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Warden of The Heart

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After four hours of running around handing out medication and moping the floors, (Name) finally managed to sit down for her break. She drank her coffee, grateful for some energy. Her eyes felt heavy, yet again she had to pick up the slack of her coworker and take the night shift. This was the fourth time this week and her exhaustion had become greatly apparent. There was no way any other job would let him off with this but since not much people wanted to work at an asylum for the criminally insane, they didn't get to be too picky.

He was nice enough, never mistreating the patients. Unlike some people she knew. 

The door opened revealing a very tall bulky man, his jet black hair was combed back neatly. He was aging, his beard had flurries of grey hairs decorating it. He was quite handsome for his age, he didn't have much wrinkles as he was in his early 40's.

"Hello (Name)." he said kindly as he took a seat just across from her. She greeted him back kindly, he had always been nice to her. He tried his best to never use force unless absolutely necessary and hated sedating the patients.

"How are you today? Swear Lukas needs to start actually doing his jobs." Kelvin always listened to her complaints and offered up advice. "It's getting a little old, I can see the exhaustion on you. Looks like you haven't slept in weeks." He commented, she took no offence. She knew she looked horrendous, the little makeup she had on had surely started to come off. She couldn't find a care to do it up again, she'd rather sit for the next ten minutes and relax.

"Think I've slept for about six hours this week to be honest with you." It took her a while to sleep at night, she had seen some truly horrific things that would run through her mind as soon as she lay down. Kelvin gave a sympathetic smile and patted her arm. They sat in comfortable silence before a ringing disturbed it.

(Name) let out a sigh. "That's my break over, I just need to tidy the common room up then that's me off. If i don't see you again have a good night!" She said just before exiting the room. As she made her way to the common room one of the light bulbs started rapidly flickering. She made a mental note to tell the warden before she left. 

Finally she arrived outside her destination, two patients were inside. She knew them both well thankfully, they had never caused her harm. They were only allowed out at night due to some disagreements with other patients. She gently pushed the door open hoping not to spook them.

"Hello Alex, hello Martin. Hope you don't mind me cleaning up" She said softly. Martins head snapped towards her, he must've been off in another world.

"I can help!" Alex offered cheerfully. She smiled gratefully at him. "You can dust around the T.V and shelf if you want?" Alex excitedly got up and ran towards her, he had extreme autism. She didn't know how he ended up here but it was better then an actual prison. He took the duster from the cupboard behind her n set out on his tasks. He was always eager to help out.

(Name) grabbed a cloth and some disinfected and quietly wen behind Alex disinfecting everything as he removed the dust. Just as he was finishing dusting the T.V Kelvin came through the door. "Sorry boys time for bed." He said gently, Alex frowned. "Can I finish first?" Kelvin nodded and sat on the sofa beside Martin. 

He spoke about his day to Martin, knowing he wouldn't get any response but it made Martin relax a little. After Alex finished dusting Kelvin took them both back to their rooms, (Name) nodded to her self mentally pulling up sleeves she wasn't wearing. She pushed the couch back letting out gruff noises as she did. The couch was heavy but she could do it. 

She went to the cupboard and pulled out the hoover and made sure not a spec of dust way left. 


She practically slammed her door shut as she got in, a breath escaped her as she was finally home. She had finished at three o'clock which had meant today had been a good day. The common room hadn't required much cleaning thank god. Her stomach rumbled, she really couldn't be bothered making anything but nowhere had been open. She made her way to the small kitchen and started preparing some canned soup, something nice and easy. 

After the meal had cooked she grabbed a bowl and filled it to the brim, she made her way to the couch and flicked on the T.V. Not really paying much attention.

"In greater news the infamous Jeff The Killer was caught today." A news girl suddenly spoke, (Name's) eyebrows raised. There way no way, he had been on the loose for almost a decade. How on earth had they finally managed to catch him?

"The police had a tip off from a concerned citizen after watching someone break into their neighbors. Luckily they had phoned just in time and there had been a couple of cop cars in the area. It took the police almost an hour to subdue the monstrous killer." (Name) shivered, suddenly realizing there was a chance he'd becoming to the asylum here. If his lawyers were good enough that was.

But from the story of the one survivor she had heard, he practically had a one way ticket to there already.