snowing!”

Steve felt Bucky pull him into a side hug as the two made their way up the stairs. When they reached the door, Bucky pulled it open, letting Steve inside first.

The two stepped inside to only find the school building was just as cold as the outside, maybe even colder.

“What the fuck.” Steve grumbled, removing his scarf from his face.

“I’d keep the scarf on if I were you. I really don’t want you lips turning all blue.” Bucky commented.

Steve nodded and rewrapped his scarf. It seemed that things between Steve and Bucky were finally getting back to normal, even though Bucky was still dating Peter Quill. The two had a long talk two weeks after Steve had kissed Thor in front of the entire group. During their talk Steve finally mustered up the courage to tell Bucky he was gay, because at that point it’d just look weird if Steve told Bucky he wasn’t gay, especially since Steve hadn’t liked a girl since fifth grade. The conversation ended with a lot tears, especially for Steve.

There was only one issue Steve still had though, and that was Peter Quill. Peter seemed to be tagging along every time Steve and Bucky had plans with each other. When Bucky asked if Steve wanted to go see a movie, somehow Peter Quill always came along. It still bothered Steve, but he kept it to himself, reminding himself that since he was out now, he was one step forward to ever having any romantic relations with Bucky.

Steve groaned when his thoughts were interrupted by a loud screech, and Tony Stark hurtling down the hallway towards him and Bucky.

“Tony!” Bucky cried.

Steve rolled his eyes, “Remember last time you came running towards me?”

“This is different, I’m not going to knock your fucking glasses off!” Tony screeched.

Steve eyed the taller teen, before peering to the side to find Pepper rushing towards them. She seemed a little flustered, but had a wide, toothy grin plastered on her face.

“So, what’s got you screaming down the halls of Midtown high?” Steve asked.

“I got into MI fucking T!” Tony shouted, “I’m going to MIT! My dream college!”

Steve grinned and placed a hand on Tony’s shoulder. “Congrats Buddy! Hopefully you’ll become the next billionaire.”

Tony nodded, “Yeah, I’ll burn my dad’s company to the ground, or take him to court and gain all the rights to it! Pepper will help, especially since she’s going to NYU!”

“Tony, don’t even start on the whole burning Howard’s company to the ground shit today.

I’m in too good of a mood to deal with your antics.” Pepper replied.

“So, NYU. That’s pretty exciting.” Bucky spoke.

Pepper nodded, “Yeah, with a full ride. I’m surprised I found out about that so early

though, I didn’t think they announced full rides with early decision.”

“Still exciting!” Steve exclaimed, “How do you feel about being so far from Tony though?”

Pepper gave a sad smile. “It’ll be nice to not see him everyday, but I love him and I’ll miss him. Besides, if Tony does get his hands on Stark Industries, I’ll have to run it from here, while he’s at MIT, which I’m not ready for.”

“Who said you were going to run the company?” Tony questioned.

“You did, last night.” Pepper replied, “When you called me screaming about MIT you said, ‘Pepper, when I own Stark Industries I’m going to make you CEO! I’ll just be the face, while you do all the dirty work.’”

“Oh, well I’m completely fine with that my dear. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle all that.” Tony muttered.

“If you can build half a suit of armor, I think you’ll be able to handle running a company.” Steve commented.

Bucky nodded, “I agree with Steve. Tony, you’re the smartest guy I know and I don’t think running a company will be that huge of an issue for you.”

Pepper chuckled, “It will be when he’s rolling in more piles of money then he can handle.”

“I’m going to be making inventions for the company!” Tony blurted, “So someone will have to run it while I’m in the shop all day. Oh, and I won’t be rolling around in money, I’m not a snobby bitch like Trump.”

“Then what will you do with all your money?” Steve asked, while looking up at Bucky.

He saw Bucky roll his eyes, before the teen slapped a hand on Steve’s head and ruffled his hair.

Tony groaned, “Stop being gross, or I won’t tell you about my amazing money plans.”

Steve grinned, before pushing Bucky’s hand away. “Stop being gross Buck, I want to know Tony’s spectacular plan.”

“Who said I was the one being gross?” Bucky grumbled.

“Okay, seriously stop being so fucking gross.” Tony complained, “I want to tell you my plan and I think you’ll like it, but you won’t listen ‘cause you two won’t stop flirting.”

Steve gaped at Tony in shock. “We’re not flirting. Bucky’s dating Quill.”

Tony rolled his eyes, “Now that I’ve got your attention, here’s my big money plan.

“So when I finally get my hands on Stark Industries - which will probably happen in about a year, I’m going to donate money. The thing is I’m not just going to donate the money to anyone. I’m going to start an internship program, and the best applicants will be able to work with me. Here’s the catch though, they’ll also have their college paid for! Even if they can afford it.”

Steve nodded, “So basically you’re going to start an internship program, have Harley and Peter apply, then only hire them. After you hire the two kids, you’ll reward them with a full tuition, for what I’m guessing is all four years at whatever college they end up at.”

Tony scoffed, “This isn’t just for Harley and Peter. Why would you think that Rogers?”

“Well, I can’t think of any other kids you would know, and the ones I think you would know are probably too young. As in younger than Peter and Harley.” Steve explained.

Tony gasped, “Rude!”

“I hate saying it, because I truly love you, but I think Steve’s right.” Pepper paused, “Besides, I feel like you’d only hire Peter and Harley because you see them as sons.”

“They are my sons!” Tony shouted.

Steve glanced up at Bucky to see the other boy trying to hold in his laughter. Steve grinned and poked his friend in the side. Steve noticed Bucky shudder under his touch, which made him smirk. He decided to act like nothing happened and turned back to Tony.

“Tony,” Steve began, “I support you illegally adopting Harley and Peter, and having them be your slaves.”

Tony threw his hands up and groaned, “I would be their mentor! I would be their mentor and then they’d get their college paid for them!”

Steve giggled and shook his head. “Okay, I just realized you called them your sons, but you also support Peter’s crush on Harley.”

“Okay, Peter’s my son! Harley is my son-in-law.” Tony stated.

Steve shook his head and pulled his phone at out of his pocket so he didn’t have to listen to Tony rant about Peter and Harley.

He peered down at his screen to find multiple messages from Carol. Steve furrowed his brows and muttered something under his breath.

“What was that?” Bucky asked.

Steve shrugged, “Carol’s sent me like a hundred million messages.”

“In the group chat?”

“No, like private messages.”

“Oh, does she ever message you like this?”

“Sometimes. Whatever, I’m gonna go Buck, I’ll see you later.”

“See ya punk.” Bucky muttered.

Steve just nodded, before making his down the hall towards his first period class. When he was far enough from, Bucky, Tony, and Pepper, he stopped. He stopped and looked down at his phone, to see a new message from Carol.


Captain Carol: We need to talk.

Chapter Text

Captain Carol: We need to talk.


Steve furrowed his brows and scratched his head. He unlocked his phone, clicked the message app, then clicked Carol’s contact.


Captain Carol: Are you getting these messages?


Steve: Yes, I’ve received all 9,986,000 messages.


Captain Carol: That’s such a specific number, how did you come up with that number?


Steve: It’s from that episode of The Office, Michael’s last dundies….


Captain Carol: I really don’t want to know how you remembered that…


Steve: Well, I like The Office. A lot.


Captain Carol: Okay…


Steve: Anyways, what’s with all these messages? What do we need to talk about?


Captain Carol: It’s about Peter Quill and Bucky! Well, it’s more about Quill, but still.


Steve: Umm… I thought you said that you had dirt on Quill back in August. It’s December. The tea has expired, sorry Carol.


Captain Carol: Okay, listen the information I had on Quill five months ago is completely different from what I know now.


Steve: What were you going to tell me five months ago?


Captain Carol: That Quill was taking steroids… Which was true (still might be, I don’t know), but now it seems worse. A lot worse.


Steve: How worse…?


Captain Carol: Can we meet up to talk about it?


Steve: Please just tell me! We can meet up later to talk about it more, but I need to know now.


Captain Carol: Can’t you just ride home with me after school?


Steve: Why can’t you tell me now? If you’re texting me about the situation it can’t be that important.

Steve: Also I can’t ride home with you, I’m riding home with Bucky. We have plans… So just tell me now. Please.


Captain Carol: Quill’s cheating.


Steve: Ha. Ha. That’s really funny, Quill would never cheat. Everytime I see Quill with Bucky he’s super handsy. You ever notice how he always has a hand in Bucky’s back pocket, like in 16 Candles.


Captain Carol: Steve I’m serious. I thought it was a joke at first, but then I saw something that really irked me.

Captain Carol: You know Drax, the one big ass guy on the football team.


Steve: Drax??


Captain Carol: Arthur Douglas, goes by Drax. Hangs out with Quill and Quill’s ex-girlfriend, Gamora.


Steve: Oh yeah, the big scary looking guy.


Captain Carol: Yeah, well I saw Drax and Quill at some party I went to with Val the other weekend and Quill was acting crazy strange. I don’t mean his usual strange, “quirky” self. I mean weird strange.


Steve: What does that have to do with Bucky? I’m not trying to ruin anything Bucky has right now. We went through a rough patch when senior year started, and now everything’s going well between us. This means I can not ruin anything.

Steve: Oh, and what’s Drax have to do with this… Drax’s a douche, we get it.




Steve: Wait what


Captain Carol: YES! He’s not cheating on Bucky with just one person though, it’s like multiple people. Plus, the drugs he’s taking.


Steve: How do you know all this? Are you sure it was Quill?


Captain Carol: Who else would I find with their hand down Gamora’s pants, then dry humping Drax the next minute?

Captain Carol: btw, do you know Ronan?


Steve: Yeah, he’s on the lacrosse team. He’s an asshole.


Captain Carol: Okay, well I saw Quill and Ronan making out at one point. After all that went down I saw him exchanging some shit with Drax and Ronan.

Captain Carol: Pretty sure it was LSD and cocaine. It looked like one of the bags had some white powder in it, but I could be wrong.


Steve: Carol, this is fucking serious.You can’t tell me all this without being 110% positive it was Quill.


Captain Carol: It was Quill… At one point he climbed on the kitchen island and started screaming about how he was some dude named Star-Lord. Peter has told us that if was ever a superhero, his name would be Star-Lord.


Steve: Did you get footage??



No reply came. Steve sighed, before sliding his phone back into his pocket. This was a lot of information to handle. If Carol was being serious about Quill cheating, then Steve had to tell Bucky. It was the right thing to do. Well, at least Steve thought it was.

“Is it really though?” Steve muttered to himself.

“Who are you talking too?” Tony whispered, making Steve jump.

Steve turned to look at his friend. “I’m talking to myself.”

“About what?” questioned Tony.

Steve glanced up at the front of the room to make sure Mrs. Hill wasn’t looking, before turning in his seat to face Tony. “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”

“Is it about Bucky?” Tony commented, “Cause it always seems to be about Bucky.”

Steve shook his head, “No, it’s about someone else.”

Tony chuckled, “Dude, I know when you’re lying. You’re like the worst liar, ever. So what’s going on.

“Is Bucky treating you like shit? Is he non-stop talking about Quill? Is he having issues with Quill? What’s wrong?”

“Will you stop.” Steve hissed.

“No, I won’t stop! It’s obvious you’re still upset about the whole thing with Bucky and Quill, even though it’s been five months. Are you still hung up on him, I thought you were dating Thor?”

Steve sighed, “I was never dating Thor, it was just a fake relationship to piss Bucky off.”

Tony shook his head in disbelief. “Listen Rogers, you just have to let this rest. Just because Bucky knows your gay now doesn’t mean he has to date you. This is real life, meaning we don’t always fall in love with our best friend.”

“That’s not the issue.” Steve muttered, while looking down at his desk.

“Then what’s the issue?” Tony asked.

Steve ran a hand through his hair. “You can not tell anyone what I’m about to tell you. Swear to me, on Pepper, Peter, Harley, and your life that you will NOT tell anyone. Not even Bucky.”

“Dude, is it that serious? Just tell me.” Tony whined.

Steve took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “Peter Quill is doing drugs.”

Tony gasped, “What the fuck!”

Steve just nodded and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He had a new notification from Carol, with what seemed to be an attachment.

Steve glanced up to see if anyone was watching, before unlocking his phone and opening the message app. He took a deep breath, before clicking Carol’s name and typing out a new message.


Steve: I think I should tell Bucky.


Steve let out a breath and counted to three, before clicking send and putting his phone away. He glanced up at the front of the class, before looking at Tony again.

“I think I’m going to tell Bucky.” Steve paused, “Tell him that Quill’s taking hardcore drugs, and cheating. I’d rather Bucky know the truth, even if it means I destroy our friendship for good.”

Chapter Text

Steve was going to vomit. How could this happen? How could Peter Quill, one of the schools nicest, weirdest jocks, be a drug addict and cheater. The guy seemed to be head over heels for Bucky, and acted as if he wanted a future with him. Well, at least that’s what Bucky told Steve one time.

Steve was pulled from his thoughts when the bell rung, indicating it was time for lunch. He groaned, before standing up from his seat in the art room, and dragging his feet towards the door.

“Steve, I’ve never seen you look so pitiful.” Someone stated, causing Steve to turn around.

He smiled when he saw Peggy Carter standing there. “Hey Peggy.”

“How are you?” She replied.

Steve shrugged, “Miserable. Miserable, and the worst friend ever. That’s how I am.”

Peggy chuckled, “Steve Rogers, the worst friend ever. That seems very unlikely if I’m being real here.”

“Yeah, well I’m the worst friend ever.” Steve grumbled.

Peggy sighed, “Steve, I know we don’t talk that much anymore, but whatever’s going on, I’m here if you need anything.”

Steve chuckled and shook his head. “Thanks Peggy, but I think I need to do this one on my own.”

“Well then, that’s fine.” Peggy paused, “I have one piece of advice for you though. Whatever is going on remember, be truthful to yourself and those around you. If you’re not honest it’ll just make the situation worse.”

Steve just nodded, before voicing a quiet thank you and leaving the classroom.





“A fucking F!” Tony shouted, causing Steve to flinch.

Natasha groaned, “Could you please sit down and explain what happened while using your inside voice. You’re going to make us all go deaf.”

“Or more deaf than we already are.” Clint grumbled.

Tony glared at the couple. “Why can’t I yell about this? I’m pissed.”

Steve shook his head and took a bite of his pasta. “You can’t yell about getting an F, because you didn’t follow the rubric.”

Tony groaned,  “Rogers, last time I checked you were a rule breaker. Besides, why can’t I build my arc reactor for a project in shop class? At least I turned something in! That bitch of a teacher gave Drax a B- on some fucked up clock that wasn’t even finished, and he gave Ronan a higher grade than me, even though he turned nothing in.”

“Tony, please calm down.” Pepper muttered.

“Why should I calm down! I have straight A’s in every other class, but dumbass shop, because Mr. Miller decided that I deserve F’s even though I actually try.”

“Tony, maybe you should talk to an administrator about this.” Steve commented, “If you showed them your work I bet they’d make sure you were passing the class.”

“Steve’s right, besides your Tony fucking Stark, they’re not going to say no to you.” Bucky added, before glancing down at Steve and winking.

Steve blushed, before looking down at his pasta and taking another bite. After his weird interaction with Peggy today, he felt like it was time to actually be honest with Bucky. Which means, Steve has a plan. A plan to get Bucky alone after school and just talk to him about Quill. It’s plain and simple.

Steve took a deep breath, before turning his attention towards Bucky. “Hey Buck,” he began, “After school could we go sit down somewhere and talk.”

“Sure, is every-” Bucky stopped himself and began to grin.

Steve furrowed his brow in confusion. Why on earth would Bucky just stop talking, for no reason whatsoever.

“Bucky, I was wondering if we could meet.” Steve spoke.

Bucky nodded, “After school, yeah, sure.”

Steve placed a hand on Bucky’s bicep. “Listen, I really need to talk to you about this. If you’re going to suddenly ignore me, then maybe I should just tell you now.”

Bucky’s smile dropped. “Is everything okay?”

“I don’t know. I really don’t know if it’s okay, cause if I say the wrong thing then it might ruin everything. I don’t want that to happen. Again.” Steve muttered.

Bucky frowned, “Steve, you’re really starting to freak me out.”

“I’m not trying to freak you out.” Steve took a deep breath, “I just need to tell you something important. If I don’t tell you, then I’ll feel like shit.”

“Um, well.” Bucky paused, “We can meet after school okay? I promise it’ll just be the two of us. Meet me at my car.”

Steve nodded, “Okay.” With that he went back to eating his pasta, and focusing on the conversations his friends were having.

He let his mind wander for a bit, thinking about Bucky and Peter Quill. It didn’t seem to help though, because he just wanted to scream every time he thought about his best friend’s boyfriend.

Steve was lost. He knew if he didn’t tell Bucky about Peter, he’d be a shitty friend. The other issue is, if he did tell Bucky, he could ruin their friendship. The situation was a lot more complex than Steve thought, because either way Bucky got hurt.

Steve let his mind continue to wander on Bucky and Quill, until his thoughts were interrupted but Peter Quill himself.

“Baby!” Quill shouted, causing Steve to glare at him.

Bucky grinned, “How you doing doll?”

Steve watched as Peter wrapped his arms around Bucky’s shoulders, and placed a kiss on his neck.

Bucky chuckled, “Pete, not right now.”

“I’m not doing anything wrong. Why are you complaining?” Peter questioned, while sliding a hand down Bucky’s chest.

Steve glared at Quill and listened to the two bicker. He felt himself bubble with anger, as Peter continued to disobey Bucky.

“Hey Quill.” Steve spoke, “Get your hands off my friend. He already asked you, like a hundred times.”

Peter glared at Steve. “Why are you telling me what to do? I’m his boyfriend.”

“I’m telling you what to do, because you’re making him uncomfortable. Now stop with all the unnecessary PDA.” Steve replied.

“Listen here,” Peter growled, “I can do what I want. Bucky’s my bitch. Which means I can touch him how I want.”

Steve heard the entire table gasp. He hadn’t realized everyone else was listening, let alone looking at the three of them.

Steve sighed before standing up. “First off, don’t call my best friend a bitch. I’m the only one who can do that, and honestly, I’d never call him one. Second, last time I checked you were actually cool. Now you’re just harassing your boyfriend, which makes you a fucking dick.”

Bucky sighed, “Steve, stop.”

“No Bucky, I ain’t stopping. Quill can’t treat you like some pet, no matter what he’s taking.”

“What are you talking about?” Bucky questioned.

Steve glanced down at his friend and gave him a small smile. “Your boyfriend knows exactly what I’m talking about.”

Peter Quill rolled his eyes. “You should stay out of Bucky and I’s personal business, or you’re really going to get it.”

Steve glared at Peter, before going back to his pasta. He left Bucky and Peter to themselves, and instead focused on the others.

“Steve, any news from SCAD?” Pepper asked, causing everyone to get quiet.

Steve grinned, “I didn’t want to say much, because I was really nervous and have yet to open it, but I got a massive envelope from SCAD.”

Bucky gasped, “What?”

“Yeah, I got it awhile ago, but I’m worried it might not actually be an acceptance letter.” Steve muttered.

“Stevie, you have to open it!” Bucky cried, before ruffling Steve’s hair.

“I was waiting for you to come over.” Steve stated, “I was going to have you come over and thought we could have a movie night, maybe you’d sleep over. My mom is working the night shift.”

“Bucky can’t come over, we’re going out tonight!” Quill whined.

Bucky sighed, “Peter, can we reschedule? We were just going to work out, which I know is a big deal, but Steve’s going to SCAD!”

“SCAD can wait Bucky, we have to work out.” Peter replied.

“Babe, please.” Bucky paused, “I promise you we’ll go tomorrow. I haven’t hung out with Steve in awhile.”

“I’m your boyfriend!” Quill growled, “I’m your boyfriend and I want to go to the gym with you. You didn’t make a big deal when I got into Clemson. I got a fucking scholarship and you just let me fuck you!”

Steve glanced at Bucky, noticing his friend’s face had gone red and his eyes were cloudy. He felt terrible seeing his friend this way, especially since he knew what Peter Quill was doing behind Bucky’s back.

Steve sighed and stood up from his spot. “I’m done. I’m done with having to share Bucky with some asshole of a jock.

“I’ve watched you two act all cute and couplely for five months, and now that I know what Peter’s been doing, I just want to punch him.”

“Steve, not now.” Carol interrupted, causing Steve to stop.

He glanced down at his friend and shook his head. “I’m sorry Carol, I can’t do this. Especially since Peter thinks it’s cool to just push Bucky around.”

“Dude, just sit the hell down.” Tony chimed in, “Lunch is almost over. Besides, it’s not worth it.”

“Yes it is!” Steve cried, “It’s worth it when Quill is cheating on Bucky, and doing some wack ass drugs on the side! Oh, and I know if some guy was treating me the way Quill is treating Bucky, someone would put a stop to it! So that’s exactly what I’m doing!”

“Steve, you’re going to get hurt.” Bucky hissed.

“I could care less.” Steve replied, while glancing down at Bucky. “I’d get hurt for you. I’d let someone kill me, if it meant you were okay.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you by telling you the truth, but I can’t watch Peter play with your emotions like this.”

It seemed the entire lunch room had gone quiet, making Steve nervous. He let his eyes wander, till they landed on Peter Quill.

Chapter Text

New group chat made by Tony; Steve’s not in this one!

2:15 pm


Tony Stank: is steve awake yet


Buck: No, but the nurse said he should be fine. Sarah’s here now and she’s handling this a lot better than I am.


Pepper (mom): Why is that not surprising.


Captain Carol: I’m really sorry about ruining everything.


Buck: You didn’t do anything, I’m honestly glad you told Steve. Though, I wish someone had told me sooner and in secret.

Buck: If I had least known then maybe Steve wouldn’t be passed out in the nurse’s office.


Nat: Any news on what’s happening to Quill and Steve? Like is Steve getting in trouble for attempting to punch Peter?


Buck: I don’t know much about Quill, but Principal Fury said nothing’s happening to Steve, and even if Steve had thrown a punch he probably would’ve let Steve off with a warning.


Thor the thunder god: That was shocking. I haven’t seen Steve try and fight any man in so long.


Dr. Bruce Banner: Same, last time Steve actually fought someone it was first semester junior year. They had called Peggy Carter a slut.


That Bitch Clint: Honestly, I thought Steve and Peggy would end up dating, but then Peggy started going out with the army guy… And we all found out Steve’s gay.


Tony Stank: so are you going to break up with that bitch of a boyfriend or are you going to let steve suffer


Pepper (mom): Tony, not now.


Tony Stank: Oh come on Pep! You know that Steve likes Bucky, a lot! Plus, Quill is an asshole and we know Bucky’s going to break up with the douche now.


Buck: I’m in this group chat!


Tony Stank: okay but if you didnt already know steve likes you then youre really stupid


Pepper (mom): One minute you’re typing like a normal person, than next thing I know you’re back to shit grammar! Text normally, please!


Tony Stank: its boring… besides were talking about steve and bucky right now


Peter Parker: Question, why am I in this?


Harley Keener: Same, why am I in this?


Tony Stank: peters my son and youre my sons boyfriend. so youre required to be in this group chat


Pepper (mom): They don’t have to be in the chat if they don’t want too.


Peter Parker: No, I want too.


Harley Keener: Same


Tony Stank: then stay


Nat: Sorry to ruin your family bonding, but what’s going to happen too Quill?


Buck: I already said I don’t know! All I know is he’s in serious trouble

Buck: Okay, just found out he’s getting kicked of the baseball team.


Dr. Bruce Banner: Hopefully they expel him. I never really liked the guy that much, thought he was too handsy.


Nat: I’m with Bruce. Quill was always hanging on girls at parties and shit. He tried to dance with me once, but that backfired on him real quick.


Pepper (mom): Please tell me you punched him.


Nat: You know I never punch and tell.

Nat: Sorry, that was super cheesy.


Thor the thunder god: Bucky, I must ask. How do you feel about Steve. I mean feelings wise, because I will hurt you if you hurt him.


Buck: Shouldn’t I be telling you that?

Buck: Also, I love him. He’s my best friend. I don’t know if I have any romantic feelings though, and if I do I’m not going to act on it. I just got out of what seemed to be a very messy relationship, even though I didn’t know.


That Bitch Clint: If you’re going to hurt Steve, then maybe you should just leave him alone. Let Thor have him back.


Thor the thunder god: Steve is not an animal… Besides, I am dating Bruce now.


Dr. Bruce Banner: Well,,, I guess they would’ve known sooner or later.




Captain Carol: I should’ve known you were right.


Val: I actually hate all of you… Except Carol.


Dr. Bruce Banner: You were making bets on when Thor and I would start dating?


Val: More like when you’d start doing it, but yes we were.


Pepper (mom): Tony, I need $10.


Tony Stank: what for


Pepper (mom): To give to Nat… I love you, and you owe me for ordering you that weird thing.


Tony Stank: ok




Nat: Is he okay??


Thor the thunder god: What does his face look like?


Dr. Bruce Banner: THOR!


Thor the thunder god: Sorry, I’m just asking the question we all want to know.


Pepper (mom): Does he have a concussion? Quill hit him pretty hard, and when he fell…


Buck: To answer Thor’s question, Steve’s face looks pretty nasty. And for Pepper, we don’t know if he has a concussion.

Buck: I’m going to go, I’ll keep you guys updated.

Chapter Text

Steve winced as he pried his one good eye open. He tried to look around the room, and make out the other faces, but without his glasses it was useless.

He sighed and lifted a hand up to his face.

“I wouldn’t touch your face.” Someone who sounded just like Bucky, announced.

Steve groaned, “I’m assuming that Bucky’s here.”

“Yeah, I’m here. I’m the one telling you not to touch your face, you punk.” chuckled Bucky.

Steve sighed, before pulling himself up into a sitting position.

His head and left eye were pounding. It felt as if someone had stabbed him, twisted the knife a couple times, and pulled it out.

“I think I’m dying.” He muttered, while finally getting situatiated.

Bucky laughed, causing Steve to cringe at the sound. It seemed Steve’s usual shitty hearing was working quite well at the moment, especially with obnoxiously loud noises.

“Sorry, I forgot what Sarah said about loud noises.” Bucky whispered.

Steve hummed, “Is my ma here?”

“Yeah, she’s in the front office.” Bucky paused, “I called her like five hundred times, before the school told me to stop. They said since it’s an emergency I wasn’t allowed to call and tell her.”

“So, shitty school rules?” Steve laughed, before wincing.

Bucky nodded, “Yeah, shitty school rules.”

The two sat in silence for a bit, giving Steve time to think about everything. He couldn’t remember much, except that he stood up and verbally bashed Peter Quill for cheating and doing drugs. After that, things began to get fuzzy.

Steve felt a wave of panic wash over him as he began to process everything.

“You okay? You look like you might pass out again.” Bucky announced.

Steve slowly shook his head. “I’m a shitty friend.” He muttered, while running a hand through his hair.

Bucky sighed, “Steve, you’re not a shitty friend. If anything, you’re the best fucking friend I’ve ever had. You stood up to Peter, because he was harassing me. Not a lot of friends, let alone guy friends, would do that.”

Steve shrugged, “I guess, but I broke you two up. I didn’t want you to get hurt, but I knew if I didn’t tell you what Quill was doing, I’d feel terrible.”

“I could care less that you broke us up.” Bucky stated, “It would’ve been nice if you had came and told me what was going in private, but it doesn’t matter now.”

Steve frowned, before looking over at Bucky. “I’m sorry. He was just touching you and I kept telling myself to just say it.

“I’ve felt like a coward these past few months, then when I saw the way Quill was treating you, I just snapped. Something came over me and I had to fight him.”

Bucky smiled and ran a hand through Steve’s hair. “I’d be lying if I said I was proud of you, but I’m not worried about you fighting. What I’m really concerned about is, the fact you look like you got plowed by Rob Gronkowski.”

Steve tried to laugh at Bucky’s joke, but instead let out a painful cry.

“Maybe you shouldn’t laugh, even when you find something funny.” Bucky stated.

Steve tried to glare at his friend with his good eye, but he didn’t really know where Bucky was, plus it’d look really stupid if he tried. So instead he just placed his hand out, and asked for his glasses.

When he felt the frames placed in his hand, he slipped them on as carefully as possible, in fear he’d hurt his eye even more. When the glasses were on, Steve was finally able to see a more clear picture of Bucky.

“Better?” Bucky asked.

Steve grinned, “Much. Now, tell me about how heroic I looked when I stood up to Quill.”

“So heroic, especially when you fell backwards and blood shot out of your nose.” Bucky muttered sarcastically.

“Did my nose actually bleed?” Steve questioned, before placing a hand on his face.

Bucky nodded, “Yeah it did, which worried me. Especially since you used to get chronic nosebleeds.”

“Don’t remind me.” Steve stated, “Now that you’ve said something, they’ll most likely come back. Especially since I have terrible luck.”

Steve grinned as Bucky laughed at his joke. It was nice to know that even after everything they’d been through in the past five months, they still were super close. And now that Peter Quill was out of the picture, Steve could finally make a move. Well, maybe he could make a move.

Bucky already knew Steve was gay, thanks to Steve’s dumbass going through with some stupid plan to make Bucky jealous. Since Steve was already out though, it made it so much easier for him to make a move.

Steve knew that didn’t automatically mean Bucky liked him, especially since Bucky was only single as of a little over two hours ago. So the last thing he’d want to do is kiss someone, Steve thought to himself.

Steve sighed and shook his head of all these thoughts. Instead he looked up at Bucky and grinned, getting a shy smile in return.

“You look like you want to tell me something.” Bucky said.

Steve chuckled, “Yeah, when can I go home? Unless I won’t be able to go home, which I feel might happen.”

“You’ll be able to go home.” Bucky began, “Sarah said someone has to watch you though, just in case. So I’m going to be staying with you guys for a bit.”

“Does she have to work tonight?” Steve questioned.

Bucky nodded, causing Steve to sigh. Of course his mother still had to work, even after her son had been beaten to a pulp. Steve knew they needed the money, and didn’t want to seem like a spoiled brat, but he just wanted to hang out with his mom tonight, especially after getting beat up by Quill.

“She asked me if I’d stay with you.” Bucky spoke up.

“Oh, okay.” Steve muttered.

“Only if you want me too though.” Bucky paused, “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything. I mean, I don’t I would, but I don’t know.”

Steve sighed, “It’s fine Buck. I want you to come over. I was just a bit upset that Ma couldn’t stay home with me.”

Steve looked up at Bucky and gave him a small smile, causing Bucky to smile back. Steve felt his heart speed up at the look on Bucky’s face. He wanted to tell him. He wanted Bucky to know the truth. If he did it now maybe Bucky would pity him and kiss him.

It wasn’t right though, Bucky just broke up with Quill. And Steve was the reason they broke up, so if he convinced Bucky to kiss him he’d be the shittiest friend in the universe.

“Are you sure you don’t have a concussion?” Bucky questioned, “You’ve been awfully quiet and keep spacing out.”

“I’m just thinking about stuff.” Steve replied.

Bucky hummed, “What kind of stuff?”

“Stuff I’m not telling you about while I’m here in the nurse's office, with a black eye and blood all over my shirt.” Steve stated.

Bucky laughed, “Okay punk, let’s get you home and then we’ll talk.”

“Who said I was going to talk, jerk.” Steve said with a smirk.

“Me, now I’m going to get your mom and the nurse, so stay right here.” Bucky muttered.

Steve just nodded and stayed in his spot, waiting for Bucky to return with his Ma and the school nurse.

Chapter Text

“I’ve ruined two of my favorite shirts and I just got home from school an hour ago!” Steve yelled, while walking out of the bathroom.

He made his way to the sofa and sat on the other end, away from Bucky. When he was settled, he looked over at his friend and grinned.

Bucky laughed, “You look like such a dork right now.”

“Do my glasses really make me look that nerdy?” Steve asked sarcastically.

Bucky rolled his eyes. “Shut up toilet paper boy.”

Steve giggled, while kicking Bucky’s knee with his foot. The other boy glared at him, causing Steve to let out a shriek and throw his hands in the air.

“For someone who’s supposed to be in a lot of pain you’re acting pretty fine.” Bucky stated.

Steve glared at his friend. “Dude, shut the fuck up. Your ex-boyfriend punched me.”

“You’re going to use that till the day I die, aren’t you.” Bucky muttered.

Steve shrugged, before crawling over to Bucky. He placed his head in the other boys lap and sighed. Even though things were a little awkward, thanks to Quill, it seemed everything might be all right.

He let his mind wander to what it’d be like if he was able to do this every weekend. Have Bucky come over, rest his head in his lap, while Bucky stroked his hair. Then they’d watch some Disney movie, which Steve would sing along too. As he was singing Bucky would look at him, which would cause Steve to blush. So he’d pause the movie and say they were done, unless Bucky watched the damn movie.

“Stop thinking so damn loud.” Bucky said.

“What are you talking about?” questioned Steve, while playfully glaring up at Bucky.

“I’m talking about how you are thinking about Quill and I, or at least thinking about me.” Bucky replied.

Steve felt his face grow hot. “Did I say something out loud?”

Bucky chuckled, “No, I just know the way you think. Try not to worry about everything that happened with Quill. He’s not worth our time.

“Besides, I’m over his dumbass. Even if it has been only a few hours. I don’t think I’d want to date anyone who did drugs, even if they weren’t cheating.”

Steve sighed, “Buck, you don’t have to be over him that fast. If you still have feelings, that’s okay. No one’s going to judge you. I mean, you date for five months. That’s a pretty long time for high schoolers to date, even seniors.”

“What about Pepper and Tony, they’ve been dating for almost three years.” Bucky paused, “Five months isn’t that long when you look at it.”

Steve sat up and glared at his friend with his one good eye. “Pepper and Tony are a different story. They’re Pepper and Tony. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get married right after we get out of high school.

“Point is, you were in a relationship for a good while, and it’s okay to be upset. I don’t think I’d be able to get over someone that quickly, even if I found out they were doing unholy things.”

Bucky smiled sadly, making Steve feel slightly guilty for his little speech.

He sighed and placed a hand on Bucky’s bicep. “I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry I never told you I was gay. I’m sorry I ruined your relationship with Quill. I’m sorry for it all. I feel terrible, but I don’t know what to say, because you’re acting fine.”

“It’s cause I am fine.” Bucky replied, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m upset Quill was cheating and doing drugs and I just found out, but we’re in high school. I didn’t think I was going to marry the guy.”

“I’m sorry, I really am.” Steve whispered, while stroking Bucky’s bicep.

He heard Bucky let out a sigh, before the other boy placed a hand in his hair.

Steve hummed, as his eyes fluttered shut and he leaned into Bucky’s touch.

“You tired?” Bucky muttered, causing Steve to nod.

He felt Bucky take off his glasses.

“Why’d you do that?” Steve asked, before letting his head rest on Bucky’s chest.

Bucky shrugged, “Guess I thought you were tired.”

“Oh.” Steve placed a hand on Bucky’s chest and closed his eyes again. “So you wouldn’t care if I fell asleep?”

“Of course not you punk.” laughed Bucky, “I’ll wake you in an hour so you’re not cranky.”

Steve chuckled, “Thank you Buck, it means a lot.”

He felt Bucky hum, before a hand made its way to his hair again. Steve smiled and wiggled a bit, before getting comfortable in Bucky’s lap.

Before he knew it, Steve was off in dreamland. Thinking about how it’d be to have Bucky hold him this way all the time.

Chapter Text

“Baby, sit still.” Sarah muttered, while dabbing a wet rag to Steve’s face.

Steve whined and tried to pull away from the woman’s grasp, but Sarah just held tighter.

“I don’t understand why you have to clean my face. It’s not like I got cut or anything.” Steve began, “Besides, Bucky cleaned me up just fine.”

Sarah sighed, “Steve, you have a huge scratch on your face next to the bruise. I don’t think you’ve actually checked yourself out in the mirror yet.”

Steve glared at Sarah, before slightly shoving her out of the way and hopping off the bathroom counter. One thing he learned from the fight with Quill was now he needed to stand up for himself more, even if it was for stupid reasons.

“Steve!” Sarah cried, “You can’t just push me like that.”

Steve huffed and turned to face his mother. “Sorry ma, but I’m really not in the mood for you to clean my face. It’s been three days since the asshole punched me, I think my face is going to be fine.”

“Not with that huge scratch on it. Now sit back down and let me finish cleaning it.” insisted Sarah.

Steve shook his head. “No. I’m going to call Bucky and see if he wants to hang out.” With that, Steve left the bathroom and made his way to his bedroom. When he stepped inside, he closed the door behind him. He walked over to his bed, and plopped down on the mattress.

Steve groaned and reached for his phone, which was resting on his pillow. He clicked the power button, causing his screen to light up.

He had about ten messages from the Avengers Assemble group chat, a couple from Carol, and about five from Bucky.



Avengers Assemble

6:30 pm


Tony Stank: steve what does your face look like


Dr. Bruce Banner: Tony, don’t ask that. It’s rude.


Tony Stank: sorry not sorry


Buck: His face looks fine, it’s been three days.


Pepper (mom): I want photos, I’m getting worried.


Nat: Same here. Bucky, do you have any?


That Bitch Clint: Did Steve win?


Thor the thunder god: I hope he is okay. I’m also worried for Steve.




Buck: Listen, stop bugging me. I’m not going to send you photos. Trust me, Steve’s going to be okay.


Steve: Thanks Buck


Tony Stank: how do you know


Steve: Please, use some punctuation. Also, Bucky’s been over like every day.


Captain Carol: Hey Steve, hope you’re doing well.


Steve: Thanks Carol!


Thor the thunder god: When can we come over and see you. I have been worried.


Steve: I don’t know, I’ll have to ask my mom. I don’t think she’ll want everyone just barging into the apartment.


Tony Stank: ill ask for you… which means im calling her right now


Pepper (mom): Tony, don’t bother Ms. Rogers.


Tony Stank: sarah loves me and im checking on her son

Tony Stank: who was attacked


Steve: I’m so done with you.


Nat: Me too.


That Bitch Clint: Me three.


Dr. Bruce Banner: Me four.


Rhodey Rhodes: Me five.




Rhodey Rhodes: I’ve been with you all damn day. I just rarely text in this chat cause it’s annoying.


Peter Parker: Hi Steve! It’s Peter. Hope you’re doing well.


Tony Stank: excuse me son but you interrupted rhodey and i


Peter Parker: Sorry.


Steve: Thanks Pete! If you want you can text me separately from the chat. Then we won’t have to deal with Tony’s bitch ass.


Peter Parker: Okay!




Steve: Sorry not sorry… :)


Tony Stank: stealing my words


Nat: Okay, on a serious note. Steve, are you doing okay?


Steve: Yeah, I’ll be fine. Bucky is coming over soon. Which means you guys will probably get a photo of my face. Check the group chat on snapchat.


That Bitch Clint: Check out my reaction to me listening to the new Jonas Brothers album on my snapchat story!


Val: OH MY GOD! I just want everyone to know that the song ‘Love Her’ off the album reminds me of Carol. Oh, and ‘Hesitate’


Pepper (mom): That’s adorable!


Buck: Hesitate totally makes me think of Steve. ;)


Val: Oh. My. Fucking. God.


Captain Carol: BUCKY!


Pepper (mom): I’m speechless.




Steve: I’m so confused… I haven’t listened to the new album yet.


Val: Bucky, I can’t believe you just said that.


Harley Keener: ‘Hesitate’ reminds me of Peter… Maybe that’s a hint for ya’ll who are confused.


Peter Parker: :)))


Steve: I’m so fucking confused, should I go listen to the song?


Buck: NO!


Captain Carol: Well, not now.


Tony Stank: i just got done listening to it…. STEVE LISTEN TO IT NOW!


Pepper (mom): TONY, DO NOT!


Nat: Steve, don’t listen to the song. Not yet anyways. Listen to the entire album, but Hesitate.


Steve: That’s not fair. I like the Jonas Brothers.


Buck: It’s for your own good…


Steve: Okay, but who sings lead in the song? Nick or Joe?


Tony Stank: both


Steve: Now I have to listen to it!


Nat: No you don’t… It sucks.


Steve: According to Valkyrie and Peter it doesn’t… Oh, and Bucky.


Val: I shouldn’t have said anything, sorry Bucky.


Buck: It’s my fault. Steve don’t listen to it.

Buck: Or I won’t come over tonight.


Steve: Fine, I’ll skip the fucking song. :(


Nat: Good


Pepper (mom): It’s for your own good, sorry Steve.


Buck: lol, I’m not sorry.


Val: Me either.


Steve: I hate when you guys do this shit.



Chapter Text

Three weeks had passed since Quill punched Steve, and things were finally calming down.

Everything seemed to be going so well for Steve. His school work, home life, friendships, and relationships. It seemed like nothing could ruin his perfect mood. Well, that’s what he thought anyways.

It was a regular Tuesday. Steve was sitting with Sam Wilson in their third period advanced photography class. They were discussing some pictures they had taken of buildings around New York City, when Sam finally brought up Steve’s face.

“So, I heard Quill punched you.” Sam stated.

Steve cringed at Peter Quill’s name. “Yeah, he punched me like three weeks ago. I decided to stand up to him about cheating on Bucky. Probably a bad idea, but I couldn’t watching Bucky get all cozy with him, when I knew Quill was cheating.”

“Sounds like a damn good friend to me.” Sam paused, “I’m really glad you and Bucky have each other. I was a little worried when he started dating Peter, especially since the guy dated Gamora before dating Bucky.”

Steve nodded and looked down at his photos. “Bucky’s my best friend. I’d do anything for him. Hell, I’d die for him.”

Sam laughed, “That’s pretty intense.”

Steve just shrugged as he picked up a photo he had taken of Bucky at central park, causing him to think about that day. He had asked Bucky to lay in the grass, and let his long, brown locks frame his face as if it were a halo. The sun was shining down on his face, causing his smile to seem a lot brighter than usual, and the light freckles that dusted across Bucky’s face to pop out.

Steve smiled down at the photo, before setting it down next to the one of Pepper and Tony kissing in the rain. Those had two photos had to be his favorite, especially the one of Bucky. His best friend looked so carefree and beautiful, which just made Steve love him even more.

“Dude, you’re like drooling over that photo.” Sam spoke up.

Steve looked up and glared at the other teen. “I’m not drooling over the photo. I’m just really proud of how it turned out. I mean, the lighting, the detail. It’s a masterpiece!”

“It’s a masterpiece cause Bucky was your model.” Sam replied.

“What if I said this photo of Pepper and Tony was the real masterpiece.” Steve grabbed the photo of the couple and shoved it in Sam’s face. “If I told you this was my masterpiece would you shut up about the photo of Bucky?”

Sam chuckled, “You’re getting so defensive. I didn’t even say much about the damn photo.”

Steve sighed, “I’m sorry. I’m just really stressed right now. With finals coming up. I’m worried about my art finals, even if everyone says I’ll do fine.”

“You’re lying.” Sam muttered.

Steve gasped before glaring up at his friend. “I’m not lying.”

“You’re worried about Bucky.” Sam stated, “Dude, I’ve known you for a good while. I know the look you get when you worry about Bucky. So, what’s going on?”

“Nothing’s going on.” Steve replied, flipping through his photos as a distraction.

“Steve, I’m trying to help you. Just give me a chance.”

Steve groaned, “If I tell you will you please leave me alone?”

Sam nodded.

“Okay, well it started at the beginning of the school year. I was still in the closet, but Tony basically got it out of me that I’m gay and into Bucky.” Steve began, “After that things got a little rocky between Bucky and I, especially since he started dating Quill. So to make him jealous, I decided to fake date Thor, who also found out I was gay. It was a petty move and didn’t work, because Bucky and Quill were totally in love. I’m talking cheesy hands in the back pocket, 80’s movie love.”

Sam laughed, “No way.”

Steve nodded, “Yes way. Anyways, about four weeks ago I found out Quill was not only cheating on Bucky, but doing hardcore drugs. At first I wasn’t going to do anything about it, except pull Bucky aside and talk to him. Then Quill decided to get all handsy with him at lunch one day and I just put my foot down.”

“So you decided to beat up Quill, which caused the two star football players to call it quits?” Sam questioned.

“Yep, and now Bucky’s been all weird. Like, he’s always at my apartment. The other night he slept over, and he told me he loved me in his sleep. Not like an, I love you man, but an, I love you .” explained Steve.

He heard Sam chuckle and mutter something under his breath, but it seemed the conversation had ended there. Steve just continued looking through the photos surrounding his workspace. Everything seemed to be perfect in that moment, and nothing could ruin it. Well, nothing but the loud bang of the classroom door slamming open.

Steve jumped and dropped a photo he had taken of the New York skyline. He pushed his glasses up some, before glancing over at the door, to find Peter Quill standing there, looking enraged.

Steve gulped and quickly looked back down at his photos, acting as if he hadn’t seen Quill.

“Mr. Quill you can’t just barge into my class.” Mrs. Humphrey stated.

Peter laughed, “Where’s Steve Rogers?”

“Why do you want to know?” asked Mrs. Humphrey.

Steve began to shake as he listened to Peter Quill ask the art teacher if he could talk to Steve. It seemed Mrs. Humphrey wasn’t having it, but Peter continued to rail her with questions.

“Listen, I need to talk to Steve. Right now!” demanded Quill.

“He’s over there!” Someone shouted, “Just shut the hell up and let us work.”

Steve wanted to die. Of course someone in his damn photography class had to rat him out, instead of telling Peter Quill to fuck off.

Steve tried to hide himself from his best friend’s ex-boyfriend, but it didn’t seem to work. Peter Quill was already next to Steve in the blink of an eye.

A hand was placed on Steve’s shoulder, causing him to wince.

“Listen Rogers.” Peter hissed, “You better look at me when I fucking talk to you.”

Steve took a deep breath and continued going through his photos, making sure to not give Peter any attention. He already punched Steve once.

“Hey Rogers, why don’t you actually answer when someone’s giving you attention.” Peter growled, tightening his grip on Steve’s shoulder.

Steve winced, but didn’t respond.

“Quill, leave Steve alone.” Sam commented, “You gotta stop bothering him, man.”

“Stay the fuck out of this Wilson.” Peter barked, “This about me and the little faggot!”

Steve huffed, finally turning to face Peter. “What the fuck did you just call me?”

“I called you a fucking little faggot. That’s what you are anyway, especially after stealing my boyfriend.” Peter growled.

Steve shook his head. “One, don’t ever say that word. It’s hurtful, not just to me, but others. Second, you cheated on Bucky. I know I shouldn’t have said anything and I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t have done the things you did behind Bucky’s back. It’s wrong and not fair.”

Quill chuckled, “You really don’t know how to stay out of other people’s business, do you Rogers?”

“Guess not.” Steve replied with a smirk.

“Steve, don’t provoke him.” Sam muttered.

Steve just glanced at his friend before making eye contact with Peter Quill.

“Listen buddy,” Steve started, “You need to stay out of my life, and all my friend’s lives. You fucked up your only chance by being a dumbass. So stay away from Bucky, and everyone else I hang out with.”

“Is that a threat?” questioned Quill.

Steve shrugged, “No, it’s me telling you to leave us alone.”

Steve didn’t see the fist coming, but he did feel it, and heard it. Well, he at least heard the class gasp, and Mrs. Humphrey scream at Peter Quill for punching Steve.

What happened next was a blur. Steve swore Sam asked him if he wanted Bucky, but instead Steve asked for Thor.

So now he sat in the nurse’s office, with a bag of ice covering the left side of his head and some of his left eye.

“Will you be okay?” Thor asked.

Steve grinned, “Yeah. I just need to get a restraining order and everything will be fucking fine.”

Chapter Text

“What the fuck! Were you even thinking?” Bucky cried.

Steve winced at his friend’s words.

After he had gone to the nurse’s office, with Thor to his rescue, they sent him home. The issue was Sarah didn’t answer, meaning they had to call Bucky out of class to come and take Steve home.

So now the two friends were sitting at Steve’s kitchen countertop, fighting about Steve getting punched and Peter Quill.

“Were you thinking?” Bucky asked again, “And why did you ask for Thor instead of me?”

“Yeah, I was. I was thinking. Especially when Quill decided to march right in and call me a fucking faggot!” Steve shouted.

Bucky groaned, “That doesn’t mean you provoke him! Oh, and you didn’t answer my question.”

“I didn’t provoke him Buck! I just told him to not call me a fag and to leave my friends alone.” Steve replied, “Also maybe I asked for Thor instead, because you act like I can’t stand up for myself.”

“Not when Peter fucking Quill keeps punching you!” Bucky barked, “The last thing I need is to find you on the verge of death, because Peter decided to beat you up.”

Steve chuckled, “Yeah, like that’s going to happen. The guy keeps punching me in front of fucking teachers. First the cafeteria, and now Mrs. Humphrey’s classroom. I highly doubt he’s going to get me alone and beat the shit out of me.”

“You don’t know that. Steve, he might not even beat you up. What if he decides to do something stupid, like chase you. If he did that, you’d have an asthma attack in a heartbeat. That’s just as bad as getting beat up.” explained Bucky.

Steve let his head hang low as he let out a sigh. “This is all your fault.” He muttered, hoping Bucky didn’t hear.

“I heard you.” Bucky growled, “How is this my fault!”

Steve groaned and threw his head back. “It’s your fault, because you decided to date Peter Quill when it was quite obvious I fucking liked you!”

“Don’t do this to me.” Bucky whispered.

Steve looked at Bucky with guilt in his eyes. “I was too nervous to come out to you, because I thought you’d treat me differently. Then Tony found out, cause he’s Tony. So he started a new group chat, and told everyone.

“I was going to tell you at some point, but I worried it’d ruin our friendship. Then you started dating Peter, which pissed me off. So I decided to fake date Thor. Which is how I obviously came out to you.

“When we finally had everything settled, I thought you’d might break up with Peter for me. I know that’s stupid and selfish to think, but I finally came out and I really liked you. Hell, I loved you.”

“Steve, please stop.” warned Bucky.

Steve shook his head. “No! I have to tell you the truth. Which is I still like you, I like you a lot. I like you so much that it’s freaking me out.

“I really thought something would happen when you were over here every day after the first punch. Nothing happened though, and I didn’t want to push you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” asked Bucky.

“I was scared. I was scared you wouldn’t feel the same way.” Steve choked out. “I… I just wanted to be with you, but I’m your best friend. You’re not supposed to love your best friend.”

Bucky chuckled, “I think you can love your best friend all you want. I mean, look at Pepper and Tony. They’re best friends and they love each other. Steve, you can love your best friend. It’s perfectly normal.”

“But you don’t love me back.” Steve muttered, tears now streaming down his cheeks.

Steve heard Bucky sigh, before he felt his friend’s hand on the back of his neck. He gazed up to see Bucky looking down at him, a soft smile on his plump lips.

“Who said I didn’t love you back.” Bucky whispered, causing Steve to shutter.

It was happening, Steve thought. Bucky was finally going to kiss him, after what felt like a lifetime of waiting.

Steve felt like he was in some sappy romance movie. First Bucky wiped away his tears, before leaning down, so their foreheads were touching. They sat like this for what felt like an eternity.

Steve looked up at Bucky through his lashes. “Buck.” He whispered.

“Yeah Stevie?”

Steve let his eyes roam Bucky’s face, soaking up every little detail. Each freckle, each dark auburn piece hair that made up the beard that took up Bucky’s face. He continued to check his friend out, until he reached his lips. They were perfect, and looked so damn soft.

“I know you’re checking me out.” Bucky spoke softly.

Steve took a deep breath, “Yeah. I am.”

“So does that mean I can kiss you?” Bucky asked.


Steve let his eyes fall shut as Bucky leaned it. Suddenly a pair of soft lips on his. Steve kissed back, tangling his fingers in Bucky’s hair.

He felt Bucky linger for a bit, before pulling away. Steve just whimpered and  made grabby hands toward his friend.

“Who knew you were so clingy.” Bucky stated.

“I got punched today, let me be clingy.” Steve whined, trying to grab hold of the teen in front of him.

Steve heard Bucky sigh, before walking closer to him. When Steve was able to grab Bucky’s bicep, he pulled him closer and leaned his head on Bucky’s chest.

Bucky chuckled, “So does this make us official?”

Steve shrugged, “I’d rather take this slow, I don’t want anyone finding out.”

“Anyone like Thor?” Bucky questioned, jealousy seeping through the words.

Steve glared up at his friend, before letting out a belly laugh. “You’re really stupid sometimes. Did you know that?

“I don’t like Thor if that’s what you’re trying to say. I like you. Hell, I think I love you Buck. So don’t worry about Thor. We never even really dated, and you know that.”

“Then why call Thor every time you get into trouble?” Bucky asked.

“I was worried you’d try and pick a fight with Peter, or that I’d let my feelings slip out. I was stupid for acting that way. I should’ve just come to you first.” Steve confessed.

Bucky sighed, “If we want this to work, we have to be honest with each other.”

Steve held out his pinky and gave Bucky a soft smile. “I Pinky promise.”

Bucky grinned, “Pink promise.”


Chapter Text

Steve cuddled up to Bucky as he scrolled through his Netflix account. It had been two days since Steve finally confessed his love to Bucky, and things have gone smoothly.

They haven’t done much other than make out, but even that was restricted some for the fact Bucky was at school for the past few days, while Steve had stayed home to avoid anymore drama with Quill.

“So, I talked to Thor.” Bucky muttered, breaking the silence.

Steve twisted his body so he was facing Bucky, and looked at his friend in confusion. “What do you mean you talked to Thor?”

Bucky rolled his eyes. “I talked to him about you always asking for him. He told me everything, including the asthma attack that happened when I jokingly called myself daddy.”

Steve’s breath hitched as those words left Bucky’s mouth. He didn’t know why Bucky calling himself daddy made him so panicky, or maybe aroused. Especially since he wasn’t an older man.

“I’m sorry I did that to you.” Bucky confessed, “I’m also sorry I never figured out you were gay or liked me.”

“It’s fine, I didn’t want you to know.” Steve stated, “I was worried about what you’d say.”

“You know I’d love you know matter what, right doll? You’re my best friend, I could never hate you.” Bucky replied.

Steve nuzzled Bucky’s neck and let out a deep sigh. “I know all that. I was just crazy scared on what you’d say. I know you’re bisexual, and that you’d support me know matter what, but I was nervous.

“It was like taking a big exam, or applying to get into college. It could either go really well, or horribly wrong. Thankfully it went pretty well, after all the slowburn.”

Bucky chuckled, “After all the slowburn. What is this a fanfiction?”

Steve huffed and gave Bucky a light shove. “You act like you haven’t heard anyone say that before.”

“It’s ‘cause I haven’t. I’ve literally only seen slowburn in descriptions of Snowbaz and Drarry fanfictions.” Bucky paused, “And before you tease me, I don’t read fanfictions. It’s just the ones you’ve sent me.”

Steve grinned and ran a hand through Bucky’s long hair. “You keep telling yourself that big guy, but I know you have a secret guilty pleasure for fanfics. Tell me, what’s your favorite.
“I’m guessing you’re into the boring shit, Draco and Harry, Sirius and Remus. Oh, Sherlock and Watson? Please tell me you ship Kirk and Spock!”

“Stop!” Bucky laughed, “Stop before I punch you.”

“You won’t punch me, you love me!” Steve whined, now placing his hands on Bucky’s broad shoulders.

“I do love you, but if you don’t stop talking about slash fanfiction I’ll leave.” threatened Bucky.

Steve groaned, “Just tell me your favorite ship!”

“I don’t like hearing you beg, unless we’re in bed.” Bucky muttered, causing Steve to moan.

“Don’t trick me like that.” He replied, “Just tell me and I’ll shut up.”

“It’s Poe and Finn.” Bucky stated.

Steve grinned into Bucky’s chest and squeezed the teen’s shoulders.

When he was able to keep his feelings under control, he grabbed his phone and  opened up the groupchat.



Avengers Assemble

5:20 pm


Steve: Carol (and others), I have found out Bucky ships Poe and Finn. I just thought it should be announced.


Captain Carol: I knew he’d ship those two!


Nat: Lowkey always thought Bucky would be more of a Sirius and Remus kinda guy. Guess I was wrong.


Peter Parker: Are we talking about shipping?


Steve: Yes!


Peter Parker: I have to admit, I really love drarry! Also is it possible to ship video game characters, cause I like the idea of  Link and Sheik, and then when Link finds out Sheik is actually Zelda, he just falls in love with her even more.

Peter Parker: I guess kinda like Mulan.


Tony Stank: are you shipping video game characters????


Harley Keener: Yes, he is. Which is kind of lame.

Harley Keener: I love him though.



“Peter and Harley are so cute it’s sickening.” Steve muttered.

“Hand me my phone, I want to see!” Bucky replied.

Steve chuckled and grabbed Bucky’s phone off the table, before placing it in his hands.



Tony Stank: please stop youre making my eyes burn


Pepper (mom): Stop being such a drama queen, jesus Tony.


Buck: What’s going on, I’m late to the party.


Nat: Ten bucks Rhodey and Clint will be the last to read any of this.


Buck: You’re on Natasha!

Nat: ;)


Tony Stank: ewwwwwww!!!!

Tony Stank: stop flirting


Nat: I have a boyfriend…


Buck: Same here.



Steve gasped, “Bucky!”

Bucky shrugged, “That’d find out sooner or later doll, especially with Tony being so nosy.”



Tony Stank: wait what?


Buck: I replied with, ‘same here.’


Nat: I said I had a boyfriend. Are you dating Quill again? Please tell you’re not. Especially after all the drama he’s caused.



“Wait.” Steve paused and glanced up at Bucky. “You never even asked me to be your boyfriend, we just kind of started to makeout.”

“Oh, well then. Be my boyfriend?” Bucky asked.

Steve grinned, before placing a kiss on Bucky’s chin. “Of course. Jerk.”



Steve: He has a boyfriend.


Pepper (mom): ;)


That Bitch Clint: No cryptic messages!


Sammy Wilson: These two ain’t slick. Ya’ll are just dumb.


Tony Stank: when did sam wilson join our group


Steve: When he saved my life in photography class.


Pepper (mom): I’m with Sam. You guys aren’t that intelligent.


Harley Keener: ohhhh. ;)


Captain Carol: Boys, I’ve known.


Val: Same with Carol, I’ve known since Bucky brought Steve to the club.


That Bitch Clint: What club? What’s going on?


Dr. Bruce Banner: Oh no.


Thor the thunder god: Congrats! It has finally happened.


Tony Stank: what am i missing here


Peter Parker: Oh. My. God. I was a little confused at first, but then I put two and two together! Mind blown!


Tony Stank: can someone please tell me whats going on


Buck: Steve and I gotta go! We’ll talk later guys.




Chapter Text

Steve pushed his glasses up and stared at his mother. The two of them were out for dinner at some shawarma restaurant some nurse suggest they try.  It was rare they ate together, especially somewhere that wasn’t their apartment.

They sat in silence as Steve watched his mom look over the menu. He had already decided he was going to get chicken shawarma, because it was his favorite.

Steve sighed and fiddled with his menu in front of him. He let his eyes wander for a bit, before looking back at Sarah to see her giving him a look of disapproval.

“What?” He questioned.

“I know that look. You’re getting annoyed that I don’t know what to get. Give me a minute, I’m almost ready.”

Steve huffed, “You say that every time.”

“Steve, don’t test me.” Sarah warned.

Steve chuckled at his mother’s response. “You know, when you try to act scary you look like an angry puppy. Now I know where I got the look from.”

“I don’t know who told you I looked like an angry puppy, but I know for a fact it’s not true.” Sarah replied with a grin, “You on the other hand, most definitely do.”

Steve rolled his eyes, “Love you too.”

Steve heard Sarah giggle, before returning to her menu. A minute later she finally set the plastic down, and waved to their waiter. The waiter gave them a smile, made his way over to the duo, then took their orders.

When he finally left, Steve glanced over at Sarah and smiled. “He was cute, you should ask him out.”

“He was very much in his twenties, so no. You could ask him out though.” Sarah stated.

Steve shook his head. “Probably not the best time to be asking people out. Besides, he wouldn’t even go out with me if he was into guys. I’m a tiny kid with asthma, and that guy was a giant.”

“What do you mean it’s not the best time?” questioned Sarah.

“It’s not the best time, and he’s a giant.” Steve restated.

Steve watched as Sarah shook her head and glared at him. He knew what that meant. The talk about keeping secrets from his mother was coming his way, and she was going to chew him out.

“What’s with you never taking a chance?” Sarah asked.

“I do take chances!” Steve whined, “I’m taking a chance right now!”

“With someone? You’re taking a chance with someone?”

“Maybe. I don’t know, it’s just a lot to process. I’m sorry Ma.”

Sarah sighed, “Steve I don’t get it. You’re such a bright kid, yet you keep to yourself. I’ve tried helping you find a boyfriend, but you always decline. Are you nervous about coming out?”

Steve shook his head. He was into deep to be nervous about coming out, especially since he’s dating Bucky now. Sarah didn’t know that though. She didn’t even know Steve had finally come out to his friends.  

“Does this have anything to do with Peter Quill and Bucky dating?” Sarah began, “I know it upset you when they were together. If it has to do with that, then maybe you should talk to Bucky.”

“Quill has nothing to do with this. He’s out of the picture for good.” Steve replied.

“Then what’s the issue? Are you into Tony or something?” Sarah asked.

Steve gagged, “I am not into Tony! He’s a great friend and all, but for starters he’s with Pepper. Second, I don’t think it’d be able to date Tony. I’d kick his ass all the way to fucking Europe in the first five minutes.”

“So it has to do with Bucky.” Sarah commented.

Steve glared at Sarah. “Does it always have to be about Bucky?”
“You’re hiding something.” Sarah muttered, “I can tell, cause you get all defensive when saying Bucky’s name. Plus, you keep blushing every time I mention the guy.”

Steve ignored his mother’s comment and turned his attention to the television set behind her. He watched as the world news talked about President Trump fucking things over again, which only caused Steve to cringe. He tried to continue watching, but it was all just bullshit, like his life.

“This sucks.” Steve grumbled, while rolling his eyes.

“Me taking you out to dinner sucks?” Sarah asked.

Steve shook his head. “No, this” Steve pointed to himself, “Sucks. I suck is what I’m trying to say. Me, myself, and I, and all the messed up feelings suck.”

“Baby, did something happen?” questioned Sarah.

“Nothing bad.” Steve confessed, “Actually the thing that happened was amazing, but I’m worried I’ll ruin it. I tend to do that a lot.”

Sarah sighed, “Steven Grant Rogers, you need to stop this! Your life may be hard sometimes, but you’re so fortunate. For starters, you don’t live in the 1940’s were modern technology to help you survive wasn’t even thought of. You live in a country where LGBT rights are legal. Even if it’s still looked down upon by some, you’re allowed to get married. Some people get killed for that in their country, but not you.

“I know it’s hard sometimes, and we’re not the wealthiest people in New York like Tony, Pepper, or Bucky, but you have it alright. You have a decent apartment, a good doctor, and a mother that loves you no matter what. So please, tell me why you’ve been acting this way.”

“You wouldn’t understand.” Steve replied.

“I’m trying to understand. Please baby, just let me help you.” Sarah pleaded.

Steve glanced at his mother with guilty eyes. She knew a lot. She knew he was gay, she knew he liked Bucky, and she knew about Peter Quill harassing him. What Sarah didn’t know was that Steve was definitely out to his friends, he totally screwed with Bucky by using Thor, and now Steve and Bucky had been together for about a week. How was he supposed to tell his mother all of this, without her exploding on him.

“Ma, it’s a lot.” Steve began, “It’s a lot and you’ll get mad.”

Sarah smiled, “Steve, you’re making me nervous. Just tell me, I won’t get mad.”

Steve ran a hand through his hair and shook his head, “You swear on my life, you won’t be angry?”

“I swear Stevie, now tell me. What’s been bothering you so much this past week.” Sarah stated.

Steve took a deep breath and looked him mother right in the eyes. “Bucky and I are dating.”


Chapter Text

“Ma, you okay?” Steve questioned, as he waved a hand in Sarah’s face.

Sarah nodded as tears filled her eyes. “Is this a joke? Please tell me this isn’t a joke. Steve, I swear.” 

Steve laughed at his mother’s reaction. “I promise, this isn’t a joke. It happened a week ago, after I got beat up. Again.”
Steve watched as his mother got up from her spot at the table, before pulling him into a massive hug. Steve grinned as tears began to fall down his cheeks. He knew his mom would  accept him, but he was shocked about how happy she was. 

When Sarah finally pulled away, Steve glanced up to see his mother grinning. 

“What are you so happy about?” He asked with a chuckle. 

Sarah rolled her eyes. “If you don’t stop with the sarcasm, it’ll kill you.” 

Steve scrunched up his nose in confusion. “I’ve never heard that a day in my life. What the hell is that supposed to mean?” 

“I don’t know.” Sarah muttered. 

Steve chuckled, “So, I want to know. How do you feel about this news.” 

“The news about you and Bucky?” 

Steve nodded, and held his breath. He knew Sarah would love him no matter what, and had been rooting for “stucky” as she calls it, to get together. Now that it’s actually happened though, Steve has this feeling everything will change. 

“Well,” Sarah began, causing Steve to let go of his thoughts. “If I’m being completely honest. I’m super excited and happy for you. I’m also slightly concerned because Bucky’s been staying at our house almost every night for the past month or so. 

“How do I know nothing was going on before you started to date? If that’s the case, I really hope you two used protection. Both of you need to think about these things. Protection and getting yourself checked is very important, so I hope that’s talked about.” 

Steve groaned and covered his face with his hands. “Please ma, can we not talk about this here!” 

“Fine, we’ll talk about it with Bucky.” Sarah stated. 

Steve whined and placed his head on the table. He was so pleased that Sarah was okay with him and Bucky dating, but he wasn’t ready for some talk about safe sex. He already knew all about that, thanks to fanfiction. 

“What’s wrong?” Sarah questioned. 

Steve glared at his mother. “I don’t want to have the talk, that’s what’s wrong.” 

Sarah chuckled, “Baby, we have to. I’m sorry.” 

“You don’t have to get Bucky involved though.” Steve replied. 

“Yes I do, he’s dating you. Besides, I know Winnie would do the same thing. I bet she will if Bucky’s already told her.”

“Ma, please don’t do this. It’s embarrassing.” 

“Steve, I’m not going to argue about this. We’re having the talk and Bucky is joining us. Unless you want me to give it to you guys separately.” 

Steve’s eyes grew wide as he shook his head, “No.” He paused for a second to look around the restaurant before continuing, “Please. Just don’t give us the talk or whatever. We know about safe sex and shit.” 

With that the conversation ended. Steve decided to pull out his phone and shoot Bucky a quick text.



Steve: Ma knows. 


Buck: ???


Steve: I told her about us…


Buck: omg!!! How’d she react? 


Steve: She cried.


Buck: For real??? 

Buck: You’re joking, right?


Steve: Nope. She cried and then said she was going to sit us down and talk about safe sex with us. So be prepared. 


Buck: Oh shit, Sarah’s coming for us with “the talk.” 


Steve: Gah!!! Don’t say it like that.


Buck: It’s true though! Hahaha. 

Buck: Don’t worry doll, just tell her you’re too scared to have sex. 


Steve: That’s so mean. I’m not scared!


Buck: Okay then… I’m going to let you go, cause I have a feeling you’re with Sarah right now. 

Buck: Talk later my love.


Steve: Bye Buck




Chapter Text

Avengers Assemble

10:30 pm

Tony Stank: is it true

Steve: Is what true?


Pepper (mom): Tony don’t start with this now. 

Tony Stank: i want to know


Buck: Ohhhhh

Buck: There’s nothing to know

Captain Carol: I’M SCREAMING!!!

Val: 👀


Steve: Guys, stop.


Thor the thunder god: I will support both of you. 😊

Steve: Nothing’s going on, but thanks Thor. 

Rhodey Rhodes: I smell liars.

Steve: RHODEY!!! WTF!

Tony Stank: I’m with Rhodey, I bet you and Buck are fucking right now. 

Peter Parker: My virgin eyes!


Nat: Tony, no.


That Bitch Clint: 🤮

Nat: Clint, wtf.

Steve: 😑



Tony Stank: wtf is with all these emojis 

Peter Parker: 💩

Captain Carol: Val started it! Anyways, I’m going to bed. I’m really happy for Bucky and Steve! I swear you already announced you were together though…. 

Steve: We didn’t announce anything!

Buck: 😏

Steve: Oh my god!

Peter Parker: Double dates!

Tony Stank: no…. TRIPLE DATES!

Pepper (mom): Oh lord…

That Bitch Clint: Group date night, we play What Do You Meme?

Dr. Bruce Banner: Yes.

Thor the thunder god: I am cool with that.

Buck: Stevie?

Buck: We should.

Steve: BYE!

Val: Carol and I will be there. 

Peter Parker: are Harley and I invited?

Nat: Everyone in this group chat is invited!

Pepper (mom): So it’s really just a game night?

Nat: Basically

Steve: Bucky and I will be there. I’m going to bed now, goodnight. 

Buck: Same here, night.

Nat: Night guys, I’ll send more details on game night soon. 

Tony Stank: is no one going to mention theyre both going to bed… at the same fucking time 🤔🤔

Pepper (mom): Tony, go the fuck to sleep.

Chapter Text

“I can’t believe we agreed to game night.” Steve groaned, while sprawling out on top of his boyfriend. 

Bucky chuckled, “We could’ve said no.” 

Steve glanced up at Bucky, “Saying no would make things suspicious. I know they basically know about us, but I’m not about to have Tony going around spreading rumors about how we didn’t make it cause we were fucking.” 

Steve heard Bucky let out a gasp, before he was smacked on the shoulder by his boyfriend. 

“Hey, you fucking jerk.” Steve growled. 

“Well, that’s what you get! Can’t believe you have such a potty mouth.” Bucky muttered. 

Steve sat up and glanced down at his boyfriend. “Don’t ever say potty mouth again. That made me so fucking uncomfortable.” 

“Sorry Stevie.” Bucky replied. 

Steve grinned before leaning down and giving his boyfriend a kiss on the forehead. He heard Bucky groan, stating how much he hated being kissed on the forehead. 

“If you hate forehead kisses why do you let them happen?” Steve questioned, while sitting up. 

He saw Bucky grin, before the other boy placed his hands on Steve’s thighs. Steve whimpered, “Buck, I hate when you do that.” 

Bucky giggled, “You hate when I do everything doll.” 

“No I don’t.” Steve grumbled, “I don’t hate when you kiss me, or cuddle with me. I don’t hate when you call me doll, or baby doll. I love when you drive me places, even though it’s pretty pointless to drive in New York.

“Oh, and I really love when come up behind me at school and start hugging me. It makes me feel safe. I love that you somehow were able to get an extra inhaler in case I don’t have mine. That includes when we were in middle school, because who’s best friend even thinks about doing that. 

“Hell, I just love every damn thing about you. From your stupid little bun, to those damn muscular arms.” 

When Steve finished he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He’d only been dating Bucky for about three weeks now, but they’d been friends for life and will be till the end of the line. So it didn’t seem like a horrible idea to just admit all of his feelings right then and there. Better to get them out now then later. 

“Steve.” Bucky spoke, causing Steve to open his eyes.

“I shouldn’t have said any of that.” Steve blurted, before pushing himself up to get off Bucky. 

Steve felt Bucky grab hold of his arm, causing him to fall flat onto his boyfriend.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Bucky stated, “I want you to know that was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard you say. I love you so much. Doll.” 

Steve blushed and burried his head into Bucky’s shoulder. “I hate when you make me feel all mushy.” He grumbled, “But, I love you too.” 

“Now, what do you say we skip game night.” Bucky whispered seductivily. 

Steve grinned, while taking Bucky’s face into his hands. He leaned up and placed a kiss on the other teens scruff, slowly making his way up till he reached Bucky’s lips. 

“Love you jerk.” He muttered, before pecking Bucky on the mouth. 

Bucky giggled, “Love you too, punk.” 

“Does this mean we can skip game night?” Steve questioned. 

“Screw game night, I want to cuddle with my stick of a boyfriend.” Bucky replied. 

Steve glared at Bucky, before reaching over to the bedside table. He snatched his phone up, then made himself comfortable again, before unlocking his phone and messaging the group chat. 


Avengers Assemble

2:30 pm 


Steve: Buck and I can’t make it tonight. 


Nat: This isn’t optional asshole. I better see you at my house to help set up at 4:00.


Pepper (mom): You two are coming. This is for you. 

Thor the thunder god: Steve, I want to beat you in a game. Please come. 


Tony Stank: you motherfucker

Tony Stank: this is a celebration of love for you and bucky!!!! youre coming!!!

Val: 😑

Dr. Bruce Banner: I never say this, but I will kick your ass if you two don’t come. So you’re coming Steve.

Nat: You’ve made Bruce mad, so you’re coming now. It’s final. When Bruce gets mad it’s not okay. 

That Bitch Clint: Come. You. Bitch. 



Buck: Jeez, stop threathening my boyfriend. 



Nat: Then tell your boyfriend that you two are coming to game night. 

“We’re going to game night so Natasha doesn’t kill us.” Bucky stated, “I’m not having a spy slit my throat in the middle of the night.” 

Steve groaned, “Fine. Then you owe me.”

Steve: We’ll go. 

Steve: As long as we play monopoly and game of life. 

That bitch Clint: There’s too many of us. 

Steve: Teams


Nat: I don’t fucking care what we play, I just want you at my house by 4:00 pm!

Steve: We’ll be there. 

Peter Parker: I’m so excited!!! 😁

Tony Stank: MY SON IS COMING????



Nat: Yeah, Peter and Harley are coming. So are Valkyrie and Carol, you and Pepper, Thor and Bruce, and Steve and Bucky. 

Steve: Invite Sam so Rhodey can go, then they won’t be alone.

Rhodey Rhodes: I’m down with that. 


Nat: Okay, I’ll text Sam. I’ll see everyone at 6:00! Who’s all sleeping over?

That Bitch Clint: ME!

Captain Carol: 😏 Both Val and I are. 

Tony Stank: Pepper and I are too. 

Peter Parker: I can’t I have decathlon things tomorrow. 

Buck: Stevie and I will be too. 


Tony Stank: 😏😘🤮

Steve: Fuck off. I hate that we suddenly started using emojis. It gives Tony the oppurtunity to harrass us all. 

Tony Stank: I love you Steeb!!!

Nat: You guys shut up! I’ll see everyone later! 


Chapter Text

Steve knocked on the door to Natasha’s house, before stepping back. He wrapped his arms around himself as he waited for his friend to open the door. 

A week had passed since Natasha announced they were going to do game night and Bucky volunteered the two of them to help her set up. Steve wasn’t too upset, because Natasha was his best friend, but he’d rather come later so he could get as much time as he could with Bucky. 

People were going to ask questions tonight, even though it’s been awhile since Steve and Bucky started dating. Steve didn’t want people to ask questions though, especially people named Tony Stark. So to avoid any questions the two decided that helping Nat out would be best, at least Steve did anyways. He’d never tell Bucky that though.

The front door opened causing Steve to pull himself away from his thoughts. 

“You’ve made it!” Natasha cried. 

Steve grinned, “Yeah, we did. Now let me in, my ass is freezing.” 

“Yeah let us in, my boyfriend has a lot of health issues!” Bucky cried. 

Steve turned around and glared at his boyfriend. “I hate you sometimes.” He muttered, before making his way inside Natasha’s house. 

When he stepped inside, he took off his coat and boots then made his way towards the kitchen. That’s where he found Clint sitting at the kitchen island, eating a Snickers bar. 

“Hey Clint.” Steve said, causing his friend to look at him. 

“Hey dude, you and Buck are early.” Clint replied. 

Steve grinned, “How do you know I came with Bucky. I could’ve come to the house by myself.” 

“You two are fucking, you really think the other wouldn’t be here.” Clint joked. 

Steve rolled his eyes, “He’s talking to Natasha about something. While I came to talk to you about game night.”

“Oh,” Clint stated, “Well, we're just playing What Do You Meme?, cause trying to play any other game would be hard with our group size. Especially since I think the entire fucking group chat is coming to Natasha’s.” 

“Bucky also brought Cards Against Humanity if we want to play that.” Steve stated, “We could mix the cards or something.” 

Clint nodded, “Sounds like a plan.” 

Steve gave his friend a small smile, before leaving the kitchen to find Bucky. He made his way down the hall, spotting his boyfriend talking to Valkyrie and Carol instead of Natasha. 

He grinned and crossed the hall towards Bucky. When Steve reached his boyfriend, he grabbed a hold of Bucky’s bicep, and leaned his on the other teen’s shoulder. 

“You already tired doll?” Bucky questioned. 

Steve shook his head, “Just want cuddles.” 

“Awe look Val, it’s you.” Carol spoke up. 

Steve rolled his eyes and glanced up at his friends. “Shut up.” He muttered, before sticking his tongue out. 

He heard Bucky laugh, before an arm was wrapped around his waist. Steve felt Bucky pull him into his side, causing Steve to blush. Bucky was always up for a little PDA, even when they were just friends. Steve never minded it much, but now that they were dating the idea of showing public affection made him feel all weird and giddy inside, as if fireworks were going off in his stomach. 

Steve’s thoughts were soon interrupted when a loud knock came from the front door and about five rings from the doorbell. 

“I bet that’s Tony.” Carol commented. 

Steve nodded and pulled away from Bucky, “Of course it’s Tony, who else would continously ring the fucking doorbell.” 

“Can someone get the door for Tony!” Natasha shouted from the kitchen. 

Steve sighed, before taking two steps and swinging the door open. The ringing stopped and he was greeted with a smiling Tony and a very annoyed looking Pepper.

“Sorry about Tony.” Pepper growled, “He’s being a fucking prick tonight.” 

“How am I being a prick?” Tony questioned.

“Well for starters, you have to ring the doorbell multiple times, which isn’t needed. Second, you decided last minute to use your fake ID and buy as much alcohol as possible for tonight.” Pepper explained. 

“Oh come on Pep, you gotta live a little!” Tony cried, “Senior year baby!” 

“Did someone say drinks!” Clint shouted.
Steve spun around and watched as Clint came rushing into the hall. 

“Where’s the drinks?” Clint asked. 

Tony grinned, “In the car, want to lend me a hand.” 

Clint nodded, before the two headed out towards the car. Steve watched carefully as they made their way out into the night, which they’d return from with loads of alcohol. 

“You going to get shitfaced tonight Stevie?” Bucky questioned. 

Steve shrugged, “Someone’s gotta drive, so no.” 

“Nat said we could stay the night, so don’t worry about that.” Bucky replied. 

Steve cringed when even thinking about getting drunk. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy drinking, but he was a light weight and tended to do some stupid shit while intoxicated. He’s surprised he’d never told Bucky about his feelings in the past while drunk, and if he had his now boyfriend never said anything about it. 

“So is that a yes or no?” Bucky asked. 

Steve sighed, “Might as well. Everyone else will be doing it.” 

He glanced up at Bucky and gave him a small smile, and in return received a kissed on his head. 

Steve let out one last sigh, before closing his eyes for a second. Tonight was going to be one hell of night, and he didn’t think he was ready. 





Steve grinned and leaned over the table, his beer sloshing a bit in the bottle. It had been a little over an hour since everyone arrived and Steve was on his way to being shitfaced. 

They were on what felt like the groups millionth round of Cards Against Humanity, and Steve was doing quite well. It seemed as if when he’s intoxicated his thoughts are a lot more, sinful. 

“Okay, this is going to be the last round.” Natasha announced, “It looks like Steve will just continue winning since all he thinks about when drunk is fucking.” 

Steve threw his head back and laughed. “You’reeee soooooo right!” He slurred. 

“Okay, so the black card is, ‘What brought the orgy to a grinding halt?’” Clint read aloud. 

Steve giggled and pushed his glasses up as he glanced down at his cards. He scanned them for a second, before picking the perfect one and handing it to Clint. The rest of the group followed soon after. 

Steve watched lazily as Clint shuffled the white cards, before rereading the black card in front of him. 

“I better fucking win this round!” Tony shouted. 

Steve rolled his eyes and giggled, “You won't eeeven be close.” 

“Okay, so the first card is, ‘What brought the orgy to a grinding halt?’” Clint paused, “Daddy issues.” 

Steve and the rest of the group groaned when Clint read the first white card. 

“That’s not even funny!” Thor roared. 

Steve nodded while slamming his beer on the table, “Sss-ttupidddd!” 

“‘What brought the orgy to a grinding halt?’ ‘A windmill full of corpses.’” Clint chuckled. 

“That’s horrible.” Sam laughed. 

“I think I already know who’s card that is.” Pepper muttered. 

Tony gasped, “It was not my card! I promise you that!” 

Pepper rolled her eyes, “Come on babe, you’d totally choose that card.” 

“Yeah, and if I had that card I would’ve showed it to you.” Tony argued. 

“Guys, shut the fuck up!” Natasha whined, “It’s a fucking game.” 

Steve chuckled, “They are in loveeeee!” 

“And you’re drunk.” Bucky replied. 

Steve frowned and glared at his boyfriend in confused, “Drunk? Me? Nooo way!” 

“Dude, you’re not drunk, you’re fucking hammared.” Carol laughed. 

“If Steve tells us which card is his, then we’ll know if he’s hammered or not.” Sam stated. 

Bucky chuckled, “You ain’t wrong there.” 

Steve glared at his boyfriend before lazily shoving him in the shoulder. 

“Can I finish reading the cards?” Clint asked. 

“Keep going, we’ll just ignore Steve.” Natasha grumbled. 

“Okay, I’m just going to read the white cards now since everyone decided to agrue for ten minutes. The black card was, ‘What brought the orgy to a grinding hault?’ A urinary tract infection, old-people smell, going in dry, batman, 72 virgins, kids with ass cancer, white people.” Clint chuckled, “I can’t with you guys.”

“Keep going.” Peter whined, “If you stop then Steve will start talking.” 

Clint sighed, “Okay, next card is, getting eaten out while on the phone with your dad, Tom Cruise, depression, and Robert Downey Jr.” 

“Not the Robert Downey Jr. card!” Tony groaned. 

“Whatever, who’s the winner. I want to go to bed.” Natasha complained. 

“The winner is, ‘Getting eaten out while on the phone with your dad.’” Clint announced. 

“That was me!” Peter cheered. 

“What!” Steve cried, “That’s not fair! My card was fucking perfect!” 

“Dude, Peter’s card was hilarious.” Sam replied, “Who would’ve thought the kid had it in him.” 

“Butttt Robert Downey Jr and Tonyyyy.” Steve slurred, “Tonyyyy, looks like him!”

Tony rolled his eyes, “Bucky, get your boy to fucking bed.” 

Steve tried to roll his eyes, but didn’t succed. He groaned before taking his glasses off and chucking them on the table. “ Stupid.” He muttered, “Stupid, ‘m not tireed.” 

“Yeah, well I’m taking you to bed doll, cause I ain’t having you pass out on me down here.” Bucky announced. 

“Buckyyyyy. Taking meee toooooooooo. Bed.” Steve slurred in a singsongy voice. 

Steve stopped for a second to look around, before a pair of strong arms lifted him from his seat and carried him away into the night. 

Chapter Text

Steve awoke in a strange bed, with a pounding headache. It felt like someone had crushed his head in, but ten times worse. 

Steve groaned as he opened his eyes, not wanting to look into the light. He rolled over, causing him to collide with a naked body. 

“What the fuck.” He muttered, rubbing his eyes. 

The body groaned, causing Steve to freeze. 

“Stevie.” The person muttered. 

Steve let out a sigh of relief, “Thank god, it’s just you Buck.” 

“Do you remember last night?” Bucky questioned. 

Steve shook his head and rolled over to his side of the bed. He grabbed his glasses from the bedside table, and slid them on his face. The world was a lot more clear now, which made Steve feel sick. He quickly took his glasses off and rubbed his forehead. 

“Did we fuck?” He mumbled. 

“Well, not exactly.” Bucky paused, “We got pretty far, but I didn’t want to take advantage of you. I want you to remember your first time.” 

Steve chuckled, “You’re such a sap Buck. A literal sap, who’ll do anything for me.” 

“I try.” Bucky whispered. 

Steve rolled his eyes, before cuddling up to his boyfriend. He closed his eyes and breathed in the smell of alcohol and Bucky, a combination he didn’t find pleasing. 

“I think I’m gonna puke.” Steve mumbled into Bucky’s neck. 

“Then get off of me!” Bucky shouted, while pushing Steve away from him. 

Steve groaned and rolled over till he was on the edge of the bed. He stayed there for a bit before pushing himself up, and heading towards the bathroom attached to the room Bucky and him were staying in.

“Damn doll, look at you!” Bucky whistled. 

Steve turned and glared at his boyfriend, “I’m about to spew my guts out and you’re catcalling me?” 

“Just trying to be a good boyfriend.” Bucky replied. 

“Yeah okay, you tell yourself that.” Steve muttered, while walking into the bathroom. 

When he reached the toilet, Steve got on his knees and shoved his face inside. He waited a few minutes, expecting to puke his guts out, but nothing came. He groaned, lifting his head out of the toilet and leaning against the wall beside him. 

“What’s wrong baby love?” Bucky called out. 

“I can’t puke!” Steve whined, “I feel like shit, but I can’t puke.” 

Bucky chuckled, “That happens sometimes, you want anything?” 

Steve nodded, “Pants, my phone, and something that can help.” 

“On it.” Bucky replied. 

Steve muttered a thank you as he sat there against the wall, he waited a minute before Bucky arrived with a water bottle, some sweatpants, and Steve’s phone. 

“Where’d you get the sweatpants?” Steve questioned, as he took them from Bucky’s hand and slid them on. 

Bucky grinned, “I had a feeling we’d be staying so I packed them in that bag I brought.” 

“You’re actually the best boyfriend.” Steve muttered, as he took his phone and water from Bucky. 

“I try,” Bucky paused, “Do you want anything else? I’m about to go see if anyone else is awake.” 

Steve shook his head while looking at his phone, “I’m good, thank you.” 

“Okay, well text me if you need something.” Bucky replied, before planting a kiss on Steve’s head. 

Steve scrunched his nose up and glared at his boyfriend as he watched him walk away. When Bucky was gone he looked back at his phone, and headed to his unread messages. 

The Avengers

11:30 pm 


Tony Stank: steve and bucky please answer what are you doing


Captain Carol: Guys, keep it down. 


Tony Stank: please stop fucking 


Pepper (mom): Tony, what the fuck! 


Tony Stank: what im being real here


Nat: They’re drunk and getting it on, they’re not going to answer their phones. 


That Bitch Clint: More like Steve is drunk.


Thor the thunder god: 😂😂😂


Peter Parker: I don’t know how I feel about this group chat anymore.


Tony Stank: guys stop being so vulgar in front of my son


Rhodey Rhodes: 😑


Steve: heyyyyyyyy bitchesssssssssssss


Buck: Hey guys, I’m taking Steve’s phone away for the night. Also, please stop blowing up the group chat. 



Steve: 🍆🍆


Val: Please take the phone from Steve, thanks. 

Dr. Bruce Banner: For real


Rhodey Rhodes: I’ve seen enough, let’s not let Steve ever get drunk again. 


Steve has changed Thor the thunder god to God Of Thunder *and rock&roll*


God Of Thunder *and rock&roll*: Why must my name be so long. 


Tony Stank: wait… steve knows KISS!?!?!


Peter Parker: Who?


Harley Kenner: The band stupid.


Peter Parker: 😔😔


God Of Thunder *and rock&roll* changed their name to Thor: Love & Thunder




Thor: Love & Thunder: 😊😇😚


Tony Stank: is no one going to talk about the fact steve had changed thors name to lyrics from a KISS song


Rhodey Rhodes: Is no one going to talk about the fact that Tony can correctly write a bands name, but have horrible grammar and punctution the other times. 


Captain Carol: It’s Tony, idk what we expect. 




Nat: Oh god.


Peter Parker: 😳😳


That Bitch Clint: Get it fellas. 


Pepper (mom): Clint no!


Tony Stank: *cue Calling Dr. Love and Love Gun by KISS* 

Tony Stank: oh… i cant forget ‘I Was Made for Lovin’ You’


Pepper (mom): I’m so fucking done, goodbye.


Peter Parker: My virgin eyes didn’t need to see that.


Harley Keener: 😑


Nat: Well, everyone please go to sleep now. I don’t want to know if Steve and Bucky are getting all steamy in one of the guest rooms. 

It seemed that the group chat had stopped after that. Steve closed his eyes and prayed that him and Bucky didn’t make a lot of noise last night, in fear of people assuming things. 

Chapter Text

The Avengers

7:45 am


Steve: Hello guys, I’ve been hungover since Saturday morning. 


Buck: Doll, that’s impossible. 


Thor: Love & Thunder: Hello Steve, I hope everything is well. Please feel better. 


Tony Stank: 😱


Dr. Bruce Banner: Thor, why’d you text Steve like you’re dating him. 


Val: Do you guys not know how Thor texts??


Steve: Is no one going to talk about how I’m still feeling like shit, yet I’m at school. 


That Bitch Clint: That’s called alcohol poisoning. 


Peter Parker: What’s happening?


Captain Carol: Steve, you okay man?


Tony Stank: hes yeeted into oblivion 


Rhodey Rhodes: Can I kick Tony out of the group chat? 


Peter Parker: Please don’t! 


Harley Keener: Yeah, kick the old man out! 


Tony Stank: wtf im not an old man

Tony Stank: peter i love you


Pepper (mom): Steve, are you sure you’re okay? 


Steve: Does anyone know how much I drank??? 


Buck: Nope, sorry. 


Nat: Bucky 😂

Nat: And replying to Steve, you drank enough to make yourself act really stupid, and I'm pretty sure you got sick. At one point I got nervous we'd have to take you the hospital. 


Steve: Love that for me! I wish I had super powers where I could never get drunk. 


Thor: Love & Thunder: One day my friend. 


Harley Keener: I bet the old man could make some special machine for that! 😂


Tony Stank: harley is an asshat


Peter Parker: I’m sorry 


Tony Stank: dont apoligize my son


Pepper (mom): Oh god, please stop this nonsense. 

Steve: Are we still hanging out after school? I need to know, because my ma wants to have dinner with Bucky and I. 


That Bitch Clint: So dinner at Steve’s?


Steve: NO


Nat: What happened to being hungover??? 😂


Steve: 😡😡


Tony Stank: are you inviting us to dinner


Steve: What makes you think there’s room for this entire groupchat in my apartment?


That Bitch Clint: you invited the OG’s once. 


Thor: Love & Thunder: That time was a real disaster. 


Nat: Wasn’t that the sleepover with the OG’s, Rhodey, and Bucky???


Dr. Bruce Banner: Yeah, and we played spin the bottle, or Tony wanted too. 


Tony Stank: i wanted steve and bucky to kiss

Tony Stank: ive been a stucky shipper since day one


Buck: 😒


Tony Stank: real talk lets do a sleepover without drinks


Rhodey Rhodes: Tony not wanting to drink at a get together, I’m shocked. 


Tony Stank: RHODEY!!!


Rhodey Rhodes: You know I love you Tones. 


Nat: I agree with Tony, let’s do a sober sleepover!


Buck: I’m up for that, I’ll even host!


Steve: You promise it’ll be sober???


Tony Stank:  pinky promise


Buck: This weekend, everyone’s invited to my place! I’m hosting a sober sleepover. We’re playing monopoly. 


Nat: Oh god. 


Peter Parker: YAY!


Captain Carol: I know we should be nervous, I might bail. 


Val: Let’s play the game of life and then Carol and I will come. 


Captain Carol: Yes! 


Buck: How about everyone chooses games from their own collections and you bring them over, then we’ll choose from there. We’ll order pizza and shit, then we’ll watch a movie. 


Pepper (mom): I’m down for this idea. 


Steve: If you’re coming just text Bucky and I. 


Buck: Yeah, text one of us so I know how many people are coming. But text serpetaly then the group chat to make it easier for a headcount. 


Nat: You guys know the drill, text them! Anyways, I gotta go I’ll see everyone later. 


Steve: See you guys at lunch! 


Buck: Try to tell us by Wednesday, so I can get a headcount! See you at lunch! 

Chapter Text

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