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You're crashing into me like waves on the coast. Every time we talk you move in close, I don't you to stop, I don't want you to stop tonight. We got the last two glasses on a straw hut bar, trying to remember what number we are. String of white lights makin' your eyes shine tonight.

Dean was slowly regretting that he begged Sam to come to this place. They had just got done with a case down at the coast of New Mexico and Dean couldn't remember the last time they were at the beach. So after the werewolf job they just took, Dean had noticed a Tiki Bar that was located right on the strip and the back of the bar opened up onto the beach. Dean pulled into a spot and Sam gave him a glance.

"Dean please no," Sam whined, looking as if the bar was the most vile thing he'd ever seen. "I'm tired, you can get some with a girl another day."

Dean raised his eyebrows. That's the thing Sam never understood. They were just girls. They were no Sam. He wanted to see Sam let loose. He wanted to see Sam breathe a little. "Sammy come on. We're always working and I'm not here for some chick. I want to drink and to see you open up a little. Breathe every once in a while, the job never lets us or you do that. Besides when was the last time we were at the beach?"

Sam opened his mouth to state that they'd had in fact been to the beach before, but he faltered and that's when Dean knew he had won. He opened up the door to Baby and got out smiling like a fool. He could smell the salt and sand and could hear the waves crashing in the back ground past the noise of the music and people. Closing the door, he noticed Sam was watching him intently.

"You really love the beach?" Sam asked.

Dean nodded. "Of course, that and beer." With that he lead the way straight to the bar where neon lights were bright and the music was loud. Dean recognized the sound as country music. Not his taste, but for this setting, he enjoyed it.

He had ordered a glass of whisky on the rocks and a coke. The bartender then looked towards Sam who flushed. He didn't have a clue what he wanted.

"Just um- give me the special." Sam said.

"Watermelon Sangria coming up." And then the bartender disappeared.

Dean was cursing himself so much. That Sangria had turned into not one, not two, not even three, but four sangria's. Sam loved the fruity drinks. By the second one he was a little buzzed, but by the fourth he was smiling like a kid and all the tension in his body from earlier was completely gone. He had decided to get up and pick some songs on the jukebox and was dancing around the floor with the sangria in hand. He was completely gone and while he was getting drunk on the sangria's, Dean was getting drunk on him.

There was a string of white lights that covered the bar and the ceiling that illuminated Sam's skin making it look soft and inviting and warm. All Dean wanted to do was go up and touch him everywhere. Sam didn't realize how much his older brother actually loved him. Dean knew it was wrong, god so wrong, but he'd come to terms a long time ago that he loved his brother as more than a brother and couldn't nothing be done about that. He just bottled up his feelings and locked them away, but they were making a come back so hard tonight that Dean almost ached for his brother under the lights.

Dean was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't realize that Sam was walking towards him with the sexiest playful smirk Dean had ever seen. "I like this song Dean, don't you?" Sam asked when he was close enough he knew Dean could hear.

Dean wasn't even paying attention to the song Sam had played, but it was slow and soft and kind of groovy. Dean nodded.

Sam moved closer to Dean and was now in his personal space and Dean wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms around his little brother, but he refrained. He would be lying however, if he said he wanted it to stop, because he didn't.

"We should dance together," Sam smiled and stepped closer. So close he could feel Sams breath on his lips. In this light, Dean could see the lights that glimmered in Sam's eyes and he knew that look that Sam was giving him all too well. It was mischievous. "Wouldn't you like that big brother?" Sam whispered and Dean almost groaned. He gripped his Angry Orchard a little too tightly. After two whiskys he decided a beer would mellow him out since he would be driving. Sam definitely couldn't.

"I'm not much of a dancer," Dean rasped out and licked his lips. God. He wondered if Sam's lips tasted like the Sangria he'd been sipping on.

Sam leaned in closer, fruity alcohol on his breath. "Then let's get out of here yeah?"

The waves outside were now not the only thing crashing, Sam was too. In his alcohol induced state, Dean saw every emotion in Sams eyes. Lust, want, need, and love. It wasn't a brotherly love either. Dean knew that look all too well too. He had given it to Sam more times than he could count. "Yeah, yeah lets go back to the motel. Besides you've had way too much to drink." Dean chuckled and he hated how horse his voice sounded.

Sam smiled and turned, practically dragging Dean out of the bar.

Wreaking ball dancing down the hallway. You're holding your shoes wearing my shades. We fall against the door, we fall into a wild warm kiss. We're buzzing like that No Vacancy sign out front. Your skin is begging to be kissed by a little more than the sun. You take my hand in yours, you lean in and your lips taste like sangria. Your lips taste like sangria.

In the car and on the way to the hotel Sam was all over Dean. It started with the holding of his hand and then it went to his thigh and then Sam was unbuckled and looking at Dean, a new glimmer in his eyes. He leaned over the dash and was leaving hot kisses on Deans throat and it took everything in his power to stay focused on the road. Sam was practically in his lap and when Dean stopped at a red light he pulled back a little making Sam whine and Dean fight off a smirk. He wanted to be serious.

"Sam look- I like you. I really, really like you, but if we do this," he looked right into Sam's eyes. "If we do this there is no going back. I don't know if we could ever go back. I mean for Christ's sake we're brothers-"

"We've always been more than that Dean," Sam interrupted. "You know that." His voice sounded strangled now, like he was going to cry and his face fell just a bit. "I just- I've been so tense because fuck De I want you so much and I know that's wrong. It's so fucking wrong, but dammit Dean. I love you and we're both going to hell anyway, I mean look at our crap lives." Sam leaned back and Dean felt cold. He hated that. "I just want to be happy and if that means I'm going to hell then so be it."

"Sammy," Dean croaked out, feeling older than he had in years. "You really want this?"

Sam nodded, looking down. "I know I'm drunk off my actual rocker right now, but yeah. Yeah I really do."

Dean smiled and the light turned green. "Then by all means, lets get back to the hotel." And he floored it and Sam fell against his chest, grinning from ear to ear and nipped at his jaw line and running his palm over the bulge in Deans pants.

Once he pulled into the motel, Dean parked, shutting Baby off and wrenched Sam out of the car with him. Sam was right on Deans heels giggling as they danced down the hallway like teenagers with Sam nipping at him every chance he got. When they got to the door, Dean's hands were shaking and he chuckled lowly, almost darkly.

"What have you done to me Sammy?" He whispered as he finally slipped the room key into the door and the green light came on.

As Dean turned the door to open it Sam giggled, a sound Dean never knew he needed in his life, but after hearing it would die to hear it again. "I haven't done anything yet," Sam uttered and that simple answer drove Dean crazy with possibilities and he pulled Sam into the room with him, leaning him against the door, and kissed him with every emotion he had in him.

The kiss was a promise of sorts. A promise that this is their first, but certainly not their last. A promise of this being wild and unpredictable just like the rest of their lives. A promise that this, for them, is home. Sam's lips were soft and tasted fruity like sangria. Dean felt Sam melt into him as Dean licked his bottom lip and Sam smiled, keeping his lips pressed closed and Dean laughed. "You're such a fucking tease Sam Winchester."

"You love it Dean Winchester," Sam smirked and pushed his hands up Deans shirt. Sam's face then scrunched up, "you sure do have way too many clothes on."

Dean felt Sam's hands on him, running his hands along his abs and pecks and around his back. Dean loved it. "Take them off then."

Sam bit his bottom lip as Dean shrugged off his jacket and Sam didn't hesitate to take the bottom of Dean's shirt and peel it off him. Sam looked at Dean with a new found light, because now he could and wasn't afraid of Dean finding out that he was looking at his brother in a lustful way, because his brother was looking at him the same way and Sam didn't think he could get anymore drunk. Sam was practically drooling and Dean decided that it was Sam's turn to take off his clothes. Dean stood tall and kissed his bothers neck and unbuttoned Sam's flannel to reveal a toned, beautifully tanned man and Dean didn't think he could get any harder. 

"Fuck Sammy," Dean rasped out.

"I think you meant to say 'Let me fuck you Sammy,'" Sam replied as he lightly shoved Dean back and pulled off his jeans and boxers in one fell swoop and then sauntered towards their motel room bed and laid down and holy mother of God. Sam was gorgeous. Dean was wondering why he ever held back on this lovely specimen. He smiled and eventually mimicked Sam by taking off the rest of his clothes as well.

Dean decided to let Sam lay there for a minute whimpering. His dick was long and hard, perched up a bit off his stomach and ready for the taking. He was already leaking pre-cum. "Are you excited baby boy?" Dean asked and Sam nodded enthusiastically.

The blinds were slightly open letting the neon light from the No Vacancy sign out front spilled into the blinds and all over Sam making him look iridescently ravishing. Dean crawled up onto the bed and kissed Sam, licking his bottom lip, this time Sam wasted no time opening up to his older sibling and Dean attacked the inside of his mouth tasting every nook and cranny. He tasted so sweet and warm and inviting. Dean ate it up and he could spend hours upon hours kissing his baby brother like this. This was home. Eventually he pulled away and took three of this fingers and placed them in Sams mouth and Sam, being very compliant, sucked on them which just made Dean want to fuck him senseless. He licked all over his brothers fingers and swirled them around in his mouth and Dean could only imagine what Sam would do if it was his dick. The thought made Dean moan.

Sam pulled away and when he did, Dean looked at him. He didn't have to ask if Sam was ready, because Sam already knew what he was going to ask before he even asked it.

"I'll be fine De." He reassured. "You know I can take anything."

Dean pressed his forehead against Sams. "You think you can take anything baby," he saw Sam visibly shiver at the pet name. "It's my job to protect you, even if that means from me."

Sam kissed him softly, but surely. "You would never purposefully hurt me."

Sam was right. Deans whole existence was to protect Sam. When Dean has hurt Sam, it's because all he wanted was for Sam to be safe.

Dean pushed one finger into Sam and Sam inhaled sharply. Dean let it sit there a minute before he moved again and within twenty minutes, Dean was pushing three fingers in and Sam was dripping with pre-cum.

"Please Dean, oh! Fuck me." Sam withered beneath him and that's all it took for Dean to pull out his fingers and slowly insert his throbbing dick.

It was almost like a puzzle piece that was missing and when pushed himself inside of Sam, the puzzle was complete. Sam was warm around Dean and tight and Dean was basking in a panting Sam underneath him. His forehead had formed sweat droplets and he was gripping the cool, white bed sheets. Two minutes later, Dean slowly started rocking his hips in and out of Sam and Sam was a whimpering mess.

"Am I-" Dean started, but Sam shook his head.

"'m fine," Sam panted. "Move. So hard De. Just wanna cum."

He didn't have to tell Dean twice. Dean sped up, kissing Sam along his collar bone and Sam tangled his fingers in his hair, spreading his legs out more for Dean to have access too and once he found Sam's prostate, to which Sam let out a howl, he went harder. The room was soon filled with the smell of sex and the slapping of skin and groans.

"Oh fuck Dean, oh God. I love you," Sam sputtered out arching his back and Dean groaned in pleasure.

"I love you too baby, you feel so good around me Sammy. You're so obedient and sexy. I wanted to tear you apart in the bar." Dean kissed around his neck until Sam moved so Dean could get a better access and he bit him, sucking on the spot and marking Sam up. Sam was his. "You're mine," Dean growled possessively.

At that Sam came with a shout, white cum covering his and Dean's chest. Dean kept pounding into him leaving Sam a shaking, moaning mess and finally Dean slammed into him once more and came. Sam felt him fill him up and he sighed in contentment. He was his brothers now and Sam had never wanted anything more.

Dean collapsed on top of his baby brother, still inside him and left sloppy kisses all over his shoulders, chest, and jaw bone. Sam leaned down to capture Deans lips in his and Dean tangled his fingers into Sam's hair. "You taste like sangria," Dean mumbled against Sam's lips. "Love it."

Sam smiled. "Maybe I should learn how to make them." And Dean silently agreed.

Dean pulled out and rolled off Sam, cleaning himself and Sam up. Sam vibrated pure bliss, which made Dean vibrate pure bliss. He then laid down beside his brother and Sam came up and rested his head on his chest. "I love you De," he said simply.

"I love you too Sammy," Dean responded, grinning from ear to ear. He should've gave Sam a sangria a long time ago, he laughed internally before he fell into a deep sleep with Sam by his side.