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Beautiful Eternity

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Chapter one- Decide.

Rey breathed so hard she thought she might have a panick attack. What did she just do? It was almost like she was having an outer body experience, fighting the Pretorian guards. She knew she had to do it. As soon as Snoke died, she was filled with such an elation that she felt like she might burst. Kylo was breathing heavily as well staring at her. It was oddly silent, quiet. You could hear a pin drop. “Join me.” His deep baritone voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

That wasn’t what she was expecting. What was she going to do? She didn’t have a teacher. She was on her own as always. She was with the resistance. They won. Kylo had turned to their side, hadn’t he? She thought looking back at him. She didn’t say anything so he spoke again. “Join me.” He held out his large hand that was about three times the size of hers. He waited. Nervous, just like she was. He couldn’t believe what he did either. “We can end this. You and I. Bring a new order to the galaxy. The war. Everyone…it can be over, we killed Snoke.” He said. Rey was breathing heavily. Her shoulder throbbed from the gash on the side that the guard gave her. She was dirty. She wanted a shower, food, and sleep.

“What about the Resistance…” She asked.

“They are no more. The First order is no more. It’s over. Join me…please…you are, were nothing, but not to me. You are the light to my darkness Rey. You must feel it to.” He said. She did. The hard part was, she felt their connection. That unexplainable link they have, the yin to eachother’s yang. The other half. “I ….” She felt tears brining her eyes. She sighed. There were so many thoughts running through her mind but she could hardly focus. She was exhausted. She needed him though. Deep in her gut she knew they were meant to finish this together in some way.
She extended her hand and clasped it gently in his.
“Okay.” She said uncertainty ringing in her voice. Kylo squeezed her hand and completely enfolded it in his. He smiled. “We will create a new order. No more resistance, no more empire. Just the new order. You will have to trust me.” He said. He could sense her hesitation; he almost didn’t expect her to do it. He was actually surprised she trusted in him that much already. Kylo breathed a sigh of relif he didn’t know he was holding back. Suddenly the door burst open and General Hux burst into the room along with a handful of guards. “Get behind me.” He said shoving her behind him. He sent a wave of reassurance through the bond. “What happened here?!” Hux screeched his eyes bulging as he looked around the room. There was blood everywhere, Guards strewn a crossed the marble floor.

“It’s over General. I killed Snoke.” Kylo said. He gasped and glanced to Rey. “What on earth is she doing here. I thought she was to be terminated.” He spat. Kylo clenched his fists. “She is your new empress you mite. You need to address her with respect now. She also possesses the force so you will treat her with the respect she deserves.” He let the words fly out his temper radiating in the room. “Yes, Supreme Leader.” He spoke. Kylo felt Rey sway behind him exhaustion taking over. “You will not address me as Supreme Leader anymore, I am now Emperor Ren and you will address me as such he said waving his hand over them. General Hux nodded. “Now clean this mess up. I am retiring for the night.” He stated. He motioned for Rey to follow him and put his hand on the small of her back as he led her out of the room.

She swayed in front of him and he effortlessly lifted her into his arms. The effects of Snoke’s torture were clearly still affecting her and she was exhausted. “Do not worry Rey, I will watch over you.” He said warmth radiating from his voice. He lead her to his quarters. She of course had been there before in their visions together. She wasn’t used to being taken care of. She leaned her head against his black robes and let darkness take over.

She woke a few hours later, it was dark, well past midnight. Her hair was loose, she was not wearing her dirty clothes but a fresh long white shirt. As she got her bearings, she felt him. “What happened?” She asked. “You passed out from exhaustion and I’m assuming the torture Snoke put on you.” He said. He was sitting in a chair on the other side of the room reading what appeared to be a very large book.

“How long have I been asleep?” She asked. She felt clean and her arm was bandaged. She winced as she moved it, stiff.
“ About five hours.” He said. Her stomach growled. “How am I clean?” She asked. “ I had one of the women come in an tend to you while you were unconscious and fix your wounds. Do not worry I did not see anything.” He winked at her. She rolled her eyes.

“ I have to let the…I mean….i have to get word to Finn and Poe what is going on." she said.

They need to know they don’t need to fight anymore.” She added after a few seconds, but a wave of dizziness took over and she fell back against the pillow.

“Rest. Rey. You have been through an ordeal and your body over exerted itself in the process.”

He said concern feining his brows.

“ Can you get me some water?” She asked. She hated feeling helpless but she was afraid to sit up. This energy pulsed inside of her still and she didn’t quite know what it was, but she suddenly wanted her friend Finn by her side.

Kylo bristled. “ You need to keep your thougths better closed off.” He growled as he got her a glass. “ I’m sorry, he’s just my friend.” She explained. Kylo was not used to being jealous about anyone but he was suddenly and extremely jealous of the affection Rey showed Finn. This ex storm trooper another no body.
He watched as she took a sip. She was really beautiful with her hair down.

“ I like your hair.” He said quietly reaching out and touching a strand of it gently.

She smiled and blushed. “Wow, a compliment. I didn’t know you could give those.” She teased.
“ I can from time to time. We need to talk about where we are going to go from here.” He said pulling the chair up to the bed. Her stomach growled again, a loud rumble that made her blush. “Sorry..I haven’t eaten in a few days.” She apologized.

He suddenly felt guilty for that. He was forgetting that she was in an interrogation room being questioned not 2 days before. She was probably famished.

He nodded getting up and going to the door. He pushed a button. “Yes Emperor what can I do for you. The storm trooper on the other side asked. “Bring some food to my quarters please, enough for three people. Make it an array as well. Meats, vegetables, and wine.” He said. “Yes, Emperor right away.” The Storm trooper replied. Rey smiled. “Thank you.”
He smiled back. She sighed. Her head was still quite foggy.

She was trying to remember everything but she couldn’t remember some parts. “Memory loss is quite common after experiencing a trauma like you have Rey. Do not worry. Your memories will soon return to you.” He found himself reassuring her. “I expect we will have to address the Senate first, this is going to have to be approved by them. I am Royalty in the galaxy so they should have no problems with the new order. He said piecing out everything in his mind.

Rey was suddenly nervous.
She knew nothing of dealing with the senate. “ I will handle the Senate, unless you want to come along. They will of course want to meet the new Empress.” He said smiling.

She smiled back still unsure of her new title.
“ I need to go back Kylo. You know that. I can’t just hide away here. You can come with me.” She said. He sighed frusturated.
“Why. Just forget them Rey. I don’t understand why they will only reject your proposal.” He wanted to protect her from the truth. She knew he was trying to make her understand, but she was also trying to make him understand as well. “The resistance was the only family I have ever known. They deserve to know.” She said quietly. “Okay, but only if I go with you. I don’t need anything bad happening to you.” He said resigned. There was a knock at the door and he waved it open.
Three storm troopers carrying treys of food walked in and Kylo motioned for them to set the food at the table, they also set napkins and silver wear down as well as a few bottles of wine.
“Anything else you require Emperor?” the first one asked. He shook his head. “No, thank you.” He waved them away.
Rey sat up and waited a few seconds.
“Don’t move. I will bring you food.” He cautioned.

She smiled. “Kylo, you don’t have to take care of me.” She found the conversation they were having foreign to her lips. How was this happening. They were enemies not a few hours earlier, but there was the bond. Something that connected them that they both knew was there for a reason. “I do though. You are the light to my darkness. I will keep reminding you of your importance until you believe it.” He stated matter of factly.

He was feeling oddly protective of the little imp. He thought annoyed to himself.
She was fragile still, even though she was strong. Her mental faculties needed work he thought to himself. Someone could enter her mind easily and wreck it. He made a mental note to spend some time with her on mind blocking and shield creating. He thought he watched as she hesitantly took a bite of meat and chewed. She was breathtaking. He loved her heart shaped face and the way her freckles dusted her nose.

One of the most infuriating things was that he was actually attracted to her. She, why couldn’t it be someone from the dark side? He thought. It made him that much more frustrated that she was from the light. Then it really was fate wasn’t it?
“Why are you so quiet all of a sudden?” She asked as she chewed on a piece of meat.

“I was thinking about weather or not this is going to work, but we owe it to the galaxy to try.” He said. She nodded in agreement. “Kylo that’s one thing we both agree on. We owe it to the galaxy to try and put an end to this war.” She said. She hummed a pleasant sound savoring the taste of the meat. “I am nervous.” She admitted finally looking away.
“You are not alone anymore scavenger.” He soothed.

He was not very good at comforting her. He was used to fighting so the words didn’t sound as soft as he intended for them to be.
She smiled none the less. “I’m glad for our bond. I don’t know the extent of it yet, but we will figure that out as well I hope.” She said. He nodded. “I am going to get some sleep. I am tired myself. We will go to your resistance base tomorrow Rey, but don’t be surprised if they turn on you.” He stated. They ate a few more bites and then she sighed. “I know but Finn is my friend. He wouldn’t turn.” She defended him again.
The thought of her friend her first friend turning on her made her stomach churn uncomfortably. Kylo ate a few pieces of fruit and not much else. He took a glass of wine though and drank the whole thing.

“Goodnight Rey. I will see you in the morning.” He said getting up and moving to the door. At least he was being a gentleman she thought. She wanted to call to him but resisted. She didn’t want to seem any weaker than she already was. She hated being alone. Kylo sent waves of reassurance through the bond wrapping her in warmth. She smiled. “Sleep well Kylo.” She said. He nodded and turned the light off and closed the door gently behind him.
Kylo leaned against the door for a good few minutes. There were no more storm troopers on guard as it was late in the night. They leave their post at midnight. He wanted to reach out to her and stay. He felt calmer than he had in his entire life when she was near and the feeling overwhelmed him. He needed some space to think. He walked to a guest quarters next door to his and took a shower, brushed his teeth and got ready for bed though he found sleep hard to come by with the events of this day. He replayed the fight over and over in his mind. The way they were so n’sync with eachother was amazing to him.

She knew his moves, almost before he did. He was amazed at her strength, her grace even after just being tortured by Snoke.
It took all of his own strength not to murder him on the spot. He tried, one and failed, but with Rey, he succeeded. That is why this would work. It might be a uphill battle but with them working as a team, they could bring peace to the galaxy.
With that final thought he fell into a deep sleep.

authors note-
Hi Guys thank you so much for reading this story! I am not a huge "die hard" star wars fan but i am a huge fan of the movies! I apologize for any content issues or errors that are not quite cannon. i am trying! bare with me. I hope you all enjoy my take on where this story should go! Please leave reviews. I love reading them!