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Not Another Stucky High School AU

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Steve groaned when he heard the sound of “I Just Had Sex” by The Lonely Island blasting at full volume. He rolled over and snatched his phone off his bedside table to shut off the alarm, and check the time. Steve’s phone soon lit up, causing him to close his eyes for a minute, before opening them again and letting them adjust to the brightness. He let out a sigh when he noticed it was only 6:00 in the morning. He still had about thirty minutes before he actually had to get ready, and an hour before Bucky came to pick him up.

It wasn’t like Steve to wake up this early for school, but it was the first day of senior year, and if he was being honest with himself he was terrified. To prepare himself, he decided to set his alarm thirty minutes earlier than usual, in hopes it’d calm him down. That didn’t seem to work though, because now he was wide awake and wanted to throw up.

Steve decided to just scroll through his notifications so he could distract himself from his mind. It seemed that the group chat he was in with his friends were still messaging each other till at least three in the morning, causing Steve to have at least over a hundred text notifications.

He sighed and grabbed his glasses off the bedside table, before unlocking his phone and opening the messaging app. He completely ignored the group chat, and clicked on Bucky’s name, which had a blue dot next to it.


Buck: Morning Stevie, hope your punk ass is awake!


Steve chuckled, shaking his head.


Steve: Were you the one who changed the song for my alarm? I remember setting it to “What You Own” from RENT, but woke up to a song by The Lonely Island playing.


The teen hit send and watched as the three little dots appeared, indicating Bucky was typing. He decided to not wait for the reply and instead checked the group chat his friend Tony had created back in freshman year.

The chat had originally been Steve, Tony, and their friends, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, and Thor. That changed though midway through Freshman year. Tony had decided to add his childhood best friend, Rhodey, to the chat. Then Tony said Bucky could join too, because he sat with them at lunch.  

He told the group that the other two teens were also on board with some weird plan going on at the time. Tony was trying to convince his long time crush, Pepper Potts, to join him at the spring formal. This meant adding Rhodey into the group chat was a priority, and adding Bucky was just a bonus.

For about a month it stayed the original six, Rhodey, and Bucky. Then their plan to get Pepper to go to formal with Tony kicked into action. Two weeks after they had finished coming up with this extravagant idea, Tony finally asked Pepper, who had told him yes, leaving everyone in shock. Afterwards Tony immediately added Pepper to the group chat, and told the others she was his “girlfriend” now so it was only right.

Since then every time Tony or the others drag someone into their group and they stick around longer than a month, Tony decides to add them to the group chat. Meaning now there was around twelve people.

Steve clicked on the chat, rolling his eyes at the name, before scrolling through everything he had missed.


Avengers Assemble



Tony Stank: good morning Avengers! hope you bitches are ready for senior year!


Pepper (mom): Tony it’s literally three in the morning, why are you still up?


Tony Stank: i should be asking you the same thing miss Potts… why are you still up?


Captain Carol: Go. The. Fuck. To. Sleep. Tony.


Tony Stank: damn Carol that hurt


Thor the thunder god: I’m still up.


Tony Stank: does anyone else question Thor when he uses actual grammar and punctuation… oh and when he decides to join the conversation at random times


Pepper (mom): Literally everyone in the group chat uses decent grammar and punctuation. Are you just now noticing this Tony?


Tony Stank: stop attacking me Pepper i did nothing wrong


Rhodey Rhodes: Tony, I’m going to personally come to your house and kick your ass. Put your phone away.


Tony Stank: you guys should be the ones putting your phones away


Buck: Who the fuck decided to wake me up with this obnoxious group chat?


Nat: I’m with Bucky on this one, who started this?


Tony Stank: did you guys know its possible to silence your phones!?! OH MY GOD!


Buck: Cool. Most of us set alarms though and weren’t expecting you to start texting us at three in the goddamn morning.


Tony Stank: if you keep up with the language mr captain america will come and beat you up himself.


Buck: I know for a fact Steve’s asleep. You should be too.


Steve stopped there, and decided to scroll past the rest of everyone’s early morning nonsense. It seemed that everything stopped around 4:00, and picked back up at 5:30 with a text from Clint.


That Bitch Clint: Morning to everyone… also I hate you Tony.


Tony Stank: what did i ever do to you other than steal your hearing aids that one time


That Bitch Clint: You did that, and you woke us all up at three in the morning.


Tony Stank: RUDE!! when did i ever take those things


That Bitch Clint: Uh, do you not remember gym class freshman year? Besides, you literally just confessed to taking them. Don’t act like a dumbass.


Nat: I forgot about that.


Tony Stank: how could you forget about that? it was the best thing that happened freshmen year!


Thor the thunder god: I’m very confused on this chat.


Captain Carol: Don’t worry Thor, I am too.


Steve:   Why are you guys so annoying?


Tony Stank: look guys hes awake


Steve rolled his eyes and checked the time again, before setting his phone and climbing out of bed. He made his way over to his dresser and picked out a pair of clothes, pair of box briefs, khaki slacks, and some t-shirt of Bucky’s that made its way into Steve’s wardrobe. With that he walked out of his room and towards the only bathroom in his and his mother’s small apartment.

He shut and locked the door when he stepped inside, before stripping off his pajamas and beginning his morning routine of a quick shower, brushing his teeth, applying deodorant, then getting dressed for the day. After, he headed back to his room and picked up his phone, bookbag, and one of Bucky's hoodies that had been left at Steve's place, before walking to the kitchen, where he had hoped to find his mother.

When Steve reached the kitchen he looked around, but his mother, Sarah, was nowhere in sight. The teen sighed when he saw a note was placed on the counter. He walked over and picked it up, before pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose and began reading.


Good morning love,

Sorry I wasn't able to be there when you woke up, the hospital asked if I could come in for an earlier shift. I hope you have a wonderful first day of senior year! I packed you your lunch, it’s in your NASA lunch box that Bucky bought you! Please don’t forget your extra inhaler, and the cash I left on the counter so you can give Buck gas money. There’s also an extra ham and cheese sandwich in your lunch box for him.

I love you Steve! - Mom

P.S. Tell Bucky I said hi and that I love him.



Steve smiled down at the note, before rushing back to him room and placing it in his dresser with the others Sarah written through the years. He then made his way back out to kitchen, ate a quick bowl of cereal, then went to brush his teeth again.

After that was all done he looked down at his phone to find a text from Bucky.


Buck: I’m here! come outside,  punk. ;)


Steve: Coming… Jerk.


Steve hit send, headed to the kitchen, and grabbed his lunch box and house keys. When he stepped outside he noticed Bucky watching him, a grin plastered on his lips. Steve just smiled back, before turning around to lock the door.

He let out a deep sigh, before walking to Bucky’s car.

Steve Rogers had a feeling this senior year was going to be quite eventful, and he didn’t know how to feel about it.